A Foursome with a Difference

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Jim was alone in his office at 8 am on a Monday morning. He was a 45-year old self-employed business consultant who enjoyed being his own boss while earning an above average living. Gladys, his secretary and only employee would not be in until 9 am.

He had a phone call to make that was making him both nervous and excited. The call could be categorized as ‘phone sex’. His only previous experience of that nature was when he called his wife during road trips. This call was not to his wife.

He took a deep breath and dialed. The response was immediate, a soft sultry voice breathed out, “Hello, Janie here.”

Jim paused seconds and said, “Ah God Janie, I almost didn’t make this call. I wasn’t sure how serious you were the other night when you suggested we talk this morning.”

“Jim, I was deadly serious and have thought of little else for two days. Love to hear your voice,” Janie responded, and then, “I am very excited, more than that, I’m very aroused.” A little giggle followed.

Jim said, “I am now! We were both a little drunk the other night. Our minds were affected by what our bodies were doing. Just wasn’t sure.” His cock stiffened as those memories rushed into his brain. He continued, “But I’m glad that I called.”

Janie said, “That had to be the hottest ten minutes in my life. You had me so horny you could have done anything that you wanted to me. Your hot hands and your thick –,” long pause, “well you know what.”

Jim protested with a chuckle, “I’m not sure about who had who. I had the distinct feeling that I was being seduced. As I see it, you were leading the horse to the water! And I did drink more than a little of it.” They laughed embarrassedly.

Janie said, “You were seduced baby, you were my target for that night. We ladies can arrange things you know. There was no luck involved; I wanted to end up with you. I got much more than I bargained for and I really want more of it!”

Janie was referring to the format of the parties organized by a common acquaintance, a high roller in the city. Every few weeks, he and his wife invited six to eight couples to their huge lakeside house for an evening of food, liquor, erotic videos and conversation. Each party ended up with slow dancing under subdued lighting with partner changes called for after every dance.

Those dancing together during the last dance were encouraged to erotically explore each other for a period of ten minutes in one of the many rooms available. The erotic commitment of the group as a whole had increased over the months from reluctance to curiosity to passive acceptance to lustful desire and lately to aggressive fondling and kissing of persons not their mate.

Repeat invitations depended on the comfort each couple demonstrated in participating in the erotic exchanges. Full sexual swapping was without doubt the obvious objective of the host and his very horny wife. However, to Jim’s knowledge it had not happened yet given the short amount of time allowed alone. It quite likely did occur with some people during the days following a party.

Jim had not known Janie all that well leading up to the last few parties. She was just one of several attractive women that attended regularly and they had not seemed particularly interested in each other. She was quietly attractive; dressed well and seemed, well, pleasant and desirable. All it took to move it to the next level was to demonstrate erotic interest in some form and this usually happened on the dance floor as it had in this case.

Jim said, “Janie, I am not much good at this type of phone chat. You’re going to have to show me the way.”

Janie replied, “Oh God neither am I. I’ve never had the courage to try until you came along. Some of my lady friends do it and love it. They claim it is like having sex without the consequences. Let’s just start by taking turns recounting how we ended up doing this phone call.”

“That sounds like a plan,” Jim responded, “you lead the way.”

“Okay, okay,” Janie said. “Let’s see now. I first became interested in you, in an erotic way that is, at the previous party. Do you recall the two dances we had that night?”

“How could I forget it,” Jim murmured, “You were almost wearing a tight green dress and looked hot as hell. You couldn’t have been wearing bra or panties. I was amazed that your husband would allow you out dressed like that. And you were not at all shy on the dance floor. I was hoping to get the last dance and time alone with you that night.”

Janie continued, “I knew that I was having that affect on you. And I was ecstatic, you are such a hunk. But it was our first time and I had not made any arrangements that night, so I couldn’t get to you quickly enough at the end.”

Jim took up the chat; “I was really looking for you at this last party. I had thought about you for two weeks, even thought about calling you up. When we stumbled into each on the dance floor you slid right into my arms and snuggled up just like we had the previous party. We ground our way through that dance and halkal─▒ escort two more later. There was only the two of us in the world and you were all that was on my mind. And we didn’t even kiss did we?”

“Correction,” Janie giggled, “we did not just ‘stumble into each other’ because my arrangements were working that night; you were going to be mine. And it was delicious; you almost got me off on the dance floor. Ah, but that last dance was at another level. Remember? You held my butt in your hands and I had yours in mine, I just rubbed against your erection, thinking about it going in me. And we did kiss then. Baby, I think that kiss was what turned me on so much that you could have got in me in the bedroom in ten minutes or less. I’d love another kiss like that.”

Jim said, “How did you get us into that bedroom? It was pitch black in the hallway and I had no idea what direction we were heading. You were a brave woman for entering that room with me!”

“Brave I’m not sure of,” Janie giggled, “but horny I was. You could have screwed me in the hallway; I didn’t care if we got caught. Then you surprised me by lifting my skirt and removing my panties as soon as we closed the door.

“Why were you surprised?” said Jim, “You had been rubbing it on me for almost an hour. I was pretty sure it was available, your pussy I mean, and I was dying to bare it.”

“Not complaining baby,” Janie said, “It’s just that the guys at other parties went for my bra and boobs first. So I was not prepared to lose my panties so quickly. And then you asked me to take your cock out! I almost got off when I slipped my hand into your shorts.”

“You didn’t hesitate,” said Jim, “you went right for it, your hand circled my shaft and your finger teased my knob with little circles. And the kisses! It was a wonder we could untie our tongues. It was beautiful Janie.” And then, “You mean that was the first time you held a guy’s cock at the parties?

“Well no,” said Janie, “Of course I have held a few, but they took them out themselves! And I do love teasing one, makes me feel powerful. Yours was the best, baby, baby, my legs are spread right now, you could slide right into me if you were here.”

They were wordless for a few minutes, both of them breathing heavily. Jim rubbed his cock through his pants and Janie was using a small vibrator to tease her pussy lips.

Janie restarted things; “Then you put it between my legs. Can still feel your knob plowing along my slit. I might get off here baby, wait for me if I go silent for a few minutes.”

Jim said, “Your pussy was so slippery. You started to slide your lips along the top of my shaft, back and forth as if trying to light a fire with a stick.”

Janie said, “That was so hot. I was hoping that you would fuck me but we didn’t even make it to the bed! And then the damn lights came on and the buzzer went off! Why didn’t you put it in just once anyway?”

Jim choked out, “How I wish.”

A few minutes of silence, broken only by the excited panting from the two of them. Janie recovered first, seemingly under control and murmured, “I bet you had sex with Linda that night,” she giggled recalling the desperate condition that Jim was in when they returned to the group with him bent over trying to hide his erection.

Jim laughed, “Oh yes, twice. The first one happened just after we closed the front door at home! There was no way I could have reached the bedroom. Then we fucked and chatted in bed afterwards as we have always done since we started attending these parties. Nice slow sex as we reviewed the events of the evening. Bet you and Mark do the same.”

Janie replied, “Oh yes, we’ve had more sex in the past few months than at any time during our marriage. Mark’s first words were ‘I boned her baby.’ I said ‘what do you mean?’ And he said, ‘I told her that I was going to bone her while we were dancing, and she said ‘okay’. We went right to work as soon as we were alone. She pulled her skirt up and lay down, no panties for God’s sake, and I dropped my drawers and fucked her right away. Didn’t even get her tits out. It was crazy.’

I was so excited, he was in me when he told the story and I was pretending it was you. I really got into it and just attacked him. He didn’t know what hit him. It was thoughts of you that got me off Jim. You still there baby?”

Jim was quiet and admittedly shocked. Despite having agreed that they both dreamed of laying someone else, neither he nor his wife Linda had done the deed so far. They had promised to talk about it before hand if one was ready to try it.

But now, he was certain that it was Linda who had agreed to be ‘boned’. Linda had told him that her dance partner had threatened to “bone her” during the last dance. The expression was not commonly used. And he was aware that she had stopped wearing her panties to these parties. She hadn’t admitted to screwing the guy and Jim had not asked the question either. He believed Mark’s ┼či┼čli escort version.

Jim now said, “We have to meet soon Janie. You have me all jacked up. I would love to finish what we started.”

Janie replied, “What about right now? I’ll be alone for almost a week. I am naked in bed right now, teasing my pussy with a vibrator. Would much sooner have your big cock in me while you sucked my nipples. Can you come over now?”

“Ah damn,” said Jim, “can’t do it now. I have a client coming in at eleven and need some time to prepare. Tell you what; meet me at the Claridge Hotel for lunch. It’s a beautiful little boutique hotel, very discreet. I can clear my afternoon and reserve a suite for lunch and the afternoon. Please say yes.”

“Will be there sans panties baby, I’m so excited,” Janie hummed, “I can’t believe that I will have you today. I can stay as long as you want. By the way, I do love oral, both giving and receiving.” She laughed again knowing the impact that a potential blowjob had on a man’s mind.

Jim groaned in return, “Bless you my dear, you are an angel. I’ll call you when my meeting is over and have made the arrangements. There is a private elevator on the side of the hotel by the parking lot. I’ll phone you when I have the suite number and a code for the elevator. My heart is going like mad baby. Save it all for me.”

“Oh Jim,” Janie breathed, “can’t wait either. Don’t worry it’s all yours, bye babe.” She hung up, settled back on the pillow and slowly pushed the vibrating dildo all the way into her pussy.

Jim’s mind was in disarray, his business focus had evaporated, but he was brought back to earth by the sudden entrance of his secretary Gladys who regularly barged in and out of his office without knocking.

Gladys was a 55-year old twice-divorced woman. Tall and angular with wide shoulders and hips, sort of bony in body, but always carefully dressed to accentuate her better points. She looked like a severe schoolteacher in some ways, horn rimmed glasses and all of that. But she had a great sense of humor, was terribly efficient in the office and was generally just pleasant to be around. She was a take-charge sort of woman.

She had determined that marriage was not for her, blaming nobody but herself for her two failures. She did miss the ready availability of a partner for sex, and she was horny by nature. She now made do with occasional sex-only romances. When she found her self in a sexual dry spell she simply called the 35-year old maintenance man in her apartment building for special service. He was very robust and responded to her every request, gentle or highly physical.

Gladys had always had ‘the hot’s for Jim. She had seldom pushed the issue but had sent out some tentative feelers on occasion, sadly without response. She also enjoyed working for him. She had important responsibilities and felt that she was a contributing force in the success of Jim’s business, as he would also attest. The salary was great as a top up to her regular alimony payments and she was a tad reluctant to mess things up with a sexual romp, the key word being ‘reluctant’.

This particular morning however, he was obviously of a different mind about romancing her. His eyes roamed her entire body as she approached his desk. He finally focused on her boobs. “Morning Gladys, you look lovely in that outfit,” he greeted her in a choked voice.

‘He’s horny’ thought Gladys, ‘I’ve worn this outfit ten times this year and it’s the first time he has said a word about it’. She boldly moved closer, her hips thrust forward to rub seductively on the front edge of his desk. She bent ahead and scrunched her shoulders to provide him a more intimate look at her tits. “Morning Jim, is there anything special on this morning?” She smiled inwardly at her double entendre. Her face was about 12 inches from his as she swayed her tits gently. ‘What the hell’ she was thinking, ‘he does look interested’.

Jim could not pry his eyes from her boobs, he could almost see one nipple. ‘Damn’ he thought, the events of the day had him in a high state of arousal to the point that he was seriously considering making a move on his secretary! And of course his wife owed him one!

He pulled himself together, looked up at her and whispered in a hoarse voice, “Yes Gladys, those people from out of town will be here at eleven to review our proposal. Could you get the file together for me please? I want to re-acquaint myself on the detail.”

Gladys sensed that he was ready to make a pass at her and that she must move quickly to get the result she was now aching for. Her eyes focused on his as she straightened and said, “Sure right away.” She felt like a leopard with her pray trapped up a tree.

She glanced back as she left his office and caught his eyes on her swaying ass and legs. She locked the outside door, went into her washroom, removed her panties and bra, and put her blouse back on leaving only one button engaged. She primped in the mirror and admired her two sar─▒yer escort big brown nipples showing through the pale yellow cloth of her blouse.

She shielded her boobs with the file as she re-entered Jim’s office and quickly stepped behind him. This was her trump card, she had used the tactic before without much success but she was quite confident on this occasion.

She reached over his shoulder to set the file on his desk and opened it to a particular page. “Have I shown this correctly?” As Jim looked down at an underlined section Gladys’s hip rubbed his bicep, one loose breast teased his ear and he could see the nipple on the other breast beckoning him through the blouse as it dangled and moved erotically.

“Jesus Gladys,” he gulped, “what are you doing?” Even as he asked the question, he slipped one hand behind her and caressed her ass. ‘Oh God’ he thought, ‘no panties’.

Gladys stood up and unbuttoned her blouse and bent over again to rub his face with a soft breast before cupping it and offering him a nipple. She whispered, “The door is locked.” There was no hesitation on his part, he looped his tongue around the nipple and sucked it into his mouth. She provided the other tit and nipple and he switched and repeated his action. Gladys cradled his head against her breasts, moaning softly, knowing the battle was already won. Sex always is certain when the nipple is in play.

She straightened to remove her blouse and release the belt on her skirt allowing it to slither down her legs to the floor leaving her wearing only high heels.

She looked magnificent. A long rangy almost bony body, wide shoulders with separated tits dangling and moving independently of each other. Her belly was quite flat for an older gal, her hips wide. She had shaved her dark speckled gray bush to a narrow strip pointing down to a wide space between her legs.

She stripped him as he came to his feet whispering, “We better hang your suit properly.” She picked up his pants as he struggled to remove his tie and shirt finally leaving him wearing only black jockey shorts and socks. He watched in erotic hunger as she moved to carefully hang up his clothes. ‘What a beautiful ass and my God that space between her legs’!

He tossed his shorts and socks to his desk as she returned to him. Her eyes were fiery as she approached, daring him to deal with her demanding lust. He bent and pulled a tit to his mouth while his other hand slipped between her legs to grasp her, scrunching the heel of his hand on her mound as his fingers slipped along each side of her swollen pussy. He massaged her pussy lips before sliding one fingertip along her wet slit from front to back.

She circled his back with one hand to dig her fingernails into his butt, the other hand capturing his stiff cock. They stood awkwardly masturbating each other as if not able to get enough. She removed her hand from his cock allowing it to rub on her belly and hips as she sought his mouth for a deep tongue-twisting kiss. His knee pressed between her legs to slide up and rub against her very damp pussy. She joined in the grind.

His aggressiveness gradually replaced hers and he moved her around and sat her on the desk top, using one arm to lift a leg to allow him to move in tight and slowly grind his cock into her pussy in short jabs, gaining an inch or so each time as she adjusted to his stroke. He pulled her butt to the edge of the desk to allow him full entry. Her arms were around his neck as she leaned back to receive his thrusts. They fucked a bit that way, but it was not totally satisfying.

It was a choice of small sofa or a pillowed chair and Gladys whispered “The chair Jim.”

Still buried in her, he duck-walked her across the room and settled her back into the chair. Gladys was almost swooning. She was enthralled with the feel and power of his hard muscled arms and legs. Her pussy clenched involuntarily around his buried shaft.

He had to semi-squat to fuck her, but he was desperate and damn it felt so good. He had been thinking pussy for almost two hours and had started to experience lover’s nuts before he entered Gladys. The delicious feel of his pulsing cock sliding in and out of a very receptive pussy immediately replaced that discomfort. A thousand tiny tongues licked his shaft as it slid in and out of her tunnel. Gladys was well into it now, her eyes closed, biting her lower lip while thrusting upwards to meet his every stroke.

It was still not the best position, he felt that he was not getting all of it into her and he wanted to be deep when he creamed her. She sensed his hesitation and suggested, “Doggy me Jim.”

Without another word, she was out of the chair, down on her knees, her upper body cradled forward in the soft chair with her head resting on one arm. Jim was behind her in seconds, pushing her legs apart to expose her partly fucked pussy. He rubbed it with his hand, slipped two fingers into it as if preparing it for what was next. He pushed his thumb into her butt hole as his cock slipped into her.

He began to stroke her again, this was perfect, his belly slapping gently against her ass cheeks, gradually increasing the speed, little grunts from each of them as orgasm approached. He was holding her by the hips and looking down at her ass cheeks jiggling with each stroke. He spanked one cheek; she cried out. He worried that he had gone too far.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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