A Glorious Hole

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I want to share something that I have experienced recently because it has enhanced my sexual pleasure tremendously.

By accident I discovered a type of sex that is a variation of a common fetish and modified it to fit my preferences.

Even in its basic form however there are several aspects involved that I believe most men and women will find arousing.

The orgasms I have achieved each time my lover and I engage have been the most intense I have ever known.

I just read this intro and thought it sounds like an advertisement to sell some bogus sex product. However I have nothing to sell, but a story to tell.

I was watching porn on my computer one evening and flipping through the various categories I find most interesting. Feeling bored with all the usual scenes, I was about to log off and just go to bed.

I accidentally clicked the mouse on something or other and a scene came on my monitor that caught my attention.

There was a large white room that seemed sterile and had three people in it. There were two massage type tables with a man laying face down on each.

The tables had been modified from standard massage in one way. There were the usual holes for the men’s faces allowing them to look at the floor, but also a hole for their genitals to hang downward.

There was an older woman in the room standing between the two tables wearing thong panties and matching bra. This woman was not what I would consider attractive but something about her seemed erotic.

The woman had placed dinner plates under each of the two tables directly below each mans hanging cock and balls.

The woman then proceeded to say the most graphic, filthy, sexual things ever. While her mouth spewed naughty words she taunted the men in many ways.

For instance, the woman would slide her thong aside and thrust her middle finger deep into her pussy, then pull it out and hold it under the men’s noses. She would then randomly command each man to smell or lick her cunt juice from her finger.

The woman would say more sexual things canl─▒ bahis ┼čirketleri then drop under the tables and do various things to each mans cock and balls.

The woman would suck, finger tickle, lick, pull, kiss, and tease each mans cock as it hung swollen and throbbing from the hole in the table.

It was similar to a glory hole only much more intense and, I later learned, “Cock Milking” was the event I had witnessed.

In the end each man begged the woman for release and she then stroked their cocks one at a time, as if milking the teat of a cow.

Each man spurted huge loads of cum splashing most of it on the plate below. Large gobs oozed and dripped as their balls contracted in the pink sacks and their cocks twitched and bounced uncontrollably.

I studied this idea of cock milking on several porn sites and discovered that there are many variations including inserting fingers or other objects into the mans rectum in effort to stimulate the prostate gland.

The basic form is the use of a standard table with a cloth over it that reaches the floor. A person, or people go under the table to tease and milk the cock and drain the balls hanging from the circular hole. I liked the concept in general.

What I didn’t like (at first) was the Idea of not seeing who or what was happening below if my manly parts were hanging freely, allowing the participant(s) to do as they pleased with them. I had trust issues, what can I say?

Despite this fear, I decided I had to try this table version of cock milking. However, I modified the situation to fit my comfort as well as that of my sex partner.

After removing the leaf of my dining room table I found a plank of wood and cut a circular hole in the center. I then placed the plank where the table leaf once was. I used no Table cloth but I did add padding around the circumference of the hole for comfort.

I placed a tall mirror in front of the table right where my head would rest on a pillow. I also placed two pillows and a comforter on the floor beneath the table.

I canl─▒ ka├žak iddaa had my lover dress in sexy lace panties with matching bra and take her position under the table. I had my head at one end while hers was at the opposite end.

My lover opened her legs wide, placed a foot on each chair to my left and right. I looked in the mirror a foot in front of me. I had angled the mirror so that I could see everything under the table, including my hanging man parts.

My lover then became a naughty slut, pulling her thong panties deep into the slit of her shaved cunt. The meaty camel toe this created was erotic as hell, especially because she began writhing and moaning. She reached up and at first slapped my cock, then yanked it hard pulling downward on it with her other hand.

I watched my sexy woman pull her panties off, finger her pussy in every way possible, ram various dildo’s and vibrators in and out of her pink fuck hole, and pull her nipples as she pinched them hard.

During this spectacular show she also kissed, licked, sucked and found several ways to tease my throbbing cock hanging above her.

Eventually she gripped my cock firmly and pulled while twisting it roughly. I begged her not to stop and to jerk harder so I could cum. She edged me close several times, then stopped pulling my cock and ordered me to watch her spread open her pink twat .

After telling me to look deep into the hole of her pink pussy and wish I could fuck my cock into its warm wet center, she would begin stroking my cock once again.

Finally My cock milker jerked me hard and fast while demanding I drain my cock sack and give her all my man milk at once. I erupted and began spurting ropes of cum down upon her face, tits, belly, and pussy.

My cock looked just like the men’s cocks in the porn scene I had watched as it jerked and twitched involuntarily. This continued for an amazing amount of time until it just hung and oozed gobs of cum slowly.

It was then that my lover under the table swatted and slapped at the dangling cock above her canl─▒ ka├žak bahis in between the times of thrusting her head up and sucking me deep into her mouth briefly.

This continued attention to my cock only caused it to twitch and ooze more cum making my orgasm extend beyond belief. I felt like a stud horse being milked for his valuable seed and loved it.

We have found many ways to prolong the teasing of my cock and thus increase the intensity of the orgasms I experience, including my lover demanding I come under the table and eat her pussy before, during, and after my release.

The best thing to date however is the time I came home from work to find a long dark table cloth over the table which reached the floor on all sides. There was a note to strip and get on the table.

Once I had all my clothes off and was on the table in the usual position, cock and balls hanging through the hole, my lover entered the room smiling.

My lady was followed by one of her best childhood friends who lived far away and had apparently come to visit. I had never before met her friend Trish who is short haired, brunette, and has a sexy, curvy, body that I want to fuck even now.

My lover and her friend went under the table quickly and the cloth concealed them completely. My mirror was not in the room and I was told by my lady not to peek in any way or all things sexual would stop at once.

I was further advised that I was never to ask questions about who did what under that table or else there would never be anything like this happening ever again.

The mystery added another level of arousal and pleasure that is beyond words. I was licked, tickled, lightly slapped, kissed and yes milked like a cow until I reached the edge, only to be stopped.

I whimpered and begged until someone used hands, mouth, and things I may never know to make my cock explode with release of the longest orgasm I have ever experienced.

I vaguely remember the two ladies climb out from under the table and exit the room as I lay there twitching with spasms in my ass and all parts beneath.

My partner claims that the isolation of just the cock and balls hanging through the hole allows her to focus on them intensely, giving her powerful orgasms equal to my own as she fingers herself and such. I beg to differ.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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