A Hot Reunion

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I had gone to pick up my guy from the airport…it had been a very long 3 weeks between visits and we were both so glad to see each other. I had run up when I saw him and he dropped his bag, grabbed me and kissed me passionately right in the middle of the airport. We were smiling, as were others around us, and we had our arms wrapped around each other as we walked to the car.

It had been a late flight and so there were very few people around. We were just chatting animatedly as we got into the elevator, and as soon as the doors closed, he dropped his bag, pinned me against the wall and pulled my arms up over my head, trapping them with one hand against the wall of the elevator (he was 6’6 so he had a good 8″ on me) and kissed me even more passionately. The doors opened and closed and I was giggling but he didn’t stop.

The kiss went on for a few minutes and I could feel his erection pressing into me. I was very wet, both of us anticipating getting home so we could tear each other’s clothes off and go to bed. I looked at him and said oh my I forgot to put panties on. The ride from the airport was about 30-45 minutes and he teased me unmercifully on the ride home. He had my jeans unzipped and had his hand inside them with his fingers on my clit. I was having a hell of a time focusing on my driving and he was laughing at me, telling me to pay attention, and wasn’t there any place we could stop bostanc─▒ escort on the way?

As we pulled off the interstate to get off on the exit for my house, I pulled the car over on the shoulder and said drive, with every thought of payback in my mind. He was laughing as we switched seats and as soon as he started driving, I unzipped his pants and pulled his very hard cock out of his underwear. I gave him a naughty smile as he gave me a very amused what are you doing, and I proceeded to lean down and take him into my mouth. He was long (about 8″ but not overly thick) and I took all of his cock into my mouth. He groaned and I looked up with an innocent look and said pay attention, honey. I took him back in my mouth, sucking gently as I took him all in again and then started slowly moving my mouth and lips up and down the length of him, pausing to suck harder as I got to his head and swirling my tongue around the length of him and then his head, teasing his slit with my tongue. I started taking just the head in and focusing on that as he really liked that.

He fisted his hand in my hair, guiding my head as he started fucking my mouth. I was sucking harder and moving faster and added my hand to the base of his rock hard cock and stroking him firmly as he continued to fuck my mouth. I picked up some speed and was sucking hard on him, with the occasional wet sancaktepe escort popping sound as he’d pop out of my mouth as I came up. We were about 5 minutes away from home and he said ok ok enough, that he was having a hard time focusing. I just smiled up at him and continued, determined to make him cum before we got home. I moved my other hand to play with his balls as I continued stroking and blowing him. I felt them starting to tighten up and I knew he was getting close. I increased the pace yet again, paying particular attention to the sensitive head of his cock.

Suddenly I felt him stiffen and he groaned oh baby…I’m gonna cum. I could feel his cum squirting into my mouth and throat as I continued to move my mouth up and down him, and I took it all until he was done. And then I looked up and him, smiled and swallowed. He laughed and said woman you’re gonna be the death of me, and we laughed until we pulled into the driveway just a few seconds later.

He reached over and placed his hands on either side of my face and gave me a deep french kiss and said hurry. We were laughing as we got out of the car shushing each other so we didn’t wake the kids up and managed to get the door to the bedroom closed and locked before we were tearing at each other’s clothes. He got my jeans and shirt off, pushed me up against the wall and leaned down, sucked my hard zeytinburnu escort nipple into his mouth as he drove his fingers into me and started fucking me fast and deep with his fingers. I was moaning, getting close very fast, and he looked up and said cum for me, baby. That was it and I spasmed around him as he continued fucking me, my pussy tightening around his fingers and my juices covering them.

I was none too steady on my feet and he picked me up, dropped me in the middle of my bed with a wicked smile and pulled his jeans off. I thought he would fuck me then, and was very ready for him, but he pushed me back and spread my legs apart and started licking my clit fast and putting his fingers back inside of me. He curled his fingers as he continued licking me and found my g-spot and wiggled his fingers there as he continued licking my clit, teasing it with his tongue and I arched my hips up off the bed, my hands clenched in his hair, my thighs tightening around his head as I groaned loud and long and came really hard.

Before I could catch my breath, he had moved up, raised my legs up and entered me with one stroke, and I came again. He started fucking me hard and fast and I could feel and hear his balls slapping against my ass as he was thrusting into me. I knew I was getting close again and was grabbing at the sheets with my hands, trying to hang on. I felt his cock swell and I tightened my pussy around him and he told me to cum with him. Needless to say I did and then he collapsed down on top of me, both of us trying to catch our breath. I whispered welcome home in his ear and he moved to the side, pulling me with him as we cuddled with him still inside me and fell asleep in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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