A Cursed Gift Ch. 02

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So this is short, but that’s the overall plan for this series. I’ll write short chapters and try to get them up asap. Updates: Quarantine Failed Pt. 2 has begun, Serpentine Ritual Pt. 3 is going slower then anticipated, but it getting there. Others are being touched here and there. As always leave a comment, give me suggestions, and/or constructive criticism.


“Yes.” She whispered, her lust obvious in that one spoken word.

I didn’t hesitate after that. My tentacles tore away her clothing, baring her 32C breasts my lustful gaze. Two tentacles thinned and wrapped around the base, spiralling up to the tit and pinching it, bringing a low moan of pleasure from her full lips. I stepped closer, massaging her breasts with my extra appendages, while I drank in her naked form. Her slender form seemed to call to me, her slim waist begging to be held in my hands, and her thighs to be spread by my tentacles to reveal her dripping pussy. I stood not two inches away from her now, and could feel the growing heat as her first of many orgasms approached.

“I’m… I’m cumming… just from my tits!” Her cry was silenced by me, as I kissed her with all the passion I muster, and she returned the favour, sucking upon my tongue as it entered her mouth and played with her’s. She moaned loudly as spurt after spurt of thick clear cum shot from her begging pussy.

“How long has it been since you last got laid, mother?” I asked her after pulling back, barely out of breath, while she panted and moaned.

“Too long.” She groaned as a tentacle rubbed her dripping snatch.

I held her close, kissing down her neck, to her collarbone, and finally her constricted breasts.

“You taste so good.” I moaned against her skin, before going down and latching onto a now free tit, sucking for all I was worth.

“Oh god…” She groaned in lust and caressed my head like a baby’s as I suckled. I was suddenly parched and my tentacles reacted to this. Suddenly my mum cried out in pain, as I felt warm fluid rushing down one of my tentacles and into her breasts. I sucked hard and was rewarded by her newly replenished milk flowing into my mouth, coating my taste buds in her sweet cream. She was moaning again as I drank from her. My other tentacles teased her all over, gently stroking her erogenous zones, and always keeping her on the edge of orgasm. After I was satisfied with my meal I pulled away, a stream of milk flowing from the nipple and down her now inflated breasts. I surveyed her new bust with a large grin.

The tentacles around her breasts were now able to thicken and coil around her several more times, thanks to her new 34E breasts that still leaked, and occasionally spurted, her milk. I was just getting started as I turned a tentacle into an exact replica of my cock and teased her mouth open, thick pre-cum coating her full lips, before slipping in and filling her mouth with three inches of thick meat. The taste of pre-cum made her moan loudly, despite her gag. Wanting more, she brought both her hands to the tentacle cock and began jacking it off, forcing more of the delicious liquid into her mouth. My normal cock was hard as steel and begging for attention.

She whined loudly when I removed the tentacle cock, but moaned when the real thing filled her small mouth. I was in a frenzy now, the feeling of her hot mouth covering the head of my cock, and her tongue lashing it, coating it in saliva. In my lust I pushed forward, hearing her gag as her throat reflexively tried to eject the large object. I didn’t care and just forced more and more down her gullet, actually bulging from her tight throat due to the size. Tears were running down her cheeks as her air was cut off and her gag reflex fought to remove me, but her eyes were full of lust. I held the back of her head and slowly pushed her down my length.

She was salivating wildly, it poured from her lips and over my now slick shaft as inch after inch penetrated her throat. I was moaning loudly now, feeling the hot wetness clenching around my cock, setting alight to the sensitive nerve endings. When she began pushing against me desperately trying to dislodge me from her airways, I sent a mental command to my tentacles. Two esenyurt escort appeared, as thick as a pencil and forced themselves up her nostrils, now directly supplying her with air. Her struggles ceased and she once again began to enjoy the cock now twelve inches down her throat. With a hard thrust I buried the last two inches of my throbbing meat in her clenching throat and oesophagus.

After that I began fucking her tight little throat. Pulling back slowly to enjoy the wet heat, before thrusting back down her gullet so fast I was a blur. Two spare tendrils began to lick at her dripping snatch, lapping up the juices, and teasing her lustful entrance. She looked up to me, her eyes shining with her pleasure, but she wanted, needed, more. I smiled down at her, as my cock once again disappeared down her throat.

“Don’t worry mother,” I could feel a new heat burn within me now, “You’ll get what you want soon.” My cock pulsated stronger, and faster now as my cock’s orgasm approached with each thrust over her licking tongue.

I held back my climax, wanting to enjoy her throat more, but even I couldn’t stop the inevitable flood. Just before the orgasm hit, with the force of a natural disaster, I penetrated her sweet pussy with the two probing tentacles, filling her surprisingly tight canal with a foot of squirming meat, all the while plugging her oesophagus with my main cock. I stood frozen like that, the only sound was my mother’s moan of being filled, and my own from doing the filling. After a moment of near silence, I felt the flood being unleashed, running up the shaft of my fourteen inch cock, and the near limitless lengths of my various tentacles, all inside her, on her, or aimed at her. I couldn’t believe the sensations that coursed through me.

The first spurts were the best. They all shot one after the other, first my cock shot it’s first massive load straight to her stomach, instantly filling it to near overflowing, then the a tentacle aimed at her bare chest, dousing it and my other limbs in what must’ve been a litre of cum from just one spurt, the rest followed soon after, one after the other, filling her insides, and coating her various features in white viscous fluid. I couldn’t speak, and neither could she, all we could do was moan and cry out in absolute pleasure. A full two minutes passed before I pulled out of her.

I stepped back and surveyed my handiwork. My mother’s entire front was covered, her features barely visible beneath the incredibly thick layer, upon layer of white cum, covering her rose coloured nipples and expanded mammary glands, still leaking small streams of milk that merged with the semen all over her body. Her originally taut stomach now bulged slightly with all the thick cream inside it, and her pussy continued to leak her own cum, combining with the large puddle already on the floor. She was moaning and panting in the aftermath, and even seemed to be satisfied, I however wasn’t.

“We’re not done yet.” I said and poked her cum soaked cheek with my still hard cock.

She moaned and, despite her exhausted state she still lusted after me. My pheromones were being pumped out through every pore in my skin, my cum, my sweat, my very breath, each worked to increase her arousal, and stave off exhaustion, essentially remoulding her body to withstand my capabilities. Four tentacles wrapped around her arms and legs, lifting her into the air and spreading her legs wide, giving me a perfect view of her sopping pussy, with a stream of my cum leaking from it, and dripping to the floor.

“So beautiful,” I whispered and brought her before me, her dripping cunt inches from my face, it’s intoxicating aroma filling my sense of smell. I leaned forward slightly and kissed the hard clit sitting above her leaking hole.

I kissed and licked around her clit, teasing it, before making my way down to her entrance, lapping up my own cum that still streamed from her. I hadn’t tasted my cum yet, and the taste blew me away. I knew what a man’s cum tastes like, thanks to my cumming dildos, and mine was much sweeter, tasting like nothing on this earth, but still reminiscent of my favourite foods. Using two fingers I spread avrupa yakas─▒ escort her lips and dove in, trying to lap up more of my semen from her hole, then I came across an even better taste. When I tasted both her juices and my own as one, I nearly came on the spot. Wanting more, I forced my tongue as deep as it would go, tasting her depths as best I could, while I used a hand to play with her delightful clit, and the other to caress her soft ass cheeks. She writhing in ecstasy now, but wasn’t quite cumming just yet. A tentacle spread her cheeks, giving me full access the her tight rosebud. Just moments before she came I pushed two fingers inside her.

The effects were instant. Her already tight pussy clamped down on my tongue, while waves upon waves of her cum shot out of her and onto me. I moaned as her bittersweet juices washed over my tongue, and down my throat, filling my stomach. Her cries of orgasmic fury were so loud, that if my body wasn’t so much stronger now I’m sure my eardrums would have popped. I knew the neighbours could hear it, I wanted them to, soon they would come to investigate, and the women would submit to me, while the men hunted for more women to lure back, with the promise of ascension should they do well. These thoughts should’ve have troubled me, yet with my mother’s pussy gushing on me I couldn’t care less about troublesome thoughts.

As her orgasm faded I stepped back. She was conscious, though barely.

“You ready mother?” I asked her as my cock came into her hazed sight, it’s large tip drooling with my desire. In response to my question, all she could do was moan loudly and thrust her hips lightly in my direction. I smiled and lined the head up, slowly running it up and down her slit, teasing her further with the gentle pressure I placed against her. Finally, just as she was about to scream for me to thrust, I did, piercing her tightness quickly, and powerfully, forcing eight inches in with one push. She couldn’t cry out anymore, the pleasure was too much, though her hands still sought her tits in a desperate bid for more stimulation. Two tentacles latched on and began sucking, drinking her milk.

After a moment of enjoying the sensation of filling her pussy, I began to pull out. Her body spasming in mini-orgasms, as every vein of my three inch thick cock rubbed against her hypersensitive walls. When only the tip remained inside I pushed back in, nine inches being enveloped by her wet tunnel, now pressing against her womb’s barrier. I began to work a rhythm, thrusting in and out with inhuman speeds, but slowing down sometimes to enjoy the pure pleasure of it. I wanted more though.

The next time I connected with her cervix I continued to push. After a groan of discomfort from my mother, her womb began to open up to me, letting me conquer the place of my birth. Finally I hilted inside her, my crotch pressing against her clit. Once again I began thrusting fast and hard, hilting fourteen inches of hard meat each time, but now I needed more, her womb was no longer enough. My hands wondered down her sweaty form, fondling her buttocks before pulling them roughly apart, revealing her puckered rosebud. A two inch thick tentacle began licking at it, spreading it’s natural lubricant over her back entrance to a weak moan from her. It began pressing against her, persistence conquering her natural instinct, as it forced three, four, five inches into her rectum. With that I worked in time with the tentacle; when I pulled out, it would enter, going deeper inside with each thrust, and vice versa, though occasionally I would completely fill both her holes at once. A familiar heat began rushing through my body.

I could feel my orgasm rising. Threatening to crash like a tsunami at any moment. My thrusts became erratic, often powerful enough that I could see the shape of my cock head through her abdomen, my tentacle was reaching deeper than anything should’ve been able to, as it entered her intestines, the slime turning anything harmful or disgusting to a clear fluid, one that her body would absorb into it, making her whole body more elastic, letting me do with it as I pleased.

“I’m anadolu yakas─▒ escort cumming! Straight into your womb!” I cried as I hilted once again and began firing my load.

This was the greatest experience of my life. Her walls clenched me tightly, milking me while her own orgasm shot through her. My climax was far more powerful than my previous one, my body producing far more sperm than before. The tentacles around us sprayed once again, coating her cum covered skin in a second layer. The bulge of my cock was disappearing as more and more cum was pumped inside her, kept there by the pole plugging the exit, and building up. The tentacle inside her was also making it’s deposit, shooting up her intestines and filling her already full stomach, even as it leaked and spurted from around the girth. I stared down at her abdomen, watching it begin to inflate to look four months pregnant, then six, then eight, before she looked to be carrying to term. After that my orgasm died to a stream and I pulled out.

I had cum for over two minutes, and in that time the flow had never fully died down, always increasing. Now my cock was shrinking down, satisfied at long last, though even deflated it hung near my knees. I laid her down, enjoying the sight of her painted form and heavily inflated stomach. I knew she would be pregnant, even if it was a safe day for her, my sperm had flooded her fallopian tubes and ovaries, forcing any mature eggs into the tubes for fertilisation.

“Mother,” She groaned in response, “You’re pregnant, with your daughter’s children.” This set her off again, the thought of carrying my spawn bringing her to one final orgasm before passing out. I was surprisingly tired as well and went to sleep, laying in a pool of my mother’s and my own cum.

When I woke the sun was up and I was late for college! I didn’t even register the pool of white I laid in, or the state of my mother, all I cared about was showering and getting dressed. I got what I needed and ran out the door. I needed to get to my college and fast, and, as if by magic, I was there. This was reason to pause. I stared around in confusion. How did I get here? Was I hallucinating? I pinched my arm and winced in pain. The bell rung for first class and all puzzled thoughts stopped.

As I rushed to my Media class I noticed the girls in the halls all staring at me. I didn’t question as I was in such a rush, but I did note the lustful gazes. I was sat just before the teacher entered, she was a young one, in her mid twenties and good looking. She was small all things considered, but her thin frame worked with the height of five foot nothing, giving her the adorable appearance of a child. This often put people off, but I had thing for her, she was cute and I had often dreamt of having a child like her someday. Her name was Miss Elisha, and I wanted her.

I didn’t notice as my arousal began to smoulder within me. With the arousal I began to breathe out potent pheromones laced with aphrodisiacs, and the effect it had was subtle, but at the same time obvious, I looked around me, once again seeing the stares of my female classmates, though the males all seemed oblivious to me, just as I wanted. I ignored them and concentrated on Miss Elisha watching her go about setting up the projector for each of the graduates presentations. They say it’s to give us something to aim for, I think it’s just a way for them to say we suck in comparison.

Anyway, she seemed distracted as though something, or someone, was occupying her attention. As my eyes wandered over her tight little body, my imagination got to work, envisioning her naked and begging for me to fuck her with my long hard cock. Suddenly the memories of yesterday came flooding back, my cock, my tentacles, my tits, I looked down to see that they were still engorged, and finally I remembered my mother, how I’d fucked and impregnated her, and how good it felt to do so. I looked around again, this time eyeing my prey, though I seemed to only desire Miss Elisha right now.

I decided to see what I could really do and grew a tentacle, this one was as thinner than paper and barely visible to the naked air, as it snaked through the air, beneath the tables of all male students currently in the room, where it would pierce their skin and inject with a concentration of my will power, telling them to leave the room, no questions asked. They did just that, leaving me alone with a dozen girls, all of whom would be my toys from now on. I grinned like a shark and locked my gaze with Miss Elisha.

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