2010 New Years Day

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When I started to woke up, I felt someone trying to force something into my mouth. My tongue felt for it, and it was a cock. At first I refused the cock, but relented and I let it in. I knew I was being fucked but by either Drogan or Karrah. I didn’t know which one, but I didn’t mind either. As I was hoping for some more action from them before I went home. My eyes were still sleep shut. I was slowly but steadily enjoying my attention at the moment. My pussy felt different but alive and I loved the cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I was moaning, as if I was eating some delicious delight.
What broke me from this state of ecstasy was the fact, the room sounded noisy with moaning, chatting, and the fact I heard another girl screaming out “Fuck Me.” It made me open my eyes, and t tried to get my focus back. I looked around then up. I didn’t know the person I was sucking off. I quickly spat his cock out of my mouth, as drool run down my chin. Then I looked at who was fucking me, I didn’t know them either. He was clutching my breasts as he fucked me. I positioning my ankles to kick him off, when I remembered Karrah saying he had some friends over later. I can be a horny slut at times, and this was one of those times. So I nodded at him, to continue. I looked around to see where all the noise was coming from. It was from a blonde girl, who was maybe 18-20 give or take, with tattoos down her back, bent over the kitchen bench. She was sucking off a guy lying on top of the bench while being fucked from behind. She also was jacking a guy off. The guys were saying something to her, that I didn’t understand or make sense of. “Sharma ta” “Whoosh” “Kiss” I don’t what they meant but they must have meant something nasty. Here I was with my ankles now above this guy’s shoulder, with him groping my breasts and fucking me hard now, with me watching another girl getting the treatment.
I then look at the guy standing near my head that, I had just sucked off before, and smiled. Then I took his cock back in my mouth, by motioning my head and started sucking again. All the time, my eyes were glued like in a trance at the action with this girl. I couldn’t see karrah or Drog around, but I didn’t care. The guy I was sucking of began to face fuck me, and used his hand to keep my head in the right position. My tits were shaking around as the guy fucking me hard, moved his grip to my shoulders and moved into another gear. My eyes watched as the girl sucked and swallowed the guy’s cum, then moved on to the guy she was jacking off. She never missed a beat, she buck back and forth as she was rammed hard into from behind, while sucking a new cock. Karrah was standing nearby her now. I hardly noticed that the guy fucking me had blown his load inside me, until he slapped my ass. “!!!!” I thought to myself. That felt like I was fucked bareback. I was in a trance, but now a bit freaked out. He just smirked and walked towards, the girl that was getting all the attention. I felt down at my pussy and it was so wet, I stuck a finger inside and scooped out a wad of cum. I looked at it, in a bit of shock but was too late to do anything about it now. I now felt the guy’s cock in my mouth spasm and fill my throat up as he dragged my head right to his pubes. Making me swallow and gagged. He released me once he knew I had swallowed. He then pulled out and kissed me. “Call me Faz.” He said. I looked at him, licking my lips slowly. “Kim” I said. He then left and joined the others.
That gave me time to inspect my pussy. I was shocked, as I scooped wad after wad of cum from my well used pussy. There was way too much cum inside me, to be from one guy, plus it look we used too. They must have been fucking me bareback for some time. As a dirty slut I can be, I kept eating cum from my pussy watching that poor girl and now 7 boys around her or in her. WTF (what the fuck) I thought, as then I looked at the clock, 945am. How long was I being fucked for? And how long had I been fucked while I was out of it and by whom, and are they clean of diseases? I just sat there watching the action with my legs almost crossed scooping cum from my pussy and sampling it. “Sorry, we thought you were one of Drogan’s hoes, I’m his brother Ivan.” A tall guy came over to me and said. I was still coming to grips with the fact, I was prepared to have a 3 some with Karrah and Drog, but did they all fuck me before they fucked the blonde? “Did I get raped while asleep?” I whispered to him. “No, you were screaming out, give me more cock at one stage, and that you wanted to have our cum inside your pussy!” Ivan told me. “No shit!” I said. “And that’s Ana a girl we usually pick up, when we can. We pay her a grand and she will do anything. She’s always high on something” Ivan explained to me. I went to stand up but had jelly legs. Ivan helped me up. I looked at him, and kissed him and stroked his hard cock and smiled at him.
So now I know what I dreamed, was in fact me wanting more sex. I was naked, except for my torn fish-nets. I walked in to the kitchen, and watched this girl give it her all to 2 guys. While everyone but Ivan watched. I needed a drink, and I saw that I had polished off the bottle of vodka. So I drank some Jim Beam straight. Just watching this girl, she was in another world alright. After my drink, I felt better. I could see she was being fucked bareback too, as I could see cum was trickling down here escort service legs from her pussy’s region. I was still a bit groggy, from the night before.
I went back to Ivan and told him I was going to take a shower. “They have a spa too.” He just stared at my nakedness, and how casual I was. “Wanna join me in the spa then?” I asked him, he agreed. As we walked to the bath-room we chatted. “How long was I fucked bareback?” I asked. “When we got here, you were naked and swilling on that bottle of vodka alone. So I reckon from 6am” Ivan looked at me. Apparently I was watching them fuck Ana up against a wall. I started fucking myself with the empty Vodka bottle. Screaming and pleading for more cock, until 2 guys were fucking me constantly, until recently. “You must have been still horny and smashed.” Ivan looked at me with a smirk. “Sorry, we really did think you were a hooker!” he finished. I was ok with it, I told him and that I used to be one too. We both laughed then.
I look into the mirror as we entered the bathroom, and I looked like Alice Cooper. My eye liner was runny and my lipstick smeared. I let out a small giggle. When we were in the spa we chatted briefly, and I did tell Ivan I was once a hooker. It didn’t shock him. We kissed and cuddled while inside the nice spa. He asked if I do anal, and I told him I’ve basically done everything. He looked excited by this. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me in the ass here, he said yes.
I crawl out of the spa and get on hands and knees, resting on a bunch of towels and robes. I hold my butt checks apart and expose my asshole. I lubed up my ass-hole with some shampoo I found on the bath-room counter. “Ok there if you want it.” I say to Ivan. Ivan comes across and starts licking my asshole, and works his tongue around its entrance. Ivan then works his finger into my pussy for a while, until it is sopping wet, then gentle forces it inside my butt hole. I tense up as a finger bottoms inside my butt hole. Then he removes it and repeats the motion, until he forces 2 fingers in, and I tense up again. He twirls his finger inside, as if trying to clean some glue of it. My butt hole is now ready for something bigger, a thick juicy cock. I tell Ivan to stick it in me now, and don’t hold back, just ram it in. I love the feeling of when a head of cock presses against the walls of my butt hole, as it tries to slide in. Then it rushes in, until it is deep inside my butt hole. I grimace as the initial pain settles. Ivan rests his hands on my hips as my ass gets used to his cock. Ivan now slaps my bottom and starts the slow motion of fuck my raw ass. He starts of slowly, but builds up speed gradually until he is fucking my ass, like a machine. I bite my lips and sometimes yelp in pain, as I finger my pussy while he pumps my ass. I buck back with every thrust forward. I bury my face in a towel, as Ivan really starts to pump into me. I mumble into the towel, as Ivan begins to moan. I can feel his cock twitch, as he goes overboard and then slams deep inside my ass and just stops there. He then pulls out and lies on his back, as I feel my tender ass. I then lean over and clean his cock with my tongue and mouth. Ivan tells me that felt was so good. I smiled and kissed him. We both got up to rejoin the group in the lounge room. He leaves first, as I look for a robe. I also tease my ass-hole for his cum, lick my fingers then put on a robe and rejoin the other in the lounge-room.
Once again the crowd is around Ana, as I sit back down on the couch. My ass is tender but not sore, as I lift one leg up to feel my tender ass, my knee is near my chin as I do this. I don’t notice that I am being watched, and that the robe reveals my pussy and a tit. One of them came over to me as I was day dreaming. Ivan had told him about our time in the bathroom. He wanted to know if I wanted some more. I was getting horny see Ana get fucked, and by myself fiddling with my ass-hole. I nodded yes.
He told me to sit on the couch and to lift both knees to my shoulders and apart, so he could view my pussy. The robe fell off my shoulder while I did this. He passed me a glass of coke, as he just looked at my used pussy. He started stroking my breasts. “Nice” He said. I leaned back into the couch with my hands around my knees, as he now teased my pussy with his tongue. Now a finger went inside. I started moaning as he was definitely warming me up. I liked it too, as I wriggled with excitement. For 5 more minute this guy, fingered me and used his tongue on me. I felt so alive, I wanted to wrap my legs around him and he was bringing to orgasm. Then I let out one huge groan, and I squirt my orgasm all over his face. I collapsed between my knees and looked at him. I gave him a cheeky grin. So he did back to me.
I then released my grip on my knees and let legs sink on down the couch. I eagerly reached for his cock, and put his knob in my mouth. He watches me and smoothes the top of my head. He pulled his cock from my mouth and kissed me passionately. Once again I found my legs apart as he started to lick my pussy out again. It was a bit tender, but I liked it. He used his fingers again and I was beginning to get that thrill back again. He again made me cum, but this time as I cum he thrust his cock inside my pulsating pussy. Oh god it felt good, as I wrapped my legs around his shoulders as thrust deep inside me. I groaned loud, but I didn’t independent escort dubai care. I had since lost interest in what was happening to Ana, I was lost in my little world now.
After 15 minutes in this position, he repositioned me into a doggy style position and fucked me from behind, forcing me into the couch. He began pounding into my pussy from behind, calling a “Sharmata” several times. As he fucked me he gave my butt cheeks a few decent whacks that did sting a fair bit. Then he stopped, and he motioned me to suck his cock again. As I knelt down to take his cock in my mouth, he took my hands away from his cock and placed his behind my head. He was in fact controlling me. He now forced my head to his groin until my nose was buried in his pubes. Lucky this wasn’t my first time, a cock today had been forced in beyond my gag reflex. By forcing my head into his groin with his hand behind my head, he was now face-fucking me. He yelled out harder, suck harder. My lips now bobbed up and down his shaft, as he forced the rhythm. Until he was about to cum, that’s when he forced me down his 6-7 inch length. He released his grip once he realized I was almost passing out. Tears were running down my face and drool out my mouth, but I gave an elated giggle. I then noticed he had a friend standing nearby watching. I licked my lips and scooped drool and cum inside my mouth, then smiled and took a sip of my glass of coke. “I’m Bashir, call me Bash” He finally said to me. He then squeezed a nipple, as I told him my name and then he introduced Kal. We both collapse momentarily on the carpet, chuckling.
I looked up and saw Kal, and he had tube of lube in his hand. I knew what I was in for soon. I was motioned to get on all fours on the carpet, with my shoulders down, bum up, legs apart. I was buzzing. I could feel him breathing heavily as he applied the gel to my ass. Then I felt at least 2 fingers squeeze in my ass-hole. He noticed the fresh cum deposit as he did so. He showed Bash, and they chuckled. Then he applied more, but this time he started fucking my ass with his fingers. My ass was getting used to it, and wasn’t fighting back now. Ok he said, and Bash flipped me on to my back with Kal’s fingers still inside my ass. Bash leant down and licked my clit, it felt electric. I almost stiffen up by it, with Kal still fucking my ass with his fingers. I was mumbling, I liked this and they knew it too. Then they stopped and let me relax a little.
I was then reposition like before, shoulders down and bum up. Then I felt Kal’s knob near my entrance, and it slid straight in one go. I mumbled a groan. Kal put his hands on my hips, and then started fucking me in the ass. He slapped my buttocks as he did so. I moaned and groan as he fucked me. Bash grabbed me by the hair, and spoke that word “Sharmata” again and again. After about 15 minutes, Kal stopped, but it was only to put more lube on his cock. Then he went back too pounding my ass. 10 more minutes and I felt like I was about to orgasm, but it was Kal who cum in my ass, with a deep thrust and a loud grunt. He then pulled out and lay on his back, panting. I too rolled on to my back, but only to rub my clit until I reached orgasm. I smiled at Kal, he smiled back. He leaned over a kissed me.
I was now lying on my back with my eyes shut, thinking of when I should go home. When I opened my eyes, there were 2 tall muscular guys look at me and smiling at me. One of them was Kaz, but the other I didn’t know. His name was Rafiq or Rafi as they called him.
One of them broke the silence, by saying how hot I looked and wanted to know if I could take them both on. I lifted my head and leaned on my elbows, while on my back, and I looked up puzzled. “What do you mean?” I finally said. They meant double penetration, which I hadn’t done in ages. I agreed to have a go. One last encounter before I head home would be good. A chill went in my stomach, as I stared at the strange guy (Rafi) and his huge cock. It must have been 8-9 inches and quite thick, Kaz’s was big but not that big.
Kaz had the lube in his hand and was applying it to his cock. Kaz then sat on the couch and motioned me to sit on his lap. Which I did and he cupped my tits as he kissed the back of my neck. He then lifted me up off him briefly, only for him to poke his cock around my ass-hole’s entrance. Which he slowly slid it in my hole, I then slowly pushed down on his cock and down on his lap. The effect was that his cock went deeper inside my ass. I groaned as it bottomed out inside me, but it was a good groan. He held me by the hips, and then started lifting me up and down off his lap. Until I took control of the rhythm and was bouncing on his lap as his cock, went in and almost out of my ass-hole. My tits bounced all over the place, as I set the pace. This felt so hot. Rafi was either watching us or glimpsing over and looking at Ana. She now was spent and lurched over the bench, still getting fucked but she looked like the bench was holding her up now. Kaz was getting very excited now, he was holding my hips and thrusting in harder. I was screaming, and started rubbing my pussy. He grunted and filled my ass with his hot cum. Then he slowly slipped his cock out of my ass. Then he hugged me.
I then lean forward to take Rafi’s cock in my mouth. It’s was so big and thick I can’t get it all in. I tried my best though, until he has enough. Escort Girl Dubai Kaz now stands up and lifts me off him, and then lies on the carpet. Rafi lifts me astride and lowers my pussy onto Kaz’s cock and inside it and facing Kaz. I kiss Kaz as Rafi gets behind me and starts trying to slide his big fat cock inside my recently used ass-hole. I scream in pain as his cock seems to rip its way inside my ass-hole. I pant and carry on like I never have before. I swear several times. This was so fucking painful, as he finally bottomed out inside my ass-hole. Tears of pain run down my face, and I mumble a few words but then I let out a small giggle as I look into Kaz’s eyes. He in turn laughs. I closed my eyes and began to try to breathe slowly. Rafi now started to slid his cock out of me, then back all the way in, then back out and back in. I panted, but was starting to get used to his size, but it still hurt. Kaz just lay there trying to fuck me but could only stretch up and down. All Kaz’s thrusts depended on Rafi’s motion inside my ass-hole. While they were getting ready to double pen me, I now had an audience. Some guy I think Bash offered me his cock that was recently inside Ana to suck clean. While everyone was settling inside me, I sucked this cock not knowing whose it was. Kaz had the best view and commented on it being hot seeing me suck, while perched underneath.
Now was the time for the pain to begin. Rafi thrust forward then back out, then back in, until he built up a decent rhythm. I spat Bashir’s cock out of my mouth as I needed to grit my teeth from pain. I grunt and groin and pant, from all the strain of Rafi’s fat cock in my ass and Faz’s cock rubbing against my clit. I was now getting used to Rafi’s size, and was beginning to really get on being totally stuffed. When Rafi began pounding into me and the pressure, caused me to push down from being fucked in the ass, made my clit constantly rub against Kaz’s cock. All this caused me to orgasm, and gee it was good. I relaxed and let it overwhelm me. I screamed out loud as my eyes rolled in the back of my head and tears of pleasure run out of my eyes. My body shook with electricity and my legs felt like jelly. I collapsed on top of Faz. Rafi tried picking me up, but I was still buzzing.
When I got my composure back, we continued but I was all giddy. I reached for Bashir’s cock and started sucking it, as Rafi began pummeling my ass again. This time I was beyond pain, and was in a state of ecstasy. I could hear Rafi’s loud grunting as I sucked on Bashir’s cock. It made me smile, because I knew he was going to cum soon. Rafi was now really pounding my ass now, thrusting into with violent strokes. Kaz couldn’t move but the sheer force of Rafi’s thrust, made his cock go in and almost out of my wet pussy. I was concentrating on milking Bashir’s cock to care. Rafi yelled out, the he’s cumming. I could feel him go rigid as he slammed one final time inside my ass-hole and stayed there. This must have turn Bashir one heaps as his cock spasm and not long after, I had his cum in my mouth. He pulled out quickly and drool of saliva and cum dropped on to Faz’s face and neck. I still got my share of cum in my mouth as I showed Bash, he laughed. Then I swallowed it. Rafi pulled out and I felt empty, my ass-hole twitched and dribble cum out. Now Faz on the bottom started now trying to fuck me, as Rafi showed his mates the gaping hole that was my ass-hole. He stretched my ass cheeks and cum leaked out and on to Faz’s balls, and my as-hole felt sore too. I rubbed drool and cum into my tits, and giggled at Rafi, Bashir and Karrah. Then Faz rolled me over on to my back and started fucking my pussy, as I played with my tits. I was a very happy girl right now. Faz began to ram into me, as I lay on my back on the carpet in pleasure. I was rubbing my tits and licking my lips, with my eyes closed. Faz gripped my hands behind my head and slammed in a final time, as I felt his cock cum inside. We tongue tickled each other in a sexy way. Faz then collapsed on top of me. When he finally rolled of and out of me, I hadn’t noticed while all this went on, that Karrah and Drogan were jacking off above me. They squirt their cum on to my face and upper body. I licked what I could off my face and rubbed the rest into my tits, I even tried to lick my tits by holding them to my face.
I tried to get up but couldn’t. The boys all looked spent and Ana now was slumpt on the ground near the bench. Looks like she passed out and the boys creamed all over her. I couldn’t stand up, so I crawled on all fours to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and then hunched over and slipped into the spa. I stayed in it for what felt like forever. I felt my ass while I was in it and it was oh so tender. I grabbed a robe and cover myself up. I gingerly walked around looking for what was left of my clothes, bag and sandals. I found only my skirt, sandals and bag only.
It was now 4pm. As I walked out of the bathroom quite gingerly and tenderly, I came back into the lounge room and hugged and thanked everyone. I told Karrah that today was fun, but I think I will sleep for a week now. He took my number and I his, for future events. I also told him, to get everyone tested for bad bugs and he said they do that regularly. I kissed him and called myself a taxi from his phone. The taxi driver had a creepy smirk on his face, as he dropped me home. I hope to have more fun with my new Lebanese friends soon, but I need time to recover now.
It’s been almost a week, I am still not walking without some pain, and await results from HIV test Friday week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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