A Happy Birthday

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Author’s note: If you just want to get to the masturbating, feel free to skip this. Then if you like the story, please do me a solid and come read this section. You’ll thank me later. THE MEANING OF THE BRACKETS: throughout my stories (except my first one, “Anytime Lisa,”) I’ll be putting brackets around certain phrases. Think of these phrases as links. I write excruciatingly slowly, but over time, I plan to post a story whose title corresponds to every bracketed phrase. Whatever the person who’s talking says that’s bracketed, you can go to that story to read more about what they just mentioned. Try looking up one of my other stories and you should get the idea. It’s sort of a Star Wars “continuous universe” kind of thing. Okay, thanks for indulging me. And just for the record, I love feedback and I’d love to chat.


The day my sister Lisa was coming home, I woke up hard as a rock.

It may have had something to do with the dream I’d just been having about her going down on me, or the fact that it had been a whole year since I’d last gotten to push myself into my big sister’s butt. Either way, I looked pretty foolish plodding downstairs to get breakfast wearing nothing but my distended PJ bottoms.

Normally my morning wood drops off pretty quickly, but I couldn’t keep my mind from wandering back to the previous summer, when Lisa had taken my virginity and shown me a kind of love that I’d never known existed. It was something animal and powerful; a gasoline mixture of love and lust that you don’t see in the movies or read about in books (at least not the type of books they assign in high school English). After that, whenever I needed to get off she was there; I called her my [Anytime Lisa]. We’d kept giving in to each other until September, when she just disappeared–as Lisa has a tendency to do.

Which, I’ll admit, stung. I felt so much younger then. Lisa had opened my eyes to something, and because of it she’d become not just my big sister, but my confidant, teacher, guide, sexual partner, and, I believed, the love of my life. Still do, actually.

And even though I put the lessons she taught me to good use over the course of the school year (mostly in [Drama Club]), nothing was ever quite the same as fucking my big sis. So you can imagine my excitement when she’d written the family a few days earlier and let us all know she was going to be home for her baby brother’s birthday come hell or high water. Ever since, I’d been daydreaming non-stop about the taste of her skin, her fiery red hair and the look of pure bliss that filled her big green eyes whenever I slipped into her insatiable little butthole and rode her as hard as I could.

It was throbbing by the time I was halfway down the stairs to the family room. I could already tell this one wasn’t going to take care of itself, and there was no telling when Lisa would be coming home, let alone when we could sneak away and get our hands on each other. Breakfast could wait, I decided; I needed some manual release.

As if on cue, I suddenly heard the faint sound of my mother speaking in a strained voice. At first I reflexively reached down in a feeble attempt to hide my stiffy, but then I realized that the sounds emanating from my parents’ room down the hall weren’t directed at me. A-ha! I grinned. Mom was getting eaten out.

Ever since I’d discovered that by unscrewing an AC vent cover in the guest bedroom I could gain easy access to my parents’ closet, I’d been exploiting the fact. When I was younger I sneaked in there on late December nights to see what Christmas presents they’d picked out. Once I got a little older though, I found the wood-slat closet doors provided a perfect view whenever my Mom and Dad had sex.

Growing up, I had some of my most intense orgasms beating off while watching Dad slam Mom from behind. The taboo of it made me cum much harder than usual, and it was quite a stroke of luck that they should be “paying bills” (as they called it) right when I needed to relieve my swelling boner. Part of me wondered why Dad wasn’t at work by now, but I wasn’t about to look a gift-voyeurism in the mouth.

As I silently wriggled through the small hole and pushed past my Dad’s loafers, I could hear my mom’s impassioned voice:

“Oh God yeah, do that. Right there. Oh, fuck, that’s so good. Eat it, eat it all up sweetheart.”

I maneuvered into a squatting position and reached down to unbutton the front of my PJ’s, but stopped suddenly when I heard another familiar voice say “You like that? Are you gonna come for me?” Familiar, but definitely not Dad’s. In fact, not even male.

I couldn’t believe my ears, but when I looked out through the slits in the closet door, what my mind told me was impossible was impossible to deny: My cousin Sam, who wasn’t even supposed to be here for six hours, was eating out my Mom. Not just eating her out either; she was giving it her all, lapping frantically at Mom’s gleaming pussy. My favorite, inevitably cheerful, inviolably sweet, and adorably halkal─▒ escort plump lesbian cousin was about to taste my Mom’s cum.

For a second I just stared, trying to soak in the whole image. My parents’ big bed, with the modern gray comforter thrown back to reveal my Mom, legs spread wide, still asking for more as she pushed Sam’s head into her pussy and bucked her hips. Sam was spreading her with one hand, and twisting a butt plug that was buried deep in Mom’s ass with the other. As she swabbed at Mom’s pussy with her tongue, Sam’s short hair and perky profile disappeared behind her enormous white bottom, which was angled towards the closet. I stared at her thick legs, the soles of her tiny feet and her butt cheeks opening and closing as she worked on Mom.

I reached down again for my dick. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I sure as heck wasn’t about to waste such a golden opportunity. Meanwhile, Mom kept the conversation going.

“I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum in your mouth sweetie. You ready? Oh fuck, here it comes.”

“Come on Aunt Liz,” Sam moaned in between licks, “cum for me. Cum in my mouth.” She bent forward, mashing her face into Mom’s privates, and at the same time opening up her own ass to reveal fat, dripping lips topped by a swollen asshole.

I fumbled frantically to unbutton the flap on my PJ’s, but had trouble in the dark. My Mom started to convulse, letting out a deep groan and pushing her pussy into Sam.

“Oooooh, fuuuuck…”

I kept fumbling, forgetting everything except the desperate need to get a hand on my dick and cum right along with my mother. Feeling around, I realized with horror that my PJ’s were caught on something at the back of the closet. Foolishly, instead of carefully extricating myself, I just pulled as hard as I could.

“Don’t stop,” Mom panted, quaking as if electrocuted. “I’m stillÔÇöstill–don’t stop–!” I tugged as hard as I could, and the pants came free.

For a moment, I thought everything was going to be all right. Just for a moment. Then I realized my momentum was too much, and I went hurtling forward, bursting through the closet doors and landing painfully on my side. I let out a little groan, just as my Mom finished her orgasm and opened her eyes.

To this day, I’ve never seen anyone get under covers quicker than Mom did when she saw me in that room. She clutched the comforter around her throat and shrieked as if I were a knife-wielding maniac. I think she would have kept shrieking forever if Sam didn’t start laughing hysterically the second she saw me. As I laid perfectly still, hoping to somehow crawl back from whence I came, I could hear Mom reprimanding her.

“This isn’t funny, Samantha! Matthew! What are you DOING IN HERE?!”

I glanced up, and met Sam’s smiling eyes. She was under the covers next to Mom, stifling laughter, and her face and neck were tomato red.

“Hi cuz,” she said between chuckles, “Happy birthday.”

“Uh,” I stammered, “IÔÇöI, uh–“

I rolled off of my side to try and stand up, without realizing that by doing this, I pointed my still erect penis straight at my Mother.

“Oh my God, Matt. What were you doing?”

Fishing for any sort of explanation, I blurted the first thing I could think of.

“Sorry, I thought Dad was in here.”

Mom’s face flushed red. “You thought what? What the fuck were you thinking?!”

“I thought…I…I didn’t know Sam was…”

“Oh Jesus.”

I had to shift the focus to something, anything else, so I said something I almost immediately regretted.

“Does Dad know you and Sam have sex?”

Mom stopped dead, as if all the wind had been knocked out of her. Her flat, brown hair settled around her collarbone, her tanned, motherly face sank, and her deep Cherokee eyes seemed to instantly fill with tears.

“Oh God. Oh Jesus Christ.”

Luckily, Sam decided to stop laughing and try to help the situation.

“Oh, come on now,” she said playfully, “this doesn’t have to be a big deal.”

“What are you talking about?!” mom screamed, “my son’s seen me having an affair! With his cousin! It’s a pretty big fucking deal!”

“Calm down, Aunt Liz. You’re just making things worse.”

Mom did calm down, but not by much. She just stared at me, looking totally unsure of what to do or say next. Which wasn’t like her.

“Come over here, cuz,” Sam said, “I know this is kind of weird, but we’re going to talk it out.”

Mom looked like she was about to protest, but she held her tongue as I sheepishly walked to the foot of the bed and sat down on the edge, acutely aware of being shirtless, and even more aware of my stiffy, which had gone down, but not by enough.

“No, I think you should go Matty,” Mom said. “I’m very sorry about this, and I think you should go back to your room and we can just pretend it never happened. I promise you, this will never happen again. This isn’t right. ThisÔÇöit’s your birthday, taksim escort for God’s sake–“

“Don’t talk like that,” Sam interrupted, “you’ll give him a complex.”

“I’ve traumatized my son!”

“He doesn’t look traumatized to me. Please, Aunt Liz, let’s just talk.”

I felt Sam’s warm foot wiggle out from under the covers and rub against my back reassuringly.

“Matt,” she said, “you’re old enough to know about sex. Have you had sex yet?”

I had a flash of holding my sister’s legs over her head and pumping her pussy with all of my might.

“Um…yeah,” I said.

“Well, then you’re old enough to know that sometimes, when I visit, your Mom and I like to have sex.”

“Stop it, Sam!” Mom said.

“I think he’s figured that much out himself,” Sam countered. Mom looked about to speak again, but Sam went on.

“Your Dad doesn’t know, but I think it’s best that way. Aunt Liz and I love each other, and we’re family, and…well, for one thing, that’s a lot different than your Mom fucking around on your Dad. Don’t you think?”

“Yeah,” I said. I did.

“Good. We probably should tell your Dad, but…I guess we’re both scared of what he might think, and we both thought that since we only get together like this once or twice a year, it wasn’t a big enough deal to bother him with. And I know, that’s kind of a bullshit excuse, and I can tell you we’ve talked about telling him a lot, but somehow, I guess we just never…got around to it. And that’s wrong of us, and I for one am sorry about that.”

She looked at Mom pointedly, and Mom barely croaked “sorry.”

“Do you understand, Matt? Are you mad?”

I looked back at Sam. “I understand,” I said. Sam grinned and opened her arms.

“Give me a hug, cuz! It’s so good to see you!”

I glanced at Mom first, who looked on impassively, then inched up the bed to Sam and hugged her. Her arms were hot around my bare torso. To my surprise, as she released me and I leaned back, she started petting my chest, moving her right hand back and forth and lovingly stroking around my nipples. My nipples are sensitive, and I couldn’t help but get a rush of adrenaline from the feel of my cousin’s hand on them. My dick started to get throbbing hard again almost immediately.

“Now I don’t think we need to ask what you were doing in the closet. I think the real question is what do we do now?” There was enough of a suggestive undertone in Sam’s question to snap Mom back to reality.

“Sam, what are you doing?” Her voice was stony, reprimanding. Mom-mode.

“Look, Aunt Liz. Little Matty’s gotten so big, hasn’t he?”

Sam bent forward and opened her mouth, sucking on my nipple and licking all around it with her thick, ruby tongue. Her tongue was perfect, the most loving caress you could ever imagine.

“Sam, stop playing around,” said Mom. “Please, you have to stop.”

For me, this was uncharted territory. My sister the slut seducing me in a tent was one thing; fooling around with Sam when Mom looked like she was about to blow a fuse was another entirely. Was there a chance this could actually happen? Did I dare press my luck. For a moment, I silently grappled with the turn my life was about to take.

Sam stopped. “Does that feel good, Matt? Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“I’m very comfortable,” I said noncommittally.

“Do you want to suck on mine?”

Now or never. I nodded, ever so slightly.

Without waiting for further encouragement, Sam lowered the covers, revealing her breasts like an artist unveiling a statue.

My cousin Samantha’s breasts are more than in proportion with the rest of her body. In fact, for every pound of soft, pink flesh lending weight to her curves, there seem to be two or three pounds dedicated solely to her enormous bosom. They’re the kind of breasts you can’t help but stare at on family visits; heavy, deliciously round, and pressed together to form a plunging valley of cleavage on an epic scale. More than anything, Sam’s breasts look soft and warm, like the welcoming pillows of a freshly made bed. I gaped at the wonderful sight of her double-D’s, her short, fat nipples hard and resting on big pink areolae each at least two inches across. Slowly, I inclined my head and put my lips around one. I heard Mom hold her breath. Then I rolled Sam’s stiff nipple around on my tongue and started sucking gently. At the same time, I reached up with a trembling hand and felt the weight of her other breast. Soft. The taste of her skin reminded me of Lisa. Sam hummed like a happy cherub.

Mom was wiggling under the covers, moving uncomfortably. It took me a moment to realize what she was doing–taking the butt plug out. All this time, she’d still had it inside her. She removed it, but kept it hidden under the covers, staring at us and breathing heavily. The blankets heaved with her breath as she became…aroused? Angrier? I knew at that moment that if things went right, the fantasy I’d had the second I first saw ┼či┼čli escort them from the closet could come true. After all, if she hadn’t at least been tempted, she wouldn’t have let things get this far. And I could tell by looking at her she was struggling with her desire to give in to Sam’s way of thinking. But if thing’s went wrong…

Suddenly, I felt Sam’s hand tugging on my dick through my PJ pants. I immediately felt my balls start to swell and my hard-on stiffen even more.

“You know Aunt Liz,” she said, “he’s already seen me eat you out. There’s not much more damage we can do.”

“Sam, I…” Mom trailed off, but I glanced at her face and could see her staring intently at me while I suckled on Sam’s tit. Just for her, I sucked in as much as I could, then let it pop out of my mouth and slid my tongue across her nipple. The whole time, I kept eye contact with Mom.

Sam kept gently stroking me through my PJ’s. “Ooh,” she said, “he’s good too. Where’d you learn to suck on boobies so well, cuz?”

I knew I had to push things further. Either it would make Mom completely flip out, or it would lead to paradise. I had to risk it. “Lisa,” I said.

Sam laughed. “I should have known! That little slut.”

“Matt, are you serious?” Mom asked, inching away from us on the bed. “Is that true?”

I nodded. Not wanting to dwell on the subject, I asked Sam, “Will you take it out?” If I was going to force the issue, I figured I might as well go all the way.

“Well, I usually don’t go for dicks as a rule, but I can’t really say no to my favorite little cousin on his birthday, now can I?”

Sam pulled the waistband of my PJ’s down, letting my stiffy finally spring free. After being cooped up in my PJs for so long, it felt great to let it bob in front of me. It stood almost eight inches, uncut, and was thicker than most. She touched it gingerly with delicate fingers, then started slowly tugging at it.

Mom stared. Her tongue darted out to moisten her lips; words failed her.

“Wow,” said Sam, prodding. “Your own son’s cock. You made this little baby, and now here he is all hard. Weird, huh?”

Mom couldn’t take it anymore. She threw back the covers and strode across the room as if to leave. At the last second, she turned back and looked again at my cousin’s hand pulling on my dick. Sam was alternating hands, running one down the length of me, then the other. So soft. I looked back at Mom, really seeing her completely naked for the first time. Her modest breasts hung above a slender, toned belly and a tangled patch of dark brown hair. I could see drops of moisture on her pubic hair, and her pussy lips were swollen. My dick responded.

“Ooh,” Sam giggled, “It twitched. It must like you Aunt Liz.”

“Did you really have sex with your sister, Matty?” Mom asked.

“Yes, Mom. But it’s okay. I really liked it.”

Sam butted in, hijacking that line of inquiry. “What do you think Aunt Liz, should I suck it?”

Without waiting for an answer, she shifted her body and brought her plump face down to the head of my cock. Her pouty red lips opened and that luscious tongue came out to meet my precum. She slid about four inches of my dick into her mouth and started massaging the shaft with her lips and tongue.

“Sam, stop it!” said Mom, although her tone was now far from authoritative.

Sam pushed me deep into her throat, bringing her lips almost down to my balls, then sucked my dick all the way up before pulling me out of her mouth. “Well,” she said to Mom, “give me something else to suck on or I’m going to keep sucking Matty’s dick.”

Mom hesitated for a moment, then nimbly came back to the bed and flounced down next to Sam. To my delight, she didn’t bother getting back under the covers. Sam immediately rolled over and kissed Mom deeply. Mom closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue and Sam started sucking on it greedily. After a few seconds of making out with Mom, Sam pulled back and got some air. Mom still looked unsure, to say the least.

“Now,” Sam said, “I’m going to make this really easy for you, because I love you so much Aunt Liz. If you want to fuck your little son, the boy you gave birth to…just keep your eyes closed. You don’t have to admit it, you don’t have to say anything, just pretend you don’t even hear me. If you want to suck your son’s cock and let him fill you up with his spunk, you just keep those peepers shut.”

She waited for a second. Mom’s eyelids fluttered, fluttered, then settled, firmly closed. She took a sharp breath and held it. I could see her whole body trembling. “Okay,” Sam whispered. “Here we go.” With one arm, she pushed my head towards my mom’s breasts.

“There you go cuz,” she said, “suck on her just like when you were a baby.”

Mom’s breasts were smaller and rounder than Sam’s, and her nipples were soft and brown. I took one into my mouth and felt mom shudder.

“Suck them like you’re feeding.” Sam reached down to the smooth crevasse of her shaved pussy and started to massage herself. I kept sucking Mom’s nipple and she began to quietly whimper.

“Fuck,” said Sam, her voice instantly turning from sugar and sweetness to husky, “Liz he’s sucking your fucking tits. God, I can’t believe this. Fuck.” She started rubbing her clit madly. “Kiss your Mom, Matty. Put your tongue in her mouth.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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