A Favor for Her Sister

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This is all purely fantasy.

Of all things while my wife was out of town for a few days on business I came down with a bad cold and really having a bit of a tough time of it. Basically I was spending most of my time in bed fighting the fever, chills, headaches that come along with a bad cold. I was on my own and had to make due with all my medications and spend most of the first day of my sickness out cold in bed.

The first night of my cold I was talking to my wife on the phone and she apologized for not being their to take care of her husband but she said that she sent her sister Mary over to check on me at lunch time. Mary was happy to report back to my wife that I appeared to be ok and she did not want to bother me because I was sleeping away. Now upon hearing this this really through me for a loop because at that time of the day I was fighting one of those sweaty hot times and had stripped naked and kicked off all the covers on the bed.

So right away their was no doubt that my sister-in-law had seen me naked and sick as a dog in my bed. As I finished by conversation with my wife I just assumed that my sister in law did not mention to my wife that she saw me naked. My wife would have said something to me if that was the case.

After the initial shock and embarrassment of my sister in law seeing me naked it then turned into a bit of a turn on and I found myself getting a raging hard on the more I thought of her seeing me naked. I quickly realized that knowing my wife, she would send her celtabet giri┼č sister to check on me the next day as well. The big question would be would my sister in law actually show up to see me naked again or would she be too embarrassed to show?

Just to give you and idea of what my sister in law looks like, she is 32 5 foot nothing, about 110 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes very nice smallish breasts. I have often had thoughts about her when we have them over for dinner or go out for drinks from time to time. But never had I imaged anything more than that. Me, I have been an athlete all my life and keep in very good shape all year round (for a 36 year old).

So it was just before lunch time when I knew that if my sister in law showed up that it would once again be lunch time so of course I was naked and sporting a raging hard on with the thought of her seeing me again naked. Basically if she showed up again then she definitely wanted to see me naked again. So as not to make it too too obvious I was totally naked but did have the covers up to the tops of my thighs.

As hear the door open in my house I quickly realize that my sister in law is coming in and quickly roll over so she would see me laying and appear to be sleeping away just like yesterday. As I lay faking my sleep I can see through the slits in my eyes my sister in law entering my bedroom as I hear her gasp a bit at the site of my rock hard cock now. I lay still appearing to be sleeping as I hear her walk closer to my celtabet yeni giri┼č bed and now I can hear her breathing really deeply looking me over very well.

She only stood over me for a few minutes then started to turn to walk out and leave and I could not stand it any longer I had to say something. I said to her in a soft voice, “you have seen me naked two days in a row but I have not seen you at all–NO FARE!” Which she turned around and I could already see she was beat red from embarrassment and quickly tried to explain that my wife had sent her over to look in on me both days and it was just and accident that she saw me naked.

I first told her that I fully understood and really appreciated her time to come in a LOOK in on me and that it was not her fault that I was buck naked when she had to stop by. Now as we are having this conversation she asked me why I was not covering up and I told her that why bother since she already saw me twice in all my glory. She laughed and said yes she did. So still in the joking mood as we both laughed together I said that since she saw me twice that I would only need to see her once totally naked to make us both even.

Immediately she laughed even more and told me that she was doing her sister a favor and was not about to strip for her brother in law’s jollies. Which at that point I got up out of bed and walked right up to her with my raging 7-inch hard on poking right out at her. I then just smiled at her and told her she need to be more celtabet g├╝venilirmi cooperative and that I would help her out as I started to slowly unbutton her blouse button by button. She laughed but did not stop me as I heard her breathing growing louder and louder.

As I finished unbuttoning her blouse I then slowly removed her blouse which under her breath she started saying that this was crazy and we should stop. All the while I had now unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor and told her it was crazy but it is kind of fun too. Next I unsnapped her bra and just softly blew nice warm breath onto her erect nipples and breasts as I slowly pull her panties down and off of her body and got a nice glimpse of her shaved pussy.

Now standing there a foot from each other both totally naked and kinda laughing and lusting at each other I slowly reached out and began to softly tweak each nipple and cup her breasts. She in turn then reached out for my cock and said that if we are going to do this that she has to be back in 15-minutes at the office.

As soon as she got done saying that I scooped her up and pressed her to the wall as I slowly brought her down onto my hard cock into her very moist pussy. She let out a gasp as I slowly worked my whole seven inches into her and then began to kiss her passionately as she bounced on my cock as I pressed her against the wall. She then really starts panting really loud as I feel a rumbling in my own cock and balls as we both cum together as my cock explodes inside her pussy as she wraps her legs hard around me as she cums so hard.

She quickly wipes herself off and kisses me as she gets dressed and starts to leave she says that she will “Check In” on her wife’s naughty husband again at lunch time tomorrow to see how he is DO-ING.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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