A Girl Named Desire Ch. 02

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It’s late Friday evening as I sit in my photography studio editing photos. Valentine’s day is soon approaching and since adding boudoir photography to my list of services I can barely keep up.

A photographer colleague of mine made mention to me how popular boudoir photography is becoming these days. He informed me that he has more work than he can handle and suggested that I add it to my list of services. After a bit of hesitation, I finally took his advice. It is now proving to be very lucrative, not to mention receiving the perks of seeing the women in various stages of dress and undress.

So far all of my clients have been either married or attached women getting photos taken for their significant others with no chance for extracurricular activities beyond the photography. But, even if there was an opportunity, I have a code of ethics I must uphold or I won’t be in business long. I do have to admit though that I’ve fantasized about several of them. Dreams of taking them to my Room of Seduction and adding them to the list of prey that I’ve hunted and tamed. It never hurts to exercise the imagination, right?

Speaking of imagination. My mind wanders to my latest victim, Desire. Desire is average in height at approximately five feet seven inches tall. She has long brown hair with innocent looking eyes and a mischievous smile. She has a luscious thick ass with curves in all the right places. Her physical appearance meets all of my credentials but there is something else about her that I can’t quite put my finger on. I think it might have something to do with the way she left the other night. Just a note and phone number lead me to believe that I have not quite tamed this one. She was meant to be a typical one night stand but my mind tells me there is a need for another encounter.

I continue editing photos in an attempt to get her out of my head. Unfortunately, this idea is not working well as minutes seem like hours as I fantasize about doing a photoshoot with her. Desire, my submissive kneeling before me, wrists tightly bound behind her back. She is obeying every command as I create a photographic tale of my pure dominance. She is my work of art.

Finally, I can no longer resist the temptation. I must complete my quest and tame her. I pick up my phone and pull the note she left me from my wallet. Leaning back into my chair, I begin typing.


Remember last Saturday? Meet me tomorrow night at Nebula. I have more to show you. I will be at the main bar.


I click send and patiently await a response as I continue to work. To my surprise, the response is almost immediate.


Glad we are now on a first-name basis. Remember I know where you live. I will be at your place tonight. Maybe I have something to show you?


I have to admit that I am thrown off guard by the quick response and the boldness of her reply. Nonetheless, it is this unpredictability that is drawing me closer to her. I waste no time in responding to her txt as this opportunity to finally tame her must be seized.

Finishing work. I’ll be there in an hour, SHARP! Use the spare key under the planter to let yourself in. Wear a tight tank and heels, nothing else. You know the room. Be waiting on the bed and have your nipples hard.

I tap send and return to my editing. Several more photos to go and this client’s portfolio will be complete. It takes my full attention to create such works of art and this one is coming out gorgeous. The bride to be dressed in her crisp white bridal lingerie, sheer robe, and veil are provocative yet tasteful. I sure wish I could see the groom’s face when he sees them.

The minutes continue to slowly tick by and my attention is far from being on the editing of bridal photos. The closest thing to photography I have on my mind right now would be the fantasy of Desire posing in front of my lens. Not in white lace but more like black leather or latex.

Wait, why am I fantasizing about her when she will be waiting for me back in my Room of Seduction?

Suddenly, my ringtone chimes.

I love your demands, Sir.

I will be waiting, that for sure.

About thirty minutes pass and it becomes apparent that halkalı escort I am not going to get any work done here. Tomorrow is another day and I will put in some extra time to catch up. I click save project and shut down my computer. Turning off the lights and locking the studio door, I set off for home.

The night air is refreshing on my short two-block walk and it gives me a few minutes to get into the right frame of mind for my special adventure. When I step onto my porch and grasp the door handle I find that it is locked. I assume that Desire either locked it back up or she hasn’t shown up yet. I reach for my key and quietly unlock it. If she is here I don’t want her to know that I’m here just yet.

I enter the house and slip off my shoes. Ever so gingerly I make my way down the hall towards the Room of Seduction. I anticipate her spread out on the bed caressing her breasts and body, her nipples standing erect and protruding from her thin top.

Outside the doorway I pause. I am like a wild animal who admires his captured prey momentarily before devouring it. I peer into the room with anticipation to find that my prize is non-existent. Only the empty four-post bed covered in red satin sheets and the armoire are in my sight.

I stand there in dismay feeling defeat when I notice the doors on the armoire are partially open. I am always sure to latch them and I begin to wonder if Desire is here after all? I enter the room and walk up to the armoire to further investigate when I hear a voice.

“Stop! Don’t move! Don’t turn around!”

Somewhat startled I stand motionless as the sound of heels clicking against the hardwood floor approaches me from behind. Her breasts press up against my back as her hands come around my body and rest upon my chest.

“I told you I would be waiting,” she says as her hands slowly slide down my torso before briefly coming to rest with her thumbs hooking onto the waistband of my jeans.

As she removes her hands from my body she steps back and instructs me to turn around. I oblige and am now standing a few feet away facing her. She is even more stunning than during our first encounter. Her long brown hair is pulled up in a high ponytail flowing towards the front of her head. Her plump lips shine in gloss red lipstick and her dark eyes are ever so seductive staring back at me.

As my eyes slowly move down, a hint of leather comes into view along with a zipper. Her breasts are encased in a black leather crop top with a zip up front. This is all it takes to start the blood flowing in me. Down her body my eyes trail. Wrapped in a leather skirt matching her top are her perfect curves. My hands are eager to touch every one of them. On her feet, she wears ankle high platform heels which explains the loud clicking as she moves about the room.

“Unexpected?,” she says as I stand staring silently at her.

“Yes, ” I reply as a chill runs through my body.

Her heels click on the floor several more times as she steps in close to me. Reaching up to my shirt collar, she undoes the top button then pauses.

“Tonight it’s my turn,” she informs.

She then continues to unbutton the rest of my shirt, slides it off my shoulders, and proceeds to push me down to a sitting position on the edge of the bed.

I am feeling quite vulnerable as I have never been the prey, always the predator. My hardness grows as I become more and more turned on. She firmly grasps the back of my head pulling me into her as she rubs her leather-clad breasts into my face. It feels as though I am receiving a lap dance at a gentlemen’s club but I know that in some way this is going to be so much more than that.

Leaning her mouth close to my ear she whispers, “You have underestimated me. Haven’t you?”

I am only able to mutter out a low groan.

“Lie back,” she orders.

I do as instructed as this role reversal causes a strange feeling that is familiar but still unclear to come over me. I curiously watch as she turns to the armoire and removes the same long black strips of satin material that I bound her with previously. A chill of excitement runs through my body in şişli escort anticipation.

She returns to my side and ties one of the strips to my wrist and then to the bedpost. Her heels click against the floor again as she makes her way around to the other side of the bed. She binds my other wrist in the same fashion before returning to the foot of the bed. There she stands looking down upon me with a mischievous smile on her face.

“Now it’s Desire’s time to play, ” she seductively says as she partially unzips her tight leather skirt to allow more freedom of movement.

Like a prowling cat, she slowly climbs onto the bed until she is straddling me. Slowly she begins to grind, feeling my hard shaft straining against the fabric of my jeans. Her hands firmly stroke my chest and periodically her fingers give my nipples a quick pinch. I am starting to feel a different kind of pleasure than I have ever felt before.

Without saying a word she continues to grind away, using me as her personal sex toy. Her eyes never break contact with mine as she teases me with her soft moans. Finally, I hear her voice.

“You like this Brandon, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I reply.

“It is yes Desire,” she sternly instructs.

“Yes Desire,” I obediently respond.

“Good boy, ” she acknowledges.

Her grinding stops and she crawls back off the bed dragging her fingernails down my chest along the way. My body tenses as I feel the pleasurable discomfort.

She has now positioned herself kneeling on the floor between my dangling legs and briefly rubs my cock through my jeans.

“These must come off,” she says as she pops the button and pulls them from my body. Her hand then wraps around the base of my rock hard shaft as she stares at it as if it was a large chunk of chocolate that she is craving. She looks up at me and licks her lips.

Without delay she takes me into her hot wet mouth, the feeling is intense. I’ve received plenty of blowjobs in my day but none of them came close to the way Desire could suck cock. With one long slow stroke, I entirely disappear feeling the head of my shaft in the back of her throat. Out of her mouth and then completely back in my shaft goes, slowly picking up speed with every stroke. My hips begin thrusting, fucking her mouth as she sucks. It doesn’t take long before my cock begins to throb and we both can sense that I am not going to last long.

Suddenly she stops, looks me in the eye, and once again licks her lips.

“It’s time to get off, ” she directs.

A smile appears on my face as I require an immediate release.

“Not you! Me, ” she scowls as she rises to her feet.

She unzips her skirt the rest of the way and lets it fall to the floor. As before, she climbs onto the bed and straddles me. This time she is kneeling over me just inches from my face. She runs her fingers through her slit and parts her lips exposing the pink glistening wetness of her pussy.

“Do you want to taste me?” she asks.

“Yes—Desire,” I murmur.

“Then lick, my little boy toy, Lick,” she demands.

I raise my head slightly attempting to reach her pussy with my outstretched tongue. However, she hovers just a fraction of an inch away, teasing.

“Lick my pussy,” she demands again.

I raise my head even further and begin flicking my tongue at her. Finally, my tongue makes contact and she lowers her pussy a bit more into my face. Her hips begin to slowly gyrate as I hear her soft moans.

“Good boy,” she whispers.

As her gyrations quicken her right-hand goes to the back of my head pulling me deeper into her soaking pussy.

“Fuck Yes,” she moans.

“Eat me, Eat my cunt!” she demands.

The taste of her, combined with her aggressiveness has my cock throbbing again behind the scenes. I want so desperately to fuck her but I have a job to finish plus, my wrists are tied to the bedposts.

I frantically lap at her pussy as she grinds even harder down on me while forcefully pulling my head into her. She is so wet and I feel her juices flowing over my lips and chin. It is getting harder to breathe like I am being partially smothered by her wild ride. It does not phase sarıyer escort me as I am loving every second of it. Very soon I will get my reward when her orgasm explodes into my mouth.


“Right there! Don’t stop! I’m going to cum,” she shouts.

I do my best to hold the constant rhythm and pressure of my tongue. I feel her body begin to tremble and two fistfuls of my hair being pulled as her orgasm explodes. I nearly choke as her juices flood my throat but I quickly swallow them down. I continue to tongue her pussy as wave after wave of pleasure runs through her body.

Eventually, her orgasms subside and she slides down to my waist and leans over top of me, grasping both of my forearms. I can still feel the heat and wetness radiating from her. Peering down at me she gazes into my eyes.

“Mmmmmmm, You’re such a good boy,” she whispers.

“You did such a good job. Do you think you deserve a reward?” she asks.

“Yes,” I reply.

“Yes what?” she sternly reminds.

“Yes Desire,” I voice.

I let out a sigh of relief. I am finally going to get what I’ve been waiting for. Her hot wet pussy wrapped around my cock. There are so many things I love about sex but in the end, nothing can top this feeling.

She raises her hips and reaches between her legs to take hold of my hard cock. Stroking it lightly, she places my head at her entrance then pauses.

“Is this what you want?” she asks.

“Yes Desire, ” I reply.

Slowly, she lowers herself onto me and begins a slow and steady rhythm up and down on my rock hard cock. The feeling is so incredible I feel that I could cum in just seconds. Luckily, I’ve found the secret recently to keep that from happening.

“Ahhhhhhh—,” I moan.

“Does this feel good?” she asks.

“Yes Desire — So good,” I reply.

She immediately stops her up and down rhythmic grind and gives me a look of disapproval.

“When I give you pleasure I expect to be thanked,” she corrects.

“Thank you, you give me great pleasure,” I blurt out.

“Good boy,” she whispers while lowering herself back onto my shaft.

Her hands go to the zipper on her leather crop top where she unzips and removes it. Her nipples stand out and are so hard that they could probably cut glass. The sight is mesmerizing.

The pace quickens as she pleasures her breasts, pulling and pinching at her nipples.

“Fuck-Yes, ” she moans as she rides my cock harder and faster.

My hips thrust back at every stroke she makes. Suddenly, her body begins to quiver and shake.

“Fuck-Fuck, I’m cumming,” she cries out with closed eyes and clenched teeth.

Her orgasm erupts and I feel her molten liquid flowing over my cock, her cunt pulsating. I can feel that I am getting close to exploding myself.

” It’s time to get you off, ” she informs me.

“Yes please, Thank you,” I mutter.

She continues to grind away looking down on me. I feel the semen working its way into the launchpad.

” I’m going to cum!” I shout.

Quickly she dismounts me and grasps my cock and begins to furiously jack me off. Within seconds I blast off with streams of thick creamy cum shooting onto my chest and stomach. My hips continue to buck as I pant like a dog.

” Thank you Desire, Thank you, ” I say in gratification.

She gives me a devilish grin and climbs off the bed.

” You’ve made quite a mess, ” she chuckles before turning and walking out of the room.

I lie there with my wrist still bound to the bed, I slowly begin to calm down trying to put what just happened into perspective. I’ve never had a woman be so dominant before. I must admit I think I liked it and I wonder if this could be a turning point in my lifestyle?

I hear the shower turn off and a few minutes later she re-enters wearing a thin black robe tied at the waist with a towel wrapped around her head. She approaches the bedside and removes the towel, letting her wet hair fall over her shoulders. She proceeds to gently wipe off my body and untie the restraints. This time she does not demand but suggests that I go get freshened up. I agree with her suggestion and head off to the bathroom.

Upon my return I find her sitting on the armchair near the bed scrolling some social media on her phone. She has a radiantly beautiful smile on her face. I casually walk over and stand in front of her. Extending my hand I say, ” If this is going to continue we need to get to know each other better.”

She takes my hand and we exit to the living room for a nice long conversation.

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