A Family Reunion

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I always hated family reunions. They were always so boring. Especially now that I had just turned eighteen, I had better things to be doing than listening to everyone tell me how much taller I had gotten and that when they used to baby sit me when I was young. This year was worse than ever because I had changed a lot. I guess I’m something of a late bloomer because I was rail thin as a young girl with big glasses, crooked teeth and stingy blond hair. In the last couple of years I’ve really matured. My breasts have gotten much bigger; I have to wear a C-cup now instead of a measly A. My hips are much wider and curvier and my buttocks more rounded, less boyish-looking than they used to be. I’ve gotten my teeth straightened and I wear contacts now. I’ve taken good care of my hair and now it’s wavy and lustrous. I’m still petite, about five foot one, but I look much more feminine than I used to.

All my relatives seemed shocked by my transformation and I did take a certain amount of glee in this. None were more surprised, however, than my older cousins. Growing up, they were the only members of my extended family I was close to age wise, so we tended to play together whenever we were around one another. There were all brothers, two of them twins. The eldest brother was Chris, who was twenty and very attractive. I’d always had something of a crush on him. He was tall with dark hair and chiseled good looks. He was pretty muscular and had tanned skin. Gary and Duane were the twins and a year younger than their big brother. The looked exactly the same and a lot of people had trouble telling the difference between the two of them. I always could tell them apart, though. They each had darkish blond hair, cut short, and lean, thin frames. Each of their jaws dropped when they saw me at the reunion.

I quite liked the attention they were giving me all through dinner. They were treating me more like a lady than a tomboy playmate like they used to. Although I got the feeling that some of their stares weren’t just of familial love. But that’s okay, because I was guess I still had that crush on Chris. Every time he looked or talked to me, I felt giddy. After dinner, the four of us wandered off to another part of my grand parents large house. It was like old times. We had always hung out together, not having much in common with the other family members. We all talked for a while, catching up with each other. When conversation lapsed I noticed them stealing uncomfortable, furtive glances at my body. I smiled inwardly.

Chris surprised me when he asked me to come with him. He said there was something he wanted to show me, something I’d like. I smiled up at him and accepted his outstretched hand. I had a pretty good idea what he was up to, and although nervous and uncertain, I thought I go along with it, at least for now.

“What is it?” Duane asked nosily.

Chris glared at him. “We’ll be right back.” Was all he said as he led me away. I glanced back at the twins who were staring back at us with amused, knowing looks. We went down the long hall of the house, the noises from conversation and laughter dimming. He led me into an unoccupied room, a spare bedroom. “Remember when we’d spend the night here as kids. This is where we guys had to sleep. I remember you got another bedroom all to yourself.” He smiled at me.

“Yeah, I remember.” I walked to the bed and, wrapping my hand around one of the corner posts, leaned against it. Awkwardly, Chris shut the door with a quiet thud. “So what is it you want to show me, Chris?” I asked, feigning ignorance. He approached me slowly, hesitantly. He stopped right in front of me and unceremoniously leaned down and kissed me. I returned his kiss, light and delicate. He pulled back, looking at me inquisitively. I smiled up at him. “Is that all you wanted?” I asked. He shook his head, grinning, and leaned down again. I felt his arms around my waist as he pressed his lips to mine again. This kiss was harder, his tongue expertly darting in and out of my mouth. I put my arms around his strong, broad back, pushing myself against him.

We must have kissed for several minutes. It was blissful. I must have thought about kissing my cousin a thousand times as a little girl and now I was doing it. As his chest brushed against mine, I felt my nipples tingling and hardening. My pussy was getting hot and uncomfortably damp. When I felt his hand carefully cup my left breast I pulled back a bit. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing.” I said. “It’s just that, what if someone comes in?”

He smiled reassuringly. “You know everyone always sits around in the kitchen bullshitting. No one will disturb us.” He began kissing me again, and his hand slowly caressed my tit. I wasn’t entirely sure about betsobet yeni giriş this, but when I felt his thumb gingerly rubbing my erect nipple, I decided I didn’t care. He kissed him with new enthusiasm, pressing myself against him harder. I felt a hard lump in the front of his jeans and knew he was getting a hard on. My heart fluttered; it felt like a big one.

He started squeezing my tit, making me moan involuntarily. Encouraged, I felt his other hand sliding down my back toward my ass. It slipped down the back of my shorts and I shuddered at the hot touch of his hand as he grabbed the flesh of my right buttock. “Oh, April.” Chris moaned. “You feel so good.” I reached down and untucked his shirt. Sliding my hands inside it and rubbed them all over his skin, enjoying the feel of his taut muscles. Following my cue, his hand quickly sought its way up my shirt and inside the cup of my bra. I again moaned into his mouth as I felt his strong hand massage my tit and pull my nipple. I pulled my shirt up over my hand, exposing my lacy bra to him, my breasts threatening to spill out of their cups. He leaned down and, pulling the cups down over my tits, sucked one of my nipples into his mouth.

A feeling akin to an electric shock traveled from the tip of my nipple to my toes. I bit my lower lip, loving the feel of it. He switched nipples, licking one then the other. My pussy was good and wet by this point, and I abandoned all fears of discovery. When he resumed kissing me on the mouth, I abruptly crouched down onto my knees. He looked puzzled at first, and then a sly smile appeared on his face. I fumbled with his pants, undoing them clumsily. The bulge from his erection was obvious through the fabric and I was anxious to see it. I pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees in one swift motion and nearly got slapped in the face by his unleashed manhood. It stuck out straight from his abdomen, fully erect. The tip of it was less than an inch from my nose. My eyes crossed as I tried to look at it so I pulled back a little. I gasped. It was the biggest one I’d ever seen. It must have been nine or ten inches long and was probably as big around as a soda can. Thick, blue veins crisscrossed the length of it. He was uncircumcised and the head of it was big and purple, a drop of moisture leaking from the narrow slit at the end. I looked in between his legs and saw his low-hanging, fat balls. I’d seen bulls with smaller nut sacks. I looked up at Chris and saw he was grinning with satisfaction. “Is this what you wanted to show me?” I asked, wide-eyed. He just chuckled. I looked back at the huge hunk of meat twitching an inch from my face. “God, you’re huge.” I breathed as I wrapped one of my hands around the hot, gummy shaft. I couldn’t get my fingers to meet as I began to slowly run my fist up and down his cock. Realizing I was going to need both hands, I wrapped my other one around his length. Each time I pushed my hands back and forth his cock head would flare. It was getting glossy as a drop of preliminary sperm bubbled from the tip. Impulsively, I leaned forward and licked it off with my tongue. It tasted sweet and tangy. I ran my tongue across the slit, licking up every bit of the liquid. Then I began to lick all around the fat crown, relishing the taste of the salty flesh. I wondered if I’d be able to take him in my mouth as I parted my lips to do so. It hurt the sides of my jaw, but I managed to get the whole head in my wet, hot mouth.

Chris leaned his head back and groaned as I began to slowly suck on his big knob. I’d only sucked a couple of dicks in my whole life and although I enjoyed it I didn’t think I was very experienced. But Chris seemed to like it when I slowly rubbed his shaft as I sucked, my tongue swirling all around. He began to push himself back and forth, in and out of my mouth, his hands on the back of my head. I noticed his balls swinging back and forth and hefted it with one of my hands. They felt heavy as I squeezed and pulled on them, bringing another moan out from Chris’ parted mouth. “Oh, oh, April! Oh, yeah that feels so good.” He said softly. I pulled my mouth away from his cock with a loud slurp and proceeded to lick all along the side of his shaft, still slowly pumping him with one hand. I could feel each bumpy vein beneath my eager lips as I make my way down to his pendulous scrotum. Lifting his nuts up with my hand, I proceeded to lap at them. His testicles were nearly hairless and I liked the feeling of the soft, loose skin. Gently, I drew one of his massive rocks into my mouth. Once more Chris groaned as I sucked on it carefully while I continued to jerk at his prick.

After a few moments of this I wanted the taste of his dick in my mouth again. I ran my tongue along betsobet güvenilirmi the underside of the pulsating organ before once again swallowing the tip. I brought both hands to bear once more, increasing the speed of my rhythm. “Oh, oh, April, oh yeah! Jerk it faster!” He hissed urgently. I ran my hands up and down it even faster and bobbed my head back and forth as Chris thrusted. “Oh, oh, oh, keep jerking! Don’t stop!” He commanded. Suddenly his body stiffened and he stopped thrusting his hips. His hands gripped my head so hard it almost hurt but still I continued to pull and suck his dick. “Oh, oh, fuck yeah!” Chris almost yelled as I felt his cock spasm in my hand. Then I tasted a wad of cum in my mouth. Surprised, I pulled away as another burst of ejaculate shot out his dick, catching me on the lips. “Oh keep jerking, baby!” I felt his cock throb in my hands as he continued to shoot his wad. I’d never seen a guy cum so much! It was everywhere; on my cheeks, on my neck and all over my tits. Still I jerked, squeezing out every drop of the white, sticky fluid.

He looked down at me, his breath coming in grating rasps. He smiled as she saw all the jism on my upturned face. I felt his cock twitching weakly in my hands as it began to dwindle in size. I slowly realized that I wasn’t going to get fucked, and the aching in my wet cunt was too much to bear. Then Chris reached down and, grabbing me under my arms, helped me up. Removing my bra, he guided me over to the bed and sat me down on it. Kneeling, he began to undo my shorts. I allowed him to slip my shorts and panties down and off. He stared at my trimmed muff for a few moments before laying his hand on my stomach, forcing me to lie down. Spreading my legs, he buried his face in my cunt.

I gasped in surprise as I felt his warm tongue against my hard clit, gently flicking it. I could never get any of my boyfriends to go down on me before, so I was ignorant of the pleasures of cunnilingus. Now as I felt Chris’ tongue slowly stimulate my clit, I knew I was missing out on something wonderful. As he expertly teased and nuzzled my clit, waves of delight coursed through my body, making me forget the uncomfortable feeling of his semen cooling on my skin. I began to wiggle my but up and down, grinding my cooze against his face. My pussy was so wet I could hear damp, smacking sounds as Chris licked and sucked like a starving man dining on a banquet. In seconds my toes were curling and I was panting uncontrollably. I was about to cum! I stuck my fingers in my mouth to keep from crying out as my body was wracked with joy, making me tremble.

As my orgasm subsided, Chris leaned up, grinning at me. I could see traces of my juices on his mouth. I was breathless and didn’t know what to say. When he crawled on his hands and knees, positioning himself above me I saw his dangling penis, now fully erect again. “Oh my god!” I gasped. I’d never known a guy who could get it up again so quickly. It looked like I was going to get fucked after all!

I scooted up on the bed to get more comfortable as Chris mounted me. He rubbed the engorged head of his rigid muscle against my still sensitive quim. “Be easy, okay. You’re too fucking big.” I pleaded. Chris nodded as he poked my pussy with the tip of his cock. I winced as it stretched my vagina open. Slowly he pushed himself in, lazily grinding back and forth. Soon the discomfort passed and I felt only the pleasure of a huge cock inside me. He began to fuck me slowly and rhythmically. I put my hands around his brawny arms as he quickened his pace. I moved my hips up and down to match his movements. I could feel his fat cock rubbing against my clit and I knew that in moments I’d be coming again. His heavy balls slapped my ass as he fucked me. “Ooohh! Oooh!” I moaned, trying to keep quiet. But I could feel myself coming even harder than before. Chris fucked me harder as I squirmed around, impaled on his monstrous penis. I couldn’t help it; I had to scream as I came. My cunt let loose a torrent of hot, sticky fluid, coating his still pounding cock. To silence me, Chris bent down and clamped his lips onto mine, heedless of his own dried sperm on my lips. I moaned into his mouth, biting his lips, as he coaxed not just one but three separate orgasms out of me. As I lay there panting, trying to recover, Chris sluggishly moved is swollen cock in and out me, waiting for me to come back to my senses. I abruptly become aware of someone else in the room. Alarmed, I glanced toward the foot of the bed and there stood Duane and Gary, shit-eating grins plastered on their faces and their erections in their hands. “How long have you two been there?” I panted.

“Long enough to see our brother fuck you senseless.” Gary said as he slowly betsobet giriş stroked his bobbing cock. I looked down at the twins’ penises. I smiled. Even their dicks were identical. They were each about seven inches in length; the base of each shaft was thick but narrowed toward a tapered head, curling up a little at the end.

“Well, would you two like to fuck me now?” I asked them feeling like a complete slut but not giving a damn at the moment. The boys merely nodded as they approached me. Somewhat reluctantly, Chris withdrew his slimy prick. “Hang on, cuz.” I told him. “I’m not through with you yet.” Getting up on all fours, I motioned for the twins to get in front of me and told Chris to fuck me doggie style. He seemed all too happy to comply and I groaned as I felt his massive shaft pierce me from a different angle. The twins dropped their pants and stuck their stiff rods in my face. Their nut sacks were much smaller than their big brother’s, round and tight and covered with thick pubic hair. But their dicks tasted just as sweet as I sucked first Duane’s, then Gary’s, and rapidly switching form one to the other. Since their cocks weren’t as thick as Chris’, I could swallow almost half of the shafts. As Chris rammed me from behind his strong hands squeezed and kneaded my plump ass cheeks. As I sucked Duane off, I guess Gary got impatient waiting for his turn and I felt him forcing his cock in the side of my mouth. I opened my mouth wider to accept his prick, and suddenly I had two cocks in my mouth. I looked up and the twins. They were moaning softly, stroking their cocks off as they slid them back and forth inside my mouth. They didn’t seem to mind their dicks touching, actually they seemed to enjoy the contact.

Chris groaned behind me as he thrust once more inside me before pulling his cock out and squirting his load all over my back and ass. “Jesus, Chris!” Duane marveled. “You cum like a fucking fire hose!” Chris slid his oozing cock in between my tight ass cheeks for a moment, sighing with pleasure. He then clumsily lay back against the headboard of the bed, his eyes glazed with pleasure. Leaning up slowly to my knees, I grasped the twins’ pricks I slid them out of my mouth. I rubbed their purple heads together and grinned at them as they moaned and shivered. Slapping their cocks against one another a few times, I told Gary to lie down on the bed. He lay down on his back, his long penis bouncing of his stomach. Straddling his midsection, I grabbed his cock and inserted it inside me.

“Ahhhh!” He cried and I was afraid for a moment he’d come. I was still, letting Gary get used the sensation of my wet cunt while I sucked his brother’s cock some more. After a second I felt Gary moving beneath me, sliding his cock up and down, slowly fucking me. I smiled down at him and saw that he was watching me suck Duane’s dripping wiener. His head was beneath and just under Duane’s legs, so he had a perfect view. I began bouncing up and down on him. I could feel some of Chris’ spunk running down the small of my back and the crack of my ass. I imagined it running onto Gary’s pounding dick, further lubricating it. He felt good inside me, but after Chris’ horse dick, I felt oddly unsatisfied. I then got an idea.

“I want you to fuck me, too.” I told Duane. He looked confused for a moment, and then his face brightened, as he understood. He climbed onto the bed and got behind me. Putting his knees on each side of his brother’s splayed legs, he carefully guided his prick inside my pussy. Gary groaned beneath me as he felt his brother’s cock sliding against his own.

“Goddamn!” He said. “That’s fucking tight!” It was tight, and a little painful, but it was also wonderful. The sensation of two separate dicks fucking me was incredible and I began panting again. I glanced over at Chris. He was reclined against the headboard, stroking his flaccid tool as he watched his little brothers fuck me. It didn’t take long for me to come, and I held back my moans as best I could. I felt the bed shake as Chris got up. Suddenly his half-hard organ was in my face and I found myself blindly sucking at it, my moans muffled. I was amazed as it slowly began to expand in my mouth. “Oh, I’m gonna cum!” Gary gruffly moaned beneath me.

“Ah, me too!” Duane said, his thrusts sharper and more urgent. I felt each boy’s cock twitch and spurt inside me, the hot cum leaked out my pussy onto Gary’s bucking body. Without a word, Chris shot a load, much smaller than his previous two, into my mouth. I swallowed it desperately as my orgasm shook my sweating body. Exhausted, I fell onto Gary, trying to catch my breath. The twins’ slowly moved their cocks around inside me, but they were rapidly deflating. Chris collapsed to the floor, understandably spent. We laid like that for some time, our family just down the hallway completely forgotten. Eventually Duane rolled off from on top of me and stretched out on the bed. I got off Gary and laid on my back, laughing with contented pleasure. I guess family reunions weren’t so bad after all.

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