$20 Million Ch. 04

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Thank you to the people who have sent me feedback. This story writing is new for me so I always appreciate hearing what people think. I’m not through with this tale yet, and time is hard to come by, but it is a lot of fun to think that maybe something about this can turn someone on. The characters in this are based on real people but the events exist only in my fantasies.

* * * * *

It’s been two weeks since Ethan, Nadine, and Chuck moved in. In that time I’ve managed to avoid pissing them off. I keep feeling like I have to regain control of my house but it not easy when your wife is enjoying the situation. I’ve slept with Carrie twice since she first had Ethan and Chuck, and Nadine nine times. Nadine is extremely horny and seems to be able to fuck 24/7.

I woke up alone, in my new bedroom. Chuck spent the night in the master bedroom and decided he liked the bed. I got tired of sleeping on the floor, listening to him fucking Carrie all night, and chose to take another room.

Being a Saturday I wouldn’t go in to work but probably just play in my workshop all day. I enjoyed my hot shower and as I got to the dresser to get some clothes Nadine walked in the room. She was wearing a damp bikini and told me that she had just come in from the outdoor pool.

Whenever she comes to my room it’s obvious what she wants. I just dropped my towel on the floor as she removed her swim suit, and, without a word, she laid back on the bed with her legs g├╝venilir bahis spread, and her bald snatch there for the taking. She moaned as I took my familiar spot, kneeling on the floor, and began to devour her.

After some time in this position, she told me to lie down on the bed, with my head at the foot of the bed, and climbed in to a 69 position. Her mouth felt great on my cock and I was just loving her pussy.

We had been enjoying ourselves for about 15 minutes when I heard Trent’s voice from the doorway. “Well, well, what do we have here?”

He sure was good at sneaking up on me. I stopped what I was doing and, looking over at him, I noticed an evil grin on his face.

“This looks fun, maybe I should join in.” With that he closed the door and started removing his clothes as he walked over to us.

“So you like eating out my sister? She does have a nice cunt, doesn’t she? Mind if I borrow his mouth for a second, Nadine?” As he said this he fed his cock to me. It was soft at first, but I felt it turn to steel shortly after I started sucking it. Carrie just chuckled and said, “go ahead, bro.”

So I’m lying on my bed with my stepdaughter’s firm body on top of me, her mouth sucking my cock, and her brother’s steel shaft in my mouth. Things sure had changed. At this moment I didn’t really mind, though.

After about ten minutes, Trent pulled his cock out of my throat and said, “time to feel that nice cunt for myself.”

Nadine t├╝rk├že bahis was so worked up by this point that Trent had no problem slipping his ten-incher into her pussy. The sucking on my cock increased as she bucked back to meet his thrusts. Meanwhile, my mouth and tongue went to work on his balls and anus, as well as Nadine’s clit. Her juices were flowing and dripping on to my waiting tongue. My hands reached back and grabbed Trent’s sexy young ass and I could feel it tightening with each stroke. I rubbed one of my fingers on Nadine’s lips and, using that as lubrication, slipped in his ass. He just moaned and started fucking even harder.

Just as I knew I couldn’t hold back my load any longer, Trent groaned and began filling up his sister’s love hole with his spunk. My own cock exploded in to Nadine’s mouth and the shuddering of her body told me that we had all cum at the same time. Fuck, what could be hotter than this?

Trent’s still-hard dick slid out of Nadine’s pussy and right in to my ready mouth. I licked it clean and then went straight to the creamy snatch in front of my face and did the same. At the same time, Nadine continued to gently kiss and lick my cock until it reversed direction and started getting hard again. Once that had been accomplished she rolled off of me and said, “now you fuck me, Rick.”

Doing as I was told, I mounted her and started pumping in and out of the cunt that her brother had just blown his load in. It was like g├╝venilir bahis siteleri heaven. Just as I was really getting in to it, I felt Trent climbing on to the bed. I glanced back just as I felt his rock hard manhood between my cheeks. As it found it’s way to my hole, I buried myself in Nadine and enjoyed the feeling of being taken. His rod is thinner than Ethan’s and Chuck’s so there was little pain and great pleasure as he began working in and out of me. Once he had established a rhythm, I began fucking Nadine at the same pace. It was so incredible! Fucking and being fucked at the same time. And with my step-kids, no less!

Trent leaned forward and began french-kissing Nadine while I squeezed her hard nipples. We were a sandwich and I was in the filling, surrounded by two perfect, young bodies.

I knew when he was about to cum as his strokes got faster and faster; his taut body on mine as he pounded me harder and harder. I started shaking as my cock started throbbing and I sent my seed deep in to Nadine’s sweetness. As I was just finishing, Trent shoved his member in as deep as it would go and filled my ass with his semen.

We lay there, on our sides, for a few minutes, my softening cock still in Nadine, and Trent’s still in me. Trent got up, and, with a firm smack on my ass, said, “that was fun, you make a good bitch, Rick.” He then grabbed his clothes and left.

Nadine then got up and got her things and said, “did you hear that Chuck’s having a couple of friends over tonight? He said you could be the bartender.”

“Wow, that’s nice of him. Who’s coming?”

“Just a couple of guys.”


“They’ll be here about six.”

To be continued…

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