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4 Curious College Girls: Vol. 3

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Volume 3:

Chapter 11: Sleepless Nights
A Few Weeks Later…
Thursday Night

Julie and Taylor lie in bed quietly, trying to sleep. It is past their normal bedtime of 11 on Thursday nights.
“You still awake?” Julie asks from the top bunk, the covers completely off of her, as she was hot, only her bra covered her tits as she lay.
“Yes,” Taylor mumbled, laying on her side, having her covers half off to cool down as well.
“What time is it?” Julie asked.
“11:25,” Taylor responded, glancing at the digital clock.
“Can I come down?” Julie asked.
“You know we agreed not to sleep together before history class,” Taylor responded.
“I know…” Julie said. “Just this once?” Julie asked.
“Come on, you know that once you get down here we will try to cuddle and sleep, and after a few minutes one of us will get turned on…eight hours later we’ll have to pull our tongues out of each other to go to class,” Taylor replied.
“I know…” Julie admitted. “But just explaining why we can’t do it…makes me hot,” Julie giggled.
“We can cuddle every night except Tuesday and Thursday,” Taylor said.
“I know…but just not being able to do it makes me want to more,” Julie said, her loins beginning to tingle.
Taylor sighed loudly, “What are we doing tomorrow?”
“He’s just giving us the study guide, we don’t have to take notes or anything,” Julie replied, sensing that she was about to get her wish.
“But you know that if we do it tonight, then next week we will both have the excuse that it worked last week, and the next thing you know we are having sex 24/7 and failing all our classes,” Taylor ranted a bit.
“24/7 you say?” Julie asked. Her right hand slowly pushed underneath her white cotton panties, she tried not to let Taylor know what she was doing.
“We can have all the sex you want right after class, then in the afternoon, then we can sleep together tomorrow night, then it’s the weekend,” Taylor persisted.
Julie’s index finger ran up and down her slit, gently teasing her pussy. “You sound so sexy when you are arguing,” Julie giggled.
“Just try to go to sleep,” Taylor said, throwing all the covers off her, trying to cool off.
“But it’s so hot in here, you know we will just lay awake for two hours and then regret that we hadn’t just done it, cause we wont sleep anyway,” Julie said, her index finger gently penetrating her pussy. Julie moaned softly.
“Are you masturbating?” Taylor asked.
“Maybe,” Julie said sarcastically.
“Damnit… So if I won’t have sex with you you’ll just masturbate loudly, get me horny, and then fuck me, is that the plan?” Taylor said angrily.
“Well, I hadn’t thought it through that far, but it sounds like a good plan.
“Just…just get down here,” Taylor said. Julie giggled, pulling her hand from her damp panties and throwing her legs off the side of the top bunk.
“But you have to get me horny, since you obviously are already,” Taylor said, finally returning to her normal voice from the mom voice.
“I shaved tonight,” Julie said seductively, her legs dangling off the side of the bed.
“Oh?” Taylor asked, reaching up and caressing Julie’s soft legs.
“Well, I shaved there too, but that wasn’t what I was talking about.” Julie said.
“Oh, well let me caress that then,” Taylor said. Normally Taylor and Julie kept their pussies trimmed very closely, and about once every week or two they shaved em clean. They were constantly trying to get Alex to do the same, but she insisted on having the full bush, she liked it natural. They vowed to get her one day. Even Cynthia joined in on that fight.
Julie tugged her cotton panties down, and they slid down her legs. Taylor grabbed them when they clung to Julie’s feet. Taylor sniffed them. “You’re already wet,” Taylor said.
“I’m so naughty,” Julie joked. A minute later the bra fell off the top bunk. Taylor followed suit, nudifying herself as she laid there, tossing her clothes on the floor.
“So are you going to come down here, or am I going to have to come up there?” Taylor asked.
“If you were a guy I’d tell you not to cum up there,” Julie giggled. Julie hopped off the top bunk, landing on her bare feet. In the dark neither of them could really see each other. Silhouettes were about the best they could make out. Julie gently climbed into bed beside Taylor. They gently hugged face to face, laying on their sides. They pushed their lips together and shared an innocent little kiss. It wasn’t long before Taylor’s hand caressed Julie’s clean shaven pussy.
“You like that?” Julie asked.
“Yeah,” Taylor said, leaning in to kiss Julie, letting her tongue lead the way. Their tongues danced together just outside their mouths in a wet tango. They moaned softly, and Taylor’s hand pressed into Julie’s pussy a little bit more, caressing her lovingly.
They broke the kiss and laid next to each other blissfully. Taylor hand gently massaged the lips of Julie’s slit. “What’s your fantasy?” Julie asked Taylor, her eyes closed.
“Umm…well I have many,” Taylor said.
“Yeah, me too, but what’s your favorite?” Julie asked.
“I think its just a giant orgy with hot guys and girls everywhere, just a big mess of pussy cock and tongue. It’s a good fantasy cause you get everything.” Taylor said softly.
“Mine is being tied up and just fucked crazy by a girl with a big strapon. I just love the image of a girl pounding away on my pussy and her tits bouncing up and down.” Julie whispered back, her nipples at attention.
“No real cock in your fantasy?” Taylor asked.
“Well, sometimes it’s a guy fucking me, or a girl and a guy,” Julie replied, now putting her hand softly against Taylor’s wet pussy.
“Sometimes I imagine a whole group of guys just cumming all over me, just wave after wave of cum dripping all over me while I’m being fucked,” Taylor said, her body tingling as she briefly had her little fantasy. Taylor pressed a finger inside Julie, slowly fucking her, and she massaged Julie’s tit with her other hand. Julie responded by doing pretty much the same back to her.
The girls kissed again, tongues dancing some more. This kiss lasted a while. When the tongue retracted, Julie giggled with glee, so in love was she. “I love you so much,” Julie said, giggling.
“Me too,” Taylor whispered.
“Me too?” Julie asked.
“I mean, I love you too,” Taylor said, laughing as she realized her blunder.
“What do you think Alex and Cynthia are doing?” Julie asked.
“Probably laying there awkwardly. Alex wants Cynthia, Cynthia knows it. Cynthia wants Alex, but denies her bi-sexuality, despite the fact that given a few drinks she eats more pussy than…than… than a bulldog at a cat show,” Taylor said, trying to think of a metaphor. Julie laughed.

“You awake?” Alex asked.
“Yes…” Cynthia replied.
“Want to have sex?” Alex asked giggling.
“No,” Cynthia sighed.

“Haha,” Taylor laughed. Both girls were much wetter now, the conversation and the slight playing doing the trick.
“Where are the toys?” Julie asked. Taylor reached over to the nightstand, grabbing a vibrator. It was a long small shaft. Taylor placed the length of it against Julie’s pussy lips. Taylor pressed her hips forward until her lips were against the small toy as well. Their pussies threatened to swallow the little toy. Taylor flicked the switch at the base and the electronic stimulation began. The buzzing wasn’t all that loud, and it immediately sent shivers down both of their bodies. Taylor held the device in place and slowly moved it up and down both their lips. Julie’s hands were now groping both of Taylor’s big soft titties.
“What did women do without these?” Julie asked.
“Sat on washing machines and rode on trains all day,” Taylor moaned.
They kissed again, lovingly so. “Do you like the taste of cum?” Taylor asked Julie.
“Eh,” Julie shrugged. “It’s not great or anything, but I don’t mind it. Just as long as he doesn’t hit me in the eye,” Julie laughed.
“Yeah…I don’t know I kind of like it…maybe its just the idea of what it is, but I like it,” Taylor said.
“Did you like taking a load in your ass?” Julie asked giggling.
“It actually felt really cool,” Taylor said. “When are you going to take a blast in the ass?” Taylor asked.
“Haha, when you grow a cock,” Julie laughed. They kissed again.
“Aw that’s sweet. Your saving your tight ass for me,” Taylor said.
“Haha,” Julie laughed, “So…are we going to just vibrate all night or can I lick you pussy?” Taylor didn’t respond in words, but in actions. Taylor rolled the duo over to where she was on top. Taylor crawled up Julie’s body, and stood up on her knees, putting them next to Julie’s head on the pillow. Taylor sat down on Julie’s face, and Julie’s tongue immediately darted into her wet pink opening. Julie held the vibrator against her own pussy as she ate out Taylor.
“Mmm…baby…” Taylor moaned, arching her back. Julie ate her faster and stronger, her tongue tickling her clit then her g-spot, moving all around rapidly. Julie now had the vibrator just inside her pussy, slowly moving it in and out, her other hand toying her clit. Taylor put her hands on the bars that run underneath the top mattress, holding her body up as she was tongued.
“Oh…oh…mmm…ahhh…ohhh,” Taylor moaned softly and continuously as Julie hit all her spots. She brought her right hand down to press on her left tit, massaging it. “Julie…ohhh…Julie,” Taylor moaned, breathing heavier and heavier. Julie was breathing heavily herself, but through her nose, so it tickled Taylor slightly. “Oh yes…ahhh…oh yes…baby” Taylor moaned louder as she felt an orgasm coming on. They were both sweating quite a bit, and the smell of pussy lingered in their noses. Taylor’s pussy spasmed as she came, rather a soft building orgasm. Julie tasted her cum, and kept lapping at the pussy.
“Oh…I want to taste you…oh let me taste you,” Taylor whispered. Julie kept on eating her. Taylor got up on her knees, putting her pussy just out of tongue’s reach. She turned around, holding the overhead bars for support, until she was facing Julie’s slit. Taylor sat back down on Julie, whose tongue immediately went back inside her. Taylor sat upright on her knees still, holding herself up with one hand on the bar. She reached down and grabbed the toy from Julie’s grasp. Taylor brought the buzzing toy to her mouth, sucking off the juices. “Mmmm” Taylor moaned.
Taylor pushed the toy back down to Julie’s wanting pussy, pressing it inside her, and fucking her with it fairly rapidly. Julie started moaning in a rather high pitch as she was nearing an orgasm herself. Taylor dropped down into the sixty-nine, keeping the toy at work inside Julie. Taylor brushed her hair out of the way, then went to work with her tongue, tasting and enjoying Julie. Taylor tickled and suckled on Julie’s clit while she fucked her with the vibrator. Julie moaned deeply as she came, her pussy oozing cum that Taylor lapped up as she pulled the vibrator out. The toy went right back in and so did her tongue.
Taylor came again, and Julie lovingly cuntinued. This time Taylor came a little harder, but still it was a soft orgasm, another building one. Julie soon followed suit, with an intense orgasm that kept her from eating Taylor, but only briefly. Julie reached down and stole the vibrator from Taylor’s grasp, then using it on Taylor. Taylor switched to all out tongue and mouth making out with the lips in front of her. The vibrator tickled Taylor in a different way and that sent her another orgasm. This one a little stronger, building on the other. The moans increased all around. Julie came, the oozing lapped up again by Taylor. Taylor was now using a finger to fuck Julie.
Taylor got her index finger good and juicy then poked it at Julie’s ass. “Don’t clench,” Taylor said. Julie tried no to, and Taylor pressed her finger just inside Julie’s ass, lightly pressing in and out as she ate her out. Julie moaned a little louder. Taylor wasn’t being rough, and gently pressed her finger in a little bit at a time till it was in pretty far. She just held it there. Julie had her next orgasm coming, and when it came it exceeded her expectations by far. She squealed loudly as her body came, the finger in the ass tickled a different nerve and it felt quite good.
“Oh…wow…that was good” Julie said, before going back to work with her tongue. Taylor giggled, eating her some more. Julie then pressed one finger slowly and gently inside Taylor’s ass. Taylor enjoyed it immediately, the pain no longer a big issue (she had been putting a finger in her ass during masturbation regularly since the ass fucking). Julie could tell that Taylor was in no discomfort, not clenching or squirming. She slowly pumped her finger in and out of her ass. Taylor came, a stronger orgasm, one that Julie had to lap up. Julie had an idea, and pulled the vibrator from Taylor’s pussy. She pressed the little toy against Taylor’s asshole. Now Taylor did squirm a little bit as she tried to push it in. It was a slender toy, nowhere near as thick as Eric’s cock, but it did take a little pressure to get it in.
Julie had to stop mid-experiment due to another orgasm of her own. Then she was able to put the vibrator inside Taylor’s ass. Taylor giggled as it tickled her in a new way. Taylor started to pump her finger slowly in Julie’s ass. The vibrator went a good two to three inches inside Taylor, and Julie held it there as she again concentrated on eating her pussy. Julie came again, squirting big time up at Taylor. Taylor knew Julie was at the end of the line, any more touching and she would pass out, so she relaxed, laying her head lovingly on her wet pillow of a pussy. Julie kept working on Taylor, the vibrator in the ass and the tongue on the clit and the finger on the g-spot. Taylor moaned louder and louder. The building orgasms got her all the way here, and now they were all ready to unleash a load of ecstasy on her body.
Taylor came, and she came squirting big time. Julie did her best to take in all the juices but they poured all over her face. The powerful orgasm rocked Taylor’s world. Once the spasms subsided, Julie pulled the vibrator out, turning it off and setting it back on the nightstand. Julie helped Taylor turn around so they were face to face. Taylor laid next to and halfway on top of Julie, laying her head on the top of her chest, arms around each other. After a moment the hotness of the sweating gave way to the coldness of evaporation. Julie reached down and tugged a blanket up over them. Taylor’s head resting just above Julie’s tit. Their heavy breathing subsided and they laid quietly.
Julie looked over at the clock. “It’s 12:31,” Julie whispered.
“How long was that?” Taylor asked.
“I think it was just over an hour,” Taylor replied.
“Man…I mean girl…I thought that was like twenty minutes,” Taylor sighed.
“Time flies when you’re having fun,” Julie said.
“So what does it do when your oozing fun out of your vagina?” Taylor asked, getting some laughs from Julie.
“You know what I could use?” Taylor asked rhetorically. “Some big ole dick.”
“Yeah.” Julie agreed. “Now my pussy wants to be filled,” Julie said.
“I think we should pick up some guys at a bar,” Taylor said.
“Didn’t we already have this conversation?” Julie asked.
“I think we should fuck some older guys…you know…guys that know what they’re doing,” Taylor said.
“Oh come on, Eric and Brad seemed to know what they were doing,” Julie defended them.
“Think about it, Eric and Brad have had sex a couple of times, I bet we are the highlight of their sex lives, but get some thirty-year old hot guys, they’ll have gotten so much pussy, we’ll just be another name on a list.” Taylor said.
“Yeah,” Julie said, falling asleep.
“Good night,” Taylor said, grabbing Julie’s tit, pulling it to her face and kissing the large nipple. Julie giggled and they fell off to sleep.

Chapter 12: Don’t Mind Us

Taylor arrived at the dorm just after 2 P.M., having just finished her last class. As she had promised to Julie during their little “chat” last night, they were going to have some sex when classes were done. Taylor dropped her backpack by the front door. Julie was usually back before her. “Hello?” Taylor asked the empty dorm. She glanced in Alex and Cynthia’s room, and it was empty. Taylor walked into her bedroom…no Julie. Taylor saw the bathroom door was closed, so she went to open it and hopefully surprise Julie. Taylor pushed the door open, and she saw Cynthia peeing.
“Hey!” Cynthia said, putting her hands on her lap.
“Thought you were Julie,” Taylor said, leaning against the door frame.
“You could try knocking,” Cynthia said, “And you could try leaving.”
“What? Don’t like being watched?” Taylor teased.
“Not by someone who is checking me out,” Cynthia protested.
“Why don’t you admit that you are bi-sexual?” Taylor asked.
“Because I’m not,” Cynthia said.
“Yeah…right,” Taylor said, walking away, leaving the door open. Julie walked in the front door. “Hey,” Taylor said.
“Hi, whats with that?” Julie asked, seeing Cynthia peeing through the open door.
“Thought she was you,” Taylor said, walking up to Julie. They exchanged a quick kiss. Julie dropped her backpack next to Taylor’s.
“Hope you didn’t do anything to her,” Julie said.
“Want to give her a show?” Taylor asked quietly. Julie nodded in agreement. Taylor led the way back to the bathroom. Cynthia still sitting on the toilet, waiting for Taylor and Julie to leave before getting up, not wanting them to see her. Taylor and Julie walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind them.
“What are you guys doing?” Cynthia asked. Taylor smirked at her, then turned around and pushed Julie against the bathroom door, making out with her. Their hands were all over each other, making out wildly. “I don’t want to see that,” Cynthia said, looking away. Julie and Taylor started shedding clothes left and right, making sure to press against the inward opening bathroom door.
Julie slid down the door until she was sitting down, her jeans already halfway off, her nearly bare ass rested on the cold floor. Taylor crouched in front of her, kissing her all over. Soon Julie was topless, and Taylor’s kissing and playing descended to her chest. Julie put her hands on Taylor’s head, pushing her down. Taylor gave way, until she was laying down between Julie’s legs. She tugged at her cotton panties, bringing them from under her ass. Julie was sitting against the door naked now. Taylor buried her face in Julie’s wet pussy, lapping and sucking.
“Will you guys let me leave?” Cynthia pleaded. She was looking at Julie, Julie smiled and shook her head no. With Cynthia still looking at her, Julie grabbed her large breast and pulled it up, leaning down to lick her nipple, keeping her eyes on Cynthia’s. Cynthia looked away. Julie laughed, and she started petting Taylor’s head, encouraging her. Julie started moaning, softly at first but growing louder. Julie leaned forward to feel up Taylor, rubbing her hands lovingly on her back. She reached Taylor’s panties, and she pushed them down a little ways. Taylor reached back with one hand, now wet with Julie’s pussy juice, and tugged her panties off.
Julie put one hand down the back of Taylor’s ass, and was barely able to reach the tip of her pussy, getting a sample of wetness. Julie looked up and saw Cynthia was again looking at her. She licked her finger clean. “Can’t beat that taste,” Julie said in a deep sexy voice. Now Taylor put two fingers inside Julie’s pussy, pumping furiously. Julie moaned and put her head back against the door, closing her eyes and arching her back. “Oh…Taylor…mmm…ohhh” Julie moaned.
Taylor kept working her pussy hard. Julie was about to cum. “Yes…yes…oh…right there…oh Taylor…” Julie moaned, breathing heavily the whole time, her chest heaving her large tits up and down.
Cynthia was getting excited, her nipples getting hard, and then her pussy getting wet in a good way. She saw that Julie was definitely not watching her and Taylor had her face buried in a pussy. Cynthia tried to stop herself, but gave in, putting her hand in her crotch, lightly caressing her slit. Her other hand came up and massaged her tit. She kept watching the show.
Julie came, and came loudly, filling the air with high pitched moans of pleasure, Taylor lapped up her cum. No longer bothering with trapping Cynthia in the room, or even caring she was there, Julie and Taylor repositioned, making out and touching each other, rolling around until they were in a sixty-nine, laying sideways in front of the door.
Julie was aching to taste Taylor’s pussy, and dove right in. Taylor was working with her hands mostly now, her tongue just tickling Julie’s clit.
Cynthia was full on masturbating now. She knew she couldn’t be caught the way Julie and Taylor were laying. She was arching her back against the tank, keeping one eye on the hulk of tits and flesh across the room. Her hand was frigging her pussy, working hard. She had her other hand massaging her clit.
Julie and Taylor moaned and licked and sucked and moaned some more. Taylor came, Julie licking up the sweetness, and Julie would come, Taylor licking her cum. Their sweaty bodies moved against each other, and Cynthia watched the whole thing, smelling their pleasure from across the room.
Cynthia was getting near a big powerful orgasm. She closed her eyes, putting her head back. Her soft moans were nothing in comparison to the sounds coming from Julie and Taylor. She masturbated hard and fast, wanting to cum, just wanting it so badly.
Julie came, the big final cum that she has where she can’t go on. Taylor and Julie stopped. Julie laid on top of Taylor, laying her head on her thigh. They breathed heavily against each other, sweat covering them. Julie heard moaning, but thought it was Taylor still. After a moment she realized it wasn’t Taylor. Julie opened her eyes, and turned her head to see Cynthia masturbating feverishly.
The finger on her g-spot moved faster and faster, her clit screaming for more, Cynthia’s body exploded in ecstasy, the pulsing, euphoria rushing over her body, she came hard. “OHHHH…MMMM…AH..Ahhhhhhh,” Cynthia came. She leaned back against the tank. After a moment she felt the eyes on her. She looked and saw Taylor and Julie staring at her. Her eyes went wide. Julie and Taylor clapped, applauding the show Cynthia was giving them.
“Can I taste that one?” Taylor asked Cynthia.
Cynthia sighed. There was knocking on the door. “Hey! I gotta pee!” Alex said from outside. Julie and Taylor laughed. Julie and Taylor sat up, and Julie reached for the handle, letting Alex in. Alex stepped inside. “Well….what’d I miss?” Alex asked.
“She masturbated while watching us,” Taylor said.
“Well, that’s not exactly…” Cynthia tried to deny.
“She was so turned on she just had to pound out an orgasm,” Julie laughed. Cynthia stood up pulling her jeans up, and went to walk out. She stepped over naked Julie and Taylor, and past Alex, walking out and back to her room.
“Can I join in?” Alex asked.
“Well…we’re kind of tired…It’s Friday we gotta save some for tonight,” Taylor said.
“Your right, I’m meeting Brad tonight anyway,” Alex said. Alex stared at the two of them for a moment. “I really do need to pee,” Alex said.
“Oh right,” Taylor said, jumping up. Julie and Taylor picked up most of their clothes and walked over to their room.

Chapter 13: Young Lovers
A few minutes later…

“Hey,” Cynthia said to Josh on her cellphone, safely back in her room.
“Hey…whats wrong?” Josh asked.
“Nothing…well…sort of…can you come over?” Cynthia asked.
“I can be there in about half an hour,” Josh said.
“Okay…I really want to see you…don’t take too long,” Cynthia said, laying on her bed
“Alright…bye,” Josh said.
“Bye,” Cynthia replied, hanging up her cell phone. Alex walked into the room. “Shut the door,” Cynthia said, then noticed that Alex was on her phone. Alex shut the door behind her then sat down on the bottom bunk.
“I know…yeah…so like…ok…oh don’t forget to bring…ok…bye,” Alex talked on her cell phone.
“Who was that?” Cynthia asked.
“Brad,” Alex replied.
“Oh…what are you guys doing?” Cynthia asked.
“He’s coming over…can I have the room?” Alex asked.
“Well Josh is coming over…” Cynthia replied.
“Well…I don’t care, well figure something out,” Alex replied.
“Are you guys getting pretty serious?” Cynthia asked.
“I don’t know. I can’t really tell with him. I think its bad to have sex before starting a relationship,” Alex said.
“You think?” Cynthia said sarcastically.
“Oh shut up,” Alex said. “Uhhh…sometimes he’s really nice and I think we are doing well, and sometimes he seems really bored, like he would rather be doing something else,” Alex said.
“Well he does have a big cock,” Cynthia said, “so there’s something.”
“Yeah,” Alex said laughing, “What about you and Josh?”
“We’re doing alright. He seems to always say and do the right things.” Cynthia said.
“He must be gay,” Alex joked.
“No he is not gay,” Cynthia replied.
“Oh, so the sex is that good?” Alex asked, giggling.
“No comment,” Cynthia grinned.
“That’s a yes…I think I should listen in. Just pretend I’m not here,” Alex said.
Alex’s cell phone rang. “Hello?” Alex answered. “No…well my boyfriend is coming over…yeah…pretty good…no she’s busy too…ok…bye” Alex said.
“Who was that?” Cynthia asked.
“Tiffany,” Alex replied, “She wanted to know if we wanted to go clubbing with her and Stephanie.”
“You tell her we were too busy with our boyfriends?” Cynthia asked.
“Yep,” Alex replied. Alex started giggling.
“What?” Cynthia asked.
“You said ‘busy with our boyfriends’ and I started to imagine getting busy with Brad,” Alex said.
“Where are those boys?” Cynthia asked.
“I don’t know but if they don’t get here soon I might just come up there and have my way with you,” Alex said.
“Yeah…about that…” Cynthia trailed off, although she started to imagine it and got a little excited. There was a knock on the door.
“Who is it?” Cynthia asked.
“Brad,” Brad said.
“Come in,” Alex said happily. Brad walked in.
“Hey baby,” Brad said, walking in and then bending over to kiss Alex. “Hi Cynthia,” Brad said.
“Remember the condoms?” Alex asked. Brad pulled a box from his pocket and tossed it on the bed. Brad sat on the bed next to Alex.
“How was your day?” He asked her.
“Well…actually pretty boring until about ten minutes ago,” Alex said, “Why don’t you tell him what happened?”
Cynthia sighed. Then she recited the situation in the bathroom, ending with Alex’s arrival.
“That’s pretty hot,” Brad said.
“Yeah…and I was the only one here not getting any action,” Alex said. Alex leaned over and kissed Brad, hugging him.
“Cynthia…your boyfriend is here,” Taylor said, peeking in the room, and then Josh walked in.
“Hey,” Josh said. “Oh hi Brad, Alex,” He said seeing them on the bottom bunk. Josh jumped up and on Cynthia’s bed.
“Shoes,” Cynthia said.
“Sorry,” Josh said, taking off his shoes and tossing them off the bed. He laid down beside Cynthia. Cynthia was on her back, and Josh laid halfway on her, laying his head on the pillow beside her.
“How was your day?” Josh asked. Cynthia sighed. Alex and Brad laughed from underneath. Cynthia, again described the events in the bathroom.
“That’s pretty hot,” Josh said.
“That’s what I said,” Brad said from the bottom bunk, laughing.
“You want to have sex?” Alex whispered in Brad’s ear. Brad nodded, running his hand along Alex’s back.
“We’re going to take off, I’ll see you later,” Alex said, standing up, Brad in tow.
“Bye.” Cynthia said.
“See ya,” Josh said.
Alex and Brad walked into the living room. Julie and Taylor were sitting on the couch watching a porno. “Do you guys ever take a break?” Alex giggled.
“We’re taking a break right now,” Taylor said simply.
“Let me know if this one is any good,” Alex said pointing at the TV.
“Where you guys going?” Julie asked.
“We’re going to go find someplace quiet…” Alex said.
“Well…let us know if its any good,” Julie said.
“Bye,” Brad said.
“Bye,” Julie said.
Taylor looked over at Julie. “I wish you had his cock,” Taylor said.
“Aww…but what would I do with my sweet pussy?” Julie asked.
“You’d have both,” Taylor clarified.
“So…in this…fantasy whatever…could I fuck myself then?” Julie asked.
“I don’t see why not,” Taylor said.
“I like,” Julie said, watching the porno again.

“I’m glad we could be alone,” Josh said, kissing Cynthia’s neck, his hand running up her stomach and to her small pert tits. His kisses traveled up her neck to her cheek and to her mouth.
“Stop,” Cynthia said.
“What?” Josh asked.
“I…I don’t feel like it right now,” Cynthia said.
“What?!?…you just told me about how you masturbated watching your roommates…but when I want to make love to you you’re not in the mood?” Josh asked.
“I…I just don’t want to right now…” Cynthia said. Josh kissed her on the mouth, and then put his hand at the bottom of her shirt working up under it.
“Josh…not now,” Cynthia said. Josh sighed, and sat up next to her.
“Maybe they’re right,” Josh said, “maybe you are a lesbian.”
“Shut up…just because I’m not in the mood doesn’t make me gay!” Cynthia protested.
“But you were in the mood what half an hour ago?…oh wait, if I remember the story correctly, they get naked in front of you and suddenly you are in the mood. But I try to get you in the mood, I kiss you, I hug you, I caress you, and you tell me to stop?” Josh went on a rant.
“Josh…please, can we just talk about something else for a while. “ Cynthia asked.
“Like what?” Josh protested.
“I don’t know,” Cynthia said. Josh got up and leapt off the bed.
“Call me when you decide if you’re straight or not,” Josh said, walking out the door.
“Oh…god Damnit…” Cynthia mumbled, laying back on her bed. She laid there thinking for a second. “Fuck!” She said loudly, sitting up. Cynthia jumped off the bed and walked into the living room. Nobody was in the living room, but there was a porno playing on TV. A blonde bimbo with huge fake tits was getting fucked up the ass by a black guy with a huge cock. Cynthia rolled her eyes and glanced into Taylor and Julie’s room. She didn’t see anyone, so she walked into the kitchen. There was a small tub of ice cream, Cynthia pulled it out and grabbed a spoon from the drawer. She plopped down on the couch, watching the porno to take her mind off things.
The black guy pulled out and blasted a huge load down the Blonde’s throat. She swallowed it and then bragged about swallowing. The scene faded to black. Cynthia sat there, curled up on the couch, eating ice cream. The next scene started. Two hot girls were making out. The making out turned into lesbian sex. “Damnit Taylor,” Cynthia said, not happy with the pick. It was turning her on a little bit. Then a guy walked in. ‘Hey ladies’ the guy said. Of course the two naked hot girls dropped what they were doing to pull his pants down. His cock came out, a good foot long probably, and they took turns slobbering on it. Cynthia got wet. She was suddenly really turned on. The sucking went on for a little longer and then they took turns getting pounded by his huge cock, ravaging their cute pussies. Cynthia felt the need to play with herself. Some more fucking went on for a while. Cynthia was ready to full on masturbate. The guy pulled out of one girl and they rushed to get the cumshot, which he blasted over both of their faces. They lapped the cum off each other’s faces and made out. Cynthia frantically pulled the cell phone out of her pocket. She pressed a few buttons and had it calling Josh.
“Yeah?” Josh said, knowing it was Cynthia when he answered.
“Come over,” Cynthia said.
“Why?” Josh asked.
“Just do it!” Cynthia said firmly, hanging up the phone. She quickly put away the ice cream, and walked back to her bedroom. She rummaged through her dresser and found her silk nightgown. She grabbed it and walked to the bathroom. Cynthia jumped in the shower, quickly washing off in the hot water. In a matter of minutes she was dryed off, and rubbing some lotion on her skin. She put on her nightgown, which went barely down to the middle of her thigh, and she walked out into the living room, carrying her clothes. She grabbed her cell phone from the pocket and tossed her clothes into her room. She sat down on the couch and watched some more porno, waiting for Josh.
Josh knocked on the door, and Cynthia quickly answered in her nightgown. “Come in,” Cynthia said sexily, closing the door behind Josh.
“Hi,” Josh said, putting his hands on her waist. “What happened?” Cynthia led them over to the couch, sitting down.
“I was mad, then I got a little sad…I went for the chocolate ice cream, and then I started to watch the porn that Julie and Taylor probably left on…and then a lesbian part came on, and it kinda turned me on. And I was just…frustrated I guess…but then the guy came in and started fucking these girls, and I got so much hotter. I just…I just wanted to fuck right then…and like I realized…it was like an epiphany, just I like girls, ok, its fun, but I really like guys.” Cynthia rambled on, smiling widely.
“So…watching porn got you in the mood?” Josh asked.
“Well…I think I was just frustrated before…about the whole guys and girls thing…so when you wanted sex, I just didn’t want to deal with it…but then I had that realization, and then I felt stupid for driving you away,” Cynthia rattled on. She got up on her knees on top of Josh as he sat back on the couch, running her hands up his chest. He put his hands on her waist.
“I’m sorry that I left…I was just frustrated about the whole thing too,” Josh said, looking into Cynthia’s brown eyes. She leaned over to kiss him, her blonde curly hair hanging down around their faces. They shared a short little French kiss.
“Cynthia…I just want to make love to you,” Josh said.
“Well…maybe later…right now I want you to fuck me,” Cynthia said, smiling. Cynthia leaned down again, kissing Josh. She reached down for his shirt, tugging upward. He took over, taking his shirt off. Cynthia stood up. “Off,” Cynthia said, pointing at his pants. Josh quickly took all his clothes off as he sat there, wriggling his pants off. Cynthia stood over his muscular naked body. “Let’s go baby,” Cynthia said, as she dropped to her knees. Cynthia was definitely ready to go, but Josh’s cock was half limp. She jerked his seven inch cock a few times, then licked the length of his shaft. Cynthia put her lips around the head and sucked on him, bringing his cock to life. “Mmmm…get it nice and hard,” Cynthia moaned.
Cynthia stood up and then got on top of Josh as he sat back on the couch. Her knees on either side of him, she lowered herself to him. The silk nightgown still clinging to her excited body, Josh held his cock up as her pussy descended to it. His thick cock pierced her wet pink lips as her weight came down. Cynthia moaned and shivered as her pussy was filled up in that special way, sending small pleasure waves through her body. “Oh your so big,” Cynthia encouraged.
“You’re fucking tight,” Josh moaned as his cock was fully inside her hot pussy. Cynthia started bouncing up and down on him, fucking him, her small pert tits bounced under the thin silk. Josh groped her tits through the fabric, moaning loudly. Her ass impacted his thighs on every thrust. “Oh….mmm…yes” Cynthia moaned, her hands on his shoulders. Her pussy was dripping all over his crotch. Cynthia got off of Josh and laid down on the couch next to him. He immediately got up and then jumped on top of her. One of her legs was against the back of the couch, and the other leg went straight up in the air as Josh came down on her, fucking her hard. She wrapped her leg around him, as he fucked her into the couch.
“Fuck me hard,” Cynthia moaned.
“Cynthia…ohhh…yes” Josh moaned, his cock pounding away at her. They fucked for several gloriously agonizing minutes. Cynthia was building toward a massive orgasm. She rolled over and onto all fours. Josh fucked her from behind, laying his chest on her back and thrusting deep inside her, hitting her g-spot. Josh reached around and played with her clit with one hand. Cynthia just arched her back, closed her eyes, and went for the orgasmic ride. They were sweating and moaning all over the couch.
“Oh my god!” Cynthia moaned, her pussy on fire, wanting to cum.
“Fuck yes!” Josh yelled, fucking her doggystyle.
Cynthia came. Waves of pleasure shot out from her pussy to every corner of her body. Her ears were ringing, her body pulsating with pleasure. She moaned a loud high pitched series of grunts. Her pussy went crazy on Josh’s cock, squeezing twisting and fucking him. Josh kept pounding her from behind as she came. Her pussy shot a load of juices on him. Cynthia laid down face first on the couch. Josh sat back, panting loudly. “Fuck!” Josh said, bewildered.
“Oh my god,” Cynthia moaned euphorically. Josh laid on his back, breathing heavily, his cock pointed skyward. Cynthia fought the orgasm for control of her body, and she threw herself on top of Josh, sixty-nine style. Her pussy suddenly plopped down in front of his face. Josh grabbed her ass and went to town on her slit, licking and sucking the pussy cum from his girlfriend. Cynthia sucked Josh off livingly, using her mouth in every way she knew how, stroking him with her hand. Her head bobbed up and down, pleasuring him, sucking her juices from his thick hard cock. Josh grunted loudly, his face buried in her pussy. His balls emptied, his cock exploded inside her mouth, pulsing and oozing his cum into her mouth. His sticky wad filled her mouth. Cynthia savored the moment, sucking him off, still bobbing her head and stroking his pulsating cock. Josh kept on licking her sweet pussy.
“I love you,” Josh said, between tongue laps on her clit.
“I love you too,” Cynthia said, pulling her mouth from his cock. They both kept on performing oral. Josh’s cock went half-way limp for a while, but with Cynthia’s encouragement, it curbed that trend and started getting hard again.
Just then, the front door busted open…

Chapter 14: LOVE!

An Hour earlier…

Alex and Brad walked out of Alex’s dorm, having exchanged good-byes, with Julie and Taylor. “Your place?” Alex asked Brad.
“Yeah,” Brad said, as they got to the stairwell.
“Do you have any drinks there?” Alex asked.
“Yeah I should,” Brad replied. They got to the lobby and walked out of the stairwell, and then out of the building. It was a short walk to Brad’s car, a blue Mitsubishi Eclipse. Brad hit the button on his keypad, unlocking the doors. The two got in the car and Brad drove out of the parking lot. Brad’s Frat house was on the other side of campus and a good distance away.
“How were your classes today?” Alex asked.
“Fine,” Brad said, shrugging. “I still can’t believe you and your roommates, its just crazy,” Brad said.
“It just kind of worked out like that…” Alex said matter-of-factly. “We’re lovers not fighters,” Alex joked.
“Do you know any other girls that are like that…like all the roommates?” Brad asked.
“I don’t know…people don’t just come out with that information very often. People on our floor know that Taylor and Julie are together, but they don’t really know anything else. But, I bet there are rumours.” Alex said.
“So what do you want to do?” Brad asked Alex.
“What’d you mean? I asked you to buy condoms didn’t I?” Alex said. Brad laughed. They sat at a stop light for what seemed like five minutes. “This drive is making me hot, just anticipating…” Alex said, looking over and smiling at Brad.
“Me too,” Brad said, his cock semi-erect, poking at his jeans.
“I can tell,” Alex said. The light turned green, the car in the front wasn’t paying attention and wasted several seconds sitting in the left turn lane. Finally the line got moving, but the light changed before Brad and Alex could go.
“This light!” Brad said, sitting back knowing they had a good wait. Alex reached her left hand over and laid it on his thigh, next to his cock.
“It’ll be okay,” Alex reassured Brad. Her hand moved slowly down his thigh till her hand brushed up against his cock.
“Don’t tease me, I already can’t wait to get home,” Brad said.
“We don’t have to wait,” Alex whispered, brushing her black hair behind her ears. She rubbed her hand against his cock through his jeans. Alex reached over and unzipped, and tugged open his fly. She reached her small hand through the opening in the front of his boxers, grabbing his eight inch hard cock, pulling it up through the opening. Alex leaned over some more, having to brush her hair back again, putting her lips on the tip of his cock. She licked the end, sucking on the tip. Her hand gently stroked the length of his dick. She descended her warm wet toying mouth down around his head and shaft. Brad moaned as Alex’s loving mouth pleasured his cock.
Alex slowly bobbed her head, licking and sucking all around. She pulled her mouth off, slurping on the end of his wet hard cock. “You like that baby?” Alex asked him, leaning up to make out with him. Brad kissed her back, then pushed her head back down. Alex sucked him hard and fast, threatening to make him cum. The light changed. Brad almost didn’t notice, but caught himself, and turned through the intersection with his cock being sucked. It was just a few blocks to the frat. Brad parked, and Alex lifted her mouth from his thick meat. “We’re here already? Time flies when you’re sucking cock,” Alex said.
“Well…maybe for you it does,” Brad said chuckling. Brad quickly tucked his cock away, zipping up his pants, still quite visibly pitching a tent. He grabbed the box of condoms, and got out of the car. They walked into the frat, and up the stairs to his room. “Good, Eric isn’t here,” Brad said as they walked into his room. Alex sat down on Brad’s bed, and he shut the door. Brad ripped open the box and grabbed the string of condoms, tearing one off the strip. He stood in front of Alex.
“Let’s get to it,” Brad said excitedly. He stripped off his clothes in front of Alex until he was naked. Alex sat back admiring his six foot muscular figure. He slipped on the love glove and sat next to Alex. He kissed her on the neck.
“Let’s get it on,” Alex said. She pulled her shirt off, her black bra remaining. She reached behind her back undoing the strap, releasing her small pert tits. She dropped the bra on the floor. She grabbed Brad and they started making out. They laid out on his bed, Alex on bottom. They kissed and touched each other all over. Brad grabbed the waist of her Jeans and tugged down. Alex had to help him getting the tight jeans off of her. Finally she was down to her black panties, which were off a few seconds later. Brad grabbed his cock and shoved it inside of Alex immediately after the panties were gone.
“Ohh,” Alex moaned as the eight inch cock penetrated her pussy. She would have preferred some foreplay, but she couldn’t blame him since she had gotten him so excited in the car. Brad started humping away at her wettening pussy, the bed squeaking loudly, they bounced up and down. Alex arched her back as his big cock ravaged her pussy. Brad was humping furiously, his face between her tits, grunting heavily. Alex moaned and panted as he fucked her.
“Yeah baby…ohhh…give it to me,” Alex moaned. Brad continued to pound her pussy, her juices filling the room with the wonderful aroma. Brad had been too excited to begin with and he felt his orgasm coming.
“Oh shit,” Brad exclaimed, as his cock unloaded deep inside Alex, inside the condom. His thrusts stopped and he rested on her.
“It’s okay baby,” Alex encouraged, “We have all weekend.”
“Fuck…your pussy is just so tight,” Brad said. gaziantep escort
“Well maybe that has something to do with your cock being so big,” Alex said.
The door opened and Eric walked in. Brad’s body pretty well covered up Alex. “Hey guys,” Eric said normally.
“Hey,” Brad said. Eric sat down on his bed, looking through his backpack for something.
“Hey, why don’t you fuck Eric while my cock is recovering,” Brad said to Alex.
“What?!?” Alex whispered back. “I want to be with you,” Alex said smiling.
“It’s okay if you fuck other people, I don’t care,” Brad said.
“I know that, but I want to be with you,” Alex said.
“Oh come on…You can fuck him and I’ll watch, and I’ll get my hard on back sooner, and then we can have some more fun,” Brad said.
“But I don’t want to!” Alex whispered back slightly angrily.
“Hey, I don’t want him to get in trouble on my behalf, I’ll be out of here in a minute anyway,” Eric said. Alex was embarrassed that he had heard her, though Brad pretty well gave it away with how loud he was ‘whispering.’ A minute later Eric left the room.
“It’s really okay, I don’t care if you came too soon,” Alex said trying to reassure his manhood.
“But…you don’t have to worry about fucking other people, I really don’t care,” Brad said.
“I know that,” Alex said.
“I mean, I have fuck other girls,” Brad said simply.
“What!?!” Alex protested.
“What?” Brad replied.
“You don’t fuck other girls, why would you fuck other girls?” Alex was angry.
“Hey! You fuck other girls!” Brad protested.
“Yeah, but that’s different,” Alex said.
“Oh, because its not with a guy?” Brad said angrily.
“No! Because you knew about that to begin with, I never lied to you about anything,” Alex yelled.
“I didn’t lie either,” Brad said.
“You didn’t tell me you were sleeping around!” Alex yelled.
“You didn’t ask!” Brad yelled back. Alex escaped from underneath Brad, standing up naked.
“Oh…don’t leave,” Brad said as Alex started getting dressed.
“This isn’t even a relationship,” Alex said condescendingly. “I’m just one of the girls you fuck,” Alex said angrily. “I can’t believe I even wanted to date you!”
“Fuck you bitch! Like you didn’t do anything wrong!” Brad yelled.
“I didn’t! You fucking cheated on me,” Alex yelled.
“Well good luck getting home bitch!” Brad yelled as Alex finished throwing her clothes on. She walked out the door slamming it behind her.
She ran down the stairs. Eric was sitting in the front room. “Hey Eric, can you drive me home?” Alex asked nicely.
“Yeah sure, whats?…whats going on?” He asked, jumping to his feet.
“Brad’s an asshole,” Alex said.
“Sorry,” Eric said, walking with her out the front door to his car. He drove her back towards her dorm.
“Sorry about him, he thinks he’s fucking Colin Farrel or something,” Eric apologized
“Don’t worry about,” Alex said, fighting back the tears now that the anger faded away. “I’ll be alright.”
He dropped her off in front of the dorm. Alex tried to be strong, but she couldn’t help it. They had gotten along so well, she really liked him, but she wasn’t his girlfriend, she was just another girl to him. What a prick, she thought. She walked up the stairs, the first tear running down her cheek. She got to her floor, the tears started coming. She got to the front door, trying to get the key in the lock, but she couldn’t get it to go in. She stopped, leaning against the door, crying loudly. She finally got the lock to open, and she pushed the door open.

Alex started balling as the door opened. She saw Cynthia and Josh in a sixty-nine on the couch. Alex slowly walked through the living room towards her room. The couple on the couch stopped to watch her balling. Cynthia jumped up and walked up next to Alex, naked. Cynthia put her arm around Alex’s shoulder. Her eyes were filled with tears, and she could barely see. Josh sat up, watching them walk into their room. He walked behind them, not wanting to interfere.
“What’s wrong?” Cynthia asked. Alex couldn’t get whole words out of her mouth, just making noises as she cried. They got to Alex’s bed, sitting on the edge. Josh walked in naked. Alex had her head down and didn’t see him. Cynthia motioned for him to get on the top bunk. He jumped up there and laid down, just listening.
“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Cynthia reassured Alex, as Alex hugged her, both of them wrapping their arms around each other. Alex was shivering, it was kind of cold and she wasn’t wearing all that much. Cynthia grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around the both of them, as they sat on the bed. Alex rested her head on Cynthia’s shoulder, tears poured onto the blanket on her shoulder. Alex started to settle down.
“It’s okay,” Cynthia said again, hugging her tightly.
“Brad…he’s been cheating on me,” Alex said, wiping her cheeks.
“It’s alright, you don’t need him,” Cynthia said.
“I was just another girl to him,” Alex said, barely holding her composure.
“You don’t need him, there are plenty of other guys out there, he wasn’t good enough for you, you deserve a really great partner, you know that don’t you,” Cynthia reassured Alex.
“I just…I thought…you know I really liked him,” Alex said, losing her composure and balling again. Cynthia laid her down. They were on their sides, hugging tightly, with a big blanket tightly wrapped around them. Cynthia rubbed her hands up and down Alex’s back, comforting her. She laid her cheek against Alex’s, doing all she could.
“You should be glad to get rid of him, he didn’t deserve you,” Cynthia said softly. Alex hugged Cynthia very tightly.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ruin your day,” Alex apologized to Cynthia for cutting off her sex.
“Oh don’t you be worrying about me, I’m here for you right now,” Cynthia reassured. Cynthia put her hand on Alex’s cheek, lovingly comforting her. Alex looked into Cynthia’s eyes, through her tears.
“You don’t need him, you don’t need to have a boyfriend, you have three roommates that care about you,” Cynthia said, looking deeply into Alex’s eyes. Alex reached her hand up and placed it on Cynthia’s cheek as Cynthia’s was on hers. Alex slowly leaned forward, and pressed her lips softly against Cynthia’s. She kissed her softly for a moment, then leaned back, staring deeply into her eyes.
Cynthia was taken aback at first. She hadn’t expected the kiss. But then she looked into Alex’s eyes, and she recognized some feelings within herself that she had not previously noticed. She thought she was caring for Alex like she was her own sister, or even acting motherly to her. But now she couldn’t not see a distinction between that and a deeper lover, one of total unconditional love, caring, and devotion. Alex was like a wounded puppy, something had happened to her, damaging her in some way. Now she was feeling something for her, something she could in no way deny or ignore. Suddenly Cynthia didn’t care about anything in the world. In one of these moments, the whole world disappears, ideas, notions, taboos, promises, rules, they all disappear, no longer relevant. All she saw in front of her was love, and it didn’t matter what form it took.
Cynthia’s mind raced through all of this almost instantly. The moment after seemed to draw out like a blade to Cynthia, but it was but a moment in time. Cynthia didn’t even make a conscious decision, or weigh her options, not even thinking about it, she lunged forward, putting her hands on both of Alex’s cheeks, her lips pressing against Alex’s. Their tongues met, tangling together. Cynthia squeezed Alex tighter, furiously running her hands all over her. At that moment, Cynthia wanted Alex so much, she wanted to be so close to her she was inside of her, not in the way of sexual intercourse, but in a spiritual sense. She wanted them to leave the constraints of their bodies and be one as a spirit. Of course, that wasn’t something she could do, and her only way of showing that desire was through physical touch.

They kissed, passionately falls short of describing it. They had something akin to love at first sight. It wasn’t first sight, but it was an instant moment when love ‘happened’. It isn’t fair to say that they fell in love, because it takes time to fall, they became love. While Cynthia had the momentous second, Alex had sensed it coming on for a short time before she kissed Cynthia.
They both awoke from the daze of love, suddenly aware of their physical bodies once again, no longer acting on pure instincts. “Oh I love you,” Cynthia said just barely breaking her kiss with Alex.
“I know,” Alex said, eyes closed, grabbing Cynthia to kiss her again. That got Josh’s attention on the top bunk. He had heard them making out, and somewhat shrugged it off as something they would do. Now he looked over the side of the bed at them making out lovingly.
“I want you,” Alex moaned.
“Ohh…Alex…Ohh” Cynthia moaned as their kissing stopped. Alex took advantage of Cynthia being naked already. Both of their hands were moving everywhere on each other. Alex put one hand between Cynthia’s legs, finding her pussy already very wet. She moved her hand over her lips rapidly, rolling on top of her. Cynthia was desperately trying to remove Alex’s clothing, piece by piece she struggled. Alex was massaging Cynthia’s pussy rapidly. The emotions were overwhelming for both of them, even rising above the level of sexual stimulation. Cynthia came, moaning loudly, “I love you!”
Soon Alex was being massaged in return by Cynthia, Josh watching from the top bunk. Alex was influenced even more by the emotion roller coaster. She came quickly and hard, waves of pleasure searing through her. “Ohhh!!!” Alex moaned in ecstasy. Josh jumped down from the top bunk, naked. Alex was on top of Cynthia, and they were over against the wall. Josh laid down on the bed next to them. The powerful orgasms stopped the girls in their tracks, and they just laid with each other, glowing with love.
Cynthia suddenly realized what Josh must be thinking, wondering if she didn’t love him anymore. She reached from under Alex’s grasp for Josh, bringing his face into hers and kissing him deeply. She released him and he laid up against the side of the girls.
“This is confusing,” Cynthia said. “I love you Josh…I love you Alex,” Cynthia said, looking at both of them.
“I love you too,” They both said at the same time.
“This is bad isn’t it?” Cynthia asked them.
“I don’t know,” Alex said.
“I…I don’t mind if you love her,” Josh said, looking into Cynthia’s eyes.
“I don’t mind either,” Alex said.
“Who says you cant love two people?” Josh asked.
“Yeah,” Alex said. “And I like Josh, we get along great.”
“This could work,” Josh said hopefully.
“Well…I guess we don’t have a choice but to give it a shot,” Cynthia said, “Cause it’s either try this, or pick one of you,” Cynthia frowned. “And I don’t think I could pick one of you.”
“You don’t have to, This could work,” Josh said, leaning in and kissing Cynthia again.
“This could work,” Cynthia said, suddenly smiling very big. Her left hand started massaging Alex’s pussy, her right hand stroking Josh’s cock. “Let’s make this work,” Cynthia moaned, working harder with both hands. Cynthia escaped from underneath Alex. She pushed Josh onto his back. Cynthia crawled down and laid sideways, across his thighs. His cock sat in front of her face, and she quickly started sucking him. She laid somewhat on her side, so that Alex could eat her out, which she immediately started to do. Alex turned around and was laying next to Josh with her head laying on Cynthia’s left thigh, her pussy in front of her face. Alex lapped at Cynthia’s sweet pussy, wanting to please her so much, desiring her stronger than she had ever desired anything. Josh laid back, Cynthia sucking his cock. He turned his head to the left, and there was Alex’s ass, her lower legs were sticking straight in the air, as she excitedly ate out Cynthia. Not sure of the rules, or whatever, he stopped caring. Josh leaned over slightly, pushing Alex’s right leg up in the air, until she was on her side. Josh pulled on her hips, bringing her to him a little. He laid his head on her inner right thigh, and her pussy was right there. He didn’t love Alex, but he didn’t want her to go unpleasured. He lapped at her sweet pussy, fingering her gently.
Cynthia looked up, expecting her eyes to meet Josh’s, but instead she saw him eating out Alex. She smiled, his cock halfway in her mouth. Then she was surprised by her response, not feeling any jealousy. How could you be jealous, one of your lovers was pleasing your other lover. You want them both to feel pleasure, what’s not to like. Cynthia massaged his balls with her hand, sucking on his shaft.
Alex was a little surprised by Josh’s move, but instantly went along with it, her pussy ached to be touched, and now it was lovingly pleasured by a skilled tongue. Cynthia started to cum, her pussy releasing a wave of sweet cum that Alex enjoyed thoroughly, as she continued to pleasure her. Then Alex came, Josh’s touch bringing her orgasmic pleasure. The moaning was reaching a fevered pitch. All three of them were quite sweaty, breathing heavily as they pleasured in a position they did not know existed. It occurred to Alex that this was just a variation on the Lesbian triangle she had engaged in with Taylor and Julie. Her mind wandered slightly in her euphoric post orgasmic state. She wondered what it would be like if all five of them engaged in it. The love…pentagon…Alex giggled to herself, or into Cynthia.
Josh was about to climax. He didn’t really decide not to warn Cynthia, so much as he was too busy to think about it. Cynthia sucked on him as his cock spurted white goo in her mouth. Cynthia licked up and down his cock as he came, getting jizz all over her cheek. Cynthia kept sucking his cock as it slowly softened. She laid her head on his thigh when he became limp, staring lovingly at him as he ate Alex. The pussy eating slowly died down, as everyone relaxed, staying in their positions.
“Well…that was interesting,” Cynthia said, smiling as widely as she could, though she wasn’t trying.
“You could say that again,” Alex said, smiling in the same manner.
“Or…we could DO that again…” Josh said, and they all laughed, “and again, and again.”
“So what’s the etiquette about showering after the three-way?” Cynthia asked.
“What’d do you mean?” Josh asked.
“Well…we could just take this whole party into the shower, but it might get a little crowded in there,” Cynthia clarified.
“Oh…if you guys want to shower together that’s fine with me,” Josh said.
“I love you,” Cynthia said. They both said it back.
“Let’s get that shower,” Alex said. Alex and Cynthia started to get up,
“But…I get to watch,” Josh added a stipulation.
“Okay,” Alex said, smirking at Josh.
“Let’s go,” Josh said, getting up. Alex and Cynthia grabbed some clothes from their drawers, and Josh followed them into the living room, picking his clothes up off the floor. The three of them went into the bathroom. Alex and Cynthia showered, cleaning each other, laughing and joking around, the three of them started down an uncertain path, but they would go headlong into the consequences, good or bad.

Chapter 15: Older Men
Earlier that day…

Julie and Taylor got dressed up to go to a bar. Plan was to have sex with some older men who knew how to handle a woman properly. It was still early in the afternoon, and they had sex on their minds. They went into the living room and popped in a porno, just passing the time. While they watched, Josh and Brad showed up to see Cynthia and Alex, and then Brad and Alex left.
“Should we ask to see their cocks first?” Julie asked Taylor.
“What before we go home with them?” Taylor asked.
“Yeah,” Julie replied.
“I wouldn’t want to get there and find a tiny dick in his shorts,” Taylor said. Julie laughed. “How old are we shooting for?”
“I think anywhere between 27 and 40 should be good,” Julie said.
“Let’s not go too old, i mean, my dad is 45,” Taylor replied.
“What are you going to do with him?” Julie asked.
“I think he’ll be the one deciding what we do,” Taylor said.
“You know, we could just parlay this into a night of free drinks,” Julie laughed.
“Yeah, those forty year old men won’t know what to do when two eighteen year olds go in there,” Taylor said.
“When are we going?” Julie asked.
“We shouldn’t get there before like four I guess,” Taylor replied.
“Well, it’ll probably be about four if we leave now,” Julie said.
“Well what are we waiting for!” Taylor said jumping to her feet. Taylor was wearing a tight jean skirt, and a black t-shirt that was several sizes too small, her 36 c breasts spilling out of them, and her blonde shoulder length hair was extra bouncy today. Julie was wearing a black dress that came down just past her knees, hugging her curves all the way down. Her brown wavy long hair was done up too, handing near her 40d tits. They both had perfume of some sort on, and makeup that made them look…maybe…maybe 21 at the most. They walked out the door, leaving the porno playing.
“I’m so excited!” Julie said as they walked down the stairs. A hot looking guy walked past them going up the stairs, exchanging looks with Julie.
“Forget it, remember our goals,” Taylor said, keeping Julie on target. They got out to Taylor’s SUV and she drove them over to the bar.
“I hate this light,” Taylor said, stopping at a red.
“Hey! Isn’t that Brad’s car?” Julie said, pointing to the turn lane next to them and several cars down.
“I don’t know…it looks like it,” Taylor said. Their light went green and Taylor pressed the accelerator. The light turned yellow and Taylor knew they wouldn’t make it, two cars ahead of them stopping at the red. The turn signal turned green.
“Here they come,” Julie said, looking behind them. The Blue Eclipse pulled up and had to stop at the red light, having to wait again.
“That’s her!” Taylor said, seeing Alex in the car next to and two cars down from them.
“I’m gonna call her,” Taylor said, reaching into her pocket for her cell phone. She struggled for a moment to get it from the tight pocket of her skirt.
“Wait!” Julie said, and Taylor looked up. “Is she…?”
“Haha, Oh my god, you go girl,” Taylor said, seeing Alex, her roommate, going down on Brad in the middle of Traffic.
“I don’t think I could drive like that!” Julie laughed, “that would be WAY to distracting”
“Especially if you cum while you’re driving,” Taylor agreed. Her light went green.
“Green light,” Julie said to Taylor, and she quickly hit the accelerator. They drove past them, looking over down into the car, easily seeing Alex slurping on Brad’s big cock. Julie and Taylor laughed, pulling through the intersexion.

They pulled into the Single’s Bar parking lot. This bar is a lot different from the clubs and bars that college kids go to, everything about it is different, catered to the older audience. The parking lot was nearly empty.
“What the hell?” Taylor thought out loud.
“Why is this place so dead? It’s four on a Friday!” Julie said.
“Ohh…they have jobs,” Taylor said laughing at both of their stupidity. “I’m blaming this on you, I’m blonde I don’t know any better.”
“Shut up,” Julie said, “Lets go in anyway.” They got out and walked to the bar, stepping inside the darkened bar, they saw almost no people inside. They walked up and sat down on stools at the bar. The bartender came over.
“How old are you?” He asked.
“Old enough,” Taylor said.
“Kids…” The bartender said walking away. Julie and Taylor looked around. There were four guys sitting at a table in one corner of the bar, and there were two guys at the bar a little ways down from them.
“Hey!” Julie said to the bartender, and he walked back toward them.
“What?” He asked impatiently.
“Where is everybody?” Julie asked.
“It’s four o’clock, they’re working,” He said to them like they were idiots…
“When does it get busy?” Julie asked.
“About five thirty it starts to pick up, but it wont get busy until eight or so,” He said. “You two are at least eighteen right?”
“Yes,” Taylor replied.
“Good, don’t want any damn jailbait in here,” The bartender said, walking away again.
“Did you check out any of those guys?” Julie asked Taylor, referring to the four in the corner that were behind them as they sat at the bar.
“Not really,” Taylor replied.
“Well…we need to get some fucking older guys that are fucking hot,” Julie said some what angrily.
“Should we come back later?” Taylor asked her.
“I don’t know…” Julie replied. Two women walked in the bar, probably late twenties. They looked like they just got off work from some kind of office. The women came to the bar near Julie and Taylor. The women ordered beers and sat at a table off to their side. The women looked over at Julie and Taylor like they were whores.
“Did you see the look she gave us?” Julie whispered to Taylor.
“Probably jealous of our eighteen year old asses,” Taylor replied.
“Excuse me,” A man said, moving over a few stools, he was one of the two that were at the bar already.
“Yes?” Julie asked.
“I happened to overhear you’re conversation,” The man said.
“And?” Julie asked impatiently.
“It sounds like you just want to get out of here and have some fun,” The man said.
“Maybe,” Julie said, checking the guy out. Not bad, probably thirty-five or so, fairly tall, not real muscular or anything, but not bad.
“I’m Brian,” He said, smiling and moving down one more stool to just beside Julie.
“Nice to meet you, so…you want to just get out of here?” Brian asked.
“Oh come on now…You have to at least buy me a drink.
“Hey, can I get a beer down here?” Brian asked the bartender.
“Only a beer? Come on, get me two shots of Tequila,” Julie said.
“Alright then,” Brian said, getting her shots of Tequila, and doing some with her.
“So…you want to get out of here now?” He asked.
“Well, I won’t just leave her here alone, so unless your buddy over there wants to buy her some drinks and take her home, we’ll just have to wait.
“Tom! Get over here,” Brian yelled. Tom walked over. “Sit over there,” Brian told him, and Tom sat next to Taylor on the other side.
“Hi, I’m Tom.”
“Taylor,” Taylor said, shaking his hand. Taylor checked him out and was unimpressed. She suckered two shots and a beer out of him.
“No…I don’t think I want to go home with you,” Taylor said loudly.
“Taylor!” Julie protested.
“What!” Taylor said to Julie. Tom, rejected walked back to where he was sitting.
“I’ll go sit with him, just tell me when she had plans and we can get out of here,” Brian said.
“Okay,” Julie said smiling to him.
“What’d you do that for!?!” Julie asked Taylor.
“He was ugly, I wasn’t going to fuck him,” Taylor said. After a while the bar started to get more busy. Soon a waitress brought over two beers for Julie and Taylor, pointing out to them which two guys had bought them beers. Julie and Taylor smiled at the guys and sat there drinking. The guys never came over, but another round was bought for them by another two guys a little later.
“Are they ever coming over here?” Taylor asked Julie, feeling their eyes on them.
“What are the doing?” Julie asked rhetorically, the guys taking a while to come over. Finally they did.
“Hi,” one guy said to Julie, the other stood by Taylor.
“I’ve already got plans, sorry,” Julie replied.
“You want to get out of here?” Taylor asked the guy that came up to her, after only a hi.
“Sure,” He said.
“Taylor,” Taylor said.
“Will,” The guy said, Taylor had already checked him out and made up her mind.
“Let’s go,” Taylor turned and said to Julie.
“Ok,” Julie replied. Julie looked over to Brian down the bar, he was on his cell phone, covering his other ear. Julie walked over to him, he didn’t see her come over.
“Okay…love ya…bye honey,” Brian said, then hung up, he looked back, seeing Julie.
“Hey,” He said.
“Let’s go,” Julie said, unable to hear the conversation he had on the phone
“See ya,” Brian said to Tom, getting up and walking with Julie. Julie and Brian, and Taylor and Will got out to the parking lot.
“Well, see you later,” Julie said to Taylor. “If I don’t hear from her in twelve hours I’ll fucking kill you,” Julie said to Will, smiling as she said it.
“Likewise,” Taylor said, looking at Brian. The two couples split up walking to each guy’s car.

Taylor got into the car with Will. He was probably thirty or so, and Taylor thought he was kind of hot. They drove off. “So where do you live?”
“Over in Crestline,” Will replied.
“Oh, you have a house over there?” Taylor asked.
“Yeah,” Will replied, and they drove on, radio on, neither talking. They pulled up to his house, he parked in the driveway, and led her in through the garage.
“This place is nice,” Taylor said, walking inside the house. “Do you live here alone?” Taylor asked.
“No, my wife lives here too,” Will said, “Follow me.”
“You’re married?” Taylor asked.
“Yeah,” Will said, walking up the stairs. Taylor stopped on the stairs. “Oh come on, she won’t know, and she’ll be home in an hour, so we gotta get going.”
Taylor hesitated but continued to follow him up the stairs and into the bedroom. “Do you have any condoms?” Taylor asked him, as he sat on the bed, taking his shoes off.
“Probably, check that drawer over there,” Will said pointing to a drawer. Taylor opened it and rummaged through his underwear, finding a strip of condoms at the bottom, she tore two off and walked over to the bed. Will slipped his jeans off and then tore his shirt off, his whitey tightys the only thing left, she handed him the two condoms. Taylor stood at the end of the bed, slipping her nice shoes off.
“Come over here and suck my cock,” Will said, his underwear off.
“Put the condom on first,” Taylor said.
“I can’t, im not hard yet,” He said.
“Then get hard,” Taylor said, bending over towards him, giving him a view down her shirt.
“Take off your skirt and bend over,” Will said. Taylor did so, bending over, looking over her shoulder at him. He stroked his cock a few times, staring at her bare ass and bald pussy, then put on a condom.
“Now get over here and suck my cock,” Will said. Taylor walked up to him, and pushed him back, so he laid back on the bed. She kneeled down, and licked his cock through the condom. She teased him with her tongue, giggling as she tongued.
“Come on…either blow me or fuck me, none of this teasing shit,” Will said.
“Oh…don’t like foreplay?” Taylor asked, lapping at his head a few times. Will sat up, he grabbed Taylor’s hips, lifting her up, he sat her down right on his cock, pressing it deep inside her.
“Uhhh..oww,” Taylor moaned, as the thick six inch dick penetrated her. Will took good grip of her hips and thrusted up into her hard and very fast. Taylor was not ready, no foreplay and she was barely wet. The cock was dry fucking her, and he was doing it way too fast. Taylor dismissed it as wisdom of the older man. Soon enough her pussy was wet, and the pain went away.
“Oh your so fucking tight,” Will moaned. Taylor still had her shirt on, groping her own tits. “Oh…mmm…oh” She moaned, as she started to get into it. Taylor pushed his shoulders back, until he laid back on the bed, Taylor was on top now, and she took control, humping him the way she wanted. “Oh yeah,” Will said, he grabbed her ass and fucked back at her very quickly, shallow strokes. Taylor was starting to get there.
“Yes, Yes, Yes!” Will moaned, and then he stopped humping back at her. He came inside her in the condom.
“You’ve got to be kidding!” Taylor said.
“Oh that was good,” Will said.
“You better not be fucking done!” Taylor protested.
“Oh I’m not finished,” Will said. His cock already going limp inside of her.
Will got further up on the bed, laying down, his head back on the pillows. “Take off your shirt, let me see those big ole titties,” Will said.
“No, eat my pussy first,” Taylor said, having the idea.
“No, show me your tits and I’ll get hard again real quick,” Will said.
“Yeah but I can cum pretty quickly if you eat me,” Taylor said.
“If you’re that close why don’t you just play with yourself,” Will said.
“How about we sixty-nine and I suck your cock to life!” Taylor said.
“But I don’t want to eat your pussy, I want to fuck it,” Will said, starting to stroke his cock. “Just let me see your tits.”
“Fine,” Taylor gave in. She stood next to the bed, tearing her tight shirt off, freeing the huge twins.
“Oh those are nice!…come here,” Will said. Taylor crawled up on the bed. Will grabbed her and put her down by his cock. “I want to tit-fuck you,” Will said.
“What?” Taylor asked.
“Just put your tits around my cock, press em together and move em up and down,” Will said.
“Okay…” Taylor said, unsure. She leaned down, and put her hands on her big tits. She pushed them together, then lowered them onto his hardening cock. His cock pushed through between her big mounds of flesh.
“Spit on it,” Will said. Taylor spit on the head of his bare cock, he had removed the condom after his first orgasm. “Lick the end,” Will said. Taylor moved her tits far enough down to lick the tip of his cock, moving her body up and down to tit fuck him. “Oh yeah!” Will moaned. “That’s so fucking hot.”
“Can we fuck now?” Taylor asked.
“Wait, just go a little faster,” Will said. Taylor complied, stroking her big tits on his cock. “Yeah that’s it.” Taylor lapped at the head on each stroke. Suddenly his cock burst cum, spraying into her mouth, on her face, and oozing all over her chest and tits. “Ohhh…Fuck!” Will moaned.
“What the fuck!” Taylor protested, spitting cum out of her mouth.
“That was great,” Will moaned.
“That’s fucking it!” Taylor said, getting up and throwing her clothes on, cum still on her.
“Where you going?” Will asked.
“I’m getting out of here!” Taylor said. Putting her shoes on, and walking out the door, Will didn’t move. Taylor realized she didn’t drive. Taylor walked down into the kitchen. There were post it notes on the counter. Taylor smiled as she had an idea. She found a pen.

You’re husband is cheating on you…and he is fucking terrible in bed, sincerely Taylor

Taylor smirked, she put the post it note on the refrigerator and walked out the front door. She pulled out her cell phone and called Julie.

Chapter 16: Married Men

Julie rode with Brian as they drove out away from the bar. “Where are we going?” Julie asked excitedly.
“My house, It’s over by Blue Jay apartments, back behind there,” Brian said.
“Oh ok,” Julie said, knowing where it was. “I like your car…What do you do?”
“I’m a tax lawyer…try to restrain yourself I know that turns you on so much,” Brian said with a straight face. Julie laughed.
“How old are you?” Julie asked
“Thiry-three,” Brian said. “You?”
“Well…I’ll be nineteen in two weeks,” Julie said.
“Wow…” Brian muttered, making a corner.
“So, you don’t have a boyfriend?” Brian asked.
“I’m bisexual, I do have a girlfriend,” Julie said.
“Oh was she you’re girlfriend?” Brian asked, referring to Taylor.
“You catch on quick for a lawyer,” Julie said.
“So why did you want to fuck an older man?” Brian asked.
“Cause…I think…well, I suppose, that older men will be more experienced and better in bed,” Julie said.
“That’s probably true, but I don’t think all older men will be good in bed,” Brian said.
“Yeah, that’s why we picked hot ones,” Julie laughed.
“So how long have you been with your girlfriend?” Brian asked after a moment.
“It’s Taylor…and about a month or so,” Julie said.
“How’d it start?” Brian asked.
“We live together…” Julie said, and went quiet.
“Well…that does pretty much explain it,” Brian joked, and made another turn, and finally pulled into his driveway.
“Is that your car too?” Julie asked, pointing at a little red sportscar.
“Yeah, actually this isn’t my car I just borrowed it, that’s actually my car,” Brian said somewhat clarifying.
“Oh…Why’d you borrow this?” Julie asked, the two getting out of the SUV.
“I had to take a bunch of stuff to work,” Brian said, walking towards the front door. “Here’s the house…” Brian said walking in the front door, Julie in tow.
“It’s nice…pretty big,” Julie said. Brian walked on back, through the living room and kitchen, Julie following him.
“You want anything to eat or drink?” Brian asked.
“No thanks,” Julie said, following him. They came to the back of the house and there was a large sliding glass door. There was a pool in the backyard.
“Hey you want to take a dip?” Julie asked, smiling. Brian walked past the door, setting the keys on the counter, then came back to the sliding door where Julie stood. Brian opened the door and they walked out onto the back patio. Once they got outside Julie saw a woman laying on a towel beside the pool. She looked to be in her thirties, but she was pretty fit, probably worked out a lot. Julie felt a little weird, as they walked up to the woman. She had sun glasses on and her eyes were closed, sun bathing. She didn’t have a top on, and she had a nice pair of small C cup breasts, that didn’t seem to show her age. Her red long hair was dripping wet.
“Hey honey,” Brian said, as they walked up next to her.
“Hey! Who’s this!?!” The woman said very excitedly.
“Julie,” Brian said. “Julie this is my lovely wife Rebecca,” Brian said.
“Hi,” Julie said quietly.
“Well you’re very attractive…” Rebecca said, sitting up and taking her glasses off.
“Thank you,” Julie said happily.
“How old are you?” Rebecca asked.
“Eighteen,” Julie said.
“Wow…what’d you pick her up at school Brian?” Rebecca asked.
“No she was at the bar,” Brian said.
“You didn’t tell me you were married,” Julie said to Brian.
“Is it a problem?” Brian asked.
“I don’t know…this is…” Julie trailed off.
“Strange?” Rebecca finished her thought, Julie nodded. “Don’t worry, he can’t cheat on me, I don’t get jealous. But what he was really doing at the bar was picking up a girl for me,” Rebecca said.
“What?” Julie asked.
“I like girls,” Rebecca said. “But I am no good at picking them up…Do you want to have some fun with me?”
“Well…” Julie said.
“It’s okay if you don’t, you can go upstairs with Brian and fuck his brains out, I won’t but in…but if you want to, we can go upstairs…Or all three of us.” Rebecca said.
“Hmmm” Julie said, thinking.
“She’s bisexual,” Brian said to Rebecca.
“Aren’t we all?” Rebecca asked Julie, getting a laugh.
“Well…I’m not,” Brian said.
“I meant us girls,” Rebecca said.
“Let’s go,” Julie said, smiling and looking at both of them. Rebecca stood up.
“Alright let’s go,” Rebecca said, smiling at Julie. The three of them walked inside. Julie followed them up the stairs, Rebecca’s nice ass wiggling in her face as they climbed the stairs. Julie reached out and groped her ass a little.
“Ohh, someone is getting excited,” Rebecca said. The trio reached the bedroom, Brian sat down on the edge of the bed, Rebecca sat down a few feet away from Brian, inviting Julie to sit between them. Julie sat down.
“What do you want to do?” Rebecca asked Julie.
“First…I want to suck some cock,” Julie said. Brian started taking his clothes off. Julie and Rebecca were staring at each other. Rebecca started feeling her up. Julie moaned. Julie stood up. “Unzip me,” Julie said, and Rebecca unzipped the back of her dress. Julie slipped it off, and took her shoes off, her bra and panties went off next. She sat down between the couple again. Rebecca leaned in, grabbing Julie, and kissed her. They made out, lovingly. They laid back on the bed beside each other, slowly kissing. Brian got on his knees beside them on the bed, his cock sticking straight out.
“Ohh, its big,” Julie said, seeing Brian’s seven inch cock. It was curved to the right at the end, and it was pretty thick and veiny. Julie reached up and lightly stroked his cock. Rebecca got off the bed and on her knees, spreading Julie’s legs. Rebecca went to work quickly, sucking licking tonguing Julie’s wet pussy, even biting her labia softly. Julie was getting very very excited. Julie leaned up and took the head of Brian’s cock in her mouth, sucking on it lightly as Rebecca sucked her off.
“You want me to fuck you?” Brian asked Julie.
“Mmm hmmm,” Julie moaned in agreement, not taking the cock out of her mouth. Brian got up and walked over to the dresser, searching for condoms. Rebecca stood up, tearing her bikini bottom off, revealing her trimmed dripping pussy. Julie instantly lunged forward, licking on her sweet pussy. Rebecca laughed as the young tongue tickled her. Rebecca got up on the bed, laying down. Julie was right with her, jumping on her and into the sixty-nine.
Brian turned around with a condom in his hand, seeing the sixty-nine. “Don’t forget about me,” Brian joked. Rebecca and Julie ate each other’s sweet pussies. Rebecca came very quickly, a short burst of cum escaping her lips to Julie’s delight. Julie started to finger Rebecca, and Rebecca did the same. They lapped at each other’s lips and clits.
“Can I get in somewhere?” Brian asked, as Julie came very loudly. “They forget I was in the room,” Brian muttered to himself. Julie laughed, pulling her mouth and finger from Rebecca’s pussy.
“Come here,” Julie said. Brian got on his knees on the bed, and brought his cock to Julie’s face just above Rebecca’s dripping pussy. Julie sucked on Brian’s cock, and Brian fingered his wife while she ate Julie.
“I want you in my pussy,” Julie said, taking her mouth off his cock. Julie got up on all fours beside Rebecca, and Brian got up behind her. Brian put the head of his cock in her pussy, pushing his way inside her flesh. Rebecca sat back watching, playing with herself. Julie got fucked from behind, her big titties bouncing around. Rebecca sat up and moved herself over, placing her pussy in front of Julie.
“Ohhh, lick me baby,” Rebecca moaned. “Is she tight?” Rebecca asked Brian.
“Oh yeah,” Brian moaned, pounding her. Julie laughed, lapping at Rebecca’s slit.
Julies moans increased and she came loudly.
“Do you take it up the ass?” Brian asked.
“Always with the anal,” Rebecca muttered.
“What? You won’t ever let me fuck your ass, so I asked her,” Brian said. Julie raised her head from the sweet pussy.
“I’ve never been fucked in the ass, but I kind of would like to try it,” Julie said.
“See, she wants to try it,” Brian said.
“Ohhh…it fuckin hurts don’t do it,” Rebecca warned. Julie laughed.
“It’s okay I want to try it.” Julie rolled over on to her back. Rebecca grabbed some lube from the nightstand. Rebecca sucked off Brian, tasting Julie’s pussy. She covered his cock in lube, and then lubed her finger and started to play with Julie’s ass.
“Does that hurt?” Rebecca asked.
“No,” Julie said tensely, playing with her tits.
“Okay Brian…But be gentle,” Rebecca said. Brian put the head of his cock against Julies tight asshole. He pushed gently, starting to spread her butt open. He slipped inside of her fucking tight ass hole. Brian moaned as he entered her.
“Ohhh,” Julie moaned.
“Does that feel good?” Rebecca asked.
“Yeah kind of, it hurts though…but don’t stop,” Julie replied. Brian started to very slowly fuck her ass, gently stroking in and out with just the tip, slowly increasing the depth of his anal fucking.
Rebecca got bored with watching, and mounted Julie, returning to the sixty-nine, eating out her pussy just above the anal fucking. Julie welcomed the pussy on her face, somewhat taking her mind off the pain, and the tongue in her slit definitely helped as well. Brian started to fuck her a little harder, and Julie moaned very loudly. Julie came, squirting a little bit. Rebecca came shortly, squirting on Julie. Then Julie came again, very quickly after her previous one. Then a moment later, she came again, stacking the orgasms. Now she was going into orgasmic overdrive. It was like she had two orgasms seconds apart, just one constant orgasm for several seconds, but it seemed to stretch on forever to her. Then Julie exploded. Literally making a fountain of her pussy, not just squirting some cum, but blasting Rebecca’s face as her tongue was pushed out of her pussy. Julie moaned a long pleasure noise, running out of breath, she just about passed out. Brian pulled his cock out of her ass, and Rebecca ripped the condom off of it. Rebecca deepthroated Brian, sucking him hard and fast until he came. He shot a big load on Rebeccas waiting tongue, white goo dripping down to Julie’s pussy. Rebecca licked her clean, then licked Brian’s cock clean. Julies cell phone started ringing in her purse.
“mmm…Could you get that for me?” She asked either of them. Brian got off the bed and opened her purse looking for the phone, he found it and handed it to Julie.
“Hello?” Julie said, still lightheaded from her orgasm.
“Hey, You having fun over there?” Taylor asked.
“Umm…very…yes very much,” Julie said.
“This guy turned out to be a dick, can you pick me up…sorry I don’t want to spoil your fun,” Taylor said. Julie covered the mic on the phone.
“Hey is it okay if I go pick up my girlfriend and bring her over here?” Julie asked.
“Yeah sure,” Brian said. “Right?”
“I’d love to lick another pussy,” Rebecca said.
“Will you guys be okay while I go get her?” Julie asked.
“Yeah,” Rebecca said. Julie jumped up and started to dress.
“Can I take your car?” Julie asked.
“Yeah, did you see where I put the keys?” Brian asked.
“Yeah.” Julie replied. “I’ll be right back. When she left the room, Brian and Rebecca got into a sixty-nine on the bed. Rebecca sucked the life back into his cock as she came twice from his tongue.

Julie and Taylor entered the bedroom. Brian was still sporting his big erection, and Rebecca was panting, both sitting on the edge of the bed in anticipation. “This is Taylor,” Julie made the introduction. It was seconds before Julie and Taylor were naked again, and the four bodies were in a heap on the bed. Rebecca had gotten out a double sided dildo, and her and Julie were going at it doggystyle, their asses smacking against each other as their pussies played tug of war with the pleasuring device. Brian didn’t rush it with Taylor, first eating her out to “ease the tension”. Quickly they were in a sixty-nine together. The foursome became too wild and changing too quickly for any of them to keep track of. Fucking. Sucking. Licking. Panting. Cumming. That’s what happened on that bed. Lost in ecstasy, Julie and Taylor were spent, their pussies on fire, not able to take any more pleasure. They were almost painful to touch. They were strewn out on the bed, sweating and panting, while Rebecca and Brian were finishing up, fucking wildly beside the young girls.
“Oh yes, baby, yes!” Rebecca screamed as she came, her pussy working hard to make Brian come, something he still had yet to do, even through the whole foursome. Julie and Taylor were now whispering to each other, discussing the more experienced lovers they were with, watching them work. Brian finally came, he pulled out of his wife, and she immediately turned around to suck him to conclusion. He shot his load, mostly going over her head and landing on her back, a huge white explosion of man goo. The girls laughed seeing him cum so much, and then they sampled the goods off Rebecca’s naked back. The three women giggled, making out and playing with each other and the semen.
“How does he last so long?” Taylor asked.
“Practice I guess…” Brian said.
“Yeah we have sex 4 or 5 times a day,” Rebecca said, a white matted streak running across her red hair.
“I think we’ll be there soon…” Julie said, looking at Taylor.

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