A Good Relationship Ch. 5

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Howard phoned me a few times over the following weeks. The last call he told me he had been away a lot but said he had some African businessman coming to stay next week, I told him that was the week I had arranged with work to have as a holiday. Howard said he would try to get some time free during that week so we could have some fun, he asked how my arse was after the wedding gang-bang, I told him it was fine after a couple of days and a lot of cream he said he was looking forward to giving my arse another good shagging, I told him my arse needed it. He said he would ring again and let me know when he was free.

I was enjoying my Monday morning not having to go to work, I saw three large cars go into Howard’s drive they must have the African guests in them that he said he was expecting. After about an hour I saw the cars leave again, I continued to enjoy a very relaxing day.

The following morning was nice and sunny and warm I was out in the garden, it was getting near to lunch time, I thought, I looked over towards Howard’s and saw him walking up his drive towards me, I waited for him. I invited him in and made us both a cup of tea, we sat at the kitchen table and he told me about the very important people he had at his house, and that they were hopefully going to give his company a very big order. He then went on to tell me he had left the photo albums with all our pornographic pictures in on the table and that his guests had a good look at them, in fact they had enjoyed them very much. Howard went on to say they had asked if there was any more pictures as they had not seen anything like it before, where they come from that sort of thing is forbidden.

He said he thought it would be a good idea to show them the video’s, as he really did want to please them so as to get the order, and they had enjoyed the video’s as well and had insisted they meet me. Howard said would I give up part of my holiday and come and meet them to keep them happy, so he could get this big order. I said I would meet them and asked him when would he like me to go across. Howard said to go across in about an hour, I asked him what he wanted me to wear. I took him to my room and showed him my wardrobe he picked out an outfit he said he knew they would like, then he left. I had some lunch a shower and a all over shave, as always, and went back to my room to get dressed in the clothes he had put out, a white suspender belt, dark stockings, white frilly panties, white fully padded bra, pink blouse, a black flared skirt about mid-thigh length and white high heels. Then I put on the blonde wig, and some make-up with lots of red lipstick I knew Howard liked that.

It was about 1:30 in the afternoon when I Howard opened his door to let me in. He told me that the important man he would introduce me to was a government official the others were like his juniors or servants but to be nice to all of them was important. Howard took me into his living room, sat on the sofa was a black man perhaps late 40’s, quite tall, he got up to greet me, he was quite athletic looking, he spoke perfect English when he said he was very pleased to meet me. He was dressed in a long beige loose fitting robe with a little black round hat with a tassle coming out of the top. The phone rang, Howard went of to answer it, Sied, was the mans name, and I sat next to each other on the sofa, he asked me my name I told him that Howard now liked to call me Wendy. He told me he was educated at Cambridge, and that he was now the government oil minister for his little African island of Mabutto.

He had been back there for nearly 20 years and it wasn’t until he saw the photos and videos that he realised what he had been missing. Howard came back from his phone call and said unfortunately he had to go back to London there was something wrong with some importation paperwork that needed his urgent attention. He took me to one side and said he wanted me to look after the Africans until he got back which would be about tomorrow lunch time. He said I ought to stay the night here to keep an eye on them and the house. I told him I would take care of things. He called a taxi Quickly packed a few things said good bye to the minister and left. Sied said he wanted to take a walk in the garden would I show him.

He took my arm and the went out through the patio doors onto the large lawn a path led down the side furthest from the house towards the wood were Howard and I first met. He led us towards the path telling me more about his island. We walked on down the path and we entered the wood, he was saying how he had dreamed of seeing suspenders and stockings. He said now we were out of sight of the house, he would like to see mine, he asked if I was wearing them, I said yes, Howard would not let me wear anything else. He took hold of the hem of my skirt and lifted it up higher and higher so he could see my undies. He sighed and ran his free hand up over my stocking top and traced the suspender up to where it disappeared under my panties.

He said he liked the way legs looked in suspenders and stockings when g├╝venilir canl─▒ bahis siteleri walking. He told me to hold up my skirt and walk down the path a short way turn round and walk back. I did as I was told, I got back to where he was stood, He said it looked very sexy, we walked on a little further into the wood and came to Howard’s picnic area, a wooden table with a bench on either side, Sied sat down on the end of a bench and beckoned me to him. he reached to my waist and undid the fastenings of my skirt letting it fall to the ground, he helped me step out of it then he picked it up and put it on the table. He said he would be able to see much better now, he told me to walk backwards and forwards a short way until he told me to stop.

I walked up and down for ages he was obviously enjoying the sight I could see a rising bulge in the front of his robe. He called me over and he unbuttoned my blouse and took it off. I stood in front of him in just white high heels, stockings, white suspenders, panties and bra. he had me walk up and down again. Then this time he took off my panties, he was really enjoying himself. I walked back down the wood and when I turned to come back I saw he had parted his robe, he had the most enormous cock it was the thickness of my wrist about 9 inches long. he was wanking it slowly as he watched my walk back towards him,his cock was that thick his thumb and fingers would not meet around it. he told me to knee on the ground, he stood up, holding his robe up his huge cock inches from my face. He wiped the tip of it over my face and across my mouth, he continued wanking it at the same time, then he put a hand behind my head and pulled me towards him his cock was touching my lips.

He pushed his cock a little harder against my lips, I opened them to let the tip begin to enter my mouth. My mouth was soon as far open as it would go, he was holding my head and pushing his cock, he just about managed to cram the purple head of his big black cock past my lips. I was flicking my tongue over the end while he wanked, he tried to get more of it in my mouth to no avail, it was just to fat. He gave a little shudder and he emptied the contents of his big black balls down my throat nearly choking me, but I managed to swallow it all.

He said, as he pulled it out of my mouth, that he hadn’t cum like that in many, many years and, before Howard got back he would like to have another session with me. I got up and got dressed again and we walked back to the house. One of Sied party had cooked a meal for us all, his name was Joseph, Sied introduced me to him, younger and not as tall as Sied, he was the general help\driver of the party, he spoke a little english, not much. The others came into the room, I was introduced to them, Sied’s assistant and his advisor, neither spoke any English, and were all often chattering away amongst themselves in their own language. After the meal, Sied said he was going for a lay down he was feeling tired, it was about 4-30 in the afternoon, Sied went up to his room saying to Joseph to wake him at 8 o’clocks he had some paperwork to do.

The others looked at each other, Joseph said in his poor English that they would like to get to now me, it was a lovely afternoon Joseph picked up a blanket and we all went out on to the lawn, we sat down, Joseph tried to be an interpreter. The assistant, his name was Masura, and the advisor, his name was Naobi, and Joseph were all black like Sied and they had lived on Mabutto all of their lives. We talked as best we could for a while Masura’s eyes were often wandering to my legs he moved his position and placed his hand on my knee. He looked at me with a big smile on his face, I thought back to what Howard had said about looking after these people so I did nothing as his hand moved higher up my leg towards my skirt. He turned to the other two and said something, he turned back and his hand went higher up under my skirt the others gathered round and pushed me backwards to lay full out on the blanket.

Masura soon had my skirt lifted up and hands were all over my suspenders tugging at them. Joseph left for a short while and came back with a jar of cream. I was lifted up a little and my panties were taken off, then I was turned over and made to get on hands and knees. Fingers were probing my bum, cream was smeared around my ass soon fingers were up me I could hear the slurping noise as they took turns in shoving cream up my hole. One got undressed and knelt at my head and was pushing his semi-erect black cock into my mouth. At the same time another cock was opening my ass stretching it wide as it forced its way in, it felt quite big as it began fucking me, rocking me forwards with each thrust sending the cock in my mouth further down my throat. he continued to fuck my ass plunging deep then with a few short thrust he shot his load of cum deep inside my ass. He pulled his cock out and seconds later another slid up my slippery hole, a little fatter than the last cock, it was soon pumping away. The cock in my mouth spurted jets of cum down my throat, g├╝venilir illegal bahis siteleri the second load today. Then my ass received a second shot of hot cum I felt it spray deep inside me.

They all got dressed, I turned around and sat on the blanket and watched them, I pulled my skirt back down, I looked around but I couldn’t see my panties. They all went back towards the house a and left me sat on my own on the blanket, I could feel cum seeping out of my ass, so I got up picked up the blanket my panties were screwed up under the corner, I picked them up not bothering to put them on and went back into the house and to the bathroom to get cleaned up. When I returned to the living room they were sat watching TV so I sat and watched as well. I hadn’t noticed the time until Joseph got up saying he was going to wake up Sied. They both came downstairs Sied opened the folders he had with him and spread them out on the table. He began to work, then he looked up and said to Joseph that he needed some quiet and wanted the tv off.

So Masura turned it off Joseph said we should go up stairs and watch it. Masura jumped up first took hold of my wrist and headed for the stairs, the others followed close behind. I was led to one of the biggest bedrooms, it was used by Masura. we went in, the others entered behind us. They all jumped on the bed, with the remote control they turned on the TV, Masura picked up the other remote and pressed a few buttons, the video turned on, it was a porno movie. They were all very interested and we watched as a guy fondled and touched up a woman licking her cunt and her arse, she then sucked his cock, then he fucked her up the cunt, then up the arse. He wasn’t finished there, he then slowly worked his fist right up her cunt past his wrist and then worked it in and out a few times, the Africans loved this, they were talking feverishly amongst themselves.

The guy on the video had now taken his fist out of the women’s cunt and was now attempting to shove it up her arse, a gasp came from the Africans when they saw this. Slowly the guy worked his fingers up the women’s arse to the widest part of his hand, then he began to turn his hand back and forth, pushing it deeper inside then all of a sudden his hand just disappeared from view straight in her arse to his wrist, the Africans were jumping about with excitement, the guy then worked his further up her arse, again with this twisting, turning movement until half his arm was in her arse, it was incredible.

The Africans were having a very excited discussion, in their native tongue, and were pointing at the screen, then they turned and looked at me. Masura, being the higher ranking of the africans seemed to be the ring leader, came over to me and pulled me up out of the chair and we walked towards the big bay window, the late evening sun was shining on the other big, well padded armchair. He led me around behind it as Joseph left the room, he bent me over the back of the chair until my head was touching the seat my ass high in the air. My skirt was lifted up over my back my panties pulled down and taken right off. Masura parted my legs a little, Joseph came back into the room carrying a large bag, reaching in he handed Masura the jar of cream, taking a handful he began to work some cream around my hole in this position my arse was totally defenceless.

First one finger, then two, then three were worked up me, beginning to stretch my hole open. He reached into the bag and pulled out a huge cucumber, he smeared the big fat end with some cream and ran it up and down over my ass, then pushing it against the lips of my hole he tried to get it in. He was slowly turning it back and forth as in the video, I could feel it stretching me wider and wider as he slowly worked it in. It felt like my arse was being invaded the pressure he was putting on the lips of my hole as it expanded to take this huge thing, as the cucumber entered me further it reached the fattest part then, with Masura pressing on it, it suddenly slid up my ass as far as it could go.

Joseph and Naobi clapped and cheered, to see more than half of the huge cucumber embedded in my ass, they stood back to enjoy the sight of the small end of it poking out of my hole. Naobi came over and slowly pulled the cucumber out of my ass, it was such a relief then he put some more cream on it and shoved it back in as far as he could. he did this maybe six times until it was sliding in and out very easily making slurping sucking noises. He put the cucumber down, I heard Joseph say he had the smallest hands he should go first, he smeared cream all over his right hand, has fingers making a arrow head he began to push his fingers up my stretched hole twisting and turning opening me out wider and wider, then as the fattest part of his hand entered me his hand slid in the rest of the way to his wrist quite easily, then inside me he made his hand into a fist spreading out inside me then he slowly pulled his hand out then pushed it back in again, in and out many times then he pushed it as far up inside me as it g├╝venilir bahis ┼čirketleri would go, almost half his arm was up me.

This brought on more African chattering, Joseph pulled his fist out of me and Naobi took his turn, his hand was definitely bigger but it too was soon embedded as far up my ass as he could shove it. Masura wanted his turn and creamed up his hand and took over from Naobi, he was enjoying slowly inserting his hand up my ass just when I thought he had reached the widest part and his hand would slide up me he would pull it out, then he pushed it right in, I let out a gasp as his big hand stretched my ass even wider. Like the others he was soon working it in and out of me until even his big hand was sliding back wards and forwards reasonably smoothly. Eventually he took his hand out of ass, I stood up slowly, Joseph slapped my bare ass and handed me my panties I didn’t stop to put them on,I told him I was going for a shower.

I left the room and had a shower cleaning up my over stretched ass and put on some soothing cream, then went to bed. The following morning I woke and got out of bed and dressed, I had no change of clothes so I put on the same outfit as yesterday. Washed and I went down stairs to the living room everyone else was there already. We all had breakfast, Sied came over and sat next to me on the sofa and said he wanted to carry on from yesterday. Opening his robe he began playing with his cock then he took my hand he placed it around his hardening cock, I was wanking him slowly my hand travelling up and down his monster black tool. He pulled my head down towards his lap the tip of his cock was soon entering my mouth, again the head was all that could be crammed into my mouth. Masura and Naobi came into the room and watched what was happening, they all began talking in African, then Masura and Naobi came over and pulled me up onto my feet, Sied got off the sofa and lay on the floor and was holding his big black cock straight up at the ceiling.

Naobi lifted my skirt up then Masura pulled my panties down and lifted one foot at a time, taking them right off. Naobi made me bend over a little while Masura applied some cream to my ass pushing a few fingers inside to lubricate the entrance, then they walked me backwards until I was astride Sied. Then they made me bend at the knees and slowly lower myself down towards Sied waiting cock. Masura was on one side of me, Naobi on the one side with an arm of mine each they lowered me further, Sied guided his enormous cock towards my ass. I felt it touch the lips of my hole then as I was lowered a little more the head of his cock began to open out my sore ass. Then stretching it had last night, the head of his cock was soon buried inside me the rest slid up as Masura and Naobi lowered me the rest of the way until I was sat on Sied facing his feet, all that could be seen was his big black balls under me, all of his cock up my ass, it filled me. Naobi and Masura began lifting me up and dropping me downagain riding Sied huge cock, up and down, in and out his cock plunged. This went on for ages it seemed Sied wanted to make it last I was getting more sore with the extra pounding from his big cock. Eventually he gave a loud groan and I felt spurts of cum spray inside me. We all relaxed I sat back on top of him and felt his cock deflate a little inside me, eventually I found the energy to move, I slowly got up, feeling his cock slip out. I got to my feet, I was about to leave the room when Joseph, who had just come in stopped me and guided me towards two dining room chairs.

Masura had placed them side by side with a four inch gap between them, Joseph guided me and sat me down half on each and then tied my hands be hind my back and then tied them to the chair, I was unable to get up. My ass was across the gap in the chair, Masura was lying on the floor his right hand went up through the gap in the chairs and found my ass his fingers were soon probing where Sied cock had just come from, higher he pushed his hand going further inside me, twisting and pushing it was soon wrist deep, I couldn’t move I Just had to sit there as he was thrusting his fist in and out of my hole. Joseph came over with a gigantic rubber butt plug two pieces of string hanging from the narrow end. Masura removed his fist from me and put some cream on the plug then he worked it up me ass it was enormous it was shoved up until just the bar on the end could be seen, one string was taken up the back of my bum pulled tight and tied to the waist of my suspender belt.

Masura then came round in front of me a big grin on his face as he reached down between my legs and pulled the other string up in front of me pulling it tight he tied it to the front of my suspender belt, the butt plug was fixed in my ass now. Masura was untying my hands when we heard Howard come in the front door, he came into the room and asked how every one was, Sied said they were all fine I had kept them very well entertained. I got slowly to my feet I was finding it difficult to walk, the size of the plug meant I had to walk slightly bow legged Howard gave me a strange look and followed me out of the room, he lifted my skirt up and saw the plug and helped me untie it . I bent over so he could get it out when he pulled it out he looked at it and said he thought it was about the same thickness as a horses, now there is a good idea he added.

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