A Complicated Story Ch. 02

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The kids moved in with me. Mom works just miles from the house and seems to be always around. Helen loves the having the kids around. Justin and Wade are trying to adopt. Kim could have gotten additional time for running. Her lawyer blamed it all on Vince, and since he is nowhere to be found he could not defend himself. The divorce went through last week, Kim has custody of the kids, pending her release. The kids can still choose to live with Vince once they reach fourteen with the judge’s approval.

For me I took the job with Ted, and spend most of my time in town. I still travel but only about two days a month. Business is good, very good.

Mom or I visit Kim every weekend. Once a month we take the kids. They could go more but Kim insists she does not want them to remember her as a prisoner. The last time I went she showed me her back, Vince’s name is all but gone, the jail has a free service to remove tattoos. I am told it is very painful, as well it should be. Kim also has several smaller ones removed, but we agreed she could keep some.

Life is tough in jail, but she has been eating right and exercising. With good behavior she should be out in a year and a half.

I received word that Vince was picked up and is heading to jail. They extended his sentence two years for running but he will still be eligible to get out in less than five years, if he behaves!

It took some time to get into a system set up to deal with two kids in my house. Between mom, Helen, Justin and Wade the transition to becoming a single father was made. Kori was easy, she had been the big sister for some time now. Max was her pride and joy. Kori showed him off to everyone, watched over him and protected him. I moved them both in the master suite taking one of the two adjoining rooms. The fourth bedroom was set up for when Helen spent the night. She lived next door with Wade and Justin, but there were times when I was out late or out of town she would just spend the night.

Kori took to me just like when she was a baby. Max was a leach, always under foot, always curled up next to me. The transition did not go without hiccups but all were corrected or eliminated. The next 18 months taught me allot about myself. Mom was a big part of the reason it all worked as well as it did. Even dad enjoyed the kids and of course the backyard and garden. His health was still a big concern. Several years older than mom, he was in his mid fifties, she had not yet hit that milestone.

Wade and Justin were awesome neighbors, it seemed they had an event at their house every other week for friends or the neighbors. It was no surprise when they announced they were adopting two kids from an Asian country. A brother and sister about the same age as Max.

Kim was up for a hearing on her early release. The lawyer said it she was a perfect candidate, but there were no guarantees. Mom and I both sighed a collective release when she was granted the extra time off. I thought long and hard before the next decision. Kim made it clear she did not want a celebration for her release, she was embarrassed to be there, so there was no joy in getting out.

I knew she was expecting me to pick her up but I decided to do something I felt was more important. Kim had impacted my life in so many ways, good and bad. But there was one person she affected more than me, Karen our mother. The woman was an anchor, but since Kim left with Vince and now in jail, the anchor was in quicksand. The time from Kim had pulled her slowly lower with each passing day. The joy I saw in her eyes when she heard Kim was getting out was heartbreaking.

I gave mom an envelope when she finished packing the car.

“Adam please tell me why you are not coming?” Mom questioned me.

“Mom, these things always go wrong. That is why I had you pack extra clothes. What if there is a clerical error? It may be tomorrow before it gets cleared up.” I kissed her lips, she seemed shocked. “Karen listen to me, pick her up and when she gets in the car give her this. It is not to be opened before she gets in the car!”

“Adam, can I take Kori at least?” She was being difficult. Then I sensed the real problem, she was scared.

“Karen I am not going to tell you again. No! You are going to do this. Now get going, give Kim this, we will all be here when you get back.” I kissed her on the lips one last time I could feel her apprehension. I think the kiss gave her courage.

“I love you Adam!” She went to kiss me on the lips, but I pointed to my cheek. She kissed it but was not happy.

“Save that one, you will be needing it soon!” I said. She hesitated for a second then a broad smile crossed her face.

I watched as she backed out of the drive. When she returned I knew my life would change once again.

I always felt the kids had adapted well since they moved in. Kori would soon be eight. She is very smart, too smart if you ask me. She was the one that always wanted to know why. Then when the answer was given there would be another betsobet yeni giri┼č why. Well ahead of her classmates there was talk of moving her up a grade. Kim and I could talk about that. At home Kori was very low maintenance, independent and always happy. There was never the need to truly discipline her, but she knew I kept an eye on her all the same.

Maxwell was all boy. Max liked one thing, playing. Day care was one big playground for him. If there was any learning to do, he did it just so he could go back to playing. He was curious but easily distracted once he found something he could play with. He and I were buddies, one word or two and he would stop being disruptive, he was always eager to please me. He was great kid as well, so I seldom needed to discipline him.

I wondered how the dynamics of their mother coming home would change that.

I got a call that night, it was later than I anticipated, still it was a call I was expecting.

“I love you Adam!” It was mom. “You shouldn’t have!”

“How is she?” I asked not sure I wanted to know. “Are you enjoying yourselves?”

“She is mad at you for not coming!” I could hear mom giggle. “Yes we have and will be again soon!”

“I will see you Sunday, not too late, dad is lost without you.” I teased.

“Adam she wants to talk to you?” Mom replied.

“Sunday we can talk, right now she needs to talk to you. I love you both. Goodbye Karen.” I hung up but not before I heard Kim protesting in the background.

There was a small gathering at the house for when Kim was to arrive. Dad, Justin, Wade, and Helen of course. Also were a couple of family members and friends, maybe fifteen people in all including the kids. I had taken the next week off hoping to ease the transition.

When mom pulled in the drive with Kim it was like a weight had been lifted. There were no cheers no outburst just friends and family quietly welcoming her home. I had Kori and Max stand with me as Kim slowly made her way through the gauntlet of tears and hugs. Max was anxious, Kori was apprehensive, even at the young age of eight she had not forgotten the past. Dad hugged her, a real hug for maybe the first time since, since the day. He was not a forgiving man even for a man that went to church. Myself, well let’s just say the last year and a half may have wiped the slate clean.

I was in my senior year of college, it was during the Thanksgiving break when I came home. I was pretty serious about one person, Trish. I brought her home to meet the family. We had been talking about the future, we were getting to the point of making a commitment. I was sleeping on the couch so Trish could have my bed. No fornicating before marriage in his house, was dad’s rule! Long story short, I wake in the middle of the night, don’t know why, fate maybe.

I hear strange noises, faint but it the quiet of the night… Walking up the steps I see the door to my room open, the noises are coming from Kim’s room. At first I think they are just talking, you know a couple of girls comparing notes on me, as I heard Kim use my name.

Then a chill went down my spine, as the context of the words took hold of me. The noises were muted now, they were not talking they were engaged in sexual acts. I opened the door, Trish was buried between Kim’s legs. Kim looked first, she had an evil smile, one I will never forget.

“Trisha! I yelled at the top of my lungs.

Her head popped up from Kim’s cunt, her face coated with Kim’s essence.

“Adam!” She was shocked to see me.

“Don’t stop! I’m almost there!” Kim objected to the interruption. “Finish me slut! Besides like I told you he can’t have kids, he is a sterile mamma’s boy!”

That embarrassment might have been cruel enough until I notice both my mom and dad standing behind me witnessing it all. There is much more to the story of course, but you get the point. After that Kim was all but banished from my dad’s life. She was allowed to stay but had a midnight curfew. No friends were allowed in the house. I am not sure if he cared if she lived or died. Mom intervened to keep the sanctions from being worse. It was after that the drugs and booze became a problem for Kim. She and I did not talk for almost six months. The first time I saw her again was at my graduation from college. Mom never gave up trying to get us back together.

I had been such a fool, naive for sure, stupid probably. Kim did all of these things desperately trying to hold on to me. Kim has been trying to make up for all the drama and pain she put me, and in reality herself through. It has taken this long for me to realize what neither of us was willing to admit, we were in love with each other. It’s complicated but true.

Kim is now just steps from me looking at her kids as I now release them to their mother. Max bolts into her arms, the kid is just a bundle of energy and love. Kori hesitates, I give her a gentle push in the back. She looks up at me I can see in her eyes what I had felt in betsobet g├╝venilirmi the past, I nod in the direction of her mother.

“She needs you.” I bend down and whisper in her ear. “I know how you feel now but it will get better, I promise.”

“But Adam she is…”

“She is your mother, and she needs you!” I interrupted. “Please Kori, trust me.”

Kori moved to her mother slowly, Kim looked up at me confused and crying as she knelt with Max. I looked at mom, her smile let me know that it would be alright. Kim spent several minutes talking and hugging the kids. At long last she handed them off to mom. Standing just feet from me, I went to take a step and before we all knew it Kim rushed me and jumped up. Her arms went around my neck her legs around my waist.

“I love you Adam!” Kim whispered in my ear. “Please hold me and never let go.”

Your normal reaction when someone jumps on you is to support them and I was no different. Somehow I was not embarrassed by the public show of affection. Shocked yes, pleasantly surprised agreed, but as I held her and she held me it just felt right.

“Kim, we have guests.” Whispered back.

“I don’t care.” She pleaded.

“I know, but dad…” At least she didn’t kiss me on the lips in front of him. I felt her loosen her grip and I set her down gently.

If anyone was offended I did not notice, even dad seemed unaffected. It was a low key and casual gathering, when it was bedtime for the kids the party started to break up. Kim said goodbye to each guest, she even kissed dad on the cheek as she received another hug. I helped him load some stuff in his car.

“Why did it take two days for them to drive three hours” Dad asked. I wasn’t sure if he suspected something or he was pissed mom was gone.

“I gave mom some money to take Kim shopping. She has been gone for a while. I figured she would need some clothes.” I explained.

“What else were they doing?” He probed again.

“Dad I was here at home, I don’t really know!” I lied. “You know how long it takes them to get ready to go anywhere. They probably talked the whole time. Maybe mom wanted her to have a few days to get her bearings back. They are both home and safe, good enough for me.”

“Don’t think I don’t know what is happening between you and Kim.” He gripped my arm as I started to turn back to the house. It was firm grip sending a message. “I don’t know how far it has gone and I don’t want to. Don’t you go thinking I will ever approve of this either!”

“Understood.” I replied back not intimidated.

“And if you so much as hold her hand in my presence again I will banish you from our lives.” He growled.

“I understand.” I replied respectively.

“Adam, when I say ‘our’ lives that includes your mother and I both!” He glared at me sending a clear signal.

“Good night dad.” I removed his hand from my arm. He was taken by surprise when I offered to shake his. He took it then we shook firmly. “I think we understand each other perfectly.” I added.

“There is someone I have been waiting to hold for over a year and a half waiting for me.” I said firmly. I too was sending a clear message.

The kids in bed the guests all gone I could see Kim all but collapse on my bed. We would need to talk but not tonight. I emerged from my shower, she looked up, then closed her eyes.

“I am going to check on the kids and make sure the house is locked up.” She did not even open her eyes to look at me.

I closed the door softly. Looking in on the kids, my decision for the week ahead was a gamble. I went through the house, I could hear her in the shower above. I thought what the last week or two must have been for her. Locked in a cell with one other person her whole day controlled by others. Kim is a thoroughbred, she needs room to run, not knowing for sure if and when she would get out. Then being released, how she would be treated, she will be a felon forever. Sending mom was one part of the plan, the rest was up to me. I heard the shower stop.

I slipped into bed naked, knowing she would do the same. I almost fell asleep myself waiting for her. I could see she was exhausted, but just the sight of her brightened my mood. She turned so I could see Vince was no longer part of her life. In all she must have had at least four other tattoo’s removed as well. She was beautiful, her hair back to its natural color, her body now looked full and healthy. The only thing I missed seeing was her nipple rings.

Kim slipped in beside me. We kissed like lovers speaking only with our lips and tongues pressed together. She moved on top wiggling her body over mine she trapped my hardon between her pussy lips. Already wet with desire she reached down a guided me deep inside her tight channel. We slowly fucked for maybe a minute, then Kim stopped. Resting her head on my chest she finally spoke.

“Adam can you ever forgive me?” I could feel her body shake as she started crying, tears ran across my chest.

“I betsobet giri┼č am pretty sure I already have.” She did not even look up.

“But Adam I have been so selfish, so mean. I am a convicted felon. I have ruined your life!” She was blubbering through her tears.

“And yet you have shared your most precious gifts with me. I love them you know, like they were my own.” I caressed her hair feeling closer to her than ever.

“They are yours Adam, they will always be yours!” I knew she believed what she was saying but I also know kids grow up, and when they do, they make those decisions.

“Then they will be ours.” I said. Then a thought crossed my mind, for a moment it scared me. I had just taken it for granted, I had never asked. “Kim are you staying?” She wiggled my cock deeper in her pussy. The message was clear. Then she stopped moving. I lifted my head to see she had stopped crying and a smile was on her face, that and she was asleep!

She was no longer the frail light shell of a woman she was when we last made love. Still she was no burden spread out across my body. I even slept that way myself for some time. In the middle of the night she woke deciding to finish what we had started. Waken by her movement I was now at least close to hard again. Kim was coming when I reach full firmness. Stopping only briefly she resumed her earlier magic. I rolled us over so I could penetrate her deeper and harder. Kim squealed in delight verbally encouraging me to continue to push the limits.

I was not going to last long but she demanded I wait for her. Taunting me I held out to the last moment, fortunately she was so aroused she started cumming as my second spurted blasted her inner walls. We were both satisfied now and cuddled as we turned to sleep again. I was feeling content.

This is the first day of the rest of your life started in the morning, early! Kim must have been up long before I was. Her damp hair draped over my groin as she smothered my cock with her mouth. Enthusiastically she worked me over never letting me get too far along.

“You have a promise to keep!” She moved up with a wicked smile. “I have been waiting for this since I left!”

I was completely in the dark until she turned away. Buried between her shapely ass was a flesh colored object. I knew immediately what she was referring to now.

“Mom helped me learn to get prepared, she suggested I use this to get started!” Kim was almost shaking she was so excited. Producing some lube she coated my cock. She grabbed my hand and re positioned me behind her as she moved to all fours. “Be gentle now!”

“You know I will!” I stuttered.

I slipped the slender plug from her ass, lubing the area I placed my cock at the now closed opening. Kim pushed steadily back. Only when she stopped did I become concerned.

“You ok? Do we need to stop?” I asked.

“Don’t you dare stop!” Kim snapped back. “I want to remember this moment the rest of my life! Like the time you were the first to fuck my pussy, I want to savor every detail!”

My cock swelled as she reminded me that for every negative with her there was also a positive. I too started to focus on the sensations my body was going through. It had been a fantasy for some time and now it was coming true, I wanted to savor these moments.

I could feel her adjust, I knew we were at the cusp, then like the cork popping on a bottle of champagne, my cock pushed past her tight muscles and slipped inches deeper.

“Oh fuck that is so intense!” Kim squealed. “Adam you are in me, that feels so…so… nasty! I love it!”

“You still ok?” Her asshole was so tight I thought it might be hurting her.

“Fuck me Adam, Oh my god I feel so full!” Kim pushed back then I started slowly working in and out of her.

I didn’t figure I would last long, I was so overwhelmed with lust. Kim continued to vocalize her pleasure, giving directions, asking for small adjustments. Finally after being so over stimulated I warned her of my impending need to cum.

“Do it Adam!” Kim gasped. “I want to be yours forever! Please my love do it now!”

I slammed balls deep in her ass pumping it full of my love. My balls empty I still continued to fuck her no longer in control of my body. Only when my erection failed and I slipped out did I regain my senses. I flopped on the bed Kim jumped on top kissing me with passion greater than we had ever shared.

“Adam that was awesome!” She giggled. “Promise me we can do it again?”

My heart was filled with joy that it went so well.

“Well maybe if you are a good girl?” I teased. Kim snuggled on my side I kissed her one more time. “What am I going to do with you now that I have you?”

It was not an empty question, I knew well enough what dad was warning me about. Kim is not your average woman. She marches to a different drummer, the highs are higher the lows are lower. Kim knew what I was asking her as well. She studied my face knowing I was being serious.

“Love me Adam, just love me, hold on and don’t let go, please. I need you as much as I want you!” I ran my finger over her breast and pointed to her heart.

“I will try my dear but you are an elusive breed.” I noted. “I will need your help.” Letting her know I could not do this alone.

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