A Handyman’s Memoir Ch. 03

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It had been a few weeks since that wonderful day at Penny’s camp, and I had been busy with work. I thought I might run into her at a big music festival in town, and sure enough she was there. When we saw each other at a distance there was a big smile and a wave. I was just arriving alone, and she was with the gang of friends I was looking for. I made my way over and said hello to everyone, and gave Penny and her friend Mary a friendly hug, lingering a bit longer and squeezing a bit tighter with Penny.

“Hi sexy,” I whispered in her ear.”

“Hi Mr. Handyman,” she said with a smile, and she winked at me.

A friend handed me a cold beer and I took a moment to admire Penny and Mary. It was a warm day and they both looked sexy as hell. Penny had on a low cut t-shirt with no bra, and a very thin wrap around skirt that you could see right through when the light was right. Mary wore skin tight long white shorts and a low cut t-shirt type of thing with a couple of buttons on the front, one open, the other buttoned but straining at the pressure of her ample bosom. I smiled after looking them over.

“You ladies look dangerous today,” I said.

The music was great, and we all had a fine time. The festival was the kick-off to a long holiday weekend, and everyone was talking about their plans for the next few days. I was the only one who didn’t have much to do. I was just planning on puttering around the house and relaxing after a busy few weeks of work.

When the music wound down and we were all leaving, Penny took me aside.

“My car’s all packed and I’m heading up to the camp. I’d love to have you join me,” she said, and she gave my ass a little squeeze. “You know where to find me,” she said with a wink and a smile.

Everybody went their separate ways and I went home. Of course I couldn’t get Penny out of my mind, and before I knew it I was throwing some clothes in a small duffel bag and gathering together some tools. I was quickly in my truck, heading north.

It was dusk when I got to the long dirt road, and by the time I got to the parking spot for the camp it was getting dark fast. The big surprise though, was that there were two cars there. I had expected penny to be alone. I recognized Penny’s car, but not the other one, so I sat for a few moments to think. Maybe she found another guy to join her because she didn’t think I was coming? It was a long drive up there, and leaving without checking things out seemed silly, so I decided to make my way quietly down the very dark path to try and see what was going on.

As I approached the camp I heard laughter. It sounded like two women, and then through the trees I could see Penny and Mary talking on the screened porch, lit by candlelight. Just then I caught my foot on a branch and fell in the dark and hit my head on a fallen log. I was lucky it wasn’t a rock or I would have been in real trouble. I was dazed and my head hurt and the next thing I knew the two girls were standing over me with a flashlight, asking if I was all right.

“I think I’m all right,” I said, slightly confused.

They got me up and walked me inside and flopped me down on the old brass bed.

“Are you sure you’re all right?” Penny asked. “You seem a little fuzzy.”

“I think I’ll be fine. My head hurts a little.”

Mary poured some tequila in a small glass and handed it to me. “Don’t drink it all, just sip on it,” she said.

I did as she instructed. I think they could sense that I was a little uncomfortable with finding them both there.

“We were hoping you’d show up,” Penny said.

“Penny told me about how you helped her last month,” Mary added. “I thought maybe the three of us could do even more this time.”

She had a twinkle in her eye and the way she said it made my heart race. I took another sip of tequila. By that time it was ten o’clock, and it had been a long day, what with the music festival, the drinking in the sun all day, the two-and-a-half hour drive, the whack on the head, and now the tequila. The soft, comfortable bed was the last bak─▒rk├Ây escort straw and I must have looked worn out.

“I think we could all use some sleep,” Penny said. “It’s gonna be a beautiful day tomorrow.”

She threw a blanket over me, gave me a sweet kiss on the forehead, picked up the kerosene lamp and she and Mary headed out onto the screened porch. I could hear them whispering and a few giggles, and then I heard them open up the sleeper sofa and some rustling of sheets and blankets and clothing. It took a few moments for it to register in my thick head that, hey, they were sleeping together! Now this was interesting! The sudden rush of blood to my cock was just what I needed to keep me from dozing off, and I listened intently. I could just barely make out a few things they were saying.

“Do you think he’s all right with me being here?” Mary said. “I think it took him by surprise.”

“He’ll be fine with it,” Penny said. “In fact he’ll love it, especially after he gets a look at these gorgeous tits of yours tomorrow.”

They dimmed the kerosene light, I heard some more rustling, and Mary quietly said, “Make me cum baby,” and then there was soft muffled moaning.

Wow! I was stunned! I never suspected anything like this between the two of them. Were they both into guys too? Obviously Penny was, but what about Mary? Was this going to turn into the three way of my dreams? I didn’t know quite what to think. Even though I would have liked to, I couldn’t muster up the courage to walk in there with my hard cock in my hand and join in. I didn’t want to spoil everything by being a jerk, so I just laid there and listened to the soft sounds of two beautiful women making love, and I drifted of to sleep.

I woke to sunlight streaming into the window next to my bed. It took me a moment to orient myself, and I rubbed my eyes. I could feel the bump on my head against the pillow, and I started to remember everything that had happened the night before. Just about the time I got to the memory of the two girls making love last night I heard laughter through the window, off in the distance, down by the pond.

I got up and rinsed my mouth out with some left over tequila and a bottle of water, and walked over to the window. What I saw was mesmerizing.

Sexy Mary was walking slowly up the path from the pond. She was completely nude, and looked stunning in the soft morning light. She had a small towel in her hand and was walking very slowly, working on drying her curly red hair. Her big tits swayed gently with each step she took, and when she paused to towel off her hair they jiggled. The whole thing seemed to be happening in slow-motion, and it was spectacular.

She got two-thirds of the way up to the camp and I heard Penny call out to her from the pond. Mary turned toward her, revealing her perfect milky white ass to me. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Penny said something else to her and Mary quickly turned her head back toward me, looking over her shoulder. A wicked smile crossed her face, and she turned her body back toward me, looking directly into the window at me. I was busted. She knew I was watching. She very casually resumed her walk and went through the door into the screened porch. My heart was pounding and my cock was hard, but at least I was dressed and I tried to act casual.

A few minutes later she emerged into the main room, dressed in skimpy skin tight ‘boy shorts’ underpants and a tiny little cut off t-shirt baring her midriff that said JUST DO IT across the front. Her tits jiggled with every slight movement she made, and her hard nipples protruded against the fabric.

“Hi there,” she said with a smile, acting like nothing had happened.

I tried to act natural, and half stammered out “Good morning.”

I could see through the window that Penny was now making her way up the path in a very similar way to Mary, also naked and drying her hair. Penny looked stunning as well, her tanned athletic body glistening in the sunlight. Mary and be┼čikta┼č escort I watched silently, me not knowing quite what to say. Mary broke the silence.

“As you can see it’s a bit of a nudist camp around here. You should jump in the pond, it’s a wonderful way to wake up.” And then she added, “No clothes allowed on the walk back and forth though. And obviously none in the pond.” She smiled and winked one of her twinkling green eyes.

After a few minutes Penny entered from the porch, now dressed in a similar short white t-shirt, but with white cotton bikini panties. She looked radiant. They both did actually, like they had a very fulfilling night, the memory of which I was just then running over in my head. I was fascinated by the fact that they were lovers, and I was there in the middle of it. The thoughts rattling around in my brain made my cock swell.

“How’s your head sweetie,” Penny asked, snapping my brain to attention. “We were worried about you.”

“Oh, no big deal I guess” I said. “I sort of forgot about it, what with all the beautiful scenery around here this morning to take my mind off it.”

“She is hot, isn’t she?” Penny said, looking at Mary.

“You both are,” I said. “I guess this place really is heaven after all.”

Penny broke into a huge smile and took my hand and led me out onto the front steps. She turned me around and there, above the door, was a new hand painted sign ÔÇö CAMP HEAVEN. We both laughed and fell into each others arms, and I kissed her.

Mary was making coffee on the little gas camp stove and started frying some bacon.

“Why don’t you go for a quick swim while we’re cooking,” Penny said.

“Don’t forget the rules,” Mary quickly added.

I smiled, walked over to the bed with my back to them, and proceeded to undress. They were silent and I could feel their eyes on me as I removed the last of my clothes and turned toward them. My cock was half hard, and Mary looked at it with a growing smile and bacon tongs in her hand.

“Now that makes me hungry,” she said.

“Yes-siree!” Penny said, and they both giggled.

I was getting harder by the second, so I quickly turned away, walked out the porch door and casually made my way down the path. I didn’t look back but I could feel them watching me. I guess all those years of working out and staying trim were finally paying off. On the walk down I realized that Mary’s comment told me once and for all that she’s definitely into guys too. It looked like the weekend was turning into something special.

After my swim the girls stood in the window and watched me approach, the same as I had done with them. I pulled on my clothes and we had a nice rustic breakfast, and after we cleaned up I walked out to my truck to get my duffel bag and tools. When I got back I went right to work fixing a door that didn’t close right. Penny tried to get me to stop, saying she didn’t want the weekend to be about work, so I promised I would just do a few things.

“I’ve got an idea,” Mary said. “Maybe if we’re all naked he won’t be able to keep his mind on working all day.”

“I think you’re onto somethin’ sweetheart,” Penny said, and they both quickly stripped.

They weren’t wearing much to begin with so it happened unbelievably quickly, and I was left slack jawed. Those beautiful naked bodies that I had watched through the window were now just a few feet away, and the girls were both giggling at my look of amazement. Two more attractive goddesses I’ve never seen in my life.

“Good Lord!” I said, shaking my head.

They walked towards me, and Penny pulled my shirt off while Mary dropped my shorts and pulled my undershorts down around my ankles.

“There,” Mary said. “Now you can do your work.”

They giggled hysterically and went back to cleaning up the dishes. I stood there for a moment admiring their naked asses, and then pulled my shorts over my boots and got back to work. I happened to have my tool belt with me this time, so I strapped it on, like some beylikd├╝z├╝ escort kind of porn-star handyman. I turned towards the girls, my cock half hard again.

Penny looked me over and moaned a little. “Oh honey, you have no idea what you’re doing to us,” she said.

They both stood silently and watched me as I went back to work on the door. My cock stayed half hard all the while, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love the feeling of their eyes on me.

I finished the door, and moved on to the kitchen cupboard doors, which weren’t latching properly. While I did that the girls went into a general cleaning routine, sprucing the whole place up. At one point, after working her way around the room, Penny was cleaning the floor near me. She was on all fours, facing away from me, and her naked ass and pussy were begging for attention. It was more than I could take. My cock was fully erect and Mary was outside shaking out some rugs, so I quietly dropped my tool belt and snuck up behind Penny. In one smooth motion I wrapped one arm around her belly and slipped my cock into her sweet juicy pussy.

“Oh fuck!” she exclaimed. “Holy shit that feels good!”

She was quickly breathless and I was fucking her with a nice rhythm when I felt Mary behind me. She reached one arm around my belly and her other hand went down my ass searching between the crack for my fast moving balls. She found what she was looking for and the sensation put me over the edge. I screamed out in ecstasy as I came hard. Penny looked back over her shoulder at the two of us and she quickly went off with one of those wonderful quivering orgasms I remembered from the last time we were together. It was beautiful. Mary still had her arm around my waist and my balls in her hand, and I turned my head to her and we kissed passionately, my cock still pumping slowly into Penny.

As Penny and I slowly came down from our orgasmic high Mary said, “Somebody needs to make me cum.”

Penny and I both got up, took Mary by the hand and laid her down on the old brass bed. Penny laid beside her and kissed her, her hand roaming over Mary’s luscious creamy white tits. I seized the opportunity and buried my face between Mary’s milky white thighs, kissing my way to her pussy lips. She had a beautifully puffy pussy, pretty as a picture, with some well trimmed soft red hair above it, and she was already dripping wet. I licked around her ass hole and she let out some short, sharp moans as her body twitched and stiffened. Penny was sucking on her hard pink nipples and Mary was in ecstasy, making all kinds of wonderful noises.

I gave her clit my best tongue lashing, and I could feel her climax building. She went off with all kinds of noises I’ve never heard before, really amazingly sexy. From the way she responded to everything it was easy to see she was one of the most sexual creatures I’d ever come across. She was also one of the most beautiful, and I couldn’t wait any longer to fuck her. I stood and lifted her legs up on my shoulders and buried my eight inches to the hilt. I pulled slowly out, and then thrust back in again balls deep with a long low grunt. Her pussy turned my brain to mush. Mary grunted and hissed through clenched teeth as I deeply and slowly fucked her.

“Penny . . . told me . . . how your . . . Ohhh! . . . how your big cock felt . . . she wasn’t lying,” she grunted out as I fucked her. There was fire in her eyes.

I picked up the pace and fucked her hard and deep. She felt amazing and looked even better. Penny sucked on her hard nipples and played with her tits, sending her even higher on her orgasmic journey.

She screamed out “OH FUCK, YES, YES, YEEESSS!!!” as I pummeled that gorgeous pussy.

Penny was mostly a spectator as Mary came, gently caressing Mary’s gorgeous tits, and watching with a look of awe on her face as her best friend reached new sexual heights. Mary’s screams were ear piercing. I closed my eyes, threw back my head and gave it my all. She came violently, literally thrashing all over the bed. It was visceral and almost otherworldly as I came with loud yells of my own, my cock pumping and throbbing deep inside her.

Penny kissed Mary softly to help bring her back down to earth, and I collapsed on the bed next to them, completely spent. Penny started laughing a little and said, “That’s gonna to be a tough act to follow…but we’ll try…”

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