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2011 summer break

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What I am going to share happened the summer on 2011. At that time, I was 36 and divorced. I have a young sister who has three boys. I live on a beach in Florida and had gotten the house I had worked so hard on when I got divorced. Two of my sisters’ boys who were a bit older was invited to spend the summer in England while on summer break from college. The young boy, who was in high school, was a bit bummed from staying home in Ohio for the summer. So, I invited him down for the summer. What young man would pass on the offer to spend the summer on a beach?

I am going to refer to my sister son as Matt. Matt and my sister were met by me at the airport. They both spent the weekend with me while we got Matt settled into my guest room. Matt and I dropped my sister off at the airport Sunday afternoon.

For the next week I would go to work and when I got home Matt would be either on the beach, or, in my basement playing video games. My basement is divided into to two rooms split with a wall that has a pass-through bar. On one side of my basement is a large room with a pool table, small card table, a few chairs, and a couch. On the other side is a small room with a table, chairs, refrigerator, and a bar.

One evening at dinner Matt asked, “Aunt Kim, would be ok if I moved into the basement and used the pull-out bed on the couch? I would have more room, plus I could play my video games anytime I want.” I said it would be fine.

A few nights later I need a bottled water and went down stairs trying not to make a noise, so I wouldn’t wake Matt. I keep a few cases of bottled water in the basement refrigerator. As I went down the stairs slowly I could here Matt was up watching a movie. I was shocked when I realized he was watching porn. I froze there on my stairs for a moment, then slowly turned around and went back up to my room.

The next day all I thought about was my sister’s son watching porn. I myself have always been ok with porn, I am not some prude. I then wondered if he was playing with himself.

The next night I could not sleep. I had to go spy on him. I just had to know what was going on. In my mind I laughed as for an instant I imagined myself dressed-up like a member of SEAL team six. As I slowly went down the stairs I was excited that I could here something going on. As I approached the pass-through bar in the wall I could see through the doors which can be swung shut when the bar is not in use. I leaned forward and looked between the two doors and saw his computer on and a video playing of a guy getting a handjob. I then tilted my head, so I could see Matt and there on the fold out bed was Matt holding and stroking his penis. My heart jumped, and I felt a rush of wetness between my legs. To me, his dick looked about average, but thick. I am not sure what happened to me, but I got very nervous and went back upstairs. As I laid in bed I got so horny. I went to my closet and in an old suitcase retrieved one of my favorite rubber dildo’s. It is about 8” long and has big rubber balls. I was so wet it slid in without any effort. I laid there and fucked myself for about 20 minutes until I had strong orgasm. As I laid there breathing hard I heard something in the house. I thought maybe Matt had gotten up. I quickly removed the dildo and placed it under a pillow. I got up and put a robe on and walked out into the hallway and saw nor heard anything. I turned the light on and went to my bathroom. As I walked back to my bedroom and noticed something on my black carpet. I knelt down and looked at it, then noticed some on my bedroom door. I touched it and rubbed it between my fingers, then smelt it. “Holy Shit” I said, it was semen. I felt light headed for a second. My god, Matt must have watched me masturbate. He jerked off and came on my bedroom door. I must have not closed it all the way.

The next morning, I wondered how Matt would act. He was asleep when I left for work.

When I got home I found Matt out back laying in the sun. I asked him if burgers on the grill would be ok for dinner. He said that would be great. I was happy there was no weirdness in the air.

The next night in bed, I could not sleep. My mind was racing with the fact Matt had watched me play with myself with my toy and jerked off. I was also surprised by how wet I got thinking about it. As I laid there I heard something in the hallway. My heart jumped, could Matt be back to watch again? I started to shake but had to play I was asleep. As I laid there I heard my door open a little. Then I heard him walk back down stairs. I waited about five minutes and then ventured down stairs. Again, I found myself spying through the doors at the bar. Matt had porn playing and I was shocked as it was of a college aged boy fucking a mature woman doggy style. I then peaked more around the door and saw Matt stroking his penis. I had a much better view. This time I would say his penis was bigger then I thought. I would guess 7-8 inched, and like I said earlier, thick. In then heard him grown a he climaxed. 4-5 long strings of cum squirted from his engorged head. It had been so long since I had seen a man cum.

The next morning, I was surprised to see Matt up. I asked him if he wanted breakfast and he said he was starved. As we had breakfast I asked him, “So, you meet any cute girls yet on the beach?”.

Matt actually blushed a little and said, “Not really, girls are not into a nerd like me.”

“What are you talking about Matt” I said, “You are a cool kid, I bet girls would love to meet you.” Matt just blushed and said, “I am scared of the rejection, maybe one day”. I just smiled at him and could tell he was actually very shy.

About 7:30 that night the neighbor’s walked over and asked if we wanted any oranges they had picked. Matt and I love fresh oranges and took all they would offer. My neighbors are nice retired couple who moved from Chicago. Darren ask Matt if he had ever fished from the shore? Matt had not and the two went to fetch the fishing gear. Jenny and I were sitting watching the sun getting lower and decided to have some wine. Around 10:30 Darren and Jenny left, and I needed a shower, plus, I was a bit drunk. I said goodnight to Matt and went upstairs. Laying in bed after my shower I was so horny. Now, I have no idea why I did what I did next, but… I went and got my toy, left the small light on which sat on a small table in the corner of my room, and then made sure my bedroom door was open about 3 inches.

I got into bed on top of my covers and pulled my t-shirt off and slid my panties off. I am very fit, 5’-6 128 pounds, and perfect “purchased” breasts. I am not ashamed of my breast enhancements, but very proud of them. I started squeezing my right breast and playing with my clit when I heard something in the hallway. My heart raced as I knew I was going to put on s show for my nephew. I then rubber the dildo up and down my opening, then slid it in slowly and deep. I could feel the rubber balls touching my ass. I started fucking myself fast with the dildo and I then heard a grunt from the hallway. I was mortified as Matt was actually in my doorway with his dick in hand and then ran out and down the hallway. He had actually pushed my door open a bit and was standing in the doorway watching.

I laid there on my bed having no idea what to do. Needless to say, I did not sleep much that night.

The next morning, I could hear Matt was up in the kitchen, I was really nervous what to do. I walked downstairs, and he was sitting at the kitchen table. I walked in and smiled, and Matt said, “Aunt Kim, can we talk?”

I said, “Of course.”

Matt turned real red and said, “I am so sorry about last night, please don’t tell my mom I was being a creeper.”

I smiled and said, “Matt, your fine. I was a bit startled also, but you’re a young man that has his urges, no worries, and I would never share something like that with your mom.”

Matt looked up and said, “I just think you are so beautiful, and I have never seen a real girl before.” I just smiled and told him to forget it.

A week went by and Matt was acting normal and I locked my door anytime I played with myself. On evening I was watching TV when Matt came inn and sat down in the chair next to me. Matt seemed nervous and then said, “Aunt Kim, can I ask you something?” I said, “Of course, anything.” “This is going to be really weird.” Matt said.

“Ok, go on.” I said getting a bit nervous.

“Well, when a comet goes by it might only happen once every 500 years, and you may only have one chance to ever see it.” Matt shudders.

“Ok” I said.

“I mean, what if you have a chance to do something, but don’t have the guts to tell someone.” Matt was really turning red, and I was now wondering what the hell was he talking about.

Matt then said, “Well, you said you would never tell my mom about what happened, and, well, can I see your boobs and maybe touch them?”

To say I was shocked is an understatement. I had no idea what to say, I did not want to make my nephew feel rejected. I said, “Isn’t the porn you watch enough?”

Matt said, “It’s not real and, hey, how do you know I watch porn?”

I was caught and had no idea what to say.

Matt then said, “You were watching me, I knew I heard you.”

I must have blushed, and he said, “See, you’re a creeper also. I said,

“Matt, that’s not nice to say, you are not a creeper, and I am not a creeper.”

Matt says, “yep, you watched me. Please, I have never touched a girl, its not like I want to kiss you, that would be weird.”

I said to Matt, “Follow me.” Matt and I want down stairs to the basement (no windows) and I stood by the pool table and took my shirt off and as I undid my bra said, “You speak of this to no one, I could get in a lot of trouble. I then let my bra fall to the floor. Matt turn deep red and started breathing şişli escort very hard. He looked up at me and then stepped closer. He reached out and touched my right breast. He was so gentle, like he was going to hurt it. I said” You can be firmer.” He then took his other hand and grabbed my left breast. I was surprised at how fast I became wet and was very nervous about it. Matt then leaned in and took my right nipple in his mouth. It felt so good, and my nipple quickly hardened to the point it hurt a little. I let him play with my breast for about five minutes and then told him it was best if we stop. I then went upstairs, locked my door, got out the biggest dildo I own, which is 12” and black, and fucked myself silly. I also got my anal plug out and had that in my butt. I had a wonderous orgasm.

A few days pasted by and we spoke nothing about what happened. I could not believe what I had let happen. Was I crazy? I had not been this horny for years. Each night I would get my toys out and work up bigger and bigger orgasms.

Friday night we had the neighbors over for BBQ. We all finished off two bottles on wine, except for Matt, he had his root beer. Around 11 after they had left Matt asked me if we could talk again. I thought, “Oh Boy, what now?”

Matt said, “This is going to be really weird Aunt Kim, so just hear me out.”

“Ok, just say what you want to, I can always say no.” I said with a smile.

“Well, here is what I was thinking, and this, well, its, weird.” Matt turned a bit flush. “You know I have zero experience with a girl. And making out with you would be very strange, and making love would be even weirder. But they have sex dolls that a guy can play with and get experience with.”

I interrupted and said, ”You want to buy one?”

Matt laughed and said, “No way, they are like $10,000” He took a deep breath and said, “I want you to pretend to be a sex doll. Just lay down nude and let me touch you.”

I thought this was the weirdest thing I had ever heard.

Matt then said, “You could put on your sleep mask so I can’t see you, and you can’t see me, and just let me explore you.”

My heart starts pounding, what do I say, what should I do? This is entering into the world of crazy. I said, “Matt, I am not sure that this would be the best thing. I am not sure it would be as good as you think it would be.”

“You just have to lay there, we could agree on a signal or word if it feels to weird, or I go to far.”

I look down as I am a bit embarrassed and say, “So you just want me to go into my room, undress, and lay on my bed with my sleep mask on.”

“It would be a way for me to know a girls body, and might help me one day when I have girlfriend.”

“I don’t know Matt, be honest, what do you want to do to me?”

“I don’t know, touch your boobs, you know, suck them, and play with your private parts. And, well, uh, put my dick between your boobs.”

“Oh my god, he wants to titty fuck my breast. My ex did that al the time.” I thought, and said, “Look Matt, let me think about it.”

Three days later I had gone to happy hour with some friends from work. I took a uber home as I was pretty close to being trashed. I walked in and could here Matt down stairs playing video games. I went and took a shower. In the shower I realized I was so horny. I know it was late, but I wanted my toy in me. I have no idea what happened no my sanity, but I had an idea. Keep in mind, I was drunk.

I got out of the shower and got my toy with a bottle of lube, laid on my bed, and put on my sleep mask and yelled for Matt to come up stairs. I could hear him walking up the stairs and then down the hall and I heard him gasp and stand there. I was trembling. I then whispered, “If I say no, then you have to stop.” I heard Matt walk around the room and could tell he was gazing at my nude body. I then felt the bed shift as he climbed on my King size bed. I wanted to be his sex doll, so I tried to be lifeless. Matt started squeezing my breast and sucking my nipples. He then grabbed my left knee and opened my legs. This startled me as I never planned for him to open my legs. I then felt him touch my clit which made me twitch. I could tell he had no idea what he was doing and was fumbling around. Then I felt him slide a finger into my very wet opening. He then entered two and was pumping his fingers in and out. I am not sure why I did not stop him, and I think he felt the same way. I then felt him shift around on the bed a bit and wondered what he was doing, with him now on my left side I felt something at my opening. I then felt Matt slide my toy deep into me. He started to pump it in and out. I tried very hard not to move or act like I was getting into it. Then something really weird happened, Matt climbed between my legs and start acting like he was fucking me, but with my dildo in me. I have to say it really turned me on. Matt then took my dildo out of me and for a brief second of terror I thought he was going to put his dick in me. He then climbed on me and start rubber his very hard dick against my breast, then he squeezed my boobs together and started titty fucking me. I always loved my ex doing this to me. As Matt pumped I felt him touch my lips with his penis. As he did this he would touch it more and more. Matt then stopped and slid forward and used his finger to pull my chin down and put his penis in my mouth. He pumped a few times and quickly withdrew it and I then felt squirt after squirt of warm cum on my lips, face and in my hair.

Matt got up and whispered, “Oh Shit, I am sorry aunt Kim.” I then heard him leave the room. If it had not been for my sleep mask I would have Matts cum in my eyes. He came everywhere.

Matt and I went on about our normal lives for 3 days.

I was watching TV when Matt entered the room. All had been normal, and we hand not spoken a word about the other night. Matt walked up and handed me a note and walked of with a red face. The note said, “Can you be my sex doll again?” I sat there and thought about it and wondered if this thing had gotten out of hand. I have to admit, it was very strange, but, I liked being his subject to explore sex with.

I went upstairs, undressed, put my sleep mask on, and laid on my bed with my legs wide open.

I heard Matt come up the stairs and stand near me. I could hear his clothing coming off and falling to the floor. He then climbed on top of me and just laid there. He was hard and starts dry humping my pubic region. As he pumped I got very wet. I know this was all crazy, my sister’s son on top of me with our naked bodies skin to skin.

Matt then started sucking my nipples, this went on for around five minutes, he then slide down my body and start kissing all around my trimmed opening. Since I was 15 I have always kept myself clean shaven. Matt then made me twitch as he licked my opening and started pushing his tongue into me. I was in absolute heaven.

What happened next was so hot, but made me so nervous. Matt then climbed up my body and I felt the rubber feeling of a penis touching me. He was breathing very hard. He then started rubbing his penis head up and down my opening. I was getting really close to cumming when I heard Matt grown and then felt sharp squirts against my vaginal lips. Matts heavy breathing slowed. I was happy he did not put it in me, but was also sad, as a part of me would have loved to known how this young mans big dick would have felt all the way in me. I then felt Matt climb off me, gather his cloths, and leave my room.

I got up and went into my bathroom to clean up. His semen was everywhere. I got a mirror to look at myself and saw his semen all over me. I am not afraid of getting semen in me as I had my tubes tied a long time ago. I am amazed at how thick and white a young mans cum is. I took my finger and got a glob on it and sucked it off my finger. It was perfect. I love the taste of semen.

Two nights later I wondered where Matt was and snuck down stairs and spied him jerking off. I fingered myself as I watched him stroke that magnificent dick. I could just see the screen of his computer but could tell he was jerking off to a woman that looked to be in her 40’s. As he came he groaned and said, “do you feel it in you aunt Kim?” I was shocked but turned on a little. He was really fantasizing about having sex with me.

I went upstairs and fucked myself with my big rubber black dick. I was so horny I took my smaller dildo and pushed it deep into my butt. I woke up later wet and in bed with my toys. I must have had three orgasms.

The next morning, I was making breakfast and Matt came in and sat down. He seemed a bit down and I asked him want was going on. Matt looked out the sliding glass door at the ocean and said, “I wish girls noticed me and looked at me like other boys.”

I looked at Matt and smiled, then said, “Girls like guys that make them laugh, sure, we like the cute ones, and your cute, but girls like guys that are fun.”

“I guess, I always hear about girls liking fun guys, but I am a nerd, and girls don’t like nerds. I am just screwed.”

“Oh Matt, you re not just a nerd, but nerds are the ones when your older which the girls like. They are smart, have money, and are always fun.”

Matt looks at Kim and says, “I guess, this summer has turned out to be crazy.” He then smiled and looked down and said, “Plus, it’s a summer I will never forget.”

“You know, you can’t ever tell anyone about this summer, and I mean anyone, ever.”

“I know, I will never say a thing.” Matt says with a smile in his face.

Nothing happened for the next two weeks. Matt spent much of his time on the beach, or downstairs jerking off. I just laid in bed at night playing with myself. I was so confused if I wanted to be his sex doll, or if I was a bad person for even considering it.

Friday night came around and Matt and I watched a movie and had nacho’s. After I cleaned up and said good night Matt walked up and left a note on the kitchen counter. He walked out and I read the letter. All it said was, “Tonight?”

I went upstairs and undressed. I laid on my bed and covered my eyes with my sleep mask. A few minutes went by and I then heard Matt enter my room. I heard him wrestle with his cloths. I then felt him climb on the bed. I started to tremble as he touched my breast. Matt than sat on my stomach and played with my breast. He then reached between my legs and slide his fingers in with one hand and he squeezed my breast with his other hand.

I am not sure if it was from Matt watching his porn, but Matt then started rubbing my clitoris. I felt quickly flush and knew an impending orgasm was on its way. My body then shuttered, and my body was hit with a very powerful orgasm. I arched my back up lifted Matt a bit of the bed. I could tell as I as came down I surprised Matt. He sat on my stomach motionless.

As I gathered my breath Matt then slide down my body and proceeded to go down on me. And again, I felt the quick rise of another orgasm racing from my depths. I groaned and yelled as this orgasm raced through me making my toes curl. As I came down I felt Matt climb on me. I knew he was going to dry hump me until he cums. I felt his hard dick rubbing my pubic bone, and every few humps I felt his head touch my lips.

Matt then laid flat on top of me and took a deep breath. I knew he was about to cum, but he just laid there. I wondered if he had gotten close and was trying to make it last. Matt then slid down a little and I felt the head of his dick at my opening. My heart felt like it was going to explode. I was frozen and could not move, nor, did I know what to do. Matt then took another deep breath and slowly proceed to push and nudged me. He was trying to get it in but had no idea how to. He nudged a few more times and then his head entered me a little. I gasped, and I think it scared him. He pushed and nudged and then with very slight resistance he enter me until his pubic bone pushed hard against mine. I then felt a slight touch of his balls against my ass.

Matt just laid on top of me, penetrating me as deep as his dick would go. He did not thrust, but slightly rocked, no, he grinded a slow humping action. I had not felt that full and penetrated for a long time. Matt’s body became very ridged and I felt his dick get very stiff and start throbbing, and I felt the welcome pulsing knowing a man was filling me with his seed. I just about orgasmed from the pulsing.

Matt breathing slowed down, and then he withdrew his wonderful dick. I laid there, with the cool air on my body, and nude. Matt left the room and I took my sleep mask off. I sat up and was at a loss for words what I saw. I could see all the semen which was oozing out of me. How could such a young man have that much in him. I was so totally turned on and had no idea what to think, what to do, or even how to behave. For reasons I will never understand, using my finger I fished out as much cum as I could from my vagina and ate all I could. I loved the smell and taste of his semen.

I laid back on my bed, legs slightly open, and wonder what I had just done. My sister’s boy just fucked me and left his semen in me. I was excited, but very nervous if he ever told anyone. My mind was stuck in a loop of remembering what it felt like to have him on me and cum in me without ever really thrusting into me. How a young man can be so excited that he cums from just being in a woman is exciting to me.

I got up the next morning and could still feel the crusty feeling of dried semen on my vagina. I have so many mixed thoughts on what I had just done.

The next afternoon I took off work early so Matt and I could go out boating with the neighbors. We all had a great time and was just enjoying the ocean. I could not help to look at Matt and see he was just a boy who was trying to figure out life. He was cute, there is no doubt about that, but he would be a good catch for some high school girl.

About 9:30 we had gotten settled back in and were just hanging out. Matt then asked, “Aunt Kim, can I ask you a few personal questions?”

“Sure, what ever you want.” I said with a smile.

“Well, do girls, I mean. Dang.” There was a pause. “Do girls really like oral sex, on a guy? On my videos they seem to really enjoy it, and act like they love to swallow.”

“Well I guess it depends on the girl. I know many that really enjoy it, they feel like they are in charge. I know I do. And as far as swallowing. There’s not really any other thing to do at that point if the guys starts to cum in your mouth.”

“Ok, cool, thanks.” Matt said and turned a little red and then said, “Well, good night.” Matt then got up and went down stairs.

Three days went by and we just went about enjoying the summer. I was so horny but never wanted to be the one who instigated anything.

The next Saturday afternoon Matt came up from down stairs and handed me a note and turn and walked fast back down stairs. The note said, “In 5 minutes come down stairs, I hope you understand, if not, I am ok.” I could not begin to imagine what he was up to.

I waited five minutes and proceed down the stairs. The basement was dark, but sitting on the couch was Matt, nude except with a homemade blindfold on. He was erect, and it hit me what he wanted. A blowjob.

I was frozen again. I had no idea what to do. I was aroused as he has a magnificent dick. A perfectly shaped one with a hard shaft and a big mushroom shaped head. I started to tremble but walked towards him. I knelt down and then onto my hands and knees and approached him. I put my hand on his leg and he jerked a bit. My other hand grasped his very erect shaft. I started pumping it and wetness grew between my legs. I leaned forward and took his head in my mouth. His head is big and I struggled with getting it easily into my mouth. I then clamped my lips down on his shaft and proceed to take as much as I could into my mouth and pushed it against the entrance of my throat. As I bobbed up and down for a few seconds his head swelled and his body lifted up a little and my mouth was instantly greeted with squirt after squirt of warm semen. There was a lot and I was having a hard time getting his dick head positioned so I could start swallowing. After what seemed to be six or seven heavy squirts it slowed down to just some oozing. I slide my lips up his shaft being careful not to lose a drop.

I sat back and finished swallowing. He still had some semen oozing from his head which I then licked off and put his dick back into my mouth and sucked hard trying to get every drop. I just loved having his very hard dick in my mouth. I then got up and walked up stairs. About 10 minutes later Matt came up and said he was going to the beach, like nothing had happened. I wonder if he has any idea how lucky he was getting this type of treatment.

I was getting ready for work when my sister called and asked how everything was going. It was really strange telling her how much fun we were having. There were only two weeks left before she would pick him up.

Not much happened over the next week. Matt had been spending a lot of time on the beach and was hanging out more with the local kids. Last night Matt went to the movies with his new friends.

Saturday afternoon I was doing some laundry when Matt walked into the laundry room and left a note on the dryer. It said, “Tonight” with a smiley face. I thought about it and just smiled. I work out at the local gym 4 times a week and wanted to go to the gym this evening but thought I would just go earlier. While at the gym I always finish up with free-weights. When I was lifting weights all I could think about was Matt laying on top of me. I could feel wetness between my legs.

Around 10:30 I got into bed nude, laid back and just waited. Having my sleep mask on and laying there so open makes one feel vulnerable. I then heard Matt stirring in the room. I felt the bed move as he sat next to me. As Matt moved around I could tell he was now hovering over me. I twitched a little as he took my right nipple in his mouth. He sucked my nipple into his mouth making it grow very hard. He then grabbed my other breast and started to squeeze it. I drew very wet with his touch.

Matt then climbed on top of me and nudged his erect dick against my opening. I was growing very wet and I opened my legs a little to allow better access. Matt dick head penetrated me, and after a few pumps he was mashing his pubic bones against me. Matt then stopped and just laid there. The feeling of him inside me was intoxicating. Matt then startled me when he withdrew almost all the way and then forcibly pushed it in hard. Matt then proceeded to lift his weight of me and started thrusting like a wild man. As he thrusted I was growing quickly to a orgasm. I could feel his balls slapping my ass. I was so happy this young man was lasting. Then Matt screamed and drove into me hard smashing my clitoris, this made me explode in an intense orgasm. As my body jerked from my own orgasm I felt Matts dick start twitching and throbbing, and the warm feel of semen filling me sent my own orgasm into a second wave. I wanted to grab his ass and pull him in getting every bit of his dick deep in me.

We laid there for at least 5 minutes. I could still feel him breathing hard while still holding himself up off my body. Matt then laid on me and started humping me. His dick slowly getting harder, and then started sliding in and out again. “Oh my god”, I thought. “He is going to fuck me again”.

Matts speed slowly quickened. His dick was getting fully hard again. I could feel with each thrust he was push his semen out which ran down on to my asshole. Matts thrusts started to pick up a vigorous pace. His breathing quickened and his breath was hot against my ear. Mat instantly stopped and laid there. I thought he was cumming, but I felt nothing. Matt got off me and I wondered what he was doing. Matt grabbed me by the side and rolled me over onto my stomach. He grabbed my hips and tried to left me. It then hit me, he wanted to fuck my doggy style. I complied and lifted up onto my hands an knees. I felt his hands on my waist and he positioned himself behind me. With no effort Matt slide his wonderful dick in my all the way. He went so deep he hit my cervix. It felt so good being that full of dick.

Matt started thrusting and I only wish I was being able to look between my legs and see his shaft and balls pumping me. Matts pace quickened and he then gave 2-3 deep hard thrust and then pushed as deep as he could and released very powerful throbs into me filling me once again.

He held me tight with his hands on my hips pulling against him. As the throbbing subsided he just held me tight. He then leaned forward pushing me down on to my stomach. With his dick still in me he just laid on my back. Once in a while he would grind into me. With me laying face down and Matt on my back he lifted his body up off mine, he then withdrew his dick. The coolness on my vaginal lips made me realize just how wet I was with our juices. Matt laid next to me rubbing my butt and legs.

Then Matt started playing with my wet opening and was smearing our juices around which was weird to me. Matt then poked my anus with his finger. He smeared more of our juices around my hole and slowly slide a finger in. One thing I absolutely love is a man to play with my anus. Matt slowly finger fucked my ass and it got me really turned on, he then slides in another finger, this was really working me up to another orgasm. I then felt Matt working in another finger and he could tell I really liked.

I was so close to cumming I was hoping he would keep going. Then, just as fast as he started he withdrew his fingers. I was saddened that he was done. I felt the bed moving around and knew Matt was getting of the bed. I then heard my dresser drawer open and close. I could not tell what he was doing. I then felt the bed move and knew he had gotten back on. The felt Matt insides of my legs and he parted them a bit. I then could hear Matt was stroking his dick. I was excited when I felt Matts finger start to prob my ass, but I was worried if he would hurt me with no lube, then I felt some pressure and felt something rather large. It hit my like clap of thunder as I felt his dick head inter me and his shaft slide deep in my ass. Matt again just laid on my back. It felt so good having a hard dick in my ass. It has been years since I was properly fucking in the ass. But, how did he slide in so easy? Matt then started humping. Because he had already came so much Matt started fucking me hard and fast, this lasted a long time until I heard him whimper and then push every inch of his dick up deep in my ass. I then felt very clear and defined throbbing and pulsing as he fills my ass with his semen. I did not cum, but got so close I was frustrated he could not just keep pumping for another minute.

Matt laid on my back deep in me for a long time. I had wondered if he had drift asleep. He then lifted up onto his arms and slowly pulled out. Matt got up and left my room. I reached over and grabbed some tissue from my night stand and held it against my ass so I could go to my bathroom. I sat on the toilet and was turned on by how much semen was leaking out of my ass. I pushed like trying to go to the bathroom and more came out. I felt slippery, but where did he get the lube?

I walked back into my bed room and turned on the light. Laying on my bed was my lube. I then look at my dresser and saw Matt had gotten my lube out. How the fuck did that little bastard know where my lube was. Matt must have been going through my drawers when I was out work.

I laid in bed most the night wondering how I could have let this get so out of control. I love the feeling after being fucked, it keeps me wet for hours. But what was I thinking. My Sisters High School son.

For the next few days Matt acted shy but seemed happy. That night I decided to spy on him. I am not sure if he knew I was watching but it was intoxication watching him jerk off. His dick gets so hard. As I have gotten older it is a real turn-off when a man can get hard. I hate having to help a man get hard, but seeing him hard makes me so wet. Undoing his pants and fishing out his hard dick drives me crazy.

Two more days went by when I walked by my bed room going towards my laundry room. I saw a note on the bed. It read, “Tonight”. My heart started to race as I really had to put a stop to this. I knew I had to just tell him know. I sat on my bed thinking how to approach him. I had so many mixed emotions.

I walked back down stairs and could not get out of my mind laying in my bed with my legs open with Matt fucking me. I was losing my mind with lust. I was very wet. I cooked dinner and we ate and Matt acted normal. I could not understand how he could set there eating a burger and fries knowing he may be fucking me in a few hours. I tried two to three times to open my mouth and tell him we needed to stop meeting in my bed.

We finished eating and I started cleaning the dishes when Matt went down stairs. I stood there thinking, “What the fuck am I doing.”

I went up stairs and took a shower. I stood there with the water running down my body. I felt such deep guilt. I shaved and got my body smooth and got out and dried off.

I went to my bed naked and sat. I took a deep breath and reached over and took my sleep mask from my night stand and slide it over my eyes. I then laid back and opened my legs.

I laid there for what seemed a long timer and then heard Matt enter my room. The bed shook as he climbed on. Matt wasted do time grabbing my tits and then sucking my nipples. My body was so turned on and sensitive. Matt the climbed over my leg getting between them. I jumped as he literally drove his face into my pussy. He started kissing and licking my lips. He drove me nuts when he sucked my pussy lips into his mouth. Matt then did something only a skilled lover knows how to do. Matt started licking my clit slowly but with a steadily growing force. I felt deep in me an orgasm growing. I found myself praying he would not stop. Matt started fingering me as he ate my pussy. Once I knew I was past the point of no return I started groaning, and my ass lifted up off the bed.

When my orgasm hit it was earth shattering and very emotional. As I came down I felt like crying it had been so intense. As I laid there breathing very hard and sweating Matt laid on top of me and I felt his dick head penetrate me. Matt fucking me for at least 10 minutes. He would fuck me hard then lay on me. He would fuck me real slow and the stop and lay on me. Matt took his time fucking me. I was I heaven as I laid there with my legs open wide as he thrusted into to me. Matt then did something he had never done, and it startled me big time. Matt started pushing his lips to mine. He started kissing me trying to push his tongue into mine. I had no idea what to do as he thrusted into me. I gave in and opened my mouth and Matts tongue snaked in to mine and we started French kissing deeply. This pushed Matt over the edge and Matt took a few more deep thrust and then sank his dick deep in me and I felt the lovely pulsing and throbbing as he filled me with his semen. Matts body jerked and jerked as he pumped his seed in me. I wanted so bad to wrap my legs around his legs and grab his ass and pull him deeper.

Matt laid on me for a while and then lifted up and withdrew his dick. Sweating and breathing hard I laid there with his semen running out of me. Matt then startled me but again by leaning in and kissing me. Matt and I kissed deeply and he then grabbed my tit and started squeezing me. It drove me nuts to be kissing like a teenager and making out with Matt.

I have to say, the stamina and strength Matt had was really amazing to me. We laid there kissing and him groping my boobs. I then felt what I guessed was Matt jerking off. As he kissed me deeply he started breathing harder. Matt then slide across my body and pushed his dick back deep into me. He felt so stiff and hard all I wanted him to do was fuck me. As he thrusted I thought, “what the hell.” I wrapped my legs around his as he fucked me hard. He did not miss a step. Matt started fucking me so hard he was pounding me into my bed. Matt fucking me vigorously and with his youthful stamina for the next 20 minutes. We ended with Matt thrusting in my as I came on his hard cock. I don’t usually use the word “cock”, but at that moment that’s what is was, a hard cock shooting its cum deep into my womb. I fucking loved it.

Three days later my sister called that she was about to get on the plane to fly down. Matt and I needed to head for the airport as it was about a hour drive. I was really sad I was going to lose my summer lover. I have no idea what happened to me, but as I stood at the front door ready to walk Matt and I to my car, I grabbed Matt by the hand and led him into my front bathroom. I sat on my counter and lifted my skirt and lowered my panties. Matt knew what to do. He dropped his shorts and entered me. Matt fucked me for a few minutes, but we had our eyes locked on each other’s, something we had never done. Matt leaned in and we kissed deeply as he started throbbing and pulsing in me. He then slid out and his cum dripped on my floor. I jumped of the counter and pulled my panties up.

2 hours later when my sister gave me a hug at the airport, I wondered what she would have thought knowing her son’s cum was still in me.

When I got home to my empty house, I was lonely. I then got some cleaner out and went and cleaned up the dried cum which sat on my bathroom floor where Matt had just a few hours earlier fucked me.

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