A Cop’s Night

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I’d like to thank DeadlyNyghtshayde for betaing and editing, even though I know she wanted to go off and beat the crap out of someone after reading it.

Please note, this is a gay male story, and is extremely reluctant and borders closely with rape. If you don’t like stories like that, then don’t read this, please.


::Three shots. My entire life was changed all due to seeing three shots fired into the back of a black guy’s head:: Those where the thoughts of Jakob as he climbed the dingy crappy stairs to his efficiency apartment.

It’s not even really that, the young man told himself as he tugged the string to turn on the single light bulb. The sole lighting in the room cast a dim light around the tiny spartan room. A bed is all the furniture he has and it’s propped up as best as he could get it by some old encyclopedias. There’s a tiny bathroom, just barely big enough for him.

Jack stood in front of the cracked mirror, studying himself. There was an old bruise, fading into obscurity, left by an overly aggressive mark who didn’t like him suggesting a condom before giving him a blowjob. His lips were slightly swollen by an over eager trick who’d nearly gagged him while fucking his mouth. Not really wanting to, but knowing he had to check, he pulled of his sweater and T-shirt. He turned and grimaced at what he saw on his back in the mirror. Bruises, old and new, crisscrossed the thin boy’s back, along with welts and scars from other violent encounters,

Tonight had been what he termed ‘a cop night.’ It was one of the worst cops he had to give favors to. Yet it was either that or go to jail. And that was something he’d never do again. Ever.

He moved and flopped on to the old creaky bed. He closed his eyes and against his will was taken back to that night’s encounter.


“Well, well, well, if it ain’t little Ryan Roman.” Sgt. Daniel Densen sneered, walking up to the young male prostitute. “Don’t you know, boy, that prostitution is illegal in this fine state?”

Jak, or Ryan as he called himself on the streets, swallowed nervously. He hated Densen. Of all the cops he had to work with, this one was the worst. “I-it is, Officer?” he stated, feigning dumb.

Densen smirked, “Damn right it is, slut. Now, why don’t you come for a ride with me and Officer Gregory. I…trust…I won’t need the cuffs?”

Jak quickly shook his head. He didn’t want the Sergeant cuffing him. He was rough, putting them on so tight that he usually lost circulation. Jak moved to the patrol car, quelling every instinct to run. His brown eyes took in the new guy, Gregory. A young cop. Probably fresh from the academy, Jak surmised, crawling into the back of the patrol car. He felt a boot shove him sprawling into the back seat, ata┼čehir vip escort then the door slammed shut.

“So, we’re takin’ him to the station for booking, Sarge?” Gregory asked, climbing in behind the wheel.

“Oh hell no! You stupid, boy? Mister Roman here and some of us at this precinct have an understanding, don’t we, Mister Roman?” he glanced back at the boy, who merely nodded. “He services us free of charge and he stays out of the slammer. He remembers what happened at the slammer.”

Gregory glanced into the rearview mirror, his blue eyes taking in the young man in the back. He seemed resigned to this but when Ryan glanced up, Gregory saw a well-hidden hatred surface. “Where to then? And what if I don’t want ‘servicing’?” he asked, focusing back on driving.

“Go to the bridge. And then I guess I get him all to myself, but I should tell you that little slut back there gives some of the best blow jobs ever.”

Jak/Ryan sat in the back seat, listening. His mind was plotting his revenge. Hoping he’d get back at Densen one of these days. He’d seen the pity when Gregory looked back, but he knew the blond officer would do what the Sergeant wanted. It just the way it was.

It took a few minutes but eventually they got to where Densen wanted to be. The cop frequently brought Ryan here, liking to threaten the prostitute with throwing him into the bay if he didn’t satisfy him. Once the door was open, Ryan was pulled out bodily and thrown to the ground. Densen was on him, twisting his arms roughly to his back and cuffing him roughly. Jak bit his lip to keep from crying out when the cop yanked him up by the chain.

Densen reached down and undid the prostitute’s pants, then pushed him so that he was resting against the backseat. Jak closed his eyes tight, knowing what was next. Densen didn’t believing in “wasting lube on his slutty ass.” He went in hard. He went in dry and it always hurt.

He bit his lip as the cop forced himself in then began to pound him hard. “See with these girls they like being dominated. Shown who’s boss,” he said, talking casually at Gregory, who looked disgusted. “See he likes it. Don’t you, you slut?” Densen reached down and tugged hard on Jak’s slowly hardening cock.

The young man cried out in pain and did the only thing he could do, which was nod. He wasn’t getting hard because he enjoyed it but because the cop was hitting his prostate. He was struggling not to whimper as he listened for the cop to come. As he recognized the tell tale signs, he tightened his muscles against the man’s thick shaft. The cop reached down and yanked on the cuffs, pulling Jak back roughly as he shot his load deep in to the male.

Densen took a few deep shuddering breaths then yanked Jak away from the ├╝sk├╝dar otele gelen escort car. Unable to stop himself, the young man hit the ground hard and cried out. He received a boot to the side. “Shut up, you pansy.”

Jak rested his forehead against the ground, listening while Densen pulled his pants up and zipped them.

“Your turn, Gregory. Sit down on the seat there and let the boy give you a blow. For a slut, he’s good at it,” Densen said, straightening his uniform.

Gregory shook his head. “N-no. I don’t think so Sarge. Let’s just uncuff him and let him go.” The new recruit swallowed as he took in the cold dead glare from his superior. He watched as he pulled out the baton and smacked it in his hand. “Tell you what, you refuse, he gets this.” He spun and slammed the baton on the boy’s back. “You like the baton, don’t you?”

Jak squirmed and shook his head. He was rewarded by being hit again. He hated the baton. He hated Densen’s baton. He tensed as he sensed it coming down again, landing on his back. He opened his eyes and glanced at Gregory. The young cop looked frightened and uncertain. While Jak hated cops, hated having to service them, he’d prefer to give the guy a blowjob than be raped, again, by the baton. “Please, just say yes,” he mouthed, his brown eyes pleading.

Gregory met the kid’s eyes. Pain and fear. This wasn’t what he wanted when he joined the department. It was supposed to be serve and protect. Not rape and terrorize. He hesitated a moment then saw Densen move to slam the baton into the young man’s ass. “Alright! A-alright. I’ll let him give me a blowjob.” The blond undid his service belt and then unbuttoned his pants.

Densen smirked. “Sit in the car, recruit. Let this little, grateful slut show you what he can do.” He violently tugged Jak upright. “Right, Mr. Roman, you’re very grateful for letting Officer Gregory let you suck his cock aren’t you? Tell the officer that you’re grateful.”

Jak nodded, blinking back the tears in his eyes. “T-thank you, Officer Gregory,” he cried out and finished as Densen twisted the cuff chain, “for letting me suck your cock.”

Gregory sat down, his pants at his ankles. He didn’t figure the kid could do much. The violent sex hadn’t made him hard. It had made him sick to his stomach. He spread his legs slightly like he would for a girl who was doing this.

Jak took a deep breath, looking at the flaccid cock. He glanced up at the other man just as much here against his will apparently then leaned forward and started to lick at him. He vaguely heard Densen’s chuckle from behind him. “Good job, slut. I’m not lettin’ you go until you’ve made my partner come, got it?” Jak didn’t even bother to answer, just kept working to get the man hard so they could ├žekmek├Ây rus escort get this over with.

Gregory gasped as he felt the kid’s ministrations. This guy was even better than his girlfriend. Slowly he felt himself get hard from the attention that the prostitute was giving him. The man hit every sensitive spot he had. Eventually Ryan had the officer hard and had enveloped his cock with his mouth taking him deep. Considering he wasn’t small, that was very deep. His fingers tightened around the cage and headrest, as he closed his eyes. Suddenly he opened them as he felt the kid squirm. Densen was holding his head against the recruit’s crotch, letting him struggle, before he let him up.

Jak poured all his attention to getting the cop off. His throat was now sore, his ass felt like it was on fire, and he still had to try to get tricks to make some money. He sucked his way back and took him into his throat with deep fast movements. He swirled his tongue expertly around the swollen head. Finally, he got the response he’d been working for: the young cop shot into his mouth. Jak swallowed it all then to clean the man’s cock. Once he was done, he felt himself get yanked away and tossed back on to the ground.

“Guess you’re not going for that swim this time after all, whore,” Densen said, staring down at the kid. He turned and tossed the cuff keys to Gregory. “Uncuff him and let’s go. He can walk himself home. Where ever the fuck it is the faggot lives.”

The younger cop grabbed the keys out of mid-air then finished fastening his service belt. He moved over to where the young man was lying and discretely pulled out his wallet. He pulled out all the cash he had which was about 80 dollars and stuffed it in the kid’s hand as he uncuffed him. “Take that and go home.”

Jak pushed himself up and glanced at the cash. No cop had ever even tried paying him before. “I can’t…not supposed to,” he muttered, not looking up at the guy. He tried handing it back.

Gregory stood up and shook his head, “Can’t give it back to me without a scene, Ryan. This isn’t what I wanted when I joined the force. He’s not what I wanted to grow up to be like, kid. And I’m sorry he’s what you deal with.” Gregory turned on his heel and got into the patrol car.

Jak sat and stared as it went away. He stood up rubbing his wrists then pulled his pants back up. He shoved the cash into his pocket and began the long walk home.


Jak curled up on his bed, fighting back tears. He held his rosary tightly against him as he stared across the room out the window. He hated his life. He hated how far he had sunk.

He roughly brushed back the tears. Someday he’d get away from it all. One way or another, he wouldn’t have to put up with the humiliation again.

Maybe…he’d find someone to love him. Who cared about him enough that they didn’t mind his past. Wouldn’t mind this.

A bitter laugh tore itself from his throat. Who’d ever even give a male prostitute a chance? He was going to die at the job…but at least then he’d be free from the humiliation.

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