A Countryside Picnic

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We are alone in the Australian countryside by a rushing stream of crystal clear water on a bright sunny day. A picnic lunch is spread on colourful blanket before us but we have other things on our mind.

Our lips meet in a tender kiss, our tongues probing, exploring each other’s mouth and our hands exploring each other’s body. Our breath is coming in gasps as our bodies press ever closer together in an attempt to merge into one. I feel the softness of your breasts crushed against my chest and you…you feel the raging pulse of my cock straining for release from my constricting clothing pressing against the hard mound of your now dripping womanhood. You grind your hips against my crotch feeling the hardness of my cock pressing against you.

You can’t take any more and frantically reach for my zipper freeing my stiff cock from its restraints. It springs free and you grasp it in your hand, your fingers not quite able to encircle its girth, feeling the fire pulsing through the length of it.

We are beyond control now and tear at each other’s clothing until we are naked to the world. My hands are all over your body first caressing your back and then the swell of your ass. My fingers gently probe into the cleft between your legs before moving to your round breasts. I caress them gently before pinching your hardened nipples and rolling them between my fingers.

You moan softly and the movement of your hands becomes more urgent on my kocaeli escort throbbing cock. “Fuck me now,” you beg. But the foreplay has only just started.

Gently I lay you down on the blanket still caressing your body, my fingers lightly brushing your pussy. Your hips rise urging me to explore further, guiding my fingers to the mound of your sex. My fingers lightly stroke your swollen outer lips and then very gently part your inner lips finding the hot wetness of a fully aroused woman.

I can’t take it! My mouth seeks your dripping pussy, my tongue probing deeply into your wide open hole probing, licking, and tasting the exquisite nectar from the most heavenly place. You move yourself around to take my swollen cock into your waiting mouth, first an inch then another and then taking me deep into the back of your throat.

Your head moves back and forth sucking gently and your tongue teases the head of my bursting cock. Faster and faster you go whilst I continue to run my tongue from your hardened clit into your moist hole and back to gently lick the length of your throbbing slit. You grind your cunt onto my face forcing me to probe the inner depths of your pussy with my tongue. Your hips are writhing now and you have to take my cock from your mouth to breathe. Your breath is coming in gasps, your chest heaving while you release a long scream of pleasure and you cum all over my face and into my open mouth.

I lap it all up relishing kocaeli escort bayan every drop making sure not to miss a bit. My warm tongue caresses your inner thighs until all of your womanly nectar has been taken into my eager mouth.

I can wait no longer … I must have you. Quickly I position you on your hands and knees with your beautiful ass in the air. I savour the view for a moment before placing the swollen head of my pulsating shaft at the entrance to your exquisite tunnel. Slowly…ever so slowly I thrust forward, my spear disappearing into your sheathe inch by inch until my pubic bone is pressed hard against your quivering buttocks.

“Ohhh” you moan. “Fuck me, fuck me hard”, but I want to maintain the beautiful agony of being deep inside the most beautiful woman imaginable.

Slowly I withdraw causing your breath to catch in fear lest I completely disengage from you. You thrust you ass back to me but I am ready and counter the move before slowly thrusting forward once more. Gradually I build the tempo of my thrusts as your ass pushes back to meet my sword, burying its purple head deep inside your belly. I am almost ready to shoot my steaming load of hot cum deep into you. You sense this and moan breathlessly.

“I want you to cum in my ass. I stop. You know that this is my favourite. Slowly I withdraw my long, hard cock from your pussy with a soft sucking sound as it finally leaves its kocaeli escort warm wet haven.

You are desperate: “Fuck my ass!” You scream. Fill my ass with your cum”.

I position my wet, glistening cock at the entrance to your tight ass hole as you push your hips back in desperation. Inch by inch it disappears into your tight ass; me going slowly whilst you attempt to ram all of it into you all at once. You whimper quietly as it stretches you to the limit. Slowly it goes in. Three inches, four inches… slowly taking me deeper into you, you cant stand it any longer and catch me by surprise as you push back quickly jamming my rod all the way into your tight alternate fuck hole.

A scream escapes your lips both from the exquisite agony of my cock penetrating your ass and from the orgasm that rips from your inner core. This is all too much for me and I start to pump my cock in and out of your ass. I am close now…. Faster and faster I fuck your ass, you thrusting back to meet my forward momentum. I feel it in my balls. It starts as a burn before building to a lava-hot volcano. I thrust my dick deep into your bowels and scream as I release my hot cum into your convulsing ass. You scream with me as you feel it sear your insides, triggering another rush of wet pussy juice from your aching cunt. We are one…. Nothing can separate us as we collapse on our sides with me buried deep inside you until, as the ardour cools, my softening meat slowly slides, decorated with the drops of pearly cum, from your beautiful ass.

We lay breathing heavily on the blanket, locked in a post orgasmic embrace. I commence to kiss your neck, your ear lobe, licking, sucking biting, involuntarily your hips begin to gyrate…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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