A Dutiful Daughter

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Victoria heard the front door bang. She stopped typing on her laptop, pushed her chair back, and rushed out onto the landing to see what was happening. At the bottom of the stairs her father was standing with his back against the door. He was breathing hard.

Suddenly the letterbox slot was pushed open and a man’s voice called, “Sir Robert? Just a couple of questions. Any chance?”

Victoria’s father gave no sign he’d heard. She could hear him muttering, “Bastards, bastards, bastards,” with great intensity as she hurried toward him.

“Daddy?” she asked in concern. “Are you all right?”

For a few seconds Sir Robert Peters seemed not to see or hear his daughter. He was trembling with rage and embarrassment from having struggled through the mob of reporters gathered outside his house in anticipation of his being found guilty of insider trading at the end of a high-profile court case.

Victoria touched her father’s arm. “Daddy?”

“Oh, darling!” he cried, enveloping her body with his and burying his face in her hair. “You believe in me, don’t you, Vicky? You know I didn’t do those things they say I did?”

He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him. His eyes were wild.

“Of course, Daddy,” she said. “You know I don’t.”

“Oh, good girl. That’s my good girl,” he said, reaching out to stroke her cheek. “Can I have a hug?”

Victoria put her arms around her father and clasped herself against his chest. As she did so, she started in surprise when she suddenly felt him slide his hands down over the taut material of her jeans and cup her buttocks in his hands. Holding her tight, he stroked, caressed, and kneaded the firm mounds, whispering again and again, “Oh Vicky. You’re Daddy’s best girl, aren’t you?” Victoria was shocked when she realized his penis was growing hard against her groin.

“Daddy — I don’t –“

“Vicky, darling –” her father groaned. “You know what I need, don’t you? To help me forget for a while?”

“Daddy — please –“

Without warning her father slapped her across the face. Not hard, but the shock brought tears to Vicky’s eyes. She knew it was useless to protest any further and she got to her knees in front of him, reaching up to unzip his pants.

Carefully, she took out his cock, as she had done so many times before. It was big and hard, the tip already glistening wet with his arousal. Her father spoke softly. “Suck me, darling,” he said, pressing himself into her mouth. “I need to release the tension.”

The head of her father’s cock was huge and swollen, sensitive to the touch. Big purple veins ran up the underside. It was smooth and uncircumcised, smelling faintly of the cologne he used.

“Just suck it,” he implored her. “It’s not like fucking, darling. It’s like kissing. Just kiss my cock.”

Looking up, Victoria’s eyes met her father’s and she pressed her lips to his hard prick and kissed the swollen glans. She took him inside her mouth, ovaling her lips over the thick head and taking in half his shaft. She sucked gently on the head and caressed the sensitive skin on the underside with her tongue. Then, tugging on his balls, she began to move his thick cock in and out of her mouth. Slick with her saliva, her father’s prick made loud, slurping noises as it glided back and forth.

Her father’s hands were running through her hair as she sucked him. “That’s so good,” he said. “That’s just what I need, baby, just what I need. Suck me, darling.”

Victoria took his prick in deeper, and for longer periods of time, letting him withdraw so she could suck firmly at the swollen head and then suckling the full length back into her mouth. Her father thrust his hips back and forth, his movements beginning to intensify. Victoria caressed his swollen balls in her fingers and felt them tighten.

Suddenly her father took hold of her head and began to really fuck her face. It was as if he felt the need to thrust hard, to stuff her mouth with his prick. Victoria knew he was close to the edge, the explosion he needed to release the tension that had filled him all day.

“Let me fuck your throat, darling,” he was saying, holding her head and thrusting deeply. “I know it’s hard to take the whole thing, I know it’s hard and big, but please, open your mouth, open your throat, swallow me up. I’ve got to give it all to you.”

Victoria tried to keep pace with his pounding. Finally she resolved to keep her head still and let him follow his rhythm. He pulled her head to him as he pressed his cock in deep. He humped her face while ramming her throat with his cock until she could tell he was about to climax, the sperm surging in his balls. He was ramming himself hard and fast to release the flow.

She hardly tasted the first Disney plus izle drops of cum signaling the imminent release of the entire load from his tight, hard balls and duplicated the spasms she felt moving up the long shaft with contractions of her slippery fingers. Her mouth was filled with his helpless, stricken prick to beyond believable capacity.

“Oh god!” her father gasped, taking her head in his large hands. Victoria’s lips stretched and pulled around the slipping thickness of his cock, froth forming at the corners of her mouth whenever she took another plunging suck. She tasted more of the warm, sticky fluid seeping out of his hugely swollen glans. Despite herself, its salty flavor made her wet between the legs, soaking the denim of her jeans.

Victoria continued moving her mouth up and down the glistening shaft. As it throbbed and expanded, she sucked with tiny drawing pulls at the engorged tip and then it erupted. The gushes of hot thick liquid spurted against the back of her mouth and almost choked her. While she gulped them down, her hand gripped tightly at the shaft until she finished swallowing, just in time to release the next load. She sucked again, drawing the warm globs of semen from the throbbing head as she milked the shaft, pumping it over and over. Her father gripped her face tightly as she gulped the spurting streams down her throat, filling her stomach with his rich, creamy cum.

Even before his orgasm had completely subsided, Victoria’s father slid the wet, slippery shaft of his penis from his daughter’s mouth, a thin string of semen still connecting her lower lip to the glans. He pulled her to her feet. “Come on. Let’s go upstairs,” he said.

He spent the next two hours fucking his daughter in her bedroom, finally making her turn onto her stomach so he could bury his cock in the depths of her bottom. Time and again he emptied his balls into her bowels, withdrew and forced her to suck him clean before doing it again.

A dutiful daughter, Victoria was helping her father in the only way she was able.

* * * * *


Victoria watched her grandmother pour coffee from an antique silver coffeepot. She could see the old woman’s hand was shaking.

“Confounded thing,” her grandmother said as she missed the cup with the hot liquid and spilled some in the butter dish.

“I’ll get it, Grandmama,” Victoria said as she leaned forward and mopped up the mess with a napkin.

“Thank you, darling,” her grandmother said. “What time did you say the car was due to pick up your father?”

“At six this morning. The car would be waiting and bring him straight here,” she said patiently. Her grandmother had asked her the same question five or six times in the last hour.

“Oh, good,” the old woman said distractedly. Then she added, “Nine months! I do hope he’s all right. A dreadful place like that –“

Suddenly there was a commotion in the street outside the house and Victoria jumped up. Thick lace curtains blocked the view from the window behind her and she carefully lifted one edge to look out. As she did so Victoria noticed the flimsy, spring-loaded rod holding up the heavy curtains was under strain and she made sure not to pull them. If the rod fell the cameras would flash and her face, filled with concern about her father’s return, would be on the television news and all the front pages the next morning.

A car glided to a stop in front of the house. Cameramen and reporters thronged round it. “He’s here, Grandmama!” Victoria called out. Quickly she went and opened the door expecting her father and his lawyer to hurry in. But they didn’t. Her father put down the small bag he was holding and beckoned to her.

Reluctantly Victoria walked through the mass of reporters who were shouting “Sir Robert! Over here, Sir Robert!” as their cameras flashed, microphones and mobiles thrust into his face, falling over themselves to ask questions.

When Victoria was by her father’s side he gave her a kiss on the cheek, repeating it several times for the cameras. Then he read a short, prepared statement. Victoria listened but didn’t take it in: she knew her father felt he should not have been prosecuted, the letters he had written to her in the last nine months had said the same thing over and over.

At last her father’s lawyer stepped forward, waving his hands. “Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, Sir Robert will be giving no further comment at the present time,” he said and then climbed into the car, which moved away through the throng.

Victoria followed her father into the doorway of the house where he urged her to turn and pose for a moment, his arm round her waist, waved to the reporters, and then hustled her inside.

“Ma, how nice to see you!” Sir Robert said when he saw his mother was there. He went Exxen izle to hug her.

“And you, dear. You’ve lost weight. It rather suits you,” she said kissing him on both cheeks.

“Thank you darling,” he said, putting his arm round her and gently steering her to the door. “You must let Vicky and I take you out for dinner tonight so we can celebrate my release. Will you get a cab here for 7.30? The media will still be camped out in front so wear something elegant and expensive!”

Victoria could see her grandmother was confused. She had expected to stay and hear about her son’s ordeal in prison. But he was very obviously hurrying her out. The old woman’s face became set and she said quietly, “Of course, Robert. I’ll see you both then. Goodbye, Victoria darling,” she said.

“Bye, Grandmama,” Victoria said, anxious her grandmother should close the door before any photographers could snatch another shot.

The door closed and her father stood still for a minute, breathing in the smell of his home.

“Thank you for coming outside,” he said stiffly. “You know how it is. Mustn’t let the bastards see how I really feel.”

“Of course,” Victoria said. “I didn’t mind.”

Her father ran his fingers through his hair. It had turned fully gray. Then he looked at her.

“I missed you,” he said in an emotional voice.

“I missed you too, Daddy,” Victoria said, her eyes welling up.

Her father opened his arms and Victoria walked over to him. He hugged her tightly, stroking his hands over her hair as he breathed in its fragrance. Then she stepped back slightly and looked up into her father’s face, wondering if he had changed. She could see lines etched deep into his face. She reached up and stroked his cheek with her hand. He cupped her hand in his and began to kiss her palm.

“Daddy –” Victoria started to say and then stopped, uncertain if it was the right moment. Before her father’s arrest and the trial Victoria had found herself unable to refuse her father’s sexual advances. Faced with the prospect of imprisonment, he had spent the remaining hours of his freedom enjoying the distraction of making love to her. Victoria knew she should have resisted but she loved him and found herself powerless to object.

But while he had been in prison Victoria realized there had been precious little love involved when he pulled his cock from her pussy and forced its length into her bottom, crying out in ecstatic release as he spurted his sperm into her rectum. And she had changed in the last nine months. More than anything she wanted to get to know her father, wanted desperately to be reassured he really loved her.

“You kept your faith in me, didn’t you,” he said as he led the way into the living room. “I could tell from your letters. You told me how much you missed me, how much you were looking forward to my coming home when they let me out. Well, I’m here now, darling. You don’t have to miss me anymore. Every minute of every day I thought of you. Oh Vicky, I missed you so much. Your beautiful face, your beautiful body.”

“Daddy — I need to talk to you –” Victoria started to say, wanting to explain to him how she felt. She tried to pull her hand back, but her father held it tight.

“Night after night I thought of nothing else. How much I missed you, how much I wanted you. How you’d help me forget that terrible place –“

“Daddy — please — don’t!” Victoria tried hard to wrest her hand from her father’s grip and back away from him.

“Vicky, please!” her father snapped at her. “Don’t make me force you: this isn’t how I imagined it would be. All those nights I lay awake, picturing us together, in your room, you and I together on your bed, making love repeatedly, curling up in each other’s arms…”

Victoria looked at her father’s face and realized right now all he wanted from her once again was sexual release. It was pointless to object or try to fight him. What he didn’t get by pleading he would take by force.

“Let me undress,” she said in a barely audible voice.

Her father released her hand and Victoria saw his fingers were trembling with excitement and anticipation as he took off his jacket and started to unbutton his shirt. He stripped off his shoes and socks, opened the belt of his pants, and pushed them down his legs. As she watched, Victoria unbuttoned her jeans, hooked her fingers inside the waistband, and eased her jeans and panties down over the swell of her ass. She pulled her t-shirt over her head, seeing the hunger in her father’s eyes as her breasts bounced on her chest. She knew they were bigger, fuller than when he had last seen them. Her father stripped off his briefs and stood in front of her, the column of his cock jutting out from his groin, quivering with the intensity of his desire.

Victoria said quietly, “How do you want Gain tv izle me?”

Her father laughed with delight and said, “Please, darling, over there,” he said, indicating the sofa by the window. “Turn around so I can look out of the window while we make love. Oh, the looks on the faces of those bloody reporters if they could see what we were doing!”

Victoria turned and bent at the waist, stretching her arms across the back of the sofa, her breasts mounded against the soft leather. Then she spread her legs and waited for her father to enter her.

He moved up behind her and put his hand gently on her hips. Victoria jumped a little when she felt the head of his cock touch the lips of her pussy, pushing them open. For a moment he did no more than rub his glans back and forth, teasing her clit then sliding just an inch or so into the opening, waiting for her cream to flow. As soon as it did, he pressed further in, slowly working the head of his cock into her body with little, shallow thrusts.

Almost involuntarily Victoria opened her mouth and moaned softly. Her father heard the sound and steadied himself with both hands on her hips as in one smooth thrust he drove full length into her cunt. Despite herself, Victoria shuddered with pleasure at the blissful sensation. It had been nine months for her, too.

For long minutes the only sound in the room was the rhythmic slap of her father’s belly against her hips as he plowed his cock back and forth, the force of his thrusts making Victoria moan with pleasure despite herself. Victoria heard her father muttering and she knew his eyes were focused on the reporters and cameramen still milling about outside.

Deep inside her pussy Victoria felt the thick column of her father’s cock start to swell. He was close to coming. And Victoria suddenly knew what she wanted. Wanted more than anything.

“Wait Daddy!” she cried. “In my ass! Fuck me in my ass!”

“Oh God, darling — yes!” her father groaned in excitement. He slid his cock from the clasp of Victoria’s pussy and climbed onto the sofa so he could straddle her upturned ass and reach down to hold his prick in his hand to position it against the entrance. He started to push but her anus resisted his entry.

“I’m dry, Daddy,” Victoria pleaded. “Use the butter,” she said, nodding toward the breakfast tray.

Her father quickly hurried over and thrust three fingers and his thumb in the glass dish, coating them liberally. A moment later Victoria whimpered as her father prized open the tight muscle of her anus with one finger, giving her little time to relax before he worked in two more up to the knuckle. He buried his face in her neck, biting and nipping at the soft skin as he plowed his fingers back and forth and whispered in her ear, “Oh darling, I missed this so much.”

“Me too, Daddy,” Victoria moaned. “And I’m ready now. Put your cock in my asshole.”

Her father slid his fingers from the tight grip of Victoria’s sphincter and once more positioned the head of his cock on the puckered entrance. This time there was no resistance and the bulging head of his cock slid into her back passage with a loud slurping noise. The butter was the perfect lubricant.

Victoria gasped as the thick column of flesh entered her, inch after inch sliding past the tight grip of her anal sphincter and up into her rectum. She had forgotten how incredibly full her asshole felt when her father sodomized her and she groaned softly as his glans pushed its way into her bowels.

With superhuman willpower her father did not thrust deep and hard as he had in her pussy. Squatting over her he held still so Victoria could relax her anus around his invading cock as he reached between her body and the sofa so he could fill his hands to overflowing with the globes of her breasts, the pink nipples stiff between his fingers.

Leaning down, his breath hissed in her ear, his teeth closed round the lobe of her ear, his cock swelled impossibly huge in the depths of her ass. Victoria knew her father was about to climax and she said, very softly, “Just look at them out there, Daddy. If only they could see what you’re doing to your own daughter’s bottom. Filling it to the brim with your big hard cock and lots of creamy cum –“

Unable to hold back any longer, her father groaned in ecstasy as his hips spasmed and his balls pumped a huge mass of semen from the head of his prick. Victoria felt the hot liquid gush into her bowels and she knew that, once again, she had done what her father demanded of her. But it was for the last time. No longer was she prepared to be his sexual plaything.

Victoria reached her hand out and grabbed a handful of the lace curtains. She pulled and the flimsy rod collapsed. Her father, naked, squatting above her, his hands filled with her breasts, his eyes closed with the intense pleasure of jetting his spunk deep into her bowels, could be seen clearly by all the reporters and television cameramen waiting outside the house.

Victoria’s days of being a dutiful daughter were over.


┬ę Alex Barton, 2021

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