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A Bike Ride

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What is it that turns an ordinary housewife into a slut? I am a 41 year old mother of three and have been happily married for 20 years. I have a good and varied sex life at home and we have continued to expand our sexual horizons throughout our married life. I met my husband when I was just 18 and he was 29, so I was pretty inexperienced. However, my husband has, with my full compliance, introduced me to many things and I now enjoy oral, anal, mild spanking, vibrators, flashing and even sex in public places. However, my sexual urges have increased with the years and this originally led me to masturbating during the day whilst fantasising about all sorts of things, including lesbian sex, multiple partners and even gang-bangs.

I try to keep myself fit and I think I have succeeded reasonably well. Part of my efforts include a lot of cycling and recently I took myself off in the afternoon for a couple of hours before the kids got home from school. I was about 8 miles from home on a very quite country lane when I got a puncture. Not being a very practical person, I had no means of repairing it and even if I had, I have never repaired one before, so I doubt that I would have been able to. I knew it was too late for me to walk home, but in the distance I could see a van parked in a field gateway, so I pushed my bike towards it.

On getting there, I could see no one about, so I called out hoping someone would hear me. After a few seconds a man emerged from a small spinney and asked me what was wrong. I explained my predicament and he had a quick look at the tyre and said that he didn’t have any way of fixing it there, but he could take it to a nearby town and get it fixed. With that he called out a name and another guy appeared. It transpired that a group of them were fishing nearby, having taken a day of work. As they had all come in a van, they suggested that the two of them take my bike and that I remained with the others whilst they got it fixed. I could see no reason to doubt them and they helped me over the gate and took me to the place where they were fishing. The other three were much younger than the two who had come to my aid, probably in their late teens. The two older men explained the situation and told the boys to look after me until they got back and with that they returned to their van and drove off.

The lads were very polite and offered me a coffee or a beer. As it was very hot I chose a cold beer and they fetched one for me and sat down and chatted as I drank it, rather too quickly. This was partly because I was hot and thirsty and partly because I was a bit flustered by the close proximity of the young lads, all of whom were stripped to the waist and with nice muscular physiques. They told me that they were builders having a day off and that they worked for the older guys, the brothers who owned the business.

As I finished my beer, they quickly opened another one for me, which foolishly, I drank equally as quickly again. Two of them jumped up to fetch some more beer and as they walked away I heard one of them say, “She’s a real milf”.

This was an expression I had never heard before and I was a bit embarrassed, as I assumed it was a derogative remark, probably some reference to the speed at which I had drunk the beer. When they returned and offered me another beer, I declined and told them I had heard what they had called me. They all laughed and the one who had said it blushed visibly. bayrampasa escort They asked me if I knew what it meant and I said no, but maybe they thought I was some kind of drunk!. This made them laugh even more and the more “jack-the-lad” of the three said “No! It means Mother I’d like to fuck”.

Now it was my turn to blush and I made to get up from the fallen tree trunk on which I was sitting, but stumbled, realising immediately that the two quick beers had gone straight to my head. One of them helped me to my feet and went to pick up my bag, which I had knocked over. In doing so, my camera fell out and one of the others picked it up. They began to tease me, asking if I wanted to take some pictures of some young hunks posing. I laughed and to hide my embarrassment, I took the camera and began to take some pictures while they goofed about, striking various muscleman poses.

After a couple of minutes, one of the said he would take some and the other two posed with me, planting kisses on my cheeks from either side. Then they said it was my turn and started to take photos of me. Then one of them said “Give us a little flash” and I found myself opening my top a little to expose my bra. They said I could do better than that and by now I was caught up in their enthusiasm and opened my top right up and pushed up my bra for them to see my breasts.

This was greeted by wolf whistles and I began to pose by pushing my tits together and pulling at my nipples. All sense of responsibility had left me and I was enjoying turning these young lads on and watching the effect my little display was having on them. They were all sporting nice bulges in their shorts and I felt really flattered that I was having this effect on the. Even so I had not really thought of going beyond a few harmless snaps and a bit of flirting, but when one of them came over behind me and cupped my breasts, my knees almost buckled with excitement.

I immediately knew I was not going to stop them doing whatever they wanted and so when his hands went to the zip of my jeans and he started to push them down, I offered no resistance. He pushed them down to below my knees and quickly followed suit with my panties. I remember thinking I was glad that I had put nice underwear on! With that they began to take more photographs, asking me to hold my pussy open and to touch myself and then to bend over so they could take pictures of my arse. I was so turned on by now that I sat back down on the fallen tree trunk and held myself right open for them. I could feel how swollen my pussy lips had become and their comments about my juicy pussy only served to turn me on even more.

Two of them walked over to me and pulled their shorts down, offering me their delicious young cocks to suck, which I did with abandon whilst their mate continued to take photographs. I moved my head from one to the other, making lots of loud slurping noises as I sucked greedily, like a woman possessed. I heard one of the gasp as he grabbed my hair and forced his cock further into my mouth and I felt him tense and begin to jerk as he came very quickly in my mouth. I swallowed quickly as jet after jet filled my mouth and his delicious salty come trickled down my throat. Some spilled out onto my chin and dribbled down onto my breasts.

What a slut I must have looked, jeans and panties around my ankles, a cock in my mouth and another in my hand. The lads merter escort laughed and explained that the one who had come in my mouth was a virgin and the excitement of a real woman had been too much for him.

The quickly softening cock was withdrawn from my mouth and the lad moved to take the camera from his friend. The other two laid me down on the grass and removed all my clothes and then one of them lay between my legs and began to examine my pussy in intimate detail. He held me open for more close up pictures and then started to finger me and rub my clit. His friend joined in and I felt more fingers being pushed up into my very wet pussy. I was in heaven as their free hands came up and pinched and squeezed my nipples. They both continued to fuck me with their fingers for several minutes, which really had me moaning, then suddenly, their fingers were withdrawn, one of them went down on me and started to lick and suck my clit, which almost immediately caused me to come very loudly.

Even before my climax had subsided I felt a long hard cock being pushed up me and a frantic fucking session began as he thrust in and out of me. There was no finesse, just pure young lust as he pummeled my pussy while his mate continued to play with my nipples. I heard him moan loudly as he came. Within seconds he was almost pushed out of the way as the third one rushed to have his turn inside me, as though he was afraid I might suddenly come to my senses and stop him. He was just as hurried, but lasted longer and as his mates egged him on and I began to feel another climax building up. I was frantic that he would finish before me, but he kept pounding away at me, oblivious to my needs.

In order to make sure I got what I needed, I gripped his hard young arse to keep him deep inside me and rolled over on top of him. I then squatted right over him and started to ride his splendid young cock more slowly, realising that I was also treating his friends to a display they were never likely to see again.

I began to move more quickly and was aware of my tits bouncing up and down as I built up to a fantastic climax, almost screaming as he came inside me just as my climax hit me. I felt sensational, with no thoughts other than the lust these young lads had aroused in me. The one with the camera who had come first in my mouth was now sporting another wonderful erection and as I went to roll off the one beneath me, he asked me to stay kneeling up. He came up behind me and easily slipped his young cock inside my squelchy pussy. Taking hold of my hips, he pulled me back onto him.

I told him to go slowly and enjoy his first fuck and the thought of him being a virgin almost made me come again. As it was, it didn’t take long for me to feel yet another climax building and when the other two knelt either side of me and started to feel my breasts and play with my clit from underneath I knew they were going to make me come again. The one fucking me suddenly pulled my hair, jerking my head up and it was then that I saw that the two brothers had returned and were watching me being fucked. I came straight away and within seconds the lad behind me was emptying his virgin balls into me, to applause from the watching men.

They laughed and said they were glad to see that their lads had been looking after me and came straight over, just assuming that it would be their turn now. I felt powerless to stop them as besiktas escort their big hands pawed my body. They were obviously much more experienced and took their time, feeling me all over, as I remained kneeling. One of the pushed his thumb up into my pussy and began to rub at my g spot, causing me to moan out loud. The bigger one of the two stood up and unzipped himself and pulled out a large erect cock, which looked very menacing from where I was viewing it from underneath.

He pulled me to my feet and lifted me up so that I was virtually sitting on him, with my legs in the crooks of his arms and his hands supporting my bottom. He began to maneuver his cock into my pussy and I felt it being stretched as he eventually got his full length inside me. He then began to bounce me up and down on his cock as the others stood behind and watched. I clung to him with my arms around his neck, feeling his powerful thrusts deep inside my pussy. It was as though I was a featherweight to him as he continued to lift me up and down by my arse cheeks, telling me I had a “fucking tight pussy”.

I heard his brother say ” I can’t resist that” and he told his brother “to keep the little slut still for a moment”. As he approached me from behind, I felt his cock touch my pussy and I thought that he was going to try to push in alongside his brother, but then he began to push his cock against my arse and I immediately knew what they had in mind.

I like anal sex, but I had never been taken this way by two big men at once, never mind in front of an audience. He couldn’t force his way in and I heard him tell one of the lads to get the suntan oil. Next moment I felt this being poured down my bum and first one, then two fingers working into my tight arse. Satisfied that he would now get in, he resumed his efforts with his cock and sure enough I felt my sphincter muscles being forced open as his cock gradually slipped up inside me. The feeling was outrageous as the two of them lifted me up and down and their cocks impaled me simultaneously.

It wasn’t many moments before I was assisting them, driving my self down on their cocks. Again I felt myself start to come and desperately hung on to them as they fucked me mercilessly. My noisy climax seemed to trigger their response and within seconds of each other they came, filling my pussy and anus simultaneously. I clung on as they continued to pump into me and then heard an embarrassing “pop” as the one behind slipped out of my arse.

The bigger of the two them lifted me slowly, telling them to get close up shots as he pulled out. I could already feel semen dribbling out of my arse and he deliberately held me open to allow more to seep out as they took photographs. Then, even more slowly, he lifted me until his cock slipped out of my pussy and their accumulated spunk dribbled out to join the flow from my arse. He held me like that for what seemed like ages as they took more photographs and collectively fingered both of my sore, gaping holes.

Eventually he put me down and they allowed me to gather up my clothes. Surprisingly this was very embarrassing, since they had all fucked me and seen me taking a cock up my arse, but I blushed as I got myself dressed. They gave me back my bike and my camera and kissed me goodbye, saying it had been the best afternoons fishing they had ever had. I cycled off, my sore pussy and wet panties reminding me that in two short hours more men than had fucked me in my entire preceding life. When I look at the photographs they took that day, they still turn me on and although I am often tempted to confess to my husband, I fear he would never understand the simple lust that caused me to be such a slut that day.

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