Kas 06

A hole in the wall – Chapter 6

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A day of mixed fortunes has me confused. Screwing my best friend’s husband messed me up but it was soon forgotten when I had a great time with Barry. I was almost sorry I gave him a fake name.

Sunday became a turning point in my life. I arrived and Mona said she had a favour to ask me. “Are you bi by any chance” she asked me. I wasn’t sure why she was asking. In fact, back in the day I did have a brief affair with a woman at work. It lasted two weeks, was very intense and she decided she liked men and it ended. “I have dabbled” I said. “Oh good” she replied “this couple have booked and I was hoping you could take it”. I had to laugh. She had already booked it so what was she expecting? My usual coffee and then out the back to prepare. I heard the door open and walked out in lingerie and my mask. The guy gasped and leered but the women looked like she would rather be somewhere else. Guys are turned on by lesbian sex. Most women not so much.

“Hello” I said “I am Milly, please relax. Why don’t you both get undressed?” The guy began straight away but the woman was very nervous. “I am Ralf” the guy said “and this is my wife Ruth”. Ralf and Ruth? That had to be fake. Now Ralf stripped off quickly and his average cock stood at attention. “Come on honey. Get your gear off” he said to his wife. She began to take off her dress and I could see she was wearing suspenders and stockings and lace knickers and bra. “She is lovely isn’t she Milly” he said. This guy was running things obviously against his wife’s wishes. “You creep” I thought “I think you deserve a lesson”.

I took my mask off and smiled at Ruth. Then I took the lingerie off and stood there naked. She looked shocked. Before she could react I walked up and kissed her on the mouth. That shocked her even more. I kissed her again and she responded. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she moaned. “Get on the bed darling” I said, deliberating ignoring her husband. “I…..” she began but I touched her pussy and she froze. “Just close your eyes sweetheart” I said “just close your eyes and enjoy”. I slid down the bed and kissed her mound and licked her pussy. She squirmed. I then started to work on her clit with my tongue. “Please Milly, don’t” she murmured but without any real effort to stop me. She then moaned and spread her legs wider. She surrendered to me. Shortly after she had her first orgasm from another woman. “Open your eyes honey” I said “tell me how you feel”. She looked down at me and whispered “don’t stop”. I got her off again before sliding back up the bed and we kissed passionately.

Her husband was standing there with a startled look on his face. “Oh shit that was so sexy” he said. I looked up at Ruth. “Would you like your husband to fuck me?” I asked. She quite emphatically said “NO”. “Well let’s fuck him” I said. I told him to lie on the bed and told Ruth to ride his cock cowgirl style. I then straddled his head and demanded he eat my pussy while Ruth enjoyed riding him. She and I leaned forward and fondled each other’s boobs and kissed several times. I heard him moan and then he came but neither Ruth nor I was finished with him. His cock went limp so she fingered herself and she came then I did. She had the most lustful smile on her face. “Really, my name is Beth” she said. I laughed and said “hello Beth, I am Sally”.

Leaving her husband on the bed I took her into the change room and we took a shower together. Out of earshot of her husband she admitted that it was his idea for a threesome. “Oh really?” I said and we laughed. “Honey I could tell you were not into it. How about now? I asked. “I am glad I did it and it was amazing but it is a once only thing” she said. “Well here is what you say if your husband wants to do it again” I said “say we will do it again but this time you want another man to join you. He will suddenly decide not to ask again”. She laughed. We got out of the shower and I kissed her again. “Thank you Sally” she said “you are so cool”.

They left, hubby not looking all that pleased. I was sure his idea was to fuck me and justify it by having his wife there. Then I went and saw Mona. “I don’t have to ask if you had fun. The wife was positively glowing when they left” she said gaziantep escort laughing. She even made hubby give you a $50 tip”. She handed me $300 for the session and the $50 tip. I wandered down the street and had some lunch. I replayed the session in my mind. I had to admit that I had enjoyed it. I sat deep in thought and then went back to the shop. “Your next appointment is with a politician. He will wear a mask so he cannot be identified. He is a special SPECIAL client so be extra nice. He is into leather and toys.

I walked around to the room smiling. Leather and toys. I wonder if people who vote for him know he is a sick bugger. I got into the leather gear. It consisted of a vest and a wraparound skirt open in the front. I looked in the drawer and there was the flogger plus a butt plug, a vibrator and a strap-on dildo. I took then into the bedroom and laid them on the bed. Then I waited for my client. He appeared, as expected, fully dressed with a mask on. Same as mine with only the eyes and mouth exposed. “Hello Mistress” he said. My God this guy was a sub. I had seen videos before and had a fair idea what to do. I picked up the flogger and slapped the bed. “Strip, you grub” I yelled. “Yes Mistress” he said and stripped of his suit and shirt. I looked at him. I couldn’t believe it.

He was standing there wearing a suspender belt and stockings. He had no body hair at all. My pussy twitched. I was going to enjoy this. My chance to punish a politician. “On your knees Slave” I said “get on your knees and worship my pussy with your tongue”. He got on his knees and I spread my legs and opened the skirt. He had obviously done this before because he was an expert. I tried not to moan but I couldn’t help it. Each time he slowed I hit him with the flogger. I said he was an expert because he made me cum. “Very good slave” I said “is your cock stiff?” “Yes Mistress” he said. “Show me. Jerk it for me. Show your mistress your puny little dick” I said. A line straight out of a video I had watched. His cock was about average. Nothing to get too excited about.

I removed the skirt and he stared at my pussy. “I think you need a real cock” I said and I fitted the strap-on. “See bitch. This is what a cock looks like. Why don’t you suck it for me” I said. He didn’t even hesitate. He crawled up to me and began to suck my “cock”. “Oh very good. That’s the way. Suck it real good” I commanded. I guessed it was about 7” long and he took it all in his mouth without once gagging. I couldn’t help wondering if he also sucked real cock. “That’s enough” I said finally “get on the bed on your hands and knees. In the drawer was also a jar of lubricant. Greasing up the dildo and then his arse I pushed it all the way into his anal passage. He squealed and moaned as I fucked him. “Take that bitch” I shouted “you like it don’t you?” “Yes Mistress” he wailed “fuck me hard. I want to please you”. I thought “you bloody sicko.” And I pounded his arse for perhaps 10 minutes. When I finally pulled out he rolled over and collapsed on the bed.

He looked up at me. “Can I cum now Mistress?” he asked. I wasn’t sure what he had in mind. “I want to cum on your tits” he said “please let me cum on them”. I suppose I should not have been surprised. I took off the vest and stood by the bed. He knelt in front of me and began to jerk off. It was not even two minutes when his eyes rolled and he squirted a steam of cum over my left boob. I was about to say something when he bent down and started to lick it off me. I reached down, squeezed his cock, got cum on my fingers and made him lick that too.

“Thank you Mistress” he said and began to get dressed again. He bent over and kissed my nipples again and left. I started to laugh. No wonder he wanted to remain anonymous. What a weirdo. I started to pack up and noticed the vibrator still on the bed. “Mmm Sally, I think you deserve some special care after that” I said out loud and used the vibrator to get off twice before showering, cleaning the toys and packing them away. I went to see Mona and get my pay. The miserable bugger only paid normal rate so I got $100 and no tip. Typical. Back home I had dinner, watched some TV, reintroduced myself to my little helper and slept like a baby.

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