A Family Twist

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I was just waking up as I felt her hand brushing across my thigh, she knew every morning I woke with morning wood and she enjoyed starting my day of the right way.

The back of her fingernail ran along my shaft, up and down, she knew I loved long fingernails, feeling them running over my body and in particular my shaft. Today she was in a teasing mood, her nail ran along one side of my groin, under my balls, back along the other and then across them, tracing around each one.

Eventually she took my balls in her hand, gently pulling and massaging me.

God she had me rock hard and twitching without even touching my cock, she knew exactly where and how to touch me for maximum arousal, it was all part of the special connection we have.

I move my hand toward her but she stopped me, this morning it’s only me, I smiled, I knew from past experiences that tonight she’ll be insatiably horny and I’ll be fucking her every way possible and then some.

I just laid back and enjoyed her pleasuring me.

She pushed the sheet off me as her hand took hold of my cock, she wanted to watch me come. Her fingers wrapped around my shaft, her hand moved up and down, her palm twisting and rubbing my nob, slowly at first then faster and faster.

My cock twitched then I came, my first load landing on my stomach then cum pumped out down my shaft and over her hand. She massaged my cum over my cock and balls, squeezing every last drop out.

When finished she hopped out of bed and walked to the door naked, her pert ass moving from side to side, “See ya bro,” she said.

God I love my twin sister, especially when she’s between boyfriends. “See you later Amanda,” I said.

Amanda closed the door as she left, it was nearly time to get up for my shower and get ready for work.

Amanda and I were always close growing up, inseparable my parents used to say, if one twin was near so was the other. We were in the same classes at school, played the same games and sports, our parents encouraged us to be independent and do our own thing but we were always drawn to back to each other.

This was also the case once we left school and started dating. We both struggled to form relationships with other people, Amanda did have more boyfriends than I had girlfriends but we struggled to make any of them last, there was always something missing.

Our relationship went to a new level just after our 21st birthday, Amanda had been seeing the same boy for nearly 12 months, a record, and things were starting to look serious.

But then they had a big fight at our birthday party, something to with me, she never went into detail about it. A few days later they broke up.

Amanda came to me for comfort, which she always did after a breakup. She laid in my arms crying, saying no one loves her and she’ll never love again. I cuddled her, telling her I will always love, she looked up at me and at that moment everything changed, we kissed and then had sex.

Initially we tried to stop but our desire and love for each other was to strong. Sex became part of our relationship, making our bond even stronger.

My daydream was broken by a knock on the door, Clare walked in. Clare was my step mum, she was only 4 years older than me, she was Dad’s secretary originally, a couple of years after my Mum died they became an item and 12 months later they were married, that was 2 years ago.

Clare was hot, I often jerked off fantasying that I’m fucking her.

“Don’t forget Glenn I need a lift to the gym this morning,” Clare said.

“Look at the slut, standing in the doorway pretending she doesn’t see my cock as I lie on the bed naked, come on bitch on your knees, suck me off”, I thought as I looked her in her dressing gown, imaging what her naked body looked like. I know my cock was growing as I stared at her.

“No worries Clare, I remembered, just getting up,” I told her.

‘Thanks,” Clare said turning around closing the door.

That night I laid in Amanda’s bed, my head buried between her legs when there was a knock on the door. Amanda quickly pulled up the bedding hiding me from view, I continued eating her pussy as she said, “Come in.”

“Hi Clare,” Amanda said, “I’m sorry I can’t tonight, I’m not feeling myself.”

“Oh alright, tomorrow maybe?” Clare asked.

“Yes tomorrow, definitely,” Amanda said, “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Amanda,” Clare said.

I heard the door close, Amanda threw off the bedding.

I lifted my head asking, “What was that about?”

“Never you mind,” Amanda said putting her hand on the top of my head, “I said I’m not feeling myself, your doing the feeling so back to it.”

“Ha ha as you wish my lady,” I said as she pushed my head back between her legs.

She held my head there until she came, then getting on her hand and knees I fucked her doggy, pounding her sweet pussy to two more orgasms before I blew my load inside there.

Kissing her I hopped out of bed heading back to my room.

I heard Dad snore as he laid in his bed but I noticed alsancak escort bayan a light coming from under the door of the spare room.

I moved to the door and opened it slightly, I can just see Clare on the bed masturbating with a dildo, a laptop in front of her. “Horny bitch watching porn,” I thought to myself, “She could have my cock anytime if she’s that horny.”

I heard a noise, I quickly closed the door and went to my room.

As I laid in bed jerking to the memory of what I saw I decided I needed to find out what type of porn she likes. I hoped that it might help me get to fuck her for real.

It was a couple of days later that I was home while Clare was out, this would be my chance to find the laptop and see what she likes. I had thought about telling Amanda but decided to keep it a secret until I had all the details.

I was having breakfast before going laptop hunting, Amanda walked into the kitchen naked. She walked to the table and got underneath it crawling to me.

She reached up and pulled my cock from my shorts, she smiled up at me and said, “I’m just having a protein shake for breakfast today.”

Amanda sucked on me until I blew my load down her throat, she then crawled out from under the table, wriggled her little ass for me and headed back to her room. I hoped this was a good omen for the rest of my day.

I started my hunt in the spare room, then Dad’s and Clare’s bedroom, Dad’s study, the lounge room, kitchen, even the garage, nothing, Damn maybe she took it with her, no she didn’t carry anything other than her handbag, maybe she keeps it in her car.

“What the fuck are you doing Glenn?” Amanda asked.

“I’m looking for Clare’s laptop,” I told her.

“She doesn’t have one,” Amanda replied.

“She does,” I said, “I saw her using it.”

“What are you talking about?” Amanda asked.

“After I left your room the other night I saw her in the spare room masturbating as she watched porn on it,” I told her.

“You must have dreamt it,” Amanda said, “She always borrows my laptop when she needs one.”

“Well it must have been yours she was using, is that what she came in for?” I asked.

“No she wanted me to do something with her,” Amanda answered.

“Umm, then she must have a secret one,” I said.

“Dream on brother,” Amanda said leaving.

For the next couple of weeks I kept a closer eye than normal on Clare in the hope of discovering the laptop.

Amanda was getting annoyed with my fixation for the laptop.

After a wild fucking session we were lying in bed when I mentioned something about the laptop. “For fuck sake Glenn, give it a rest, you’ve been looking for this non-existent laptop for weeks.”

“But I saw it,” I said.

“Well it’s not here now if it was at all, so get over it,” Amanda said.

“Fuck I guess your right, I just thought…” I said.

“Just thought what?” Amanda asked,

Up to now I haven’t told her why I wanted the laptop other than I wanted to see what type of porn she likes. Time to come clean.

“I want to fuck Clare and I was hoping if I could find out what type of porn she likes it might help me get her,” I told her.

Amanda laughed, “Disgusting, she’s married and to our father.”

“And your my sister, she’s not even related,” I replied.

“Yeah but we are twins so it’s special, but fair enough I guess,” Amanda said with a laugh.

We laid in each others arms for a while kissing before I got out of bed and dressed. One final kiss goodbye and I left, as I closed the door and started towards my room Clare appeared.

“Is Amanda in her room?” Clare asked.

“She was when I left,” I replied. A smile crossed my face as I thought of Clare finding Amanda lying naked on her bed. What would she think?

Clare knocked on the door, “Come in,” Amanda answered.

“Hi Clare,” I heard Amanda say before the door closed.

Next morning when I saw Amanda I asked, “What did Clare say?”

“About what?” Amanda asked.

“About me leaving your room and you naked on the bed,” I said.

“Oh I see, your hoping the thought of you fucking me would drive her crazy and that she’s going to jump your bones first chance she gets,” Amanda replied. “Ha, bad luck big boy she said nothing, she just used my laptop.”

“Your laptop!” I said.

“Oh no double bummer, yes she was using my laptop last night in my room,” Amanda said.

Deflated I wandered away, it was not what I wanted to hear.

Things went from bad to worse for me over the next couple of months, Dad and Clare went off on a month long holiday, Amanda got herself a boyfriend, bloody hell the way things are going I’m going to need to get a girlfriend and all the complications that go with it.

Just because Amanda had a boyfriend didn’t mean our sex stopped but it did reduce significantly. Now there’s always hope of a little three way action but in most cases it’s a one of, in the heat of the moment they are all in but next day alsancak escort bayan the brother, sister fucking gets too much for them and it’s all over.

Generally Amanda would spend her time at her boyfriends house but often when she gets home she’ll come to my room. We would lie on the bed together, she describes how they would fuck, my hands would roam over her body, playing with her tits and pussy.

As I eat her pussy she would tell me what his cock felt like inside her, whether he gave her an orgasm or not and if he came inside her. Once I gave her an orgasm from eating her out I would fuck her, I would always fuck her in the position her boyfriend did, determined to give her a orgasm better than he did.

I suppose a psychiatrist would say it an security issue, wanting to be needed and irreplaceable. Deep down I knew this was true, I didn’t want to share Amanda, I wanted her all to myself and if I can give her an orgasm better than her boyfriend she would stay with me. Selfish, yes, definitely yes.

But being selfish also meant I could have what I wanted as long as I have Amanda exclusively, and I still wanted Clare.

I still suspected there was a secret laptop, when Clare and Dad returned from holidays I resumed my search for it in earnest.

A couple of days after they returned I was at home alone with Clare, Dad was at the office and Amanda at her boyfriends.

I was helping Clare in the garden, she was wearing a pair of tight shorts and a tank top, she was looking super hot. I couldn’t take my eyes of her ass, every time she bent over it seemed to shrink, I keep waiting, hoping for her pussy lips to pop out,

I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra as I could clearly make out her nipples through her top.

It was a hot day and as she worked in the garden she sweated, her clothes stuck to her body.

I imagined how hot and sweaty her pussy was getting, how as well as being braless she wasn’t wearing panties, that as she worked her cunt was getting wetter as it rubbed against the fabric of her shorts. God I wanted to rip her pants off and eat her pussy before fucking her.

“I’m done,” Clare announced.

Clare’s words snapped me out of my dream, “Yes, goodo, we got a lot done today,” I said.

“Thanks Glenn you were a great help, Clare said, “Can you pack everything away?”

“Yes, no worries,” I said.

“Thanks,” Clare said, “I’m hot, I stink and I need a shower, see you later.”

I watched Clare leave, imaging soaping her body in the shower and fucking her senseless.

I packed up in the garden, then went inside.

As I headed to my room I could hear the shower running in Dad’s and Clare room and also moaning noises, curiosity go the better of me and I went to investigate.

The door to the ensuite was slightly opened, I stepped up to it peering inside.

I couldn’t see the whole bathroom but I had a clear view of the shower cubicle, the screen was pulled back and Clare was bent over, an arm supporting her head against the wall, her ass facing towards the empty bathroom giving me a lovely view.

Water hit her head and back, her long wet hair hung down the sides of her face, water flowing down it, dripping off the tips.

Her breasts dangled underneath her body, swaying from side to side, she had large nipples and I could clearly see them sticking out. Water flowed off her back, down the sides of her body onto her breasts, dripping off her nipples.

My eyes followed the smooth flow of her body, along her back from her shoulders, dipping down to the base of her back before rising to her ass, then the curve of her ass as it flowed into her long, slender legs.

Her moaning was growing louder as she slid a dildo in and out of herself, I had pulled my cock out, jerking as I watch her work the dildo between her legs, occasionally removing it to suck on it before putting it back.

An arm wrapped around my chest pulling me away from the door, dragging me into the hallway.

“What the fuck are you doing Glenn?” Amanda asks.

“Clare’s in the shower masturbating, I couldn’t help myself,” I said.

“What were you doing in there in the first place?” Amanda asked.

“I thought I might find the laptop, I heard her moaning and…..” I said.

“My god, you still going on about that laptop,” Amanda said, “When are you going to accept there is no laptop.”

I leant forward to give Amanda a kiss and hug, my cock was still sticking out of my pants as erect as ever.

Amanda pushed me off, “Piss off, you stink, go and have a shower.”

Dejected I headed to my room to get fresh clothes, returning to the hallway Amanda was gone, I could still hear the water running and moaning coming from the ensuite.

Time for a shower.

When I finished my shower I headed to Amanda’s room, the door was locked, something she often does when she has a boyfriend over. I could hear faint moaning through the door, “Not my night tonight,” I thought heading to my room.

I escort alsancak was awakened by as a body pressed up against mine, an arm wrapped around my chest, fingers played with my chest hairs and nipples. She kissed my neck and shoulder, her mouth edging it’s way towards my ear.

“Amanda that feels so good,” I said.

The only response was a “Shh” before she ran her tongue around my ear and nibbled on the lobe.

Her hand slid down my chest over my stomach, her fingernails ran along the shaft of my cock, up and down several times before she took hold of my balls. Her tongue toyed with my ear while her fingers pulled and massaged my balls.

Shen returned to running her nails up and down my cock, by the time she wrapped her long fingers around it I was rock hard. She began jerking me off, her kisses on my ear and neck had turned into little bites.

She jerked my cock faster and faster, I moaned, “Fuck I’m going to come Amanda.”

Another “Shh” in my ear as my balls tightened, with a grunt I came, shooting my load over the sheets.

She bit the lobe of me ear as I came, she continued jerking my cock until every last drop of cum was squeezed out of me.

She released my cock and climb out of bed, disappearing into the dark hallway without a word.

Next morning when I went to the kitchen Amanda and Clare were sitting at the table talking, as soon as I entered the room they stopped and both looked at me.

Clare stood up, looking at Amanda she said, “So it’s agreed then, tonight the night.”

“Yes, I think it’s finally time,” Amanda said.

“Ok, I’ll see you tonight,” Clare said to Amanda. Turning to me she gave me a smile and a kiss on the cheek, “Bye Glenn, you know your sister is always right.”

“What was that all about?” I asked Amanda after Clare left.

“All I can say is that you’ll have all your laptop questions answered tonight,” she said, “Come to my room at 9pm.”

“What are you talking about Amanda?” I asked.

“That’s all I can say for now, 9pm my room,” she replied, “Here’ something you might enjoy also, I’m told it’s really hot.”

Amanda gave me a piece of paper with a web page on it and left.

I was curious and decided to check the page out, it was a streaming site and the page was currently offline, the next show was 8pm tonight, it was called ‘Two Blondes’.

I logged on at 8pm as the show started registering for the site, even though they were wearing masks I recognised them straight away, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was Clare and Amanda.

I was tempted to get up and burst into Amanda’s room but as I watched the more captivated I became, I decided to continue watching, to see what they would do.

Like all web cam sites they wanted credits to do things, 100 credits to suck a nipple, 150 credits to spank an ass, 250 credits to eat a pussy and while they waited for the credits they played with their own tits and pussies.

The credits quickly added up each time they asked for more to do something, it definitely was a hot show.

I wanted to see how far they would go, Amanda had a pink mask on and Clare a blue one, I typed ‘How many credits for blue mask to dildo fuck pink mask ass.’

Amanda typed back ‘400 credits.’

The credits flowed in and in no time the 400 mark was met.

While Clare oiled up a dildo Amanda got in the doggy position, her ass pointed at the laptops camera.

Clare got beside Amanda’s ass and slowly push the dildo inside her, as soon as it started entering her Amanda began to moan.

“Do you have other dildos’, I typed.

Clare nodded and smiled, “Yes,” she said.

‘Show them to us,’ I typed, ‘Leave the dildo buried in her ass while you do.’

Clare let go of the dildo, it looked really hot seeing it stick out of Amanda’s ass, Amanda used her ass muscles to move it. The other viewers were showed their approval with comments and credits.

Clare showed 4 other dildos, there was a black one that looked about 4 inches in diameter and 10 inches long from the way Clare held and what size I knew her hands were.

‘How many credits for you to fuck her ass with the black one?’ I typed.

Clare leant over talking to Amanda, she then sat up and typed ‘600 credits’.

All activity on the page stopped while everyone waited for a reply as soon as Clare typed the amount credits flowed in like there was no tomorrow. Within a few minutes the 600 mark was hit.

Clare was oiling up the black dildo while she watched in amazement as the credits increased, she kept telling Amanda the number until it hit 600. At that point she removed the first dildo and placed the second against Amanda’s ass.

Amanda always moaned when I fuck her anally, her ass is super tight and she usually ended up having a couple of orgasms.

Today her moans were nearly screams, I could hear her even without any volume on my computer and she was loving it. She kept telling Clare to fuck her harder, her body was trembling with multiple orgasms, you could see the cum dripping from her pussy.

Clare would occasionally remove the dildo from her ass to give everyone a view of her gaping hole.

The credits kept pouring in, everyone was loving it.

‘Do you have a strap-on?’ I typed.

“Yes,” Clare said.

‘Put it on and fuck her pussy and ass for 800 credits,’ I typed.

“Yes,” Clare said.

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