A Hunger of Lust and Desire

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I awaken once again my manhood standing tall, remembering in detail the visions of you or should I say my adventure with you. For those of you who have decided to open this story, let me give some background on this lovely goddess. She stands appx. 5’8″, 175 lbs. of muscle due to her daily weight lifting routine, eyes so captivating one has to fight from being entranced, lips so full any red blooded male could imagine them sliding ever slowly down his shaft, a deep smokey voice right from the movie screen of a good seduction flick, breasts that say reach out and touch someone and an ass full and round that says kiss me in a literal sense.

As always, my dream begins in a favorite lounge, us talking and joking back and forth as well as your husband throwing in his wit and infinite knowledge of many subjects. The drinks are flowing, the band is playing and all inhibitions of daily life are slowly slipping away. Somehow the conversation starts turning to sex, not in a degrading wham-bam fashion, bahis firmalar─▒ but that of adult sensuality. Being mellowed by the cocktails which I had consumed, I mention the low drive my partner towards sex and how much I LOVE going down on a woman, but even this does not get her going. The two of you just laugh and place your heads together talking softly to one another, every so often a giggle coming from one of you. I am thinking that I must be the worlds biggest asshole for bringing this up, but also feeling like I was kicked in the balls by two close friends in repeat fashion.

I, find myself starting to fall off into a world of my own misery, when I see your husband look into your eyes and mouth something to you. You get a smile on your face and next thing I know, the two of you are locked in a deep embrace, that I long to know. The two of you are so truly in touch with each other nothing else or anybody is of matter.

He gets up and goes up to the band, while leaving just the ka├žak iddaa two of us. You appologize for being so distant towards me, but, I can not hold anything against you and your puppy dog eyes also the knowledge of the bond between the two of you being so strong. We continue to do small talk back and forth and I felt all my hurt melt away. Until the moment he started walking back with this grin on his face(one that the cat had when it ate the mouse) and sits back down next to you and continues the back and forth with you, again I slink off into my own distant world.

The band begins a slow song and he says to me, why don’t the two of you go out and enjoy the song I requested. Not understanding in my haze I sit there, when you grab my hand and lead me to the dance floor. Being a gentleman, I place one hand in yours and another around your back, this is when you knock me off balance as you take the hand that is holding yours and place on your fine ass and move my other one down also. You take ka├žak bahis one of your hands and do the same to my rear and the other to my head pulling me close to you. That is when you whisper in my ear you want me and that you and he were not talking about me, but the adventure you could have with me. Man, I was I feeling like a shit, but so excited all the same.

That is when reality sunk in and I told you, I can’t fuck you, I love my wife and I can’t even though I want you so bad. That is when I, was reminded about the oral thing and you said even Bill Clinton and the Justices said that is not sex……who was I to argue. You also said, that was all the two of you talked about for the last hour or so and him wanting you to enjoy yourself!!!!

Next thing I know, we are over at your place, you undressed spread on the bed as him and I, are licking down your sexxxyyy body. The two of us meet at your sex and inhale your womanhood, I shake in anticipation as my tongue reaches out, he spreads your folds for me and tells you to enjoy his gift to you. As imagined you are so wet, your smell overwhlems me and as I probe your nectar with my tongue all I can think is what a lucky man to have a woman like you!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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