1969 Pt. 02

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Review: Melissa had just befriended a group of African graduate and post graduate students, with her body. She had become the ultimate white Jezebel for the men. And Jezebel had a very special meaning for these African men. ‘Jezebel’ even required a very special tradition, treatment or ritual… Melissa had not only just been physically changed, the most intensive changes were done in full view of a graduate residence hall. When we last saw Melissa, after her extreme sexual workout, she was in her car, inserting an iced dildo and beginning her drive home .



Telling Tom

Melissa really didn’t want to tell Tom anything about what was going on. Tom had his own cute little swinger girl on the side for quite a while. That was one of the reasons that he told Melissa to go out and pick up someone. With all the discussions of free love, open sex, orgies, etc., it was Tom that opened the door for Melissa. And Melissa would have just left Tom out of the communications. Remember, he said that she didn’t even have to tell him.

Tom was so egocentric that he missed out on learning about Melissa’s hardcore fantasies. Oh, he heard her say a couple of times that she thought about big black penises. But he never bothered to try to get the specifics – like that she wanted to be stretched big, that she dreamt of huge blacks pounding her over and over, that she thought that she would have made a great whore in another life, or that she recently became interested in the way that Nigerian men use the label Jezebel. And he certainly didn’t know that she had a masochistic bent for being beat with large penises until her vagina was completely changed. That is a fairly long list of what Tom did not know.

But, now Tom also did not know that Melissa had just been stretched, and that some of that stretch is already permanent. That condition, and the fact that she wanted to go back for more, drove her need to tell Tom. Fucking around was one topic. And she thought Tom should be fine with that, since he suggested it and partakes of it himself. But Melissa was quite sure that her vagina being split, healing larger, then split more, and then healing still larger, over and over and over – well, she was sure that Tom should probably be prepared for that reality. And by telling him the truth, she might find out just how kinky he really is, as opposed to how kinky he says that he is.

Martin told Melissa that he was planning a big weekend for her. He thought, in the days prior, she should just heal and smoothly stretch from now through Thursday. He wanted her to use her ice dildo several times each evening and leave a more typical but large dildo in her vagina at all other times. That made complete sense to Melissa and generally matched her own, well thought out, plan. It would certainly help heal her closer to the level that the guys would need to restart with.

Besides, she wanted a routine that she could use throughout all the future intense fucking that she hoped would happen. She startled, realizing that the planning, alone, was making her hot. And that, in turn, gave her another realization that she must really be a hardcore Jezebel. She was one who was into a very special S&M. The thrill of giant penises physically remaking her vagina?? With all the changes already done, and the many changes that might happen soon, she thought Tom should know what was occurring.

She called him at a time previously scheduled for a standard check in. At first, both bounced the mundane daily activities off of each other, with assurance that each person was doing well in those types of functions. Then she told him that she wanted to discuss a new sex perversion that happened right after he left town.

He acted surprised and definitely was very excited.

“Give me all the details “

And she did give him the details: the visiting post docs, the friendly work place, the slow increase of personal stories, Martin’s stories of ritualistic sex practices, specifically the Jezebel stories, the photo album, being turned on by something so perverse, seeing that Martin had a bigger and harder penis that she imagined in her fantasy, fucking Martin, fucking all three, that they had already enlarged her, and that it was all done within the view of the graduate residence hall under bright light.

There was silence on the phone.

“Melissa, Jim Wroth called me in the middle of the night, Monday, stammering about looking out his hall window with his scope and clearly seeing my wife being violently screwed by a black man. He was fairly sure that there was a second black man later. If two, then they both had huge penises. Jim even thought that they fucked you so hard that you might have bled. And, now, you confirm much more than he dreamed of “

Silence again. Melissa could not immediately think of anything to say.

Tom jumped in again.

“I love it, love it, love it. You dirty little bitch. You’ve outdone subayevleri escort me. I thought some of my extreme stuff could never happen. But you went out there and did more than I dreamt.”

“You’re not mad??”

“Honey, when Jim gave me that report, now I am not kidding you, I called home and verified that you still were gone. Then, I must have jacked off about three times that night. And I didn’t even know the details, until you just told me. Now I know that the night was much more than poor ole Jim saw. It is as if we were in psychic sync and just did not know it. I mean, I have wanted a lot of filthy things to be done to that pretty little bod of yours, and was actually afraid to tell you because some were so bad. And here you have monster penises doing more to you than I did ever imagine “

Melissa laughs.”Tom , you’ve reminded me why we married and went on this crazy trip together. We’re both way out there.”

“Hmmm… You know what, I even had one of those awful nasty fantasies where I contracted out a lot of work to be done to you. Of course, it covered my turn ons. But, by golly, I think that you have found the guys who would like such a deal. When are you supposed to see them again?”

“I am resting up right now. You’d laugh at my therapy. Don’t ask. But Martin wanted me to be back in action by this weekend. I’m already looking forward to it.”

“Ha I’ll bet you are. Hey, any pics, juicy details, or just anything that you think would entertain me, you make sure and send it all to me.”

“Oh, I am sure that I will get something, and I certainly will send it over when I do.”

“I’ll be waiting, that is, for the details.. (snicker) (snicker).”

“Ha yourself. I really appreciate your perversion.” And she smooches goodbye.

And they finished up their phone call in good spirits. Now Tom knew or should she say already knew. And he liked the idea When Melissa told Martin of the phone call, he was pleased to find out that Tom was going right along. However, Martin was most impressed by Tom’s friend Jim. That report that Jim gave to Tom confirmed that hall residents were actually watching. In Martin’s mind, Jim had to be just one of many who watched closely.

There Is A Whore At The Door

On Friday, Melissa was supposed to drop over to the fellows’ house at 9:00 PM. With the length of the summer days, there was still some light outside when the doorbell rang. Robert opened the door. There stood Melissa, with two long dark pony tails, red high heels, red thigh high hose, a red sparkle tank top and no skirt. She did, though, have a red thong on.

“Get in here.” As both Robert and Martin yelled out, while yanking her through the door.

Everyone was laughing at the audacity of this woman. Robert had both pony tails held out, while looking straight into her face and was saying,

“You are so sexy, very brave, and maybe quite insane.”

Martin had fallen back into a chair near the stairway, breaking into fits of laughter.

And Christopher was caught coming down the stairs again, this time asking, “What happened?”

Then, upon seeing Melissa, he said, “Oh, wow, she happened ”

Everyone complimented her on her outfit and its minimalist style.

It was quite suspect, when, looking for any immediate excuse, Robert suggested that they go out somewhere to celebrate, uh, maybe just to celebrate the beginning of a weekend, or maybe celebrate Melissa’s outfit? For either reason, Robert said that he knew where to go. Melissa was wondering where they could possibly take her, dressed the way that she was dressed. Robert told her not to worry, and they all headed for Robert’s car.

In about ten minutes, Robert pulled up at the city’s infamous xxx book store. They all piled out and headed inside. Robert knew the black man behind the counter. He enjoyed seeing his friend’s eyes almost fall out of his head.

Robert introduced Melissa to “Kai”, and said, “We’re just looking…”

Laughs all around. Kai came from Nigeria also and was just working the evening shift for extra college money. Robert knew that Kai had a very large penis, because he had seen him use it back in Nigeria.

“Have many customers?

Kai replied, “There are few in the book racks and several more back in the film booths.”

Melissa began strolling down the magazine aisle, looking at all the xxx covers. A white guy came around the corner and turned whiter, when he saw Melissa. Martin, Robert and Christopher brightened up, and Martin said,

“Have you met our girl?”

“Noooo.” in a low tone, was the man’s only response.

“Melissa, show him your thong.”

She spins around in front of the man showing her beautiful figure and outfit.

Martin again, “No, Melissa, I meant show him your thong.”

Now she understood the dirty joke. She smoothly slipped off the thong and held it up for the man to see. He had a difficult time keeping his yenido─čan escort eyes on the thong. Rather, his eyes kept shifting to her fantastic bare pelvis. Martin called her back over to him, and then the white guy got to watch her ass move over to the counter. He appeared very happy; beaming might be the word.

“Kai, is that sex seat still on display?”

“Sure is Martin. It’s around the corner.”

Everyone, including the white guy, peered around the corner. Against the outside wall was a multi-colored metal tube frame contraption. It had a sort of bicycle seat central, and a way to stretch out the girl semi reclining, with her legs supported wide in many possible positions.

It would hold her at a level for a guy to stand normal and fuck away. Actually, the height was quickly adjustable; so, any stature of man could be accommodated. Martin told Melissa to try it out for size.

She went over, climbed in, spread her legs real wide on the middle rungs, and looked very comfortable. The white guy is about to have that heart attack. Martin just pretended to scratch his chin.

“I don’t know. Something is missing. Kai. Why don’t you go over and show us how it works.”

Kai was very cooperative, and started stripping off his shirt and pants. Martin leaned over and whispered in Kai’s ear that this was their American Jezebel, and that Kai was free to use everything he had. Kai smiled real big. And Melissa suspected what Martin had told him. At that moment, his baggy boxer shorts dropped. And the biggest penis yet started filling immediately. Melissa thought this unbelievable. Where had these men been hiding? In another world, or just another country? And how could they get bigger? Kai was really monstrous. He had at least another full inch in length on Robert, not as wide as Robert maybe, but wider than Christopher.

As he walked over to Melissa, his penis was coming up to full staff. He liked to chew on nipples, so he pulled Melissa’s tank top up over her head and threw it over to Martin. Then he bent over and did chew on Melissa for a few minutes. She was stimulated very well. His fingers touched her opening. He had brought over some house lube and, even though she was wet, he placed some in her opening. Then he placed the head of his penis on target and started to enter her. That head was slightly smaller than Melissa’s fist.

Yet, soon, his the head was in her. She was arching back in the seat. The seat was made to push her opening forward and spread it; its structure had gravity, angles and just about everything going for it. Kai was very happy with this white woman. So small. Yet, so muscular. And so good on his penis. He pushed forward three to four inches, and starting the true screwing motions. Melissa was already squealing and cuming. He put it in farther. Farther. Farther.

She was stuck on two thirds of him. Kai’s large head was easily seen poking up and around in her gut as he did the twisting, screwing motion. Kai looked around to Martin, and gave a questioning look; it was as if to ask if Martin was sure about the classification of this little woman. Martin fanned his right wrist and hand in a ‘go on, go on, go on’ motion.

That was when Kai started to pump deeper and harder. Soon, the thumping sound within Melissa was filling the room. She held onto handles that were built into the chair, with her legs remaining wide, and her high heels now planted in stirrup type rings. She panted, grunted, groaned, and moaned, all while her vagina tried to take the penis. It looked like a forearm going in and out of her. In addition to the thumping that he was doing, he was making her pop, both going in and coming out.

He bent over her and bit her right nipple. She screamed and came harder. Then he bit the left nipple. Screaming, cuming, arching, ugh type sounds; there was a little bit of everything. The nipple distraction had allowed him to surprise her with more length. A minimum of ten inches slipped into her. Kai looked over at Martin once more. Again, the ‘go on, go on, go on’ motion.

Kai began plowing her big time. After only a few more minutes, he buried it in her and met her pelvis to pelvis. While still buried, he pulsated and jerked the large penis, just to see the tiny white body be flipped up and down with it.She smiled and laughed each time that he did the maneuver. Now Kai was getting more excited, he felt her become just a hair wider at the same time that she screamed loudly. A small rip, perhaps, and a small amount of blood. But it was insignificant to Melissa. It was becoming obvious to Melissa that it was going to take a lot more shocking fucking to continue anything like the changes that occurred earlier in the week.

She may have not quite understood how nice Kai was being at that moment. He was, in fact, capable of making more of a major type of change in Melissa, the kind that she was thinking would be necessary. And he could have made Melissa much bigger during just yenimahalle escort this one session. Martin knew that about Kai. Martin had indicated to Kai that he personally OK’d such changes. But Kai felt uneasy, he still did not believe that this miniature American beauty was subject to a full Jezebel treatment. So, in a very real sense, he was holding back. He was actually frightened to physically attack the little white in her own country. Unlike the police and other authorities in Nigeria, the police in Midwestern USA would probably not tolerate anything like, say, a beautiful and defenseless white woman being ripped to her ass. So, Martin could motion ‘go ahead’ all he wanted. Kai was not going to be anything like his wild unhindered version might be like.

Now three white patrons were peering around the corner into the room with the sex seat. They focused on a spread eagle Melissa, with this very black man now slowly moving almost 13 or so inches in and out of her. Each man considered that he had never seen anything like this in one of the back room pay booths. A fourth man came around the corner. He was the janitor on the bio sciences floor where Melissa managed her lab. He immediately recognized Melissa and just as immediately almost came in his pants. In his own book, he had done the proverbial ‘died and gone to heaven’.

Kai decided that Melissa could take straight on now.That is, she might remain with the minor ‘glad to meet you’ tear only, if he was just careful to go straight now. No pivoting, no twisting, no prying. And, so he did start speeding up, with a straight line fuck that even the white guys might be more comfortable with seeing. He stroked her that way for another ten minutes, rocking the tubular chair back and forth and watching Melissa cum. Then he came, with Melissa bucking in the air. And Kai could cum a lot.

Everyone watched the white goo spurt out around the sides of his penis. A steady stream ran down between her cheeks and then started to form long rubber band type drips that eventually made it all the way to the floor. He kept cuming. The crack between her cheeks filled solid with creamy white. He kept cuming. The cum began to fall to the floor in larger amounts. He rested it in her all the way, with the muscles of his butt and upper legs pinching and pressing in every last fraction of an inch and every last drop. Melissa started having spasms around his penis, jerking and quivering intensely. Much more white goo oozed out of her. A large puddle of cum began to form at the base of the chair. Kai certainly deserved to be the store worker who mopped up that night.

Everyone watched Kai slowly pull completely out. Robert joked that they had time for commercial break. Lots of laughter, including some gasp, laugh, giggle, gasp, laugh sequences from Melissa. He finally popped out. She stayed open. Red, a little more ragged and wider, otherwise, she was in amazing condition; for considering what had just been done to her, her opening could not have looked much better.

She thought she would relax for a moment and recover. Christopher had already begun stripping as Kai finished. Now he was nude and hard and walking into Melissa’s spread. Just for a very smooth start, he was also using some of the house brand oil that Kai handed out as samples. He slipped into Melissa’s large hole and immediately bottomed out with no problem. Whites and blacks all watched Christopher start his very rough brand of fucking.

He went directly into a fast hard hitting fuck. And Melissa was screaming pretty loud to have just started. Christopher looked down at her lovely belly, saw his penis moving up and down in her, and did something that Martin and Robert had seen him do only once before. In fact, Christopher could only do it to a woman who had a thin and muscular abdominal wall; and Melissa was a prime candidate in his mind. While keeping a strong right hand on the frame of the seat for support, he reached down to her belly with his left. He actually grabbed for his penis with his hand. Melissa startled and looked down at what he was doing.

He pushed his hand into her tight little abdomen, just enough to grab everything that happened to be around his penis. Finally he narrowed the grip to her vagina that surrounded him and his penis beneath. It was easy for him to feel the hard penis inside that vagina. He began to poke his penis deep while, at the same time, he pulled down on her vagina. That way, by using her vagina as a soft sleeve, it all became a velvety smooth jack off. His hard grip, along with a synchronized thrust, forced her vagina down over every minor detail of his penis. The more he pulled her down over himself, the more he molded her vagina into an extended length.

Christopher loved feeling her vagina getting soft and stretchy. Soon, he had his hand tightly encircling the base of the vagina and penis in one very accurate and powerful grip. That way, he was holding the bottom half of her vagina within the gripped fist. That required the unrestricted top half of the vagina to do his entire 10+ inch stretch. In effect, that distance of overly stretched top vaginal muscle would be added to the already well stretched section that he had within his tight grip. He had developed this unique way of going directly to what needed to be changed.

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The Things in My Closet Ch. 01

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What do you think of that?

“What do you think of that?” He raised one eyebrow and his full lips formed a subtle smirk. I could feel his eyes scanning me for any sign of discomfort.

He was a challenging case. All my cases were challenging. It’s how I built my reputation, how I built my practice, other therapists sent me the cases that made them uncomfortable or that they couldn’t make progress with. Sometimes I could help them, Sometimes I couldn’t, but for many clients I was the last stop before heading out the door, before my entire profession gave up on them. My strength wasn’t that I was particularly smart, or even particularly skilled as a therapist. I was both those things but there are many therapists who are yet those therapists filled my practice with their cast offs. My strength was the ability not to judge, to wrap my mind around a client’s issues and see them as if they were mine. It’s no surprise that many of my clients came to me with issues of a sexual nature. The United States no matter what people say is a very repressive place if you feel like you want something different than heteronormative sex and lots off it. My fellow therapists were not immune to this and clients could sense their discomfort, which kept them from making progress. My brain for one reason or another was wired differently. I understood shame in a very profound way and I could keep myself from judging my clients no matter how weird their kinks might be.

Not all of my clients had such issues and it was my understanding when I took on Bill that his issues were not of a sexual nature. His last therapists had been a woman I had gone to school with. They had worked together for almost 2 years until it came out she had been having an affair with him. This was the death of her career, as it should be. A therapeutic relationship is a very intimate one, but there polatl─▒ escort are lines that should never be crossed.

Nothing in Bill’s file indicated any issues around sexuality. He was a married man with children, well off, the owner of several high end apartment buildings and other real estate which he had inherited from his mother after she died. He was a little anxious, a little depressed, but what concerned me most was the trauma he might be coping with after his last therapist had taken advantage of him.

This was our fifth session and he was finally beginning to trust me and today he shared with me that he frequently had sex with other men. Not just other men. Straight men, or at least men who told the world they were straight and if everything Bill said was to be believed, men who would likely have continued to be “straight” for the rest of their lives had they not for whatever reason had Bill come into their lives.

I had no issue with sex between men. I describe myself as mostly straight or bisexual in theory. I like Bill, was married with children. We live in a wealthy neighborhood in a suburb of Providence, Rhode Island. But I wasn’t unknown to sex with men. I had experimented with men. After high school and I turned 18 there had been periodic experiences. Nothing was ever planned. Usually when I was single and horny and couldn’t find a willing woman. I was at peace with the fact that I wasn’t straight. I certainly wasn’t gay, hadn’t been with a man since I got married, or at least since shortly after. Still sex between men wasn’t offensive to me. In fact I understood it better than most predominantly heterosexual men.

No what made me uncomfortable, and forced me to use all my clinical skills not to show it, was the power Bill held over these men. Bill said they were all adults and had all consented pursaklar escort at some point. He had never been sued that I knew of and he spoke as if he was doing these men a favor. Several of them had been employees of Bill at the time, and others he had blackmailed though how he got the material he never said. This was his first personal disclosure, he was testing me, and how I reacted was important.

“What do you think of that?”

It was a simple question, the correct answer was some version of “why is it important to you what I think?” But the words stuck in my throat. My eyes locked on his perfect lips (perfect lips what am I thinking?) That sexy smirk (stop thinking this he’s a client) blood rushed to my face, my chest, my groin. My mind went blank. I stammered the only reply I could think of “I… I… I … don’t… I… don’t…”

“It’s okay” he said, the smirk becoming more obvious. “I’ll see you next week. Same time.” He got up and left my office.

I rescheduled the rest of my appointment for the day and told the receptionist I was going home sick. But I didn’t go home. First I went to a bar on the south side of town. I ordered a beer, then a shot, then another. Instead of going back to my car I found myself walking around past the gay bars, massage parlors, bathhouses and sex shops.

I knew what went on in the sex shops. I would be lying if said I was never tempted. I stayed away out of loyalty to my wife and fear about what it might mean for my career if one of these places got raided while I was inside. But today the pull was so strong. I waited until it got dark, looked around to make sure nobody was looking I went inside the sex shop that was well known for cruising (but how did I know that?) and went inside.

My heart was beating as I walked up to the counter. I bought a $10 ticket sincan escort to the back room from the indifferent clerk and entered the dark maze at the back of the store. Some men stood in the hallway, some of the booths were in use. When I was younger the men in these places tripped over themselves to get to me, but a balding 50 yo man wasn’t so appealing. (yes I had been there before. how did I forget?) Still I found an open booth with a hole in the wall and I entered, locked the door, and after putting some lesbian porn on the screen I took out my cock and stuck it through the hole.

My balls ached for release but I wasn’t hard. The willing mouth on the other side of the hole took care of that. He (probably a he) was an expert cock sucker. It was like that hole was the doorway to heaven and my cock was overwhelmed with pleasure. The rest of me pressed against the wall writing, moaning, whimpering, and soon it was over. The mouth swallowed every drop and several passes more made sure my cock was clean except for the strangers saliva which smelled of Altoids and cigarettes.

I caught my breath. I didn’t offer to reciprocate. I had done this enough times to know the men who did the sucking weren’t looking for anything in return. If asked he would probably say I did him a favor. After zipping up and untucking my shirt to hide my still throbbing cock. I tried to leave the store unnoticed but as the often do the clerk said “goodbye have a good night” in a tone that said he didn’t give a fuck, and I looked over making eye contact and dropping my gaze. The smirk on the clerks face was the same as Bill’s. His lips were scarred and the teeth they covered shabby but it was the same smirk. The smirk said “I know what you are faggot. I know you’re a dirty faggot who gets his rocks off in dirty back rooms. You’ve probably sucked a thousand cocks you dirty pervert and you can’t hide it from me.”

I wanted to argue with him. Say I don’t really do this. I don’t even suck cock. I don’t like cocks. I’m not even gay. I don’t know what happened today but I just needed something. I’m not like the people in the back room and I’m never doing this again.

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Letters: Something’s A Bit Queer 11

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Anna watched as the gates swung open at the home of Greg and Vickie Thompson.

As Marc pulled into the drive, the young girl was in awe of the grounds of their opulent home. Marc had pointed out to Anna for the next few days she would be their guest as Vickie would continue her training as a sexual slut.

Greg opened the door and took in the lavish young creature in front of him.

“Welcome,” he responded as Marc immediately began the introduction. “Anna, this is Greg, a close friend of mine. He and his wife Vickie will be your hosts for a couple of days.”

“You two come on in,” Greg chimed in, “Vick’s in the kitchen.”

Anna walked through the doorway taking in the beautiful home. It was apparent this couple was very well off.

“I was just looking for the game,” Greg explained as he started channel surfing with a remote. “What can I get you to drink?” he asked. “What are you having? Marc inquired.

“I’m having a Widow Jane,” came the reply. “Sure, bourbon is great. Anna what will you have” Marc looked over.

At that moment a beautiful brunette stepped into the room catching Greg’s eye.

“Anna, this is my wife Vickie.” Vickie walked up and took Anna’s hand. “So nice to finally meet you. Marc has told me a little and I met Scott a few weeks ago.

Anna studied her face. Vickie was stunning. Dark brown hair, green eyes, soft luscious lips with a red lipstick that outlined their sultry form.

“I was having a lovely Chardonnay. Would you like to join me? Or do you prefer something red?” Vickie inquired. “Wine would be great and what you are having is fine,” Anna countered.

“I’ll get you a glass,” Vickie confirmed as she walked back into the kitchen. Anna watched her walking away, smart white silky top with black pants and bare feet.

Vickie was only 5’2″ but her 30-24-36 figure made a statement as her ass swayed back and forth with each step.

Anna’s gaze was interrupted by Greg, “Have a seat young lady. I’d love to know more about you,” he asked. “Oh, here it is,” Greg said excitedly as he pulled up a baseball game on the widescreen.

“Where’s Scott today?” Greg looked over casually at Marc. “He has some project due at his engineering firm. I think today is the big reveal,” Marc responded.

“Oh, maybe he can join us down at the club tonite. Leave these young ladies to their business,” Greg laughed.

Vickie returned with the glass of Chardonnay as Anna shared a little bit about her life as the three listened intently. “So, outside of last night with Roxie….and that had to be a surprise,” Vickie teased, “What is the wildest thing sexually you have ever done? I mean prior to meeting this guy,” she added pointing to Marc.

Anna sat stoically for a moment thinking, “Gosh, I don’t know. My ex-husband and I used to watch some of his porn movies together. He always talked about three ways with another woman, but it was talk, you know,” she explained.

“So you two broke up when you caught him cheating?” Vickie asked. “Well, it wasn’t the first time. I knew he had been unfaithful with a woman at the office. He denied it of course but the late hours, perfumes and makeup on his clothes…I knew. Then he seemed to calm down and one weekend, I was supposed to take an extended flight but it was cancelled. So I returned home early to find him in bed with a friend of mine,” she stated. Anna paused and you could see the reflection on her face.

“I’m not sure what hurt worse…his cheating or having the affair with her. I thought she and I were close,” Anna said softly as she sipped her wine.

“A question and its personal,” Vickie started. “If your husband had suggested her. I mean you guys had talked it out. Do you think she could have been the threesome,” Vickie asked pensively.

Anna sat quietly. “I don’t know, maybe, I mean Jennifer was really pretty. Just sweet … I guess that’s why it stung so much. I liked her a lot. “Did you two talk after that?” Greg asked.

“No. I backed out of the room and left in my car. I actually called a girlfriend and went to her place for a few days. I still had my bags packed. Jen texted and called a few times but I never answered. I wanted to just to let her have it. But I didn’t.”

“When your husband and you watched those videos… I assume they were lesbian or at the very least two females and a guy. Did you ever fantasize about being with a woman? I assume you haven’t been and I don’t count Roxie…not really. Although, I know that had to be fun. I know Rox well!” she added.

Anna took a sip. “Yes, I would have. I have thought about it,” she added.

“You know that’s why you’re here,” Vickie smiled. “Yes,” Anna acknowledged. “Marc told me tonight would be very special. That you were very special,” she followed.

“Actually Marc has told me I have you for the next three days,” Vickie corrected smiling.

“Yes mam,” Anna acknowledged. Vickie liked the nod to her authority… ‘mam.’

The whole time Anna and Vickie were engaged in their conversation, the escort london side bar conversation was going on between Greg and Marc. “You know I was nine I think when Dent hit that homerun in the seventh going up three to two to win the AL East in ’78,” recalled Marc. “I was watching it with my dad on the couch, he was a huge Yankees fan.” “That was a little before my time but I recall seeing highlights of it,” countered Greg.

Vickie looked over at the guys, “We’re talking sex and you guys are engrossed in that game?” she asked almost disbelieving. “Babe this is Yanks-Sox, maybe the biggest rivalry in any sport,” he scoffed hoisting up his bourbon.

“Honey, let’s me and you go downstairs. Leave these two boys to watch their silly ball game,” Vickie responded looking over at Anna.

Vickie grabbed the bottle of Chardonnay and showed Anna the way down to what she and Greg fondly referred to as “The Romper Room.” Greg’s man cave converted into their own sexual playroom equipped with a swing, lounge seating, and a wide variety of sex toys and discipline items.

Greg and Marc laughed at Vickie’s response but immediately turned their attention back to the game bringing up other highlights of the series over the years.

It was perhaps a good hour later that Greg heard the unmistakable sound of Vickie’s heels against the wooden floor as she traipsed into the kitchen from the hall. “How’s it going down there?” Greg yelled back over the couch, trying not to take his eyes off the pitch.

Vickie walked into the room and both men sat stunned. Vickie was dressed in her thigh high black boots with a 3 3/4 stiletto heel and leather corset holding up her ample breasts. “Damn babe, looking good,” Greg admitted. Vickie was holding a bottle of Cabernet. “Had to make a vino run. Can’t get started without a little grape,” she smiled.

“So how’s our girl coming along,” Marc inquired. “Well, let’s just say she’s a little tied up now,” Vickie said with a sly smile. “What’s happening with your game?” she added.

“Mookie Betts hit a three run homer off Paxton in the first and the Yanks are behind seven to nuthin’ going into the fifth,” Marc chimed in. Vickie smirked at them both.

“Yea, well you two have fun — I have my work cut out for me downstairs,” she threw in as she started back down the hall. Her heels colliding on the wood floor with authority.

“Fuck, she’s the one having fun for sure,” Greg corrected as he swallowed down the rest of the Widow Jane and stood to get a drink. “Ready for another,” he asked Marc as his friend downed the brown liquid and handed the glass to him”

The two men had their next drink and watched a couple of innings as New York finally got on the board with three runs but Boston added another to their total.

“Want to go downstairs and check on the girls?” Greg inquired. “Fuck yea, this is shit here,” Marc agreed.

Greg and Marc filled up their glasses and then descended into the playroom Vickie had affectionately renamed the Romper Room. Even as they started down the staircase, they could hear the unmistakable sound of swishing leather in the air striking against bare skin. Marc was the first to look up and see Anna’s naked body, arms hoisted high above her head to each side by ropes and eyelets in the ceiling holding them in place.

She had a ball gag in her mouth and the black mascara of her face had already outlined a trail of tears from her eyes, betraying the pain from the lashes she was receiving. Vickie didn’t even acknowledge the two men as she stepped around and again thrashed Annas’ buttocks and lower legs with the flogger. The flogger had a leather strap that fastened it around Vickie’s wrist and she would let loose and let it readjust in her hand for the next blow.

Greg walked around the girl who was giving off labored breaths, her eyes wide, almost pleading with the man to intervene. He surveyed her from behind, red marks along the back, ass, and thighs. Two nipple clips were attached each breast. Her normally dark nipples ashen as the clips cut off the circulation of the blood to the little swollen nubs.

While Marc was gay and not really into women, he couldn’t help but be aroused by Vickie. She was one really sexy woman and with each lash, he felt his cock growing harder. While he himself rarely ever disciplined a partner, and didn’t really get into the whole S&M scene, this was really turning him on.

Vickie without looking up from her task addressed her husband, “You two give up on your game or is it over?” she asked. “Seven inning stretch,” he shot back.

His wife stopped examining Anna’s thigh and the potential site of her next blow.

“Well, that’s fucking appropriate,” she smirked “Speaking of stretching, can you give me a hand? How about tighten her up. I want her on her fucking toes,” she directed.

Greg had lit a cigarette which hung on his bottom lip. He drew a puff and then walked over putting it in an ashtray. Greg stepped around and cinched up the rope drawing Anna’s left dubai escorts arm up higher by about an inch, drawing her up on her toes as he stepped around and did the same to the other rope.

Greg looked down at the stunning blonde, now precariously balancing on her toes, her heels off the ground entirely. Her ribs shown through her chest as the nipple clamps continued to clamp down on the little white buds.

Vickie’s husband stepped back admiring his wife’s work. Anna was a beautiful girl for sure. Long bronze legs capped off by her small feet, now resting on the painted red toes that strained to hold her up. Unlike many of the girls and women she played with, Anna had a small tuft of sandy blonde hair directly over her pussy. Most of the women were shaved smooth.

Vickie stepped around front as Greg moved out of the way. She let the flogger swipe softly at the young girl’s breasts and then her pussy, drawing muffled groans from Anna. The ball gag keeping anything other than heavy breaths from her nose escaping. Occasionally a slight whimper made it through. Anna’s head tossed back on her shoulders, suspended in the air.

Marc took a sip of his bourbon, taking in the scene before him. He had watched Vickie before disciplining women – young and old alike but it appeared she was really taking pleasure with this new charge. With each swish of the leather, he felt a sense of sympathy, but he also knew in the end, Anna was going to experience the hardest, most intense orgasms imaginable at the expert hands of Vickie.

“Come on, let’s go see if the Yanks can pull it out,” Marc encouraged Greg. Partly he was interested in the game, but really he didn’t want to witness any more of the pain inflicted on the innocent girl. He didn’t wait for a response, simply turned, and walked back up the steps.

Once seated again, they watched as New York closed the gap with two more runs in the ninth but lost the game ten to five. “Vick is in rare form today isn’t she?” Marc shot as he finished the bourbon and returned it to the kitchen. “Let’s head down to the bar and check it out.”

Greg downed his as well and in minutes they were off to the Rock Hard Bar.

It was a little after midnight when Greg returned home. Marc had dropped him off and headed back to the apartment. The lights were off downstairs and he headed up the steps to the second floor bedrooms. As he peered into their master bedroom, there was Anna, on her stomach on their king bed between his wife’s outstretched legs.

He knew that neither would care, so he simply leaned against the doorway and watched as Anna went down on his wife, whose legs were bent, her feet planted on the bed, her hands stroking Anna’s soft blonde hair. “Ummm that feels so good kitten. Right there, oh yea, right there! That feels so fucking good,” Vickie moaned.

“Hey babe,” Greg decided to let his presence be known. “How was it tonite?” Vick shot back almost in a moan as Anna didn’t flinch with a guest in the room.

“Packed!” he replied. “You two been at it since I left?” he inquired. “You know it,” Vickie retorted, “this one has lots and lots of potential,” she purred.

“Hey sweets, Anna and I may grab a bubble bath. Any chance you’d go downstairs and open a bottle of champagne?” she asked. Vickie loved her wines and champagne and her favorite was the Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label. “Sure babe. Want me start your bath?” he responded.

“Oh, please. You’d be an angel,” she groaned back as Anna zeroed in on her clit.

“Happy to,” he shot back. Greg knew exactly what she wanted and poured a little of her bath oil into the garden tub. The tub was very spacious and could easily accommodate two people. He checked the water temperature as the suds began to form on the water. As he walked out of the bathroom, he looked back over at the bed. Vickie’s arms now holding on to the headboard as Anna continued to devour her luscious pussy. Anna looked cute, her head down, but legs bent and both feet moving, twisting, dangling in the air.

As he walked by he couldn’t help but notice the red marks still apparent on her back, ass, and thighs, evidence of the earlier discipline. “Don’t forget about the water running. I’ll get your champagne,” he added.

There would be no response, just the low moans emanating from his wife as Anna sucked and licked on her juicy pussy. “Oh fuck, fuck, that feels so damn good. You eat me so good. Your tongue feels so good,” she purred.

Greg went downstairs and retrieved the bottle from a special wine and champagne fridge they kept by the bar. He then pulled two champagne flutes out and walked back upstairs. He half expected they might already be in the bath but entering the bedroom Anna was still going at it. Vickie’s legs were now locked around Anna’s back as the young girl sucked on her clit.

“Look at me kitten. Look at me as you eat me pussy,” Vickie directed. Anna moved her tongue slowly back and forth, up and down, slowly over Vickie’s clit but her eyes were focused on her new lover. Escort Dubai Anna’s gaze never left Vickie’s eyes — completely focused — as Vickie ran her fingers through the blonde’s soft hair. “That’s so good. That feels so good,” Vickie moaned.

Greg could hear the squishing noises of Vickie’s wet pussy as the young girl licked for all she was worth. She would look, study her own actions and then dive in again licking, sucking, tasting the sweet nectar that seeped from Vickie’s cunt. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” Vickie shot out signaling her imminent orgasm. It was sounds Greg knew all too well. He smiled as he walked into the bath, shut off the water and popped the cork, almost at the time Vickie came.

“Hey, I’m gonna’ sleep downstairs tonight. You gals have fun,” he added as he turned and headed back down the steps. He picked up the remote, channel surfing again but he’d find nothing that was more entertaining than what he had just witnessed.

Vickie came hard and pulled the girl up as she held Anna in her arms. Their eyes met for several moments before Vickie closed the gap and kissed her. It was really their first kiss of the night. Several times downstairs Vick had placed kisses on her neck, face, and breasts. There had been the quick kisses to the lips, but this was different.

Vickie’s tongue pushed into Anna’s warm mouth, between her lips that parted, inviting her in. Vickie rolled them over in bed and now she lay on top, their breasts together, their bodies entwined as they kissed, soulfully, lovingly. As harsh as Vick had been downstairs, this was sensuous, loving, and tender. Anna had never felt lips as soft and subtle. For a moment Anna became completely engrossed in the kiss.

There was nothing else. Her body felt a warmth she had never felt before and in that singular moment in time she felt owned.

Vickie could have held Anna in her arms all night, but she wanted them to relax in a bath together. The older woman guided her into the bathroom, taking note of the red welt marks on her backside, betraying the harsh discipline she had administered to the young girl just an hour ago. She smiled looking at them. Taking delight that her new charge didn’t complain and seemed to accept, if not embrace, the pain.

As they had cuddled in bed, moments earlier, Anna had confided that while she was initially scared, the pain “hurt so good.” Vickie knew there was so much more they would explore together.

As Anna stepped into the warm water of the garden tub, her foot disappearing into the frothy bubbles, Vickie was right behind her with the Champaign glasses in tow. The two women took up strategic positions facing each other at opposite ends of the oval tub. Vickie raising her glass up by the long stem, “To our weekend together,” she toasted.

Anna took a sip of the cool Champaign that bubbled in the glass as she slid down into the tub. She could feel the jets hitting her side, pulsating, thrusting as the water bubbled over their bodies.

“So your husband Greg — is he gay, bi.. do you mind me asking?” Anna inquired.

“No, I don’t mind at all. He was bi when we met in college. I think that’s what really attracted him to me. But as we began getting more active in the lifestyle, my preference for women being what it is… well, I guess you can say he’s gay,” she said.

“Every so often I jack him off and fuck his ass,” she smiled. “Occasionally I’ll even give him a blowjob. That though, on special occasions. But he really has his guy friends to keep him busy,” Vickie acknowledged.

“But you two still have sex together?” Anna asked.

“Sure. I love my husband. We have something many couples will never experience and It’s all up front, honest, and hot. Truth is he gets off seeing me with women and girls and I enjoy him mixing up with guys… and yea, I like fucking him with my strapon occasionally. He loves it too,” she added.

“Have you always been into other women,” Anna asked as she felt Vickie’s leg rub up against hers in the water.

Vickie looked at Anna who was totally focused. Her breasts bobbed just over the water as the foam moved up to her nipple and down again. They were still pink and swollen from the earlier punishment but no longer erect. Anna had pinned her hair on top of her head before entering the bath and one little lock of hair kissed the side of her face. She was the absolute picture of beauty.

“Yea, I think so.” Vickie began. I dated boys in High School, but something really happened the summer I turned 18 and was headed off to college. When I was 17, I started babysitting for a woman that was friends of my mom’s. That summer, after I graduated, I was keeping her daughter Kellie. She was maybe 3 at the time and no trouble at all. I’d put her to bed at 8 and then it was lights out for the rest of the night,” Vickie shared.

“Well, this particular night Elaine came back much sooner than I expected. I had poured myself a wine from the bottle in the fridge, thinking I had plenty of time to clean up my glass, and who would ever know? I’m in their den listening to the stereo, drinking wine, when in walks Elaine! She explained she had a headache and had one of the other couples drop her off. Her husband was still at this dinner party.”

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Luanne Ch. 07

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Anal Sex

As my cock slipped out of her warmth she moaned a bit and said, “I hate it when that happens.”

I kissed the back of her neck as I mentally counted and then said, “Okay, so we had your first time being finger-fucked, first time eaten out, first climax with a man, first time doing something in public, first time doing sixty-nine, first time actually giving a blow job, and the first time swallowing cum. That’s seven, does that do it?”

She turned her head to kiss me as she said, “Well, there was another first. When we got back to the hotel I let him fuck me.” She pulled back and added, “You’re actually going to be disappointed with my first actual sex.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Because I’m one of those very rare women who didn’t have a hymen.”


“Yep, my mother took me to the doctor when I was thirteen, just after I had my first period. The doctor examined me and called my mother in to tell her that. So, when I finally got around to fucking, it was no big deal. I mean no pain or blood, it was just uncomfortable until I got used to having a man inside me.”

“How about when he came?”

“He was wearing a condom so I didn’t actually feel anything. We left the beach, went back to the hotel room, and were going to start packing because we only had an hour or so to get out of the room.

“As we got out of our bathing suits I looked over and saw that his cock was hard again and I couldn’t help reaching down to stroke it. Within seconds we were kissing and he had his finger back inside me. We sank down onto the couch and were really getting into it when he stopped, pulled his wallet off the coffee table, took out a package, and then kissed me again.

“He never even asked if I was ready, just opened the package, handed me the condom and I just stared at it. ‘Here,’ he said, ‘like this,” and then showed me how to hold it and roll it down over his dick.

“As soon as it was on he eased me back onto the couch, got on his knees between my legs, and started rubbing my clit and sliding his finger in and out of me. Then I watched as he guided his cock to my hole.

She got a strange look on her face as she continued, “It was strange. The first few minutes it was beypazar─▒ escort just uncomfortable, but there was no pain or anything. As soon as I was used to having him inside me, I started moving my hips around, enjoying the different feelings as he moved in and out at different angles.

She stopped and turned her head to kiss me and said, “Sorry, I’m not comfortable talking about that first time. Let me just say that it lasted about ten minutes, he came, we kissed while his cock got soft and slipped out of me, and he stripped off the condom and threw it in the trash. Then we finished packing and left.”

“That’s okay,” I said, as I moved my cock around the crack of her ass. “So, who was the first to cum inside you?”

She chuckled again and said, “That would be both Dilford and Eddie.” Obviously the look on my face told her I didn’t understand because she explained, “Dilford came in me, but I didn’t know it at the time because he was wearing a condom that broke. Eddie was the first that came in me without a condom.”

“With Dilford it was our fourth time together and just five days after our last time. He was being transferred back east and came over to say goodbye and we started making out. Within a few minutes he was feeling me up and I was playing with his cock, and then he had me lean on the back of a bench, pushed my pants down to the floor, and then slid his cock into me. He fucked me for several minutes and then said, ‘Oh shit, baby, I have to get a rubber on.’ Then he pulled his cock out of me and, while he was putting on the condom, I lay down on the bench to watch and, as soon as he was covered, he pushed his cock right into me. Good timing, I guess, because he fucked me for only a couple of minutes before he yanked really hard on my hips, driving his cock deep into me, and started grunting.”

“Hold that thought,” I said. “I have to be inside you again.”

She chuckled and said, “I’ve been waiting for that. I’ve felt your cock getting harder and creeping up between the cheeks of my ass for the past five minutes.”

She reached down to guide me and, within seconds, I was sliding into her warmth. We moved slowly for a couple of minutes before ├žankaya escort I said, “Okay, how about finishing your story. Dilford was doing you and just started grunting.”

She moaned softly and then said, “When he was finished he leaned down to kiss me and, in just a couple of minutes his cock slipped out of me. He stood up and said, ‘Oh, shit.’

“When I asked him what was wrong he held up the condom and I saw that there was nothing inside it. ‘The damn thing broke. Oh, baby, I hope you’re all right. I can’t afford to have any kids right now.’

“I reached down between my legs and could feel some liquid between my legs. Sucking it off my fingers I realized it was cum and that was the first time I thought about the fact that what I was tasting was a bunch of little seeds that could turn me into a mommy.

“Then, with Eddie, shit it was just hot ass fucking.

“Now, I’ve only had sex, I mean real sex, four times so I didn’t think of myself as a slut or anything like that. But with Eddie I sure acted like it. He was my best friend’s older brother and I had a crush on him since I met him. One afternoon I went over to see her and she wasn’t home and, for whatever reason, I went in when he invited me.

“He held the door open as I walked past him and he put his arm around my waist to walk me into the living room. Without any warning he said, ‘Julie (my girlfriend) says you’ve finally gotten yourself laid.’

“I just looked at him as we sat down on a couch and said, ‘Why would she tell you that?’

“He chuckled and said, ‘Oh, shit, she knows I’ve had the hots for you for years. Now that you’re legal, I didn’t even get a chance at you.’

“I have no idea why I did it, but I reached over to stroke his thigh and smiled at him as I said, ‘Well, there’s nobody else here, don’t you have a chance at me now?’

“We didn’t have a chance to say a lot for the next couple minutes as we were suddenly kissing madly and he was running his hand up my thigh, between my legs, and working his finger into me.

“A couple minutes later he pulled back and said, ‘Are we going to do it?’

“I just panted, ‘Oh, shit, yes, I hope so. I need it.’

“He ├žayyolu escort didn’t even undress, just unziped his pants, worked his dick out, flipped me around until I was on my hands and knees on the couch, and he was pushing his cock into me.

“Oh, hell, ten minutes of solid fucking with him ramming his cock into me and me screaming and then he said, ‘I’m cumming. Shit, baby, I’m cumming now.’

“It didn’t dawn on me what he was really saying until he pulled back on my hips, thrust himself deep inside me, and started pouring a stream of cum into my pussy.” She reached over, stroked my hand, and said, “Oh, Al, it was so nice because I could feel his cock throbbing inside me and I could actually feel the cum squirting into me. In just a few seconds I had some leaking out around his dick and running down my leg. I couldn’t help it, I reached down, rubbed my fingers around in that delicious liquid, sucked on them, and then did it again.

“That might be why my next boyfriend and I got along so well. Fred and I were together just about six months and had sex three or four times every week the whole time. He was an avid Catholic and refused to use any contraception of any kind and I’m amazed that I never got pregnant because he never once pulled it out before he came. Every single time he came inside me and every single time I played with that lovely liquid.”

“Oh, shit,” I said, “that did it, I have to cum in you.” I started really slamming my cock into her and finally said, “Here, you like liquid inside you, have some of this.”

“Do it, sweetie, cum in me. Give me that hot semen.” That set me off and I started filling her pussy with whatever baby batter I had left in me. After all we’d done I didn’t have a lot and my climax only lasted a minute or so and then we lay there kissing and cuddling for another couple of minutes until I said, “But what about Eddie? You just fucked him, he just filled you with sperm, so what happened?”

She climbed off the couch, pulling me out of her, and then leaned down to lick me clean and, finally, said, “Nothing. He joined the army, went to Germany, and married some woman over there. I’ve seen him and his wife and four children a couple of times, but nothing more sexual between us.” She moved upward, kissed me, and said, “And, I’m not going to see you again until tomorrow because I have to get home and get ready for when the kids get home from school. Bye.”

With that she walked out, leaving me lying on the couch with my limp dick hanging down.

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Mrs. Baxter’s Boarding House Ch. 01

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Adam is looking for lodging in Cambridge, England. He meets Bryony Baxter, a lady in her 50s who’s offering room and board and a lot more.

This is the first instalment featuring Adam’s initiation into carnality, his landlady introducing him to sex before she moves on to round off his education in sordid affairs.

I apologise in advance for any errors remaining in the text.

I hope you enjoy the following.

Thank you for reading.

GA ÔÇô Da Nang, Vietnam ÔÇô 6th of May 2016.


It’s 1974, his fresher’s year. Adam is living in halls but is desperate to move. He’s been given a telephone number to ring, which he used and spoke to a woman. Mrs Baxter passed on her address, telling the boy a suitable time he should make a personal appearance.

Adam finds the address, his search taking him to a terraced townhouse with a narrow yet impressive fa├žade, steep steps leading up from the street to a blue door.

He pushes the button and hears the clangour within, then waits for a long minute before she responds to the summons.

The first thing he notices is the deep crease of her cleavage. Adam thinks it’s tremendous, the inner flanks of her breasts squeezed together as they are. As he gapes in surprise at the bounty before him, Adam is reminded of a comment he’s recently heard, one suited to the university city of Cambridge. Inside his head a voice says, Somewhere you could park your bike, his eyes still fixed to her chest.

“Mister Gantry?” he hears, her voice dragging his focus up to her face.

Adam’s face warms when he sees the amused glint in her eyes, the twist to her lips as she smirks at him suggesting she knows he’s been looking.

He’s flustered as he runs his tongue over dry lips, blinking while stammering, “Uh, yuh-yes … I have an interview with Mrs Buh-baxter.”

“Yes, that’s me.” The woman nods, honey-blonde hair moving in soft waves around her face. “You’re punctual,” she says in a tone of approval. She takes a step back and opens the door fully, giving Adam the benefit of shapely calves, her feet in precipitous heels. “Won’t you come in?”

Despite his being a little rattled at being caught eyeing her d├ęcolletage, and regardless of his agitation at being new to the city, his university education in its infancy, Adam is still able to harness the impression of a genteel lady with elegant tastes, her precise diction reminding Adam of BBC radio presenters from a previous decade.

He has a moment to register she’s very well presented, especially for a mid-afternoon interview with a first-year student. Her dress is a black A-line creation with a halter-neck, the swooping neckline showing off a generous amount of skin, those large breasts tugging at the boy on a visceral level he’s reluctant to acknowledge, their size and shape a magnet for his eyes. Her hair is immaculate, make-up subtle and not overdone. She gives the impression of not being afraid of her age, which Adam dimly estimates at getting up for late-forties ÔÇô an erroneous assumption. As it will turn out, he’s short by at least five years. Mrs Baxter may not be in the first bloom of youth, but she makes the most of what she has, with Adam finding himself drawn to her on a carnal level, dark urges stirring within.

“I won’t bite,” adds the woman when Adam lingers on the top step. She cants her head to one side and beams a smile at Adam. “Nervous?” she asks.

He gulps and nods and says, “A little bit, yes.”

“Don’t be,” she says, pausing to survey the boy from toe to crown. “First impressions are you’ll fit right in here. Just relax, Mister Gantry. We’ll go inside and have a lovely chat. I have a few questions, of course, and we have a few rules ÔÇô but nothing too awful…

“We’ll have a talk and see if we’re compatible.” She rolls her eyes and chuckles, then adds, “You might find I’m not to your taste. You might decide my house isn’t for you.”

She looks at Adam in such a way his cock thickens and grows, desire a sudden hot coal in the pit of his stomach.

He’s appalled at his body’s response. She’s an old bird, he thinks to himself, perplexed by what’s going on inside his suit trousers.

Adam struggles to focus on what’s being said when the woman repeats her invitation for him to enter the house.

“Come in, Mister Gantry,” she’s saying, still smiling at him. “Let’s get this started.”


Adam steps across the threshold, catching a waft of her scent as he moves past her. He lingers in the long, narrow hallway, waiting until she closes the front door.

“This way, sweetie,” she says, sliding a red-painted talon along the underside of his chin.

It’s an odd gesture, somewhat intimate and provocative, the tone of her voice doing nothing to ease Adam’s raging erection.

When Mrs Baxter eases past him, Adam throws an anxious glance down at the front of his trousers. He sees the ridge of his hard-on is obvious, his cock caught as it tries to find a position within the confines of the boy’s clothing.

“I’ll show you the house,” the woman is saying, calling back over one shoulder. “First are the lounge and eryaman escort the kitchen…”

Adam looks down the corridor to see she’s waiting at the far end.

“The lounge is on your right,” she tells him as he walks past an open doorway. “This is the kitchen behind me.”

Mrs Baxter turns and moves through another door that’s facing Adam as he approaches. He follows her through and finds himself in a surprisingly large space, a wooden table in the centre of the room, half a dozen chairs set around its rectangular periphery.

The woman leans her rump against the edge of an earthenware sink, a window behind her overlooking a long, narrow garden.

“I cook an evening meal. Breakfast is up to you.” Mrs Baxter chuckles and goes on with, “You students can’t get up in the mornings. It would be an absolute chore doing breakfasts for you.”

She points to a white fridge. “There’s a shelf in there for you to use. And this cupboard is all yours as well,” Mrs Baxter continues while gesturing at an overhead unit. “I have five rooms in total. Boys, all boys. There are absolutely no unannounced guests ÔÇô and that’s a very strict rule, Mister Gantry…”

The woman pauses at that, giving Adam a look while asking, “Do you have a first name, darling?”

Adam blinks, caught by the sudden shift in her monologue.

“I’m Bryony,” she says after Adam tells her his name. “I prefer to use first names,” she tells him. “It always seems so stuffy calling each other Mrs and Mister.

“Anyway,” Bryony continues, moving past Adam again. “Any questions so far?”

He’s wondering about the strict rule concerning no unannounced guests, but gets dragged along in Bryony’s wake as she goes out into the hallway.

“We’re on four floors,” she says, already climbing the stairs. “My bedroom is down below the ground floor. There are three rooms on this landing…”

They halt so Adam can survey the corridor and doors leading off it.

“…With a shared bathroom,” Bryony adds. “There’s two rooms at the top of the house, plus another bathroom. Those are considered the best of the lot. They’re taken on account of seniority. You’ll start on this level,” she goes on to tell Adam before moving off the landing towards a door at the far end.

“And this will be your room ÔÇô if you decide I’m what you want.”

Adam frowns at what he thinks is a strange turn of phrase. Surely she means if it’s the room he wants? He ponders the point for a second, but holds his silence because he’s too embarrassed to make any comment.

“Now,” says Bryony as she leads the boy into the room. “Let’s sit on the bed and have a little chat. There must be things you want to know, and I have a few questions for you.”

Adam is pleasantly surprised to see it’s quite a large space, bright with the daylight coming in through a sash widow. The double bed is another attractive aspect, and Adam decides the room is infinitely preferable to the halls he’s in now.

“I like it,” he says following a quick appraisal.

Adam is then nonplussed to see Bryony perched on the bed. “That’s good,” she coos, expression decidedly feline as she eyes the boy and pats the bed with the palm of one hand. “Now, come here, sit down, sweetheart.”

It’s the look in her eyes that makes the Adam. There’s something predatory about the way she’s looking at him. He experiences a ripple of uncertainty shivering through his body, anxiety and a strange frisson of anticipation clutching his gonads, his cock pulsing with clandestine desires. In a fleeting moment of madness, Adam pictures himself launching himself at the woman, his hands going to her breasts while he forces his tongue into her mouth.

“Pardon?” says Adam when he registers she’s said something to him.

“I asked if you’re a smoker,” she says.

“Oh. No,” Adam replies with a shake of his head.

Bryony pouts and says, “That’s all to the good. And what about girlfriends?”

Adam’s cheeks flare as he looks down at his shoes. “Uh, no,” he says with a mumble.

Her eyes are round when she asks, “Have you ever had a girlfriend, Adam? I don’t mean to pry, sweetie, but you seem … well, a little on the shy side.”

“I’ve had girlfriends,” the boy mutters in response.

Her tone is low and narcotic when Bryony asks, “But not a special one, eh?”

Adam divines her meaning, his face burning as he shakes his head and croaks, “No.”

He hears her murmur, “A virgin…” the tone bringing his eyes to her face.

The woman catches his gaze, holding the boy’s stare while she pats the bed once again.

“Darling,” she purrs, “do come and sit down.”

His eyes go from her face to the dizzying depths of Bryony’s cleavage. He gulps, swallowing down on the upwelling of lascivious desires.

Adam feels himself drawn to the woman perched on the bed, her words coming in from some distant place.

He takes the steps to bring him closer to her, the bed dipping as he sits down.

Desire rises up to swell his chest and his throat, and Adam can’t quite believe what he’s hearing when Bryony esat escort leans in close, her thigh against his.

He gasps when she asks him, “Do you like older ladies with big tits?”

“Mrs Baxter?” groans Adam, the woman swivelling at the waist to present her chest to him.

“Just another few questions,” Bryony whispers, her hand going to Adam’s so she can press his palm against one of her breasts.


He gropes at her body while Bryony rubs a hand over the ridge in his trousers.

“It seems you do like something about me,” she murmurs. Bryony leans in to kiss the boy’s neck. “You don’t mind I’m older than you by so many years, do you my sweet?”

It feels so good to have her rubbing his cock through his clothes, Adam can only gurgle an incoherent response. He gapes down at where she’s unfastening his flies, her hand going inside, her fingers squeezing the shaft.

“Let’s get this belt undone,” Bryony says, with Adam complying automatically when she adds, “Lift your bum up so I can get these trousers down.”

Before he can make sense of what’s going on, the woman has his appendage out in the open.

“Ooh, darling,” Bryony says with a coo of appreciation, “that is a lovely penis. It’s a gorgeous big cock.”

She tilts Adam’s face with the tip of a finger, easing his focus up from where he’s boggling down at her fist round his dick.

The expletive shocks Adam when Bryony purrs, “It’s fucking impressive,” grinning into his face. “I think you and I can have a lot of fun. What do you think, Adam ÔÇô would you like to stay here for a little while with me?”

“I…” gurgles the boy, his throat working as he swallows heavily, throwing a glance back down to where she’s slowly working his length. He blinks and gasps and stares into Bryony’s eyes. “I’ve never done anything like this before.” Then it dawns on Adam to ask, “But what about your husband?”

“There is no husband,” murmurs the woman. “I’ve never been married.”

“But you’re Mrs Baxter…?”

“The man who took my virginity was called Baxter,” she says. “He was such a perv, he ruined me for marriage.”

Bryony passes this on with a smirk on her face.

“I’d be so bored shackled to one man for a lifetime,” she adds. “I just call myself Mrs…”

Her chuckle is dark and dangerous, the woman smirking again as Adam hears her whisper, “Another one. Another virgin. Dear God I love it when they turn up at the door.”

To Adam she says, “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll look after you. You don’t have to concern yourself with anything. You just let your Aunty Bryony show you what she likes best.”

The way she says it stirs the boy on a primal level as he sits on the bed, his attention fixed on his cock, his mind numbed by the speed of the woman’s seduction. It’s all beyond his very limited experience, almost past anything he could have imagined.

“The boys are all out,” Bryony tells Adam. “They know what can happen when I’m conducting an interview.” She snorts out a laugh and leans in once more. “After all, they’ve all been through it themselves.” Bryony kisses his throat, her tongue running up over his jaw until she finds his mouth and, after pressing her lips against Adam’s, Bryony asks, “I don’t want to rush you, but do you think you’ll be taking the room?” Then she chuckles again when all he can do is gawp and let out an inarticulate croak. “We have some very interesting times here,” the woman continues, her hand still jacking at Adam. “My boys are very attentive … and I do my best to make sure they’re well looked after. We all get along famously, sweetie ÔÇô although there is the occasional jealousy…”

She kisses Adam once more, her rump squirming against the bed while a short, tight moan escapes from her lips.

“But I can soon calm them down. I have special ways of including all of my lovely boys in the fun.”

“Oh,” squeaks Adam when Bryony abruptly releases his cock.

“Don’t fret, darling,” she says in response. “I’m just going to…”

Adam’s mouth falls open when Bryony scoops a breast from her dress, a gasp issuing forth when the other swings free.

“My boys love my big tits,” the woman informs him while hefting her breasts with both palms. “What about you, Adam? Are you a boob man?”

“They…” Adam begins. “You … I mean…”

“Poor darling,” Bryony says with a pout. “You’re all flustered, aren’t you, baby?”

She rises to her feet, Adam’s gaze following the hypnotic sway of her breasts.

“You sit and give yourself time to think,” the woman continues. “I’ll just slip out of this dress.”

Gawping at Bryony removing her dress does nothing to ease Adam’s shock one little bit. All he does is let out a gasp and a mewl, the sounds coming out without him even realising as he takes in the sight of Bryony’s underbust corset and stockings, the latter attached to the corset by a drop of no less than six suspenders, three to a leg, her underwear over the top of the straps.

“Whatever’s the matter?” Bryony smirks, posing with her fists on her hips.

She tuts and pretends to make etimesgut escort some fine adjustments to the level of the stockings on one thigh, deliberately taunting the boy by raising one leg, his gaze going to the lethal heel of her shoe.

“Corsets and basques,” Bryony says while staring at Adam. “Hide a multitude of sins when a lady gets to my age.” Then she pouts and shrugs and continues with, “But my boys seem to enjoy me all wrapped up this way.” A laugh tinkles up from her chest, with Bryony rolling her eyes. “I’m always having to buy new lingerie,” she reveals to Adam, her tone low and conspiratorial. “Sometimes I’m plastered in spunk … My boys,” she adds on a wry chuckle, “often make a bit of a mess.

“What about you, sweetie?” she adds, the shoe going back to the floor while she leans in to take hold of Adam’s erection once more. Her breasts hang in front of his face, with Adam still gaping, his jaw hanging slack while Bryony strokes his length. “Are you one of those boys who sprays jizm all over the place? Or are you more of a dribbler?

“I know what we can do,” she says, her fist working faster. “We can find out…”


He moans and gasps, hips jerking as he fucks up into her fist. A geyser of semen arcs high, the gloop describing a steep parabola before spattering down, the second and third spurts already following on.

“Oh, Mrs Baxter,” groans Adam, his words tapering into a groan.

The woman lets out a yelp of delight, spunk all over her wrist as she continues to work Adam’s length, his goo pouring down in an indiscriminate rain.

“That’s it, my lovely,” Bryony mutters, her gaze avid as she watches the deluge. “Give it to me. Show me what you can do.”

She continues to stare, her tongue moving over her lips as the outflow subsides.

Bryony rests her free hand on the boy’s shoulder, the other milking his cock as she says, “Would you like me to be your first time? Now we’ve got that out of the way,” she adds with a nod at his cock, “you might not come as soon as you put it in.”

He’s too stunned to speak. Adam gapes up at her face, then looks down to the mess. There are splashes of spunk all over the place: the front of his shirt is dotted with translucent smears, blobs of gloop on his tie. Bryony’s forearm is liberally spattered, jizm smeared over her skin, with more of the stuff staining the cover on top of the bed.

Bryony levers upright, her eyes fixed on the boy. She then examines her arm and her wrist before licking some of the cum from her skin.

“It’s up to you, Mister Gantry,” she says, taking a step away from the bed. “I’d say you’ve passed the interview. As far as I’m concerned there’s a place for you here. But it’s entirely up to you. If you need a few minutes,” She mentions a price for the rent, then finishes with, “I can leave you alone to think it all over.”

She squats down in front of the boy, taking herself to an inferior position so she has to tilt her face to look up into his eyes.

“Look at me, Adam,” Bryony says, her tone a command.

The boy blinks and closes his mouth, throat working while he gulps down on the shock of the moment.

Bryony’s attention flicks to his dick, then back to his face. “I’d absolutely adore to have you live in my house,” she says with a catch in her voice. “I’d be thrilled to be the first lady you put that gorgeous thing into,” she tells him. “And I promise you, sweetie,” Bryony whispers, a hand squeezing Adam’s knee. “There’s a lot more we can do together if you decide you’d like one of my rooms. I’m a generous landlady, Adam. Just take a little time to think about what we could do together.

“If you don’t mind sharing me with the other four boys…”


He watches her strut from the room, her hips swaying with that particular feminine grace, the jiggling buttocks sending a ripple of need coursing through Adam.

“Shit,” mutters the boy while assessing the damage to his clothing.

Adam examines his shirt and tie, then looks at the mess on the bed before glancing towards the door. He sits there and tries to make sense of it all, wondering what the hell has just happened. Then his heart leaps in the rack of his ribs, the realisation coming at him like a main line express train.

He’s suddenly anxious, excitement a hot tide as Adam recalls what the woman has said. He gulps at the enormity of the situation he’s found himself in. She said she’d be his first. The woman is actually willing to let him put his cock into her body.

And the way she was dressed! The stockings and heels and the corset…

The image comes to mind of Mrs Baxter’s large breasts, her teats long and thick, her eyes gleaming with an intensity Adam has never seen in a woman’s expression before. He sees it again, those orbs swinging and swaying, her fist working his dick.

Adam groans out, “Oh Jesus, oh fucking hell,” still unable to believe what’s just occurred.

Snippets of the past several minutes’ flick across his mind’s eye: the way she’d looked at his cock and the compliments she’d bestowed. Adam relives the moment she’d scooped her breasts from her dress, feeling the shock as she’d disrobed to reveal the corset and stockings. He hears her voice and the lewd words she murmured and muttered, feels her fist working his dick as she fisted his length with such a casual air, the glorious surge spurting out of its eye…

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My Girlfriend’s Roommate

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I started dating Lori my junior year of college, she was a freshman. The first moment I saw her I became completely infatuated with her. She had this charisma every guy picked up on, and her body was beautiful. She was really petite, blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. She didn’t really have many curves, but a guy could have worse things to look at.

We kept out relationship casual at first, with no attachments. I lived alone in the upperclassmen dorms and she would stay over most nights. She was a virgin when I met her, but she gave me pretty much everything a guy could want otherwise. You could tell she was a pro at satisfying her man without the act of sexual intercourse. Then came the day we decided to be exclusive and she took me back to her dorm to meet her roommate.

I walked into the tiny dorm room and immediately picked up on the kind of person her roommate was. Posters of bands I never heard of, were all over her side of the room. Black shirts and converse shoes of all colors were strewn everywhere. I always was intrigued by those bad ass emo girls. I even spotted a motorcycle helmet in the corner. Right as I was done scanning the area, she walked out of the joining bathroom in a haze of steam.

All she wore was a skimpy towel. She had long silky wet jet black hair, piercing green eyes, and amazingly womanly curves. She had to be at least a C cup, and I noted them spilling over the top of the towel. Lori came to my side and introduced her as Alexis. Alexis smiled this awe-inspiring smile and reached out a dripping wet hand. I tried to regain my composure and hide the massive erection that had come upon me and received her handshake. The sparks were clear. Even Alexis felt it.

After the months rolled on, I became more interested in Alexis and less in Lori every day. Lori was so predictable and ordinary, while Alexis was amazingly hard to read and so very crazy and spontaneous. I found myself coming over more often to Lori’s place if only to catch a glimpse of the elusive Alexis.

One night I decided to stay over. I pride myself in having a very hard body, and as soon as it got late I took the opportunity to take off my shirt and walk around strutting my stuff. Alexis didn’t even seem fazed. She listened to her punk/ emo music with head phones and wrote in what appeared to be a journal.

That night Lori knowing that our relationship had been rocky lately decided to give her virginity to me. We had only been lying together on the bottom bunk for about 15 minutes spooning with Alexis on the top bunk. I was imagining what position she was laying in and what Alexis could be wearing up there in the dark, when Lori put her hand on my dick. I jumped slightly.

“I want this inside me.” Lori whispered huskily. Any guy in their right mind couldn’t refuse an offer like that. So without hesitation I started to take off her clothing. She helped me pull down her panties. She draped one leg over my body as we started to kiss. kolej escort Her familiar tongue found mine, and we passionately embraced. I kissed my way down her throat and took extra care to fondle the small of her back before I cupped her firm little ass in my two hands.

Her pelvis was now pressed up against mine, and she whimpered slightly. I faintly heard a movement from the top bunk, but Lori took no notice of it. I hungrily licked my way to her little breasts. They were barely a handful and I cupped the left one while I sucked on the right. Her little nipple hardened immediately with excitement as I flicked my tongue over it lightly. She giggled and her hand traveled to my cock, as she gentle stroked it through the boxer shorts.

Oddly enough, I didn’t seem to be erect at all. She made a quizzical expression and kept stroking it. She took her other hand and guided my palm to her naked hairy pussy. At the moment I heard her moan, shortly after I heard a moan coming from the top bunk! Surely Alexis isn’t masturbating to the sounds of us having sex?! At the thought, my cock sprung to life in Lori’s hand. She giggled and whispered,

“Wow, baby.” Thinking she was the cause of my sudden erection.

My fingered traced the folds of her pussy, and were soon drenched in her juices. My cock was still eager, and dripping from the thought of Alexis fingering herself, and I pictured that Lori was Alexis. Suddenly I had the urge to dive face first into her cunt. I crawled down Lori’s body and started eating her out for all that she was worth. The taste was salty and she had a musky scent. The hairs tickled my nose, but imagining it was Alexis, I couldn’t get enough.

I fucked her pussy with my tongue and flicked her clit until she was writhing with pleasure. When she was on the verge of an orgasm, I positioned myself at her opening and thrust myself into her with my eyes closed. I could almost see Alexis under me with her eyes closed in passion, her back arched and her lips crying out my name… “OH, Gary!” Lori yelped as we both came.

There is no way Alexis could have missed that. But she made no noise, and as Lori and I lay panting, the top bunk was silent. DAMN, I thought. I hope she is thinking about me right now, cause I can’t get my mind off her. My nights spent over became more frequent, but Alexis’ became more distant. She sometimes would stay out all night, and I became jealous thinking about all the things she could be doing.

Then the summer came and Lori and Alexis decided to move into an apartment off campus. Alexis and Lori had different bedrooms but shared the same bathroom. I stayed over frequently, but it became increasingly harder to see any of Alexis with her introverted tendencies. One morning while both the girls were in class, I ventured into Alexis’ room. The room was tidy, yet haphazard, as only a free spirited and wild girls room could be.

I nosed around for a while and maltepe escort found a box hidden at the back of her closet. It contained her diary I had often seen her writing in, and various sex toys. I was giddy with excitement. Hand cuffs, dildos, vibrators, and even a tape of which only dirty things could contain all fascinated me. Lori was so square about her lovemaking, I was almost too eager to find someone with whom I could experiment. I just wished that it could be Alexis that I could slide my cock into. I wish it could be Alexis whose pussy I ate out most every night, and I wish it was Alexis’ tits, oh her beautifully full breasts, that I fondled and caressed at night.

I opened her diary slowly savoring the wrongness of it all. I was surprised at what I found inside. Poems, all very explicit, pictures she had drawn of sexual positions she liked most, and entries about ME! She did notice me! Page after page was little excerpts about what she had seen of me that day, and what she had thought. I almost collapsed from the release of it. She felt the same way I did.

But, there was a downside. I knew she would never hurt Lori that way, by being with me. My energy waned and I felt suddenly depressed. It would never be… I decided to at least take a souvenir. I went to her hamper and found a pair of her dirty underwear. They were a little pair of shear hip-hugger boy shorts. I couldn’t resist, and I slipped them into my pocket. That night while Lori slept peacefully next to me, I got up and went into the hallway.

I heard Alexis come in only moments before and I crept up to her doorway, which was open a little and light streaming into the hallway. She was completely naked and on all fours in front of her CD and record collection, trying to find a certain track. Her legs were spread slightly and I had the perfect view of her completely shaven pussy framed beautifully by the sweetest piece of ass I have ever seen. I think I came right there in my pants. I sat and watched for what seemed like an eternity while she searched. Her pussy lips opened slightly at one point and I saw a glimpse of a pink inside.

She finally got up and I rushed back into Lori’s room before she could catch me. I heard the shower come on in the bathroom and I walked back into her room and sat on her bed. I decided I could wait no longer, I had to have her, or at least let her know how I felt. After about ten minutes the shower went off and I heard her open the door and walk down the hallway. I was unprepared for what happened next. She was so startled that I was sitting there on her bed, she dropped the towel that was wrapped around her. It reminded me of what I imagined I wanted to happen the first time I saw her.

Her tits were exposed and her chest heaved up and down from the initial fright. Two perfectly shaped globes topped off with two large areolas and cherries for nipples. A glistening of moisture from the shower still mamak escort glazed her entire body, and as my eyes traveled down I noticed the pucker of her pussy lips and a tiny tattoo on her left hip tapering down to two amazingly fit legs.

My cock sprang into action instantaneously. A blush crept up her entire body, and it was so endearing, before I even thought about it I was at her side and covering her with my body. I cupped her buttocks against me, until I could feel our pelvises against one another. Her skin was warm and slightly wet. Our lips met and her tongue sought out mine ravenously.

She whimpered when I reached up to feel a breast. They were soft and firm. I couldn’t contain myself. I wanted to be everywhere on her body all at once. I licked everything I could get my lips near. She tasted sweet, clean, and soapy. We made our way over to her bed and I threw her down on it. While I stood there looking admiringly at what awaited me, she lifted up her arms in a beckoning manor.

“Please Gary, I want you. Don’t think. I want this, and if you do, then come to me,” She spoke softly.

I dove onto her, running my hands through her wet hair and down her goose bumped torso. She shivered from the thrill. I kissed my way down her chest and finally found her sweet little nipples hard from the excitement. I suckled one tenderly and she moaned. Then I moved across to the other nipple, already taut and red. I flicked it and nibbled on it teasingly. She cried out in sheer pleasure, neither one of us thinking about what would happen if Lori found out.

I couldn’t wait any longer; I crawled down the length of the bed until I met with her cunt. I could smell her sex, sweet and inviting. Her lips were swollen and ready. I needed to taste her. I opened up her lips gently and licked up the length of her. She pressed herself into me more. I soon buried my whole face into her pussy felling the juices smelling nothing but her aroma. It was heaven, then without me even noticing, she had positioned herself into a 69.

She pulled down the edge of my boxers and took in my entire length with one slurp. While she pumped my member in and out of her mouth and massaged my balls like a pro, I took turns finger fucking and tongue fucking her pussy until we were both on the edge of an enormous orgasm. We stopped and I turned her over on the bed until she was on all fours.

The same view I had earlier was now offered in front of me. I could even make out her tiny puckered anus. Her thighs glistened from her juices and I plunged into her. We rocked back and forth together for what seemed like hours. Nothing but sounds of pleasure and the moisture could be heard, and the smacking of my balls against her ass as I fucked my girlfriend’s roommate doggy-style on her bed with Lori sleeping next door.

I grabbed onto her breasts every time they swayed back from the motions, and she fingered her clit furiously with every thrust. Then with great relief I shot my semen into her aching pussy and she yelled out in relief simultaneously. We both laid next to each other completely spent of energy and reveled in the whole situation. Little did we know that there was a bystander in the darkness of the hallway…

to be continued…

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My First Real Bisexual Experience

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In college, my two roommates both had classes opposite me on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On those days, I took advantage of the alone time either with girls I was dating or with myself and my roommates porn video. Pretty soon I noticed I was just fast forwarding and rewinding to the cum shots, pretty much skipping most of the rest.

A few weeks later, I was at a seldom used computer lab (it was on the far side of campus) and noticed some bookmarks that sounded interesting. This was the days before firewalls were so sophisticated or that people knew they should be using them. The porn links were to threesome photos. As I went down the links, they included some bi oral mmf scenes that definitely got the attention of at least one part of me. A couple of days later, I noticed that the computer had Bianca’s closet chat bookmarked. It was a chat room for the time but now it is more like a comment section on a blog. The room I went to was for bi and curious guys. Another person chatting in the room was a 25 year old professor from the same college I attended. He wasn’t one of my professors but was from there none the less. We chatted a lot about our curiosities for a couple of weeks and decided to meet at a local gym. Nobody used this gym for the most part because they either used the school or the Y.

When I showed up, I didn’t notice anyone that I thought might be him. Nobody seemed a likely candidate through all through my workout, shower and change. I left there thinking I had been stood up. I found him in the chat room and started in on him and he commented about he liked what he saw. I was confused at first but then he explained that he had been in the sauna and whirlpool the whole time just observing. I kind of remembered haymana escort a guy in the whirlpool but we had talked about working out together. We decided to meet again.

We decided to meet the following Tuesday at the same gym. This time I went early and worked out so I would be done and waiting when he arrived. Again, there was hardly anyone in the place and nobody in the men’s locker room when I got done with my workout. He was a little late. He took a locker just a few down from me even though the entire room was wide open. I made sure to remove my shorts, then my boxer briefs, then my shirt, then my shoes and socks, making sure he could take a nice long casual view of me. I then went and weighed myself, headed back to the locker to fold and put away the clothes and then finally said time to hit the showers. He was slow on changing, making more idle chat like you would with anyone in the locker room.

I’m not sure if you have been in men’s locker room showers but this one had a number of bigger poles in the shower, each pole had 4 or 5 shower heads coming off the circular pole. I took one so that I was facing the opening to the showers. Again, he could have taken one on one of the other shower poles that were further away but instead took one on the same pole as mine. Unfortunately, he was wearing his swim trunks.

I was disappointed but didn’t say anything. I faced him and lathered up my a chest a little and lathered up my cock and balls playing with them some, letting him watch. I then turned and washed my legs, bending at the waist not the knee, spreading my legs a little and pushing my cock back toward him so he could see it and my balls. I got up and turned to face him again ke├ži├Âren escort and washed my hair and arms, shoulders, etc. and then my cock and balls again. After I rinsed my face and hair, I looked at him and he was rubbing himself through his trunks. You could see he was pretty hard. I was only half hard, maybe a bit more than that and I said that it was time to hit the sauna.

The sauna was L shaped and I took the side near the door so my back would basically be against the wall next to the door. I bent my knees and spread my legs so that if he took the opposite corner on the L, he could see up my towel. He did so and was trying to slyly look but couldn’t help it and finally took a good, long look and said – oh you are naked under there? I replied – yes, the sign says you are supposed to be. He mumbled oh, got up, took his towel off and then pulled his trunks down. Because he was hard and his trunks were tight, pulling them down pulled his erection down until the waistband passed over it fully and then it rebounded straight up, hard as a rock. He was about the same length as me, also trimmed but wasn’t as thick. He grabbed the trunks and headed over toward me. Seeing his cock bounce up got me a lot harder right away, not fully erect but pretty close. As he sat down next to me, he said watch the door and engulfed my erection in his mouth. My cock was sliding in and out of his mouth expertly, swirling his tongue and lips, rubbing my balls while I reached down and caressed his cock It felt so good. He really started pretty aggressively since we both were so worked up already After a number of minutes, i couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to suck on him and told him my turn and picked his head up and k─▒z─▒lay escort went down on him

His cock felt so good passing through my lips and on my tongue. I could feel all of the straining veins in his throbbing cock with my lips and tongue. I was surprised that it had less of a taste than I expected which probably made it easier to be more aggressive and have more fun with it. I was taking turns rubbing his balls and the base of his shaft while i swallowed his full mushroom head and his straining shaft. It didn’t seem like long before his balls were starting to life and he said he was going to cum. I took my mouth off him and feverishly jacked him off. He was trying not to moan and grunt but couldn’t help the moans when his first ribbon shot. He shot so far he hit the wall on the other side of the sauna with 3 consecutive ribbons of cum. I continued to milk his straining cock until every last drop was drained from it and then rubbed the cum on my hands into his balls.

My own cock was straining at itself to no end and he told me to watch the door. He went down on me and started bobbing up and down on my pulsating, throbbing member. My eyes were in the back of my head. There was no way i was watching the door. Seeing his cock pulsate and the cum fly everywhere, knowing that i had done that was too much to handle and it wasn’t long before I was telling him I was going to cum. He pulled off and stroked my throbbing meaty member up toward chest. I also was trying not to moan but couldn’t stifle them all as my body convulsed. The first ribbon of cum flew right onto my chin, turning my head. The second shot and landed on my cheek with the third landing even higher before the fourth landed on my neck, just under my chin.

He kept milking it until i couldn’t take it anymore and stopped him He then rubbed the cum on my chest into my chest and rubbed it into my cock and balls. I wiped my face off onto my towel. I was spent. We staggered going to the shower to get cleaned up and to wipe down the floor and walls.

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My Dirty Summer

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Purely fictional. All characters are 18 and above.


Being in a position of vulnerability can be a high on its own. However, it didn’t hurt to be a little tipsy as well. Hesitantly putting my glass down on the wooden table, my mind conveniently started to drift, as though picturing my elder sister killing me for leaving a ring on her expensive furniture would take me away from this place. It would’ve left me a lot less guilty had I not been standing in front of her husband.


Fresh out of school, I’d decided to take a year off to backpack across Europe. 3 months out of school and I still hadn’t made enough money. With little support from my parents, I decided to spend a few months with my sister, Cathy, before I could figure out what to do with the remainder of the year. Ever looking for an excuse to hang out with her little sister, she was more than thrilled to hear the news. The only glitch was that I didn’t get along too well with her husband, Kevin.

Standing outside their front door, I wasn’t too happy to see that it wasn’t my sister who had come to greet me, but my estranged brother-in-law standing there in a tattered vest and his boxers. Had I not known who he was, I swear I’d have taken him for some homeless guy that my sister had decided to take pity on.

‘Hey…uh…come in’, he said, sounding rather disappointed to see me.

‘Hey Kevin!’ came my reply as I walked in without waiting for an invitation. ‘Where’s Cathy?’

‘She’s umm…gone to the store for some supplies.’ There was something about him that made me want to pity him. Not that I wanted to. Dishevelled and with a 3-day old stubble, I was starting to think he was really unhappy, making me begin to wonder if things were okay between the two of them.

‘You sound…a bit under the weather. All okay?’ I asked, realising that this was the most I’d ever conversed with him. For some reason, other than the fact that they’d lives nearly 900 miles away before moving to my city a couple of months ago, I hadn’t really gotten to know him that well. Other than the pleasant smiles and the 2-line customary exchange, we hadn’t really gotten to know each other that well.

‘Umm, yeah. I’m alright’ he replied, sounding like he was being confronted. ‘Let me help you with your bags. Cathy’s already tidied up your room. She’s pretty excited about you coming over.’

Why he was giving me these weird vibes, I wouldn’t find out until barely 2 days later when Cathy headed out for work, leaving her free-lancing business consultant of a husband as well as her little sister with the house to themselves. Not that they’d get in each other’s way. I loved the fact that Kevin would spend most of his time in his study, coming out perhaps no more than once every few hours to get something from the kitchen or their room.

Finally getting out of bed, I’d staggered down to the kitchen to fix myself a strong cup of coffee when I heard what sounded like a woman moaning. Realising it was coming from Kevin’s study, I found myself standing in front of the door, my ear plugged to the door as I sipped my coffee, making sure not to let the slurping get in the way.

There were a few seconds of silence before the moaning resumed, causing me to wonder who could be in there with him considering the fact that I knew Cathy had already left. Wanting to get a better view, I remembered that spot in the backyard that would give me a clear view of the inside of the room.

‘That cheating bastard!’ was the first thought that hit me. Based on my knowledge of her previous relationships, I knew she didn’t like cock so much. Nonetheless, this was no excuse for him to be cheating behind his wife’s back. But the moment I carefully peeked into the window, my hatred of him turned to absolute pity.

Buck naked, Kevin was leaning back in his chair, staring at the screen. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust before I noticed that his right hand was far from idle, the elbow almost resting on his spread out right thigh.

On the screen was this barely-legal, buxom porn-star, her legs spread wide as her co-star slowly fed her tight vagina his monster cock. Upon noticing the girth, something that would definitely tear me apart, my eyes quickly returned to the subject of my interest. From that angle, I could barely see the head of his cock popping out between his thighs, his right fist blurring it as it pumped it furiously.

My timing couldn’t have been better as, within minutes, the pumping got more furious, his head now leaning back. Seconds later, I saw thick loads of cum spurt out of the head one after another, some of it landing on the black keyboard, some on his right thigh. The pumping slowed to deliberate strokes as he came down from his orgasm, the on-screen entertainment now out of sync with his actions.

Not wanting to get caught in case he turned around, I made my way back to the kitchen, quickly grabbing my cup and taking a seat on the bar etlik escort stool at the counter. From where I was sitting, I was now facing his study, noticing some movement based on the shadows under the door. Barely a minute after I’d sat down with my coffee, I could hear the latch being undone before the opened. Kevin looked rather surprised to see me there.

Standing there in his now-standard uniform – boxers and a tee shirt – he appeared a little embarrassed, remembering what he’d just done with me barely a few feet away. His eyes locking with mine, his right hand instinctively went down to cover what he thought I’d just noticed: his semi erect member still forming a tent in his shorts. I even noticed a small wet spot from what was probably the residual cum from his little wanking session.

‘Hey Sam! Uh…you’re up early.’ He was trying hard to distract me from looking at his crotch any longer.

‘Well, I thought I heard some weird noises at first. I must’ve been dreaming’ I replied with a sly smile, making him blush before he made his way to the fridge. Having witnessed that show, I felt I now had the upper hand.

Back in my room, I found myself quite horny as I lay in bed meddling with my phone. My mind quickly drifted to Ryan, my on-and-off boyfriend who I’m sure was cheating on me since he wasn’t get much from me in the below-the-belt region. Letting my hand slip under my pyjama bottoms, I was soon reminiscing about the times we made out, especially the last time when I snuck him into my parents’ house after a night out.

After 18 years of teasing guys, I was still a virgin. While most of the other girls in my class were busy bragging about ‘the awesome sex’ they had, I was far from comfortable with myself. I was starting to feel bad for Ryan, for whom every make-out session was a lesson in denial. That night, I was ready to let me take my pants off, to go all the way even until I remembered that I hadn’t trimmed my fur down there.

As always, Ryan made an act of not realising that I wasn’t comfortable going fast as he tried to undo my belt buckle. Swatting his hand away, I decided to restrain him with my usual tactic: a quick handjob. Quickly unzipping his bursting bulge, I pulled out his not-so-impressive hard on and proceeded to pump the little head. With him kneeling above me as I lay down, I got a worm’s eye view of his package as he slid his jeans down to let out more of his little prick.

Knowing he was close, I quickly cupped my other palm under the head, not wanting to let any of it get on the linen or my clothes. Seconds later, he was filling up my palm with his thick, gooey load as my hand continued to squish the tip, squeezing out everything there was left inside him. It was the least I could do for someone who didn’t deserve to be teased and denied for so long.

The knock on my door pulled me out of my dreamland. Yanking my hand out of my pants, I got up to open the door to see Kevin standing there with the cordless phone stretched out towards me.

‘Cathy’s on the phone. Wants to ask you something’ he said, handing me the phone. Without thinking, I reached up to take it from him, my still-moist hand making contact with his fingers before the phone was in my hand. He had that oh-you-were-doing-that look on his face as he looked at the moisture that was now transferred to his hand.

Standing there, waiting for me to finish, he pretended to meddle with his phone as I talked to my sister. Hanging up, I handed it back to him.

‘Looks like Cathy won’t be home until after midnight again. What would you like to eat for dinner?’ I could tell he was still not very comfortable being around me while Cathy wasn’t home.

‘I’m okay with anything. Pizza would definitely be nice.’ I wanted nothing more to be left alone.

Much of that day had passed with me lazing around in bed. I was still horny as fuck in spite of having brought myself to orgasm twice already. The room reeked of my sex and I opened the windows to let in some fresh air. My mind raced back to that morning when I caught Kevin smelling his hand as he pretended to wipe his nose. He knew what I’d been up to and it put me in the same position he was in after I’d watched him play with himself.

A nice hot shower later, I was down in the backyard sipping on the long island ice tea Kevin had so kindly fixed for me. After much awkward shuffling around inside the house, he resolved to join me, bringing a bottle of beer with him as he sat down beside me on the garden chair.

‘I’m sorry to hear Europe didn’t work out. I wish I could’ve helped’ he said, finally breaking the silence.

‘That’s really sweet of you. I’m sure I can find a something to do for the rest of the year’ came my reply. ‘Besides, I wouldn’t have been too happy leaving my boyfriend behind.

‘Oh, Ryan and you are still together?’

‘Um, you know about Ryan?’ I was quite taken aback.

‘Yeah, Cathy had mentioned something about him a ankara eve gelen escort while ago’

‘Is that so? I wonder what else she tells you about me’ I replied, suddenly realising that I’d thought out loud.

‘Well, a lot of things’ he replied, finally smiling, albeit with an evil one. I was now mad at my sister whom I’d trusted with all my secrets. As if reading my mind, he continued ‘Look, it’s totally fine. There’s no need to rush into things. You have your whole life ahead of you’.

‘Excuse me!’ I was shocked at what he just said, knowing fully well what he was referring to.

‘Please don’t mind me. All I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to rush in. Guys at your age are always in a hurry. In the end, it’s your body and no one else’s to decide for you.’

I was still in a state of shock. He now seemed a lot bolder, almost turning the tables on me compared to how things were in the morning. Reminding myself that he was just trying to get to know me better, I loosened up. ‘I’m sorry, I’m just a little upset that Cathy shares our conversations with you’ I replied, now sounding a lot calmer.

‘So, if you don’t mind me asking, what made you decide to go ahead with it?’ He sounded a lot more concerned now. Almost like an elder brother.

‘Well, I’m 18, all my friends have done it. I have nothing to lose’ I confessed, taking a big swig of my drink. ‘Besides, my handjobs are starting to get a little stale with Ryan. Poor guy doesn’t deserve to be treated like that at his age.’

‘To be honest, once you get over it, it only gets better…well, for some time’ he paused, realising what he just said.

‘What do you mean? All okay between you guys?’ It was now my turn to play the role of the concerned relative. I knew from my conversations with Cathy that Kevin’s situation wasn’t very different from Ryan’s. I suddenly remembered what Cathy had told me about not being able to keep up with his needs. After all, her hectic work schedule had started to get in the way of their sex life, leaving him to take care of himself the way I’d seen him earlier in the day.

‘Let me guess, Cathy tells you secrets too’ he replied smiling, trying to brush off the topic.

‘Look, Kevin, you just need to give it time. I know it must be quite frustrating with Cathy being away most of the time.’ I couldn’t believe I was now discussing their sex life with him.

‘Yeah, when you’re older, you’d know what it’s like having a dry spell.’

‘I’m not as young as you thing I am!’ I snapped at his seemingly-patronising tone.

‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. Let’s please talk about something else. How about Ryan and you?’

‘What about us? I replied, feeling bad about my reaction. ‘I’ve been wanting to do it for some time but I’m just not…’ I paused, not sure how to say this.

‘Not sure if you’ll regret it?’ He tried guessing.

‘I’m not very comfortable about my body’ I confessed, feeling good to have gotten it off my chest.

The truth is I had, what most guys told me, was a killer body. No taller than about 5.2, my above average breasts looked even bigger on my short frame. To add to it, I had a butt that could conceal a 10-inch cock along its crack. As if that wasn’t enough, the curvy rear beautifully extended down to thick, muscular thighs. All in all, I was what you’d call voluptuous and I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what Kevin thought as he checked me out.

‘To be honest, I’d think you were fishing for a compliment. How could a girl, that looked like this, be self-conscious about her body?’ he asked, now blatantly staring at my tits and then my bare legs sticking out of my tight shorts.

‘Oh shut up!’ I blushed. ‘The problem isn’t with what you see. It’s what Ryan will eventually see.’ I confessed, wondering if he would get it.

‘Ohhhh…’ He did get it. ‘So you’re telling me you’re not…’

‘I’m a bit hairy down there. There, I said it!’ I finished his sentence, looking away out of embarrassment.

‘Aaaand…you’ve never owned a pair of scissors?’ he quipped, trying the add a bit of levity to the discussion.

‘Very funny! The thing is, I’ve never cut my hair and I’m really scared of shaving it off.’ I answered, looking him in the eye.

‘Just get a bikini wax!’ He stated, sounding excited about having come up with a solution. ‘I can drive you to Cathy’s parlour tomorrow morning.’

‘Aww, that’s really sweet of you but I’ve heard how bikini waxes hurt like shit. And I also know they don’t do shaving’ I replied, sounding rather disappointed.

After a few moments of silence, Kevin spoke. ‘You know, you could just ask Ryan to do it. I…used to do it for Cathy when we first started dating.

‘You…what?’ I wasn’t sure whether I was more surprised by his suggestion or by the information. ‘Cathy…shaved down there?’

After a long sigh he replied ‘Used to. Now I’ve forgotten what it even looks like’ he said, smiling.

‘You gaziosmanpa┼ča escort poor thing. I’m sure things will get better soon.’ I was actually feeling really bad for the guy. It sure sucked to be married.

‘Looks like the pizza’s here’ he said when we heard the doorbell ring.

It was now dark outside as I walked back into the house to the sight of Kevin paying the pizza guy off.

‘Grab some plates and fix yourself another drink. Oh, and could you please get me another beer?’ He said as he carried the pizza boxes into the living room.

We ate in silence, watching some old episodes of the Sopranos. It felt good to have opened up to him. Kevin turned out to be quite a nice guy after all. By the end of the meal, and my second drink, I was started to feel the buzz. My mind was still on the last part of the conversation. I wasn’t sure how to bring it up again but I sure needed to.

‘So, how exactly would Ryan be able to help me when he’s the one I’m trying to impress?’ I asked, breaking the silence.

He turned to look at me, clearly unhappy about having to talk about it again. ‘You do have a point there. Perhaps…’ he paused, suddenly realising where the conversation was going.

My heart was in my mouth. I couldn’t believe I was about to ask my sister’s husband if he would help groom his sister-in-law’s snatch. Gathering as much courage as I could ‘Umm…what about you? Look, I know it’s weird but I have no other choice.’

He just sat there staring blankly at the TV, probably hoping the silence would help before turning back to me again. ‘I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.’

‘I know it sounds strange but it’s really just a haircut. Cathy would never find out, I promise.’ I nearly begged.

After another bout of silence, he finally relented. ‘Ok, but let’s make this quick. Oh, and we NEVER EVER talk about this to anyone!’ he said, sounding pretty serious.

‘Our little secret. I promise!’

So there I was, walking up to him as he sat in his office chair, staring at my crotch. Completely nude from the waist down, I watched his eyes as they took in the sight of my naked hips swaying as I made my way to him. On his desk were a pair of scissors, a small comb, a disposable razor, a can of shaving foam, and a hand towel.

Standing in front of him with my legs barely spread, his face was at the same level as my bush and he stared at it for a few seconds, as if assessing the amount of work that would be required. Reaching for the comb, he ran it in short strokes through my hair, his other hand holding the outside of my thigh. It wan’t before long that he grabbed the small scissors and stared snipping away. I watched as a few clumps of my pubic hair fell to the floor between my feet.

Once he was satisfied with the front, he got up and asked me to take the seat. While it felt good to finally rest my ass against the soft cushion, I immediately felt a massive wave of shame and humiliation as he reached for my ankles and lifted my feet onto the chair. In this position, my legs were spread wide, giving him a clear view of my still hairy pussy.

After he finished cutting most of my hair down close to the skin, I innocently ran my hand up and down the skin to feel the smoothness, unintentionally brushing against my clit and causing me to get turned on. Now would come the scary part – the razor. I watched as he sprayed a generous amount of the gel onto his palm before casually lathering it into my crotch.

It dawned on me that this was the first time that I’d ever let anybody touch me down there. And it was exquisite! I loved the way his fingertips dipped through the foam, running along and between my folds. My legs involuntarily spread wider, thrusting my crotch out towards him and he was quick to notice pausing to look up at me while his fingers lingered over my crotch.

Wiping the foam of his hands with the towel, he proceeded to spread the skin on the left side of my lips, gently and very slowly running the razor over it. After finishing up, he moved on to the next side, repeating the strokes. Every now and then, a knuckle would bump against my clit, causing me to jerk my hips a bit.

Using the towel, he wiped the foam and loose hair away, admiring his work. Reaching into the desk draw, he pulled out a small mirror and handed it to me. ‘Take a look and tell me if you like what you see.’ He said, staring at my bald snatch.

It looked like a brand new pussy. I loved the way the entire length of my lips were now visible. Running my hand over the smooth skin, I finally spoke ‘It’s sooo smooth! Like a baby’s bottom!’

‘Speaking of bottoms, it’s time to turn around’

‘No, you really don’t need to…’ I tried to bargain.

‘Well, let’s have a look to make sure there aren’t any stray hairs remaining.’

I managed to muster enough courage before I complied. Without putting my feet back on the floor, I turned around in the chair, my chest leaning against the backrest as I stuck my large ass out towards him. This was the most vulnerable I’d ever been and his silence as he stared at my exposed rear from less than a foot away was only making it worse.

‘Umm…you may need to spread them a bit. I’ll need both my hands.’ He said, trying not to sound too excited.

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Mary Tagert

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This is an original work by Zeb_Carter and is protected under copyright by U.S. copyright law. It is only submitted at Literotica.Com and any submission to any other site has not been authorized by the Author.

Mary Tagert

Part 1

Mary Tagert crept along the side of the decrepit building following the shadows cast by the harsh street lamps. Flowing through the night, a shadow herself, Mary paused to look around her. Nodding her head, she scrambled in through the gaping window before her. Inside she tried to find a place out of the light and the chill breeze flowing through the place. In a corner, she leaned against the cold bricks and slumped to the floor. She was cold. Bone cold. This winter had started early and the cold stayed longer in the day. She closed her eyes and was asleep even though her body shivered.

Mary woke suddenly. She was being pulled up out of the darkness and sleep. In front of her was a large black shadow of a man. Before she knew what was happening she was over his shoulder.

“My things,” she shouted.

“I have them,” he said hefting her duffle in his left hand.

Looking around Mary thought about struggling but she just didn’t have the strength. She also spotted the dog. Large, black and trotting just ahead of the man. She was over John’s shoulder. John and Rudy were well known among the homeless. John had never hurt anyone. Rudy on the other hand would hurt anyone who tried to hurt John or anyone with him.

Through the cold, dark streets, John carried Mary. Until they came to a burnt out building not too far from where Mary had tried to hold up. Inside, John climbed some rickety old stairs to a platform above. He gently set Mary down on her feet. Turning, the dog, Rudy, blocked the stairs. John lay down on a pile of cardboard boxes.

“Come. Lay down,” John said.

Tentatively, Mary lay next to John. He opened his long, heavy coat and pulled her in close to him. She tried to move away.

“Stop wiggling. I’m just trying to keep you warm…”

“Yeah, I bet,” Mary croaked, scared to death.

“Stop,” John said closing his coat over Mary. “Rudy, come.”

The dog trotted over and lay down in front of Mary. John reached over and pulled Rudy close, then flipped several heavy blankets over them all.

“Now go to sleep,” John ordered.

Mary grunted, trying to settle herself. Her flee instinct had kicked in and was still yelling at her to run. Yet in the back of her mind she knew John had no ill will toward her. She shook as the adrenalin dissipated from her bloodstream.

“How old are you girl?” John asked gruffly.

“How old are you?” Mary snapped back.

“Well, said,” John said chuckling.

They both lay quietly. Rudy snorted several times. He was a big black, mostly, Rottweiler, mostly. Mary could feel the heat rising from him as he lay in front of her. Tentatively, she moved her hand to rest on his side. He snorted, but didn’t protest.

“I’m sixteen.”

“You should be home with your parents.”

“Not really.”

“What happened girl?”

“It’s Mary, but you know that. Why are you out here? A grown man like you?”

Silence filled the air once more. The sounds of the city barely intruded the space they were in. Mary lay there, listening to Rudy breath. Feeling John’s chest rise and fall with his breathing.

“I left home two years ago.”

“You’ve lived on the street for two years?” John asked in credulously.

“I have. And they were a lot better than the fourteen years I spent at home. Well not all fourteen, just the last two. Before that, mom was there. Mom was there and everything was good. Daddy had a job. There was food on the table. Then Mom got sick.”

“She died?” John asked.


“Been there,” John whispered, shuddering at a memory.

“Ya. After that, dad lost it. He started drinking. At first he tried, but the drink took away his will…”

“He lost that when you momma died, dear.”

“I suppose. Luckily, my oldest brother was working and brought home food. Dad did pay the rent, but that was it. The rest of his paycheck was for his beer. He didn’t start the hard stuff until later. Whenever he would come home drunk, us kids would hide in my bedroom. It was the only one with a lock on it. Alex, my oldest brother would keep dad away from the rest of us.

“That was until he started punching him. Alex tried to fight back but couldn’t take on a two hundred pound drunk. The rest of us would get slapped around pretty good too. Alex started taking Karate lessons. For two years he took them. Then one night when dad came home blasted, he knocked him down and kept him down. Then he told dad to leave us all alone. Dad got past him and busted in my door. Seems he had it in for me for some reason. Billy my younger brother tried to stop him. Got a broken arm for his trouble. Finally, Alex and Charlie, my other older brother, got dad under control. Alex knocked him out, then dragged him to the living room. Charlie, who was seventeen, cebeci escort took Billy to the hospital. Me and Sean, my youngest brother, with Alex stayed in my bedroom the rest of the night.

“We heard dad stir in the living room. He crawled to the bathroom and puked his guts out. Then a while later he crawled to his bedroom. A short time later we heard him snoring and we all went to sleep.”

“That’s when you decided to leave home?”

“Yes. The next morning he came bustin’ in my room, yelling and screamin’ how come I didn’t wake him to get to work on time. How he would probably be fired because of me. Alex knocked him down. Then kicked him in the ribs a couple of times and told him to get out and never come back. Alex let him pack his things. When he went out and car was gone, he pitched a fit. Alex told him to start walking, that the car wasn’t his to begin with.

“That night I packed an old duffle one the boys had found and slipped out my bedroom window. I was surprised my dad wasn’t there, waiting. But he was probably out drinking up the last of his money. So that’s how I came to be here.”

John grunted. Rudy snorted. Then the shadow of a dog as large as Rudy was standing over them. John reached over me and Rudy, flipped the cover back a little and the new dog lay down by our feet.

“That’s Sunny, she’s mine too,” John told Mary as he flipped the covers back over them all.

“So how did you end up out here?” Mary asked.

“Don’t talk about it.”

“Oh. Do you have any kids?”



“Don’t talk about it.”

Mary snorted. Rudy snorted. Sunny snorted.

“Had two, boy and a girl. They died. Their mother died. And if I ever find that drunk driver he will die.”

“Oh god, I’m so sorry.”

“Not your fault. Now go to sleep.”

Mary closed her eyes. In her mind her mother was dying all over again. Only this time there were two children with her. Mary shivered and then hugged Rudy to her. The dog huffed, but didn’t complain otherwise. Mary fell asleep shortly after that.

* * * *

For the next two years, Mary and John foraged for food together, sleep in the loft together and hung out together. The dogs had been well trained and now listened to Mary as good as they listened to John. John didn’t talk much, nor did Mary, so they kind of coexisted not talking except to the dogs. Mary would tell the dogs all kinds of stories, mostly for John’s benefit. John on the other hand just scratched them behind their ears and told them how good they were.

In the two years they were partners, John never once tried to touch Mary inappropriately. He would push her out of the way or pull her away from something he thought might be dangerous. But he never hugged her, never…well never tried anything. All of which Mary was very grateful for. Several times Mary grew out of her clothes. John found clothes that fit her. Here periods were a problem before she met John. But now he would scrounge enough money to get her pads so she didn’t bleed all over her clothes anymore.

Most days, John would get up, stretch and then go through a work out. Sit-ups, push-ups, deep knee bends, pull-up on a bar over the door, the usual stuff of staying in shape. Most morning Mary would join him. Doing sit-ups and push-ups. When John would start the pull-up or to lift the assorted weights he had accumulated, that’s when Mary called it quits. She didn’t really need to do much to stay in shape. All the walking and watching how much she ate kept her pretty fit. But every time John stripped down to his trousers and t-shirt, Mary marveled at his physique. He was lean and muscular. As she got older she started to have these inklings. Feelings deep down in her belly. At the time she really didn’t realized what they were, but over time she came to the realization of what they were.

For the last two years, John had had to do with a sink bath at the gas station, down on the corner, to get the stink of living on the street off him. Slip the guy at the counter a couple bucks and he would even give you a used bar of soap along with the key to the restroom. He had taught Mary about that and given her a couple of bucks every month. Mary, reveled in the gas station bathroom. She was finally able to clean that horrible stench out of her hair, off her body and especially between her legs. She was so grateful to John.

For two years Mary saved any money she could find, beg, borrow or steal. For two years Mary waited. Then her birthday came once more. She would be eighteen tomorrow. She hadn’t told John when her birthday was. From the few times Mary had been able to look at herself in a mirror down at the gas station, she wasn’t bad looking. Clean off the dirty and grime and she might even be pretty. She had boobs. John had gotten her a bra, but she preferred not wearing one. Her boobs were firm enough to not need one.

The day after her birthday, Mary grabbed John’s hand and pulled him along with her. It was time to repay his kindness. ├žin├žin escort When they got to the flop house, John dug in his heels.

“What the hell?”

“John. My dear sweet John. Yesterday was my eighteenth birthday. Today, I want to give you something back for all you have done for me. Please? I want to do this for you,” Mary pleaded.

“Mary, god no. I think of you as my daughter, Christ!”

“But I’m not your daughter and I want to repay you. How long has it been since you were with a woman?”

John just growled. “Too long.”

“Then let me take you upstairs and give you a gift. A bed to sleep on and woman to lose yourself in.”

“Oh god,” John groaned scrubbing his face with his hands. “What about the dogs?”

“They will wait for us at the loft, keeping anyone who pokes their nose where it don’t belong, out. I have told them to stay there. They have food and water and we will be back there tomorrow.”

“I don’t know…”

Mary grabbed his hand and pulled him inside. She paid for a room, got the key and dragged John upstairs. In the room, Mary put her little backpack on the bed and pulled out soap, toothpaste, with two brushes and a towel.

In the bathroom she laid out the items, then dragged John inside. Looking at him she nodded and went back to her pack and pulled out a razor, a pair of scissors and shaving cream.

“Where did you get all this stuff?” John asked. “And the money for the room?”

“I have been saving and scrounging for almost two years,” she told him boldly. “Now, it’s shower time. Wash, shave, brush your teeth and don’t put those dirty clothes back on.”

“Then what am I to wear?”

“Your birthday suit. That’s all I’ll be wearing in a minute.”

John looked a little shocked, then harrumphed and closed the bathroom door. Smiling, Mary disrobed as quick as she could. She needed a shower and to brush her teeth. But she needed to get out of those dirty, filthy clothes first. It was early fall so the room wasn’t too hot nor too cold. Sighing, she sat on the bed and waited.

* * * *

John stripped out of his clothes. Not wanting to disappoint Mary, he opened the door and flipped them out on the floor. He heard Mary gather them up and set them to the side. John started the shower, adjusting the water temperature. When he had it just right he stepped in and let the warm water cascade down over his trim body. John was not fat under all the clothes he wore. He had always been on the lean side, but now he was nothing but muscle. After all he did work out almost every day.

The water felt good. He had treated himself to this little pleasure in the past when he had enough extra money. Taking the bar of soap, John washed himself. After about twenty minutes, he dried himself and stepped out of the shower. Looking in the mirror he picked up the scissors and started to trim his beard. Fifteen minutes later, he was clean shaven, yet his hair was still long and wild. He brushed his teeth running his tongue along them to see if they were clean.

When he stepped out of the bathroom, he almost fainted. Mary was standing there, naked, waiting to go into the bathroom. He shivered, trying to cover himself. Mary on the other hand stood proudly naked. She had reason to be proud, John thought, she was the most beautiful sight he as seen in a long, long time.

“Geez John, you clean up handsome,” Mary quipped, as she stepped into the bathroom and closed the door.

John just stood there looking at the closed door, still seeing Mary in all her glory. She was a beautiful girl. No, she was a beautiful woman. John backed to the bed and sat, still staring at the bathroom door. He shivered as he closed his eyes and visualized Mary. She was very pretty. Her face was, under all the dirt and grime, pleasant to look at. But the body she hid under those clothes…it was magnificent. John hoped he could live up to her expectation.

* * * *

Closing the door, Mary leaned against it and exhaled sharply. She had been so nervous about being naked in front of John, when it finally happened, there was nothing to it. She loved every second his eye were on her. She knew he was lean and muscular, but seeing him naked enhanced the experience. And talk about handsome. She hadn’t been kidding him about his looks. Under all that hair on his face was a handsome looking man.

Pushing off, Mary went to the shower. She washed her hair first, then the rest of her. She finally stood in front of the mirror looking at her body all clean and white. At least she didn’t look pasty. But that bush between her legs had to go. Not completely, she didn’t want to look like a little girl. Just a trim. She set to work with the scissors. When she was done she stood back and admired her handy work. Then she brushed her teeth vigorously until she felt they were clean and her breath was fresh.

Nodding, she reached for the door. The anticipation had brought her excitement to an almost fever pitch. She could feel she was ├žubuk escort wet. It even had started to roll down her leg. Although a virgin, she was ready to give herself to the kind man who had taken her in and kept her from being used by others. For this she was most grateful. Pulling the door open, she stepped out. John sat on the bed, staring at the doorway. When he saw her his breath exploded from his lungs. Mary stood in the doorway and posed for him. One hand up on the frame the other on her hip. Legs crossed, chest out.

“Oh my god,” John whispered.

She was even more beautiful all cleaned up. Her auburn hair framed her face, cascading down her shoulder to cover her left breast. The rest tumbled down her back almost to her ass. She sighed as he looked her up and down. She was magnificent. When she walked toward him he groaned deep in his belly. For the first time in a long, long time his cock grew hard, flopped up and hit his belly. He felt no embarrassment.

Mary, smiled as she watched his cock, the first she had ever really seen up close, flip up from between his legs. She wasn’t all that sure of herself, but she had read several trashy novels she found in the trash, so she kind of knew what to do, just not the actual mechanics of it. Walking slowly toward John, Mary kept her eyes on his. He was looking her up and down, but settled on her eyes as she stopped before him.

“Oh god,” he whispered.

Reaching out tentatively, John finally put his hands on her hips. Leaning forward he kissed her stomach. It convulsed at his touch. Then she was sinking to her knees. She knew what she wanted to do. She reached out and grasped his hard cock. She stroked it, slowly, gently. Leaning forward she lowered her open mouth down around the head. John was bucking his hips and his dick was squirting his seed into her open mouth. A lot of it. She let it hit the back of her throat, but didn’t swallow. That would come later. For now she let his cum drop out and down on his pulsing cock. John groaned as Mary squeezed him in her petite hand.

“Oh my god…I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” John said.

Pulling her mouth off his cock, Mary looked up a John and smiled. “Don’t be. I expected that. I thought it was hot. Now go clean yourself up. Don’t use the towel, use the toilet paper.”

“Of course,” John said sheepishly. Smart woman, they would both want to take showers again.

When John left, Mary pulled a small pack of baby wipes from her pack and cleaned herself of John’s fluids. When he came out of the bathroom, Mary was on the bed, covers pulled back with her legs spread. She wanted him to get right to work.

“Eat me,” she told him.

Nodding, John crawled up the bed, wondering where she had learned such language, staring down at her pretty pussy. Her pretty eighteen year old pussy. Imagine an old fart like him being able to taste and even make love to a young eighteen year old pussy. He lowered himself to his elbows. He pressed his lips to hers. She shivered at his touch.

“Oh god,” Mary croaked as she groaned from his touch. “Lick it, please.”

Ever since reading that novel where the woman went around town letting men lick her pussy, Mary has wanted someone to do that to her. And here was John, getting ready to eat hers.

When his tongue touched her skin, Mary swooned. Her head flopped back and her eyes closed as pleasure shot through her body. John was also enjoying her taste and texture. The lips of her pussy were soft and growing as blood flooded them. Mary was excited, very excited. John slowly licked and sucked on her sex. His mouth covered her, his tongue flipped from here to there to everywhere, touching her labia, clit, and her opening. Pushing his tongue inside her, Mary yelled as her body was wracked with orgasm. Not her first, but her best so far.

“That’s it John, make me cum. Oh god I need to cum,” Mary growled.

John licked her harder and faster, concentrating on her clit. Mary’s hips bucked and shook with her excitement. Then John sucked on her clit hard. Mary was over the edge. She squeezed John’s head between her thighs and screamed her pleasure.

“I’m coming,” she shouted.

Lifting his face from her sex, John crawled up between her legs. Mary pulled his lips to hers. She tasted herself on his lips. She tasted good. Then she felt his cock pressing against her pussy.

“Take it easy please, I’m still a virgin. And,” Mary reached to the nightstand, “put this on.” She handed him a condom. John smiled nodding. Rising to his knees he rolled the thin rubber sheath down his cock.

Then he placed his cock against her opening once more. John gasped. Hesitated then slipped the head of his cock into her and stopped.

“I will go very slow, unless you think fast would be better,” John told Mary.

It felt so good to have his cock in her. She was hot, wet and tight. John groaned as she squeezed him.

“Go slow until I tell you push hard and fast,” Mary told him.

Nodding, John kissed Mary tenderly as he pushed his cock in little more. He pulled back a little and then pushed in a little farther. Mary was moaning as their tongues dueled in her mouth. Slowly, John sank into her wonderful pussy until he could go no farther. He had come up against her hymen. Mary jerked as he pressed against it.

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Mindy’s First Boat Sex

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Anikka Albrite

Hi, I’m Mindy. I am a rather petit woman with “A” size breasts and I seldom wear a bra. I am relaxed about my body and love life. I live with my boyfriend, Hank, who is a 6’3″ motorcycle guy who no one messes with. I feel well protected when we are together. Until this adventure I have not had sex with anyone else since Hank and I got together five years ago. I have used a diaphragm as my preferred method of birth control for years and feel very comfortable using it. It has never let me down. Hank and I have discussed getting married someday and at that time we will decide on children.

I drive an old VW convertible and when I am on a road trip alone I like to pull my shirt up as I am driving past the big rigs to give the drivers a show. I hear a lot of air horns so I guess I am appreciated.

One fall weekend in the early 1980’s, I drove to Sarasota to spend a weekend with my sister. She didn’t know I was coming but this never gets in our way and since my boyfriend was away for the weekend at some motorcycle thing. It gave me a chance to catch up on some family time.

When I arrived at my sister’s house her boyfriend of many years and his newly single male roommate were visiting. I knew the friend slightly but had never given him much thought.

The friend asked me if I would like to go down to the bay with him and watch the sunset from the anchored sailboat that he had access to for the weekend.

Well, that was how it all began.

After driving to the bay in his van, we took the dingy out to the sailboat with a compact cabin. He unlocked the hatch to show me the inside. The entire cabin was composed of a small space to stand while looking out the hatch and a big V shaped bow berth (a bed). There was just enough space demetevler escort for two. We went back out and sat on one of the seats to talk and wait for the sun to set. The weather was clear and the temperature was in the upper 70’s with a nice breeze from the gulf.

I don’t know what started it, but he held my hand while we were talking and then leaned in to kiss me. I responded with an open mouth kiss and we were off to the races. We missed the sunset.

We went back into the cabin and he was all over me – I didn’t resist at all. He slipped my T-shirt over my head and began loving my bra-less breasts. I told him I wished they were larger for him and he simply said, “More than a mouthful is wasted.” He then proceeded to take my entire breast in his mouth while teasing my nipple with his tongue. He loved one breast and then the other. I was feeling nothing but pleasure as he unfastened my shorts and slid them down my legs and over my feet.

There I was in a sailboat in the middle of the bay clad only in my brief panties with a man intent on making love to me.

He touched me through my panties, tracing the shape of my pussy lips with his fingers and I just lay back on the bed and enjoyed his tender touch.

I roused myself enough to unfasten his shorts and pull them down and off with his underwear at the same time. I began caressing his cock with my hand as he explored my now bare pussy.

He kissed me down there. He ran his tongue along my slit, played with my clit, and stuck his tongue deep into my vagina sucking up my freely flowing fluids at the same time. He sucked on me and it felt so good.

Meanwhile, I am still playing with his circumcised cock which is now swollen demirlibah├že escort and rigid with pre-cum seeping out that I am rubbing around the velvet smooth head. When he moves up to cover me and begins working his cock in and out of my pussy I do have the presence of mind to say, “We can’t do this. I didn’t bring my diaphragm along. I didn’t ever consider that I might be having sex on this trip.”

He responded, “I won’t cum, I just want to be inside you.”

I trusted him not to cum and proceeded to have one of the best orgasms I have had in months. He was so tender and thoughtful and did everything he could to increase my pleasure. Good to his word, he did hold back. Now I was concerned for him. I wanted to pleasure him as he had me.

So we discussed contraception. I really don’t like the feel of a condom clad penis inside my vagina. He knew of a couple who had been using a foam contraceptive for years with no pregnancy so I ask if we could go back to the mainland and get some.

We decided to go back to my sisters for some blankets and to pick up the foam kit from a pharmacy on the way.

When we got back to my sister’s house I told her we needed to borrow some blankets for the night and that we were going to take a shower while we were there. She told us the biggest and best shower was in her bedroom and that we were welcome to use it.

We undressed together, went into the shower and soaped each other up. We were totally relaxed together and were able to get to know each other’s body quite intimately.

He dried me off after our shower, kissing each breast and my love mound as well as my mouth and neck.

I hurried him along – I wanted to get back to the boat and dikmen escort give him the opportunity to release his cum inside me.

I think I had my clothes off as soon as we got onboard. In fact I undressed while he tied off the dingy.

We unpacked the foam contraceptive kit which was composed of a small bottle of foam under pressure and an applicator tube with a plunger.

We filled me with foam and he proceeded to fuck me. He was right, he had great control and even though the idea was to get him off, I came at least twice before he exploded inside me.

All through the night to the gentle rocking of the boat we would doze for awhile, wake up to find the other person caressing a breast, pussy, or cock, make love again then doze until the next awakening. Oh, what a memorable night.

In the morning I woke up before him and climbed down the boarding ladder into the bay to wash myself and be fresh and ready for our next session. After my bath I leaned over the side and cleaned the applicator. I didn’t know the plunger was a separate piece and it fell out into the bay, sinking immediately to the bottom. I was devastated as all this preparation was to be ready for another round of sex.

When he woke up I told him what had happened and how sorry I was that we couldn’t have sex this morning.

He told me not to worry, he would get the foam safely in me before making love to me again. He was so right.

After thoroughly loving my now clean pussy and making my love juices flow, he filled the applicator with foam, inserted it into my vagina, and blew the foam into me with his mouth.

I was so relieved. We made love another two times with multiple orgasms before going ashore about noon so that I could get back to my sister’s house and then home before evening.

As we walked to his van hand in hand, I told him that I had never had sex so many times in so few hours and that I thought my love passage had been rubbed raw. I told him that my boyfriend would just have to wait a few days before having his homecoming release.

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