A “Holistic” Doctor’s Visit

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It had been a year since her last visit and Liz was looking forward to her annual follow up visit to Dr. P and to a still more thorough physical this time. After all, Dr. P had assured her last time that he was a believer in holistic medicine and that good health should include experiencing affirmative pleasure in living in all its aspects. Once again, because of her heavy schedule, he’d agreed to a late afternoon office visit in which he could give her his undivided attention. Again, she’d been so damn busy she hadn’t had time for a restroom break so still had a full bladder and hadn’t had a BM in three days. Dr. P’s nurse checked her pulse, blood pressure and weight as well as obtaining a blood sample.

Dr. P. greeted her warmly. Liz had a certain “je ne sais quoi” eroticism that he recalled with pleasure. He smilingly asked her whether it would bother her if once again another woman were not present during her exam. Remembering her last visit, just the thought of being alone with Dr. P left her a little quivery though she hoped her feeling was not too obvious. “Put on this gown, sit on the examining table and I’ll be right with you as soon as I’ve made one telephone call.” Dr. P said.

Although the air conditioning was working and the gown was quite thin, Liz still felt quite warm, more than a little flushed, and already a little damp between her thighs. She couldn’t decide whether she hoped he’d notice or Dr P would pretend to be unaware. After all, he’s g├╝venilir canl─▒ bahis siteleri a physician; a gynecological examination of even someone as covertly, but very erotic as she was, must be pretty routine. And, after all, it had been a year.

True to his word, D. P promptly returned. After checking her heart and lungs, he asked Roz to lie down so that he might more comfortably do an examination for breast lumps and masses in that position. Despite his professional restraint, She was beginning to feel more than a little aroused. Dr. P reminded her he preferred to make certain she was in good health in all dimensions. From his earlier manipulation, Liz nipples were already very erect. When Dr. P suddenly enveloped one nipple with his mouth and tongue while rolling the other between his fingers, WOW!– the sensations went directly to her groin. She could already feel a warm stream of nectar erotically dripping between her legs. “Your breasts are nicely responsive, no problem there.”

“Time to check your bottom,” Dr. P said cheerfully. Bending Liz over the table, he inserted a well lubricated gloved finger into her anus. But he didn’t just routinely check her opening, he played within her rectum, repeatedly inserting and partially removing his finger in what was now an unmistakably erotic way. At first slightly embarrassed by this unexpected intimacy, Liz found this new action v-e-r-y arousing. It also made her want to go. Dr. P reminded g├╝venilir illegal bahis siteleri her, “not to worry, just as men sometimes get an erection while being examined this way, many women find being examined sexually arousing, too.” Sometimes we doctors find doing this examination with a woman as attractive as you, arousing, too. The bulge at the front of Dr. P’s lab coat made it obvious, he, felt that way, too. By now quite thoroughly wet, Liz loved the power she felt in her very professional examiner being effected in this most unprofessional way! After all, over-powering all that well trained professional restraint required a special womanly power she very clearly possessed.

“But now it’s time to check your pelvis,” Dr. P, now also obviously flushed, said. Placing her feet in each of the table’s stirrups, he inserted the warmed speculum within her vagina, and, while peering within, took a swab of her cervix. “It all looks good,” he said, then adding, “You’re really quite beautiful down there.” As he removed the speculum, he said, “let me check the walls of your vagina as well.” But this time he removed the glove barrier substituting his naked hand. He then inserted not one but two fingers.

Because of the “come hither” movement of both his fingers, Liz was now becoming extraordinarily excited. So excited, she desperately wanted both to pee and to come. Her G-spot was responding in an utterly uncontrolled way. Dr. P, having by g├╝venilir bahis ┼čirketleri now abandoned any professional restraint, said “Let yourself completely let go,” And now, now he was kissing her labia and clit with utter ardor, unsurpassed by any lover Liz had ever had. His mouth, his lips and his tongue were unrelentingly eager.

For her part Liz abandoned all sense of, or need for control. Like a tsunami, her tidal wave struck and the flood of her womanly ejaculation engulfed them both. Despite Dr. P’s efforts to drink every drop, his face, his beard, his neck and chest were alive with the hot, wet joy of her completely letting go.

Now utterly divested of all of his clothing as well as any other restraints, Dr. P plunged his examining tool within Liz hotly, wetly, welcoming vagina. Again and again he stroked her internally as both came together.

And now, he said, we should also be sure your anus and rectum are functioning just as they should be. However, this time without his earlier professional air, he plunged his slippery fingers into her very welcoming bottom. As Liz writhed in unexpected bliss, Dr. P exulted in palpating her anus. “You seem to be having some trouble evacuating regularly”, Dr. P said. “One way of dealing with that would be taking an enema regularly.” If you haven’t done that, and can come in after hours later in the week I’ll teach you how to give yourself an enema. With visions of a warm enema laced with a glass of warm wine, Liz readily assented that she needed to be trained.

As a calm slowly returned to them both, Dr. P exclaimed, “You have the most beautiful bottom I’ve seen in my entire career. I love it!” A beatific smile now wreathing her face, his patient said, “But are you free to have dinner with me this evening?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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