A Different Kind Of Fairytale Ch. 02

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(this is the second part of the ‘A Different Kind of Fairytale’ story)

Prince Charming sighed as Princess Clarissa started fondling his cock through his satin pajamas. The woman was insatiable. Three month after getting married she was not yet pregnant and she was getting desperate.

Already her family had started casting aspersions on Prince Charming’s ability to perform, but that was not the problem. He had been obediently servicing her these three long months since the wedding and he wished nothing more than for her to get pregnant and leave him the hell alone. The Prince had made a pact with his father; up until now he had kept to his side of the bargain and as soon as his wife got pregnant the King would have to activate his promise. And that promise was that he would send his horsemen out with his most trusted servant and they were to find Frederick and bring him back to the palace. Poor broken-hearted Frederick had fled on the day of Prince Charming’s wedding. The sight of that old bossy boot of a Princess at his man’s side was too much to bear.

As his wife stroked his cock Prince Charming thought about the lovely Fred and the warmth of his silken ass. How he would love to have him in bed right now and roger him senseless. He wished there was something he could do to his little swimmers to help them along. Suddenly an idea leapt into his brain and once there would not be dislodged.

‘Give me a minute.’ He told his wife.

He leapt out of bed and pulled on his velvet dressing gown. Rummaging through his jewelry box he found his least favorite trinket, which was still worth a year’s wages to most of the servants. He ran down stairs and took a small jar from the kitchen. A gormless, spotty lad was in there peeling potatoes and Prince Charming decided that he would do. He fished the ring out of his pocket and held it in front of the lad’s face and watched as his sleepy eyes widened in surprise.

‘How would you like this ring?’ Prince Charming asked.

‘Are you serious, sir?’ the lad asked,

‘Absolutely. You do what I want and this ring is yours.’ he said. ‘You have to agree to my conditions though. You are to ask no questions, just do as I instruct; it will only take a few minutes. And, most importantly, you are to keep this to yourself. You are not to breathe a word of this to anyone.’

‘I understand sire.’ the lad answered.

How difficult could it be, he wondered. He had heard rumors about Prince Charming. Perhaps the horny bugger wanted to suck him off, thought the lad.

Prince Charming took the jar out of his pocket and told the lad to jerk off and shoot his cum into the jar.

‘Go on lad.’ Prince Charming chided. ‘Remember, if you want the ring you’ve got to do exactly as I say.’

The poor lad was dumbstruck. His thought processes were not very quick and he had just about reconciled himself to getting sucked off, but this request was most odd. Still, with the proceeds from the sale of the ring he could buy his own farm. He whipped his cheesy cock out and quickly worked it into a hard on.

‘That’s it, lad. Shoot that spunk!’ Prince Charming voice broke with excitement.

How he wished that he had had more time to extract the precious nectar from this gormless lad. He would have loved to have stroked and kissed that cock and get it to the point of explosion. The lad’s fingers flew over his thin cock and fear of getting caught mingled with the excitement of jerking off for a prince, and the satisfaction of being rewarded so handsomely.

‘Hurry lad, get that fuckin’ spunk right into the jar.’ Prince Charming whispered.

It was all too much for the kitchen lad. His knees buckled as thick ropes of spunk blasted out of his cock. The first one landed on Prince Charming’s hand while the rest hit the target.

‘Sorry sir, I didn’t mean to soil your hand.’ The lad said.

To his astonishment the Prince licked the spunk off his hand and then handed the lad the ring.

‘Is this really mine sir?’

‘Absolutely. Just remember to keep to your side of the bargain. In fact, why don’t you pack your bags? Come and see me just before lunch. I’ll give you money enough to make a new start, and a glowing reference.’

Wow. This just got better and better. ata┼čehir vip escort And Prince Charming, having decided to pay the lad off, decided to get his money’s worth. He took the kitchen lad’s spent cock into his mouth and cleaned it off.

The prince hurried back to the bedroom and put the jar on the floor close to the bed. Once more Prince Clarissa tried to arouse him and this time it worked a treat. Memories of spotty lad’s thin cock and his tasty spunk got him throbbing in no time. Now he quickly reached down and poured the spunk into his hand and then coated his hard cock with it and entered his wife. He was so turned on by his devious deed that he fucked really, really well. So good, in fact, that for once she was satisfied and walked around all day with this incredible glow on her face. And looking at her, the prince knew; he just knew that the goofy lad’s potent spunk had knocked her up.

When the lad came to see him Prince Charming could not resist increasing his offer.

He took three gold coins and put them on the table and watched the lad’s eyes come alive with greed. Looking at the coins the lad realized that not only could he buy a farm but cows, sheep, ducks and geese too. He was rich beyond his wildest dreams. But now the prince took another three gold coins and put them on the other side of the table.

‘These three coins are what I promised you.’ The prince told him. ‘And these other three coins are yours if you do something for me.’

‘Yes, sir?’ the lad asked expectantly.

‘I want you to fuck me in the arse.’ Prince Charming told him.

‘But what about the Princess?’ asked the lad.

‘She is occupied elsewhere in the castle. It will only take up ten minutes of your time, judging by how quickly you blow.’

The lad grinned.

‘I accept the challenge sire.’ he said.

Prince Charming locked the door and dropped his breeches. The lad quickly did the same and thinking about his fianc├ęe back home he quickly popped a boner and stepped up to the royal bumhole. He was surprised at how quickly and easily his cock slid into the royal arse but he realized that the prince had already lubricated himself. Grabbing hold of the prince’s hips the kitchen lad pumped for all he was worth. And that hot little hole, that gripped his cock so tight, was like nothing he had ever experienced before. With one eye on the gold on the table he set about giving the prince a right royal bonking. He huffed and puffed and he thrust and stuffed and he knew he was doing something right because the sounds that emanated from Prince Charming’s throat were driven by lust and he could tell that he was jerking off. And together they reached the pinnacle and were flung into the exquisitely empty space of orgasm.

The well pleased lad just about sprinted away from the castle. One minute he had been peeling a mountain of potatoes and now here he was with a fabulous ring and six cold coins in his pocket. And a glowing reference signed by the prince himself, the very prince whose arse he had pumped full of spunk. Oh, it was a crazy world! That simple country lad decided he was very glad that a spot of craziness had touched his life. It was enough to last a lifetime but it would set him up for life too. He almost wished that the prince had offered him extra gold coins to be fucked; judging by the way the prince was jerking that cock of his, and the sounds he was making, the royal arse was experiencing a whole heap of pleasure.

Meantime in his family’s hovel Frederick was struggling to survive. He cursed that fact that he had been so hasty in giving up his job at the palace but his jealousy had been unbearable. One night of passion with Prince Charming had been enough for him to fall completely and utterly in love. Since returning to his homeland he had found a few lads who didn’t mind a romp in the hay. To these lusty lads a hole was a hole and as few girls ever put out before their wedding night lads like Frederick had their uses. But it was love that Frederick wanted: sweet, tender love; oh, and being fed chocolates by a prince wasn’t half bad either.

Suddenly there was a commotion outside. He could hear voices and dogs barking and then the sound of his father’s booming voice.

‘The king! ├╝sk├╝dar otele gelen escort The King!’ his father shouted as he flung open the door. ‘The King has sent for you!’

‘Are you sure?’ Frederick asked.

‘Come see for yourself.’ His father said. ‘Oh, we shall have wages again and beer enough to wash down a poor man’s bread.’

Ignoring his father’s greed Frederick hurried outside to see that these were indeed members of the King’s household staff. The King’s learned servant read him a decree that Frederick should be found and returned to the royal palace where he was to employed as Prince Charming’s personal servant. Frederick’ asshole twitched. His prince had sent for him! Fred quickly tied up his few meager belongings and set off with the King’s servants. He was sitting behind one of the beefy horsemen and holding on tight and decided there and then that if Prince Charming could have two lovers so could he.

That evening the party stopped at an inn where they had a meal the likes of which Fred had not seen for close on six months. Oh, how he had missed it. He listened to all the palace gossip, the most important of which was that the princess was pregnant. Fred felt a little downhearted when he heard that but the horseman, to whom he had been clinging all afternoon, patted his knee and he felt a lot better. He felt light headed with beer and was pleased when the party decided to call it a night. He had hardly settled in his bed when there was a light knock on the door. Fred opened it to reveal the horseman clad only in his nightshirt!

‘Tell me if I’m wrong,’ the handsome horseman said ‘but I think I’ve got something that you want.’

Fred reached out and fondled the man’s heavy equipment through the thin cotton.

‘You had better come in.’ he said.

As soon as they were back in bed the big man wrapped his arms around Fred and kissed the back of his neck. The young man shivered in anticipation as his large cock sprang up underneath his nightshirt.

‘What a good day this has been,’ the horseman said ‘having a pretty lad clutching onto me all afternoon long and now here you are in my arms at last.’

‘Mmmm the luck is all mine, having you big broad back to lean against all day, and I like the feel of that thick cock rubbing against me. now’ Fred told him.

‘You do know, don’t you, that this will be our first and only fuck?’ the horseman said.

‘Why so?’ Frederick asked.

‘Oh come now, lad.’ The big guy chuckled. ‘We all know what being Prince Charming’s personal servant means, don’t we. You are to become his private bum boy. And I have a very stout, and jealous, wife so I don’t think it would be worth my life trying to have you again.’

‘That’s a shame.’ Fred said as he turned to face his handsome conquest.’ You will have to make it up to me by giving me your very best fuck.’

‘Oh me lusty lad, I will, I will.’

And now their lips met for the first time and all thoughts of Prince Charming flew out of the window as Fred surrendered to a man’s needs. Those big, strong hands lifted his nightshirt and caressed his firm butt cheeks. Fred’s needs grew ever stronger and he reached down a lifted the horseman’s nightshirt too and quickly found the object of his desiring. His right hand closed around that thick, warm cock. It felt rock solid under very loose skin and Fred realized that the head was still fully enclosed in foreskin even though the big buy had a massive throbber. He needed this cock, had to have it, and now he reluctantly broke off the kiss and slid down the bed.

The scent of a man’s crotch filled his nostrils and almost triggered his orgasm. It was unlike anything on earth and all the bath oils and perfumes in the world could not compete with the pure, unadulterated scent of sex. Fred threw back the covers and whipped off his nightshirt and made his lover divest his too. Now Fred buried his nose in his hunk’s fat, furry balls and inhaled once more his heady scent before taking each one, in turn, into mouth and licking them like they were the most delicious morsel on earth.

‘Oh fuck…’ the big man moaned ‘nobody has ever done that to me before.’

Hearing the hunger and pleasure in his lover’s voice made Fred want to ├žekmek├Ây rus escort do even better. He licked up the fat shaft until he came to the guarded jewel and slowly forced the foreskin back with his tongue. He was rewarded with the tangy juices of a fully skinned man; this was beyond ambrosia and for a moment Fred even forgot his own name as he nursed on that fat, juicy cockhead. And as he licked and slobbered his hands alternated playing over the hunk’s flat, furry stomach and teasing his fully laden balls. Fred just knew that there was a massive load stored up in those orbs and he was determined to milk every last drop out of them.

But the young lad was too good; never had the hunky horseman been taken care of this way and he was dangerously close to exploding. He pulled Fred up for another kiss and felt the pleasure of their two hard cocks crushed up against each other and their chest hair intermingling. As he kissed the horseman stroked Fred’s back, feeling the muscles dance under the smooth skin. And now he dipped lower, onto those firm globes of fuckflesh. There was something about this young man that really turned him on; he was so masculine to look at and yet so accommodating, so needy, that he was almost feminine in his appeal. The big guy wanted to hold him, and protect him and to pleasure him until he trembled and switched back into masculine mode: he wanted to hear that horny groan and see that thick pool of creamy spunk. Damn, there was something about young Fred that almost made the horseman want to turn over onto his belly!

Fortunately Fred’s need was greater than his own and once more he slid down the horseman’s body and fastened his mouth to his rigid cock and coated it with the only lubrication he had available to him. Unless…unless… it was worth a try. Getting off the horseman Fred turned to face his feet and lowered his mouth onto that juicy cock again. Almost instantly the horseman’s hot tongue darted into Fred’s hungry bumhole. Fred knew then that this was going to be one special night. The minutes flew by with each pleasuring the other in the most intimate way and now Fred was ready. He turned around once more and impaled himself on that fat cock, gritting his teeth against the pain as he did so.

‘Oh lad, you’re so tight!’ the horseman groaned.

Fred squirmed around on that rigid pole, trying to adjust to its massive girth. And then, at last, the pain eased as his lover started to gently stroke. They soon found their rhythm, working in perfect harmony for the ultimate goal. In the warm candle lit glow the handsome horseman looked like someone straight out of a fairytale; this was the dashing prince or the valiant hero, only instead of getting his girl he was filling Fred to perfection. The hunk’s eyes were closed and the look on his face told Fred that he was in ecstasy; Fred’s arsehole was very relaxed now and he was starting to feel the pleasure that he knew would be his if only he endured. The feel of the big man’s hands on his hips made him feel really special somehow and the gentleness of his stroking touched a tender spot in Fred’s heart. If life was fair he would have a man like this all to himself.

On and on the horseman fucked. And now Fred’s body was totally consumed by their mating. Each stroke triggered another mini wave of ecstasy that rushed through him, crashing against the previous wave. His own cock had reawakened and Fred stroked it now, feeling the delicious tingle in his precum slicked cockhead as he drew the foreskin back and forth. Oh to be fucked like this forever! It felt as if the big man’s cock had somehow travelled up inside his own, intensifying its responses and whipping it up into a state of frenzy. He was close, so desperately close and as he looked down he could tell by the horseman’s furrowed brow that he was close too. And when a low rumble gurgled out of the big guy’s throat Fred knew it was safe to let go.

He bucked like a frisky colt on that pounding, spit-slick cock and felt the full intensity of his orgasm grip him as his eyes screwed shut and his balls exploded sending out a spew of hot spunk onto the big man’s furry chest. As the hot cum splattered on his chest, and the smell of fresh jizz filled his nostrils, the horseman cried out and plunged in deep. His cry turned first to a groan, and then a whimper as his fat balls released their heavy load deep into Fred’s happy assguts.

‘Will you stay the night with me?’ asked Fred.

‘There is no way I’m going to leave this bed until morning, even if you wanted me to.’ The horseman replied.

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