A Day at the Gym Ch. 01

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After a trip up to Exeter I felt stiff. I had several meetings to attend and with the possibility of a long night ahead of me, I decided to use my gym membership to get a sauna and a bit of a work out. When I signed in, the girl behind the counter told me that their sauna was being serviced, but it would be finished by about three. If I would like to use the gym till then, she would book me in. I agreed and went into the changing room where there were a few Britney wannabes bunking off school or college. They were getting dressed as I said, “Hello,” but they just giggled and replied politely whilst continuing to dress.

I had been in the gym for about twenty minutes and had just finished my last aerobics exercise, when I noticed a very muscular dark haired woman working out on the stationary bike in the strength and conditioning area. She looked younger than me and was oblivious to anything around her because of the Walkman headphones attached to her tie belt.

I picked up my towel, walked directly towards the bikes and as I got closer, I noticed the woman was sweating heavily. The brunette was extremely well built and was much more heavily muscled than any female I had seen for a while. She was not fat as her body was firm and her quads stretched her skin-tight workout tights as she peddled at an even steady pace. Her biceps also bulged, even though at the present time her arms were at rest. It was hard to tell how tall she was because she was sitting down, but I guessed that she was about five feet five or six. Her weight was probably more than she looked because of all those bulging muscles. Her hair was tied into a bun behind her head and I guessed that her long brown hair would frame a pleasant if not beautiful face.

As I settled on to the bike next to her, the brunette gave me a courteous nod. With this greeting I nodded back. The brunette then turned off her headphones and introduced herself as Katherine, Kath for short, as she reached out a small but powerful hand in an introductory shake.

After some small talk, I found out that Kath was single, lived alone, worked with the mentally bahis siteleri disturbed, and drove an orange 1970 MGB GT that her former lover had restored to showroom condition. I was amazed by her physique so I broached the subject, saying how magnificent she looked. Kath told me that as a child she had had a terrible weight problem and this caused her to be teased by her classmates until she was fifteen. She then tried to commit suicide, but after this failed she decided that she had had enough of being bullied and it was time to do something about it.

She saw an advert in a magazine for a gym and begged her mother to let her enrol. Once there, she was told about a weight training program that was designed to reduce body fat and this in turn got her started in bodybuilding and endurance training. As she shed the pounds, she got more confidence and more into it. In high school her training was just for her own physical well being and mental health, but once she left she got into competitive lifting and entered triathlon meets against experienced athletes. As her confidence built she decided to return to education and got the qualifications she needed to pursue her career. In addition to that, no one picked on her and all the girls that had picked on her in school now treated her with respect. She had been hooked ever since.

After another aerobic workout, the receptionist came in and told me that the sauna was ready and I asked Kathy if she would join me. When she said yes, I felt a tingle in my pussy that told me I was turned on by this woman and I then decided that I was going to try to pursue a relationship with her.

We went to the showers and as we undressed I told Kath about my family life and all about Richard my lover and Max my dog. I felt so at ease with this woman and I felt I could tell her anything.

I could not help but glance at Kath’s body to see how it shaped up against my own now that we were devoid of our work-out clothes. To say she was spectacular would be an understatement! Unbelievably muscular, with tits that I would die for! Extremely large nipples that stood out canl─▒ bahis siteleri like thimbles surrounded by large pink areolas. She was a solid D cup I figured. Kathy was clean shaven and her pussy was also a sight to behold. I immediately decided that I wanted her. Getting out of the showers, I wrapped a towel around me as we walked to the sauna. Kath, on the other hand, left her body totally uncovered, seemingly oblivious to the effect she was having on me.

“You don’t need that, silly, it’s just the two of us,” she said, and removed my towel, dropping it outside the sauna cubicle.

As we sat down, I noticed something that I had never seen before. Between Kath’s legs … her clit! It was jutting out of the tight lips of her pussy. It was a lot bigger than any other clit I had seen in a long time. It was so sexy, standing there like a miniature cock. Kath noticed my stare and I apologised.

“It got that way from the Juice,” Kath said, quite unoffended.

I was embarrassed that Kath had found me staring, but I couldn’t help but stare at the enormous organ as Kath opened her legs for me to get a better look. Kath explained that when she was in college she got involved with the wrong trainer. He pushed steroids on to her to promote muscle mass and one of the side effects was an enlarged clitoris.

When she realised what he was doing, she quit, but her clit stayed in its present state of being oversized and constantly engorged! She had seen several doctors about it, but all of them said that there was little they could do. Kath told me that she could have an operation to remove her clitoris, but she didn’t want that, so she had to put up with it.

She told me how quite often she would have violent orgasms if a bike seat or a piece of apparatus rubbed against her crotch. Not only was it big, it was also extremely sensitive. Then, just to show me what she meant, Kath took her towel and ran it lightly over her cunt; as the towel moved across her naked clit, Kath began to breathe heavily and slightly shake. Within a matter of seconds she brought herself to a shuddering climax! With canl─▒ bahis no one else around I could not help myself. I reached out my hand and began to run it across Kath’s chest ÔÇô it was soft and smooth!

Kath’s reaction caught me off guard as she immediately responded to my skilful touch. Kath turned her body towards me. I had to have her! I bent forward, taking one of her rock hard nipples into my mouth. Kath held my head hard against her chest, begging me to bite into it and as I closed my teeth around her nipple, her hand moved down my back until she was fingering my arse. She was a magnificent creature. I pulled at her nipple, pulling it away from her chest, stretching it.

I looked down to see her hard clit was still pushing its way through her wet sex lips. I dropped to my knees and began to tongue Kath’s erect clit. I sucked on it as if I was a child with a pacifier ÔÇô it was so engorged, it was just like a small prick in my mouth. It felt so hard between my lips. Kath’s hand went to my clit as she furiously fingered my steaming slit.

As I sucked, I looked up to see Kath sucking one of her own nipples! Biting it, pulling it hard with her teeth, almost as if she was trying to rip it off. I was in a world of my own from that moment at the sight of Kathy pulling at her nipple. It made my cunt began to spasm as wave after wave of orgasm swept through her shaking body. As I started to tremble, I felt Kath’s pussy begin to contract violently. As I sucked harder, it became so intense that we slipped on to the floor in a heap of spent sexual delight.

Kath then gently leant over, gave me a tender kiss and said in a soft voice, “Thank you.”

I looked down to see if Kath’s clit had relaxed at all and just like a good little soldier, it was still standing to attention!

All Kath said was, “I told you it is always like that.”

As we left the sauna and got dressed, Kath asked, “What are you doing for the rest of the day?”

I replied, “I have some meetings to go to until about seven, but I am free after that. What have you got in mind?”

Kath said in reply, “You will have to wait and see,” thrusting a card into my hand with her address on.

Unfortunately the meetings went on later than I expected and all I could do was ring her and apologise, but I think I missed out on another adventure.

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