Switching Slut Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: Lynn Takes Over

Kari was at something of a loss. She did not know what to do with a slut that misbehaved, although she had a dim notion that she would have to punish her. The idea of spanking her mom’s fine ass came to her mind. She sat up. She pointed to Lynn and said “Over my knee, slut! I’ll teach you to cum without permission.”

Lynn pulled herself upright, still shaky, still lightheaded from the wine and the orgasm. And the string that had snapped inside her stayed broken. She moved as if to put herself over Kari’s knee, then suddenly grabbed the girl and pulled her roughly over her own lap. Kari was caught off guard, and her struggles came to late. She was pinned under one of Lynn’s thighs with her bare ass up in the air. Lynn had her by the hair and raised her free hand high. She brought it down with aloud slap on the girl’s ass. “I don’t think so, bitch! I’ll teach you to treat your mother like this, and we’ll see who the slut is too!”

Lynn’s hand came down on Kari’s jiggling ass several times in rapid fire. Kari stopped struggling after the third swat. She came on the fifth swat. Lynn didn’t notice the orgasm; she was too enthralled by the sudden sense of power. Was this what Rhonda felt? Finally she looked down at the girl’s bright red ass and noted her whimpering. She let Kari out from under her thigh, and the girl slipped off to the floor, resting her head on Lynn’s thigh. Lynn could feel her breath on her lips. “What do you have to say now, girl?” Lynn’s voice was not harsh, but firm.

“I’m sorry…..I’m sorry…”

“I’m sorry WHAT?”

“I’m sorry, mom.” Kari was wiggling now, her little bottom on fire, as was her twat.

“Try again slut.”

Kari squirmed at the word slut. And she realized what she had to say, what she was, and who she was. “I’m sorry Ma’am.”

Lynn felt an intense wave of pleasure. “That’s so much better. Now, it’s time for you to make up for your behavior.”

Kari looked up slowly, as Lynn spread her thighs wider. Her cheek was still pressed to Lynn’s thigh, and she knew what was required of her. She pressed her face closer, shyly, unsure now. Her tongue snaked out, and she gave her mom a long slow lick. Right away, she noted her mom’s sweet taste. Kari had known her own taste since she had learned to play, but this, this was so different. Clumsy, she began to lick faster. Lynn’s pussy was stronger and sweeter than her own juices. She ran her tongue up and down, and then pushed it into Lynn’s hole. She moaned.

Lynn was immensely aroused. Kari was clumsy, not licking as well as Tanya, but the feeling of control and being served was intense in itself. Kari was running her tongue up and down Lynn’s pussy now, and slipping into the hole. Lynn moaned softly, as her other hand slid down and spread her lips wide open. “Suck it. Suck my clit.” She told the girl, gently pulling on her head to guide her.

Kari understood, and got the hard little nubbin into her lips. She sucked it like it was a tiny little cock, in and out of her lips, flicking her tongue over it. Lynn was pulling her closer, fucking her face, which drove her wilder. This was making her high, higher than her few experiments with pot, drunker than any liquor bahis firmalar─▒ had ever made her. Without thinking about it, her hand slipped down to her twat, fingering and rubbing her self in passion.

Lynn was close, very close. On one hand she wanted release; she wanted to cum, on the other, she wanted this to last. Kari’s tongue was flicking back and forth across her clit, as it was firmly in her lips. Her hips were moving, flexing, pushing up and down. “Use your fingers too!” She commanded the girl.

Kari snaked her cum coated fingers from her own burning hole and slid two into her Mistress’ wet pussy. Her lips never lost contact with the clit. Her fingers pushed deep inside, sliding in and out wetly. Lynn gave up. She let the waves of pleasure take her. Her pussy clamped down tight on Kari’s fingers, and she hissed “Yes! That’s it……cumming!”

Kari worked harder, sucking, licking and fingering harder, faster. Lynn finally collapsed back, the orgasms over for now. Kari kept licking, now softly, drinking up the juices. Her fingers slid slowly from the tight hole and she licked them greedily.

Lynn was watching now, as Kari licked at her fingers. She reached down and pulled the girl up on the couch with her. Kari’s face was shiny with pussy juice. Lynn pulled the girl half into her lap, cuddled against her. She leaned down and took on of her nipples in her mouth, sucking it right thru Kari’s shirt. Her hand slid down over Kari’s belly, between her legs. She was wetter than ever. Lynn began to expertly toy with her clit, making Kari squirm and moan. Lynn let the nipple pop from her mouth. As her fingertips danced over the girl’s swollen lips and clit, she asked her “Are you close?”

“Very close Ma’am, may I cum? please?”

“I’ll tell you when baby…slut. Baby-slut”

Kari moaned loudly as Lynn slid a finger into her tight hole. Her thumb stayed dancing on Kari’s clit as she slid the finger in and out. “How does that feel baby-slut?”

“Oh God Ma’am, your finger feels so good in my pussy! Can I cum now?”

Lynn pulled her finger out and softly spanked Kari’s mound. “Not yet. And you don’t have a pussy, I have a pussy. Sluts have cunts. Understand?”

“Yes, yes, I understand! Please finger my cunt more Ma’am!” Kari shivered at saying the nasty word.

Lynn pushed two fingers into the girl, and began to pump them in and out faster. “You have a cunt, you are a cunt, you are MY cunt, and this is MY cunt.”

Kari squealed and moaned. “Yes Ma’am, yes, I’m your cunt. Fingerfuck your cunt please! Oh God, yes, fuck me mom, Ma’am! Fuck me hard! OOOOhhhhh please, PLEASE, let me cum!”

“Do you want it BAD baby-slut? Do you want to cum bad?”

“YES! Oh GOD…please Ma’am, let your baby-slut cum!” Kari’s ass was bouncing up and down; her wet cunt was making squishing sounds around Lynn’s fingers.

Lynn pulled her fingers away, quickly, and pushed Kari’s own hand between her legs. “Do it baby-slut! Do it for mom! Fuck yourself HARD cunt!” Lynn leaned down and kissed the girl hard on the lips. Kari was slapping her fingers in and out of herself, shaking all over. Lynn said “Do it! Do it now! CUM slut!” and dove her head down to suck and bite a nipple.

Kari ka├žak iddaa wailed and let go. Her fingers slid out and she was madly rubbing her clit as she came. Orgasms shook her body. She thrashed back and forth in Lynn’s grip till she finally went limp. She couldn’t count the orgasms; they had come to fast and to close together. She was whimpering, panting, sweating and twitching. “Oh God…Oh God…Oh God…” she kept whispering.

Lynn lay back with Kari in her arms, sated for the moment. “Ok, baby-slut, here are the rules. Number one, this is our secret. Number two, I am in charge, always. There may be times that I decide I want to be the slut, just for a change of pace: if I do decide that, you will treat me nice, and when I get tired of slutting, you’ll return to your proper place. Agreed so far?”

Kari wiggled softly in Lynn’s arms “Yes Ma’am.”

“Ok. Next rule: if we want to stop this, you can, or I can. You are free to see others, but you must tell me about it first. Agreed?” The girl nodded. “If the time comes when you are horny, but we can’t play together, for some reason or another, you may please yourself, but must always confess it to me after.”

“Yes Ma’am…if I misbehave, will you spank me Ma’am?”

“If you deserve it, yes. Hmmm…you like being spanked baby-slut?”

“Oh YES Ma’am, very much. I didn’t know that I did till you spanked me tonight…Ma’am…it made me cum. I’m sorry to have cum without your permission.” Kari had already learned that as Lynn’s cunt, when she was being taken, her orgasms were at Lynn’s order. “But Ma’am…I’m not sure I can hold back the way you can. Not for as long. And I am so, so sorry I treated you so bad and didn’t let you cum right away when you needed it. I’ll remember if you ever let me be in charge again.” Kari gave Lynn a pouty smile and hoped it was the right way to look. Lynn responded by kissing her, long slow and deeply. They snuggled together on the couch for a long time, softly touching each other. Lynn let Kari explore her body, and was enjoying the sensations. Kari was learning things rapidly. Lynn finally decided it was time to head for a bed, and took Kari with her.

Lynn peeled Kari’s top off before they got into bed, exposing the hard points of her nipples. Kari slid into the bed, and Lynn slipped in after her, sliding on top of the young girl. Kari’s legs came open easily for her mother, and Lynn was laying on top of her, pussy to cunt, mound to mound. Lynn began to slowly move back and forth, and Kari responded naturally, as they ground on each other. Lynn leaned her face down and began to kiss softly around Kari’s tit, kissing and licking at it, but not ever touching the hard nipple. She watched the nipple grow even harder, till it was crinkled up in passion, and moved to the other tit, starting all over, kissing round and round, in a circle that got smaller and smaller. Kari was breathing heavily and trembling, when Lynn finally took the nipple into her mouth, and rolled it over and over with the tip of her tongue. Their juices mixing as they pumped back and forth against each other, Lynn slipped a hand down under Kari, under her bottom. She began to tickle the girl’s asshole softly, which made Kari squirm and wiggle. ka├žak bahis As the very tip of Lynn’s finger invaded the tiny hole, so slippery with cunt juice, Kari moaned. “Ohhhh…ohhh God!”

Lynn let the nipple slip from her mouth and leaned up to kiss Kari, as she worked the fingertip in and out of the little hole. “Are you ready to lick me baby-slut? Hmm? Do you want to lick mama’s pussy?”

“Oh yes, yes please Ma’am, mama-ma’am, let me lick it!” Kari pleaded.

Lynn slid slowly up over the girl’s body, turning herself, till she lowered her pussy to the eager mouth. Kari’s tongue snaked out, gingerly licking at the soft outer lips. Lynn leaned over, which opened her pussy more, and Kari’s tongue slithered up inside, making Lynn moan softly. She rode Kari’s face softly and slowly, moving her hips. Her hands slipped down and she softly teased Kari’s spread open cunt, just rubbing lightly, over the lips, tickling. Kari moaned loudly into her mom’s pussy, and squirmed her hips around. Lynn slipped her fingers between Kari’s cuntlips, catching the hard little clit between them. Kari was so very slippery. Lynn’s finger slid up and down the slit, toying with the girl, teasing her clit. Lynn pushed back a bit, which put her own clit into the girl’s mouth. Kari began to lick and suck on it.

“Yes, yes, that’s it baby-slut, suck my clit.” Lynn was moaning now, getting closer to orgasm, and rubbing the girl’s abused cunt faster. “Are you there baby-slut, do you need to cum yet?”

Kari was only able to moan in reply, her lips and tongue busy “MMMmmmMhhhhMMMMM!”

“Keep sucking mama’s pussy baby.” Lynn leaned over fully, and attacked the cunt with her mouth. Kari’s moan was almost a scream as Lynn spread her cuntlips.she open and sucked HARD on her clit. Lynn’s tongue flickered over the clit like lightening, fast little licks as she sucked. Kari’s hips were bouncing up and down. Lynn was pushing down on her face, almost smothering her and drowning her, rocking her pussy back and forth on the girl’s mouth. She came up for air, just long enough to say “NOW!” and plunged down hard on the cunt again.

Kari’s body rocked hard enough to almost knock her mom off. Now, she did scream, loudly, into Lynn’s pussy. Lynn let herself go at the same time, wave after wave shaking her deeply. She moaned loud and long, never stopping her licking. Kari’s hips came up hard, one last time, and then her body went slack. She had blacked out. Lynn’s last few tremors made her shiver in pleasure. She collapsed over the girl, rolling off to her side, still twined tightly.

After a few moments rest, Lynn squirmed her way round in the bed and lay down heavily on the pillows. Kari came around at about the same time. As they lay cuddled, Kari was weeping softly. “It is so good, so good.” She was whispering. “Mom, how long have you been…a lesbian? Is this what broke you and dad up?”

“Oh honey, I’m not a lesbian. At least I don’t think I am. I still have strong desires for men. I just learned not so long ago, that I like women too. Do you think you are a lesbian baby?”

“I don’t know…I mean… I’ve been curious to try this for a long time…not like this though, not with you! But I’ve not stopped liking guys either. But…but, I’m glad I did this, with you I mean.”

“I’m glad too baby, very glad. But remember, this has to be our secret.” Lynn snuggled Kari tighter. Presently, they both drifted off into sleep.

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Lightning Strikes Ch. 02

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Everything changed after that day. The blow job she had given me immediately after being struck by lightning on that fateful day after regaining consciousness was merely an introduction to what was to follow, and a timid one at that. I remember well what followed that blow job and how it had left me equally gobsmacked. After finally recovering from the aftermath of the greatest blow job of my life, and seeing my prudish wife swallow my whole load with relish, I realised that I should check that she was ok, given that it had been merely minutes since she had been struck by lightning. I walked through to the kitchen, her favourite hang out (she was a magnificent cook) but she wasn’t there. Perhaps she had gone to lie down to recover was my next thought. I was partially right.

As I approached our bedroom, I heard her shuffling about hurriedly, busying herself with something. There was a pause, and then I heard what was unquestionably a moan escaping from my beautiful wife. This wasn’t like her at all. I hesitated at the door, wondering what was going on in there, when I heard her groan “Oh fuck”. With this I walked in, and found possibly the sexiest scene I had ever seen in my life up to that moment. My beautiful demure wife was naked on our bed, cupping one of her breasts with her legs obscenely far apart and two fingers sliding deep inside what was clearly a very wet pussy. My jaw dropped and my cock hardened.

She looked so slutty. Her head was lolling back in ecstasy as she touched herself, and every few seconds she muttered words that had never escaped her mouth before. “Fuck….cunt…..cock….pussy…..fuck me, baby….i’m your slut baby….” I couldn’t believe it and neither could my cock, which was pressing uncomfortably against my trousers due to the scene unfolding before me. In an instant I freed it from its confines, and began to vigorously masturbate as I watched my wife play with herself in front of me (although she did not know I was there at this stage) for the first time ever. It had long been a dream of mine to watch her masturbate, and despite numerous requests it had always been met with a firm ‘no’ and a look of disdain for even suggesting that she would do something like that.

Despite that, here she was fingering herself. I stared intently on illegal bahis her fingers, watching them firstly ease inside her soft wetness, then she picked up the pace and began to pound her pussy roughly as she tried to force herself towards an orgasm she clearly needed. All the while I could hear her muttering various obscenities while she masturbated. Eventually I tore my eyes from her gorgeous soft pussy and found her looking directly at me, licking her lips seductively as she mouthed her obscenities in my direction.

My cock twitched in my hand and without thinking I walked towards the bed. She smiled lecherously, knowing she was about to get what she wanted. She reached out and took my cock in her hand and began to wank me while simultaneously playing with her clit. Her hand was coated in her own juices as she smeared them all over my shaft as her fist pumped at my rigid cock. I was in heaven.

“Oh baby, I need you to fuck me real bad. I’ve been such a naughty girl and I need to be punished by your big, thick, throbbing cock”. This was too much. I had to control myself to stop me going over the edge with those very words. This was everything I had ever wanted my wife to be in the bedroom ÔÇô a wanton slut. I climbed onto the bed as my wife guided my cock towards her wet hole, her fingers never leaving her clit, never stopping the sensations my newly eroticised wife was experiencing. Without ceremony I slammed my rigid cock deep inside her tight wet pussy and she groaned with pleasure as she got exactly what she wanted.

Immediately I knew this would be different. Our sex life would normally be described as ‘making love’, a term I personally hated but was the only one my wife would use. However this time we weren’t making love; we were fucking. There was no gentle sweet lovemaking. It was simply hot, sweaty sex, as I drove my cock in and out of Katie’s sweet tight pussy. And she loved it. She wanted it. She needed it. Every thrust was met with a demand of more, each time my balls pressed against her ass she tried to pull my cock even deeper inside her. Her nails dug deep into my back as she fucked me, her hands grabbing my ass as she tried to press me deeper and deeper inside her, trying to satisfy what appeared to be an insatiable need to get fucked. We would often kiss illegal bahis siteleri during sex, but this time it wasn’t the soft gentle kisses we normally made, but fierce tongue-duelling, with plenty of nibbling and biting. It was animal. Just how I had always wanted it; just as I had always fantasised it could be.

I could feel my orgasm approaching as I pounded deep inside her wet pussy but she beat me to it. With a guttural grunt she came, an orgasm which had an intensity to it that I had never been before. It lasted far longer than her usual orgasm, endlessly so as I continued to piston my cock in and out of her, until finally she slumped down on the bed. I figured she was spent. Quite often during our lovemaking her orgasm ultimately spelt the end of our sex session, and left me either to finish myself off or beg her to perform the honours, which she sometimes relented to, although clearly reluctantly. She was often too “tender” to continue after her orgasm, or so she said. It had often been a source of tension between us. But now, with my wife in this kind of mood, I no longer knew what to expect from her. I didn’t have to wonder long. Merely seconds after collapsing in a heap, she mumbled a single word to signal her intentions: “Again”.

My smile spread from ear to ear, and I began to thrust once more inside her. She pulled at my hair, licking my ear in a way that drove me crazy. She seemed to recover instantly to her orgasm and already seemed to be building towards her next one. I desperately wanted to bring her to another orgasm, something I hadn’t achieved in our time together, but it was seemingly impossible. The wantonness of my wife was too much for me to contain, and my orgasm was just moments away. She could sense me building towards it, and tried to coax me towards it with her words. “Give it to me baby…fill me up with your hot sweet cum”. I began to fuck her with extra vigour, the pressure in my balls rising. I was so close. And then she muttered something that set me off ÔÇô “do you want me to finger your ass again baby?” She didn’t even need to put it in. Just the suggestion made me release another torrent of cum, this time deep inside her. I collapsed in a heap on top of her, sweat pouring off my body as she lay beneath me, chuckling happily to canl─▒ bahis siteleri herself.

After a minute or so I recovered enough to roll off her, my cock sliding out of her with a pop. She kissed me sweetly on the cheek, whispering “thanks for that honey, I really needed a good fucking today” and promptly rolled out of bed and into the bathroom. A few seconds later I heard the shower being turned on as she no doubt was washing away the evidence of our afternoon tryst. I gazed at the ensuite door, trying to come to terms with the events of the afternoon. What had happened to my wife? Was this permanent? Would I be able to help her return to what she had been? Did I want to?

The last question was the most difficult of them all. My mind flashed through all the sexual experiences that we had had together, all the futile attempts I had made to encourage my sweet and demure wife to try something new, something out of the ordinary, something a little bit kinky. But alas, it was all to no avail. She had never been interested in doing anything which would in any way raise any eyebrows. I always suspected that if she had her way, our sex life would always have been lights off, under the covers, missionary position. But now…. All kinds of possibilities were opening up to me. If this were to continue, how open to suggestions would she now be? Would I be able to live out all my fantasies? Would I find out what her deepest darkest desires were? Would we be able to live out the kind of kinky filthy sex that most people can only dream of? My heart skipped a beat as I contemplated where this journey would take us…

The next few days continued much in the same vain. We fucked again that night, and later in the middle of the night too. In the morning, after my wife poured out my cornflakes, she promptly dished out a nice morning blow job to send me off to work with. Work was merely a distraction, not helped by the string of text messages I received while in important meetings. ‘I’m not wearing any panties’ said one, ‘I’m wet’ said another, ‘I can’t wait to fuck your brains out when you get home’ she teased as I sat at my desk, my work sitting incomplete on my desk, my cock straining against the material of my pants. The messages continued to get dirtier, the language courser. ‘I’m playing with my pussy’ was followed by ‘I’m thinking about your cock inside my tight wet pussy’ and so on. As 5 o’clock struck I was already at the door with my jacket on, on my way home to see my gorgeous sexy wife.

To be continued….

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Liason Ch. 02

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Chloe basked in the bliss of being cuddled, something she’d been denied in her marriage. When she was in high school, infatuated with Rich (now her husband), the wonder of his hard penis opening her for the first time felt better than anything she’d ever experienced. As a young bride, each time he entered her she loved him more until her wonder turned to disappointment and she began to feel empty. For him sex meant either fucking or being sucked off, in each case, unloading within a minute or so then rolling over and going to sleep. On numerous occasions Chloe tried to tell him of her need but her appeals went unheard. She realized that sexual satisfaction meant his and, for her, was only be what masturbation could bring. As a dutiful wife she submitted to his lust but considered each penetration a violation and each explosion a mark of his disrespect.

Until meeting Peter on line she had almost forgotten that a man’s attentions could make her really wet. It caught her by surprise the first time when her panties left wet spots on the chair. Soon, in their on-line trysts, Peter was taking such great care in the description of his attentions that she began experiencing many orgasms, each time feeling completed, exhausted but dreaming of the next encounter.

Her fantasy weekend was made possible by her unsuspecting husband, who had taken a week’s vacation to visit his brother in Michigan for the opening of deer season. After having driven Rich to the airport she returned home and packed her bag, then drove back to catch her plane to Seattle.

During the flight her hunger for Peter increased. He was the one who had taught her so many things about her own sexuality, the man who had honored her as sexual being and made her feel like such a desirable woman. He would be waiting to whisk her away to their sexual banquet. She was alive with anticipation, her brain sending message after message to the core of her desire. The fountain of her sexual secretions necessitated a trip to the restroom to change her saturated panties. She was ready and, the moment she saw Peter awaiting her at the airport, she felt another surge between her legs, one that made her labia slide and the inside of her thighs glisten with her dripping wetness.

Inside the room, canl─▒ bahis when they had stood in front of the bed, she felt his thick penis opening her vagina and the excitement took her breath away. For a moment she feared that, like her husband, Peter would thrust a few times, come and pull out. But he stayed hard as she settled on his throbbing erection, penetrating to its full length and exciting every nerve of her slippery tunnel. Her vaginal walls gripped his hardness like a fist, squeezing his male vitality, and she marveled at the bulk which filled her so completely.

Like a virgin, her eyes bugged out with each inward thrust and her mind tried to relate the sensation to the reality. When they fell back on the bed she again feared that, like her husband, Peter would come quickly. But the man who had lovingly mentored her on line and was showing her more excitement in this brief encounter than her husband had during their entire marriage, kept pumping his length in and out, tantalizing her electrified nest which was on fire from the friction of the sensuous massage.

She longed for Peter to ejaculate inside her, to spurt the gift of his masculinity on her cervix and slather it in her cylinder. But she knew how much it pleased her husband to come in her mouth and, though, repulsed by it in her marital bed, she would willingly swallow this man’s offering as her gift to him.

When they changed positions it was like an out of body experience. The unfamiliar feel of his lips kissing her labia and his tongue flicking her clitoris sent shocks throughout her body. The warmth of his pulsing seed in her mouth made her feel like she was drinking from a heavenly fountain and, as she gulped his hot sperm, she spurted her own gusher into his mouth and they both writhed in frenzy. She felt like she was melting.

After having released their initial passions they were able to relate to one another as two lovers who had been dreaming of this meeting, then planning it and making it come to pass. They lay naked in the bed, their breathing having come down to a normal level and they gloried in the touch of their naked skin, the color of each other’s eyes and the warmth of their bodies having been warmed by their passionate sex. They kissed in little pecks bahis siteleri and told each other how happy they were to be together.

Spooned by Peter’s warm masculine body Chloe had never felt so feminine. He caressed her breasts and kissed her cheek and neck, calling her “pet” and “baby,” words that were foreign to her. For the first time in her life she knew what it was like to be truly desired by a man and to crave that man’s attentions. Safe in Peter’s arms, her sexual saddle still tingled from the memory of their first ride; the afterglow was heavenly. But, too long, she had been starved for affection, had been denied the ecstasy of sex and needed more. So, pushing her bottom against him, she parted her legs enough to allow his plumping phallus to rise to her moistened verge.

Peter’s hand cupped her breast and she trapped his arm with hers and pinned it to her body. As he fondled her tingling flesh she pushed her soft bottom hard against the mat of his pubic hair and wiggled, feeling his erection harden and seat between her glistening lips. She felt her nipples knot and solidify as she reached between her legs, tickled the head of Peter’s swollen cock then held it against her erectile clitoris. He answered her silent request by sliding his rigid shaft in her slurpy groove while she applied the pressure that heightened her titillation, shoving against him in sharp punches as he increased his rhythm. Tears welled in her eyes and she couldn’t quell her sob as her orgasm coursed through her body.

Peter held her tight, kissing her shoulders and neck as she wept uncontrollably. Still hard, he positioned himself behind her, wiggled the head of his cock along her groove until he found her entrance and eased his tumescence inside, sliding to her full depth. “Oh God,” she cried with a wavering voice, “I must be dreaming,” her body quaking as she wept.

Embracing Chloe and kissing her neck and shoulders Peter showed her the meaning of the word he taught her to use on line, slowly sinking and withdrawing his distended penis in her supple sponge. With each inward stroke he emphasized the slow journey with a long whispered, “fuck,” the recoil being washed by Chloe’s increasing secretions, each producing a silky slurp. Her weeping had ceased and bahis ┼čirketleri she was moving her own body to the rhythm of Peter’s slow penetrations, echoing his word.

Peter reached over her hips, tenderly palming her soft tummy. His finger found his sodden shaft as it moved in and out of Chloe’s pussy then touched the peeking fairy of her clitoris, wiggled it almost imperceptibly and began its glide. Chloe thought the sensations she was experiencing was only possible in Heaven. Her entire body was crawling with tingles which increased with each of Peter’s measured thrusts. And, as his slippery finger coursed the surface of her clitoris it touched spots that sent shocks to the tips of her toes.

She squealed in response to a clitoral shock which, combined with a deep thrust, sent a wave of incredible warmth throughout her body she and demanded, “Fuck me Peter! Fuck me hard!”

Peter straddled Chloe’s legs, pulled on her hips and coaxed her into a kneeling position. He gently crossed her arms and bade her to lay her head on them. His cock buried deep in Chloe’s electrified pussy, he reached around her body, cupped her breasts and began his thrusting rhythm, slowly at first, then increasing his speed. With each thrust he compressed Chloe’s breast against her chest.

“Oh God,” she said with each thrust, almost like she was thanking Him for such unimaginable feelings. In her mind it was like a visual she had seen of an atom, her vagina the nucleus with hundreds of electrons spinning around in wild orbits. Peter’s cock felt like a huge piston, its driving thrusts spreading the gospel to the far reaches of her skin, and, he had added a new elementÔÇöwith each thrust his fingers pinched her knotted nipplesÔÇösending jolts to extremities that were not known to exist.

One missing ingredient would complete the masterpiece and her fingers answered the call, playing her clitoris like harp strings. Her orgasm started with a crescendo but the sound was lost to the buzzing in her ears. She felt suspended in midair, floating like a feather being wafted higher and higher. Then, gravity took hold and she plummeted at incredible speed and crashed, her body twitching uncontrollably and her lungs gasping for air.

Once again, as she settled into an incredible feeling of completion, she was aware of Peter’s warm body spooning her. The huge presence in her vaginal canal had become soft, allowing the aloe from his loins to ooze past her seal and cool on her leg.

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Summer with Grandpa

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18 year old Suzanne decided to spend the summer on her Grandfather’s farm before going off to college in the fall. She knew her grandfather had been lonely since her grandmother died 2 years before. Her parents weren’t to keen on her spending the summer so far away but since she was 18 now, they figured she was old enough to make her own decisions.

She caught the greyhound in Portland, OR and three days later arrived at the station in Kansas City, Missouri.

She threw her slender body into her grandfather’s waiting arms as soon as she got off the bus. Her 38C breasts pressed tightly against his chest. Her grandfather Peter stood 5’10” about 2 inches taller then her own 5’8″. His salt and pepper hair still showed signs of the dark brown hair that matched her own. His ice blue eyes sparkled as he looked her over. “Damn girl. You really grew up.” He said with his southern accent that had never quite gone away. Grandpa had grown up in Mississippi but moved to Missouri when he met her grandmother in school there. They had married right out of college and were together for over 50 years when she suddenly went to sleep one night and never woke up.

Suzanne’s green eyes sparkled as she smiled at him. “Thanks. You look great to grandpa.” He had put on a bit of weight but it was more muscle from working the farm then fat.

Peter smiled at her as he rubbed his mustache and beard then picked up her duffel bag she had dropped when she hugged him. “Come on darling, I gotta get back to the farm.”

She wrapped her hand through his arm as he led her out to the pickup.

“Gee Grandpa; it’s sure hot in here.” Suzanne said as they headed towards the road and out of town. Both windows were wide open with a strong breeze.

“The weather man predicted almost 100 degrees today.” Peter said not taking his eyes off the road in front of him.

Suzanne pulled her soaked halter top away from her skin. “Ah…that’s better.” She moaned as she pulled it down her chest until her breasts were free to feel the wind.

Peter glanced over at her and gasped. “Suzanne.” He cried as he suddenly looked back at the deserted road. “Pull your shirt up.” He ordered.

Suzanne had her breasts lifted in her hands, letting the wind cool them with her eyes closed. “Why, this feels good.” She opened her eyes looking at her grandfather. “Besides, it’s not like you’ve never seen a pair of tits before.”

Peter tried to keep his eyes on the road, but they kept glancing over at her. “You are my granddaughter.” He said hoarsely. “You have no business showing me your tits.” He groaned inwardly as he felt his cock start to harden in his jeans.

She smiled at him then lowered her eyes until they were resting on his crotch. Her eyes widened as her smile brightened. “Grandpa, you’re getting a hard on.” She said with a chuckle.

Peter just growled but concentrated on driving. This seemed to work for a couple of minutes until he felt Suzanne hand opening his jeans.

He stopped the car, and then looked at her as she brought his 8 inch cock out in the open. “What the hell are you doing?” he asked her.

Suzanne had moved onto her knees and was just about to take his cock into her mouth when he stopped the car. She looked up at him innocently. “Ah grandpa, I’m hungry.” Then before he could protest, he felt her lips enclose him.

Peter sat there in shock as she bobbed her head up and down over him. Her tongue moved all over his flesh. “Oh god,” He moaned throwing his head back as he tangled his fingers in her hair. He felt her push him against her throat then pull back, he wondered if she had ever done this before.

Then it hit him just who was sucking so nicely on his shaft. He gripped her head, trying to pull her off of him but she just held on with her lips. “Suzanne, this isn’t right. You shouldn’t be…Oh god.” He groaned when he suddenly felt himself slide into her throat.

Suzanne held him for a minute then slowly pulled back up. She had never done any of this before but always wanted to try deepthroating. She jacked the base of Peter’s cock while her tongue moved over his piss slit. When he suddenly spurted precum into her mouth, she tasted it, then smiled as she swallowed it then looked for more.

Peter was having a hard time remembering that it was his granddaughter who was giving him a blowjob. It had been so long since anyone had sucked on him or he had bahis firmalar─▒ been inside a woman and her mouth felt so good around him. His hand tangled once again in her hair, as he pushed her up and down over his hard cock. “Oh baby. Suck grandpa’s cock. Make me cum in your hot mouth.” He groaned giving up and enjoying her mouth on him.

Suzanne moaned around him as she sucked harder at his shaft. She wanted him to cum in her mouth and the way he was pushing on her head while he cried out in pleasure, told her it wouldn’t be long. She slipped her hand down under her body until she found her bare pussy leaking like crazy. She hadn’t worn any panties on the bus, determined that her grandfather was going to take her cherry.

She slipped 2 fingers into her virgin hole, sliding them in and out as she continued to suck at Peter’s cock. Suddenly he gripped her head hard as he slammed her repeatedly up and down over him.

“Fuck…Gonna…Cum…” he panted as he forced her head hard over him.

Suzanne let him move her head as she moved her fingers harder in her pussy, trying to bring herself off when she got him off in her mouth.

Peter slammed hard upward with his hips, driving his cock deep into her mouth as he shot off. “I’m cummmmiinnnngggg.” He screamed.

Suzanne moaned around his shooting cock, swallowing as fast as she could while her pussy spasmed around her flying fingers. She drank all his juices then dug at his piss slit looking for more before she finally let his spent cock slip from between her lips. “You taste good grandpa.” She said with a smile.

Peter, who was resting his head against the back of the seat, slowly opened his eyes. “You shouldn’t have done that darling.” He panted as he fixed his jeans.

Suzanne sat back in the seat as he started driving again. “Why not? I liked it?”

Peter looked at her. “You are my granddaughter Suzanne.”

She fixed her skirt as she sat back down on the seat. “Yea, so?”

He looked at her as they pulled into the driveway leading to the farm. He was silent until he had pulled up to the house, and then looked at her again. “Its incest darling, Family members don’t have sex.” Then before she could protest, he got out of the truck and headed towards the house.

Suzanne lay in her empty bed a week later working her pussy into frenzy as she thought about her grandfather’s cock and how she was going to get him to fuck her. She had tried pressing herself against him while they walked over the farm, but he just pushed her away.

When she kissed him on the lips, he pushed her from him so hard that she landed on her butt in the dirt. He had given her a dirty look then went back to work.

Now as she pushed herself towards orgasm, she was wracking her brain trying to figure out how to get grandpa to fuck her. She had even purposely left the bathroom door open when she went in to take her shower. He had just closed the door without looking at her.

As Suzanne body convulsed in orgasm, she wanted to scream in frustration. She was determined to have grandpa fuck her and she wanted him to fuck her now. Pulling her fingers from her pussy, she moved out of bed and down the hall. She stood outside her grandfathers closed door then slowly opened it.

Peter was lying on his back, naked with the moonlight shining over his body. His cock was half hard lying against his stomach. She walked quietly to the bed, then onto it. She froze when he snored loudly then when she was sure he wasn’t going to wake up, continued moving towards him.

She watched his eyes as she lowered her head, taking him once more into her mouth. She felt him harden as she ran her tongue over him. When Peter moaned in his sleep, she knew she had to have him inside her.

She knew from girls at school that it was easier if the guy was on top when you lost your virginity, but since grandpa was being such a poop about it, Suzanne decided it was time to take matters into her hands.

She straddled his hips, and then rested on hand lightly on his stomach while she guided his hard cock to her entrance. When he was lined up, she took a deep breath then slammed her body down over him, impaling him completely into her body. She gave a small cry as he shot through her hymen, but other then that she loved the fullness of him inside her. “So far so good,” She said quietly as she looked up into his sleeping face. He was ka├žak iddaa buried inside her and none the wiser.

Resting her hands on his stomach, she slowly lifted her body over him until he almost left her pussy, then slowly moved back down, taking him inside her again. “Oh…that feels so good.” She moaned as she rode him, massaging his cock with her inner muscles.

Peter came awake slowly, feeling Suzanne’s pussy pulling at his cock was pulling him from his dream. Slowly he opened his eyes to see her moving up and down over him. Her breasts bounced with her movements. Her breath was coming in pants as she fucked herself on him.

Suddenly Peter was wide awake. “What the fuck?” He growled watching her.

Suzanne opened her eyes to look at her grandfather’s. “Well you wouldn’t fuck me.” She said matter of factly even as she continued to slide over him.

Peter groaned as he felt her pull him deeply inside her. Her pussy was tighter then her mouth and felt great sliding over him. “This isn’t right.” He growled even as he thrust up into her.

“I don’t care.” She cried when she felt him slam into her. “I love you grandpa and I love your cock. I don’t care if it is right or wrong. I want you to fuck me.” She stuck out her lower lip as she moved faster over him, pulling him deep inside her.

“Suzanne…Baby…Please.” He begged grabbing her hips to pull her off of him. “Don’t do this to me. I can’t fuck you. It’s not right.” He pulled at her but she just held on, keeping her pussy moving up and down over him.

“I’m not leaving grandpa. You’re cock is already in me. You might as well enjoy it.” She took his hands from her hips, moving them to her breasts as she rode him hard.

“Oh god…Fuck…Oh no…” He panted even as he slammed upward into her.

“Fuck me grandpa.” She screamed bouncing her body over him even as she held his hands to her breasts. “It feels so good.”

Peter was fighting inwardly with himself. He wanted to fuck her so bad, to show her just how good it could be. Her pussy was milking at his cock, pulling him deep inside her. But at the same time, he knew it was wrong.

When she suddenly tightened around him as she came, Peter knew there was no question. She would get her wish. He had to fuck her and he had to fuck her now.

Suzanne gasped in surprise, when she was suddenly thrown onto her back with her grandfather pounding her from above. “You wanted my cock you little minx. You got it.” He growled as he thrust hard and fast into her gripping hole.

Once the shock was over, Suzanne squealed with joy. “Yessssssssss…Fuck me grandpa. Ream my little pussy with your hard cock. It feels so good.”

Peter didn’t respond; he just took one of her nipples between his teeth, sucking hard on it as he ferociously took her pussy. He pounded her hard and fast, making her squeal with pleasure. He could feel her juices flooding him as he slammed repeatedly into her body. “You like that baby?” he growled against her ear as he wrapped his arms tightly around her. “You like grandpa’s cock deep in your pussy?”

“Yes grandpa, oh yes.” She screamed as she dug her feet into the mattress so she could push herself up against him. Their bodies rocked together as the mattress groaned under their movements. “Fuck me grandpa. It feels so good.” She cried digging her nails into his back as she shoved herself madly against him, pulling him deeper inside her. “Fuck MMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed as she came again around him.

“God, you have such a nice pussy baby.” Peter grunted fucking her hard. Suddenly he pulled out of her body.

“No…” Suzanne cried trying to pull him back.

Peter just laughed. “Relax little girl. Just wanna change positions.”

She looked at him in confusion for a minute, then smiled when he pulled her to a sitting position then pushed her over onto her hands and knees. “Push your face into the pillow baby, and stick your ass up in the air.” He said as he moved in behind her.

Suzanne spread her legs wide, as she rested her head against the pillow. “Oh grandpa,” She moaned as he filled her with his length. “That feels so good.”

Peter just chuckled as he fed her his length. When he was buried in her completely, he pulled out to the head then suddenly slammed forward again. “Oh god,” She grunted at his sudden invasion.

Peter just laughed again and started fucking ka├žak bahis her furiously, pushing her head towards the wall with each of his violent thrusts. “You like that little girl?” He asked as he pummeled her pussy from behind while he gripped her hips in his hands.

“Oh yes. Fuck me grandpa. It feels so good.” She moaned whipping her head back and forth as she shoved back against him. “Make me cum again grandpa.”

Peter rammed her pussy with his cock as one hand moved beneath her body, gripping her clit, while he wet a finger of the other hand and shoved it into her virgin asshole. “What the fuck?” She asked looking over her shoulder as he slowly fingered her ass while he fucked her.

Peter chuckled, “That’s your ass baby. Feels good with my finger in it don’t it?” He pushed his finger further into her as he pummeled her pussy with his cock.

Suzanne tried to ignore his cock in her pussy for a minute while she felt his finger in her ass. It was strange but didn’t hurt. “I like it.” She moaned as her shoved his finger deep. “Finger my ass grandpa while you fuck me.” She moaned lowering her head back to the pillow.

Peter shook his head as he filled two of her holes at once. Her ass was pulling at his finger while her pussy milked his cock. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he was filling her pussy with his juices. He pulled his finger from her ass, wet it and another one then slammed both into her. She whimpered in pain for a minute then fucked back against him. As he watched her sucking at his fingers, he got an evil idea. She had pushed him into her fucking her and it had been a long time since his cock was shoved up a sweet ass. He pulled out of her suddenly, making her moan in disappointment. “Why did you stop? I was so close.”

Peter didn’t answer. Instead he spread open her ass-cheeks then pushed his cock against her virgin hole. “What are you doing grandpa?” She asked looking over her shoulder at him when she felt him against her other hole. “That’s not my pussy.”

He smiled at her as he dipped his fingers into her pussy, coating them with her juices, which he spread over his cock. “Believe me sweetheart. I know.” Then before she could do anything, he pressed forward with his hips, spreading her open as he slowly slid into her ass.

“Ugh…” She groaned digging her nails into the pillow as she felt her ass slowly being opened by his hard cock. “Grandpa, I don’t know if I like this.” She whimpered.

He ignored her as he held her cheeks open with his fingers while he watched his cock slide into her ass. “I don’t care. You wanted me to fuck you, I’m fucking you.” He hissed through clenched teeth as he slowly penetrated her.

Suzanne whimpered in pain as he continued to push into her. “I wanted you to fuck my pussy. Not my ass.”

He just laughed. “It’s just another hole.” He pushed forward a little bit harder making her cry out as he shoved the head of his cock into her.

“Grandpa, it hurts.” She cried clawing at the pillow.

Again Peter ignored her. He closed his eyes, enjoying her tightening around him. “Oh yea,” He moaned. When her cries penetrated his lust filled mind, he slammed three fingers into her pussy, fingering her hard and fast as he continued to slowly slide his cock into her ass.

Suzanne was on the edge of a precipice. Her ass was burning, from her grandfather forcing himself into it, but her pussy was spasming like crazy as she came forcefully around his fingers. “Grandpa…” She screamed as she shoved herself back against his thrusting fingers and in the process buried him completely up her ass. “Agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh…” She screamed when she felt him buried inside her.

When she slammed him into her, Peter lost his control. When he felt her take him completely he growled low in his throat as he started shooting deep into her bowels. “I’m cummmmiinnnngggg…” He screamed even as he slowly thrusting in her ass, coating his way with his cum.

“Oh grandpa,” Suzanne moaned as she felt him shrinking then slowly leaving her. The few thrusts he had given her when he was coming had felt good and she was sure if she was lubed up, she would love to have his cock up her ass again.

Suzanne didn’t sleep in her room for the rest of the summer. She spent the night in her grandfather’s bed. She would suck him to hardness; while he ate her out then he would fuck her both in the ass and pussy while she begged for more.

As she caught the bus back home at the end of summer, she had a bright idea. Grandpa had initiated her into sex. Next was daddy.

But that dear readers, is another story.

The End

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Summer Holiday Ch. 05

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That night, after the big party, which was a disaster. Well, a disaster when my Uncle, Aunt, and twin cousins arrived. Uncle Louie stumbled upon Mom, having sex with her eighteen-year-old lover. And my cousins came into my room as I was waking up Moms’ two best friends, whom were naked and just been fucked by me. Not to mention, there was a half smoked joint and a full one waiting to be smoked sitting on my dresser.

Mom handled the situation though. She was honest about her young lover to my Uncle, and she pretended to be upset and angry with me about having sex with her friends, and smoking pot. She explained that I didn’t deserve a party, and it was best that everyone leave. She winked to Debra and Sarah.

“You should bring out your pot,” Sarah winked at me.

I ran to my room, retrieved the rest of the joints, and rejoined everyone in the living room. I lit up the joint and we all sat around smoking. John and Mom started kissing and getting a little comfortable. They didn’t get to finish earlier. I watched as Johns’ hand slid down Moms’ body and began to rub her pussy through her pants. My cock was getting hard. Sarah started to play with the back of my hair and my neck. Her hand slid down my back and around to my front.

“Oh my,” She gasped when she felt how hard my cock was.

Debra passed the joint to Sarah, and then Sarah passed it to me.

“I think they’re a little too preoccupied,” I observed, passing the joint to Debra.

Sarah pushed me down, so I was lying on the floor. She unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down. My cock popped free from its confinement. She quickly went to work sucking my hard shaft. Pausing only a moment to suck on my balls while her hand worked my cock. Sarah began moaning, and I saw Debra had pulled Sarahs pants down enough to expose her pussy and was fingering her diligently.

John was now on top of Mom, her breasts were exposed and his mouth was feverishly working her nipples. I sat up enough to get my shirt off, and I helped Sarah out of hers. Debra unhooked Sarahs’ bra and then took off her own shirt and bra.

Debra walked over to John and helped him out of his pants, and Mom took off hers. All of our clothes were now in a pile, strewn across the floor. I ran my fingers bahis firmalar─▒ through Sarahs’ hair as she sucked my cock. With my other hand I was squeezing Sarahs’ tit, pinching, and pulling her hard nipple.

“Ohh, your tongue feels good!” Mom moaned. John was between her thighs, licking and sucking on her pussy. Debra was underneath John sucking his hard cock. I sat up and pushed Sarah to the ground. I started licking and sucking on her nipples, while my hand probed her wet pussy.

“Finger me baby,” Sarah moaned.

My hand slapped against her muff as my fingers drove deep inside her. Debra stood above Sarah now, and lowered her pussy onto Sarahs’ face. I started kissing Debra hard and deep. I suddenly felt Moms hand going down my back, and over my butt. She slid her hands between my thighs and started tugging on my hard cock.

“Your mouth feels good John,” Mom moaned.

I couldn’t see behind me, but apparently John was back to licking Moms’ pussy. I leaned down and started sucking on Sarahs’ clit. I could hear her moan into Debras’ pussy.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming Sarah,” Debra moaned. “Keep tonguing my hole!”

I started to devour Sarahs’ pussy.

“Mmmph,” Sarah moaned. “MMMM!” I could feel her pussy cum on my face.

I slid my fingers faster as my tongue flicked her clit. Mom stopped jacking me off. I felt her head bounce against me. I looked back and John was fucking her hard and fast. I straddled Moms’ neck and pointed my cock to her mouth. Mom sucked my cock, and John was fucking her pussy. Sarah was on her knees now, and started to kiss me. I felt her tits as our lips meshed together. Debra knelt behind Sarah and kissed her neck and grabbed her hips.

I could hear John grunting behind me. Suddenly, Mom stopped bouncing as John released his load in her. I stood up and pulled Sarah with me. I bent Sarah over the couch and started to slam into her pussy.

“Ohh, fuck that feels good!” Sarah moaned.

“Fuck that pussy,” Debra growled as she watched us.

John was sitting on the couch; he began to play with Sarahs swaying tits. Mom walked up behind Debra. I watched as Debra parted her legs and Mom slid a finger in her cunt.

“Ooh fuck, Cheryl, I love the way you finger my pussy,” ka├žak iddaa Debra moaned.

I could hear Moms’ hand slapping against Debras’ cunt. John was slowly jacking his cock, and it was starting to get hard again. I gripped onto Sarahs’ hips and pummeled into her. Slowly I got up, and was replaced by John.

I stood in front of Debra, and grabbed onto Moms’ hips. I pressed my hard cock into Debra, sandwiching her between Mom and I. I could feel Moms’ hand as she continued to finger Debra. Debra and I kissed.

“Ohh, Mmm,” Debra moaned into my mouth.

I broke the kiss with Debra, and pulled Mom by the arm. I motioned for her to lie down next to Sarah. John was thrusting vigorously into Sarah, making her bounce on the couch. I watched as her breasts jiggled with every contact. I positioned myself between Moms’ lips and penetrated her wet pussy. Debra sat next to Mom. I started pumping into Mom as Debra leaned down kissing, and licking Moms nipple. I watched as Debra slid her finger in and out of herself.

“Mom, your pussy feels so good!” I moaned.

“Fuck me son, fuck me!” Mom pleaded.

I thrust into Mom as hard as I could.

“Oh fuck!” Mom gasped. “Fuck me, and make me cum!”

I kept fucking Mom hard and fast, I wanted her cum on my cock. Mom screamed out as she came on my cock.

“Fuck I’m cumming too!” Sarah moaned.

I could hear John grunting as he pounded Sarahs pussy. Mom and Sarah came together. John slid from Sarahs’ pussy and knelt down in front of Debra. He pushed her thighs apart and slid his dick right in.

“Ohh, finally get some dick!” Debra moaned.

Sarah was sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy as she watch my cock slide in and out of Mom. I kissed Mom deeply as I pulled out. I placed myself in front of Sarah again, and pressed my cock into her pussy. Sarah started to twitch as my cock penetrated her.

“Fuck!” Sarah screamed. “You’re going to make me cum again!”

I fucked her pussy hard and fast, making Sarah once again, cum. I rubbed Moms pussy; her lips were still swollen and wet with cum. I slide my finger inside her while I continued to fuck Sarah.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Debra moaned, and gasped for air.

I could hear Johns’ balls slapping ka├žak bahis against her pussy. Mom leaned over and sucked on Debras’ nipples. I slowly sawed in and out of Sarah. I felt myself throb.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” John growled.

I watched as his hips lost their rhythm.

“Here I cum!” Debra announced.

Debras’ hips bucked and milked Johns’ cock. I pulled out of Sarah, and knelt between Moms’ knees.

“I want you to have my cum, Mom,” I said as I shoved my cock into her.

“Give it to me baby!” Mom moaned.

I slid in and out a few times. I felt my cock throb, my balls tightened, and I came deep inside Mom.

“Ugh, take my, ugh, cum Mom,” I grunted as cum gushed into her pussy.

We crashed onto the floor, except Sarah who was softly snoring on the couch with Debra. I held Mom in my arms, my cock, still wet with cum, pressing against her ass. John lay in front of her, his arms draped on her hips.

I could hear them kissing, so I started kissing Mom on her neck. Mom moaned into Johns’ mouth. I could feel my cock swelling again. Mom began grinding against both of us. She reached down and held my cock in her hand for a moment. Then she held Johns. I slid my cock between her ass cheeks, and pressed into her. My cock slid down and entered her pussy.

“Oh!” Mom gasped. I slowly slid in and out. Mom and John still locked in their kiss. I quickened my pace. Their kiss turned me on so much; I quickly came inside her. Mom turned over and we started to kiss. I could feel her start to bounce. John was inside her and thrusting. I grabbed Moms’ nipples as we kissed, soon she was moaning into my mouth. My cock was throbbing still. I could feel her pubes brush against the tip of my cock. John grunted and came inside her pussy too.

Mom turned back over to kiss him and I once again entered her wet pussy. I could feel Johns’ cum and mine. Her well-fucked pussy was so wet. I fucked her harder this time. Mom moaned into Johns’ mouth as they kissed. She moaned louder and louder as she started to cum on my cock. I came with her. John turned her over and kept Mom cumming. He slammed into her so hard, we couldn’t kiss while he fucked her.

“Ohh fuck me boys!” Mom moaned.

We each took three more turns fucking mom, and filling her with our cum. Mom came and came enough that she lost count how many times. We all finally started to fall asleep.

“What a great party,” I thought to myself as sleep took over.

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Lately Though…

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The important thing, she knew, was to keep his cock hard. Anyone was a moron to think the way to a man’s heart was his stomach. It was solely and utterly concentrated in his cock. Sometimes, she fancied he was like one of those odd dinosaurs that have “two brains”. She knew, through experience and preference, that when his cock was hard, all was right and direct in her world. Suck it or fuck it, lick it, tug it, rub your thumb over the precum slick head, milk his balls for cum — when she was doing those things, it was all good. Though lately…

She didn’t blame him. How could any one woman (or three, for that matter) keep up with the seemingly endless queues of online/on-cam women? Impossible. Hot fetishes and latest toys aside, she wondered of she’d started slipping. Could she still keep his cock hard and drooling with precum…all for her?

With a sly and wicked smile, she stood silhouetted in the threshold; a hand perched on her jutting hip, her head tilted with a question. “Shall I?” she silently sent him.

Deaf to her and involved, he still sat in front of the glowing computer screen, shoulders slumped, head bobbing slowly, g├╝venilir bahis but he sensed her there behind him and spun his chair to face her.

Placing one high heeled foot in front of the other, she strolled closer; each movement of her thigh revealing more skin beneath his “borrowed” dress shirt. The already-swollen and pink outer lips of her pussy showing beneath the swish and drape of the shirt’s hems. She sighed heavily as she approached, making her breasts swell against the fabric, already punctuated with the twin dots of her erect nipples.

She shrugged off the unbuttoned shirt and reached out a fan of fingers to draw slowly along his thigh and crotch. “Oh, baby,” she said huskily. “Is that for me?” Her smiling eyes danced up into his closely. “You look like you could use a good blowjob.” Her wet tongue slid out and she dragged the tip over his cockhead, straining against his pants. “Mmmm. I want to taste you.”

She breathed through her nose mostly, but sometimes wetly and with a lot of tongue would make loud slurping sounds as her lips coursed up and down his thick rigid shaft. She loved twirling her tongue tip around t├╝rk├že bahis the head and then plunging the whole knob between her sucking lips. Up and down, long all-the-way-to-his-root sucks, then short, fast ones on the head. She rubbed his precum and her saliva along her cheek and lips, then immediately took him all the way in her mouth again. It was an Art form yo her, pleasing him this way. She almost dreaded him cumming though because it meant the end of sucking him off, pleasing his cock so directly, keeping him hard. For her, he always came too quickly. Though lately…

His cock erect and standing out like another forearm just above his ball sac, he slipped his wet shaft from her lips and plunged it back in again harder, then building a fucking rhythm assaulted her lips and tongue with his hardon. She gasped loudly over and over as his thick cock rammed into her mouth. It looked rough, felt rough, and she reveled in it. “Fuck. My. Mouth.” she groaned between moans. “Yeah, fuck it. Show me how you’re going to stretch my pussy later by fucking your cock in my mouth, baby.”

She could feel his body shake from nerves the dirtier she g├╝venilir bahis siteleri talked. Good. Another key on her keyring of pleasure for him.

As her lips kissed his balls and lightly licked across the tightening sac, she knew he wouldn’t last much longer at this rate and pulled her mouth of him with a loud smack and a quick last hard suck on the head. “Don’t cum yet,” she whispered huskily.

His eyes focussed sharply and suddenly as she shifted her body around, never losing prime contact with his, skin to skin. She straddled his thighs and wrapped her fingers tight around his shaft. Her eyes half-closed and she murmured her way into a purr and growl.

“I want your cock. Your hard, throbbing, thick, beauitful cock in me. I want you to fuck me longer, faster, deeper and make me cum harder than I’ve ever cum before. Will you do that for me, baby?”

She felt the pulse throb along the veins of his cock as it pushed open her labia and grazed across the smooth wetness of her protruding clit.

She writhed on his thrusts, arms and legs stretching and then grasping him in a death throe, and then raking his skin with her nails as she rose up, up, up and then fell into the abyss of ecstasy. “Yes,” she cried, tears in her eyes. “Now again.”

She knew keeping his cock hard was important, though lately…

She thought she might step up her game.

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Lilac Bubbles

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Humming to herself she moves around her bedroom with practiced ease, gathering up the things for her bath. Sweet smelling steam billows from the tub, in the master bath, as it is filled with water and a fair amount of bubbles.

Setting the things she would need on the edge of the tub, she loosens the belt at the waist of her sea foam green silk dressing gown. Smiling to herself as the silk caresses her bare flesh, skimming over her shoulders and down her arms, she lets it pool on the floor at her feet.

Lifting her right foot from the floor, she tests the temperature of the water with her toes before easing her foot into the tub. Stepping in fully she slowly lowers her lush body into the lilac scented water. The bubbles surrounding her, gently kiss against her skin as some pop filling the air with the heady scent. With a smile born of satisfaction and relaxation spreading across what some may think of as rather plain-featured face. The easing of tension causing such a difference in her features that it would move many to change their minds about their first thoughts on her plainness. Her inner beauty shinning through as she closes her eyes and leans back. Her waist length auburn hair flowing over milk white shoulders, lightly kissed with freckles, to float among the bubbles. She reaches for the faucet with a foot, turning the water off. Allowing the worries of the day to be eased away, as the steamy water warms her every limb.

So relaxed is she, that she doesn’t even hear the bathroom door ease open. His bare feet making no sound as he enters. And it’s not till a masculine voice whispers close to her ear that she is aware of his presence. The smile on her face, widening to even greater proportions at his love words.

Opening her eyes she looks up to him, her lover and friend. Leaning towards him, she whispers “hello Frank” just before their lips touch, for a long sensuous kiss. Reaching up to him, her hands wet and covered in bubbles, she pulls him even closer. Needing his closeness after the day that she has had.

Finally breaking the kiss, she leans back to feast her eyes on the sight of him. Breaking into a fit of giggles when she sees the havoc her wet lathered hands have done to his hair.

Not knowing what has put her into such a state, he stands to look in the mirror at himself, checking for smudges or such on his face. But only grinning back at her in the partly steamed over mirror when he finds what has amused her so much.

With a twinkle in his eyes, his T-shirt is quickly discarded and thrown toward the hamper, smiling broadly now at the thought of joining her in her feminine scented bath.

Her bright hazel eyes never wavering as she watches him undress before her, her gaze caressing every bit of him as he is revealed to her. Over his shoulders and down to the narrowness of his waist, her eyes travel, as his fingers work the fastens of his jeans. Grinning like a lovesick schoolgirl as his jeans slide down his thighs and calves. Watching as he steps out of them.

Sitting forward, she makes room for him in the bath. Grinning he steps in behind her, settling down into the steamy water with her. Pulling her back against him. Strands of her wet, lilac scented hair clinging to him, mingling with the hair sprinkled across his chest and the scent that is his very own.

Closing her eyes once again, she just enjoys the moment. His warm arms wrapped around her, fingers caressing her arms. Smiling at the feel of his tender lips leaving light kisses across the base of her neck.

Wiggling around a bit, on the pretence of becoming more comfortable, she grins at her wickedness. Already she can feel the evidence of his arousal pressing into the small of her back. His low chuckle sounding close to her ear, he playfully nips her earlobe, not having been fooled one bit. But two can play at this game she soon finds out.

With a grin of his own, he begins a slow torture guaranteed to make her just as crazy. Moving one hand to a full breast, he gently brushes the bubbles from its tip. Her nipple already hardened to a pebble, looking much like a ripe cherry sitting neatly on top a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Whispering in her ear just how beautiful he finds her to be, as the tip of his finger lazily circles her erect nub. Her body, greedy for his touch, arches up to press against his hand.

But he is intent on his torture. His other arm snakes around her waist, tugging her fully against him. Pressing her rounded bottom against the evidence of just how fully aroused he has become.

His fingertips, continuing bahis firmalar─▒ with deliberate slow movements. Around her nipple, teasing. Reaching out to nip lightly at her earlobe, just as his fingers grasp her nipple. Giving the nipple a slight tug, as he rolls it between his fingers.

Wiggling in earnest now, her low moans of pleasure filling the steamy air. Her every movement begging for release from this pleasure so intense that it borders on pain. The mixture of whimpers and moans coming from between her full lips only arousing him further.

Easing his hold around her waist, his hand slipping into the warm water seeking. Finding the juncture of her thighs he gently cups her feminine core, her legs having spread automatically for him. Carefully opening her delicate folds to him, his fingers seeking another hard nub to tease. The first touch of which sends electric like shocks throughout her, centering in her lower abdomen and moving out toward every nerve in her body.

Gasping at the new heights of pleasure that he is taking her to, her hips bucking into his hand. Her moans making it hard for even her to hear his murmurs of encouragement, though his tender lips were pressed against the outer shell of her ear. Her mind racing to catch up with her body, she takes her cue from his words … “Cum hard for me baby”

Screaming out her pleasure, her hips thrust forward to his hand, her whole body shaking from the intense orgasm that rocks her. The rapid rise and fall of her breasts making it nearly impossible for his one free hand to continue it’s slow torture.

Collapsing back against him, his hard cock pressing into her back once again, she struggles to catch her breath. A thin sheen of sweat covering both of them, though for slightly different reasons. Hers from the orgasm that he had given her. His from holding back, while he enjoyed the display of emotions that crossed her lovely face.

Slowly catching her breath, she tilts her head to smile back at him. Her eyes still heavy from satisfaction, she peers at him, wishing that she could find the words to tell him just how he makes her feel. Choosing to tell him in actions instead…

Smiling wickedly as she turns in his arms so that she is kneeling before him in the now lukewarm bath. Leaning forward she kisses him gently on the mouth, before moving to stand before him. Cool bath water flowing over her lush body in small streams.

Wet strands of her long hair clinging to her creamy white shoulders, her full breasts and hard nipples. A few remaining bubbles dotting her fair body, mingled with the trimmed thatch of hair at the juncture of her thighs. The sweet smell of lilac mixed with the musky scent of her orgasm, the combined scents intoxicating.

Offering him a delicate hand, she helps him to stand. Her eyes drinking in the sight of him, her lover, as he stands before her. Following the path of water moving over the planes of his firm body. They stand so close that her full breasts brush over the coarse hairs sprinkled a crossed his chest, causing a sudden intake of breath for each of them.

Stepping from the tub and reaching for a thick hunter green towel she motions him forward, smiling when he steps from the bath to the bath mat. Bringing the fluffy towel up and against his flesh, vigorously drying and warming him back up. Taking great care with each part of him, his shoulders and arms. Stepping around him so that she can dry his back, her full red lips leaving butterfly light kisses on his back as she dries him off. Lowering herself gracefully to her knees as she dries further down his body.

Standing with this beautiful woman kneeling behind him, his body heated more by her touch than the towel that she is moving over his body. Feeling her hot sweet breath against his skin just before her lips sear his flesh. His cock still ridged in remembrance of the things that have happened, only growing even harder at the mere thought of what is to come.

Reaching up and grasping his hips, she turns him so that his cock is bobbing before her upturned face. Giving him a wink, she continues to dry him, as if seeing his evident desire for her has no affect. Which couldn’t be further from the truth, as she can already feel the slickness of her pussy and the low pulsing of sexual awareness.

Drying his thighs and calves with exaggerated care, taking opportunities to caress and stroke. Allowing her fingernails to gently glide over the inside of a thigh, listening for the intake of breath that is sure to follow, smiling to herself when it is heard.

Finally turning ka├žak iddaa her attention to the one part of him that she had thus far ignored, her gaze and hands moving to his cock in one motion. Taking him gently into the folds of the soft towel, drying him with great care. His low moans only encouraging her wicked behavior.

Looking up at his handsome face, watching the emotions showing so plainly across his features. Leaning closer still so that her breasts brush his thighs, her nipples once again hardening at this slight contact.

Letting the towel drop to the floor in a heap, one hand caressing his hip as the other wraps around his ridged cock. Licking her full lips as she directs the tip of his cock toward her mouth. The tip of her pink tongue moving to his cock, she tastes him for the first time. Running her tongue just under the head of his throbbing cock, her tongue playing along his length.

Running his fingers into her hair, wrapping the damp silken strands around his hands, moaning low in his throat.

Closing his eyes, he is unable to do anything more than just enjoy the sensations that are washing over his body. Her soft hand gently stroking his cock, her breath cool against the heat of him, long silken strands of her hair caressing his thighs. Her warm pink tongue helping to guide him into the moist heat of her mouth, her full lips wrapping snuggly around his erection, her tongue pulsing against his cock in rhythm to his beating pulse almost bringing him to his knees.

Sudden cool air replacing where her mouth had been busily at work brings his eyes open immediately. Opening his hands he allows the long strands of her hair to slip through his fingers falling gently against her flesh. Looking down at her as she eases his cock from between her eager lips. Slowing as she reaches the very tip, her tongue probing, gathering the sweet droplets of pre-cum. Backing away she allows his cock to spring free from her mouth, smiling up to him. A few thin strands of saliva mixed with cum still connecting them, from her full lips to his engorged cock.

Offering her his hand, he helps her back to her feet and into his arms. Holding her close and kissing her deeply, tasting traces of himself in her sweet mouth, her breasts soft and pliant against his hard chest. His hard cock against the soft rounding of her tummy. Their hands roaming freely over each others bodies, their appetites having grown to outrageous proportions from this steamy foreplay.

Cupping her bottom with his hands, pulling her against him, his hips grinding into her. Her whimpers and moans urging him on further. One hand sliding up her back, the other moving to caress a well rounded hip before slipping between them to once again slip into her slick pussy.

Taking her cue from him, she brings a delicate hand back to his cock. Stroking him, matching her rhythm with his. Stroking down his full length as his fingers thrust deeply into her heated pussy, slick from her cum. Moving back up his length, her thumb gliding over the tip, smearing small amounts of cum over the hot head of his cock, as he slips his fingers from her heat, his thumb moving in a slow circle around the hard nub of her clit.

With a groan he pulls free from her, their bodies covered in a slight sheen of sweat. Scooping her into his arms, he carries her from the steamy bathroom, turning left and down the hall a few steps …

… Caring her the few steps down the hall and into the bedroom, his eyes never leaving her upturned face. His smile broadening as he places her sweet body in the center of their bed before standing back to admire her. His eyes roaming over her flushed cheeks and tousled hair. Down her slender neck and over the lush curves of her full breasts. Stopping for a moment, he grins a bit wickedly at the erect peaks of her breasts, reaching out to lightly trace a dusky tip with a finger.

Her breath hitching in her throat at this bittersweet touch, eyes fluttering, her body knowing instinctively what to do. Arching up off the soft bed, thrusting her breasts up toward him. A low moan escaping her full lips, her whole being calling out to him, begging him to take her.

His grin widening as he walks toward the end of the bed. He can feel her bold stare on his bare body, warming his flesh. Stopping he trails one lean finger along her creamy white inner thigh, enjoying the site of her fleshes reaction to his gentle touch.

Her low whimpers for more attention spur him onward; he makes the turn around the end of the bed, stopping this time so that he looks up the full length of her. ka├žak bahis His eyes drawn to her most intimate places. Over her slightly heaving breasts down her tummy to her almost cleanly shaven mound, with just a small tuft of hair shaven in the shape of a heart that ends just above her full pussy lips.

He leans over, placing his hands between her thighs, lowering himself so that the heart shaped tuft of hair is so close that he can smell the tangy sweet scent of her. Reaching to cup her ass with his hands, he gives her a slight tug, letting her know that he wishes her to scoot just a little closer to him, and his awaiting mouth.

She inhales deeply knowing what he wants, eager to have his mouth on her, she quickly moves toward him. Spreading her thighs wide for him as she smiles down at him. Trailing one delicate hand over her own thigh and toward her pussy, she sighs as her hands reaches its intended destination. Using her own hand so that his are free, she opens herself to him, revealing her swollen clit already slick with her juices.

Needing no further invitation to this feast, he begins a torturous journey over her inner thighs, kissing her soft skin as he inhales deeply. Slowly making his way toward her pulsing clit.

Closing her eyes enjoying each tender kiss. Doing her best to hold still even though she wants to arch up toward his wonderful tongue, yet knowing that this frustration will only further her own pleasure in the long run.

Unable to hold back any longer himself, he gives her slit a long slow lick from just above her pucker to her clit, smiling when he feels her body shiver. Taking her clit between his lips, he begins so suckle gently from her, tasting her hot tangy juices flow over his tongue.

The sudden rush flowing through her body at his gentle yet insistent suckling brings a moan of pleasure forth from her full red lips. Lifting her hips slightly from the bed as his tongue moves over her, her breathing becoming more ragged, small cries of pleasure escaping from her.

Hearing her voice her pleasure only feeds his hunger. His mouth moving over her, his tongue scooping up the juices that continue to flow from her as he tries to keep pace. Releasing her ass with his right hand so that he can run his fingers from her knee, over her silken thigh, to her wet pussy. He trusts a finger deeply into her just as he again takes her clit into his mouth.

This sudden movement sends her senses reeling, her orgasm taking control of her body, she screams out his name “Frankieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” as she cums in great waves. Her hips bucking, chest heaving, fingernails digging into the sheets.

Feeling her body tense, he continues slowly fucking her with his finger, his tongue working over her clit as he tries to catch all of the sweet juices that flow from her. Her wild bucking causing him to miss some. Slowing as he feels her orgasm crest and begin the downward spiral, now taking his time to slowly lap at the juices that he has missed.

Relaxing back onto the bed, her chest heaving, she is almost limp from the pleasure that he has given her.

Slipping his soaked finger from her, he rises up to his knees, smiling at her as he brings the finger to his lips and sucks her juices from it.

Reaching to him, she gently tugs him forward to that he is laying on top of her, his erection nuzzled against her slick opening. Smiling at him, as she brings her arms up, resting her hands on his shoulders her fingers lightly tracing over his neck. Leaning up slightly, she traces his lips with her tongue, tasting herself on his mouth before opening her mouth slightly so that she can kiss him properly.

Groaning slightly he responds with a deep kiss, his tongue mating with hers. Loving the fact that she enjoys her taste as much as he does. Feeling her excitement growing once again with this kiss.

Shifting her hips slightly, she feels the head of his cock slide along her hot pussy, wiggling a bit in invitation as she draws her knees up. Moaning when he teases her yet again by moving his hips just enough to rub the head of his cock up and down her swollen lips. Gasping out when he drives into her in one swift motion.

His own breath catching with his movements, the sudden wet heat of her grasping at him and drawing him deeper within her. Holding still for a moment, savoring the feeling of finely being buried to the hilt, before he begins a slow rhythm.

Matching the rolling of her hips to his strokes, she tries to draw him in even deeper as she wraps her creamy white legs around his lean hips. Her hands starting to roam over the contours of his back, down the slight dip just above his ass, until her fingers are lightly tracing the curve of his ass. Moaning lightly into his mouth as their kiss deepens, they seem to become one…

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Sweet Sandy Ch. 02

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Part Two: Wintertime

I called Sandy on Friday on her cell phone to find out when she would be home. It was the week after New Year’s and the weather was shitty and we threeÔÇöHelen, me and Sandy, were all going to the cabin to spend the last weekend before Sandy had to go back to school.

She was shopping for wine and food. “Hello,” she said when I called.

“Sandy? This is Dad.”

“Hi Dad! What’s up?”

“When will you be home, baby?” I asked.

“About two. When will you be home?”

“I’m already home,” I replied. “And Sandy,” I said quietly, “I have a surprise for you.”

“I have one for you too, Daddy,” she said.

As soon as I hung up, the phone rang again. It was Helen. “Bad news,” she said.

“What?” I said.

“I have to go out of town overnight. There’s a problem with the deal I’ve been working on, and only I can fix it. At least, that’s what my supervisor says.”

“Well shit, Helen,” I said, a little exasperated. To those of you who know my story, you know that I’m in a love affair with my beautiful blond daughter. But you probably also know that I’m still in love with my beautiful blond wife as well. “I had planned to give Sandy a little party this evening. When can you get to the cabin?”

“Probably tomorrow morning, depending on the traffic and the weather. I checked the computer. It’s supposed to be cold and snowy at the cabin. I don’t know about the roads. When are you and Sandy leaving?”

I thought for a moment. “I guess we’ll leave as soon as we get everything packed. Probably about four or five. Man! I hate that you can’t come with us.”

“Me too, honey. But, it can’t be helped. Listen, I’m coming home to pack a bag. I’ll see you in a little while. I love you,” she said.

“I love you, too,” I said and hung up.

I was a little pissed after that. I had hoped that Helen would be able to accompany us to the cabin that night. Sandy and I had planned to gently break the news about our affair to her. I still couldn’t believe that Helen didn’t know. To be sure, Sandy and I had been careful, very careful, but Helen was not a stupid woman. She would have been able to read some signs. And there was the comment she had made the previous summer. I had been talking to Helen on the phone and she’d said “Save something for me,” before joining Sandy and me at the beach. I took that to mean that she knew. And yet, when she got there, she acted as if she knew nothing. So, I could only hope and assume that Helen didn’t know that I was sleeping with my own daughter.

While I waited for my two women to come home, I bustled about packing. I packed clothes, food, wine, DVDs, CDs, and certain “personal” items such as lubricant and a bottle of small blue pills. (Thank goodness for the small blue pill. At my age, and with two women to please, it was invaluable.) I was just about finished when the back door opened and my daughter Sandy walked in. She brought in a gust of cold, fresh wind. It was refreshing, just like her. My foul mood disappeared.

Sandy was wearing a sky blue down parka, which she immediately shucked and threw on the couch. She walked over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss. My heart and a certain other part of my anatomy leaped at her embrace as I looked down at her blue eyes.

“What’s up, Daddy-O?” she asked.

“Gettin’ packed for the big weekend,” I said. “Oh, there’s new from your Mom. She can’t come tonight.”

Sandy frowned, “Well, shit!” she said.

“That’s what I said. She’s got some business thing this afternoon and evening. She’s got to be there. She’ll get to the cabin as soon as she can, probably tomorrow.” I continued putting supplies into a box. As I picked it up to carry it out to the SUV, I said over my shoulder, “Go get ready, honey. I want to leave soon.”

“Okay,” she said, bounding off to her room. As she left, I couldn’t help but look at her shapely ass. It seemed that she had gained a little weight over the past few months. Sandy had always been slender and petite, but now she was starting to fill out a little. Her jeans were a little tighter, and her breasts and butt a little more voluptuous. I certainly wasn’t complaining. She may have been eating a little more.

Sandy had always been a somewhat nervous, hyper child. She had calmed down a little lately. I wondered if regular sex hadn’t made a difference. We had certainly had sex regularly. Helen’s job frequently took her away, and Sandy and I used her absences to make love as much as we could. She had become an eager, experienced lover and I had completely fallen for my girl-child. However, we were always very careful to portray ourselves as only father and daughter when Helen was around. Which brought me back to the reason this weekend was so important: Sandy and I were going to tell Helen about our intimate relationship. We had been lovers for almost a year now, and it was starting to wear just a little on both of us.

There was another reason for the weekend. Tonight was Sandy’s 20th illegal bahis birthday and I had a special gift to give her. I went into my bedroom and reached into my bedside table. Inside was a blue velvet box. I opened it. Inside the box was the diamond tennis bracelet that I was going to give her as a birthday present. I planned to surprise her with it tonight after dinner. I quickly put the box into my suitcase as Sandy looked in the door. “Almost ready, Dad,” she quipped, and then went back down the hall.

So, this was going to be a special weekend in more ways than one. Sandy and I had discussed Helen’s possible responses to our announcement. Almost all were bad. Sandy and I had pretty much resigned ourselves to not making love over the weekend, but we still hoped that Helen would understand.

Just then I heard the back door open again. I walked out of my bedroom carrying my suitcase and was putting it on the couch as my beautiful blond wife came into the living room. Her hair was a little windblown and her cheeks were pink from the cold.

“Hey,” I said as she took off her coat and threw it on the couch beside Sandy’s parka.

“Hey yourself,” she said. I came over and gave her a big kiss and a hug. She held the hug for some time, molding herself to me. “I wish I was leaving with you guys,” she said into my neck.

“Don’t get me started,” I said. “Isn’t there somebody else who can take care of this?”

“No, there isn’t,” she said, leaning back but still holding on. “It can’t be helped. Hey, I’m just as disappointed as you are. I had something special planned for both you and Sandy. I guess it will have to wait, though.”

“Can you tell me?” I asked.

“No, silly. It is a surprise. I’ve got to get packed.” She let go of me and walked back to our bedroom. I watched her ass appreciatively. I was 46 and Helen was 41 and looked 32. She still had her figure, and her face was still youthful. The only things that betrayed her age were some very fine lines around her brown eyes. Otherwise, her skin was fine and smooth. A year ago, we had had a scare when one of her pap tests had come back with some suspicious cells. But a battery of tests had come up negative. That had been a relief. It was during that time when, needing comfort from each other, Sandy and I had become lovers.

An hour later it was four o’clock and the light was fading outside. It was not snowing, but the leaden clouds looked like they might. However, the roads were clear for the time being. Everybody was packed and ready to go. “Try to get there as soon as you can,” I said to Helen as I kissed her goodbye.

“Yeah, Mom,” Sandy said as she kissed and hugged her.

“I’ll try. But it will probably be tomorrow morning before I get there,” Helen said.

“Well, be careful. Have you got your cell phone? Is it charged? Have you got gas in your car?” I was a little concerned.

Helen rolled her eyes at me and said, “I’m a big girl. I know what I’m doing. Now get out of here before the weather turns bad. I’ll be there tomorrow, I promise.”

And with that, we all parted ways.

We were on the road for about two hours. On the way to the cabin, Sandy put on some Nickelback, which I liked, and we talked about school and work and Helen and how she was going to take the news. Sandy slipped her hand onto my thigh, and then between my legs. “In a way,” she said, “I’m kinda glad Mom can’t make it till tomorrow. Now I can give you my surprise.”

“Oh, by the way. Happy Birthday, darling,” I said.

“Thank you, Daddy. What did you get me?” she asked.

“Well, there’s a `private’ card for you in the glove compartment,” I said.

She reached in and got out the birthday card I had stashed in the glove box. It was romantic and the sentiment inside was distinctly erotic.

“What do you mean, ‘A little something different,'” Sandy asked, arching one eyebrow.

“You’ll find out when we get there. Now that Helen’s not coming, I figure we’d better make the most of it.”

We were about thirty minutes from the cabin when it started to flurry. By the time we arrived, it was snowing steadily, and the wind was picking up. It was also cold. As I pulled into the driveway of the log cabin Helen and I had built several years ago, I could see that there was already a large pile of firewood on the porch. I was glad; I hadn’t wanted to chop wood with the weather turning nasty.

It was cold inside so I turned on the oil heater and started a fire. We unpacked the food and suitcases and went inside. It was dark and getting colder and snowier by the minute. I made sure all the doors and windows were locked, but left the porch light on.

While Sandy showered and changed, I cooked. We were going to have fettuccine alfredo and salad and small rib eye steaks and a bottle of merlot that I’d been saving. For dessert, I had brought a small chocolate birthday cake. While the pasta was cooking, I lowered the lights and lit candles all around the living room of the cabin. illegal bahis siteleri I set the table, opened the wine and got everything ready. I found some jazz on the radio and turned it on low. I went and got the blue velvet box from my suitcase and set it beside Sandy’s place setting.

Sandy came out dressed in pink terrycloth loungers. She smelled great and she had put on a little lipstick and makeup. She was beautiful. I couldn’t believe how much my little girl had grown up. What a woman! And I was fortunate to be close to her.

I held her chair for her and she sat down. I leaned down and kissed her neck and she ran her fingers through my hair. I inhaled her intoxicating scent and said again, “Happy Birthday, darling.”

“Thank you, lover,” she said. Then she saw the box and exclaimed, “Is this my present? May I open it?”

“Please do,” I said.

“Oh Daddy! It’s beautiful!” she said as she took the bracelet out of the box. “I love it! I love it! Here, help me put it on!”

I walked over and helped her put the jewelry on. She held it up for me to admire. As she did so, her top fell a little open and I could see inside. For just a second, something glinted in the candlelight. “What have you got inside your top?” I asked.

“You’ll see soon enough,” she said coyly, once again holding up her arm to admire the light sparkling off the diamonds. “I love it Daddy,” she said again, reaching up to pull me down and kiss me. She pulled my tongue into her mouth and sucked it ardently and I felt myself getting hard. “Now let’s eat,” she whispered, “so we can get on with the rest of the evening. I have something special planned for you.”

It was extremely hard after that to concentrate on the food and wine. All I could think about was Sandy and what she had planned. We each had small portions of cake with a cup of coffee, and then Sandy said, “Dad, why don’t you go shower and change into something more comfortable while I clear up. But hurry!”

I needed no convincing. I got up and went into my bedroom and opened my suitcase. Briefly, I looked at the bottle of small blue pills, then put them away. I could already tell I would not be needing them. I showered and put on cologne and got into a warm robe that could be opened completely from the front. When I got back into the living room, I could hear Sandy in the kitchen. I sat down on the couch and waited. I really had no idea what she had in mind. Finally, the light in the kitchen went out and the whole house was dark, except for a few candles strategically placed around the room and the flickering light from the fireplace. From over my shoulder, I heard my daughter say, “Dad, press the button on the remote and play the CD that’s in the stereo.”

I pressed the button, and slow Middle Eastern music wafted into the room. Sandy came out from behind me and began dancing, still in her lounging outfit. It was a belly dance, but a distinctly erotic one. She shook her breasts and hips, and moved to the music. I saw her hands go to her chest and her top was suddenly off. My daughter’s breasts were now free and they bounced beautifully to her rhythm. But there was something else. I could see what looked like jewelry hanging from her nipples. As she leaned over close to me, I could see that Sandy had crystal jewelry attached to her breasts with a thin golden chain between them. “What do you think?” she asked, giving me a quick kiss.

“Beautiful, just beautiful,” was all I could manage.

“You just wait,” she said, moving away and turning her back. She shook her delicious butt at me and hooked her thumbs into the waistband. Slowly, in time with the music, she pulled her pants down. She stepped nimbly out of them and threw them to the side. She was now nude. For just a second, I thought I saw something glint between her legs.

She turned around and danced toward me, shaking her hips in time with the music and making her nipple jewelry dance. Now I could see that she also had on a gold chain around her waist and around her ankle. Sandy leaned in close and said, “Now you know where I was all those Tuesday nights.” It occurred to me that over the past few months, Sandy had indeed been out of the house each Tuesday night. “Exotic dance lessons,” she said.

She danced away again, then turned and advanced toward me, thrusting her pelvis as she did. I could see that she had trimmed her pussy hair down to just a small patch. I strained to see something that was between her legs. Sandy stopped in front of me with her pussy no more that a foot from my face. Still moving to the music, she spread her legs so I could see inside. I looked up into my daughter’s face. Her mouth was a little open. Her eyes were wide. She had a slight sheen of perspiration on her forehead. I could see she was panting a little. I became aware of the monstrous hard-on I had. She danced to it, straddling my thighs and moving over my cock as if she was fucking it. I opened the robe and freed my throbbing erection from its cloth canl─▒ bahis siteleri prison. From above me, I heard Sandy give a little girlish grunt. A movement of her hands, still at the lovely junction of her legs, caught my attention. Still thrusting gently, opening up for me, Sandy reached down to her sex and drew her lips apart. Hanging from her labia minora were two clear crystals that sparkled and swayed with her movements. I was mesmerized by the movement of her hips and the dance of the crystals hanging from her pussy. She put her hands behind my head and drew me to her. I hugged her close, burying my face in her belly and nuzzling her pussy. “How do you like it, Daddy-O?” she said quietly.

I couldn’t say anything, I just groaned.

“That’s not all I have for you,” she said and moved away. She backed up slowly and then, giving me a smile, turned around and backed up again, moving toward me. Once again she straddled me, getting to within a foot of my face. Slowly her beautiful, shapely ass swayed in front of me. I saw her fingers appear on either side. Her bracelet came into view as she reached into the shadowy fissure between her butt cheeks and pulled them apart, leaning forward as she did so.

Sandy’s dainty little butthole came into view. It was pink-brown, a small puckered slit. From her butthole dangled a thin double chain with two crystals attached. My daughter shook her ass a little, and the crystals glittered in the candlelight. I put my hands on her butt and kissed each cheek reverently. Sandy leaned over just…a little…more and whispered “Kiss me in the middle, Daddy.” I covered her clean, slightly musky butthole with my mouth, tasting her, tasting metal as I rimmed her out.

By this time the music had ended, but neither of us had noticed. All that could be heard in the room was our mutual cries of pleasure. “How do you like it, Daddy?”

“I love it, baby.”

“Daddy, tonight I want you to put your cock in my butthole.”

Reluctantly, I took my mouth off her and asked, “Are you sure, Sandy?”

She turned around and crawled into my arms. We kissed passionately. She looked into my eyes. “Yes, Father. I want to try anal sex tonight with you. Will you please teach me?”

I scooped her into my arms and carried her into the bedroom.


In the bedroom, I threw my nude, writhing daughter on the bed, tore off my robe and practically attacked her. I was almost beyond control as I kissed her and kissed her, taking her bejeweled nipples between my teeth and sucking ardently and thirstily on her swelling breasts. She gasped in passion and I answered with a moan, driven almost insane by her dance and her invitation. Sandy reached down and grasped my iron-hard dick and squeezed it and pumped it several times, sending me into rapture. “I want to suck you Daddy!” she said and immediately moved down to my waist. With an animal cry she took my cock into her mouth and sucked me hard, gurgling and mewing as she did so. I felt the center of my being draining toward my cock and my lovely daughter as she sucked it.

I could stand it no longer. It was either take control, or send buckets of cum down my daughter’s throat. Tonight, I was putting my semen in her asshole. But not yet. I pulled her off and put her on her back. She frowned as I did so. “Don’t worry Baby, I’ll give you my cum another time. For right now, lay back and enjoy.” I moved down to her overheated pussy and pushed her legs apart. I could feel the heat emanating from her sex. Pussy juice glistened on her inner lips. I gently pried them apart with my tongue and then covered her with my mouth.

“Ohhhh!” I moaned when the taste and smell and feel of her overwhelmed my senses. My daughter Sandy had, without a doubt, the sweetest most delectable pussy I’d ever tasted. I pushed my face into her as far as I could, shoving my tongue into her deepest recesses. She squirmed and groaned under my oral caresses. I shoved my nose so far into her that her labia minora (minus the pussyclip, which I’d somehow managed to remove) caressed the sides of my nose. I moved up and flicked her erect clit with the tip of my tongue, sending her into a paroxysm of ecstasy. I covered her whole pussy with my mouth, tasting her fully, laving her entire sex, determined to send her over the edge. She reached down and pulled her lips apart, granting me full access. I took her clit between my lips and sucked gently on it, nipping it…ever…so…slightly…with my teeth and sending Sandy over the edge into oblivion. Then I took it between my lips again and began a slow, steady, rhythmic flicking with my tongue, meaning to send her over the edge into orgasm.

Sandy stopped her moving, groaned and lay perfectly still while I worked on her clit. I circled it and flicked it up and down. I sucked it and tongued it. All the while, Sandy chanted, “Oh baby Daddy lick me suck me kiss me it feels so good make me cum make me come DADDY MAKE ME CUM!!!” She tensed for a split second, then screamed out her orgasm over and over again as I kissed her sweet clitoris. Finally she’d had enough and pushed me away. But I had not had enough. I climbed up between her trembling thighs and placed my cock at the entrance to her flowing, sweet-hot pussy.

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Surprised! Ch. 02

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Big Ass

It took Mom and Aunt Carol no time at all to clean my cum from each other’s faces and tits. Mom got up and sat on the far end of the sofa, she beckoned me. I shifted and laid against her. Aunt Carol came and sat on the other side of me.

“The question of the safety of the evidence remains, Bobby… What do you think now?”

“Are going to continue to fuck, going forward?”

“Oh hell yeah!” Aunt Carol said eagerly.

Mom smiled and caressed my face. “As often as we can Baby.”

I grinned. “Okay, it’ll never be seen. I’ll make sure of that.”

“There is another thing we need to talk about though…” Mom said sounding more serious. “Your father.”

“Yeah, we’ve got to keep this a secret, I know.”

“No, that’s not it. I mean- yes, we do but there’s more. You see, you father took early retirement last month and… well he moved out las week.”

“No shit! He left you?” I exclaimed. “Is he fucking crazy?”

Mom smiled.

“Oh fuck, did he find about about your… uh, business?”

“Oh honey, he knows all about that. He has all along. No, uh…” she sighed in resignation. “Shit there is no easy way to break this so here it is. He has always been bi, and finally found a partner. He and Uncle Jack are living together now. They’re not duck hunting.”

My mouth hung open for a moment. My mind struggled to accept the news. Yet a part of me was glad to hear of it.

Aunt Carol nodded. “Yeah, so I’ve mostly moved in here, we use my place for some of our parties and dates.”

“Wow…” was all I could say.

Mom brought it all back when she stated, “So you see why I lusted for you and why we started screwing around.”

I looked at Aunt Carol, “So Uncle Jack was bi too?”

“Oh no, he was always gay. Completely gay. When I was date raped and got pregnant he stood by me, said it was his and married me. Then when I lost the baby, well, we just stayed together. See, he’s been my best friend for almost all of my life. He still is. I love him dearly, but sex has never been part of that. I knew he had a few discrete partners over the years and our marriage gave him legitimacy. So when he and your father came out, well, I was happy for him.”

“When did they come out?” I asked.

“After your sister left for school.” Mom answered. “We sat down and discussed it calmly. We weren’t sure how or when to tell you two…”

“I see.”

“Hey! Enough of this serious shit, I’m hungry!” Aunt Carol said.

I covered my cock with both hands. “Give me time to recover! Geez!”

She punched my shoulder. “I mean for real food, although a cum smoothie would be nice later…”

“You’re terrible!” Mom replied.

We got up and went into the kitchen, leaving our clothes scattered across the living room along with the scent of intense sex.

We ate, caught up on normal stuff and yes, talked about their business and how they got started just about the time I was starting my senior year in High School. And I had no idea until now. They were careful and had strict rules. No cameras or phones and a strict non disclosure agreement. Apparently my father and Uncle Jack played the role of enforcer or bodyguard at times and were very scary when they wanted to be.

We then cleaned up the living room, and Mom suggested take a shower and wash off the stink. Now the master suite of our house had a huge shower with room for whole squad of cheerleaders (Yeah I had fantasized once or twice about that), and sported two shower heads plus a hand-held unit. There was also a built in bench along one side. So Mom’s suggestion that we jump in the shower excited me.

We set the temperature and wet ourselves down. I sat on the bench as Mom washed my hair and scrubbed scalp. Aunt Carol got a loofa, lathered it up and started scrubbing me. God I was in a state of bliss. These two beautiful, sexy women were bathing me and naked too! Of course I soon had an erection which they took turns washing with soapy hands. Not wanting to waste my load, Aunt Carol insisted that we avoid taking it too far. I took the loofa and started bathing her.

” So you really, really love cum.”


“Always have?”

“Since I first tasted it.”

“Who and when?” I asked, intrigued.

She smiled, “Sorry Bobby. My secret. Even Amy doesn’t know. Lets just say it was a long time ago…”

“Okay, fair enough. But do you like all cum, all the time?”

“Well, most of the time. Depending on what the guy eats and drinks, the flavor can vary. But even if it’s a little off, it’s still good. And I love the power it gives me.”

“Yeah, watching you eat my cum out of Mom was amazing! I can see a guy doing anything or paying anything to watch that.”

“Well we’ve never done that before. This was the first time. But you know what? I loved it!” She giggled. “It was awesome to taste both of your flavors together! I can’t wait to try it again!”

“I was too dazed from my orgasm to realize what you were doing,” Mom said. “But once I felt her mouth on me I decided to go with it. I love for her to eat me out and we’ve gone 69 a lot, but never with a pussy full of cum. And I’ve never sat and watched, up close canl─▒ bahis like that, as a cock slid in and out of her. That was wildly arousing too.”

“Well how about this,” I offered, “Later I’ll fuck one of you while the other lays her cheek on her mound? That way I can fuck a few strokes and then fuck your mouth a few strokes.”

Aunt Carol grinned. “I’m on top first!”

I spent a lot of time toying with Aunt Carol and Mom slapped my ass. “Hey! What’s a mother have to do around here to get her son to bathe her?”

I grinned and began to wash her all over as her sister shampooed her hair. As I washed her breasts and fondled her long nipples I decided to ask her some personal questions. The kind of question a boy never gets to ask his mother unless he’s screwing her.

“These are incredible nipples Mom. How did they get this long?”

She laughed. “I developed decently sized nipples naturally but then when I started experimenting with boys and discovered how much I loved having them sucked, I encouraged that. And, well, the more people sucked on them, the longer they grew.”

“Everyone loved sucking on Amy’s tits!” Aunt Carol interjected. Mom shushed her but Carol continued,”Friends, family, strangers…”

“Mom! A wild child? Really?”

Mom sighed. “Yes. Look Bobby, I started young and played around a lot, but I was never a real slut. I was picky about who and when I fucked… well until recently. But I did enjoy tit-play and still do. In fact for a long time I used nipple trainers which contributed more to their length than anything else. I actually still use them when I masturbate alone.”

I was wondering what Mom meant by “started young”, Eighteen? Nineteen? Or… But a glance at her told me I needed to leave it alone. I changed the subject.

“Okay so client are not allowed to cum inside of you, and no pics are allowed. What else is off limits?”

“Well they have to be eighteen, clean and healthy, and they have to have a card. It’s a referral system. Only clients in good standing get them to pass on to someone they trust. Neither of us have done bondage or pain games although we have one client who like to be dominated. And unlike my sex addled sister, I don’t do anal.”

“Why not?”

“It’s my last virginity and I’m saving it for the right guy at the right time.He’ll have to be worth it and I’m not just giving it away, he’ll have to work for it.” she said. “What about you answering some questions? How many girls have you fucked?”

I hesitated a moment. I decided to answer truthfully. “Before today? Five, five girls and one older woman. But I’ve had three others give me head only.”

Mom raised one eyebrow and smiled.

“Okay, were the girls coeds at college?”

“Four were and the ones that only gave head, yeah.”

Aunt Carol was curious too. “Who was the older woman?”

“And when?” Mom added.

I blushed. “Janice Rice’s birthday is the day after mine. She decided we would fuck each other as birthday presents. We were alone in her house, her family were gone for the day and got naked and started fooling around. She is kinda weird and decided we would fuck on her parent’s bed. She said her bed was clean but her folks fucked the night before so no one would notice if we left a mess. Well she was my first and we were fucking along, learning what to do when her Grandmother came in.”

“Oh fuck!” Mom exclaimed.

“Yeah, well she stood there staring at us then grabbed us by the arm and chewed us out. She sent Janice to shower and held onto me. Then she said that if I promised to leave her granddaughter alone she would reward me. I said okay and in two shakes she locked the door and pulled off her dress. She was only fifty four, looked younger and had bigger tits than you Aunt Carol. Damn if she wasn’t wet too! She fucked me good and hard on top then doggystyle. Finally she gave me my first ass. She pulled out some lube and I fucked her ass. Left her a creampie in each hole too. Then I grabbed my clothes and ran.”

Mom and Aunt Carol looked at each other then burst out laughing.

“Oh my god you poor boy!” Mom said. “God I remember her giving me the evil eye that summer! Now I know why.”

“Bobby do you like ass?” Aunt Carol asked grinning.

“Only nice, round, full, and shapely ones… like yours.”

Aunt Carol stepped out of the shower and grabbed a tube of lube from a drawer and handed it to me. “Please Bobby? I want to feel that inside of me! Do me right here.”

“Sure! But Mom needs to get me harder first.”

Mom smiled and sat on the bench, I stepped in front of her and she started sucking my cock. When I was good and stiff Aunt Carol put her hands on the shower wall over the bench and bent over.

“Fuck my ass Bobby!”

I lubed up my cock and her asshole, slipping my fingers in. She giggled.

“Stop teasing me and give me your cock!”

I pressed the tip against her ass and pushed. I slid in easily. Aunt Carol took a deep breath. I pushed in further and she moaned. I paused a moment then pushed in the rest of the way. Aunt Carol gasped.

“Oh my god that’s a lot of cock! Fuck!”

“That’s a lot of ass too!” I joked bahis siteleri and spanked her. She squealed with glee.

I held it there for a minute and then slowly pulled out, my glans teased her sphincter a moment then pushed inside again. And again she moaned in pleasure. I pulled out and pushed in several times. I had found that some girls got most of their anal stimulation in and near the sphincter. It appeared to be the case with Aunt Carol.

“Oh god! Oh god that feels so good! Yes!”

Mom slid over in front of her sister and cupped and squeezed Aunt Carol’s huge hanging tits as they kissed. My dick actually got stiffer and I began to fuck her with long strokes. Aunt Carol and Mom continued to kiss. This meant I couldn’t pound her ass lest I shove them together into the wall. But that was fine. Slow and deep strokes in Aunt Carol’s beautiful round ass was wonderful. In fact we were all three having such a nice fuck and so focused that the opening of the shower door and the exclamation surprised us.


Kate was home.

I froze, my cock buried in Aunt Carol’s ass. Mom looked around Carol and Kate saw her.

“MOM! Oh my god! Then that must be Aunt Carol…” she said. “Oh my god! What is this? What’s going on? Nevermind I can see what’s going on. Fuck!”

I was surprised by several things. One, Mom wasn’t confronting her or trying to explain, in fact she seemed to be hiding behind her sister. Two, Aunt Carol wasn’t trying to disengage. Three my cock wasn’t shrinking, but staying quite firm. And lastly, that Kate wasn’t storming off or turning away but taking it all in.

“How- how could you guys do this to me?” she cried. “Mom! You’d fuck your sister and your son? What about me? Why not me? Don’t you know I love you? That I want you? And Aunt Carol! All those sleep overs and playing dress up and talking till dawn and doing our hair and nails… but you never once hit on me! Why? And you!” She punched my arm, hard. “Why did you ignore me when I flirted? When I teased and flashed you? Am I too ugly? Or… I get it too skinny, too small. You like tits, big tits. Well I-“

I pulled out of Aunt Carol’s ass and turned to face Kate. The sudden move caused Aunt Carol to yelp. She stumbled and Mom caught her.

“Listen Kate this just started today. We haven’t been hiding it from you. I just-“

Kate had frozen and was staring at my cock. Slowly she reached out her hand and touched it. Her fingers were trembling. She touched and explored my glans and the sensation caused it to twitch. She jerked her hand back with a gasp. She finally looked up at me. She smiled then looked away blushing. She was at a loss for words it seemed. I took her hand and placed it back on my cock.

“Oh my… that’s… um, that’s nice. And s-so stiff… uh, w-wow.” She stammered.

I took her hand and opened it, palm up. Then laid my shaft in her hand and closed her fingers around it. Then I guided her hand up and down the shaft. Kate tugged a few times then looked back up at me and a huge smile broke across her face.

“W-wow. I-uh, I’ve never, uh actually held one b-before.” she mumbled softly. “I-I like it. What next?”

“Well would you like to shower with us?” I asked.

“Hell yeah!” she yelled looking at each of us in turn.

“Well you need to strip first.” Mom said, smiling.

Kate started to unbutton her blouse but stopped.

“No. Bobby, I want you to do me a favor, rip my clothes off. Please?”

She was wearing a flannel shirt and sweatpants with roper style boots.

“Lose the boots and socks.” I said.

She did and when she stood back up I grabbed her waistband and hooked my fingers into her panties and yanked them down to the floor. I planted a foot in the middle and she pulled her feet free. I reached out and took her by the arms and pulled her to me. I stared into her eyes for a moment. She was excited and nervous, but not frightened. I kissed her and she responded eagerly. I turned her head slightly and whispered in her ear,

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes Bobby! I have dreamed of this moment for years!” She then looked at the others and spoke up. “I need to be taken, guided, used and taught. By all of you, but, Bobby first.” She looked at me and bit her lower lip. Her eyes were moist but her face was excited and happy. “Do it.”

I pressed her back to the wall and kissed her, then grabbed the front of her shirt and ripped it open. Buttons flew everywhere as she gasped. I spun her around and tugged her shirt off and tossed it on the floor. I pressed her against the cool tiles of the shower wall and kissed the back of her neck as I ran my hand down over her firm ass and between her legs. She rose onto her tip toes and my fingers found her lips, toyed with her a moment, brushed lightly at her clit, and slid back over her tightly puckered asshole. Kate was panting as I spun her back around. Her eyes blazed with excitement and a wide grin split her face.

I stepped back until I was against the far wall. “Bathe her.”

Aunt Carol turned the water back on and together she and Mom began. Mom stood behind her and shampooed her hair while Aunt Carol washed bahis ┼čirketleri her small body. Kate closed her eyes in bliss.

I looked her over, seriously, for the first time ever. Kate was a few months shy of nineteen and took after our father’s side of the family where the women were typically short and often petite. Kate stood barely 5’3″ and weighed 100, maybe 110. She had Mom’s blonde hair, but wore it rather short. Her eyes were the same light blue and seemed to almost sparkle. She was small in stature but she had a strong build, after all she was a gymnast. Her tits had been nonexistent in my mind. But now I saw that they were firm but small mounds carried erect, high and proud. Her nipples were small nubs on the ends of huge puffy areolas. Her body was lean and hard from years of gymnastics which had given her strong legs and a firm ass. The Aunt Carol moved aside and I watched as the water rinsed the soap suds from her abs

And I saw her smooth, hairless mound. She looked wonderful. Now of the girls I had fucked at college, most were a normal to chubby build. My first, Janice had been quite chubby. I had never fucked a smaller or petite built girl, well one girl had been a fireplug. She was just 5’2″ but stocky. So I was wondering what sex with Kate was going to be like. I actually wondered if it would hurt.

“Kate, are you really sure about this?” I asked once more. “As much as I want to fuck you, I don’t want to, well, fuck things up… you know? I mean, are you ready for sex?”

Kate smiled, “Yes Bobby, I am. I’m a virgin as far as fucking goes, but I have had toys inside… of me. So no hymen.” She blushed.

Mom raised an eyebrow. “Do tell…”

Kat bit her lip then explained. “We, the girls gymnastics team that is, don’t have time for dating and Coach Drucker frowns on anything that takes time away from training, and of course parties and drinking will get you dropped immediately… So the team has always had a secret policy of taking care of our own. Every girl has a designated partner, and sometimes we group up. We use tiny AA vibrators that are easy to hide, plus our hands and mouths and help each other get off. There was one night when Sarah brought a real dildo in and we all tried it. It was supposed to look real, and was bigger but not stiff. I liked it but it wasn’t real. Even with Sarah moving it in and out. Your cock is the first real one I’ve seen, o-or touched… I-I want to feel you inside of me Bobby. I really do. No. I need you. I NEED you inside of me.”

Her stressing the word need convinced me. This was not something I had ever dreamed of, fantasized about or even considered. I had honestly never thought of my sister sexually, but now, now I was not only willing to fuck her, but actually wanting to fuck her. I wanted to discover how she felt inside. I wanted to touch her, to feel her firm tits, to suck on those puffy nipples. I wanted to feel her strong body fucking me, her legs and her ass looked amazing. I wanted to please her and hear her cry out in ecstasy as she came. I longed to see her pussy, kiss it, lick it, taste it…

“Mom, You and Aunt Carol sit on the seat, Kate, face them and bend over.”

Kate laid her head on Mom’s shoulder with one arm around her neck. Aunt Carol began to toy with those puffy nipples and kiss Kate’s shoulder. Kate’s free hand was soon on Aunt Carol’s breast. I stepped up behind her and rubbed my cock between her legs a few times. Kate adjusted her stance and I spread her lips with my fingers. I pushed my cock forward and fumbled a bit trying to line it up. Then I felt Mom’s hand between Kate’s legs, her fingers guiding my cock…

I pushed.

Kate cried out.

Damn she was tight. Wonderfully, wonderfully tight, and hot. I mean her pussy wasn’t warm, it was hot. I held it there, barely inside and waited for her to relax.

“Oh god it’s so big! Gaahh! Oh shit it hurts!” She was panting.

I slowly pulled out and allowed her to catch her breath.

“You’re not wet enough, we need the lube.”

Aunt Carol retrieved the tube and used her finger to apply some in Kate’s pink pussy. I added some to my glans and tried again. This time was better. Kate still groaned and was still incredibly tight, but it didn’t hurt. Slow in and out strokes loosened her up and spread the lube, soon she was adding her own and we were able to fuck comfortably.

“Oh Bobby! You feel so good! So good inside me! Oh damn, I have wanted this for so long…”

“Oh?” Mom asked, “No secrets now, tell us all about it.”

Kate was silent a moment and I reached over to turn the water off. I slowly slid in and out of her, my hands on her hips. Finally she spoke,

“I don’t know when it first started, but I’ve always thought you were the handsomest guy I knew, and somehow I started fantasizing about you at night, and it would make me ache and get wet… I’d feel guilty about it afterward, but a few nights later the dreams would come again. I-I started masterbating soon after and fantasizing about you… about you taking me… I-I w-would resist, just a little and struggle sometimes, but you would take me anyways, and the climaxes would come and…the guilt would follow. God, I was so confused. But not now. Now I know it’s right. I don’t give a damn that you’re my brother. I don’t care that it’s incest. I just know that it feels right. So fuck me Bobby, fuck me and make me cum!”

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Summer Vacation with Daddy

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My plane just landed in Rio the Janero, Brazil which marked the start of my summer vacation with my dad. My dad and mom met when my dad came to Boston, from Brazil, on an exchange program for his final year of high school, they were both in the same class and the co-ed soccer team. I was the result of that brief reunion and since then I’ve been shuttled back and forth. I spent every summer, a week either at Christmas or the following week, it alternated, and usually two weeks during the mid-winter break. I was always happy to visit with my dad and that side of the family. I had two live grandparents, an uncle who was four years older than my dad and an uncle who was three years younger and on aunt that was seven years younger than my dad. My older uncle had three boys of his own age 16, 18 and 19.

My dad, Marco, married Laura upon graduating college, they are both 36 years old, I believe. Laura was a shockingly beautiful woman from Columbia who was in the same college program as my dad and who always treated me well during my visits. Together they had two boys, my half-brothers, Adrian (15) and Alexander (13). I liked them well enough despite being generally obnoxious.

I usually loved spending the summers with my dad but this was the year between high school and entering college in the fall, so it would have been great to spend some time with my friends. But since I had been accepted at Harvard for business on partial scholarship and the rest with the support of both my parents, I’d still be there in the fall. I was pretty lucky.

In fact, I was more than pretty lucky when looking at the whole picture. I was a 5’9″ half-Brazilian, half-Caucasian woman with olive skin, long, highlighted, black hair, near zero percent body fat with a nice small waist and a decent sized bust. I’m not big, but I’m not small either. I’d like to say I was hot and I am sure all of the guys at school would agree. That was another reason I loved summers in Brazil: the boys. The hot, hot boys… and men. All perfectly sized and tanned, white teeth and tight, well-filled Speedos. The all new craze were sungas, or boxed Speedos which always get me hot.

The customs and immigration lines were already long, but today felt endless. After nearly 6 hours in the airplane I wanted to unpack, shower and fall asleep in one of the reclining chairs in my dad’s backyard sipping on a long island ice tea. After retrieving my suit case I made my way out of the airport where I was met by my dad.

I can’t explain it, but I was blown away suddenly by how attractive he was. I had never seen him with scruff before but it suited him. He was probably 6’3″, lean but I could see his white polo shirt bulging to accommodate his well-developed, tanned chest and arms. This was new, or perhaps I never noticed before. He wore a gold chain with a cross around his neck that rested between his pectoral muscles exposed by the v-neck of his polo. Short, curly black hair, deep brown eyes and a perfect, white smile. He was perfect. He was hot! And speaking of bulge, he was wearing a snug pair of Diesel jeans that seemed to draw all of the attention to his amply packed groin. I flushed. I was embarrassed but I was pretty sure I had a mini-orgasm.

He came over and hugged me tightly and all I could feel was his hard muscles and body heat then a brief moment when his crotch bulge brushed across my thigh. I can’t explain it but I wanted him to fuck me right here in the airport, my own dad. All I could envision was him naked, thrusting his large piece of meat into my recently devirginized pussy. My womb ached for him to do it.

“Bella, my love, how was your flight?” my dad asked me in his Spanish accent. I was so flushed I couldn’t answer. “Looks like you need something to drink?” He took hold of my suitcase and guided me out of the terminal. “We can stop at Starbucks on the way, if you want?”

“Sure, that’d be great,” I needed something bahis firmalar─▒ cold.

We pulled out of the airport parking lot and he asked me “How was the flight?” I told him it was great but I felt stiff from sitting for so long. The flight was full and I was crammed into a window seat so getting up and stretching my legs wasn’t easy without bothering others.

We merged onto the highway taking us east to wear he and my other family lived. We were idly chatting about what was new and what we could do this summer. Adrian and Alexander were spending the summer at a sports camp so it was just going to be my dad, Laura and I for the most part but Laura travelled a lot for business and would be spending a couple weeks here and there in Asia and Germany over the next two months.

My eyes kept moving between the bulging muscles under my dad’s shirt and the massive bulge between his legs. He just kept talking, oblivious to my new found lust for him. We soon pulled into the parking lot next to a Starbucks and I found myself following behind him, staring at his amazing muscular ass. What the hell was wrong with me? I had sex once in the last week of school and maybe the awakening was making me want more, maybe any man would due? The sex was with my much older math teacher, Mr. Gainer, he was maybe in his early fifties but he also always wore snug-fitting trousers that accentuated what I confirmed was a nice, big penis. He took his time with me and made sure to wear a condom but it still hurt a lot at first before becoming amazing. How big was my dad’s penis? His bulge was certainly larger than Mr. Gainer’s, would it fit? How good would it feel?

We order our drinks and continued chatting, now about books that I read for school and what books I may choose to read during the summer. My eyes always trialed down to his crotch and this time I’m pretty sure he noticed. He smiled and had a slight twinkle in this eye but he didn’t move. I could feel flushed again. When our drinks came up at the bar he led me out of the cafe but this time very close to me with his hand on the small of my back. His touch sent insane tingles through my body. I wanted to lean back and feel his hard body against mine.

Once at his car he hugged me again and kissed me on the forehead, “I like our visits, too bad you always have to go home. There are good universities in Rio you know.” I felt his bulge on my thigh again and I swear it he pushed it into me. This was enough for me to agree to taking a look at the business programs.

Back in the car I tried my best not to stare at his bulge again but I couldn’t help it. This time I could see the size of his dick because it was growing slowly down his left thigh. I needed to close my eyes and focus on my iced tea.

We arrived home ten minutes later and my dad helped me bring my suitcase to my room. Laura wouldn’t be home until much later, which was a shame because I needed to break this sexual tension. The house was beautiful, as always, a one floor, four bedroom home that sprawled across half an acre of lush land. I had my own bedroom that no one ever went into. It was fairly private, certainly the back yard where a recently installed pool sat tantalizingly. I needed desperately to cool down. I showered quickly and changed into my bikini then ran downstairs to the pool. I dove straight in. The water was amazing.

I just pulled myself out of the water when my dad came outside carrying two drinks and wearing a very well-packed pair of tan and blue sungas. I could make out that he had very large balls and that his penis, while soft, looked like a can of coke. Shirtless now, I could see his broad muscular chest and arms, a definitive six pack, if not an eight pack. He was perfectly tanned and completely smooth. He had a tattoo of a ying yang and some flames on his left shoulder.

“Hey Bella, I brought you a long island iced tea.” I nervously took it from him. He totally ka├žak iddaa knew I was staring at his package. He smiled at me and sipped his drink.

I sipped mine acutely aware of how quiet it was. He continued to smile at me this time his eyes traced over my own perfect body. He occasionally look down at his crotch and every time it led my own eyes there as well. He was full-on erect now. I could see his cock wrapping around his waist and his cock head was just visible by the time with made it half way around.

“You are all grown up now? Funny how time flies.” He smiled again and stepped closer. I could feel his body heat. His visibly throbbing cock was throwing off more than the rest of his flawless body. “I saw you staring at Starbucks, but you know I did.” He moved even closer this time coming into contact with my melting body. He pressed hard into me, cock bulge first. I moaned. “Do you like how this feels, baby?” He asked, again with a sexy Spanish accent. I nodded and moaned again.

“I never realized how beautiful you are, daddy’s little girl,” his hand brushed my soaked hair away from my neck then he leaned down and started gently kissing me all the way up to my ear lobe when he nibbled a little. I was putty. My pussy was so moist. I want him to touch me everywhere. He shifted and his hard, spandex-covered cock was pushing into my stomach. He kissed me full on the lips for what felt like years.

He guided me backwards to the outdoor beach bed that was in the afternoon shade and slowly lowered me onto my back without breaking his kiss. He centered me on the bed and then began nibbling his way down my neck, then chest, stomach and rested at my naval above my panty line. His hands gently squeezed my breasts then slowly removed my bottoms exposing my neatly-trimmed pussy. I felt his lips against my pussy lips before his tongue started caressing my clit. I moaned and came. He continued to eat my pussy while one arm raised me slightly off the bed and the other expertly slide my bikini top off before lowering me back down.

His mouth worked its way back up my stomach to my breasts where he took one nipple into his mouth to gently suck while he teased and pinched my other nipple. Then a hand was back on my pussy, moving slowly, pushing first one finger then two and three into my well lubricated hole. I closed my eyes. His lips left my breasts and I felt him step back but still administered to my very horny pussy. I need his enormous cock in me now, I thought.

I opened my eyes to see him remove his sungas with one hand causing his massive prick to slap up into his well-sculpted abs. It was huge. So huge. It was well beyond his belly bottom and looked to be as thick as my wrist. It bobbed in the air for a few moments. Suddenly he was on top of me and I felt his prick rubbing against my stomach then he moved and the head came into contact with my pussy lips. I moaned and thrust upwards. His lips were on mine, his tongue in my mouth. We both thrust and his giant cock head popped inside me. I came again. This sexy man was going to fuck me with his humongous fuck stick. He was so much bigger than Mr. Gainer. My hand desperately reached down to grab on to his tennis ball-sized testicles and up to his massive shaft before he grabbed my hands and held them above my head. He thrust again and again and again, each time pushing in another inch or two.

“Fuck baby girl, you are so tight. Daddy wants to get all of his baby maker into you. Do you want to feel daddy all the way inside you, baby?” I moaned a “God yes”. And he pushed again, he was somewhere around 8 inches inside of me. “Daddy’s at your cervix baby. Do you want all eleven, thick inches of daddy cock in you baby? Fucking you? Cumming inside of you?”

I came at the idea of him cumming inside of me. It was all the lubrication needed for him to plunge all the way inside, his balls smacked my ass. I screamed. The stretching hurt but was ka├žak bahis quickly starting to feel amazing. This man was a stallion. He moved in and out slowly as he sucked on my neck and ear lobe muttering “fuck baby, fuck daddy’s little girl, you are so amazing, daddy loves you, you’re so sexy, daddy wants to fuck you good, daddy wants to cum inside of you”.

The pace began to pick up. The feeling of his cock pumping in and out, gliding across my clit, filling me to the brim was too much. I came again. It was so good. He fucked me fast, then slow, then fast again still holding my arms above my head and nibbling my ear lobe. After 15 minutes he slowed to a complete stop and looked into my eyes. “Oh, my beautiful Bella, I hope you know how much I love you.” I fell in love with him at that moment. I never wanted to be away from him.

He stopped for a moment then picked up the pace, muttering into my ear quicker now “oh baby, uh yeah baby, daddy’s going to fill you up, daddy’s going to cum inside you so good, daddy’s going to breed you baby. Fuck, yeah!” He thrust hard, burying himself all the way inside me and moaned loudly. I felt his cock expand and his balls contract. His cock continued chugging for five minutes before he collapsed on top of me. After a couple minutes he rolled off me causing his cock, that was acting like a plug, to pull out releasing a copious amount of both our cum. He pushed himself up onto one arm and I admired the rippling of his muscles as he held himself there, smiling at me. His long, but soft cock rested lazily on my thigh. His other hand pushed my now mostly dried hair from my face. “So beautiful, my baby girl is.”

After another moment I felt him harden again just before he rolled back onto me and plunged deep inside me once again. His lips covered mine, his hands explored my body and his dick pounded in and out in long staccatos. “Mmmm… Mmmmm.. Mmmmm… Daddy’s little princess getting daddy’s big, hard cock”. “Uh, uh, uh,” was all that I could mutter. I loved this. Each thrust caused me to move up a bit until my head was no longer on the bed but hung over the edge exposing my neck where daddy started sucking hard. I was cumming again. It was so good.

“Mmmm, fuck, baby, Mmmmm, daddy’s going to cum inside you again” Then one hard shove and I felt him expanding inside me as he bit my ear hard, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” was all he managed.

We spooned for half an hour before he was rock hard again but this time he pulled me onto all fours and plunged into my sloppy cunt from behind. He fucked me slowly, hunched over me and kissing my neck and ears and my lips from the side. “Do you like riding daddy like this baby?” I moaned a yes. He fucked me for another 10 minutes before standing straight up and pulling my hips hard onto him. “Cumming, baby, cumming, uhhh.” He flooded my insides again then pulled out and stepped back to look at his handy work, my sopping 18 year old pussy dripping with his cum.

He bent down and picked up his sungas and slid them back on creating his large bulge again. I rolled onto my butt and looked at him then both of our eyes looked down at this bulge. “You like daddy’s bulge, baby girl?” he asked. “Very much, it is very hot.” I answered.

I squeezed his limp cock through the fabric and cupped his giant balls then leaned forward to press my face into it. His cock twitched again. “Not again baby, Laura will be home soon. ” He bent down and pulled my chin so that our lips met. He kissed me deeply for about a minute. “Tomorrow we’ll have all day.”

I cupped his package again and he grinned, “Grab your bikini.” As soon as I had it in my hand he scooped me up and carried me to the shower where he washed me down. He was fully erect again. He lifted me up, front first, and lowered me onto him again. I was being completely suspended as he raised and lowered me onto his fuck stick. He did this for five minutes before putting me down, bending me over and fucked me with wild abandon. We were both shouting each time he pounded back into me. Then he came again, pulled out and finished washing. We were clothed and presentable by the time his wife came home.

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