A Gigolo in the Family

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The snow came early this year. It was not yet Thanksgiving and there was already snow on the ground. It was that dry snow that squeaks when you walk on it. That was the only sound I heard as I made my way to my apartment above the garage. Back during the summer I had made the whole second floor into a very nice three-room apartment. I even installed a bath. The stairs went up the out side and came into the living room. The door to the bedroom as off to the left and you had to go through the bedroom to get to the bath. Between the bed and the wall was a trap door. There were also stairs into the loft from inside the garage. But I had that trap door locked from above. I had installed electric wall heaters, which seem to keep it toasty up here. My computer was set up along with a sound system that made it homey.

The only thing I did not have was anyone to keep me company on these long winter nights. There was Margie Simms from the store where I work. I got her to stop by just after I moved in. But after two dates I saw she was not going to give up what ever she though was so damn important to save till she got married. I told her she would never get married if she did not give sample of her wears. But she still was not about to show me what she had. So I stopped seeing her. Besides I did not want a cherry anyway. Then there was that fat girl from the bakery next door to the store. All she wanted to do was jerk me off and talk dirty. She was not giving out any samples either.

I’ll tell you I was sure picking the wrong ones or maybe I was just dumb about which girls to invite up. I had to talk to some one that had more experience than I had. Oh, don’t get me wrong I was not a virgin but I had only been laid a few times during my last year in High School. So one afternoon when my Aunt Stella came by to see my mother they are both widows I found myself alone with her when Mom had to run off on business. Aunt Stella came up to see my happy abode. She jokingly asked me if I had a lot of girl friends that came to visit. I told her the truth and how I had tried to get fixed up but no dice. She told me I was going about it all wrong.

She said if I really wanted to have a steady stream of ladies to sleep with I had to pick older ladies that would appreciate it. I said I did not care about age just so they were wiling to enjoy sex. I guess that is when she kind of brought up the subject of how she could help me meet some ladies. But first she had to know just what I had to offer them. From then on it got a hot little up here. My Aunt is Forty-four two years older than my Mom. There was a third sister but she lived way out on the West Coast. Almost before I knew what was happening Aunt Stella and I were naked on the bed. I rolled over on my back. I heard her say, boy you got plenty to work with now lets see about your modus operandi. She did not want any foreplay not even a kiss.

So I got between her legs and drove it home. She was hot wet and ready. She screamed and bounced around like a wild cat in a burlap bag. The first climax she had she told me later was the first in more than eight months. The second was somewhat milder and she started to slow down after the third. She asked me if I had cum yet and I told her no but I could any time I wanted to. She asked me if I could hold off as long as I wanted I told her sure. I told her once I screwed a girl to two hours before I came. She was so surprised because she said most young guys came early. In many cases they came before the girl was ready. bahis firmaları I told her that was not the way I was I said I always make sure the girl has one or two climaxes before I let go. She said she could make me cum before I wanted to and she was willing to make a bet on it.

So we bet five dollars and she rolled me over on my back and started sucking on me. She jerked my cock and sucked it deep in her mouth while holding my balls in the other hand. I was hard as a rock and my balls were sure full and I wanted to cum for her but five dollars was five dollars. After ten or fifteen minutes she gave up and said, Morgan Please cum for me so I did. It was more than she could hold and most of it ran down her chin. She looked up at me an asked it I ever stopped cumming. I told her sure I would pretty soon and she should keep sucking because I was not done yet. After we showered and she was dressed she said “Morgan, your one hell of a strong man and I will recommend you to all my lady friends. She kissed me slipped five dollars in my hand and walked back to the house just as mom drove up the drive.

Two nights later I got an E-mail from a lady that said, she was a friend of Stella’s and how would I like to come by her home tomorrow for tea about two o’clock. I said I would enjoy having tea with her. I arrived right on time. A tall slim lady of maybe fifty or so opened the door. It was not what I expected but she was very attractive and she moved with a style and grace that told me she was a real lady. She told me she like Stella was a widow and she had never done this before however Stella had said I was very respectful and I would never say a word to anyone about this meeting.

I assured her that is the way it would be and if she ever wanted to see me again she would have to contact me for I would never contact her first. She showed me up to her bedroom where we really had tea. Then she asked me to dance with her. I am not too good a dancer but I found she moved slow and easy. The second dance was slower and we folded together and before long I was caressing her tight little ass. She had her eyes closed as I kissed her. She seemed to slow down even more so I worked on her zipper. She was warm to the touch her back was smooth and she was not wearing a bra. I slipped it off her shoulders and she was naked from neck down. I pulled off my t-shirt and we rubbed bare breasts to bare breasts. She stared to fiddle with my belt and I found the last snap that kept her dress around her hips. When her dress fell to the floor so did my pants.

My cock came up neatly between her legs and laid flat along her wet pussy. We were still moving but not our feet. I was kissing her and working my hips back and forth slowly so she could enjoy the feel of my cock along her wet pussy. She bit my lit and dug her nails into my back and I knew she had just had her first climax. I wisp her off her feet and carried her to the bed. There I wasted no time getting my cock head wet on her juicy pussy. She lifted her legs and parted them for me. I took cock in hand and rubbed it up and down the wet crack this drove her wild.

She finally said. “Oh, God, please fuck me.” I leaned forward and with some difficulty I got it all the way in. She had a tight pussy and it felt good. I do love a good wet juicy pussy. I fucked her slow and easy for five minute in which time she climaxed again. I don’t know why I did what I did but I pulled out before I cam and started licking her pussy. She held my head in her hands and kaçak iddaa from the breathing I knew that what I was dong was the right thing to do. She was going up to heaven again and again letting the waves of passion flow up but not over the top. I kept her there on that crest for another ten minutes before I replace my tongue with my cock.

Whereupon I fucked her for another five minutes then shot her full of a load that would have filled a quart bottle. I was still cumming when I pulled out so some of my hot sperm shot up on her belly. When I stopped I was on my knees between her legs and she was looking up at me with the most satisfied smile I had eve seem. I smiled down at her and with a finger I took the last drop of cum off the tip of my cock and offered it to her. She opened her mouth and licked it off my fingertip. After a shower I was shown the front door. I walked out and wave back at her. She smiled and closed the door. I knew that I would get another E-mail from her again soon.

I was not till I got home that I found a one hundred dollar bill in my shirt pocket. It was a total surprise to me and I did not feel as if it was the proper thing to do. I had promised her I would not call her so I called Aunt Stella. I told her I was not in this for money and I did not think it was right. She said, that if I tried to return it I would only be hurting the ladies feelings. So I put it back in my pocket and told Stella I was free tomorrow if she was going to be home. She was.

Again when I had not climaxed Stella bet me again she could me cum. This time she bet me twenty bucks. Again I won and still got a great blowjob.

On Friday I got E-mail from a lady that said she was a friend of Stella’s. So on Saturday morning I went to a cabin up on the lake to meet this lady. She told me she had talked not only to Stella but also my first lady. It seems this was a close-knit bunch of ladies but this lady was not a widow. However she did say her husband was not capable of having sex due to a heart condition. She was plump with large round tits, a nice smile that was framed by full puffy lips. She would turn out to be one hell of a kisser even though she was not very active as my first date was. Again she had a tight pussy and she did reach a couple of climaxes before I let go.
I did not eat her pussy either but I did run a finger up into her ass as she reached her second climax. This I don’t was the first time she has a finger up her tight butt because she gave out a little oh, my oh my followed by a sound that could only mean she liked it. After I showered she was gone when I came out.

I dressed and went out to my old car. There was an envelope on the seat. It contained a crisp one hundred dollar bill.

Then I got E-mail from a lady that ask where I lived and could she come to my place. I told her I did not think that was a good Idea because we could not be assured of privacy. So we agreed to meet in a motel on the edge of town. She stipulated that it had to be at night and the room was to remain dark through the entire time we were together. I told her I did not have a problem with that. If she wanted to remain anonymous so be it. We were not even supposed to talk. I agreed to her terms and arrived on time. The door was unlocked and I slipped in to the dark room. I could see a form under the sheets. I stood by the bed dropping my cloths where I stood.

I gather her naked body into my arms. She was just the right size. I kissed her and she kissed me back. She was warm kaçak bahis and her breasts were small but firm. I suckled them pulling on the nipples with my mouth. She let out a moan of pleasure. With my middle finger tip I rubbed her clitoris softly hardly even touching it. Again the moan of satisfaction. She had just a whisper of hair down there I don’t think it was shaved I just think he hair was very thin. I bet she was a natural blonde. Her tiny hand found my erection and curled around it. She was measuring it by touch and I could tell she was not unhappy about it’s size. She pushed me back and got between my legs.

She leaned down and took my cock head in her mouth. It was so soft and sweet the way she worked her mouth up and down my cock. She was rubbed that little space between balls and ass hole with her finger. I had never had that done before and it was driving me wild. I was not sure if I could hold off as I had always prided myself on doing. So before I exploded I pulled her up away from my cock. She lifted her self up sitting down on my cock. It went in to the most wonderful pussy I had ever been in. It was just deep enough so that the head of my cock was rubbing up inside her but not deep enough to hurt her. She was rocking and bouncing on my cock.

She was doing most of the work. I had hold of her hips and help lift her every time she rocked back. I heard her gasp for breath as she lifted her self-up as high as she could go without getting off my cock. Then she came down hard taking all I had to offer. She did hot lift up again right away. She seemed to grin down on me kind of rubbing from side to side. This gave me a feeling like none other I had ever experienced. Then she bent forward smashing her firm breasts into my chest. Her pussy was pulsating around my cock. She bit me on the neck and there was nothing I could do. I exploded like a bomb from hell. She was also shivering and quivering as I felt a flood of warm fluid run down around my balls. She sat up jerking shaking her head from side to side.

Her arms were stiff holding on to my shoulders. Then she started bounce up and down again. Not fast or very high just little jerks that I believed were the last movements of her climax. She was with out a doubt the most wonderful lover I had ever had and would ever have I was sure of that. We were locked together for several minutes. She got up and went into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and said through a muffled voice for me to go and take the envelope off the nightstand with me.

I did as I was told but I was so excited and still so up from the loving of a lifetime. No one had ever had made me climax that early or with so much passion. I drove around the building and parked. Walking back I stood in the shadows watching the motel door. It was thirty minutes before she came out. She was dressed in a hat pulled down and a long coat covered every thing else. There was not way I could tell who she was if I ever saw her again. She walked briskly away from me. I did not try to follow her I knew my mothers car when I saw her get in.

That was a long time ago and since we have come to understand that we love one another as loves not mother and son. We are today lovers even though I am married with a teenaged daughter. There has never been anyone like my mother nor so she tells me has there been for her. Maybe it’s because we are of the blood but yet today I still get the same thrill I did on that first night. I no longer receive e-mails. Nor do I see Aunt Stella any more. I only enjoy my wife of fifteen years and hopefully one day I can enjoy my daughter as well. Oh, my wife knows of my relationship with my mother and understands it you see she still visits her Dad from time to time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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