4-4-5 Christmas at the Bar Ch. 03

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Our carriageur was nowhere in sight, but a lazy horse ride wouldn’t’ve served us much anyhow. We made for the nearest trolley, which didn’t contain our quarry departing from the party, but we hopped on it anyway, holding white-gloved hands and grinning like idiots.

When the trolley got under way, she surreptitiously rested her head on my shoulder. I reached up and ran my fingers along her hairline and under her ear. I leaned down, and whispered to her, “Have you thought about it? Us? Spending the night together?”

I felt her shift slightly in my grasp; she nodded after a moment’s hesitation.

“And did you enjoy it, this vision in your mind?”

She nodded again.

“I’m jealous,” I further whispered.

And then she spoke. “Why?”

“Because this person in your head, he knows how to please you. He does everything you want without you asking him to, and he makes you come like no one else can. That is why I’m jealous.”

She neither spoke this time, nor nodded. She began to quiver.

“Will you tell me?”

She slowly leaned up straight, and looked me in the eye.

“Will you tell me how to be this guy in your head? Will you teach me how to please you?”

She nodded slowly, quivering almost violently now, with her little ears turning red.

“What did I do first?”

“F-first… y-you k-kissed me.”


“It was the longest, most beautiful kiss in the wmmmfgh!” I cut her short, kissing her straight away, and I didn’t stop until the trolley had run all the way to the Big Hotel in Up North a Ways, North Carolina. Any time anyone says “get a room,” that’s the place to go. Only problem was the front desk.

“Yes?” the concierge asked.

“Two of them, formal wear, got a room together, answer to the names of Crisis and Riley…?”

He nodded like everything was perfectly normal, got on the phone, and chatted back and forth for a while with me and Reo looking like idiots in our outfits.

“Top-floor suite,” the man said.

“But there must be some mistake,” Reo argued. “They said they were just getting a room.”

“They say they’re expecting you; the private elevator will take you.”

We shrugged, and we went.

I’d never been that high in the hotel before. The elevator took us all the way to the top such that the doors opened up inside the room itself. And waiting for us in the hall were our marks themselves.

“Hey, guys! Glad you could make it! What made you change your mind?”

Oh, wow. First off, there were Crisis and Riley; Crisis was barefoot and Riley was without her dress (but still with her heels and stockings on), and Riley looking quite tipsy. Further in, there was a large collection of young women and a few boys grooving on their feet to some bad music in the main room. There was a mountain of snacks on room service trays and two huge bowls of liquid. In fact, the two girls were holding a glass each. Riley handed me one full of the green stuff, and Crisis had one of red for Reo.

“Umm… hi,” says Reo.

Introductions time? “So, yeah,” says me. “Reoren, this is my buddy I told you about, Riley. The saucy thing decorating her arm is Crisis.”

“We’ve met,” Reo says, shaking hands with both.

Wait, doing what?”

They caught my expression. “What’s wrong?” the nosy Crisis asked. “We went to high school together, you know.”

“If you must know, I thought that was a very dispassionate greeting.”

“How so?”

“How so? I’ll show you how so.” Riley and I, we hadn’t done this yet, and I’m gonna go ahead and assume she hadn’t done much kissing, hello or otherwise. Now’s as good a time as any, seeing as what they invited us over for; I leaned in, and she accepted a short kiss to her lips, but I persisted there. She felt a little awkward when I began prodding her with my tongue in all of three seconds, but she relaxed after a moment and answered with her own. I immediately backed off and smiled, then moved in for Crisis. She was much quicker on the uptake, and I got me a shiver of anticipation from kissing her.

“See? A proper greeting.”

Reo was used to such things of course, so she was all for it in kissing Crisis, and Riley was ready by then, though she still didn’t figure out she was supposed to use her tongue right away, so Crisis and I got to watch for a few extra seconds while our girls worked it out.

“Wanna eat something?” Riley offered. She was quite the little sprite, buzzing off like a giddy little kid. Crisis followed her, leaving the two of us to our drinks that we still hadn’t tasted yet.

“Umm… Derrick?”


“Did you know…?”

“They were partying? No; they said they were just gonna get a room and spend the night together, hopefully with me. I was gonna ask them if we could share since, you know, they didn’t know about you, maybe they still wanted to hang out.”

Reo and I looked at each other for a few seconds, then the noise distracted our eyes to the collection of bodies bahis firmalar─▒ just a few paces off.

“Fuck it, Merry Christmas,” she said, clinking her glass on mine, and she started pulling on it. I gave mine a swig as well, but it was horrible.

“Ugh! This tastes like pure alcohol!” she bitched before I could get there.

“Bad alcohol at that,” I added, but she didn’t seem to know any better, so she “swallowed the pain” so to say, and drank it down with a pained expression. Me, I had a much more difficult time, being used to more quality ingredients in my beverages. I had hoped for something with a little Midori or something, but it tasted like the green in mine was nothing more than food coloring. Highschoolers.

We adjourned to the food tray, where Crisis had propped Riley up on the table to resume making out with her. How adorable were they, with Riley’s heeled foot wrapping itself around her girlfriend’s waist? Pretty darn adorable, I say. I interrupted them with a hand on Crisis’ shoulder, Reo right next to me.

“What’s up?”

“Talk in private?”

“Da. We’re not in trouble, are we?”

We made a wide circle around the dancing forms to find a strangely unused room in the back of the suite. It had a bed, which the two inviting girls plopped down on. “You guys enjoying the party so far?” Crisis asked.

“It’s just that I didn’t know you guys were going to a party,” I explained. “Not that I mind, of course. And I didn’t have time to say anything about bringing Reo.” Reo snuggled up to my side, elated to be remembered.

“It’s totally cool,” Crisis said. “We were going to get a room, but this place was booked for fuck-all, so we came up here. It’s a cheerleader gig, so I can invite whomever I want. Just enjoy yourselves, alright?”

I was satisfied, but it seems Reo wasn’t, not quite yet. “Umm… I’m sorry for asking, but did you still want Derrick to spend the night with you?”

The two girls shared a quick look, then Crisis answered, “Yeah, that’d be great. Why? Did you wanna join?”

Whatever Reo thought about that idea, my attention was diverted to Riley, who suddenly looked uncomfortable. Crisis caught on rather quickly, and had a private conference with her, which involved several hushed whispers and ended with a punctuated kiss on Riley’s neck. I imagined Becky kissing Reo like that.

They returned to us anon, Crisis offering, “If you want to, that’s totally cool, only Riley had a hard enough time thinking about three people in bed, you know? It’s just an adjustment she needs a few hours to get used to. But it helps that you’re a girl, really.”

Reo had something of a weird look on her face, and I still wasn’t sure what she expected of me. She only came this far to take the two out to dinner after all, not party with a bunch of distracting high-school girls and boys. Rats.

“Anyway, we don’t have to worry about that now,” Crisis said with an abundance of Christmas cheer and lifting Riley to her feet, “let’s just enjoy the party for now. We’ll probably be too drunk by the time everyone nods off to worry about it, right?”

Sounded like reasonable advice. Reo allowed me to lead her off by the hand back to the front room, where clothes seemed to be dropping off everyone in record time. Reo and I got to dancing, and it was most excellent to get to the down and dirty with her after “swaying with the breeze” all frikking evening long. Several people cut in just like the last party, but with some twenty square feet of room, we weren’t worried about getting separated like before.

Riley managed to get Crisis’ dress off, but she wasn’t sure how to take it when Crisis would grab a random guy or girl out of the mess to make out with. Several such girls tried the same with me, but I’d had quite enough. I had perhaps three women on my plate tonight; I didn’t want to add to the difficulty rating.

Then again, these girls were hot, hot, hot. Probably weren’t even freshmen by the time I was a senior in high school. All of them seemed to be in a competition to out-slut each other, involving rubbing up against the most people, making out with the most people, or losing the most clothes in the shortest amount of time.

The first girl to lose everything up top got yanked out and off to the unknown, and that was the beginning. In pairs or threes or fours, people left the floor for the bedroom, the bathroom, or wherever else was secluded. Crisis caught Riley looking sad from the promiscuous kissing, and she started making out with her once more, landing her on the couch and starting to work on her breasts.

I looked just in time to see one of the few guys trying to pull Reo away. I interrupted, aided by Reo’s resistance, and we joined the two girls on the couch. Rather than make room for us, Crisis lied Riley down properly on the bed, then yanked Reo alongside her. I mounted Reo next to Crisis, and we managed our girls with gusto. I had lost my coat and my cummerbund and my shoes and my hat, but Reo was still tip-top ka├žak iddaa in her beautiful gown and Santa lid on her perfect hair.

I started unlacing her, helped by a tipsy pair of girls next to us, and we all three worked Reo’s dress off her shoulders and down her waist. She was still wrapped in a tight corset, panties, and stockings, but that was a good start.

We two pairs made out pretty heartily, spurred on by those who remained in the room to keep dancing or feeding, though mostly everyone was interested in sex by then. Crisis was the one to let hands wander, sliding her hand up Riley’s arm and down Reo’s, and eventually right onto Reo’s small breast. I joined in, feeling Crisis’ ass and Riley’s thighs, which inspired Riley’s leg to get rather twiny with Reo’s.

Reo’s hand started working on my crotch. When Crisis caught sight of that, she took hold of Riley’s hand and put it with Reo’s. Her fingers were a little cautious at first, but Reo and Crisis petting them got her to work up the courage to grip my dick. Crisis and I then turned together to enjoy a small slice of heaven while our two girls worked to unbind me. When I ran my hands along her tight ass and her plush breasts, I was reminded of Sadie’s similar hard cheerleader body.

I don’t know about you, but despite all the fucking I’d recently done, I felt like I hadn’t gotten any in months, and it’d take more than a few rings around the rosey to get me to relax, you know what I mean.

My cock was out of my pants, Riley had rolled to the side to rub Reo’s pussy while kissing her, Crisis was fingering Riley from behind, and I was having my way with Crisis. Panties were starting to loosen up, so it looked like the main event was on its way.

“Reo, baby,” Crisis asked, “do you mind if Riley takes the first turn with your man? For her first time, and all.”

Riley, not surprisingly, looked incredibly nervous.

“Not at all,” Reo said. “I’m looking forward to it.”

With their minds made up, they got up and began refiling, but I had something to say in the matter too. “I’m out to start with Reo; but don’t worry, there’s plenty left for you both,” I said smoothly to the two others.

“No really, it’s okay, Derrick,” Reo reassured me. “She shouldn’t have to go seconds for her first time with a guy.” Crisis was nodding firmly, and again the two went back to business as though things were decided. To me she whispered with a hiss, “You didn’t tell me she was gonna get you to devirginise her!”

“Too many other details; I forgot,” I hissed back, but not unkindly. “You see, Riley,” I said to Riley so the other two could hear, “this is what I said about peer pressure.” Poor Riley was looking scared, and now she was confused as well. “I really want to make your first time special for you, and you’re very important to me, but Reo…”

I turned to look at Reo, who was gently floored by my proclamation, “I’ve been hoping for a long time now for this opportunity, and I was especially looking forward to making love to her tonight, and I want to take the chance while it’s in front of me. Is that okay?”

She quickly assured me that it was fine with her and Reo seemed far too impassioned to put up further resistance, so it was only Crisis that stood in the way, and Riley was able to put her in check with a mere glow.

So, with Riley pulling Crisis off the couch so they could watch close-up from the floor, I pulled Reo’s panties off (she just looked too damn good in her corset and stockings and heels), and Crisis helped me with my pants.

“Wait, what’re you doing?” Reo asked when I started backing my body down hers.

“Starting from the very beginning.”

“You ate me out once already,” she whined. “I want you inside me, now.”

“You tell him, girly-girl,” Crisis affirmed.

Oh well; when surrounded by cheerleaders… I inched my way back up, kissing all the flesh I could find (there was a bit heart cut out right in the middle of her corset, starting at her navel and ending just at the swelling of her breasts), I lined myself up, like a person does, and thrust home.

And just like that, my loyal audience, I saw the light: My third woman that day, and I could say with unwarranted confidence that I loved all three of them. Melody, who I had never met but knew by reputation; Salamandy, who had let me within the protection of her confidences; and Reoren, who was supposed to be just another girl, yet so much was hidden in there I wanted to share of.

This new thing, this strange affection, it was a new kind of sex that made the old kind seem like gross child’s play. Wheres before I would’ve just fucked Reo silly with a small handful of tricks, now I was enjoying the natural connection born in the differences in our bodies. While our bodies were made to interlock and shoot off signals of pleasure, our minds were made to interact as well.

Jesus, have I ever turned into a sap. Long story short, Reo was a girl I had known for a relatively short time, but she ka├žak bahis and I got on very well, and it was a great pleasure for me to be allowed to have this experience with her instead of me just using her like I do all the others, feeling used myself. I felt loved by her, and I wanted to love her for it.

It didn’t take long for her to come. After she did, I figured we may as well take advantage of the purported threesome. I reached back grabbed Crisis, who joined me in a kiss. Always a pleasure fucking one girl and kissing another, for those of who that don’t know. I pulled her head down to Reo’s chest, and she began sucking her nipples (after pulling down her corset just a few inches, that is). Next was Riley; her head I turned to face Reo to get the two of them kissing so Reo could feel the same kind of pleasure I was getting. She came again with the two girls’ help while I continued to ride her, and I backed them off in a few minutes for a big finish while they watched.

“Where do you want me to come?” I breathed hotly into her neck.

“Come wherever you want,” she gasped in pleasure.

“Even inside you, pretty girl?”

“Come inside me; please, god, come inside me…”

Three for three, or should I say four for five? More like five. My cum came gushing forth with glee, though it was sadly overshadowed by the cheap thrill my sister had given me hours earlier. But Reo took it wonderfully, coming when she felt it squirting into her.

“How much for another one of those?” she asked dizzily.

I smiled and kissed her one last time, still with my cock twitching and her cunt squeezing around it. “Have you ever eaten a girl out, pretty girl?” I asked sweetly. She shook her head with a nervous smile.

I got up out of her and pulled her back by her legs so that she was sprawled properly on the couch. Crisis was easily pulled into position with the slightest touch, mounting Reo’s face, looking down on her.

“Watch closely,” she said to her girlfriend, who seemed uncertain in her drunken stupor as Reo’s tongue came out to taste the luscious cheerleader. “Your turn now.”


I pulled her back to the other end of the couch, between Reo’s legs. “You see that?” I said, pointing at the bony pelvis.

“Your cum’s leaking out of her,” she giggled.

“It’s your job to lick that up,” I encouraged, and I guided her head down. True enough, she began licking up the slime that had been left over from my coupling with my landlady. Former.

While Crisis seemed to be singing in pleasure already, it was suddenly doubled. I saw her getting wild on Reo’s face, looking back to see her girlfriend eating out another girl, and Reo seemed to be getting off rather quickly from the vicious attack by Riley, and her moans were going right through the vulnerable Crisis, who was thoroughly enjoying watching her girl eat my date’s pussy.

I got up, satisfied, and kissed Crisis yet again. “You’re pretty good at this,” she purred. She was grinding her face against my date, making both their tits jiggle.

“It’s a living. I want her to eat my cum out of you, too, before this night is through.”

“Bold, aren’t you?”

“Promise me,” I said, rubbing her ass gently, letting my fingers creep closer into her crevice.

“I promise, big boy,” she said, on the verge of orgasm.

I made her to rub her ass under my hand, then further encouraged her to rub her asshole, not stopping until she slipped her middle finger inside with a sigh. Then it was my turn to join the fun; I took a seat on the couch arm, resting my feet on either side of Reo’s head. Crisis, always on top of things, leaned forward to take my cock into her mouth, tasting my cum along with Reo’s. Then, sneaky bitch, sucked her finger for a moment, and shoved it up my ass.

We did our thing for a good many minutes, each of us enjoying ourselves, only I felt a bit sorry for Riley, who was working very hard in making Reo come (quite a bit better than I had), yet no one was looking after her. Good, though. She’d be fresh for me. Despite all the noise that was going on, I heard some soft moaning from the other side of the room, and I saw a blond and brunette cheerleader quietly entwined in lovemaking.

I told Crisis to go one more. “Can you take it?” she asked me cheekily.

“I can if you can.” It was the slightest bit uncomfortable, her getting a second finger up me arse, but not so much when there’s an expert cocksucker doing a fine job on me. I was more concerned with her fingering herself, which she seemed to enjoy. Then, to our surprise for sheer volume, Reo came again, harder than ever.

“Oh my god, stop,” she complained, “I can’t take it anymore. Jesus, where’d you learn that?”

“Guilty,” I admitted.

“Hey! I helped!” Crisis insisted.

“Yeah, you laid on your back real well,” I laughed. That was of course a reference to how Riley practiced her pussy-feasting abilities on an imaginably prone Crisis.

“Alright, fucker.” Crisis’ eyes were hungry. “Scrumptious meal, get ready to…”

“Oh, no you don’t,” shot Reo, who seemed to have gotten in the mood, and who had caught sight of my erect erection. “She waited long enough for that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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