A Deal With The Devil Ch. 02

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I began the first day of my new life sleeping on an uncomfortable couch, cold and alone, ready to kill myself just to get some peace.

I ended it lying on a soft bed, surrounded by my family, satisfied in every possible way.

What changed? I have no fucking clue!

The only clues I had to go on were a half-remembered dream, a 3-minute blackout and a new way of controlling my family. One touch of both my wife and my daughter had turned them into servants, with no free will of their own. Needless to say, my son was pleased.

He managed to convince me to use both of them as sex slaves (Not that I took much convincing!).

We had spent the entire day screwing each others brains out in a mindless orgy until we collapsed into bed, completely spent. The oncoming darkness of sleep was unwelcome, I never wanted to stop experiencing my daughter’s petite body against mine, but I didn’t really have a choice.

As I slid into a pleasant dream a shiver seemed to pass through my brain. I opened my eyes and saw that my family were no longer on the bed with me. Groggily, I got up and started to walk towards the bedroom door. As I reached out a hand to open it, I heard the gentle creak of someone sitting down on a bed. I span around and was met with the sight of a young man dressed in a sharp suit, lighting a cigarette.

I tried to speak but my mouth wouldn’t respond. His eyes flicked up to meet mine and I saw that they were completely black; much like Sam and Rose’s eyes had istanbul escort temporarily turned when I had converted them. He said

“You’re doing it wrong”

His voice was surprisingly feminine.

He took a drag of the cigarette and looked me up and down

“I suppose it was my fault, I didn’t really have time to explain.”

I finally found my voice and spluttered

“Who the hell are you, what are you doing in my house?”

The young man smiled slightly and said

“I guess you can say I’m a… benefactor.

Yeah, that’s a good word for it.”

The smile disappeared

“Listen, we both have a lot to gain from this but not a lot of time to do it in so I need you to get to work!”

I shook my head and replied

“I don’t understand, what work?”

The benefactor sighed and stood up from the bed

“You do realise that I’ve been inside your head for about 24 hours, right? What do you think I mean? The control, moron! You’ve used it on two people already!”

I pointed to my marked hand and said

“You’re the one who gave me this?”

The benefactor raised his eyebrows and muttered

“Why’d I get stuck with the jelly-brain?”

He turned back to me and said

“Alright, I’ll spell this out for you. You can take control of anyone with that hand of yours. Still with me? Here’s the rub, I need you take control of as many people avc─▒lar escort as possible.”

He took another drag

“Don’t care what you do with them after this is over, although kudos on the daughter-bangin’, I just need them to be under your control.

I can’t stay any longer, just do what I tell you to do and we’ll both win big!”

He took a step closer to me, his face began to distort. Soon it was completely black and featureless. Just like yesterday, the black hole began to split into two just as I woke up.

I was the first one to wake, sweating from the dream. Rose’s slight frame was draped over my chest, Sammy was lying near the bottom of the bed. At first I was unsure where Mark was but I soon got my answer. He had rolled off the bed at some point during the night and must have instinctively grabbed hold of me because his left hand was firmly clasped in my right.

I pulled my hand away, which woke him up.

His eyes fluttered open and for the briefest of moments I saw flecks of black amongst the blue.

I sat at the dinner table as my family made me breakfast. Mark had become as obedient as the others and I wasn’t sure whether that was good or bad. Mark had never been a brat (To me, at least), he didn’t deserve to be a slave. As far as I could tell there was no way of reversing the conversion. Mark set my breakfast down on the table and stood by my side as I tucked in.

I had noticed last night that ┼čirinevler escort his cock was surprisingly large. It was thrilling to see my wife get absolutely jackhammered by it. As I kept on sneaking sideways glances in its direction my own began to get hard under the table.

I had experimented with guys in college and thought it was fun; the sight of my sons amazing cock was reminding me why. I ordered Mark to get under the table and suck my dick.

In minutes I was ready to cum. Mark had definitely had some experience in sucking cock!

I pushed my plate aside and told Rose to hop up on the table. She spread her legs in front of me and I dined on her instead. I really couldn’t get enough of her tight pussy. One final order sent Sammy under the table to join the fun. She began to suck on Mark’s giant cock. It was a struggle for her to even fit it in her mouth but somehow she managed it. Soon both I and Mark came, he decorated his mothers face while he swallowed my hot seed. In my hazy post-orgasm mind-state it was clear to me what needed to be done.

I stood up from the table, the taste of Rose’s juices still on my tongue, and walked into the living room. I grabbed a pen and some paper and started writing down names, names of friends, names of family, names of enemies, names of people that I wanted to control. The words of The Benefactor came back to me “We both have a lot to gain from this but not a lot of time to do it in”. I could feel the strange itching sensation in my right hand. I was sure it was a message from him, just like the blackout had been, an incentive to get my job done.

I didn’t know who he was or what his interest in me was but I knew that I wasn’t going to let this power go to waste. I was going to get as much out of this deal as possible. Like The Benefactor said, there’s a lot to gain.

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