A Family That Plays Together Pt. 12

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Chapter 12.

This is not a subtle story; it features SEX and not a lot else!!

The following story deals with incest, straight sex, gay sex, group sex, anal sex, bondage, medical scenes, hopefully romance and probably a lot more so if it’s not your thing please move on, if it is your thing then ENJOY!!

The family still fuck together but know that they want more.


Over the last few weeks our incestuous family fucking had changed. Perhaps we were getting bored with the same cocks and cunts all the time. Of course Aaron and I still slept together, we were husband and wife, but I wasn’t getting my sons cock so often. He spent a lot of time at The Club. I knew that he was selling his spunk and I’d also realised that he was selling the rest of his body as well. Simon and him seemed to have similar sexual interests. I’d noticed that Jakes balls were nearly as big as Simons now – as a family we still spent a lot of time naked together so I couldn’t help but notice.

My daughter Jill wasn’t giving her holes to my husband so often; she was spending a lot more time with Pete, the well hung hot tub fitter. They seemed to be dating. At least he knew that our family all fucked together just like his family did.

I really needed his big cock inside my holes again; I was addicted to big cocks.

I didn’t want to go back to just Aaron and I sleeping together and watching our sex lives decline until it was back to what it was before – no sex.

At the moment though the family were all together in my bed. Jill and I were naked, lying on our backs with our legs wide open showing off our fannies and arseholes.

My son, also naked, was lying with his head between my legs eating out my cunt and arsehole. Next to me my husband had his head between his daughters legs probing her fanny with his tongue and probing her arsehole pucker with his finger. I could see that she was pushing her arsehole down onto his fingers.

Jake had found my clit and was teasing it with his lips; he’d also found my arsehole pucker and pushed two of his fingers in deep. I moaned and pushed back on them.

“You want some cock Mum?” asked Jake.

I just moaned and nodded.

“Where do you want it Mum, arsehole or cunt?” said Jake.

He already knew the answer; I loved his cock when it was pounding my arsehole.

“In my backdoor please son, fuck your Mums arsehole” I told him.

He pulled me down the bed and flipped me over so that I was on my knees. I could see that my husband had his cock buried deep in my daughter’s fanny and was fucking her hard. He pulled his fanny juice covered cock out of her and pushed my head down on it, I could taste my daughter.

I felt the head of my sons lubed up cock push through my arsehole pucker so that just a couple of inches of cock was in my arse, just opening my pucker up.

Aaron pulled his clean cock out of my mouth and pushed it back into his daughters fanny, Jill moaned in pleasure and said “thank you Daddy.”

Jake was just rocking his cock in and out of my arsehole pucker, just a few inches in and then back out again so that my sphincter was rubbing on the sensitive part of the head of his cock. It was keeping my arsehole pucker stretched open.

Aaron wasn’t being so gentle with Jill and was pulling out the full length of his cock before slamming it back into her open fanny. Perhaps she’d been so stretched by Pete’s cock that that was the only way Aaron could get any pleasure.

Jakes hand found my clit and he started to pinch it, guaranteed to make me cum. Our young shy lad had turned into an accomplished lover come stud. He could feel my orgasm building, my arsehole was starting to twitch and Jake pushed three fingers deep into my cunt, I moaned and started to shake as I came, sensing it Jake forced the full length of his cock through my arse pucker and deep into my anus and held it in there deep as I came down from my climax.

He pulled his cock out of my arse, flipped me over on my back and went down on my soaking wet cunt, licking up all of my juices making my fanny shudder.

“Thanks Mum, you taste good,” said Jake as he stood over me wanking his cock.

I opened my mouth as I saw his pumped up balls start to throb and he aimed his cock down at my mouth and let go of his load, 3 shots of my sons spunk into my mouth and I swallowed his young mans salty cream. He still had more and I got another 2 shots over my face. It dripped down my chin and I used my fingers to wipe it off and licked them clean. Jake stood over me shaking and wanking the last few drops of cum out of his semi hard cock.

He looked at me, smiled and flicked the drops of spunk at me off of the end of his cock.

I looked across at my husband fucking my daughter. I could hear her grunting, “yes Daddy, yes Daddy, give me your cock.”

He was giving her his full length; he grunted and pulled out, leant back and fired his load over my daughter’s tits. sivas escort bayan He pushed three fingers into her open well fucked twat and wanked Jill till she shuddered and orgasmed.

“Thanks Dad” sighed Jill.

I looked across at Jake, his cock was hard again and he had the “I want to fuck again” look on his face.

“Come on Sis lets leave the oldies to it, I’ll give you a length of lad cock up your arsehole, that’s if you can feel my cock after taking your boyfriend Pete’s monster cock up there, your arsehole must be well stretched” Jake laughed.

“Well if your cock was a man cock instead of a boy cock I would be able to feel it” Jill said. She squealed as Jake bent her over the end of our bed and pushed his hard cock into his sister’s arsehole.

“Go and fuck in your own rooms,” shouted Aaron.

“Yes Daddy, yes Mummy” they both replied and Jake pushed his sister out of the room with his cock still embedded in his sisters arsehole.

Jake made the mistake of turning round, smiling and giving his Father the finger.

I looked at my husband and said “Jake’s pushing it again isn’t he?”

“He’s getting cocky, he needs putting in his place, I’ll sort it out,” said Aaron.

“Oh and I’m away for a few days so I’ve organised a spa day for you tomorrow, the car will pick you up at about ten o’clock” Aaron said, he kissed me and I knew that he could taste his sons spunk on my lips.

The car arrived sharp at ten the following morning; Simon was driving so I knew that this was not going to be an ordinary “Spa Day.”

“Hello Simon, I haven’t seen you for ages, have you stopped working with Noel?” I asked.

“Hi there Mrs Moss. I’m good thanks, I’ve had a few weeks off work and been staying at The Club but I’ll be back with Noel next week so I hope that we’ll both be round to sort out you and your garden” he laughed.

“I’ve missed that cock of yours filling my holes” I replied and put my hand on his crotch. There was an impressive bulge but I couldn’t feel his cock though, there was something hard in the way…..and it wasn’t his hard cock!!

“What’s that? Where’s your cock?” I asked.

“Its still there, but I’m in chastity, I’m locked” Simon moaned.

“What, what’s locked mean” I exclaimed.

“Have a look, undo my shorts and you’ll see,” he said.

I leant across and undid his shorts, Simon lifted his arse off of the seat so I could pull his shorts down and I saw what he meant. His cock was in a cage. There was a metal ring around the base of his balls and cock shaft; I could see it was tight, like a cock strap. It must have been bloody painful to get his big balls through it. I could see that there was a metal cage about the diameter of his cock but shorter than his cock and it was shaped like a curved banana, his cock had been pushed into it. The cage was attached to the ring around his balls and locked onto it by a padlock. There were slits down the length of the tube and a hole at the end that matched up with Simons piss hole. It didn’t look too uncomfortable, as his cock was soft and fitted into the cage.

“What did you do to deserve this?” I asked.

“Doctor Moore told me that I wasn’t allowed to spunk up for at least 2 weeks not even wanking but after a week I was desperate for my hole or at least to knock one off so the medic that was looking after me let me fuck her up her arse. I was just about to shoot my load in her hole when security caught us and I was pulled out of her, cock still hard and desperate to cum.”

“I got read the riot act by the Doc and then he got out this chastity cage. I was still rock hard but he grabbed hold of my cock and slapped my cockhead hard and I soon lost my hardon. I was locked up and then had to watch him fuck the medic up the arse and spunk over her butt cheeks with my hard cock in this cage. I’m released every other day when a medic washes me; they deliberately get me hard and then force my hard cock back into the cage, its turned into quite a show at The Club. I’m lucky as some of the chastity devices are fitted with spikes that dig into your cock when you get hard or ones that give you an electric shock if you get hard” Simon said.

Maybe I should get Jake one, that would stop him being so cocky.

Simon still had his pants around his ankles as we swung into The Club. Doctor Moore was there to meet me.

“Mrs Moss, lovely to see you again, I hoped that you’d be back for some more sexual adventures. I see that you’ve been checking out Simons new cock attachment,” Doctor Moore said.

I watched Simon pull on a white jockstrap, it certainly showed off an impressive bulge with him wearing a chastity cage.

“So Simon wont be fucking you today but we have someone that I’m sure you’ll enjoy” the Doctor continued.

“But I thought that I was here for a spa day” I said.

“Mrs Moss, please don’t play the innocent with me, you know what your here for don’t you” the Doc laughed.

I just nodded.

“Simon will show you escort sivas the way so you can get ready. I’ll call in later to see you” Doctor Moore said.

I stripped down to my small pair of lacy knickers and a half-cup matching bra in the changing room. I’d already douched so was ready for anything that was thrown at me or thrown up me.

There was a knock on the door and Simon came in.

“Mrs Moss, you look stunning,” he said

“Thank you young man” I said and pulled the crotch of my knickers to one side to show him my fanny.

“Mrs Moss, you know it hurts when I get hard and am locked up,” Simon moaned.

“I’m just teasing you Simon” I replied and grabbed hold of his head and pushed him down to his knees in front of me. I moved forward so that his face was in my fanny and said “breath in, enjoy the smell.”

All I could hear was Simon moaning. I felt his tongue on my fanny lips so pulled away.

“That’s enough, don’t want to get you too excited. Take me to my surprise” I told him.

“Oh Mrs Moss, you tease” Simon laughed.

He showed me into another room. It was in partial darkness at one end but the parts that were lit showed a series of fuck benches set at the perfect height, a big low padded table that would be perfect for group fucking, plenty of room on it. What was I supposed to do now though, wait and hope?

The door opened and Doctor Moore and my husband walked in.

“Aaron, I didn’t realise that you were here,” I said.

“Oh I’ve just come to watch” my husband said.

“Watch what?” I questioned.

Aaron didn’t reply.

“I’m just going to check you out Mrs Moss, your holes are going to get some serious use so I want to see that everything is in working order. Just lie back and open your legs wide please,” said the Doctor.

I liked the sound of serious use!!

I did as I was told and Doctor Moore soon had my knickers off and a finger deep in my fanny. I could feel, and I was watching, him probe around.

“Your fanny has defiantly responded to all the use that it gets” the Doc said.

I laughed and said “not only my fanny.”

The Doctor continued and I felt him push another finger into my fuckhole and then start to rub my clit. ” Your fanny opens up well now, you soon start to get wet and lubricated and you clitoral hood retracts nicely and you clit certainly responds to stimulation.”

I was starting to thrust my cunt onto the Doctors fingers.

“Do you mind Mr Moss?” the Doctor asked as he withdrew his fingers from my wet fanny.

“Please Doctor, go ahead” said my husband.

Doctor Moore open up his white coat, he was naked underneath and his cock was semi hard. He started to stroke it, pulling his big hanging foreskin right back and he was soon hard.

“Here you are Mrs Moss,” he said as he pushed his cock deep into my fuckhole and started to fuck me hard.

My husband bent down and kissed me hard, “is that what you wanted?” he asked, I just grunted.

I felt the Doctor pull out. “Very nice Mrs Moss, your fuckhole has stayed open and looks pink and healthy. Now turn over so I can check out your other hole please”

I did as I was told.

Aaron dropped his trousers and pants and I opened my mouth and started to work on his cock. I could smell his sweaty balls, I could taste his acid salty piss from under his foreskin and I’m sure that I could taste fanny juices, had he been fucking before he got here?

“Your arse pucker looks good and closed up tight” the Doctor said, I felt him start to rub it, “that’s good Mrs Moss, its starting to relax and open”.

Aaron was fucking my mouth hard; I grabbed hold of his balls so that I was in charge.

I felt cold lube on my arse pucker and the Doctor said “relax your hole so I can get my fingers in there Mrs Moss.” I relaxed and the Doctor pushed two of his fingers in to my lubed up arsehole.

He used his two fingers to stretch open my hole and spread the arsehole lips open as wide as he could.

“Very nice, all feels OK and l can see it all looks pink and healthy. Mr Moss, would you like to?” the Doc said to my husband.

Aaron took up the position and as the Doc pulled out his fingers Aaron pushed his cock into my arsehole. Doctor Moore’s fingers found my clit and started to tweak it. I was panting.

“She’s still got a tight arsehole Doctor,” said Aaron as he thrust in and out burying his cock deep into my arse.

“I could give her a relaxant, just an injection into her arsehole pucker that would open her up but I think that we want her to enjoy the stretch. I’ll keep an eye on her and if necessary and she can’t take the cocks I’ll come back and give her the shot” the Doc said.

I was only half listening, I was getting fucked up my arse and having my clit played with. I was in my happy place.

Suddenly my hole was empty and my clit was hanging there. The Doc fed me his cock into my mouth and said “that’s it Mrs Moss, clean it off” and when done my husband gave me sivas escort his cock to do the same.

“OK Jill, enjoy and I’ll see you later” said Aaron as he and the Doctor walked out of the room and left me on my knees with my fucked arse in the air and my fanny wet and aroused.

I heard a moan and looked up, the lights at the end of the room faded up and I saw two men, two black men. They were big muscled men, muscles bulging from everywhere. God they were beautiful. They both had shaved heads and were starring at me as if blaming me for the situation they were in. The moan was because they both had gags in their mouths and they were both secured next to each other with their hands tied behind their backs around a pole behind them.

I looked down over their bulging pecs, one had pierced nipples, and six packs down to their cock and balls, that’s what I was interested in of course. I couldn’t see them though as they were squeezed into tight white boxers, this showed off perfectly what they had between their legs. They were both soft, both dressed to the right and their cocks seemed to go on forever, both had a good eight inches of cock in their boxers, the pants showed off their cockheads. As for their balls, they had been dressed perfectly so their balls were separated by the crotch of the boxers pants so one ball hung either side, one of the men had low hangers and I could see his nuts hanging out of the legs of his pants.

I was in charge and I was going to enjoy this. This was obviously my spa day treat.

I walked across to them and watched them both look me up and down. I stood there and shivered, I was going to get two big black cocks.

I stood there and pulled open my fanny lips to show off my wet pink fanny. Their eyes locked onto it and I saw their covered cocks twitch. Now for the other hole, I turned around and bent over to show them my open arsehole. The moaning increased and I could hear them struggle to try and get free.

I stood in front of them. I wasn’t tall enough to reach their lips but they were gagged so I couldn’t really get my tongue down their throats but I was the perfect height for the pecs and nipples. I ran my hand over one of the men’s 6 pack and stopped just before I touched his cock. I touched his nipples, I was working on the one with the pierced nipples, and he looked down at me and snorted like a bull. I squeezed his nipples hard and he jerked forward, I stood out of the way and he tried to push his crotch into me. When he calmed down I moved forward and licked one of his nipples, moved my mouth across to the other nipple and bit down on it.

It was almost a scream but was muffled by the gag. I could hear him panting and could see him dribbling.

I rubbed my hand along his bulge contained in his pants, he was now hard and his cock felt impressive, thick and long but his cock hadn’t got much longer from his semi hard state but it had got much thicker. I could feel that he was uncut and traced his cock all the way to the end of a long, and I could feel, wet foreskin. He was pumping out precum and I stood back and watched his white tight underwear get wet. He was breathing deeply.

The other black bull was watching, glaring at me as if to say “you know what you’ve got coming once we get free don’t you?” I did know what was coming, that was the exciting part.

I moved across to him. His cock had got longer as he’d got harder. Maybe 11 inches long. It almost curled around his thigh and must have been painful confined in his tight white trunks. I needed to put him out of his misery so took hold of the waistband of his ball bags and peeled them down his thighs.

His cock sprung out, even at 11 inches it was pointing upwards towards me. I’m surprised he had enough blood in his body to keep it up. I looked at it; he’d shaved all his pubic hair from around his cock and balls, they looked like polished black orbs.

He was uncut and despite being hard his cockhead was covered by his black foreskin. He jerked as I wrapped my hand around the head of his cock, well tried to wrap my hand around it but my fingers couldn’t touch, as his rod was too thick. I pulled gently and I watched him clench his cock muscles and his foreskin slide back. It was a beautiful contrast, the ebony black of his shaft showing off his pink cockhead.

He hadn’t even moaned or groaned whereas his mate was moaning all the time, well actually trying to shout at me, I got the impression that he wasn’t a happy man being restrained.

I wanked the mans exposed cock a few times, it needed both of my hands and there was still some of his cock sticking out. I turned to his moaning mate and pulled his pants down.

His cock fell out; fuck it was thick, too thick. I held it, it was hot and throbbing. I could feel his cock was hard but due to the weight of it his cock curved down towards his feet. His balls matched his cock, huge; I almost thought that they’d been pumped up like Simons. His foreskin needed skinning back so I dropped onto my knees, held his cock and pushed my tongue into his foreskin and licked all around the insides, cleaning it out and tasting his precum before trying to get my mouth over the end of his cock, no way could I without dislocating my jaw. I pulled his foreskin back as far as it would go, he snorted at me.

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