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1982 pennsylvania glory holes

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Hi, its me Ann, again. Well, we left Florida so I could escape the law closing in on me. We moved to Pennsylvania to start a new life. At first I told myself things would be great, but after a month being isolated out in the old farm house in the middle of nowhere in a valley between two mountains, I was feeling very alone and angry at myself for getting myself in the mess I had in Florida. With Tom working long hours trying to support us and the new home and property we bought, I was left alone a lot. In Florida I would have never been lonely, there was always one or more of my husbands buddies stopping by for a quick suck or fuck while he was at work. I miss all my dicks!!!!

The first month we were up there and I hadn’t even found a adult bookstore to go play at the glory holes. I was jonesing for strange dick. The day Tom came home and told me about a adult bookstore he found up in Breezewood put a smile on my face. That very night, which was a Friday, Tom and I went to check out the bookstore. At first glance I thought ther would be no action, the place was off a side road, no houses or other businesses around, but it was on a service road for I-70. Pulling into the parking lot, there was no other cars parked in front, but around to the side there was four tractor trailers.

Tom waited as I exited our Chevy van. I straightened my mini skirt and made sure my blouse was revealing most of my boobs. Tom wolf whistled at me, then taking my hand, we ventured inside the run down building. There was a big old fat guy behind the counter, he checked our ID’s, as two guys were checking out the magazines and 8mm movies in the aisles. I noticed they were soon checking me out.

Tom and I walked around, we looked at the toys, I saw a few I would like to own. This bookstore was the first one I saw with dildo replicas of dogs and horses dicks. I wanted some!!! We checked out the movies, then the magazines. There were several of local area swingers. Tom had bugged me for years to try swinging, but I always refused. As usual, I told him I wanted to be only with him, but glory hole sex was ok, because it was like the cocks were dildos, no faces, no personalities. Tom had no idea how much of a slut I was and that I had been cuckolding him since the first day we met.

Tom reminded me that he met me when I was getting ganged banged and that we had swapped with a other couple a few times when we first met. I told him that was because I was high on qualudes and pot. He pleaded with me. He bought a swingers magazine for us to page thru, I said I would look at it with him. What I wanted was to be in the back boots with a cock down my throat or up my cunt and ass. I made eye contact with both the customers as we walked around, winking and flirting with them with my eyes. When Tom finally led me to the back room, both guys soon followed.

Since Tom had been there earlier, he led me to a booth in the back. We entered and Tom closed and locked the door. Inserting four quarters, the projector whizzed to life. Tom began kissing me as we watched a big boobed blond suck on a long thin cock as she rode another. Tom began unbuttoning my blouse the rest of the way, he slid it off me. I could see the glory holes now that my eyes adjusted to the dark. There was one on each side wall. I could see one guy looking thru, nothing at the other one.

With my blouse off, Tom fondled my tits, roughly pulling and pinching my puffy nipples. I love when he’s rough, but the fool loved me too much to give it to me rough like I liked it. He took one in his mouth and suckled as his fingers slid up under my mini skirt and began fingering my shaved snatch. Off came my skirt. I was naked. I knelt and took Toms 7 incher in my mouth and began sucking. I used just my mouth as I put two fingers of each hand into each hole. I was rewarded first bursa escort bayan by a tiny hard dick on the left side and a thick 5 or 6 inch one on the right. I wrapped my hands around each one and slowly explored the hardness. Leaving Toms cock bopping in front of my face, I licked at the cock head of the thick cock, tasteing the thick pre-cum that had formed, then took the head in my mouth and began sucking. When I knew I had the guy interested, I went to the tiny dick and sucked on it. For the next several minutes, I went back and forth from all three dicks. Then I concentrated on the little one. He came in minutes, giving me my first strange cum in over a month. The thick cock didn’t last at all when I went to work on him, he came just as fast. That was ok, I needed their loads. Within minutes, two new dicks were placed in the holes. A nice long cock, as thick as Tom, but about 9 inches and a slender one around 5 inches. I pulled Tom down to help me. I loved watching him suck dick. With the shorter one deep down my throat, I guided the long one to my husbands lips. Tom licked at the head, then made the dick disappear, he could swallow a cock as good as I could. We swapped after a few minutes, the short dick erupting in Toms mouth. Tom tried not to swallow, he held most of it to share with me, then we double teamed the long dick, licking up and down the shaft, each of us taking a side, hopefully driving the guy crazy. I do know it didn’t take long for the dude to shoot off a huge laod down my throat. I swallowed greedily, then Kissed my husband, letting him taste another mans seed.

Tom and I were left alone for several minutes, no one entered either booth next to us. I sucked on Tom, then bent over the stool that was in the small booth and let Tom fuck me from the rear. As Tom pounded my cunt, a new cock stuck thru the hole. A normal looking 6 incher, but I wanted it in me. I sucked on it for a short while as Tom fucked me, then I postioned my self so my ass was up against the hole. The guy fingered my cunt a minute or two, then I felt him probing with his cock. I reached between my legs and guided him in me. I took my husbands dick in my mouth as the stranger pounded me. Tom leaned over me, his dick still in my mouth and reached between my ass and the wall and felt the guys cock sliding in and out of me. All too soon the guy tensed up, shoved his dick in me as far as he could and I felt him explode.

After the guy pulled out, I sat on the stool and spread my legs wide, Tom knelt between my legs and ate out my cum filled pussy. I had one long beautiful climax from my husbands tounge. He let me ride out my climax before he stepped upped and slid his dick inside my hungry pussy. Tom fucked me wildly, my head rolled back, I saw a cock by the hole. With my head upside down, I guided the dick between my lips and let the guy face fuck me till he shot off. With my pussy temporary sedate and my belly fill of cum, I got dressed and Tom and I went home.

Once home, Tom and I fucked again. Then relaxing bfore the TV, we opened the swingers magazine and read the ads. We found several we liked, including several single men, two guys that were bi that swung as a team and two couples. We hand wrote and sent poloroid pictures to those we selected. Then we went to bed where we made love a final time that night.

No sooner then Tom went to work the next day, I was getting dressed and off to the adult bookstore. I told Tom I was going to Altoona to do some shopping. I would too, after I sucked and fucked a few strange dicks!!! I expected the bookstore to be empty that time of morning, but it was packed. I went right to the cashier, got $5 in quarters and went straight back to the booths. There was several guys standing around, once out of the cashier sight, I pulled my t-shirt escort bursa off as I walked back to my favorite booth. The expression on the guys faces as little 16 year old me walked past, my firm 36c’s bouncing, my puffy nipples getting had, right in front of their faces was priceless. How I loved to tease!!! I walked into the booth with the double glory holes, stripped out of my jeans and stood naked before I deposited my quarters. I heard the doors open and close on both sides of me as I undressed.

I squatted, put a hand in each hole and grabbed onto two stiff dicks. Nothing to note, both were about average. I fondled their balls, the pulled the dicks thru the holes. I went back and forth, from one to the other sucking and jacking their cocks. I had two motuh fulls of cum within minutes of entering the booth. Cock after cock I sucked. I let a few feel my tits, my cunt and my ass as I gave my jaws a break. One guy really fingered my cunt so well, I climaxed. I let him be the first to fuck me. He had a nice 8 inch dick that was fairly thick. He was the first to cum inside me, but I got to suck off three dicks as he slid his dick in and out of my tight bald pussy. I didn’t even bother to move after he came, I just left my cunt by the hole and let the next guy fuck me sight unseen. He must have been small, but I could feel him. He came all to soon, I turned and let the really thin uncut cock I had been sucking on fuck me. I stayed at the bookstore for a couple of hours. I sucked 11 dicks, some twice and let five of them fuck me. I was a mess. I used my fingers to clean as much cum off my cunt and ass and whatever leaked from my mouth, licked my fingers clean, then used a Kleenex to wipe the rest. On my way out, I flirted with the fat older cashier and wound up behind the counter sucking on his small, but tastey cock till he exploded.

I went shopping, I found the mall from the directions Toms Aunt gave me, I also found another bookstore. You know it. I went in and this place was a fancy one. From trucker at the first one to business men at this one, they all wanted a piece of me. I sucked five more dicks thru holes, let three fuck me, but unlike the first place, this place I invited two guys into my booth with me. I gave them the times of their lives. I sucked on their nipples, their cocks and balls and ate out their asses. I let them experience every hole I have. I drove those guys crazy. Again, no really big dicks, the 8 incher from the first store was the biggest of the day. Feeling naughty and sexy, I made my way home.

I was so horny waiting for Tom to get off work, I played with Satan, our Doberman. I needed to get dicked by a long fat dick and Satan never let me down. My satan had a dick almost 10 whole inches long and as thick as a beer bottle when shooting off. Thats how Tom found me, on my hands and knees with the dogs dick buried up my cunt. It was a good explanation for why my pussy was so raw and used. Tom undressed and knelt in front of me. I took his cock in my mouth.

Everyday I would make a run to either of the bookstores, sucking and fucking the guys. For almost two weeks I didn’t get a dick bigger then the 8 incher, but I was having fun. I was inviting more and more guys in my booth for face to face encounters, one time taking on three guys in the booth with me at the same time. The cashiers were beginning to know me and would give me a roll of quarters letting me watch the movies for free, they told me customers were asking about me. I got goose bumps and was instantly excited.

Tom and I went back to the adult bookstore two weeks to the day. Again, Tom watched and then joined in as I sucked and fucked these guys. During the last two weeks I developed regulars. I told them if they ever saw me enter with a guy, that it was my husband so they had to be cool. They görükle escort bayan all were. This Friday night, there was one guy I really found attractive. He was short, only my size, clean cut, but a trucker. He had a tiny thin dick, but he was good looking. When Tom suggested we find some one to take home, this guy just happened to be the guy I was sucking. I invited him and he was all for it.

We didn’t make it home, but we did make it out to the van where all three of us got naked. As I kissed and let the guy feel me up, Tom ate my cunt. When the guy pulled my husbands head towards his small dick, Tom went straight for it and began sucking the guy like a pro. Then I joined my husband sucking the guy, made the guy lay back on his back and then I straddled him and rode him till he came in my cunt. Tom was right there to lick me clean and clean the short guys cock. Then the guy went down on my husband as Tom kissed and played with my tits. Then Tom got between my legs, the guy, James, I think his name was, knelt by our faces as we both sucked on his small dick. As Tom got more excited, pounding me harder and faster, James moved behind us and began eating out Toms ass. I could see over Toms shoulder when James moved up and began shoving his dick in Toms ass. Tom let out a small yelp as James penetrated his ass. This was the first time Tom had ever had a dick up his ass, I had used strap-ons on him, but he never had the real thing. All I know is Tom gave me one of the best fucks he had ever given me, especially when James came in his ass, Tom really went deep inside me and let loose himself.

After James left, Tom and I headed home. We fucked like teenagers till we collapsed. As we rested smoking a couple of cigarettes and me drinking a rum and coke, Tom a cup of coffee, we checked out the swingers magazines we had bought the first time we had gone to the adult bookstore. I finally agreed to try meeting another couple or single guys for some fun. We choose several from the magazines, wrote them letters and sent them poloroid pictures of Tom and I. We even put in a ad for ourselves. We made love one final time before falling asleep.

Everyday the next week, I made my trip to the adult bookstores. I would spend from two to four hours at a time sucking and fucking guys thru the glory holes. Usually I would invite one or two guys to come into my booth with me for some face to face encounters. The highlite of that week was finding that 8 inch cock, still the biggest one I had come across. You know he was one of the lucky ones to get invited into my booth.

Friday night finally arrived. Tom and I went back to the adult bookstore. Again, Tom watched and took poloroid pictures of me sucking and fucking numerous guys. Tom was a little more active in sucking cock, which I loved seeing and sharing and twice I got him to back his ass to the glory hole as I guided the strangers dick into his rectum. I cleaned his butt of cum both times the guys came in his ass. My husband was becoming a cum slut just like me! That Friday night was also the first time we came across another couple at the glory hole. I was hesitant but we did invite them into the booth with us, It was crowded, but somehow we made it work. I don’t remember their names, if they were ever given, but she was a tiny, almost flat chested, petite, older woman. Very cute, about 40 or so. HE was ruggedly handsome, farmer type. Big, bulky and very clean cut with a cock that could have been my husbands cocks twin. I gave him the time of his life as I watched my husband with another woman for the first time. I got pretty jealous seeing him eat her trimmed cunt and suck on her tiny saggy tits. She sucked his dick, but only took about half in her mouth, and she loved when he fucked her. I rocked her husbands world by deep throating him and he loved my young firm tits and pussy. After they left, I sucked several more dicks and then we went home. We stopped by the post office and was surprised to find a couple of dozen responses to our ad and there were responses from the people we responded to.

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