A Dog Walk to Remember

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I’d met her when I was out walking the dog. It really is true what they say about dogs being a magnet for women as whenever I took Deloris for a walk women would approach me at a far higher rate than then when I was all alone. Her name was Abby and she was dressed in those tight workout pants ladies where when they were not working out. I wasn’t complaining as they hugged her body and left very little to the imagination. Her top was a simple tee but it was snug fit and gave me a great view of her ample curves. Her hair was short and dark and draped over her blue eyes giving her a sense of mystery. She told me she lived just around the corner and I offered to walk her back as Deloris seems smitten with her.

As we walked she strolled in front of me giving me an amazing view of her ass while she swayed side to side. Her ass was tight and firm and as she walked my mind started to fill with naughty images of what I’d like to do to her. At one point she bent over to tie her shoes and my gaze turned into a stare occupying my full brain function. I only snapped out of it when I realized she was cleared her throat on purpose and I realized she caught me and I was greeted with her staring back and smiling. We crossed the street and reached my apartment where I invited her in for a drink. She accepted and as we crossed the threshold I freed the dog from her leash. As I turned to hang it up we ended up face to face with her up against the wall. I stretched past her body with my hand to hang up the leash which brought my face inches from hers. Her lips were glistening and inviting. I hung the leash and dropped my hand down esenyurt escort to her side and rested it on those pants I had been admiring and pulled her face to mine.

Our mouths met with a spark of heat as I pushed my body against her pinning her to the wall as she wrapped her legs around me pulling my now growing cock between her thighs. My hand slipped under her pants feeling her firm ass and discovering there was nothing on underneath them. As our tongues ran across each other I ran my other hand up her body and took her firm breast into my hand. Her nipple hardened as my fingers traced over it she let out a moan into my neck. Her hips began thrusting against me as I teased her nipple and ran my fingers lower down her ass to where i could feel her wetness forming.

Knowing the direction things were heading I kicked the door shut with my foot and took her hand in mine leading us up my stairs and into my bedroom. I led her into the room in front of me and pushed her against the bed. Her ass pushed back towards me as I held onto her hips. My fingers found the edges of her pants and peeled them down her body and off her feet. My face traveled down her with my hands. As I licked my way down across her hips and ass I spread her open with my hands and slid my tongue down over her ass and across her lips. Her juices were already flowing and tasted sweet as I pushed my tongue deep into her searching for the source of her pleasure. My hands on her hips pulled her back into my face as I raced my tongue up and down her. As I ran my tongue down towards her clit I felt her fingers appear rubbing avrupa yakas─▒ escort herself fast and hard as she began to moan.

I stood up and took her by the hips flipping her over onto her back, her legs going up in the air and spread wide. My face returned between her legs and were joined by my fingers which were now covered in her juices. I ran my fingers across her lips before gently pushing them inside her. Looking up I saw her back arch as she moaned as I pushed deeper into her. My fingers ran up and down her insides searching in vain for a magical spot that would make her cover me in her hot cum. As I moved faster I wrapped my mouth around her clit, and she rewarded me by screaming out my name. I felt her getting tight on my fingers and her hips began moving faster under my mouth. She was at the point where her body was beginning to spasm and she was short of breath. Knowing she was close I moved my tongue faster across her, combining it with my lips to cover her pussy with my mouth. Her orgasm came fast and she exploded, coating me in her cum as i kept licking her. As she began to come down from her initial bliss I stuck my tongue all the way out and ran it across her clit over and over. She began spasming again, and her pussy clamped down on my fingers so hard I could barely move them.

I stood up and dropped my pants as she looked up at me. As I took my legs out of my pants in the sexiest way possible (without falling down) she pulled her shirt over her head leaving us both naked. As I stood back up the tip of my cock landed anadolu yakas─▒ escort on her pussy sending her hips towards me. I ran myself across her, covering my cock in her juices. Leaning down I took one of her nipples into my mouth and began pushing against her. Each time I moved my hips across her until my head rested on her clit. I reached down and took her feet placing them on my shoulders spreading her open for me. Her hands moved to her own breasts massaging herself as I pushed into her. Her pussy was soaking wet and tight from her earlier orgasms and I could feel her juices run down my cock and balls.

I took her by the hips and began pushing deep and fast into her. Her fingers slipping down off her tits and onto her clit which was now hidden by the blur of fingers. After being so hard for so long while i went down on her I knew now inside her I didn’t have long to go before I flooded her with my cum. As I fucked her with all I had in me she began to beg for more, her hands playing her clit in ways that made her pussy grab onto me. I felt myself leaking inside her as I grew close to exploding. As I began to throb she clamped down on me harder and began screaming as her orgasm overtook her. I took my hand and began to rub her clit fast, sending her orgasm into overdrive and extending it until she was shaking from tongue to toes. I was close to exploding but she felt so good I slowed down to hold off my orgasm to savor her longer. As I looked into her eyes and fingered her clit I heard the unmistakable noise of the front door opening followed by the familiar voice of my roommate Amber calling my name as she walked up the stairs towards my room..

Abby had a sudden look of terror in her face as she jumped off the bed and before I could say anything grabbed her clothes and jumped into the closet closing the door behind her. I was left standing there naked with my cock glistening with her juices as the door swung open and there stood Amber…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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