A Better World through Chemistry

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A better world through chemistry!

Both characters are well over 18 years This story was originally a request from a reader for a ‘Quicky Sex’ story based on an aphrodisiac. Sorry if it morphed into something longer. I know there are plenty of similar stories out there, but this is my fantasy. If you enjoy, leave a comment for a part 2.

The college junior paid cash to the geeky chemistry major for the six capsules’ only after he fully understood what he was buying.

“It’s simple pal.” The grad student said. “Empty the contents into someone’s drink- it mixes instantly and after ingested, super arousal begins in under three to five minutes, and you better be ready!”

“How long does it last?”

“That’s the fun part! It causes immense desire in the subject directed at whoever is arousing them and only after at least two orgasms’ does it shortly wear off. Undetectable and they’ll be enthralled with you for hours!”

“So, pick your subject with care and be close to a venue to facilitate copulation! Our testing is guaranteed 100% successful with no side effects.

“Copulation?” asked the buyer

“Yeah, fucking, screwing, whatever, got it? And I’d like a short report on your success.”

“Yeah man, thanks!”

The junior turned and left, thinking to himself, “Wow! man! I’ve never really been laid! I’ve humped a leg or two but that did nothing for the chick and I was embarrassed! I hope it works!”

At a hotel nearby and thinking ahead, he got a room on the second floor that was convenient to the stairs-might not have the time waiting on an elevator.

The hotel lounge was not very crowded, and he took a seat at the end of the bar and ordered a wine and glass of water as he waited, placing the water slightly towards the next stool.

Some guy came up and started to sit next to him and he quickly said. “Taken man, my girls in the can.”

“Got it! Bartender, a long neck please.” And he was gone.

As the lounge began to get busy an older lady asked if the stool was taken.

“No ma-am, please sit.”

She was pretty with a decent figure and nice legs and ass to die for.

She carried a small clutch that obviously held a cell phone.

The lady sat and ordered a vodka and water with a twist.

Looking at her watch, she grimaced and sighed to herself.

“Everything ok?” He asked.

Looking him up and down she said.

“I guess I’m so late, my date got pissed and left. Damn, I was looking forward to dancing and dinner, I’m starved.”

She took a pull on her drink and looking him over said.

“what’s a good-looking kid like you doing in here alone?”

Thinking quickly, he said. “I got stood up and wanted a drink to relax.”

“I can help you with that dance or two if it’ll help. Maybe even buy you a drink.”

“Young man, are you serious?” I’m 15 years eryaman otele gelen escort your senior!”

“So what?” He answered. “A drink, a dance, with a lovely lady who enjoys dancing.”

“I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

Again, looking at him she spoke. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“Well yeah. Why not?” I love dancing, and they play mostly slow danceable tunes that I like.”

Appearing to be thinking about it, she smiled and spoke.

“If you’re serious, buy me another while I powder my nose.”

It was so easy he thought. She walked to the lady’s room swishing her round tight ass as the bartender brought a fresh cocktail.

The bartender turned away and he deftly emptied the contents of the capsule into her new cocktail.

She returned, sat, and picked up her original glass, drained it, and they soon began chatting like old friends.

“So that was my day how was yours-Oh wait- I love this song. Were you serious about that dance?”

He stood and offered her a hand.

She finished her original cocktail and placed it on the bar. Picked up her clutch and was led to the darkened dance floor.

“I have my clutch, hope no one steals my drink.” She said giggling.

“Me too! He laughed. “I’ve got my eye on it and my jacket is on the back of my stool-We’ll be okay!”

To himself. “I hope!’

He took her right hand with his left, placed his right on her left hip.

Shaking her head and she moved his hands to her waist

She placed both of her hands behind his neck and pulled him closer.

Her scent was heavenly.

She was a delight to hold and as the song ended, she spoke.

“You really know how to dance, don’t you!”

Still holding her by the hips said.

“My mom taught me ages ago, told me a gentleman didn’t just stand there and shuffle his feet!”

“My compliments to mom! Let’s dance to this one too!”

She was enjoying herself. Maybe the vodka was hitting her empty stomach,

The song ended and they walked back to the bar and found their drinks just as they left them.

He sipped his wine as she held her glass in her hand and again complimented his prowess on the dance floor. She took a long pull on the drink and spoke.

“Whew! Another dance or two and I’ve got to eat something!”

“Sounds good.” He said. “Maybe you’ll let me join you.

Smiling at him she got a strange look on her face and taking another drink suggested they dance to Lady in red” which was just beginning.

Again, on the dance floor, her hands wrapped around his neck but this time her head nestled in the curve of his neck as his arms reached her lower back.

“Ummm! This feels good, really good!” her leg brushed his upper thigh, and he felt her mound clearly against it.

He was now counting on all the porn he jerked off to for sincan escort further guidance.

His hands moved down to her ass cheeks and gently pulled her against his developing erection.

“Oh! Oh! That’s wonderful!” As she began to breath heavily, she tongued his ear.

He shivered involuntary and moved his lips to her cheek.


. She immediately responded by placing her mouth on his, forcing her tongue inside to wrestle. Slowly moving her pussy directly onto his rock-hard cock, began a slow pressing, searching to quench an abnormal need.

He deftly moved them in the shadows towards the door to the stairs.

Stopping in the dark they kissed and humped quietly but forcefully, her kissing becoming more frantic.

His hand slowly descended to her covered pussy and gently rubbed.

Her hand moved quickly to his rock-hard penis and stroked it with her nails.

He groaned into her mouth with erotic pleasures.

Pulling up the front hem of her dress, he ran his finger up and down her labia.

She cried out softly in passion and again slowly rubbed her swollen pussy on his cock, her firm tits pressing into his chest.

Her juices and his pre cum began to soak his jean front.

The kiss they shared created a soft whine from her and a shiver from him. His cock jerking with pleasure.

Pulling away from his lips she whispered forcefully.

“Honey, I am so hungry for you I can’t bear it!”

“Please take me home and fuck me! Please fuck my wet pussy!”

He couldn’t believe her plea. Never had he thought he would be asked to fuck a lady he had just met.

“I have a room just up these stairs, can you make it up?”

“For you anything, just get us there and I’ll fuck you senseless, I’ve never been this aroused baby!”

Getting up the stairs was a challenge as her kisses blinded him and her legs that were wrapped around his waist never stopped humping his crotch.

Thank goodness there was a strong banister to pull up on.

Opening the next floor door found them at his door and his key card got them inside before anyone saw them.

Inside it was a different world.

Breathing heavily, she slowly pulled her dress up over her head and standing in white bra and panties without taking her eyes from his. slowly pulled the shirt over his head. The jeans quickly followed along with the boxers.

Pushing him onto the edge of the bed, she spread his legs. In one swift motion, took his cock into her wet mouth. There were no preliminaries, Her mouth went into overdrive on his cock and he began to tremble at the erotic forbidden pleasures.

Raising her up he laid her onto the bed and assuming a 69 position attacked her pussy while she tormented his cock with tongue and lips.

Soft moans and grunts filled the room.

She suddenly raised elvankent escort up with a catlike move, turned him on his back and quickly straddled his hips above his rigid man meat. He saw her tremble in desire.

Staring at his face, she gently lowered her swollen pussy down and completely enveloped his dick, her velvety softness overwhelming his senses.

Then looking into his eyes, she began to fuck him deeply and rapidly.

Their combined fluids mixing and flowing copiously, filled his senses with wonders he had only dreamed about.

He shook and moaned.

. “I told you I’d fuck you senseless!” Just as her climax washed over her in waves she had never experienced.

Pleasures that slowed time and drew made her pussy grip and release his cock.

Without a thought of how all this started she began a mature, sex crazed fucking that quickly drew him to a thunderous orgasm.

His cries for more caused both to cum together for what seemed like forever, and they slowed their grinding to movements that resembled love making.

She again moaned and stiffened on his cock as a third cum took her to the highest level of pleasures yet.

As the euphoria of the union settled over them, their mouths met, as soft moans of delight accompanied every stroke of their hips.

Their breathing returned to something resembling normal, and the kisses continued to please both.

She wanted to snuggle and kiss for a while and he was fine with that.

He thought this was the in-thrall part.

Caressing her breast, he casually asked if she was still hungry.

“I am famished! But this time for food!

Hey! I don’t even know your name!”

“It’s Jack.”

“I’m Kay, feel like showering and getting room service to bring us food Jack? My treat?”

“Sounds good Kay!”

And they did. A couple of nice chicken dinners with rice and wine refreshed them both.

Relaxing on the rooms sofa they chatted again. Then Jack had an idea.

“Would you like to spend the night Kay? I’d love to hold you all night and have breakfast before you go.”

Kay stretched out like a cat. “Are you sure honey? You realize we’ll fuck again.”

“I’d love that!”

They of course did and had several more intense sessions before it was time for both to leave.

Walking to the cab stand Kay turned to Jack and asked.

“Do you come here often Jack? It would be fabulous to repeat last night.”

“I’m here every Friday night, same time. And yeah, I’d love to see you again!”

“Okay baby! See you next week!” She handed him her card.

“Call me when you want!”

“Thank you, Kay.”

He opened the cab door for her, then closed it.

Rolling the window down, Kay kissed Jack again and whispered in his ear.

“See you next week Jack! And oh, please bring some more of those capsules!”

She winked at his suddenly red face as the cab pulled away.

Looking at Kay’s business card, Jack saw.

‘Kay Wilson, director of the Universities chemistry department.

Jack finally grinned at the irony and whistled his way to his car.

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