A Foreign Education

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Chapter 1: From Pakistan to England

Yasmeen had recently moved to London from Lahore in Pakistan to study for a three-year degree course in mathematics and computing. While in London she stayed at her uncle Ali’s house for the first year of her degree course at University College London. Her uncle Ali was a benevolent man who treated Yasmeen like his own daughter and took her out to restaurants or to the cinema at least once in a week. But all was not well because Ali’s wife Nasreen grew increasingly resentful about the amount of time that Ali spent with his niece compared with the little time he spent with her and their two sons. Many times Nasreen made her feelings in this regard apparent to Ali and his niece. Yasmeen could take a hint and at the end of her first year she decided that she would no longer be a burden on her uncle and aunt nor would she get in the way of their happy family. At the start of the new academic year she would be out of their house and renting a flat of her own.

So, Yasmeen started to look for a flat where she could stay for the duration of her studies. She found a nice place in east London and therefore she was well within reasonable commuting distance from her place of study. In order to lessen the cost of living at her chosen place she decided it would be better if she shared the place with someone so that the cost of the rent could be reduced for her. She sent an email to both the mathematics and computing undergraduate mailing lists advertising the place and indicating in the email that she was looking for just one female student who was looking for a place to stay for at least one year. She specified a female flat-mate quite deliberately, as she knew that both her uncle and aunt and her family back home in Lahore would not approve of her staying with a male.

She received three replies within that same week, one of them was from a girl called Laura, another from a girl called Fatima and one from a boy named Adrian. The boy was very keen about staying with her and said in his reply that it would “be a laugh” if they stayed together and that “who cares if I’m a bloke.” Yasmeen was quick to rule him out as a possible flat-mate; she didn’t want any trouble from her relatives. This left only two more options: either Laura or Fatima. Yasmeen decided that it would be a good idea to share the place with Fatima rather than Laura, as the former would more likely have more in common with her than the latter. So she rang Fatima (she had provided her number in her email) and said that she would like to have her as her roomy and a polite email to Laura saying that she had already found someone. Yasmeen also invited Fatima, in her telephone conversation, to the flat.

Chapter 2: The Rendezvous

The next day at about 10 in the morning Fatima turned up at Yasmeen’s. Yasmeen opened the door and saw one of her classmates standing there. Fatima was tall, about 5″ 6′ and was light skinned and wore her hair loose. Her hair was one of her most striking features as it was long enough to reach down to her hips and it looked very smooth and shinny. Fatima also had quite large breasts that were hard to miss given that she was not in the habit of wearing a bra.

She was wearing a thin red top and denim jeans on her feet she wore black open-toed shoes through which Yasmeen could see that that Fatima had painted her toe nails a deep purple. In contrast Yasmeen was an inch shorter and had slightly smaller breasts, though they were not small by any standard. Her head was always covered by a black headscarf that hid from view her neck and the sides of her face. She was a little darker than Fatima but also more beautiful and her eyes were big and brown. She wore a black dress that nearly touched the ground, a dark blue jumper, and black shoes. Not much of her body was revealed and the looseness of her clothing did not allow her figure to be defined. They both recognised each other immediately, after all they did both take the same subject. They had however, never talked to each other before and did not even know each other’s names until now. Yasmeen invited her in and they hit it off straight away; Yasmeen knew she made the right choice. Fatima wasted no time; she said she was ready to move in the next day and Yasmeen had no problem with this. As Fatima was about o leave that day and as she stood at the doorstep she leaned over, kissed Yasmeen on the cheek, and then left. Yasmeen thought nothing of it and waved to her as she left. The next day Fatima moved in.

Chapter 3: Little Things

As the days and weeks passed Yasmeen and Fatima got closer and closer to each other. They talked a lot to each other about their families, hobbies, favourite films and such. They went to lectures together where they always sat together and often talked and giggled and passed written messages to each other when the lectures got boring. They got really close almost like sisters. They would spend the van escort time they had outside of university together too, going to the cinema to watch a film or to a restaurant for a meal. Yasmeen didn’t have a lot of friends here as she had only been in England for a little over a year and Fatima had moved to London from Bradford so she too left her friends behind. These two girls were each other’s best friends.

Many small incidents occurred during this time that caused the any barriers between these two to fall even more. Once Fatima walked into Yasmeen’s room while Yasmeen was changing her clothes ready for bed. Fatima had come to get her nail varnish from Yasmeen’s room that the latter had borrowed. Instead of taking it and leaving, Fatima just stood, talked, and watched. She did however, apologise for entering without knocking. Yasmeen did think that it was a bit strange that Fatima would not leave after finding what she had come in for, but she didn’t say anything. She didn’t have anything that Fatima had never seen before. Fatima seemed transfixed by the sight of Yasmeen’s firm, round breasts and thick, black pubic hair. Yasmeen had noticed this and although part of her wanted Fatima to go away another part of her wanted her to stay, watch, but Yasmeen did not want to entertain these desires any more, and so she quickly got dressed.

Many times the two girls talked about sex, and most of the time it was Fatima who started the conversation going on that topic. The girls learnt that they were both virgins and as they were both 20 years old this was a cause of some frustration. Nevertheless, both of their respective parents would soon arrange for them to get married, most probably after they had done their degrees. Some times Fatima would bring up the subject of masturbation and would say that she did it about four times a week. When she asked Yasmeen about it, the latter at first said that she had never done it, but as time went on and Fatima told Yasmeen that she didn’t believe her, Yasmeen admitted that she too did it some times but not as often. Fatima once said that she loved to rub her clit and finger her pussy. Yasmeen was most surprised by Fatima’s use of language and also a little embarrassed.

She protested mildly that she didn’t want to continue talking about this, but Fatima said “well you do it as well so you must like doing those things too. Am I right.” Yasmeen was a little more frigid than Fatima was; Fatima really loved to talk about sex and really wanted to have it soon, to an extent Yasmeen was the same but she didn’t want to show it. Given the pressure Yasmeen conceded; she told Fatima that she did like to finger her vagina too and that she did like to rub her clitoris. Fatima pushed on she asked Yasmeen if she liked tasting her own pussy juices. Yasmeen looked away in embarrassment. Famtima quickly told her that she did; that she often tasted her own cum while fingering herself. She then took hold of Yasmeen’s chin, pulled it in her direction, and asked her again this time reassuring her that there was no need to be embarrassed. Again Yasmeen conceded that yes she too liked to do that. Fatima, still holding Yasmeen’s chin, then asked if she had ever thought about kissing another girl, Yasmeen’s eyes opened wipe with shock and disbelief at what she had heard and she said, “of course I haven’t” and stormed out of the flat taking her coat with her. Nevertheless, Fatima had a feeling that maybe she had and if she really hadn’t, then she may want to try.

The day after was a Saturday and Fatima asked Yasmeen if she would like to stay in and watch a film. Yasmeen agreed and Fatima said that she would go and get a film for them to watch. So Fatima left for their local BlockBuster and rented out Cruel Intentions, a film she had seen twice already. She brought it home to Yasmeen and they sat, curled up on the sofa together with a blanked over them, and began to watch it. Fatima from the start of the film put her arm around Yasmeen who didn’t seem to mind. Fatima knew when the lesbian kissing scene would come and she was waiting in anticipation for it.

When it arrived she waited until it was over and Yasmeen had seen it and then she lunged side wards moving in on Yasmeen’s lips and she kissed her right on the lips. Yasmeen immediately pushed Fatima away with some force and the two girls looked at each other in the eyes. After a few moments of paralysis and heavy breathing Fatima slowly moved towards Yasmeen’s lips but this time Yasmeen offered no resistance. Fatima was unstoppable and Yasmeen did nothing to stop her. After a few moments Yasmeen herself took a more active part; she didn’t simply sit there and let Fatima kiss her, she kissed back opening her mouth wide and letting Fatima’s exploring tongue enter it. She kissed Fatima’s bottom lip and slipped her own tongue into Fatima’s mouth.

She could taste Fatima’s saliva and she enjoyed every drop. escort van She loved it, all feelings of guilt and sinfulness had left her by now, and she could not resist. She could not deny herself this gratification. Fatima’s lips were just so juicy, just so soft and so loving, she was in heaven. Fatima was kissing Yasmeen so passionately that if you saw it you would think this was her last day on earth. She kissed her top lip, then her bottom lip, then she put her tongue in her mouth and made contact with Yasmeen’s tongue. They rolled their tongues around and around, they were released all the years of sexual tension that had built up. Fatima kissed Yasmeen on the cheeks, first the right then the left. Then Yasmeen did the same to Fatima. The two girls continued to kiss for what seemed like eternity.

Then Fatima went a little further, she moved her hand away from Yasmeen’s head that she was holding and placed it under her blouse. She began to fondle Yasmeen’s right breast. She touched it, rubbed it and squeezed it, she moved to the left one and did the same. The problem was that Yasmeen’s bra was in the way and Fatima desperately wanted to remove it so she slid her hand behind Yasmeen to take the bra off but as she was fiddling with the strap Yasmeen wriggled and once again moved Fatima away, this time much more gently. Yasmeen said, “I don’t want to go too far.” To this Fatima replied “why not Yasmeen, I love you and want to make love to you tonight.” “But I don’t want to go too far with this, I’m scared” said Yasmeen. “Scared of what? Don’t you like me?” Fatima retorted. Yasmeen’s reply was brief and dismissive “I’m just not ready.” As she said this she got up, walked away, and went into her room.

Fatima didn’t want to push Yasmeen too far on this issue; her friendship with her was far too precious. She left it at that and neither girl said a word about the incident for a whole week, they expertly avoided talking about it, or mentioning it, they didn’t even feel uncomfortable around each other. It was as if nothing had happened. However, Fatima didn’t want it to end there and she knew that neither did Yasmeen. So after a week had passed Fatima came up with a plan. It was prayer time and Yasmeen had gone off into her room to pray; Fatima never prayed she wasn’t religious, but Yasmeen did. Fatima went to her room and took all her clothes off. First her green top, revealing her big, round, firm breasts. Then she took off her slippers, followed by her jeans.

Finally she removed her black panties very slowly as if some one was watching her getting undressed. Her pussy was now revealed and was already beginning to drip with her cum as the excitement in her grew; something told her that she would make love today to the girl she really liked. She lay on her back on the bed with her legs spread wide open. She slowly rubbed her wet pussy with her hand. She then leaned over to her desk, with the other hand she turned on the radio, and set the volume very high. She waited. In the meantime Yasmeen, though annoyed by the noise continued praying, when she had finished she stormed into Fatima’s room as Fatima had hoped she would.

Chapter 4: The Big Thing

As she barged in she screamed, “What the hell are…” She stopped short taken by surprise by what she saw. Fatima pretended not to hear her come in; she continued to stare at the ceiling. Yasmeen froze for a second to assess the situation; she figured it out so she slowly walked over to the radio and turned the volume low. Fatima continued to rub her pussy pretending to be oblivious to Yasmeen’s presence. Yasmeen knew what Fatima wanted now and it was the same thing she wanted; she was just too shy to initiate it. She felt she had missed her chance once already during the film they watched together the previous week. She was not going to miss it this time.

She walked around the bed until she was facing Fatima’s pussy. She knelt down beside the bed and moved her face closer to Fatima’s gyrating hips. She could smell the intoxicating aroma of Fatima’s love hole and could see that it was already wet with excitement. Then with as much passion as she had kissed Fatima the other day she lunged towards her virgin pussy, licking and sucking the lips for all she was worth. At this point Fatima raised her head and said, “So this is what I must do to have you.” To this Yasmeen replied, with her head still buried in Fatima’s cunt, “You will never have to coerce me again, I want to do this, I love you too.”

Yasmeen then continued to lick and suck Fatima’s love hole, she then opened her pussy lips and licked the inside of her vagina. All the while Fatima continued to rub her clit and moan with pleasure. “Oh that’s good Yas” Fatima screamed as she pulled Yasmeen’s head closer to her pussy with one hand. Yasmeen then moved the hand Fatima was using to rub her clit out of the way and began to suck Fatima’s swollen clit. Fatima moaned van escort bayan very load as she felt a wave of pleasure moving through her body. Yasmeen now worked her way up. She kissed Fatima above her pussy, then she liked her belly button and kissed her stomach. She then got to her breasts.

She took one of Fatima’s tit sin her mouth and the other in her hand. She simultaneously rubbed and kissed the breasts while Fatima laid back with her eyes have closed, relaxing and enjoying the pleasure and sensation of having another girl play with her tits. Fatima was surprised, almost shocked at Yasmeen’s amazing ability at sucking tit, Yasmeen did it like a pro. She sucked on the small erect nipple on Fatima’s large breast like a baby being nursed. She bit at it lightly and pulled it, sending small currents of sensual pain through Fatima’s chest. She licked the nipple and the rest of the breast too. ‘Had she done this before’ Fatima mused? ‘Of course not’ she thought. She was right she hadn’t done this before, but what she was doing was just right. With her hand Yasmeen rubbed Fatima’s other breast, pulling at and gently squeezing the nipple from time to time. With the fingers of her other hand Yasmeen was exploring Fatima’s hole. She fingered Fatima’s cunt sometimes with one and sometimes with two fingers. After a few seconds she would stop sucking her breasts and put these fingers in her mouth to get a taste of Fatima’s cunt, occasionally she offered Fatima a taste; Fatima was always grateful, she would lick and suck Yasmeen’s fingers as if they were cocks.

Fatima felt that it was time she returned the favour to Yasmeen and so she said, “Let me take care of you now Yas.” Yasmeen stopped sucking the tit and said “ok.” Fatima sat up and got off the bed; Yasmeen stood up too. On their feet now both girls faced each other each looking into the other’s eyes. Fatima had her arms around Yasmeen’s waist and Yasmeen her arms around Fatima’s waist. They moved their lips closer to each other and began to kiss. They kissed for a long while exploring the depths of each other’s mouths; sucking on each other’s tongues; lovingly kissing each other’s lips. Fatima’s hands were now roaming all over Yasmeen;s body: her arse, her breasts, her thighs; at this point she whispered to Yasmeen “let me undress you.” Yasmeen gave a consenting nod and a cheeky smile to go with it.

Fatima grabbed Yasmeen’s jumper from underneath and pulled it over her head revealing the blouse beneath. The jumper obviously kept Yasmeen warm because Fatima could feel the heat coming from Yasmeen’s body. The heat really turned Fatima on and before Yasmeen cooled down she pressed herself against her and held her for a few moments. Now the blouse had to come off. Fatima started from the top and slowly undid the buttons one at a time. Beneath the blouse Yasmeen was wearing a bra. However, before taking that off and seeing those gorgeous melons that she had once seen, and dreamt of many times she had to take off that headscarf. Fatima took off Yasmeen’s headscarf revealing her hair, that she had seen many times and many times she had told Yasmeen that her hair was so nice it should not be hidden away but displayed for all to see. Her hair was quite long and Fatima loved to run her fingers through it and had done so many times before. She did it this time too. While she did so they began to kiss again. Yasmeen then began to nibble on Fatima’s ear, Fatima liked this a lot. The bra had to come off. Fatima reached over to Yasmeen’s back and unhooked the bra; it slid to the ground. Finally Fatima could feel those firm, round breasts that she wanted to touch for so long. She started rubbing them and playing with the nipples that were already hard. She pinched them gently making Yasmeen moan and groan. It was time to suck them; she moved her mouth to the breasts, then she licked and sucked them vigorously, making up for lost time. She moved very fast from one breast to the other, there was no stopping her. Her tongue made circular motions around Yasmeen’s nipples and her lips sucked them.

Fatima gently, pushed Yasmeen onto the bed so that Yasmeen was now sitting on the edge. She herself knelt down on the ground facing Yasmeen who was wearing slippers on her feet. Fatima took Yasmeen’s left foot and took off the slipper, she then took off Yasmeen’s white sock. She did the same for the right foot. She then held Yasmeen’s right foot and began to suck on her toes as if they were dicks, concentrating mainly on the big toe. She licked the foot up and down it’s base and then from the base up towards the ankle. She stood up and told Yasmeen to fuck her with her foot. Yasmeen leaned back, resting on her elbows, and stuck out her foot towards Fatima’s pussy. Fatima put one leg on the bed, held the foot, and guided it to her opening. Yasmeen moved her foot about and Fatima held it up; the latter girl moaned and groaned while the other foot fucked her. Yasmeen’s foot then moved onto the clitoris; there it rubbed the hardened clitoris sending waves of pleasure through Fatima’s pussy. “Oh fuck yes Yas that’s good” screamed Fatima, at which exclamation Yasmeen smiled, and biting her bottom lip looked up at Fatima and asked “Don’t you wanna see my pussy”?

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