A Birthday Story

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I will start this off by saying this is a true story, so it won’t have some of the fantastical details that people might be accustomed to in erotica, and some parts may be downright vanilla and boring. If anything, it’s really just a written recollection of a really fun afternoon that I’ve been meaning to record for some time. Although it’s been a few years now, the details are still vivid in my mind, so I figured I would put them out there and perhaps give others something to entertain themselves with.

As a bit of background, I had been dating my girlfriend at the time, Anna, for about a year or maybe a bit more at the time this story took place. Although quite reserved when we first started seeing each other, she turned out to be what one might call a bit wild, and we ended up having many adventurous firsts together. Like most relationships, we eventually drifted apart, but it was definitely fun while it lasted.

It was my 25th birthday, but I’m really not a birthday guy; the only plans I had were to visit Anna that afternoon. She was making me a birthday dinner and then of course we were going to have some fun, but nothing really special was planned as far as I was aware. It was about one or two in the afternoon before I left my apartment to head over to her place. Anna didn’t live too far away, maybe a 20 minute walk, and since my birthday is in the early summer, it wasn’t too bad of a trek. I sent her a text before I left so she knew when to expect me.

I began walking, and about halfway to my destination, I noticed Anna walking down the street towards me. Within a minute or we were embracing; she gave me a quick kiss and I asked her why she decided to meet me. Apparently she just wanted to get out and thought meeting me would do the trick. She was dressed in everyday clothes for her, so I had no reason to think anything up, a cute pink mini skirt that I absolutely loved and a t-shirt were all that covered her body; nothing fancy at all, but she looked good nonetheless. Nothing special was really needed of course, since I knew sooner or later anything she was wearing would just be crumpled up on her floor anyways.

As we walked, we chatted and she said she hoped I wasn’t too disappointed that we weren’t doing anything special for my birthday. I truly didn’t care what day it was, and I knew without a doubt I’d be getting laid, so who was I to complain? She did bring something with her to help set the mood though, pulling out a neatly rolled joint which she lit then passed to me. Although I wasn’t really a big pot smoker, she definitely was, and as it was a special occasion, I decided to partake. I did have a sneaking suspicion she wanted me to smoke because she knew it had certain effects on me though; but who was I to turn her down? Specifically, she knew that while for many if not most other people pot leaves them drowsy and lazy, it has the opposite effect for me. Maybe it’s because of how rarely I smoked or it somehow effects my specific brain chemistry differently, but whatever the reason, every time I consume pot it leads to a very high level of both physical and mental arousal and makes me even more playful than my usual self.

A few minutes later we were at her place. She had a two bedroom apartment, one room being hers and the other recently having been vacated by a roommate; she basically now just used this room for storage and as a giant walk-in closet. We entered the apartment and kicked off our shoes before she invited me to follow her; she apparently had a gift for me, and needed my help getting it from the spare room. I figured it must have been at the top of the closet or it was big and she just needed a hand getting it, so of course I followed.

As we walked into the spare room two things immediately caught my eye. The first was the mattress pad from her bed, several layers of blankets, and numerous pillows laid out on the floor. The second thing was entirely different. Sitting atop the bedding was one of her oldest friends, Paige, who smiled and shyly wished me a happy birthday.

Although I had never met Paige, I had commented to Anna on numerous occasions about how cute she was based on the few pictures I had seen. Despite being longtime friends, the two women had very different looks and styles. Anna had what some might call angelic features. At two inches shorter than myself, she had slightly wavy long blonde hair, big green eyes, a bright beautiful smile, porcelain skin, and a slim but curvy body, accentuated by more than ample breasts. Paige on the other hand was petite, with an almost tomboyish vibe. With slightly less than shoulder length brown hair, a light dusting of freckles, an almost devilish looking smile, an athletic body with small perky breasts, she measured at just over five feet tall and was the absolute epitome of cute.

Anna very informally introduced me to her friend, then proceeded to wish me a happy birthday by giving me a deep kiss. What really caught my attention though is when she told me to g├╝venilir bahis unwrap my present, motioning to her friend on the floor. My first reaction was of shock mixed with a bit of confusion; I simply stood there for what seemed like minutes but was probably only seconds, my mind trying to determine if this was a joke, a test, or if it was real. Sensing my hesitation Anna, smiled and walked over to her friend, sitting herself next to her. Looking me in the eyes, she reached over and gently cupped Paige’s cheek, then leaned in and began to kiss her slowly. I was stunned, and my mind began to spin. As they ended their kiss, they both looked at me and smiled, Paige reaching to Anna’s shirt and swiftly lifting if over her head.

My shock now turned to excitement. While my mind prepared for what was to come, I began to feel myself harden. Anna, now in a bra and her pink skirt, leaned in to kiss Paige once more. This time the kiss lasted longer and was more intimate, their tongues meeting and each woman’s hands slowly tracing over the other’s body; I was now sure this wasn’t just an act for my sake. As they continued to kiss, Paige seamlessly reached behind Anna’s back and unclasped her bra, the fabric covering Anna’s breasts loosening and falling down her bust. They ended their kiss once more, Anna throwing her bra aside and smiling, then looking me in the eyes as she reached to the bottom of her friend’s shirt and lifted it up her body and over her now outstretched arms.

Although smaller than Anna’s breasts, Paige’s were impressive in their own right, being perky and topped with perfect pink rosebuds. Anna looked to me again and reached out a hand, inviting me to join them before turning to lay her lips upon her friend’s once more. As I walked forward, her outstretched hand met my leg, then ran up the front of my shorts to the now obvious bulge. Slowly and deliberately, she began to stroke my hardness through the fabric.

Moving to my knees, I joined the two beautiful women on the floor. As they kissed, I leaned in, kissing Anna’s shoulder and neck, then began running my fingers from the side of her hip up the side of her stomach and to her breasts, teasing her warm flesh with my fingertips. The women’s kiss broke once more now, Paige taking one of Anna’s breasts in her hand, then leaning in and slowly taking it into her mouth. I followed this lead, running my own lips down the soft skin of Anna’s neck and chest, then taking her other nipple, now stiff with arousal between my lips. I sucked gently, running my teeth ever so slowly over her skin before feeling Anna’s fingers in my hair. Although at first clearly pulling my mouth to her breast, this changed as a gentle moan left her lips. Now, with one hand in my hair and the other in Paige’s, she turned our gazes to one another.

As my eyes met Paige’s, my hand moved to her back, to her hair and to her cheek. I then pulled her lips to my own. Our tongues were soon exploring and teasing each other’s and I could tell she wanted to play. After far too short of a moment, this kiss ended, but looking into each other’s eyes as we moved apart, I could see the arousal and lust that had taken hold; I knew it was going to be a fun afternoon.

Anna now leaned in and kissed me before pulling away and whispering something into her friend’s ear. In response Paige laid back, and Anna moved between her legs, kissing her stomach, her breasts, then moving up to her waiting lips. For the first time I could now see that Anna was wearing nothing beneath her skirt; leaning over her friend’s body, I had a clear view of the wetness glistening between her legs. I could tell she was extremely aroused.

I was now absolutely throbbing and wanted to play too. Moving based on instinct and pure sexual desire, one of my hands moved to Anna’s inner thigh then upwards from behind, in much the same way I had done hundreds of times before. I could feel the warmth radiating from her well before I felt her wetness on my fingertips. As she continued to kiss her friend’s lips I moved alongside their grinding bodies, my mouth kissing Paige’s body before sucking on one of her pert breasts. She responded with a soft, almost whimpering moan, begging for more. At that same moment my hand reached the apex between Anna’s legs, and my initial observations proved correct, she was absolutely dripping with desire. Two fingertips now penetrated her warmth, just enough to collect some of her dew, then I brought it to her swollen clit. Slowly massaging Anna’s most sensitive parts now, my lips and free hand began switching between the breasts of the two beautiful women.

As I touched Anna’s warmth, a soft and urging moan escaped her mouth. Continuing to caress her while kissing and teasing her and Paige’s bodies, I felt a hand begin to stroke me through my shorts once again. To my surprise, when I looked down it was not my girlfriend’s hand, but her friend’s that was touching me.

The two women now ended their long embrace, and Anna knelt between t├╝rk├že bahis her friend’s legs, her hands moving to the top of her jeans. First the belt, then the button and zipper were soon undone. I moved my hand from between Anna’s legs as she sat up, allowing her to pull her friend’s pants slowly down her legs. With Paige’s fingers still stroking me through my own shorts, I now took my opportunity, and as Anna moved lower to pull the last of the jean’s from friend’s legs, I ran a hand inside Paige’s black lace panties. With her legs spread wide now, inviting me to explore, her jeans were thrown to the side.

Like Anna, Paige was very wet, aroused by what was just beginning to transpire. My fingers parted her folds and I slowly penetrated he. Despite the friction being reduced from her wetness, I could tell she was incredibly tight, her petite body struggling to open up enough for two of my fingers. Noticing this, I slowed my penetration, ensuring to ease my way in rather than doing so too fast. She showed her thanks for this, grasping my cock even harder through my shorts, stroking me firmer than before.

Noticing I was still fully clothed and her friend’s hands struggling to give me pleasure me, Anna now turned her attentions to me, unbuttoning and unzipping my shorts before moving back between her friend’s legs, grinding her own body against my hand and her friend’s warmth. My fingers now withdrew however, allowing Anna to grind even harder between her friend’s legs, and allowing me to stand up momentarily, my shorts and boxers falling down my legs to the floor.

Although not small, I am by no means large or particularly impressive when it comes to size; but if one were to gauge my cock by the hunger showing in the eyes of Anna and Paige in that moment, one would have thought they were a pack of hungry wolves ready to feast. And for a few moments, this wasn’t far off. First Anna moved from between Paige’s parted legs, positioning herself on her knees in front of me. Never a patient woman, she took my cock in her hand and immediately brought it to her lips. Then, in an instance, she was taking me deep into her mouth.

Paige now moved to join us, standing up and taking one step towards me. Reaching to the bottom of my shirt, she began to lift it up my body while Anna continued to pleasure me with her mouth. I reached my arms above my head, and the shirt came off, being tossed aside. Paige leaned in and kissed me deeply now before running her lips lower, kissing my neck, my chest, and down my body. As she made it to her knees she kissed my lower stomach and Anna took one last deep suck. Removing me from her mouth, though still holding me in her hand, Anna now pointed my swollen head towards her friend, who accepted the invitation, slowly taking my first two inches between her lips.

Though clearly not as experienced as Anna, who prided herself on her ability to give head, or able to take me nearly as deeply, Paige’s mouth nonetheless felt amazing. Her movements were slow and deliberate, her soft sucking being accompanied by a tongue that teased my head and a petite hand that stroked me. As I looked down, watching in awe as Paige moved me in and out of her mouth, Anna began to suck and kiss on her friend’s swelling breasts.

After only a few more moments of Paige’s mouth pleasuring me, Anna grasped her friend and playfully pulled her from my hardness, pushing her back onto her ass and exclaiming that it was her turn again. As Anna’s mouth returned to my cock, sucking harder and faster now, I looked over to Paige who simply laid back, removed her black panties, and spread her legs wide, using her significant wetness and fingers to massage her clit. The sight was nearly unbelievable, and as Anna looked back at her friend to see what I was watching, she apparently agreed; and with a few final strokes of my now aching hardness with her hand, she turned towards her friend. Releasing me from her grip, she crawled to Paige and moved between her wide open legs.

Almost immediately Paige let out a moan as Anna’s mouth met her pussy. Although my view was obstructed, I could see that Anna was slowly eating her friend now, and at least one finger was buried inside her body. With her ass now pointed towards me, what I could now clearly see was the arousal seeping from Anna’s warmth. Paige looked into my eyes, mouth open and softly moaning in pleasure, seemingly encouraging me to do what I was to do next. I moved to my knees behind Anna, and taking my hardness in my hand, I slowly ran its tip along her wetness, placing it at her entrance. As she let out a whimpering moan, begging to be penetrated, I pushed myself deep inside her body.

With my cock now immersed in my girlfriend’s warmth, I grasped her hips, pulling her wetness hard around me. With my own my hips now rolling and Anna pressing herself back against me to meet each thrust, I moved deeper and deeper. My pace soon began to quicken, and as Anna panted in pleasure between her friend’s legs, Paige g├╝venilir bahis siteleri began to release, letting out a quiet but steady and intense moan. It took everything not to finish deep inside Anna right then and there, but I was able to hold back, my cock twitching inside Anna’s body.

Sensing how close I was but not wanting me to finish quite yet, Anna looked back, motioning me to lay down, simultaneously finishing her friend with her fingers. I did as I was told and pulled from the heat between her legs, laying back in a position that let me watch from only a few feet away. As Paige’s breathing slowed and she caught her breath after her descent from climax, Anna crawled to me and began to kiss me slowly and deeply; the taste of Paige’s salty honey on her lips was absolutely intoxicating.

Knowing my own need for immediate release had now passed, Anna wanted me back inside her. Moving atop my body, then taking me in her hand, she guided me to her waiting entrance once more. She then let her body down around me, filling her body with my achingly hard cock. Now, as she slowly began to ride me, Paige moved to join us, and still breathing heavily, kissed me deeply. An incredibly intense and passionate kiss followed as Anna continued to move herself over my body.

Anna was soon grinding herself harder around my hips, moaning loudly, telling Paige and I between broken breaths that she was getting close. Paige took her cue and kissed down my body to where Anna’s met my own, then made her way to Anna’s breasts once again, sucking and kissing one while teasing and pinching the other. Now kneeling more or less beside me, I reached my hand between Paige’s legs and entered her with two fingers, her body beginning to unconsciously ride my hand. Between ever quickening breaths, Anna now directed her friend to reposition herself so I could eat her wet little pussy. Paige did as instructed, and put a thigh on either side of my head. She then let herself down over me in what was effectively a modified sixty-nine position, with her mouth on Anna’s breasts instead of my cock.

With Anna riding me in and out of her body, I began to gently suck on Paige’s swollen clit, my tongue massaging it with long and hard strokes. Within only a few seconds she began to moan and grind herself back against me. This was too much for Anna though, and I began to feel her insides quaking. Moaning loudly now, her pace increased in intensity, and she began to ride me through an intense orgasm, Paige continuing to kiss and suck her breasts and neck throughout.

As Anna’s explosive orgasm subsided, she took a deep breath. Regaining her composure, she asked Paige if she wanted to take a turn. A resounding yes followed before she unwrapped herself from my lips. Anna pulled herself from my body now and moved aside to make way for her friend. Before climbing atop my body however, Paige looked back and told me in no uncertain terms that I had to promise not to finish inside her. I agreed, saying I would let her and Anna know when I was close.

Paige now slowly straddled my hips, looked between her legs and began stroking me in her hands, preparing to have me inside her. Anna, sensing hesitation now played the role of coach, leaning in and taking me in her mouth once more, then let saliva run from her mouth around my cock. Taking me in her own hand and ensuring I was well lubricated, she now spoke to her friend, telling her to just take it slow and reminding her that she didn’t have to this at all if she didn’t want to. Although not a virgin, Anna had told me in the past that Paige had only been with one guy before, so I completely understood the hesitation. That being said, I was hoping she would continue, as I could not wait to feel the petite girl wrapped around me.

Reassured, Paige began to lower herself to the head of my cock, at first only grinding herself against it. Finally she began to slowly work myself inside of her, spreading herself around me, Anna’s grip now released and Paige began to moan, not in pain, but due to her newfound fullness. Finishing lowering herself now, Paige reached out to Anna, pulling her in for a kiss. I watched as these two beautiful women’s lips and tongues danced before my eyes, and absolutely revelled in the feeling of Paige’s insides tightly stroking me as she slowly moved up and down.

Although I wish it could have lasted forever, it was only a matter of minutes now before I felt myself building towards a release. As promised, I tapped Anna and Paige’s arms to get their attention, then warned them of the impending orgasm. Paige quickly climbed from my cock, and without missing a beat, Anna’s mouth engulfed my hardness once more. She took me deep over and over now all the way to the base of my cock, slowly milking me, waiting for me to fill her mouth. Paige soon joined her, running her lips alongside her friend’s before Anna let me fall from her mouth. Paige hungrily took over, taking me in as before but this time going as deep as she could. Although only about four inches into her mouth total before she had to stop, it was still far deeper than she had made it before, and she more than made up for the inability to take my whole length through the movements of her tongue.

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