Eki 17

A Chance Encounter – Alice Ch. 01

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My name is Mark Roberts, I took a class at our local college to help me with my international business several years ago. The business was something small at the time, then one day my life completely changed because of a chance encounter with a wonderful red head while running to my class.

I took this class online, that way I could work at home while still being able to work on my job. I got a message that it was mandatory to be in the classroom the following day. Well, nothing like advanced warning, I thought to myself.

Because I had never been to class itself, a teacher drew me a map to help me find it. I found the building I continued to run and turned the last corner and crash, books everywhere.

I ran into the back of this beautiful redhead; she went to the floor with her books flying. She landed on her breast; I ran up to her to ensure she was ok.

“I’m not sure yet, but I’m sure am glad for landing devises.” She giggled.

I turned to gather our books wondering what she meant, I can be very slow at times. Then it hit me and I turned, she was holding her breast and I notice her skirt was above her fabulous rear. As she turned, she was rubbing her left breast. Now I could see her thong and her untrimmed bush on the edges.

“I’m sorry miss, but your skirt has risen, and I don’t feel right adjusting it, unless you need me to?”

“A gentlemen and a peeping tom. Would you please?”

“May I help you up?”

“One moment please, I think you burst my implant.”

“Your what?

“You never heard of breast implants?”

“Yes, but you don’t have them.”

“How do you know”

“I guess I don’t, yours just look perfect.” She laughed, “And again how would you know they are still covered.” She laughed, “I’m sorry I’m joking.”

“Is this how you get a woman to show you, her goods?”

“No, I usually just walk up and ask if she minds if I check her oil?”

“Her Oil? You better have a good dipstick.” She laughs and I help her up.

“Seriously are you ok, I’ll drive you to a hospital or my home, which is closer.”

She asked for her books, but I said I would carry them for her.

“Wouldn’t you be late for class then?”

“Helping a damsel in distress is the right thing to do, especially when I made her that damsel in distress.”

She laughed and smiled at me.

“Well, if you can get me safely to my class I would be honored.”

“So, you take your course online?”

“Yes, I run a small business, and the class helps me.”

“And what class might that be?”

“Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting.”

“Sounds like a boring class”

“No, I enjoy it. I had to be here today to meet the instructor and get our final project.”

“You’ve never seen or met the professor? Did you look at my books by chance?”

“No, I never paid attention to the screen. I just did my work and then homework.”

“That’s very interesting, what did you think of his or her voice?”

“To be honest, I don’t remember if it’s a female or male.”

“The professor must be pretty boring then.”

“I wouldn’t know.”

She laughed as we walked toward the classrooms, I was holding her books and listening to her talk, while she held her tit.

“You know if that is getting to be tiresome, I’ll take over and you can carry our books?”

She smiled at me, “I think I can handle both now, this is our class. Would you mind going in first so I can adjust a few things. By the way did you look at my books at anytime?”

“Sorry I didn’t, I was a little distracted.” She blushed I walked in.

I take a seat up front and then watch her walk to the podium, I hide my face in my arms.

“Good Afternoon class, I see a few new faces today, good to see, for those that didn’t make it well, they failed the class, I’ve learned many of you online students may not know who your professor is, my name is Alice Parents you may call me Alice.”

“A new face up front, please stand and introduce yourself.”

“Name is Roberts, Mark Roberts.” Everyone laughed because of the James Bond voice I attempted to use.

“Well Mr. Bond, would you mind staying after I dismiss the class.” The sounds coming from everyone had me get up and take a bow. “Sorry Alice,”

“You may call me Miss Parents.” Laughter was even louder now; I was beat and I laughed with them.

“Okay, if Mr. Roberts is done, I would like you all to come up take your folder when I call your name, return tomorrow with your plan of attack. Just be sure to watch hallway corners when running out of here, class dismissed when you get your folder.”

I sat waiting for my name, it was never called. As students walked by me, they laughed and congratulated me for messing up on my first day in class, a couple students handed me their numbers.

When everyone had picked up their folders, I knew I was in trouble, Alice walked over to me and had a seat. I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was. She sat down and I looked at her.

“I’m sorry I ran into you today”

“Are you really? I’m not”

“I may have a sore tit for a while but it could have Ataşehir Escort been worse. I held you back because you were such a gentlemen helping me. I know you looked me over while you slowly adjusted my skirt That was very special and I had to talk to you about it. What did you think of seeing me spread open like that?”

“At first I was more worried you may have been hurt seriously. Then when I looked over and I noticed your skirt had blown over your lovely rear-end, I wanted to feel those round cheeks of yours, and seeing all that red bush was hot.”

“You like a lot of hair on a woman’s bush?”

“Yes, I do very much. Should we be talking like this, you are my Professor I would hate for you to get in trouble.”

“It’s the last class down an empty hall and thanks to the silver dome in the hallways I can see if anyone is coming, by the way they have them in every hallway.”

I laughed and looked up at the dome then back to her, “I told you I don’t pay much attention at times.”

“Mark, would you like to go out for dinner tonight, I liked to learn more about you, and it would be ok, because I would be bringing you your project you forgot to grab.”

“See, I’m always messing up, I knew I had to pick up that project.” I smiled and looked at her again, “Did you realize you have blue eyes, and I have green.”

“You do pay attention if you want to.”

“Of course,”

“Ok, what color thong am I wearing?”

“White, with Blue lines, Very pretty by the way.”

“Why don’t you give me your address and phone number I’ll pick you up at 6.”

I looked in my bag, no paper. “Let me find a scrap paper in the garbage.”

“Don’t bother” She reaches up her skirt and pulls off her thong.

“Let me see if you can put your address and phone number on this.”

She hands me her thong; it is soaking wet. I smell it, looked at her. “You smell very delicious, like fresh Apple Pie.”

“Wow, hurry up and give me your address.” She was laughing no way can he write on those as wet as they are.

I reached into my bag and pull out a permanent marker,

Alice, I buried her head in her hands this time. I looked at it and smiled.

“Would you put these back on me so I don’t lose your address.”

“Yes ma’am,”

She walks to the door she closes it and locks it.

She opens my fly and pulls out my cock. She looks once more, takes it all in and smiles, yes six it is.”

I look down, went to say something.

“I meant the time I will pick you up.”

“I can’t wait to see how red on red looks.” She lifts her left leg, then her right so I can get her thong back on. As I got closer, I started shaking.

Alice laughed, “So now you’re nervous as you get closer?”

“I smile, then lift her skirt, putting her skirt on my head, I smell her bush, instant erection. I licked her pussy pull my head out from under her skirt. Pull up her thong. She kisses me. “So how do I taste to you?”

I couldn’t answer, it was so amazing. She kissed my dick, adjusted herself

“I’ll see you at six Mr. Roberts, next time don’t forget your project.”

Wednesday Evening.

When I got home, I was very happy I was such a neat freak. I had stopped on my way to buy us an assorted take out from our Fine Chinese Restaurant. Their food is the best they all great me and welcomed me back as I ordered four dinners for two. They thanked me and told me they hope I have a nice party. I smiled and said thanks.

I had wine on the table food in the oven to stay warm. I then took a shower and then went and poured some wine. Before I took a sip the doorbell rings. I opened the door and there Alice is, with her hair down. It was long enough to cover her ass.

“Welcome, I decided I should protect your reputation, and made dinner for you here. Hope you like Chinese?”

Alice, steps in and I close the door. She looks around: “Wow dinner smells great, almost as good as the Sweet and Sour Chicken from Top Wong.”

I smile “I take it you have been there; I love their food. Now I know what you like.”

“May I ask a question?’

“Of Course, do you ever ask a lady if you can take her jacket when she enters?”

“I would have but you’re not wearing a jacket?”

“Well, how about my sweater?”

I can do that if you wish, by the way I love your slippers.”

“Thank you, the sweater unzips from the back, would you mind?”

I reach for her zipper, pull it down slowly and I lift it forward for her to take, she turns around holding it to her.

“Would you take it and hang it up?” When I took it, I dropped it, in front of me are two beautiful globes. She had no blouse or bra on. I picked up the sweater and hung it up, when I turned around, she was completely naked.

“Mark, I am just guessing here, but you don’t wish to go out for dinner. do you”

“Alice, I plan on you for dinner.” I pull her to me and we start kissing, same time she is ripping off my shirt and pulling down my pants. I have never held a kiss while my pants are being torn away from me. We walked to the couch and she giggled as I pushed her back. I Anadolu Yakası Escort had my right hand on her breast, and left hand on her butt.

“Mark, All day long all I have thought of was sex with you and what was it about you that got me all heated up, we don’t know each other, but I feel safe with you, and right now I would really like to feel you inside me.”

“My pleasure” I look down and look back up smiling at her, I kiss her again, as I place my cock at her entrance, she was soaked. I slid right into her.

“Oh, you feel better than I had hoped, you’re wonderful Alice, just perfect.”

“You’ve been thinking of me like this also?”

“Oh yes, very much so.”

Alice, My eyes lit up, with tears. I have never been complimented while having sex, not like I have had a lot. But that gave me a rush both physical and sexual.

I looked into Alice’s Eyes, I smiled as she seemed to go into overdrive, she lifted herself and started to meet my thrust in her. I thought I was going to cum.

“Something strange is happening, something I have never felt before, I can’t explain it, I feel like I’m being pushed out.”

And I was Alice had gotten so excited her orgasm was increase 10-fold, and she screamed as a stream of liquid like a water house escaped her, hitting me, in the chest. She was shaking and breathing funny. I never seen a woman squirt other than on a porn, and nothing like this. She started to relax and I entered her again, I pump hard, I feared she was going to pass out or something. Then she looked at me and smiled.

I was in light speed as I unloaded in her. When I finished, I laid on her gently and kissed her like a mad man.

“Mark roll over please,” We’re not done yet. She took my cock into her mouth and without looking at me she suck me hard and dry, I had cum again and she got a little taste of me.

“Can I lay on you, I would love to feel our glorious bodies together. She laid on me and was kissing me all over. I had both hands on a very soft and smooth ass. I want to search her body, see every inch. But I got hard again. I have never been able to get three erections in a day.

“Is that normal for you having another erection? I’m going to enjoy this before you go to sleep. “

Alice takes my head slides me back into her, then she stops, “I need a picture of this, Two redheads making love, it is beautiful seeing this, I’m brighter red, you’re closer to orange. Did I tell you I love oranges.”

She sat up and rode me hard, and I fully enjoyed watching her breast bounce and jiggle as she moved on me. I didn’t think I would cum, but she smiled at me, as she held my nuts in her hand. She was massaging them. Then she laughed looking at me.

“You’re about to cum again, I love it.” She bounced hard on me and was so gentle with my nuts. But she was right I felt the boiling in them and I came. This time it was enough for her to enough playing with it.

“I’m going to stand up if that is ok, I would like your cum to fall out on you.”

“This should be fun,”

“Trust me, you will enjoy it.” I watched my cum slide out, two big globs, then some trickle. I didn’t know I had so much in me. She turned around bent her knee now I could see her pussy. Then she licked the area and then took and licked my dick clean. Meanwhile I’m looking at her pussy. I grab her hips and slide her over on my stomach. I take a finger from each hand and explore her.

There is so much bush, it leads down to her anus. I just play with it for a few seconds, then I moved it all aside so I could see her lips. They looked like two closed doors with the little slit in the middle. Yet on bottom of that slit was a very large ball, and lots of liquid running out, I laughed when I realized I was looking at her upside down.. I took the two fingers and opened those doors. I was shocked how pink and sweet she was. The smell was over whelming, I had to taste her right away. I kept her open so I could watch my tongue, go through and around, it was pure joy.

I was as hard as a rock again and she was sucking me, that obviously added to the adventure I was on.

I moved my fingers to her swollen clit. It was bright red. I touched it with my tongue, I hear a mellow moan, so I continue, until I couldn’t help but lick her faster, the more she sucked the more I licked. Then I just bit her clit. She came so fast; I couldn’t get out of the way. Her cum went up my nose, I was chocking on it. But I kept licking her clit. I felt I was going to cum, and at same time coughing. She started to laugh, and that was an error, I came all over her face, as she did mine. We both just laid still, I didn’t move my hands because her bush was just breathtaking.

I pulled her bush a little so it touched my nose. I wanted to eat her again. But dinner was waiting. I slide out of under her, she still had my cock in her mouth. She was sound asleep. Dinner can wait, I like this position.

I was touching her breast to see if it was hurt from earlier, and sure enough there was a bruise on her left breast.

She released my cock. “Don’t worry about the Kadıköy Escort bruise, by the time we are done there could be more.” She smiled as she sat up on me. We kissed some more. “I smell food, I also smell sex. So, food first.

“I’ll get the dinner ready if you would get cleaned up, not sure how but you’re drenched. I watched her bend over and pull-out dinner. “You’re standing there watching me bend over, aren’t you?”


“Do I look good from there?”


“She pulls out dinner, sets it on the stove, “I don’t?”

“Nope, you look like dinner could wait another hour.”

“That isn’t going to happen Mr. Roberts, I need some food to build my strength up for another round before I have to go. So go shower you stink.”

I laugh as I walk away. I turn on the shower, and I rush to get clean when I feel her hands on me. She takes the towel and washes me, then hands it to me to wash her.

“No fooling around, just wash me.”

I wash her down, and I am just amazed. “Alice, I am so happy you are here. You are a beautiful woman, there isn’t anything I don’t love when I talk or look at you.”

I take the shower nozzle to spray off the body wash. I put it back and turn off the water. I pull out to heated towels.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. We dried off then went downstairs naked. We ate and we talked, it was now nine PM, we cleaned up, put food away and then looked at each other. She took my hands into hers. She kissed me nicely.

“Mark since the second I looked into your eyes, which I would like you to know were looking elsewhere. I knew I had to be with you, there is something about you I just love. Maybe a lot of different things.”

“In my defense the only reason I was looking at your beautiful red bush was because I was concerned. I didn’t want some other guy coming around the corner and seeing it.”

“In your defense? We both laughed.

“Would you like a glass of wine?”

“No, I had the one with dinner, do you have Coke or Pepsi?”

I walked to the fridge, pull out both. She points to the Pepsi. I get her a glass, and ice. Pour in some Pepsi. Ask it she would like to join me on the back porch. We head out and I hold a chair for her, then I sit next to her.

“Mark how do you know if anyone can or can’t see us?”

“The windows are special, you can’t see in, even if the lights are on. But if I push this button, it clears the window so the sun can come in. It’s also soundproof, better than in the house.”

“It is?”

Before I could speak, she was on my lap, and she had my cock in her hand guiding it into her. “Have you ever seen a women stand and have sex?”

“No never.” I had no idea what she meant.

She stood up, and then lowered herself taking all of me into her. Then she started to move up and down while standing.

“We need a video camera for this, that is so exciting to watch.”

“Do you like watching my breast? or maybe my pussy sucking you in and out? Or maybe just my red bush?”

I reached up, and placed my hand on her stomach, it was like a six pack, she was in wonderful physical shape. Better than I was. She was now up and down so fast I was holding her hips. She was tearing up and I could feel her getting tight. Here we go again. She screamed as she stood straight, her orgasm hitting every part of me. She was shaking and lost her balance I held her tight placing her on my chest.

“You know Mark I love being able to squirt, and it feels so fulfilling. But Forget to ask you what you thought? Is it ok with you.?”

“Until you, I have never seen anyone squirt, so it is a new adventure for me. I love how it taste, feels and your reaction to it. So yes, I like it. I feel good knowing you are that comfortable with me.”

“Do you know you’re still erect, can’t have you unfulfilled, may I give you a blow job?

“May I enjoy your vagina while you do?”

We went to my room, we laid down, and she started right away. I once again just explored at first.

“May I ask why you are just looking at me?”

“This reminds me of Willy Wonka and the first part with the Chocolate river, I want to see everything, taste everything eat everything. I want to enjoy all of this beautiful garden.”

She smiled, than took me back into her mouth. She would wiggle every once in an awhile. I felt I was in heaven. I spread her legs some more so I could see her anus,

I laughed at all the hair around it, I played with it, twirling it. My fingers were soaked, so I stuck one in her anus a little. She wiggled her but. I took that as a yes. So, I took my index and middle finger and starter to go in and out of her. I was waiting for a bad smell, but it never came. Good. I then put another two inside her pussy, this action had her bucking like a bronco, she had several orgasms, then I was shocked again, I came. Never in my life did I think I could do that.

“Lets hit the shower again.”

“We went in and played around soaping each other up, when the water was ready, I pulled it over us and we hugged while we rinsed, then she turned around it took forever to rinse. She was facing the shower, while I was kissing her. The hot water was gone, she got hit with fresh cold water, I turned it off fast, but she was shaking, I picked her up, carried her to my bed, wrapped us in a blanket and fell on the bed, She was laughing the hole way down.

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