A Day at the Spa

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Jenna woke up surprisingly calm the day before her presentation. For the past two weeks, she had been agonizing over this presentation that would determine if she would move forward in her career or have to wait longer. After a lot of hard work and dedication, Jenna had decided it was time to move up the ladder but was terrified of being unsuccessful in her venture. In fact, she had always been afraid of failure. Jenna had grown accustomed to achieving what she set her mind to, but the business world was a realm she had little control in.

She stretched, breathed deeply, and thought to herself, “It’s Sunday. It’s the Sunday before my presentation. I’ve worked hard and dedicated myself entirely to the project. I need to relax and walk into the conference fresh and ready to present my ideas. I know what I have to do and say. Now, I need to take the day to myself to make sure I am at my best tomorrow.” With that, Jenna climbed out of her bed and opened the curtains of her bedroom. She beamed at her view of the river flowing serenely under drifting white clouds. She took her robe, a light and sheer aquamarine one, and wrapped it around her slender body.

In her kitchen, she began to look in the refrigerator to decide on breakfast when it struck her. “I should spend my day at the spa!” she exclaimed aloud. She rushed to her bedroom, changed into her orange bikini and slipped a loose-fitting white beach dress over it, and smiled. Quickly, she gathered her essentials for the spa- a book, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a change of clothes- threw them into a large bag along with her wallet and left.

After finishing her fruit and yogurt breakfast at the spa, she ambled over to an area shaded by palm trees. She took a chaise and began to read her book. “Excuse me, miss?” Jenna looked up into the face of a handsome young man.


He smiled, relieved that she responded, and asked, “Where are the massage villas? See, I’m due there in twenty minutes but I have no idea where they are and I’ve lost my map of the grounds.”

Jenna sat up, alert to his tan skin and forest green eyes, and replied, “I’ll take you there myself. I wanted to make an appointment.” He smiled gratefully, charmingly, and stepped back. Jenna placed her book in her bag, stood, and began walking toward the massage villas. “Do you have an early appointment?”

He laughed softly and said, “No, no. I am actually hoping to be hired. I’ve had my interview already but they want to see how I work.” Jenna smiled thoughtfully as she gazed at his chiseled arms and strong hands. He seemed like just the guy she would want to book an appointment with.

“I see. Do they just have you massage a customer and observe you?”

He shook his head, still smiling, and said, “Oh, no. They wouldn’t want to do that. It might make the customer uncomfortable. They have me work on one of the massage therapists who then submits a review.”

She shrugged her shoulders bahis firmalar─▒ and whispered, “You look good to me.”

He turned to look at her, pleasantly surprised, and replied, “Thanks.”

She was surprised herself, as she was not usually this forward. She motioned forward with her head and said, “That’s where you will want to go. It was nice meeting you, stranger.” She touched his upper arm lightly, smiled, and walked into the next villa.

“Good morning, miss. How may I assist you today?”

Jenna set her arms in the counter and said, “I would like an appointment for an hour-long, full-body massage.”

“Sure, let me go ahead and see how we can accommodate you. We have an appointment at 12, 1, and 4. Would any of those times work for you?”

“I think 1 sounds best. Do you have it available in a private, river-view gazebo?”

The clerk looked down at her screen and replied, “Yes we do, let me just go ahead and book that for you. Your masseuse will be Roma. Enter here, Villa 2, check-in, and you will be escorted to your gazebo. May I have your name?”


“Ok, great, we will see you at 1 pm, Jenna.”

Jenna had a couple of hours until her massage, so she decided to soak in the mineral baths for half an hour then go to the mud bath. She placed her belongings in a locker near the massage villas and headed to the mineral baths. Settling into a bath, she rested her head on the bank and closed her eyes. “This feels great,” she thought to herself. Her mind was in peace, mostly, and anytime the thought of work crossed her mind she immediately took deep breaths and collected herself.

After the mud bath, Jenna had an apricot-mango smoothie and continued to read. At twenty-to-one she began to walk over to the locker to gather her things before checking into her massage appointment.

“Welcome back, miss. Are you here to check-in for your appointment?”

Jenna nodded and said, “Yes, with Roma.”

The clerk smiled, stepped out from behind the counter and said, “Very well, miss Jenna, please follow me to your private gazebo.” Jenna followed the lovely young clerk, a short and slim blond with sparkling blue eyes and a sweet smile. “Please have a seat and Roma will be right with you.” Jenna took a seat in a large and comfortable outdoor chair.

The cushions felt extremely soft on her smooth skin. She looked down at herself and realized that she had acquired a light tan that gave her skin a nice glow. Her full, chestnut-brown hair was loose and falling over her shoulders. Even makeup less, Jenna looked beautiful. Her honey eyes were of a nice almond shape, her lips a dark rose hue and slightly plump.

As she sat waiting, she noticed her masseuse coming up the walk. At once, she was taken aback by Roma’s presence. Although she was of medium height, she was striking as a taller woman would be, and her milky skin looked smooth and graceful ka├žak iddaa but not pale. Her hair was a natural auburn color and her eyes a dazzling grey. She had slightly pointed, pink lips that complimented her face. When she saw Jenna looking at her, she smiled and at once Jenna felt a wave of comfort flow over her. Even in her masseuse uniform, Roma’s body looked incredible.

Her breasts were not large, at best a B-cup, but they were perky and perfectly rounded. Her small waist preceded full hips and evidently thick legs. Jenna found herself wondering what Roma’s body looked like out of the masseuse uniform and was shocked. She had never had such thoughts about a woman before.

Before she could continue thinking about this, Roma said, “Jenna, what a pleasure to meet you. Do you have a preference for an essential oil?”

Jenna smiled, nodded, and replied, “Yes, I like Vanilla Tangerine.”

“Great, I have that right here. And did you want to have cold-stones used during your massage?”

Jenna nodded. There was something both soothing and intoxicating about Roma’s voice.

“Okay, while I gather the stones please go onto the massage table. Once you disrobe and are safely and comfortably under the sheet, press the blue button and I will return.” Jenna couldn’t help but look at Roma, almost longingly, as she walked away. She shook her head and whispered, “What are you doing?” She quickly took off her dress and bikini and climbed under the sheets, pressing the blue button.

“Alright, let’s begin,” she heard Roma say soothingly. The moment she felt Roma’s fingertips on her neck, Jenna felt a charge run through her body. She shivered. “I apologize, was that too much pressure?”

Jenna, embarrassed, replied in a quiet voice, “No, not at all. It was just… I got chills.” In essence, she was not lying. Roma’s touch had sent chills down her spine. The feeling itself was all too familiar, but new at the same time. Jenna had never reacted this way to a woman. What was going on? But before Jenna had more time to think on it, she felt Roma’s fingers kneading her back, moving lower and lower.

As they reached her lower back, another charge surged through her body. This charge reached down low and she felt a rousing between her legs. As Roma worked her lower back, with large strokes and centralized pressure, her excitement grew and it was all she could do to keep from squirming. When Roma moved her hands to Jenna’s hips, to the side, Jenna shivered ever so slightly and tightened her legs.

She couldn’t help it. She felt Roma’s hands stop, but she let them rest on Jenna’s hips. “Is everything ok?” she heard Roma say, almost in a whisper. Jenna found it hard to respond and she heard a heavy breath escape her lips.

Suddenly, she felt Roma lowering herself, her lips next to Jenna’s ear. “How do you feel?” Jenna was beside herself. The rousing between her legs mounted beyond anything she could handle and ka├žak bahis she felt moist.

“I… I’m… Oooohh…” That was all she could say as her breathing deepened and quickened. Roma’s hands were sliding downward, toward Jenna’s lower stomach.

“I can help you with that, too, if you’d like,” she heard Roma murmur directly into her ear, right before she felt Roma’s tender lips caressing her earlobe. Jenna’s breaths escaped with soft moans, and Roma was softly lifting her hips until Jenna’s knees were slightly bent so that Roma could access her. Roma grasped her hair lightly and tugged so that Jenna faced her, and Roma kissed her deeply, massaging Jenna’s tongue with her own.

Roma’s hands were sliding down her side, caressing her thighs, tormenting her by moving around her warm, moist furrow. Finally, Roma broke her lips from Jenna’s and pushed her sideways until Jenna was flat on her back. Roma looked down at her, smiling, as her hand wandered downward and spread Jenna’s legs.

Roma kissed Jenna’s neck, shoulders, and chest, until she finally began to enjoy her breasts with her tongue. She felt her tongue swirling around her hard nipples, gently tugging at them with her teeth from time to time. She place her index finger between her breasts and began to slowly glide it down Jenna’s body until she reached the top of her mound.

She began to run her finger around the top, lightly, until Jenna couldn’t help but writhe and thrust her hips slightly upward. At this point, Roma began kissing her deeply and easily slipped her index finger inside of her. Jenna moaned in ecstasy inside of Roma’s mouth.

A second finger was added, and Roma began to swirl them around inside of her in opposite directions. Jenna moaned more loudly and began to squirm harder. Roma began to suck on Jenna’s neck, her head tilted back moaning, hip thrust slightly upward as Roma worked her from the inside.

As Roma kissed downward, from neck, to breasts, to abdomen, her free hand roved over Jenna’s body like on a free terrain. Then Roma’s head was between her legs and she felt her tongue again, pointed, caressing her lips as her fingers continued to swirl inside of her and her other hand toyed with her breasts. Jenna was beside herself with pleasure, and she felt bliss sweeping over her as Roma’s pointed tongue darted into her vagina. She felt its warmth circling the inside of her and fingers meeting her clitoris, gently pressing down on it.

The feeling of bliss became stronger and then she realized she as coming and Roma’s mouth was receiving her sweet juices. She twisted her hips and breathed rapidly, but Roma’s did not stop pleasuring her until she finished peaking and settled back down, hyperventilating.

Roma lifted her head slightly from between Jenna’s legs and smiled as she licked her lips. “How was the pressure?”

Jenna laughed lightly, sat up, grabbed the back of Roma’s head and kissed her passionately. Pulling back, she replied, “Perfect.”

Jenna woke up on Monday morning feeling more refreshed than she could have imagined. Looking in the mirror at her naked body, post-shower, she said to herself, “I’m ready.”

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