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A Blessing and a Curse Pt. 02

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Chapter 7

Maya was exhausted. As she was calming down from the craziest sexual experience she ever had, her body started to feel heavy. Her pussy was starting to feel a bit sore too.

She was laying in Lucca’s arm snuggling up to him. Both of them still naked covered in sweat and cum and her pussy pushing all the air out that he left behind.

“WOW!” Lucca whispered “That was amazing!” he said as he looked into Maya’s beautiful eyes.

“It sure was.” she said exhausted “That was the best sex I ever had. Especially considering it was your first time.”

Lucca smiled at her and then they both cuddled together more and their eyes wandered through the room. He never felt this confident before and was feeling pure happiness being with Maya.

Both of them fell asleep for little while and as they woke up the sun was already setting.

“Oh shit.” Lucca said surprised as he looked at his cellphone seeing how late it was already.

“My parents are gonna be home any minute now.” he said to Maya, waking her up.

They both stood up fast and started putting their clothes on real quick. Maya still covered in both her and his dried juices she put her clothes on and ran down the stairs. Lucca followed her and they both left through the backyard. Behind Lucca’s house was a forrest through which you could walk to Maya’s village. He accompanied her until the forrest ended and then went back home. Before he left he gave her a big kiss as she sunk into his arms. They were in love.

Chapter 8

Maya arrived at home, hoping she could sneak into the bathroom without anyone noticing. She got up the stairs and passed her and her sisters room. Almost at the bathroom her mother came out of her own bedroom wearing nothing but some short pants.

Maya hasn’t seen her mother naked in a while and was surprised how good she was looking for her age. Sonya was 42 and had Maya when she was 24. She always tried to keep in shape for Maya’s dad, Paul. Lately she went to the gym even more often as he seemed to loose interest in her.

She was gathering dirty clothes as she saw her daughter sneak towards the bathroom.

“What are you up to?” she asked Maya suspiciously.

“Nothing ma, I’m just tired..” she replied.

She was hiding her exhaustion and sneakiness pretty well but her mother new her daughter very good. And as she wanted to dig deeper she smelled a certain familiar smell coming from her daughter, cum.

“Did you just have sex?” she asked.

Maya and her mother had a deep connection and could talk about anything. But she still had inhibitions talking to her mother about sexual stuff.

“Yes.” she said softly and ducking her head a little.

“It’s fine sweety, nothing to be ashamed of. And I won’t tell your dad. He doesn’t even know you lost your virginity yet.” she said chucklingly.

Maya felt a bit safer and let her body crumble under the exhaustion she felt.

“Oh my..” her mother said a bit worried “Are you alright sweety?”

“Yeah.” Maya answered “Just exhausted from it to be honest.” she said a bit shy.

“Oh sweety, come here.” her mother said while leaving the basket with clothes on the ground and opening her arms.

Maya fell into her mothers arms and felt her naked breasts against her own. Feeling safe and warm in her mothers arms as she asked her: “Did Lucca treat you good though? And I hope you used protection.”

“Yes, he is amazing.” Maya said as she thought about the ecstatic feeling she felt just a few hours earlier. Smiling.

“And of course we used protection.” she added.

Sonya saw the smile on her daughters face and said: “Wow, seems like you like him a lot huh..”

Maya looked up to her mother and said “I really do!”

“I’m glad.” Sonya responded.

Maya felt that her mother would probably understand her struggle having far more years of experience and confessed hesitantly: “It’s just.. He is quite.. big…” she said “Like really big. And although it was amazing, I’m really tired right now. And I don’t know if I can have sex with him as often as I’d like to.”

Sonya looked a bit shocked at her daughter. Thinking that she was just inexperienced, she thought Maya was exaggerating. She still wanted to offer some advice ans said: “Well.. I used to think my first boyfriends were quite big as well until I met Richard. It was quite something to get used to but to be honest, you just have to have more sex with him until you get used to it.”

“Richard as in dads best friend?!” Maya asked in disbelief.

Oh shit Sonya thought, she forgot that Maya knew him and shrugged it off trying to play it cool “Yeah, but that was just for a few months. And long before I met your dad.”

She sensed that Maya was curious and that she wanted to know more but stopped her by saying: “Now get into the shower and clean yourself up for dinner. Before your dad notices.”

Maya stopped hugging her mothers well trained body and went into the bathroom.

Oh to be young again and feel the way she does Sonya thought as she came back to reality thinking about how Çanakkale Escort Maya’s dad and her relationship was going. “Maybe I should try something new..” she said to herself quietly thinking about Richard.

Just get used to it, what an advice Maya thought as she undressed and stepped into the shower. Well what else is there to do.

Chapter 9

Two days went by and since Lucca wasn’t talking about anything else than Maya to his friends they finally asked him to meet her. Lucca never seemed happier and they wanted to know who she was. Most of them had seen her before, but they didn’t know her at all.

David, his best friend since primary school was the only one who knew quite a lot about her already because Lucca was telling him a lot about his relationship. But the rest was left in the dark.

His friend group consisted of Klara, his classmate and close friend. They met in seventh grade and have been hanging out together since. She was 18, had a petite body and blond shoulder long hair with dark blue eyes. She did gymnastics for most of her life and could be quite competitive. Her and Lucca had the same stupid and sarcastic sense of humor and were always seen together in school laughing. Her and David had a little fling at the end of last year but they broke up soon after. They were on good terms though.

Erika was a friend of David’s and his neighbor since they were kids. She went to the same school as Maya but she didn’t know her much. She was quite and didn’t have to many friends. She was 18. She didn’t have to much ambition though and was working at the local fast food restaurant while finishing high school. But she had no plans for after high school whatsoever. She had a great curvy body though with long brown hair and dark eyes. And although many of the boys at school fancied her she never seemed interested in any of them. Her friends thought she might be lesbian or even asexual.

Nele just moved into Lucca’s village a year ago. She was from a big city and had trouble making friends at first but Lucca was nice to her when she got into his class. They quickly became friends. She was the new and interesting girl with a fascinating lifestyle, that’s why she became pretty popular in the past year. She had moved around quite a lot because of her dad’s work and had already lived in eight different countries. She was very outgoing and with a big personalty. It also helped that she looked like a greek goddess. She had long curly brown hair with beautiful greenish grey eyes and a body like somebody had build it in a lab. Funny enough because she barely did any exercise or tried to keep in shape. She just had blessed genes as did Lucca.

And lastly David, him and Lucca go way back. They were in the same class since the first grade and always were good friends. He was also quite popular but mostly because he was 1,90m tall, muscular and very good looking. With dark blond hair and light blue eyes. Him and Lucca also played in the same soccer team and did almost everything together.

Lucca had a few more friends at school and the soccer club but those four people were the ones he was closest to.

After he couldn’t stop talking about Maya for the past two days David had the idea to do a little BBQ at his place after school, like they did every other weekend in the summer. His parents had a nice pool in their backyard and were quite chill and a little like hippies. Quite the opposite from David.

Lucca thought it would be great for his friends to meet Maya and so he asked her if she had time this weekend. She did and so they made plans. She was a bit nervous to meet them as she didn’t know much about them but she was also excited to meet them. That Saturday evening they all met at David’s house.

Loud music was playing as David was lighting the grill and the girls were laying next to the pool in their bikinis.

“Hey guys.” Lucca said as he entered the backyard with Maya.

“Heyyy..” they all answered and the girls came over to greet Maya.

“We’ve heard so much about you.” Klara said as she hugged Maya “I’m Klara by the way.”

“Only good I hope.” Maya said chucklingly.

“Only the best.” Nele said as she hugged Maya as well “Nice to meet you. I’m Nele.”

“Hi, I’m Erika.” she said while waving from a bit afar.

“Nice to meet you all.” Maya said and then noticed David.

“You must be David then.” she said “I heard so much about you!”

She went over to the grill and gave him a big hug.

“I like her already.” David said laughingly to Lucca. “I hope you two brought swimwear, we finally are an even number to play some water polo.”

“Ugh, you with your water polo.” Nele said while rolling her eyes.

“We do.” Lucca answered for the two of them “We’ll get dressed real quick.” he said as he took Maya by the hand and took her into the house.

Chapter 10

When they arrived in the bathroom Lucca shut the door and started taking off his clothes. Maya was taking off her clothes as well and changing into her bikini. It has been four days since Çanakkale Escort Bayan they last met and the lust for each other was high. As Maya was standing naked in front of Lucca trying to put her bikini on, Lucca grabbed her by the hips and pulled her closer to him, starting to kiss her deeply. His briefs starting to bulge as he felt her warm body rubbing against his.

Maya broke off the kiss and said “Let’s hurry or they’ll get suspicious.”

“They won’t..” Lucca said calmingly as he proceeded to kiss her.

Maya was longing for Lucca’s touch and got lost in his kiss quickly. She didn’t care about making his friends wait anymore.

As they kissed more deeply Lucca started grabbing her ass. Maya felt him holding her so strongly she decided to lift her legs and wrapped them around his torso. Feeling his hardening dick rubbing her naked pussy. She was dripping wet already.

After some more making out Lucca let her down and she went on her knees immediately. Half of his cock was peeking out of the top of his briefs already. Covered in her wet juices and leaking a bit of precum.

Lucca leaned down and started fondling Maya’s big lovely tits as she pulled down his briefs. His cock hitting her in the face as it swung down in between his legs.

“My god, I will never get used to this.” she said moaning as she looked Lucca in the eyes.

He leaned towards her and gave her a kiss before standing straight again as Maya started sucking his massive cock. She worked his dick with both her hands as she tried sucking more than his tip, unsuccessfully.

As he got harder and harder they both lost track of time and Lucca said: “Fuck your mouth feels amazing but we really should hurry up. I have no idea how long we’re in here for already.”

As spit ran down her face Maya forced his cock down her throat one last time. This time getting more than the tip down. Lucca moaned loudly and almost came in that instant. Maya stood up and wrapped her hands around Lucca’s neck and kissed him deeply as he started caressing her hard nipples. She moaned into his mouth and moved her tongue into his mouth. She then went over to Lucca’s bag and pulled out a large condom. She went over to him and ripped it open with her mouth. Picking up Lucca’s heavy cock and rolling the condom over it. He then kissed her again as she laid her arms around him and asked Lucca whispering: “Can you hold me up again?”

Lucca picked her up and felt his cock rubbing against her soaking wet pussy. She reached down and pushed his big voluminous tip inside her tight pussy. She was still a bit sore from last time but she didn’t care. It felt amazing!

About 15 minutes have passed since Lucca and Maya went into the house and David started wondering: “Where are they?”

“They’re a new couple. They’re probably making out right now.” Nele said laughing.

“Of course they are.” Klara added.

Erika was intrigued by that scenario and decided to go into the house under some false pretenses.

“I’m gonna get some ice cubes.” she said as she went inside.

She tiptoed to the bathroom door wearing her swimsuit and tried to hear what was happening inside. She never seemed to interested in any kind of sexual activities ever but the thought of Maya, the beautiful tanned girl, making out with Lucca had gotten her curious. She could hear muffled noises but couldn’t really tell what or who it was.

David’s parents didn’t believe in keys so Erika knew she could open the door and pretend it was mistake and get a quick look. But she was too shy for that and decided to look through the key hole of the door. Maybe she could hear and see more of what’s going on in the bathroom she thought.

She got on her knees and looked through the hole and her eyes widened in disbelief. What was she seeing, she couldn’t believe it! She could see them from the side as Lucca was holding Maya and pounding her into his pelvis. Making her feel every cm of his cock. Erika could see his cock pull out entirely with each stroke and how glistening and shiny it was from Maya’s wet pussy. She could also hear her moan clearly now. Those were the muffled noises she had heard before.

Oh my god she thought as the swimsuit between her legs started to get wet as well.

“Give it to me.” Maya moaned in a trembling voice “Make me cum again.”

Lucca started pounding her even harder and loud clapping noises echoed through the whole house.

Erika didn’t even notice that her left hand had wandered down into her swimsuit and her right hand was squeezing her own big tits. Wtf she thought as she noticed it. Why is this turning me on so much?! She asked herself as she tried to suppress her moans.

The sight of Lucca’s strong hands grabbing Maya’s ass and pulling her into him just made her loose her mind. And seeing this amazingly big cock disappear completely in Maya’s beautiful glistening fit body made her even crazier.

Maya’s pussy was dripping and squirting all over Lucca’s cock as he moaned: “I’m cumming..”

He pushed his cock in one last Escort Çanakkale time hard and deep. In that moment Maya and Erika came simultaneously and moaned loudly as Lucca shot his big load inside of the condom. Erika could see his cum squeezing out of the bottom of the condom as he was filling it up too much. Fuck, that’s so hot she thought as her whole body was still shaking from her orgasm.

Luckily the music outside was so loud that neither David, Nele or Klara noticed the loud moans coming from inside the house.

Chapter 11

It was the Monday after. Maya was sitting in class during the second period but she didn’t pay attention at all. She couldn’t stop thinking about last Saturday. About what happened in the bathroom. Her pussy was completely sore since then but she knew she wanted to see Lucca more often. Not only just for the sex but just to be with him. She has never felt so safe and good about being with somebody before. She went into this thinking he would just be a summer fling, but things had changed. She couldn’t keep him out of her head. He was all she was thinking about.

The bell rang and her class went into the break.

When Maya entered the room for her third period, biology, a women she hasn’t seen before was sitting at the teachers desk. Did she miss something? She thought.

“My name is Ms. Mohr.” she introduced herself “And I’m here to teach you about sex ed.”

The boys in the class started giggling. Pathetic, Maya thought.

“I know you probably had sex ed a few years ago already. But your biology teacher is sick so I will be your substitute for today. And I bet some of you already started having sexual intercourse and having a refresher won’t do any harm.”

She smiled into the class and started talking about reproduction and handling out pamphlets. After half an hour of the boys giggling at most of the stuff Ms. Mohr was talking about Maya was annoyed. Ms. Mohr then proceeded to bring out a box from under her desk and said:

“In here we have some models of the male sexual organ. I want you to get in pairs of two and take one of the models to your desk. I also have some condoms and want you to practice how to use them correctly.”

Many of the boys of the class started grabbing lots of condoms and bragging about how they were gonna use them on each others moms. Maya wasn’t amused. She teamed up with her friend and sitting neighbor, Monica. They grabbed one of the phallic shaped wooden models and took them to their desk.

Ms. Mohr started explaining and demonstrating on the model she had on her desk but the class got louder by the second and the boys kept blowing up the condoms like balloons and throwing them into each others faces. Annoyed by all of this Maya decided to quite the room.

“Excuse me Ms. Mohr. Do you have any bigger models??” she said loudly.

The room got quite and everybody was looking at Maya. Ms. Mohr looking at her confused.

“I’m just saying.. My boyfriend is almost twice the size of this model and getting a condom on him isn’t as easy as with this size.”

The class, especially the boys, looked at her in silence with their eyes wide open. Not sure what to say.

“Well I’m afraid I can’t help you with that” Ms. Mohr said “All the models have the same size and are the average size for an adult man.”

She then proceeded her demonstration confused but Maya interrupted her again:

“Ok, I’ll just use my thermos then..” she said as she pulled out her 1L thermos and said “That’s about right.”

Everyone in class started whispering in disbelief and Monica asked Maya quietly: “Is this true?!”

“To be honest I just wanted to shut up the boys but yeah, it is true.” she answered quietly with a smile on her face. Being proud of how hung her boyfriend was.

People in class wouldn’t stop talking about it. And even after sex ed was done it was the talking topic of almost everybody of her classmates. Some of the boys in her class were teammates of Lucca and weren’t sure how truthful Maya was and some even thought she was just doing it for the attention. But the rumor of Maya’s well endowed boyfriend started making his rounds in school over the next few weeks.

Without even knowing Maya had changed her and Lucca’s life drastically with her statement.

Chapter 12

It was winter now and Maya and Lucca had been going out for more than half a year now. They were better than ever. The knew each other better than they ever had before and the sex… was amazing! Maya had finally gotten used to Lucca’s huge cock and they both discovered more and more about their kinks and fantasies. They explored themselves and each other together. Maya discovered that she liked to be submissive and that she liked it quite rough. Especially since she could handle Lucca all the way now. And Lucca loved to be dominant and have full control over Maya’s body.

Both Maya’s and Lucca’s parents also got along great. They had a few nice family dinners together and got quite close as well. Maya’s mother, Sonya and her father, Paul still weren’t on the best terms and she was still sexually frustrated. And quite similar for Lucca’s parents, Andre and Isabella. They had worked so much lately that they barely got to see each other or their son. And when they were finally home they were to exhausted to have sex or any kind of sexual experience with each other.

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