A California Stop Pt. 03-05

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Anri Okita

Intro: One should read Part 1 however, if you didn’t here’s the nickel version.

Richard and Jessica had been involved with a mutual friend, Abigail, who would orchestrate all their trysts. Without warning, things came to an end as Abigail left for the Pacific Northwest. Richard and Jessica were stunned. This is the rest of the story leading them back together.

I hope you enjoy it.


It took a while for things to heat back up. The loss of Abigail from their lives had a real impact on both of them. Although Jessica and Richard had been sexually active together, it was never one-on-one; Abigail was always involved.

They started spending time on the phone and talking about their mutual interests, one of which was food. They started emailing recipes they developed, even sharing complete dinner menus. They realized there was a mutual attraction beyond the carnal interests they shared with Abigail.

Even though there was this attraction, they didn’t discount the fact it was erotic kink which brought them together in the first place. They started discussing what turned them on, as well as their turn-offs. Richard said he really got into erotic porn and stories, and it surprised him when Jessica said she wasn’t into it.

Richard couldn’t understand how someone as kinky as Jessica wasn’t into porn and stories. He agreed that most porn was produced from the ‘animalistic male perspective,’ centering solely on the male orgasm. However, he explained, “There are a number of studios which do produce high quality, plot oriented, erotica.”

This caught Jessica’s attention. “Really?” she questioned. “Will you give me a few names of those studios so I can check them out for myself?”

“Sure,” Richard responded, “One of my favorite studios is ‘Marc Dorcel’. His movies always have a plot and a twist. Another studio is ‘Deeper’. They produce high quality role play films. Then there’s ‘New Sensations’ for some erotic BDSM, and ‘Girlsway’ for Sapphic adventures. There are so many.”

A thought entered his mind, “If you’re interested, I’ll let you browse my library on Literotica so you can decide for yourself.”

“I’d love to take a look.”

Jessica accepted his offer for a couple of reasons. If he was right, some ‘good’ erotica would be more than welcome. Also, this way she could see what Richard was really into with Abigail no longer calling the shots.

The rest of the conversation centered on when to get together again.

They set a date two weeks out for dinner and some ‘playtime.’ It was the only open date with unlimited time. Richard said he’d jot down a few menu options for Jessica to review. They agreed to chat the next week to finalize things.

“This is very exciting Richard. Send me the menu when you can. And don’t forget to share your Literotica info. This girl could use a little stimulus.”

They both chuckled and said their good-byes. Richard created an email with his Lit info. As he clicked ‘Send,’ he wondered if Jessica would think he’s too perverted since many movies went well beyond what the activities they shared with Abigail.


Jessica’s Story:

Richard and I were on new ground. In the past, playdates were orchestrated by Abigail. I was strictly the dominant player while Abigail and Richard took on various roles per her mood du jour.

When Richard and I spoke on the phone, I was very much at ease with him. I learned more about him as a person, and he was very interested in learning more about me as well. I liked his take on intimacy. He felt without some type of relationship it was simply sex; citing animals have sex, and unfortunately, many humans do as well.

Our conversations touched on many topics. The two main ones were food and erotica. Richard was taking his time; and I must admit I was getting a bit antsy wondering when, and if, we were going to get together again.

When he offered to share his libraries of erotica with me, I knew the time was at hand. Setting a date two weeks out allowed me time to see just what type of kink this man was into. I loved that we both wanted extended time for dinner and play.

I saw his email come across with his Literotica log-in info; but having much to do for work, I decided to wait until later when I had a bit of time to myself.

That evening, sitting at my kitchen counter with a glass of wine and a dinner salad, I logged in. Going to his ‘Favorites’ settings, I couldn’t believe the number of movies that ‘Favorites.’ The thought did enter my mind that perhaps Richard was some sort of deviate.

There was an option to click on ‘Studio’, and remembering his first recommendation was ‘Marc Dorcel’ I decided that was as good a place as any to start.

The first ‘Dorcel’ movie was titled “Anissa Kate: The Widow.” It started very dark. The intro was a crying woman, naked, committing suicide (which was not shownÔÇöonly the sound of the gun on a black screen with the title “The Widow” appearing after the gunshot.) bahis firmalar─▒ I was glued but thought, “Jesus Christ, what is Richard into, snuff films?”

The following scene explained it all; “40 minutes earlier” was displayed on the screen and the woman was seducing her lover. The scene was very hot; I was becoming quite aroused. As they recovered from their intimacy, the woman rose to get them wine. Her lover’s phone buzzed with a text message.

Picking it up, she saw It was his wife. She got pissed off because she wanted him to leave her. There was a brief argument in which he stated he’d never leave. The woman walked away, a bit annoyed, only to return with a gun, and shot him (not on camera). It brought the opening scene full circle, as there was the sound of a second shot; the one that did her in.

The movie proceeded with a businessman trying to swindle the man’s widow of her inherited company and fortune. The acting was believable; the people beautiful; the plot full of twists, deceit, and blackmail. It was filled with incredibly erotic and torrid sex scenes. One particular scene triggered something inside of me making my hand move to my damp panties.

The widow confronted the swindler in the company’s parking garage as three attendants looked on. She explained how her husband would never leave her as he loved seeing her being fucked by others, often in the very spot she was standing. She then pressed the swindler against a pillar and began stroking his cock through his trousers.

Asking if he wanted to fuck her, the swindler said he did, but the widow told him it would never happen. Instead, she seduced the three attendants while he watched. The group scene was so erotic because it is one of my deeper fantasies. Watching her control the group of men in a public place had my fingers moving faster and slipping beneath my panties.

The squishing sound of my leaking pussy mixed salaciously with the sounds of the scene before me. My rhythm followed theirs and I could feel my orgasm building. I imagined it was me sucking their cocks while denying the watcher any pleasure.

She then demanded to be fucked. Her eyes focused on the swindler and a wicked smile crossed her lips. She gave him a look which said, her pussy, as well as her company, would never be his. My need was building. I started squeezing my tits through my bra and sweater.

What sent me over the edge was the double penetration; one dick in her ass and one in her cunt. My body shook while my pussy exploded. I couldn’t take my eyes off this beautiful woman being taken both ways; nor could I stop rubbing myself as having both of my holes filled is another dark fantasy of mine.

Two more orgasms ripped through me as the widow came in public. She had the three attendants jerk themselves off on her breasts. When they were done, she stoically told them to get back to work. Her erotically nonchalant departure, without as much as a glance at the swindler, was the perfect ending to the scene.

After that movie I started looking at all of Richard’s genres. There were ritualistic movies involving clergy, cult, vampires, etc. There was incest; girl on girl; and all sorts of general kinky stuff. There was an interesting collection of trans & bi male movies as well.

Grabbing my wine glass along with the bottle from the fridge, I made my way to my bedroom, stripped down, plugged in my wand, and settled in for an evening of self-pleasure.

As I jumped from movie to movie, sampling scenes and getting off, I told myself Richard did indeed have an eye for good erotica. His infatuation with Natalie Mars, a very exotic trans-woman, also caught my attention. By the end of the night I was exhausted. I used over 300 of Richard’s minutes.

Sleep that night was filled with erotic images. I guess that happens when you binge-watch good porn.

The next day I awoke hornier than the night before. Over coffee, I continued to surf his collection and erupted again while viewing ‘Fashionista Safado’, a film filled with heavy latex and dominance. I nearly called in sick, but forced myself to get ready for work. All day I was pre-occupied with Richard’s gold mine of erotica.

I wondered why I didn’t know this sooner? I realized it was because Abigail always set the scenes. Then I thought about Abigail and the two bags she packed. Originally, I was going to wait to open them with Richard, but now I was curious to see if there were things in the bag which would tell me more about both Richard and Abigail.

When I got home that night, I immediately changed into my comfies, grabbed the two bags from the closet, and placed them on the kitchen counter. Armed with a goblet of vino, I started digging in. Many of the items were as expected: plugs, dildos, harnesses, clips, etc.

However, there were a few items which surprised me: women’s chastity devices, rubber panties with built in plugs, branding irons, sounds, a violet wand kit, just to name a few. Abigail was a bit more extreme than ka├žak iddaa what I imagined. Then I came across a large brown heavy-duty envelope. It was addressed to me, but with additional annotation “ConfidentialÔÇöFYEO.”

I examined it, turning it over in my hands a couple of times. There was something bulky in it which made me think I should put everything back before opening it. I got the feeling it was going to be a ‘clear the deck’ type of thing.

With everything re-bagged and in the closet, I refilled my wine, grabbed a kitchen knife, sat down at the counter and opened the envelope. Inside were two items; one was a journal type of book; the other a white commercial envelopeÔÇöagain addressed to me with the same annotation of confidentiality.

The book looked well used. On the cover, in neatly written script, was a title: “AbigailÔÇöMy Dark Perversions.” An immediate sexual tension overwhelmed me for I knew I was about to fall down Abigail’s rabbit hole. Opening the cover, the table of contents dazed me.

It was a handwritten list of first names. I found mine as well as Richard’s. What blew me away were the number of names, both men and women. I read and counted each one. There were 83 names to be precise, including a Father James as well as a Sister Margaret Mary.

I immediately grabbed the envelope, aggressively tearing it open. It contained a letter which I unfolded and began to devour:


“Dearest Jessica,

I trust you have opened these envelopes in private, as I wanted you to read and discover the breadth and depth of my kinky immoralities before Richard. It’s not that I don’t want him to read my entries, rather I want you to read about him and his ‘interests’ before he knows I wrote them down. My perverted mind is spinning with what you will do armed with this info!!

There I go again, orchestrating the scene!

Now it’s your turn.

I do want to share a few personal thoughts and feelings about Richard which are not in my journal.

First, I adore him and found him to be very loyal and accepting. He is a true friend, as well as being a nice guy who will do anything for you. I know he really likes you and I think it’s mutual. You’ll make great play partners.

He is very open to all kinks, but not humiliation or degradation. For him it isn’t what is being done; rather, it’s the how and the why it’s being done–slow and purposeful play. He responds so well to seduction and erotic control; your fortes.

His natural submissiveness is tricky. It should not be confused with a desire to be sissified. Although he enjoys wearing panties and stockings on occasion; full transformation does nothing for him, yet he can accept and enjoy others who transform.

There is no need to point or snap one’s fingers to put him in his place, because he is already there. He naturally responds to women; considering us Goddesses. He craves purification rituals. As you read my entries you will see what I mean.

One last thing, he is very Bi….

In closing, please hold onto this journal. I don’t know if I will ever need it again, but just in case. When you feel the time is right, you can show Richard this letter as well as the journal.

Enjoy the bags of toys!

Kisses and a lick to your pussy,



My senses were on overload. Indeed, Abigail’s rabbit hole was turning out to be a plethora of eroticism. Over dinner, I began to read her notes, starting with mine. I wanted to see how accurate her perspective was. Abigail did have a very good read on me and my need for control.

Turning then to her notes about Richard, I absorbed every morsel of information; piecing together his erotic psyche. Her musings also helped to explain his wide range of movie genres. My plan for our upcoming get together was beginning to form.


Part 4: …

Richard’s Story

I took things slow with Jessica. Just because we played with Abigail, that didn’t mean we needed to continue, although I wanted to because I really liked her. Still I wanted to take my time; I wanted to get to know Jessie.

It was time well spent as we developed a real fondness for one other. We shared our life stories. I learned so much about her: where she grew up; her education; her career; as well as discovering we’re both past Catholics. We also shared our mutual love of food and its preparation.

During one of our conversations, we were discussing porn. Jessica said she didn’t like it, so I offered to share my collection, which I thought would change her mind. It was during that conversation when we decided it was time to get together. We both felt it had been too long.

Wanting enough time to enjoy both dinner and ‘play,’ the only evening when both of our calendars were open was a few weeks out.

In the meantime, I was to send her a few menu ideas, so we could finalize things beforehand. I also sent Jess my movie log-in, hoping she wouldn’t write me off as ka├žak bahis a pervert. My question was answered when I looked at my “minutes” balance the next day, and saw it was quite diminished.

Over that week, I put together my dinner thoughts and refilled my “minutes” — twice. It was very arousing to envision Jessica getting into my library. I wondered what she was turning her on the most.

When I sent the dinner info, I added I would call the next night.

The conversation was lite and pleasant as we tweaked the menu and came up with yummy selections. It included creations from both of us. As I was still curious about her favorite flicks, I asked. Jessica avoided a direct answer by simply saying, “You’ll find out soon enough.”

My cock stirred.

Moving from the movies, but still staying in the realm of kink, I brought up Abigail’s bags of things. “Jess, I have a question for you. Have you looked through those two bags we took from Abigail’s; or are we going to do that together?”

I didn’t know how powerful that simple question would be.

There was a slight delay before Jessica responded.

The tone of her voice and her phone demeanor shifted. “Well, I was going to wait. But after browsing your film library, I decided to take a look inside those bags. I learned a great deal about Abigail; more than what I already knew.”

I didn’t know where this was going, but I was sure I was going to find out.

There was a deliberate pause, then Jessica added, “Richard? Who is Cali?”

Hearing her name instantly transported me back to that Sunday afternoon about a year ago. My mouth went dry and I hesitated, trying to collect my thoughts. Using my best ‘poker-faced’ tone, I responded with, “She was a friend of Abigail’s. Why do you ask?”

“Just curious?” Jessica’s tone belied the word ‘curious’. “I found this note in one of the bags which read ‘Ask Richard about Cali.’ Knowing Abigail, I am sure it was something kinky. Why don’t you tell me about her over champagne?”

I felt a bit of relief as Jess let me dodge that bullet. For some reason, I wasn’t prepared to tell her about Cali at this point, as I was caught off guard. Luckily, she didn’t bring it up again.

We ended our conversation by creating a list of who would get what for dinner. As usual, I said I’d bring the champagne. It just feels right for the guy to bring champagne to the women. Call me old fashion, or a romantic, or perhaps just submissive…they all work.

Saying goodnight, Jess added, “Oh, and by the way Richard, I just may have a little surprise for you next week.”

I chuckled, saying, “I look forward to it.” When we ended the call, my mind went back to Cali, disjointly remembering how things occurred ….


Abigail had invited me over to her apartment for an early dinner and an evening of erotic pleasures. As we were chopping, Abigail’s phone rang. It was Cali.

I could hear the garble of a one-sided conversation from her phone as I worked. Abigail was responding with “Oh my…. You’re kidding…. What a jerk…” and the like. It was pretty obvious something was wrong, so when Abigail waved her hand at me and mouthed, “Should I invite her over?” The only civil thing to do was to give her an “Of course!” type of nod.

Mouthing “Thank you” to me, she told Cali to join us for the afternoon and dinner. I could sense Cali didn’t want to interfere, but Abigail convinced her to join us. “Look, Richard and I are here, prepping for dinner, AND we were just about to pour ourselves a glass of wine. We have plenty of food, so come join us.”

As Cali responded, Abigail looked at me, giving me a nod and a thumbs up.

“Nothing…. Don’t bring anything, we have plenty of everything. Just get your cute buns over here.”

Again listening, Abigail smiled. She ended the conversation with, “Of course he’s interested. He loves being with you. Now get over here. We’re in jeans and t-shirts, so throw something on and come over.”

A final pause and, “Bye”

Abigail looked at me and started explaining Cali was distraught because she caught her boyfriend cheating on her. They had a huge fight and broke up. The worst part was the horrible things he said to her. Cali just needed someone to talk to and vent.

Abigail came over to me, wrapped her arms around me. Pressing her face into my back, she gave me a big hug, and thanked me for being so willing to share the evening with Cali. “I know we had plans,” she added, “but trust me, you won’t regret it. I promise.”

Turning me around, Abigail kissed me deeply, pressing her body into mine while massaging my shaft through my jeans.

Breaking from the kiss, she looked up at me, and with a little grin said, “I promise.”


Cali was a work associate of Abigail’s. She and Abigail could have been sisters in that they were both 5′ 5″, blonde hair, blue eyes, slenderly built, with killer smiles. However, there were two main differences between them.

Abigail’s hair fell flowingly past her shoulders, while Cali’s was styled in an adorable pixie cut. The second difference was breast size. Abigail had beautiful breasts, not too big, not too small, perfect for her height and shape.

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