2 Days till Christmas

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It was two days before Christmas and Lynn couldn’t believe she was waiting in her car for Anton. Should she be doing this? Besides the fact she was fighting a killer cold, was meeting her long ago lover for what she knew was going to end up intimate a good idea. They had been writing emails back and forth for the past couple months since she had asked for a letter of recommendation from him. See, not only had they been intimate lovers some 13 years ago, but when they met, he was one of her professors. Lynn was a superb student, so falling into bed with Anton had nothing to do with better grades and everything to do with intense pleasure and fun. After emailing back and forth for the past couple of months and trying to meet up for lunch or dinner without much success, they had finally made plans to have lunch on the previous Sunday.

Lynn arrived nervously at the meeting spot, a hotel, and sat awkwardly down. It didn’t take long for them to become more comfortable with each other. After a while, they decided to head to lunch. After a relaxing, very long lunch, the newly reacquainted couple decided to head back to the hotel parking lot. Sensing her illness worsening, Anton was being a gentleman and told her she should get home to rest. But before she got into her vehicle, Anton said “Screw it, I don’t care if I get sick!” and bakırköy escort leaned in and kissed Lynn. Lynn responded eagerly. He put her in her car and kissed her again. Over the next two days, the emails became more frequent and intense. He asked her if she wanted to get together again, as he was heading back soon to his condo in Arizona. He threw out a couple of ideas, including getting a room at the hotel they had met at on Sunday. She was hesitant, yet excited. Sitting in her black two-door car, waiting for Anton, Lynn reminisced on the past few days and thought about what was going to happen.

Anton quickly pulled into the parking lot and parked next to Lynn’s car. They both nervously got out and went into the hotel to secure a room. With room key in hand, they made their way to the elevator. Upon arriving on the 6th floor, they quickly walked to room 620. Upon entering the room and placing their minimal belongings down, Anton grabbed Lynn up into his arms and passionately kissed her. They sat on the couch and talked briefly. He gently rubbed her feet as they conversed. He took his shirt off. It had been a long time since she had seen a man’s chest, almost 2 years in fact. Lynn had forgotten how good it felt to touch a man’s chest, Anton’s chest.

Anticipating escort bakırköy them being intimate, Lynn had a surprise for him. She told him to stay on the couch while she went to the bathroom. Inside her bag, Lynn had packed a red silky robe. She took off her tights and dress and placed the robe over her new black and animal print bra and panties. She carefully tied the robe and started out of the bathroom. Of course, Anton was not where she had told him to be. He had gotten up off the couch and had removed his pants and briefs and was standing there completely naked when she opened the door. He saw her and exclaimed, “Wow”, quite emphatically. Upset that he was not where she wanted him, she demanded, “Go sit on the couch and close your eyes.” Anton quickly complied.

Lynn slowly sauntered into the living room and proceeded to climb on the couch, straddling Anton. Lynn grabbed his hands and placed them on the ties to the robe. When he opened his eyes, Lynn told him, “Merry Christmas, would you like to open your present?” Shakily, Anton smiled and said “oh boy, yes I would.” He untied his present and greedily started kissing Lynn. She affirmatively responded. Anton eagerly helped in removing her bra and released her ample breasts. He was beyond pleased that this much younger, bakırköy escort bayan beautiful woman would be willing to share herself with him. Lynn sat atop Anton, wondering what it would feel like to have him deep inside her after all these years. When they were last together she was in her mid-20’s and he was in his early 50’s. She wondered what it would be like to be with him again, in fact she was so excited she asked if he wanted to go to the bedroom.

They made their way to the bedroom and slowly fell into the invitingly soft, king-sized bed. They continued to kiss for a while and he became even more aroused. He said, “I’m gonna fill your vaginal vault up baby.” While taken aback by that at first, Lynn realized she loved his honest, forthcoming statement. She did in fact want him to fill her up with his manly tool. Anton pulled her to the edge of the bed and threw her legs open. He lined up his cock at the opening of her vaginal vault and without warning thrust deep into her in one swift motion. Lynn felt both a rush of pain and pleasure at the exact same time. It had been so long since a man had been so deep inside her. He was pounding her like a man in his 20’s. Lynn couldn’t believe the strength that was coming from this man. Anton had her flip around and entered her from behind. Lynn was feeling nothing but pleasure at this point. Every time he thrust into her, she felt a little happier. This is what had been missing from her life. Anton continued to move her body and mold it like clay into whatever position he needed. Lynn was his willing rag doll, bending to his will. When they were finally both spent, all Lynn could think was ‘Merry Christmas to me!’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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