A Chance Meeting

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Back when I was in my forties and my marriage turned a bit stale sexually, I started fucking around on the wife and fulfilling my urge to meet with other men. We still had a loving relationship but her Catholic upbringing just couldn’t allow her to go places I wanted to go. 90% missionary and lack of spontaneity was a real erection killer. It was too bad since she had a hot body. But things happen. We don’t get to determine our sexuality’s tastes such as mine for cock and also pussy.

So, I started using ads from a local rag that was primarily intended for hook ups. It was the days before Craigslist and all the chats I later used. I was only looking at the M4M ads and I did have some success in meeting some married men like myself. I couldn’t host and neither could they so we used a motel that was focused on the swinger crowd and married people hooking up with people other than their wives and husbands.

The motel had a few rooms with hot tubs that could handle four or five people and mirrors on the ceiling and walls to enhance things. Those suites had king size beds and also some hooks for things like a swing etc. The regular rooms were generally small with a full size bed, a shower and the mirrors on the ceiling. And a small bathroom with shower. All the rooms had television screens streaming porn with eight different channels that offered a wide variety for all tastes.

The rooms were rented in four hour blocks of time. Or you could do a full day. Not many chose that option.

On one occasion I had arranged to meet another married guy to have a session of sucking one another’s’ cock. But the guy was a no-show. So, I decided to stay around watching the porn and taking care of my always horny cock myself. Before I did, however, I went to my car for something that now escapes my mind.

On my way back to the room the manager approached me. I knew him by sight and the brief interactions when registering the other times I’d met someone at the motel. He was a small biker type guy. Long hair, beard and big mustache and wearing his vest. I’d always had a good vibe whenever we’d talked during my times of registering.

When he got up to me he smiled and said. “Hey, if you’re interested there’s a guy and his old lady looking for a third. I thought maybe you’d fit what they’re looking for. You’re not with anybody now are you?”

After getting over the shock of what he was saying I eagerly replied. “Hell yeah! Thanks for thinking of me. Appreciate it. Whereabouts are they? They just want someone to knock or what?”

“They’re in 108 around back. Yeah, I knew you’d been here a few times and appreciate your business so why not ask you. I saw her in there, not a knock out but her tits look pretty nice. He looks like a cowboy from the eastern plains but nice guy. They said to just knock three times so they’d know I’d found them somebody. He came up to me right after he registered asking me if I knew someone. Guess he either wants to watch or double team her. So go enjoy yourself, dude. Let me know how things went.”

He walked away with a big grin on his face.

So, after going to my room to brush my teeth, I headed over to room 108 I knocked three times and a short guy around 5’7″ answered the door. He was probably in his sixties and his face was weathered and very tan. And he was wearing a cowboy hat.

“You here to play?” he said.

“Yeah the manager said you were looking for another player.” I said as I looked over at a woman in a white teddy sitting on the edge of the bed. She was much younger than the cowboy. Probably no older than thirty. Kind of chubby but not obese, not a BBW. Most guys would call her a plain Jane, She was neither good looking nor ugly. Just a regular looking woman. I could see her tits weren’t all that big. Probably around güvenilir bahis a 34b like my old lady. But her nipples were very prominent poking through the white teddy. No bra. The nipples were very long and standing out at that moment.

“Well I brought Ilene here to have some fun. I can’t keep up with her. She’s like a nympho. So every year we come to Denver and get her a guy or two to help satisfy her. I’ll participate for a while but I come pretty quick and then I’ll leave her to you to try to satisfy. Right, darling?” he laughed.

Ilene smiled and spoke for the first time. “That’s right daddy. But first I want to see this dude’s equipment. He may not qualify for my needs.”

“So, Ilene, you want me to undress, correct?” I asked.

“That’s right big guy. I want to see ya peel those clothes off and give me a peek at what you’re going to be putting in my pussy. That’s ok ain’t it?” she purred back at me.

“Alright, How bout you cowboy, you undressing too?” I asked.

“Name’s Eugene. And you?”

“I’m Rocky. Real name Bill but got that nickname cause I went into geology.”

“And yeah, I am stripping as soon as you show Ilene here what you got”

With that I started stripping off my clothes. They went every which way in my hurry to get naked for Ilene and Eugene. Once I stood before them in the buff I saw Ilene’s eyes grow big and she had a big smile on her face.

“Damn, dude, you look like a porn star. That cock is hugely thick! I’m going to love having that big old head inside me.”

I laughed at what she said. I never realized I had a decently big cock until I started getting together with guys. It was then I found out I was bigger than all of them. I estimate I’m about 8″ and I’m really thick with a veined shaft and big head when I get hard. I’m one of those “growers”. Not all that big when limp except the head. But get me excited and the old boy grows. And it had grown almost to full staff once I got nude before Ilene and Eugene.

I walked over to Ilene sitting on the bed and she immediately grabbed my cock and starting sucking the head, using her tongue to swirl around the crown and in the piss hole. Damn it felt good. I reached inside her teddy and felt her right breast. It was smooth and felt like silk on my hands. I worked up to getting hold of her long nipple and she moaned as I pinched it and then pulled on it.

Eugene came over in the buff. His cock was about six inches and not all that thick. But he was nice and hard. As Ilene started going down my shaft with her lips tightly attached, Eugene reached out to grab Ilene’s left breast. He mimicked my pulling and pinching of the nipple. She moaned even louder.

After she had deep throated my cock right down to my pubes, Ilene slowly ascended up my shaft, her lips still sucking and tongue highly active. She reached the head and made a loud pop with her mouth as she came off my cock leaving it waving in her face.

“Time for me to get naked like you guys. Fairs fair.” she laughed

And with a quick move she grabbed the bottom of the teddy and pulled it over her head of blonde hair. That left her sitting there with white panties on. We’d both pulled away as

she undressed and now I saw a really nice pair of breasts, both small but perfectly round and nipples as long as any I’d ever seen. They were truly the pencil eraser type nipple of all the porn I’d ever read.

Looking at her panties which were plain bikinis, I saw Ms. Ilene believed in the natural look. She had a nice light brown bush easily seen through those white panties.

“You like my tits big guy?” she asked

“Oh, yeah, ma’am. You have a really nice handful and those nipples make me want to suck ’em forever.” I answered.

“Well let’s let Eugene fuck me and I’ll just suck türkçe bahis on that big ole lollipop of yours’ to start. Ok?” she said as she stripped off her panties and took a position of her ass up in the air as she knelt near the edge of the bed and her head up close to where I was standing. I got up on the bed on my knees to give her the right position to start her oral delights on me. Back on the other end Eugene was lining up his cock to enter her pussy. He had his other hand busy fingering her to get her lubricated. She was moaning steadily as she started nursing on the head of my hard cock. I could feel the moan vibrating on the head and then the shaft as she started down toward my pubes.

Eugene, meanwhile, entered her and pushed as deep as he could go on first thrust. She moaned louder and went deeper down my shaft. By then I was doing some of my own moaning. And gasping from the pleasure of her mouth.

It wasn’t more than a few minute before I heard and saw Eugene start to cum inside his sweet little nympho. His face reddened and he growled with intensity. Ilene popped my cock out her mouth.

“Ole Eugene’s got a hair trigger for sure.” she laughed.

“Yep, that’s why you get these trips to the big city, gal. I gotta keep you happy cause I love you.” he said in an embarrassed voice.

I was in sort of pickle. Kind of felt I was a third wheel between a husband and wife. And I was naked and had just had my cock in his wife’s mouth!

“Hey, if you need me to go, no worries.” I told them.

“No! You ain’t going anywhere until you and me have a whole lot of more fun.” she said in a loud happy voice.

“Yeah, I like watch for a while and then I’ll take a walk to leave you alone with her.” Eugene said in a soft voice.

I really felt a bit deflated seeing the embarrassment and sadness he seemed to have in the way he spoke and the way he looked.

“Come on big guy, he loves watching my pussy get worked over. You don’t mind a little bit of sloppy seconds do you?” Ilene giggled and turned so her ass was on my end of the bed. Sure enough there was a white creamy trail on her bush and dripping out of her pussy.

“Come on, put the big boy in me…please!” she begged.

And with that I put my cock up into the entrance of he wet pussy, feeling Eugene’s cum on the tip of my cock. I pushed into the inner folds of her labia and entered her half way. She let out a loud, loud moan.

“Oh my god that’s so good! Give it all to me. Push that big cock all the way in, baby.” she moaned to me.

I pushed deeper, and deeper until I was full tilt inside her. She was wet from the semen Eugene left inside her. It had greased the way to my easy entrance. So, once pegged out inside her I started pulling back to the cock head and shoving back down inside her in a slow rhythm. I grabbed her tits and twisted on her nipples as I leaned over her while I kept stroking in a nice easy way inside her. I knew she wanted me to pick it up and power fuck her but she wasn’t going to get her way. I was going to build up to the big finale.

I looked at Eugene sitting in a chair nearby watching intently. He seemed very excited and played with his limp cock as I fucked his wife.

Her tits were so soft and felt so silky I couldn’t hardly stand it. But I pulled my hands off her tits and reached down to find her clit right above where my cock’s shaft was doing it’s thing to stretch out her pussy lips. I found the nub of her clit. It was big. Between the cum of Eugene, her juices and mine there was plenty of lubricant to do a nice fingering of her clit. She was now yelling out her pleasure.

I picked up my pace as I felt the beginning of her orgasm start. Her breathing became rapid. Her body seemed to seize up from head to toe and I felt the walls of her cunt güvenilir bahis siteleri squeezing the shaft of my cock. She was having spasms of gasps and body tension.

“OOOOOOOOH! my God! You are so good. I’m shaking all over and can’t stop it. And don’t want to…oooooh.”

She indeed seemed to quiver as I continued pushing my cock inside her and then withdrawing right to the head before pushing back in her sweet pussy. I continued for another ten minutes and she had two more mini orgasms.

I finally started to feel the rush of my own orgasm start at the root of my shaft and then spread upward. I’d soon be shooting my cum but had to find out where.

“Where do you want it? Where do you want me to shoot my cum!?”

“Inside me! I want it inside!” she yelled.

And just seconds later I felt the spasm of my cock’s head begin as I shot several blasts of cum deep inside Ilene. I was grunting and yelling out to her. ” Oh yeah, baby, you are so hot!”

I finally collapsed on Ilene’s back. During some time while I was fucking her, Eugene had dressed and was walking out the door.

“No worries, Rocky. Give her a good romp. She’ll be wanting to go again soon. Just come and get me outside when you finish”

My cock slowly withered and fell out of Ilene’s pussy. She rolled over on her back displaying her bush now coated with white cum. There was as little seeping river of cum flowing out of her pussy and down to her ass crack. It was hot and erotic to watch. I felt myself getting aroused again.

Ilene noticed my cock starting to rise and smiled.

“That little head is thinking dirty thoughts again ain’t he?”

I responded by putting my mouth on her breast and sucking one of those wonderful nipples. Then the other. She moaned with pleasure and held my head to her chest.

I started kissing down her torso until I reached her bush. I kissed her inner thighs using my tongue to drag down and up in lengthy strokes. She was lifting her ass off the bed and trying to push her pussy into my face but I wanted her to feel a buildup before I went to the prize of her pussy lips.

Finally the broad part of my tongue swept up into her opening. I tasted the remnants of my cum, her juices and Eugene’s cum. It felt like I was drinking an exotic drink and the smell was so strong and made me more excited. It was the smell of good sexual pleasure. I licked her labia, probed deep inside her with the tip of my tongue and finally started with light licks to her clit. As I did this, I put two fingers deep inside of her pussy and reached up to the upper wall to find that magic tab. I took her clit inside my mouth and sucked it like she’d sucked on my cock head. She was pushing up into my face, yelling and gasping. Then I began with long licks of the clit while my fingers inside her stroked and pushed into her. And her body levitated up off the bed leaving only her shoulders still on the mattress. She screamed out in orgasm followed by mini-orgasms. My fingers were squeezed as she shook in a frenzied way. She finally pushed my head away.

“Too much, too much…I can’t take anymore.”

I pushed up to her face and kissed her with my tongue deep inside her mouth. She used her tongue to meet mine. We held the kiss for minutes before breaking for air.

“My god, that was hot! I could play with you all day.”

“Totally agree…you feel so good. You’re so soft and silky. And I love the way you come.”

She kissed me again and looked down to my revived cock. She slid down my body and mounted me while I laid on my back watching her take control. She quickly had me inside her and began to ride.

We fucked one more time before I finally ended things. I couldn’t keep up with her either! I dressed and went out to find Eugene. She was laying nude with cum dripping out of her pussy and down her ass crack when I left. I found Eugene. He actually thanked me. I couldn’t believe it. And I went back to my room, showered brushed my teeth and went home to await the return of my wife from her job.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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