Eyl 30

The Ultrasound

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Karen sat impatiently in the radiology department waiting area, thumbing through a women’s magazine with a sigh. Her husband sat beside her watching the television that was on the wall in the left corner, laughing at the afternoon comedy, he didn’t seem to mind the wait, but boy Karen sure did.

She had just been to the hospital the week before for an abdominal ultrasound, and now today she had to take off work yet again to return for another one. Her doctor said this one was to be vaginal, they could get a better look at what was going on inside her. It was a pain, taking off, and then arriving to find the waiting area so packed. It had already been over an hour and a half. She thanked god silently that she wasn’t having to hold her bladder today or she would have bust.

Finally a young woman called her name and Karen rose and followed her through the familiar department. Karen recognized her from the week before, she had performed her abdominal. Karen hated that, her bladder about to bust, nasty jelly all over he abdomen, the girl pushing in roughly making her want to pee. She cringed at the thought. She had never had an ultrasound vaginally so she was a bit apprehensive, but at the same time she thought couldn’t be any worse than a pap smear.

“Go ahead and remove your clothing from the waste down.” The young woman stated in a clinical tone. “Your underwear as well please, Zach will be in in a moment. Cover with that blanket, and hop on the table. “

Karen removed her shoes first, and then her pants and pink panties. She folded them nicely and hopped on the table covering with the white blanket. The room and the table she was sitting on was a bit cold. The looked over a bit nosey at the monitor beside the table and tried to make out what it said on the screen. All she could make out was her name, everything else was foreign to her.

After what seemed like a half hour of sitting half naked on the table a man that looked to be about her age entered the room. She read his name tag and noticed it said “LSU RADIOLOGY Esat travesti STUDENT”. Karen couldn’t help but notice he was very attractive. He had curly dark brown hair and dark eyes. He was very tall and his upper body even in the white coat looked very muscular. He also smelled very good. Normally Karen would never notice these thing. She was married and very much in love after all. It must have been her nerves over the vaginal ultrasound, or maybe it was her hormones , but she found herself very attracted to this man.

“Hello Karen how are you today. Were going to get started just shortly, I am Zach. Have you ever had an ultrasound vaginally?” He asked.

“No.” She said shaking her head growing a little more nervous.

“Ok all I need you to do is scoot back a bit and lay back. I will be using this transducer.” He held up a long white object that looked very much like a dildo Karen had once seen at one of them sex toy parties, she felt her cheeks start to burn.

“That’s not gonna work!” She heard herself exclaim, before she realized what she said. The tech looked at her and chuckled. He gave her a flirtatious wink and patted her leg.

“It is inserted about three inches inside of you, and we do all the rest. You will need your feet up in the stir-ups please. Don’t be nervous.” He said smiling. “It is painless we use the jelly.” he said showing her the tube.

Karen lay back and did as Zach had asked. She noticed that the girl hadn’t made it back into the room just yet and was already beginning to feel very self aware. “Scoot back just a little more?” Zach asked as he put jelly on the transducer. “Ok I am going to go ahead and start, Sheila will be back in just a moment.”

The position Karen was in she could watch the tech easily. She felt him lift the covers and lightly felt his warm hands on her legs parting them a bit. Just his touch made her shiver. She didn’t know what was wrong with her. Just the mans presence was making her a bit warm. She felt him gently insert the end of the transducer Kızılay travesti inside of her. But maybe a little to gentle because Karen immediately felt her body down below start to respond. “God please no, please no.” Karen thought to herself. “I can’t get turned on from a medical procedure.” Karen was quiet embarrassed and clinched her eyes tight.

“Are you alright honey?” The tech asked with a smile. She felt him pull the object out of her pussy slowly and then push it back in only to miss and hit her clit several inches higher.

“Yes.” She said with a gasp. Surely that was an accident she thought to herself. Just as she was growing increasing warm Sheila entered the room to check on Zach. “Looks like you have it started well.” She said to Zach, she stood in the room and just observed keeping her eye on the monitor. Karen also noticed as well that Zach’s eyes now stayed on the ultrasound monitor as he captured the imagery .

The procedure seemed to be taking a very long time. And through-out the whole thing Zach was very gentle. But he seemed to pull it out and put it back in a little more than he should. And Karen knew now that her pussy was very wet. She couldn’t help it. Also he seemed to be hitting her g-spot, something that before today she had never found. Several times she had felt his hand slip and twice she felt his actual fingers brush her pussy. She was beginning to feel violated. But at the same time knew that it was probably just her and her hormones, and she was very much enjoying the sensations.

“All done.” Zach said pulling the rod out carefully. “You can sit up now.” Karen sat up very flustered and knew that her face was red. Both techs looked at her as she sat up.

Flustered Karen said, “Whew its hot in here.”

“I will be right back,” Zach said looking at Karen intently. “Just have to check and see if everything turned out before I have you dress.” Zach and Sheila left the room. Sheila nodded and smiled.

“Oh god could they tell!” Karen thought to herself as she brushed Alsancak travesti the sweat from her brow. She was so embarrassed that her body had betrayed her like that.

After a few moments the student re-entered the room. She watched as he shut the door behind him. “Everything seems to have turned out ok.” He said with a smile. “You may get dressed if you like or…” Zach pulled Karen to him and kissed her lips gently. “Doing that had the strangest affect on me.” He said, “And I could tell it did on you as well.”

“I am very embarrassed.” Karen stated looking sheepishly at the floor.

“Don’t be..” He stated. “Its chemical, hormones. I felt it, you felt it…” Karen stared down and at the hard on in Zach’s pants. “It would have to be fast, very fast,” he said. “but if we don’t we will always wonder.”

Karen nodded kicking her blanket off of her exposing the lower half of her body. Zach came at her fast and hard kissing her pulling her blouse over her head. Karen gasped barely unable to contain her excitement. Zach reached around her unclasping her bra and roughly fondling her breasts. He released his hold on her just a moment, running across the room and locking the door. Pushing her back onto the table putting her feet into the stirrups he grazed himself over her pussy. She could feel his hardness through his pants. She begged him enter her, begged him to free his cock.

Karen moaned with pleasure when he finally entered her cumming almost instantly her body trembled. Zach covered her mouth trying to silence her as he quickly pounded his hard cock in and out at a frantic pace.

“Fuck.” She heard Zach say just as he pulled out. “I’m going to cum.” She felt the warm cum spill onto her leg out of Zach’s cock.

“Damn.” She moaned. Zach’s spent body leaned against her.

“Wow, that was hot!” He laughed. She watched as he quickly resituated his clothing. Karen nodded at a lost for words not sure what to say.

“Ok honey, you can get dressed now, if the lab needs anything they will call you. If not you will hear from you doctor. The young tech quickly left the room as if nothing had ever happened.

Karen quickly dressed and met her husband out in the lobby. “Did it hurt?”

“No not a bit,” She smirked. “Lets get out of here.” And they quickly left the lobby.

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Eyl 30

The Trouble with Arousal is… Pt. 04

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The film ended and the TV screen went blank. Casi looked at herself in the window mirror once again and smiled at her would be voyeur as she removed her fingers and put them into her mouth to suck off her juices. She had had two or maybe three orgasms whilst watching Alex’s home-made pornos. They were guaranteed to make her come. But as usual, she did not feel completely fulfilled. If anything, it left her wanting more.

Pulling off her soaking panties she stood and went into the downstairs bathroom to clean herself up. Then brushing her teeth, went upstairs to the bedroom. In the room Casi disrobed quietly in the dark, she was desperate for her husband to wake and give her a good seeing too, but was also keen for him to get the sleep he needed. So, having thrown her wet panties into the wash, followed by her dress that bore signs of wetness too. She slipped off her bra and threw that in as well. Then she walked into her walk-in wardrobe, pushing the door to and turning on the light.

Going through her nightwear drawer she picked out a negligee that was a deep rosy red in colour and slipped that on. It barely covered her bum and pussy, and would normally be worn with the matching panties, but Casi didn’t bother with those. Checking herself in the mirror, it was evident that her nipples had yet to calm down and were even now trying to break out through the thin silken weave. She brushed each with a fingertip and smiling turned off the light and walked back into the bedroom.

Alex was a light sleeper, so invariably he woke when she entered the room and definitely when she got into bed. But again, her hopes were dashed on that score. As she settled down, she contented herself by pushing her bum up tightly against him, feeling the bulge of his cock and balls against her cheeks. The heat from his body permeated through her, adding to her already ‘hot’ body. “Not again,” she whispered to herself, putting both hands to her crotch and pushing hard down, “Let me sleep!” It took a while as numerous fantasy scenarios of what she was going to do with her husband, kept playing through her head, but eventually she fell sleep.

Casi woke to the sound of the shower running and Alex washing himself. She thought that maybe she would join him there, he wouldn’t be able to ignore her then. But as the thought solidified, the shower was turned off and Alex could be heard towelling himself down. He entered the bedroom quietly, completely naked, drying his hair. He had a toothbrush in his mouth and was doing both things, obviously on a mission. He wanted to get into work early to complete the final phases of the project that had begun with his presentation.

Casi’s eyes immediately latched on to that bit of his body that her body craved for. Alex’s exposed cock had the foreskin drawn back exposing the glans. More of note to Casi, was that his penis was at ‘half-mast’. Why he was semi erect, she didn’t know, but the sight of his gorgeous weapon re-lit her fire and added fuel to it.

“Well at least someone is pleased to see me!”

Alex stopped in his tracks, holding onto a pair of socks and some underwear. Smiling he turned and said, “Well good morning! You know that the both of us are always pleased to see you, all of you.” He moved to the bed, dropping his clothes at the bottom.

“What, all of this?” Casi said throwing back the bed clothes. Her little nightie had ridden up to just below her breasts, her fanny was now fully exposed.

“Yes, Osmanbey travesti all of that,” Alex said swooping in for a morning kiss and grasping an already hard nipple between thumb and finger. Casi reached out grasping his cock at the base, her fingers caressing his balls, but he pulled quickly away. “Uh, uh, uha!” He admonished. “Sorry my love, but must be getting to work.” He kissed her again, tenderly, then walked into the wardrobe collecting his socks and pants on the way. Casi kicked her feet in frustration and threw the covers back over herself. This was getting serious, she thought.

In a matter of moments, Alex was dressed and nipping downstairs he made a quick, toast breakfast and some tea. Having finished his toast, he went back upstairs to take Casi her tea. She had already got up and was in the shower, so he shouted out, “Tea is on your dressing table! See you later!”

“BYE,” Casi responded, have a nice day.”

With that Alex clattered back down the stairs, picked up his ‘Surface’ and jacket and left. He jumped in his BMW and reversed down the drive, then sped up the lane.

Casi soaped away the grime of her night of self-pleasure. Washing away the imagined semen that had splashed upon her in the porno she had watched as if it had truly happened last night. Seeing Alex’s cock and touching it oh so briefly had made matters so much worse. She needed him so badly, that she could hardly stand. She seemed on constant heat and needed to be fucked good and hard. Even as she washed she could feel her juices flowing, making a mess of her pussy again. She was fighting a losing battle and would have to step up the game.

Finishing her shower, she wrapped some towels about her and did her teeth. She then towelled down her hair and picked up the hairdryer to give it a quick blast. This really added volume and as she stood in the early morning sunlight, it created a halo of gold about her head. As she looked in the mirror, she was thinking thoughts that would more likely akin her to the Devil than to Angels or Saints. Particularly at that moment as a thought came into her head and a wicked smile fell upon her lips. Dropping her towel, she strutted naked to the bed and lay down upon it.

Picking up her phone she took a picture of herself and sent it to her husband saying ‘Look what you’re missing?’ She then held a breast in her hand and squeezed the nipple, taking another picture. ‘I wonder if I can suck my own nipples?’ She messaged to Alex. Then she placed a couple of fingers on her clit, opening wide her labia and taking a close up of that. She was surprised at herself for being this blatant and openly sexual. She had never taken pictures like this before, but her need was great. ‘Guess it’s down to me, again.’ She hesitated a few seconds wondering whether she should be sending something as explicit as that, but then hit the send button.

Her fingers had remained on her pussy. It had not been her intention to play with herself again, but she was so worked up, it was probably inevitable. Her fingers circled her already erect clit, and a trickle of her juice running down across her bum cheek told her that she was ripe for another masturbation session. Sighing in resignation, she rolled to her bedside drawers and pulled out her favourite toy. It had a white handle on where the controls were, which Casi liked because she could easily dial in her required different sorts of Ayrancı travesti vibrations, thus meeting her needs. The other half of the vibrator was pink and had a head to be inserted and another head that curled around so that when the toy was inside, this part would be in contact with her clitoris. Not quite a ‘Rabbit Vibrator’, but very similar in idea.

Casi wasted no time in lubricating the head with her juices before slowly sliding the toy into her expectantly waiting and aching vagina. “MMmmmmmohh.” She mumbled as she switched the toy on and the vibrations started. She aligned the heads so that when it was fully inserted, it brushed on her clit. The first contact was like she had been electrocuted. Her body jumped and spasmed. Her legs slamming shut tight on her hand, preventing any movement. The vibrations permeated throughout her body bringing her to a peak very quickly. She pulled out the vibrator with a squelch and then slipped it slowly back in again, then as she pulled it out, Casi decided to film a quick video on her phone of her inserting the toy to its hilt.

With her camera phone in place and filming, she slid the vibrator back in, however, the extra thrill of filming herself masturbating, something she had never done before, caused an unintended and extremely intense orgasm to hit her. “OHhh my God, Ohhhh, ummm, Oh, Oh,” Casi panted a she tried to control her breathing. Her cries of orgasm were being recorded on the phone even though the dropped device was now only filming her bum cheek. Casi pulled out the vibrator and then forcefully rammed it home again, this time making sure the curled head touched her clitoris. “Ooooooowww, huhh, huh, ohhhh GOD!” Both her legs were spasming uncontrollably and as her thigh came down on her phone, she inadvertently sent the video to Alex.

Casi had forgotten about the phone in her lust and just wanted more. Jumping out of bed she pulled out the vibrator and left it on the covers. She then walked into the wardrobe and went through her lingerie draw. Her fingers felt the big rubber object before she saw it and she made a grab and pulled it out. Her hands were wrapped around an eight-inch realistic black rubber cock. “Oh boy are you going to get it!” Casi murmured. She then spotted the same suspender belt that she had worn in the home-made porno she watched last night and thought, that wearing that and the same stockings would make her even more turned on.

So, grabbing it, she slipped it about her waist and then snapped the clasp closed. Then opened her stocking draw and pulled out some black silk stockings that lay on the top. She quickly slipped one on her right leg clipping on the suspender, then moved to her left leg. Whilst clipping this on she felt a rivulet of her juices run down her leg and into the top band of the stocking.

It was unusual for Alex to get a text on his way to work, let alone three. He decided he had better pull over at the next available spot and check them out. It took a couple of minutes to find a spot in which to safely stop. He then picked up his phone and looked. He smiled when he saw it was his wife, probably sending a kiss and a good luck? When he opened the first text her read ‘Look what you’re missing?’ Scrolling down he was both shocked and amazed at his wife for sending a full frontal naked picture of herself as she lay on the bed, obviously fresh from the shower.

His loins however were less shocked and immediately Cebeci travesti stirred in their appreciation of this extremely erotic image, reminding him what he was missing out on. He scrolled further down to the next message, ‘I wonder if I can suck my own nipples?’ Casi’s picture of her holding her breast and playing with the nipple hit his spot. Immediately his erection was at full strength and that made him feel very uncomfortable in these trousers. He had to undo the zip so that her could stuff a hand in and make a few adjustments. As he was fiddling, he scrolled down with his other hand and saw her last message.

‘Guess it’s down to me, again?’ The explicit picture of his wife with her fingers on her fanny, almost made him come there and then. He quickly let go of his erection, just in case he did. His wife had never sent him something as explicit as this before, it was evident that he had some duties to perform at home that were equally if not more, important than work. He dialled into work and told his boss that he will be working from home today. Then turned the car around and headed back home in a hurry.

It wasn’t long before he was back and he crept into the house hoping to surprise his wife. He stripped off thinking there was no better way of doing that than to greet her completely naked. Putting all of his clothes on the chair, he was about to go upstairs when his phone buzzed at him. Looking at it, he could see another message from his wife, so he opened it. The picture showed her laying with legs wide with a sex toy in her hand. He pressed play and saw Casi slowly insert the vibrator into her.

He could see that it was already wet with her juices, so had been inside her just before. With that one thrust inside her she exploded into orgasm. “Christ!” he said as he continued to watch her pumping hand, then the picture went dark where she dropped the phone, but he could still hear his wife scream, ‘OHhh my God, Ohhhh, ummm, Oh, Oh,’ Followed shortly by ‘Ooooooowww, huhh, huh, ohhhh GOD!’ After that, the video stopped.

“Wow, you naughty girl…” Was all that Alex could say. His mouth had gone dry and looking down at himself, he was not surprised to see his cock at the hardest it had been for a while. The glans were exposed and the plum coloured head had that glossy sheen it gets when fully hard. The large veiny shaft was both long and wide. To be fair, he was somewhat blessed in that department. As he watched, his erection bobbed up and down, as if searching for a place to embed itself. “Soon,” Alex said, “Soon.”

He silently walked up the stairs, his cock waggling from side to side in its turgid state. As he neared his smile turned to one of shock, and then anger when he heard Casi saying “OOOOOhhhhhmyGodddd, ohh, owww yes baby, ugh, ugh. You know what I need so give it to me. I want your entire throbbing, hard length inside me. Yes, baby, yes, oooohhh please, stick it in me now!”

Casi was now dressed in her erotic attire of stockings and suspender belt. Looking at herself in the mirrored doors, she smiled. Her breasts were heaving sandy coloured orbs of firm rounded flesh. Her nipples, perched on the upturn, were large and painfully erect. She cupped a breast in each hand and gave the nipples a merciless squeeze between her fingers. As she looked at her flared, womanly hips and long stocking covered legs, she was pleased at how she presented. But the mirrored doors had suddenly given her an idea. Collecting the rubber dildo from where she had put it, she said, “Umm a bit of black never hurt anyone!” Then smiling, licked her fingers and spread her saliva onto the suction base of the cock. Sticking it at what she considered to be the right height on the mirror.

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Eyl 30

The Train Journey

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Juliet was going on a train journey from London to Aberdeen to meet her boyfriend. It was summer time so she had dressed in light summer clothes. This outfit consisted of white lacy panties, white camisole top, stockings and suspenders because she hated wearing tights, and a floral print dress which was button through, a matching silk scarf was around her neck. As she was travelling early this was covered by her coat, to protect her from the early morning cold. A handbag and a pair of matching cream heeled court shoes completed her outfit. She was struggling with her suitcases along the platform and on arrival at the ticket barrier began to wish she had not agreed to take her boyfriends clothes up with her, his was the two large cases and hers was a weekend case. Still she was early and had plenty of time to get them onto the train and into the carriage where she had reserved her seat.

Once there she started to relax and opened the coat, cooling down from the exertions of the long hard struggle with the cases. The carriage was empty as the train started on its northward journey and the heaters soon had the carriage nice and warm, .Juliet slipped off the coat and after folding it placed it onto the luggage rack above her head, and slipped off her shoes before placing her feet up on the seat opposite, she began to read her newspaper. After a while with the steady rocking of the speeding train and the early morning start to her day started to have an effect on her and she slowly started to drift off to sleep knowing it was miles to the first stop.

She woke just as the train was pulling into the station and through half closed eyes watched as passengers either left the train or climbed aboard. Still no one joined her in the carriage and it was not long before she was asleep once more.

She was not sure how long she had been asleep but she woke when the train suddenly jolted and began to slow. Looking out of the window she could only see open countryside, the turned her head towards the other side window.

She jumped in shock as sitting next to her feet was a man in his late thirties or early forties looking at her long legs. She quickly moved her self and tried to cover her legs as she got them off the seat and back to the floor.

The stranger told her not to hide such beauty or feel shy about showing the stocking clad legs to him, it had been a long time since such a wonderful sight had been seen. His voice was firm yet relaxing to her. The man introduced himself to Juliet as David. He was travelling to Aberdeen on business and could think of no better way than to share a carriage with such a lovely maiden.

Juliet was charmed by his voice and firm manner, and lifted her Çankaya travesti feet back onto the seat knowing as she did that David could see her stocking tops, but his smile reassured her that he liked what he saw, and in a way the thought of him looking at her like that started to make her feel sexy. This was something her boyfriend had wanted her to do several times when they were out together, and here she was partially exposing herself to a total stranger. Her mind started to work overtime to all the things her boyfriend had wanted her to do. She raised her knees slightly and brought her feet to the edge of the seat, knowing that this position would give David and even better view of her legs. Juliet closed her eyes once more pretending to go back to sleep but secretly hoping to find out if looking was all he was interested in doing. But it was not long before sleep did take over her once more and she slept for about 30 minutes. When she woke the blinds had been pulled down stopping anyone in the passageway from seeing in, her dress had ridden up and her knees were slightly apart, David was watching her, she smiled then realised that David could see right up her legs to her scanty panties. She went to pull down the dress but with a firm ‘No’ from him she stopped what she was intent on doing.

David then said ‘I thought the sun was going to come out but some clouds hid it from view.

Juliet said that she was going to go to the toilet, and as she made her way along the carriage she thought of his words, and with a sudden realization knew what he was really saying. He wanted to be able to see her naked under her dress.

After she had finished she stood up and washed her hands her stomach was a mass of butterflies as she dried her hands. Then in a trance like state she lifted her dress and pulled her panties down again then slipped her feet out of them. She screwed them into her hands, and left the toilet quickly before her nerve failed and the need to put them back on again.

On reaching the compartment she found that David had poured her another drink which she drank down quickly to steady her nerves. Before she slipped off her shoes and carefully placed her feet up on the seat again. She was looking out of the window at all the fields and small villages speeding past the window, her body was swaying to the rhythm of the train. David was sat back in his seat looking at Juliet and the scenery passing by then back to Juliet again.

Juliet was relaxing again and started to drift off once more, then a jerk of the train and she was awake again.

This happened two or three times before sleep finally took over.

She was not sure how long she had been Dikmen travesti asleep but she woke and just opened her eyes . David was looking straight up her skirt, the feeling that came over her was so exciting she felt a climax building up inside her. She moved and felt her dress ride high up her legs, well if he could not see before he must be able to now, she thought, then just to make sure she relaxed her legs and allowed her knees to part.

She then pretended to awaken once more , just to see his reactions. As she moved he said ‘ Well the sun is now in its full glory’ he was smiling as he spoke, and she returned the smile. “Maybe the top of the dress is a little tight and you might want to relax even more.” He said in that firm voice of his.

Without giving any thought as to where she was or the fact that someone just may walk past their carriage she undid the top few buttons on her dress stopping only at the waist. “There, ” she said. “I am nearly naked for your eyes.”

“What a beautiful thought and sight that would be. But you would not dare do such a thing even if I ordered you to do so.”

Juliet is still unsure as to why she replied. “You will never know until you try.”

“Juliet, I order you to remove the rest of your clothes.” He said very firmly.

She stood and finished off undoing the buttons then slipped it from her shoulders , this was followed by the camisole. She went to un fasten her stockings from the suspender belt. “I really do think you should leave them on, they make a perfect frame to show off your beautiful Mons Venus.”

At that point they heard from the corridor a voice say in a loud voice ‘Tickets please.’

And David told Juliet to get back into her dress but not the camisole. Which he had picked up and folded it neatly.

After the ticket inspector had been to them the atmosphere in their carriage was charged with expectancy. (Juliet really wanted David to see her naked again.)

” Juliet, you really are a most wonderful lady. I must admit that I wanted to make love to you. But to be fair to you we are now within a half hour of our station and that just is not long enough.”

Juliet just opened her dress then reached down to David’s trousers and started to

Undo them, “Please do it to me, ” she begged, “I feel like I am on fire.”

She pulled his trousers down to his knees then straddled him. Finding his very stiff penis, she guided it in to her wet hungry body. It was she that was doing the love making and using David to satisfy her needs. Her climax was so intense that she collapsed against him totally spent and unable to move at all for several minutes. David was bemused by this, and after giving Eryaman travesti her time to recover he helped her to climb off him and let him get dressed again. He was the one that did up the dress, just as the train was pulling into the station.

David gathered the suitcases and got them onto the platform then went back into the carriage to collect Juliet, she was still feeling the effects of the climax. On the platform he found a porter and asked if he could manage the cases to the concourse.

David led Juliet down the platform where her very lucky boyfriend would be waiting.

On the concourse David paid off the porter with a generous tip after he had hailed a taxi, David’s suitcases had been placed in the cab, when up strode the boyfriend.

Juliet was standing next to David when she heard her boyfriends voice.

But instead of the words she wanted to hear, he was shouting at her. The words he was saying were causing other people in the area to stop and stare.

He grabbed his two cases from her and telling her that she was a tramp and dressed like a whore and that he wanted nothing to do with such a trollop. He then stormed off leaving Juliet standing by David with tears rolling down her face.

David being the gentleman he was helped to dry her eyes. Juliet said that except for the meeting of him the day was a complete waste of time and she had better start to think of returning back to London. David suggested that instead she might like to consider coming to his hotel and at least having a meal before such a long journey could be considered. She nodded her head in agreement and allowed herself to be seated in the cab.

During the car trip her mood brightened a little and by the time the hotel had been reached she had managed a smile.

But once alone in the room she fell into David’s arms and had another bout of sobbing. He had both his arms around her as his shoulder of his shirt became wet with her tears. Suddenly she stopped sobbing, and pulled away from David, she went into the bathroom and David heard the sound of the bath being filled.

He sat on the bed and thought that he had done wrong by doing all the things he had on the train, and further complicated matters by bringing her to his hotel. As these thoughts were going through his mind Juliet walked back into the room went up to David and kissed him full on the lips. She then picked up her case opened it and took out some clothes then disappeared back into the bathroom. She returned to David and said “Thank you for being so nice to me, and for today. But now ask what you want to do?”

“In what way, do you mean?” he asked.

“Well you seemed to be in total control on the train and….well…I just wondered.”

“If I would like more.” David read her thoughts and put them into words.

“Yes” she replied.

“Of course I would.”

Juliet then opened her dress and let it fall to the floor and asked David if he would like to wash her back.

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Eyl 30

The Thief

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I was desperate! I had lost my job two months prior and my home was now going into foreclosure. My wife had taken our son and moved in with her sister and told me that I was worthless. And that is how I felt too.

It’s the economy, my boss told me as he handed me my severance check and turned to walk back into his fancy office with its large oak desk that took up a third of the room.

“Sorry man, but your name was the one that came out of the hat. It was nothing personal!”

But to me it was really personal. I packed up my things and a security guard escorted me to the door and as I stepped out of the building, he locked it behind me.

I looked up at the sky and dark clouds were forming and I knew I’d never make it to my car before the rains fail. Running to the covered lot, I had almost made it under then overhang when it let go. My new suit was soaked by the time I made it into the garage.

Angry, I threw the few things I had in the back seat and slipped on my jacket to warm me from the chill the rain had forced through my skin and was now attacking my bones.

I slipped into the driver’s seat, took a deep breath, yelled out “Dam them all!” Then I pulled out of my assigned spot so quickly that my tires squealed on the warm pavement.

I took a quick right turn and down the four flights of the garage where I had to pay to get out because “You are no longer an employee sir, so you must pay the toll for today’s parking,” the attendant informed me.

“That’ll be fifteen dollars, please,” she smiled like an imbecile. I pulled out a five and threw it into her basket and squealed my wheels as I drove off.

When I walked into my home, Elizabeth, my wife greeted me at the door. I could see she had been crying.

“Carla called me from the office honey! I know we will make it though. You have a lot of experience and you’ll be working again in a week or two just think of it as an early vacation.

“We can go to Florida a little earlier than we had planed and when we get back you’ll be ready to get back to work for a company that will appreciate your talents,” she assured me.

When we returned from our vacation things were not as light as they had been before we had left. Carla was angry because I was home every afternoon after my morning of interviews that had no fruitful results.

We were digging into our savings rather heavily and it was depleting even more quickly. That’s when Carla and the boys moved in with her mother. She was already talking about divorce.

That was six months ago. I found a place that I could rent a one-bedroom apartment for sixty dollars a month. I had to have someplace to sleep. Then I started prowling.

I didn’t feel good about it; but my money was slipping away quickly and Carla insisted I still help her with the kids.

At first it was petty things, stealing food from the corner grocery then sneaking into people’s home that were away. I tried not to take more than I needed to survive and to keep Carla Şişli travesti off my back.

But she swore that she wasn’t going to go to work and leave the kids alone. I tried to get a job in the corner grocery, but they didn’t need anyone. My finances were dwindling quickly.

And that’s when the idea came to me. Id’ just be sneak into the homes of those more fortunate than me and take a little here and there until I could get back on my feet.

It was easier than I ever dreamed it would be. I was amazed at how many people didn’t have alarms or even lock their doors at night. I could slip in with a screwdriver and a pick at most places.

Fortunately, most homes with alarms had them posted so I stayed away from those. I went to high-class neighborhoods and was surprised at how easy it was to get into those big homes and find their spare change laying out there in the open.

A few of them had alarm systems. But most left the security to dogs and high fences. Dogs love me and I’m tall enough to make it over most fences.

And by change I mean hundreds and sometimes more money just lying out there in the open almost like they wanted to give it away.

By the third week of my robbing, I was bringing home at least half of my prior salary. And I didn’t have to work as hard.

Then one night I snuck into this home that was completely dark. I was sure no one was home. But I slipped through the rooms with stealth and as I quietly opened doors looking for places where cash may be kept, I opened one door that had candles flickering.

Lying in the bed was a woman. I nearly didn’t see her until I had the door open far enough for me to slip into the room.

The candlelight showed me that she was lying there, naked. She was massaging her full breast with one hand and the other was stroking her clit slowly. Soft moans came for her throat.

She hadn’t noticed that I had entered the room, she was much to involved with her masturbation to realize anything else.

I sat on the floor at the bottom of the bed and watched her fingers playing in her own juices and listening to her cries of pleasure.

I could smell her musk and my prick got hard. I had been months since I had been with Carla and this woman appeared to be even more beautiful than my wife. And definitely better endowed.

When her passion exploded, her back arched and her fingers moved faster in and out of her pussy and I could hear the juices as her fingers dove deep in her cunt. I watched as her back arched bring her hips up and her body undulated with pleasures she was giving herself.

Hungry for sex almost as much as I had been for food, I couldn’t resist the pull of her musky pussy.

I slowly slid along the floor until I felt that I was around her pubic area. I slid my finger between her pussy lips and stroked her hard clit and she seemed to have been expecting someone to do that because she removed her own fingers and spread her legs open wider allowing Taksim travesti me entrance to her lust.

I ran my tongue over her clit and her hips came up to meet my lingua. Her soft moans filled the warm candled air making me stiff.

It had been too long since I had coupled with my wife. I loved the smell of this woman who really enjoyed her body.

I spread he legs wide and released my prick. Precum glistened on the head in the flickering candlelight.

As I positioned myself between her long slender legs, she wrapped them around my hips and pulled me to her wet cunt. “Fuck me good!” she whispered in my ear and then nibbled my lobe.

And I did as she requested. I slipped off my shorts and released my horny cock and shoved it deep in the juices of her lust.

Up and down I rode her hard and fast until my seed exploded in her clean-shaven pussy. As I began to roll off her she cried, “NO! Take my ass too! I need a good fucking!”

She rolled over and I spread her cheeks. She pointed to the lubricant on the nightstand and handed me a condom. As soon as my trembling fingers could get it on, I rammed my stiff cock deep into her ass. She cried out as I forced it into the tight hole.

Almost as quickly as I got started, I spilled my seed deep in her ass.

“Oh, you do that so good. Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” she cried as I filled her with all I had.

Squeezing her cheeks together, she forced the hot cum out and it trickled down her ass to the sheets.

“Lick it up and you can fuck me,” she whispered.

I spread her cheeks wide and licked my seed out of her ass. Then rolled her over. Her pussy was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Her clit stood at attention wanting to be petted.

I licked its little head; her back arched. Her hips moved quickly up and down then she spread her legs open and I tongue fucked her.

“Stay with me and you won’t have to break into people’s homes anymore. You can have everything I have and fuck me every night. You are the kind of man I’ve been looking for; someone who needs me and has a big dick.”

“All of the men in my income bracket have little bitty dicks. I need a real man to tame my passion; are you up to that?”

A smile crossed my face and I licked my lips. Spreading her legs wider, I unzipped my jeans and pulled the denim off me. Tearing off my jockeys my cock fell free and a smile crossed her face.

“I’m impressed! Come make me happy and see how my favor falls upon you!” she licked her lips as she smiled and took my hand pulling me on top of her.

He cunt was wet and ready to be penetrated. My prick slid in with no problems. My body began to pump in and out. With each down stroke my speed picked up.

Her long sculptured legs wrapped around my back as she guided me to those places needing release as her body ungulated under me. Her long nails dug into my back as she pulled me deeper in her pussy.

My eyes lost sight of her face as I buried mine in her full breast Gümüşsuyu travesti and the slapped me on each down stroke.

Sweat poured down my neck, over my hardening nipples and finely splattered on her lily white skin.

Her hard nipples called to my mouth and I covered them one at a time. I nibbled and suckled even bit hard and tried to pull the whole tit into my mouth.

“More, faster, do it baby show me what I need and want!” she yelled as her body rose to match my strokes.

I fucked her for what seemed like the rest of the night and when I could go no more, she climbed on top of my heaving chest and stoked my limp prick alive again and rode me like a bronco rider.

My heart pounded in my chest and I thought it would explode. I had never fucked like this before in my life.

Her skin was slick with sweat and cum and she rolled it all over mine. Then licked it off again.

Hours past, the morning came through the slit in the thick satin curtains.

As she rolled off of my prick and the hot seed dripped down her lushes ass I wanted to lick her, but she pushed me away.

“Shower!” she cried and headed for the bathroom.

I sat there, numb and sticky.

She called back to me, “Well are you coming or not?”

My heart beat like a drum as I ran to the shower and joined her.

She knelt before me and slurped my limp dick into her mouth and sucked me hard as she washed my legs. Within minutes, my seed spilled into her mouth and down her chin and she enjoyed playing in it.

She rubbed it on her belly and between her swollen pussy lips. And she cooed like a baby enjoying a bottle.

She stood before me and washed my sticky skin and then ran the cloth between her sexy legs.

“I want you to fuck me like that for the rest of our lives; will you do that? Can you?”

I smiled, “I’d like to give it a try!”

“Oh, but you just did. I need a man that is as horny as me. I know you’re him because you know what you want and what you need to give your woman to keep her happy. Make me happy and I’ll keep you happy!”

I hesitated and thought seriously before I spoke.

“But you don’t know anything about me. I could be a murderer or a madman.” I informed her.

“Oh, you are a madman. Any man who would walk into my bedroom in the middle of the night and ask for money has to be mad. You didn’t know if I had a gun in my hand or not. But you knew you need money and were determined to get some. I admire that.”

I bowed my head in shame, but she lifted my face to look at hers and said, “I want you to marry me and take care of me. I want to learn how to love you and be your slut-slave!”

My cock became hard hearing her talk nasty. I knelt before her and licked her clit; hot water splashed on my back and in her face as I tongue fucked her cunt.

Three weeks later, she gave me seven thousand to pay off my wife and to support my kids.

We were married the following spring in front of all of her friends. I no longer work except just to get out of the house. And I don’t do that much either because I’d rather fuck Lydia than make a living I don’t need to make.

We’ve been married six years now and we are as happy as that first night. Dreams do “cum” true if you only believe.

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Eyl 30

The Subway

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I saw him nearly every night. He was over 6 feet tall, big muscled, and always tired. Usually, he wore a base ball hat turned backwards on his head. I guessed him to be around 30, maybe 35. He was handsome and very manly. Every night during the week, I’d see him walk to the subway station. I usually called a cab. I hate to get off work at 3:00 in the morning and then deal with the subway. After about three weeks of watching him wander down into the subway, I decided it was time to follow him. He deserved something a little special in his life. At least, that’s what I thought.

For background… I’m sexy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bragging. I’m just sexy. In heels, I’m about 5’7”, long jet black hair, latin coloring, chocolate brown eyes, and a curvy body that can stop traffic. My body is my business. I’m an exotic dancer at one of the better clubs in town. I love to dance and I love to meet people. Being a dancer is perfect.

It was early morning on Wednesday. I stepped out of the club wearing a long black overcoat and three inch heels. I hate to change before I leave. Looking towards the subway station, I watched for my early morning companion. Sure enough, he was just heading down into the tunnel. Tonight’s hat was a NY Mets hat. Grasping the collar of my coat, I walked towards the tunnel and headed down to the station. I watched him pay at the turnstyle and then head towards his car. I paid and followed. The station was pretty empty. I was surprised. I didn’t think the subway was ever slow.

The train came and stopped. When the doors slid open, he stepped in and took a seat on the side. Hurrying, I stepped into the same car and sat down. No one else got on the car when the doors slid close. It was just the two of us.

I looked at him and smiled. He really was a handsome man. He was wearing a leather jacket that was open. His black t-shirt underneath was tight across his chest. His jeans were a little dirty and his boots were covered in mud. He looked like a man that worked hard. Standing, I grabbed hold of a pole and leaned against it.

“You take the train all the time. I see you at night. Is it always this empty?”

He looked at me, a little surprised that I had said something.

“Yeh, I’m usually all by myself for the whole trip. No one takes this route this time of night.”

“Mmm, I didn’t know that. Maybe I’ll start taking it more often. I get off at night around Bakırköy travesti this time too.”

He was watching me, wondering what I was talking about, why I was talking. I leaned my head back, arching away from the pole, letting my hair swing down my back. I was grabbing the pole in my two hands, steadying myself. When I leaned forward again, my coat opened a little. I wandered around the pole so I was leaning my back against it. He was watching me. I smiled and slowly unbuttoned my coat. It swung open. His eyes went to my body. Under my coat, I was wearing a blue g-string, that’s it.

“When I get off work, I’m usually a little antsy. Lots of energy.”

I have no idea if he heard me. His eyes were glued to my body. I felt myself getting really excited. I went back around the pole and slowly slipped my coat down off my shoulders and onto the seat behind me. Lifting my leg up, I wrapped it around the pole and leaned back again. Using my other leg, I slowly lowered myself down the pole, rubbing my g-string-covered pussy against the pole. I was wet.

“Mmmm, I love the way that feels. Rubbing against something hard feels so good.”

I really had his attention now. He hadn’t said a word, but his eyes never left me. I looked at his jeans and he had a huge bulge growing in his crotch. Oh yea, I was definitely glad I took the subway tonight.

The train was still moving along, no stops along the route. I had no idea where we were going or how long but I didn’t really care. I rubbed myself against the pole again, wrapping my leg tighter around it and rubbing my tits against it. I swung around and leaned back against it again. I ran my hands down my body, massaging my tits, squeezing my nipples. Skimming my hands down my stomach, I grabbed hold of my g-string and tugged on it, pulling it up against my slit. I moaned and ground myself against it.

Running my finger down between my legs, I dipped the tip of my finger just inside my wet pussy. I leaned over, my breasts bouncing down, swinging from side to side, as I slipped my wet finger between my lips and sucked on it. I sucked on my finger as I walked towards him. Straddling his legs, I sat on his lap, bracing my hands on his shoulders. Without saying a word, I bucked my hips, rubbing myself against his jeans. He felt rough and hard. Reaching down between us, I cupped his groin and squeezed. He moaned and closed his Beylikdüzü travesti eyes. Unzipping his jeans, I slid my hand inside and wrapped my fingers around his growing cock. He felt huge.

I stood and turned around, my back to him. Sliding my ass down his chest, I rubbed against him and then sat on his lap, bucking my hips, grinding my pussy against his groin. I stood up again, leaning forward and grabbing hold of the pole right in front of him. Leaning over, my ass was in his face. I swiveled my hips, moving my ass in small circles. Reaching down between my legs, I pulled my g-string again, letting him watch as the material slid across my pussy lips. Resting my shoulder against the pole, I used both hands to slowly slide my g-string down. I was naked with only my heels on.

I grabbed hold of the pole again and pushed back against him. Finally, his hands came up and grabbed my ass. His hands were rough and he squeezed hard on my ass, pulling my cheeks apart. I moaned when I felt his tongue slide between my cheeks and then down to my pussy. His tongue licked me fast, his tongue pushing inside me. Reaching down between my legs, I opened my pussy for him and let him drill his tongue inside me. My pussy was dripping wet, his tongue making me even wetter.

In and out, his tongue pushed against me. I moaned again when I felt him push the tips of three fingers inside my pussy. His fingers were thick and opened me wide. His tongue kept licking me as his fingers fucked me. I was so close to cumming. He moved his tongue up to my ass and rolled it around my tight hole. His fingers kept working my pussy. I moaned as he spit on my asshole and then slowly pushed the tip of his finger inside my ass. His tongue and three fingers kept pumping my pussy and now his other finger was drilling my ass. I grabbed tighter onto the pole and moaned as my orgasm shook me. His mouth covered my pussy and sucked me clean.

I turned and faced him, my face flush and my eyes lit with excitement. My breathing was fast and my breasts moved up and down with each breath. I leaned over, pulling his cock from his jeans. He was so big and so hard. His uncircumcised cock was throbbing. Pushing the foreskin down with my fingers, I rolled my tongue around his exposed head. He moaned and nearly came up off the seat. Pumping his cock with my fingers, I licked the tip of his cock, teasing him. Holding him up, I licked the underside Bomonti travesti and then rolled my tongue around him again. Finally, I wrapped my lips around the tip and pushed down slowly, sucking him hard. He moaned and grabbed my head, pushing me down on his rock hard cock.

He tasted sweaty and salty. I sucked harder and harder, rolling my tongue around him, lifting my mouth up and then pushing back down again. I spit on the tip of his cock and then pushed my fingers down the length of him, working his tool. My nails slid down the shaft and my teeth nibbled on the tip. I couldn’t stand it. I stood and turned my back to him. Slowly, I lowered my pussy down on his cock, the tip shoving itself up inside me. He was so big and I was so tight. He moaned and grabbed my hips pulling me down on him harder. I reached out and grabbed hold of the pole again and used it to push and pull me up and down on his cock.

He reached up and grabbed my bouncing tits, squeezing them together and holding on for dear life. I bounced up and down on his cock, pulling all the way up and off of him and then impaling myself on him again. He grunted and met me stroke for stroke. My pussy tightened and I shook, my orgasm coming all over his cock. I lifted myself up and turned, dropping to my knees. Taking his cum covered cock in my mouth, I sucked myself from him, thrusting his cock down my mouth and to my throat. He bucked his hips up and met my mouth, fucking my mouth. He moaned, grunted and then his cock erupted in my mouth. His cum filled my mouth and I swallowed every last drop. He tasted so good.

Timing is everything and as we slowly gathered ourselves together, the train came into the station. I pulled my coat on. He tucked his cock back in his jeans, picked up my g-string and shoved it in his pocket. He took my hand and led me off the train. I went with him, not knowing where we were going. He led me up a set of stairs and into a small house. He opened and closed the door, pushing me against the wall. His hands opened my coat and he dropped to his knees in front of me. His mouthed covered my pussy and he licked me. I moaned and pushed myself against the wall. He brought me to another quick orgasm.

Finally, he lifted me and carried me over his shoulder into the bedroom. Tossing me on the bed, he smiled and stripped out of his clothes. Naked, he was amazing. His cock was hard again and he drilled it into my hot pussy over and over again. We both came quickly then slept.

Every night, I take the subway with Hank and we always get started before the train leaves the station. I’m thinking of bringing one of my girlfriends from the club with me. I think Hank would really enjoy that ride.

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Eyl 30

The Sweetest!

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He comes to me each night and I long for the day to end just so I can be with him. He fills me with his spirit, and I am satiated.

Each night I prepare myself for him. I lavish my body in a bath of lavender scented oils. I sponge the warm water over my skin and breathe in the sensual aroma of the candles. I let my hands wander over my body, feeling the softness of my skin. I feel I could almost sleep in this oasis of warmth and aroma.

Wrapping myself in the thickest towel, I pat my skin dry. Small drops of water still drip from my shoulder length hair, causing tiny rivers down my spine as I move from the warm lush bathtub to the edge of my bed.

Wanting to be soft to his touch, I smooth cream all over my skin with the palms of my hands. I want him to be surrounded by the sweet scent of my perfume. To be mesmerized by the silky feel of my skin. My fingers massage the cream into the calves of my legs and then up over my stomach. It is all I can do to resist the temptation of letting them slip between my thighs. By now thoughts of him occupy every corner of my mind and I can feel the swelling and heat that comes from the memories of him.

Carelessly, I allow my hands to run down over my stomach and fall between my aching, swollen loins. Ecstasy envelops me and it is all I can do to stop myself from falling backwards onto the bed, surrendering myself to these blissful yearnings.

The wind blows the curtains billowing into my room, breaking my reverie and I move to the window. I can hear his voice calling me in the night. My name on his lips! How I love to kiss those sweet, delectable lips. I know he’ll be here soon.

Still naked, I admire my body in the mirror. Tracing a finger down my side and smiling at what I see. I enjoy how my breasts heave as I take a deep breathe, thinking of him Cihangir travesti kissing me. With only a gold necklace around my neck, there is nothing to interfere with his hands that will want to explore all of me as he makes me his own.

The silk wrap on the chair shall be my blanket. The feel of it on my skin makes me shiver. I lie on the bed and wait.

Slowly I drag the fabric up over my body. The coolness of it make my breasts scream and nipples taut. I let it slip between my legs and feel it pull up against me, as I slowly drag it. I am completely covered. He will enjoy coming in and seeing me this way. Lying in bed, naked and waiting only for him.

My eyes are closed, but I feel him drawing near. The wind blows in again through the window. I feel the softness of it caress my skin. Then I’m not sure if it is the wind or his breath I feel. The silk scarf falls away from my body as I wait for him with great anticipation.

I feel him trace his finger over my cheek and then my lips. I want to take it into my mouth but he draws away. With my eyes closed, I can’t see him. I only feel him. His finger continues over my chin and down slowly along my neck. I take a deep breath as I feel a shiver run through me. I know his eyes are drinking in my nakedness. I can somehow feel his heart beating quickly; I hear his breath coming in a soft whisper. He is calling my name, teasing me by brushing the silk scarf over my breasts. I arch my back, aching for him to touch me. Wanting his hands to cup my breasts, massage them. I long for him to roll my nipples between his fingers. The silk scarf slides lower down my body and I am exposed entirely in the pale moonlight.

I know he must be enjoying this moment. I am his, and his alone. I feel him draw near me. He whispers in my ear – a husky, Fındıkzade travesti beckoning call filled with an urgency that we are both consumed with. His lips are on the nape of my neck, his hands tracing circles around my breasts. I am paralyzed with ecstasy. My lips are begging to be kissed, and when they meet his the desire in my body comes alive. I nibble and taste him. I long to just run my tongue over his lips, to suck on them. His kisses fill my body with waves of delight as his hands rub my nipples and softly squeeze my breasts. I must have more of him.

I hungrily kiss his neck and run my lips to his chest. My hands feel the tight muscles in his back, as he so carefully lets his body hover over mine. I am lost in this emotion. I am lost in his touch. Like a doll he puts his hands under me and pulls me to him. There isn’t a questioning look. He understands my need. His lips hungrily find my breasts, and suck on my nipples as my intense moans grow. Fingers are running down, pressing in between my legs. Oh, how I want to feel you touch me. They tease, feel, play and I push my hips skywards, urgently wanting them inside. Longing for them to penetrate deep inside, to satisfy that intense desire.

His Lips are like fire moving down my body and I feel his hard maleness moving from my thigh down. I sigh and press my hips deep into the bed under me. Enticing him to move lower, screaming in my mind for his kisses to reach farther down. I am his goddess, my moans his call. He is rewarded with every soft moan and sigh as he lets his lips fall to me. His tongue presses between my sweet lips; tasting the desire he’s created. My mind blank, my body moves with a rhythm of its own. My fingers run through his hair, as he teases me with butterfly kisses.

Feeling his breath against my thigh, Fulya travesti his tongue dancing, I am drowning in a wave of rapture. A moment is lost; there isn’t thought or sound. Only the explosive pleasure he brings to me.

My eyes flutter open and I see him. A glow from the window washes over his body. I reach for him, pulling him to me. He pushes his body against mine, his hips between my trembling thighs. He takes my hands and puts them above my head, his fingers wrap around my wrists, holding me there, immobilized by his strength and desire. I slowly feel him press into me while my lips eagerly meet his. My breasts arch into his chest and slowly he starts making love to me.

He continues to hold my hands away from his body and only allows me to explore him with my lips. I am insane in wanting to touch him. I want to pull his hips into me, run my hands over his back. I want to gently trace his lips and kiss them greedily. I seek out his lips, and bite down on them as his thrusts inside me quicken. I can’t breathe as my body consumes him. The sweat rolling down his back drips onto my stomach and he groans as he nuzzles into my neck and sends me reeling. I drag my hands out of his and reach for his body. Stroking him, feeling his skin, pulling him so deep into me that I want to scream, from sheer passion. I hear myself calling out his name and he responds with a soft moan. I push him from me and turn onto my tummy. I drag his hands around me until I feel his chest brush my back. I sway my hips into him and tease him until he grabs them and takes me forcefully.

Both of us moan from the sheer animalistic desire that takes over. The urges to just devour each other. His hands reach and squeeze my breasts. I push my back into him and turn enough to reach his lips with my own. Ragged breaths. Strong moans. Deep, hard strokes. He clutches me to him and with a final plunge into the depth of my soul, he shudders against me. He is mine. For that one suspended moment, we are one. Phantom lovers, spirits that mix together, and share a passion, in the darkest still of the night.

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Eyl 30

The Teacher of My Dreams

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Author’s Note: Here’s a quickie for the Holidays. Merry Christmas!

Carol got up from the couch and slowly walked to the door of the tiny, one-room rental cabin and flicked off the light. The fireplace and three candles bounced soft light off the dark log walls. A tabletop Christmas tree shimmered, along with the wreaths hanging above the fire.

Her eyes adjusted and the young man on the couch came into focus. He was watching her, following her with his childlike eyes.

She remembered his words. He had described how he used to get home from high school and go into his bedroom. He would lock the door and pull off his pants. Lying on the bed, he would picture her in his mind standing in front of the class. Except it would be just him and her.

The boy explained how he would pull his cock from under his boxers and hold it as he imagined her beginning to undress. He was eighteen then and she was thirty.

Now, five years later, they were alone in a secluded cabin the week before Christmas. Dreams were about to come true.

Carol stood next to the queen size bed in the corner of the cabin. It was about the same distance she would have been from Jeff in her English class.

A brief flash of light followed a loud crack in the fireplace. Their eyes never left each other.

Carol grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up. She had to force herself to slow down in the excitement of the moment. As much as she wanted to feel the young man’s body next to hers, she also knew her “show” was an important part of her present to him.

The sweater was lifted higher and Carol’s blonde hair fell back into place. The teacher stood with her arms at her side. Then she dropped the sweater.

Jeff stared at the beautiful, full, firm breasts. Firelight glistened off Carol’s skin. The breasts seemed to move in the dancing shadows of the faint light.

But, Carol didn’t move. She anticipated the acting out of the man’s fantasy in complete detail. It was what he said he wanted.

He pulled down the zipper on his jeans and opened the button at the waist. Jeff’s hand moved to his lap and a few seconds later a hard, thick cock appeared. Then all but the tip disappeared inside his hand as he rested his head on the back of the couch.

Carol was relieved to see the rigidity of the cock. She wanted so badly to please him…to make it the way he had so honestly described the afternoons in his bedroom.

The teacher opened her own jeans and pushed them down. They fell off her slender hips and slid to her ankles, revealing a pair of black satin panties. She leaned over and stepped out of the jeans, making sure her breasts were well within his view.

Jeff stroked his cock in long, even movements. He watched his former teacher run her fingers over her nipples, then down her stomach and inside the front of her panties. He took his hand away Halkalı travesti from his cock to let her see it…and to keep from cumming.

Carol saw the erect cock in the dim light and moaned at the feel of her finger on her clit. Her cunt soaked the finger in juices when she inserted it a moment later.

Finally, she pulled off her panties and stood naked in front of the student. In all the days and nights he spent in his bedroom thinking about Carol, Jeff never imagined anything as nice as what stood across from him now. His dreams never included the holiday decorations and candles that filled his current surroundings.

Carol was an opened present he would never forget.

The woman turned and lowered herself onto the small bed. She rolled onto her side and pulled her knees up toward her chest, then straightened one of the legs back out.

Jeff stared at every inch of the body laid out before him; the curve of the ass, the way her breasts hung freely, her long legs. Without realizing it, his cock was back in his hand.

Carol tapped the bed beside her with her hand. The signal needed no interpretation.

In the time it took Jeff to rise from the couch and walk to her, Carol thought about his phone call to her…his invitation to meet…their dinner…their subsequent phone calls and meetings. It took one month for them to learn about each other. Really learn about each other.

Now they lay together on a bed in a cabin at Christmastime. Little presents sat in open boxes by the fireplace. A nearby wine bottle reflected light as it sat on a table.

Carol embraced her former student as their bodies stretched to full length. Legs intertwined as their kiss became more passionate. Jeff rolled on top of Carol and his hard cock could be felt by both of them as it pressed against their skin.

For a brief moment excitement overwhelmed the couple. They thrashed about on the bed, their mouths smothering each other with wild kisses and licks. Jeff thrust his cock onto Carol’s body, not caring what it hit.

Simultaneously, they relaxed to the point where they gained pleasure from each other’s touches. Jeff’s head moved towards the teacher’s breasts.

“Oh, yes, Jeff. Lick me, please. Lick my nipples,” Carol urged the young man.

His tongue touched her skin a few inches below the right nipple and slowly moved up. As soon as his tongue contacted her nipple, Jeff wrapped his lips around it.

The nipple was soft. He bit it lightly with his lips and heard Carol moan. Then he flicked his tongue over it and felt it grow.

Jeff’s mouth opened and took in as much of her breast as it could. He used his hand to push it up, then began an assault on the nipple. The more the woman squirmed and moaned, the more he sucked on the breast.

Soon, he was alternating from one breast to the other. Jeff’s cock rubbed against Levent travesti the inside of Carol’s thighs as he lay on top of her; the woman’s body demanding that it be allowed to release the pent up lust that had grown during the day.

“Now, Jeff. I want you to fuck me,” Carol whispered between moans.

All the days and nights and years of desire flashed in Jeff’s mind. He had told himself that, when the time came, he would take her slowly and lovingly. It was going to be difficult.

They kissed while Jeff positioned his throbbing cock between the teacher’s legs, which she eagerly opened. Moisture collected around the entrance to her pussy and was transferred to the tip of Jeff’s cock when it rested there.

Jeff fumbled for a second trying to place his cock where he wanted it.

“Let me,” Carol said in a reassuring tone.

Her hand quickly guided his cock to her pussy and she didn’t release it until she felt the tip enter her. Carol was so wet and Jeff was so hard that the length of his cock was in her almost before he knew what happened.

He took a moment to look down on the beautiful woman below him. Her breasts rose from her chest just the way he had pictured them when he was alone in his room after school. The teacher’s hair lay on the pillow like he imagined.

But there was no way he could have imagined how good it felt to have his cock deep inside her cunt.

Carol slowly wrapped her legs around the young man’s body, pulling him closer. Jeff touched the back of her thighs and pushed himself forward until he could go no further. Holding her by the legs, Jeff began making love to his teacher.

Carol was surprised…pleasantly…to feel Jeff leisurely sliding his cock in and out of her. He was gentle and loving. In her present state of arousal, she wouldn’t have complained if he fucked her. But, he didn’t. And she loved him for it.

She watched his eyes and his hair and, of course, his cock. He was a beautiful man, just as she had thought those days in her classroom when she imagined herself with the best looking of her students. Never did she dream she would be with one, in this wonderfully romantic setting.

Carol put her hands on Jeff’s ass and pulled him towards her, holding him in place. She felt his long, hard cock deep inside her as it pulsated. Jeff took the opportunity during the lull to find her breasts with his mouth. He licked and sucked on Carol’s nipples and the surrounding skin. Soon, they were thrashing their bodies against each other again.

“I want you to cum,” Jeff said softly. “I want to be in you when you cum.”

Carol nodded. She’d never talked much during sex and this setting, with the candles and decorations, didn’t call for it. She would just do what he asked.

But, she had a favorite position and wanted to be in it when she came. So she unwrapped her legs from Şirinevler travesti around Jeff and said, “Let me get on top, please.”

Jeff pulled out and Carol rolled on top of him. In a matter of seconds, she was guiding his rigid cock back inside her cunt.

Jeff now looked up at Carol, with her hair flowing down and her breasts keeping pace with their movements. Her small waist made Carol’s hips look even sexier from Jeff’s new angle. And her pussy…he couldn’t take his eyes off her pussy as it rode his cock up and down in the dim light. He could see her clit and feel the moisture coming from her cunt.

Carol put one hand on her clit and the other on a breast. As she kneaded the breast and squeezed her nipple, Carol rubbed her clit in short, quick strokes. Then, as her orgasm neared, she slowed to long swipes with her finger.

Jeff just watched.

“Yes. Yes. I’m gonna cum,” Carol said.

“C’mon, babe. I want to feel you cum.”

Carol moaned and grunted as she frantically rubbed her clit.

“Oh, yes,” she said loudly, followed by a long, continuous groan. The teacher’s body shook on top of Jeff’s cock. She leaned forward and pounded her pussy onto the man’s shaft, never removing her hand from her clit.

A second orgasm began when she held a nipple between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed it tightly.

“Fuck me harder,” Carol urged Jeff, who was already lifting his ass off the bed each time he drilled his cock into her.

When the teacher’s orgasms began to fade, Jeff was nearing his limit on being able to withhold his own orgasm. Knowing that he had satisfied the woman riding his cock he was ready to cum.

His mind went back once again to his bedroom…and his dreams.

“I want to cum on your tits,” he said.

Carol looked at him with a knowing smile. “I would love that.”

She lifted herself off of him and put her hand around his wet cock. Carol leaned until the cock’s tip hit one of her nipples. She slowly moved her body so that both breasts made contact. Then she applied more pressure with her hand and forced the cock up against her chest.

With the palm of her hand, Carol pressed the cock flat against one breast, then the other, in a rolling motion. Jeff knew he wouldn’t last long.

Carol once again wrapped her fingers around the cock and pumped it furiously. Jeff’s eyes were tightly closed and his face contorted due to the oncoming orgasm.

He felt his balls start the flow of cum through his cock. After one last look at his teacher’s breasts, he threw his head back on the pillow and came.

A long stream of cum poured onto the top of Carol’s breast. She moved the cock and received the second shot on the opposite breast. After that, it was a matter of spreading Jeff’s cum with the shaft of the cock, using her palm to stroke him harder.

Carol’s hand slid easily up and down the shaft at the end of Jeff’s orgasm. Cum hung from her nipples and flowed into the gap between her breasts.

Lightly, she kissed the tip of the cock and licked it clean. A second later they were back in each other’s arms.

Carol whispered, “Ready for the next lesson?”

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Eyl 30

The Spectator Ch. 01

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Cindy had caught a glimpse of The Spectator on the very first day she moved into her cottage in the archetypal English village of Stoneleigh. Surrounded by its undulated hills and breath taking countryside, Cindy felt like she had finally sound somewhere she could sincerely call home.

She’d been in the shower to blast away the damn dust and cobwebs that had clung to her fair, pale skin as she’d tried to clean the cottage so it could at least pass for being inhabitable. Stepping out of the shower, she’d suddenly realised that she’d forgotten to bring her bath towel. As the December chill whipped against her skin causing her nipples to harden like flesh coloured bullets, she berated herself for being so careless. She had no choice but to quickly leg it across the landing to the bedroom and grab the towel off the bed. As she wrapped it quickly around her tiny frame, she glanced out of the bedroom window and looked at the house that was back to back with her. She watched the blinds that donned the bedroom window briefly flicker before shutting again. Cindy quickly bent down, she really should have put up her bedroom curtains and she made a mental note to make sure it was her next job of the evening, the last thing she needed was to attract the attentions of the village’s resident Peeping Tom.

“I don’t like the term Peeping Tom, it conjures up in my mind images of a man dressed in seventies flare, a dodgy moustache using binoculars to peer into women’s bedrooms. I like to refer to myself as a voyeur, an observer, a spectator. Not a hidden spectator I hasten to add. I like my subjects to be fully aware of my presence. Some people don’t like it, some people love it, like anything in life, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.”

Cindy hadn’t thought too much about that day when she had seen her neighbours blinds briefly flicker, she’d been far too busy settling into her new abode. One Saturday afternoon as she wrestled putting up a particularly awkward pine shelf in the kitchen, Cindy’s cursing was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Pushing her blonde hair back into its hair band, she quickly checked her reflection in the hallway mirror, rubbing a splash of paint off her pert nose, Cindy opened the door.

“I thought I would welcome you to the neighbourhood.” The guy handed Cindy a card and a box of fresh cream cakes.

“Thanks. That’s so kind of you.” Cindy suddenly felt overwhelmed and a tad self conscious. She paused and a tiny pink flush of embarrassment crept over her cheeks. “Sorry, I don’t know your name.”

“Jack. My name is Jack.” He extended his hand. Cindy shoved the card under her arm and took his hand in hers.

“I only moved in a couple of days ago.” Cindy explained, not really knowing what she was expected to do right now.

“Well, you’ve done quite a bit to the place since you moved in, the garden for a start looks miles better and the Christmas tree is really cute. This place went to rack and ruin when old Bill died which was a shame really because he’d always taken great care Ataköy travesti of it.”

Jack flashed Cindy a smile and there was a momentary awkward silence that Cindy felt compelled to break.

“Why don’t you come in? I’ll make a pot of tea and we can share these cakes if you like.”

Jack flashed her a friendly grin. “That would be wonderful, thanks.”

“I don’t go for a particular type of woman. Being a voyeur I think means that it’s not the other person you are attracted to per se, it’s the fact you are watching when you shouldn’t be and watching people do things they strictly shouldn’t be doing. I think it was Cindy’s wholesomeness that appealed to me and the glimpse I’d had of her slightly boyish figure that day when she’d moved in had piqued my interest. Close up, she was even more attractive to me than I could have ever really imagined. I think it was the way her freckles were smattered across her cute nose and the slightly crooked smile that made her look incredibly cute. She was smaller than my usual type too in height and in the breast department but she did something to me, I think deep down I was hoping that she was as horny as she looked.”

“So have you lived round here long?” Cindy asked as she handed Jack a mug of steaming hot tea.

“I’ve lived here around ten years. I came here when I was twenty five with my first wife, but sadly we divorced and I’ve lived on my own ever since. I must be getting old and set in my ways.”

“Don’t be silly, thirty five isn’t old.” Cindy smiled at him and noticed that actually there was something about Jack that made him attractive. He wasn’t good looking in the traditional sense. His brown eyes were a little too close together and his hair was shoulder length and in need of a trim but his smile was wide and friendly and it was obvious that he looked after himself. His waist was trim and his shoulders wide, he was clearly no stranger to the gym. If asked the question would she, wouldn’t she? The answer would be yes, she definitely would.

“Telling me thirty five isn’t old is a bit rich coming from someone who can’t possibly be a day over twenty six.” Jack sipped his tea and gazed at Cindy intently causing her cheeks to flood with a bright pink blush.

“Actually, I’m thirty.” Cindy grabbed the box of cream cakes. She motioned for Jack to follow. “Come on, let’s sit in the conservatory”

“So Cindy took me through to the conservatory and we sat and drank our tea and devoured the cream cakes like any quintessential English couple. She told me she had a few jobs that needed doing to complete her move and I offered to help. She was delighted of course and that afternoon a new friendship was sealed. Cindy was easy to be around and just the same as some villages were missing an idiot, Stoneleigh had been devoid of a decent looking woman under the age of sixty for a good many years. I had a feeling that Cindy and I were going to get on well, hopefully very well indeed.”

Cindy watched as Jack managed to finally put up her shelving Bahçelievler travesti unit. She’d invited him to stay for dinner and as she resumed chopping the garlic she had to admit that she fancied Jack. There was a presence about him that made her feel warm inside.

That evening after they had eaten and the dishes had been washed and put away they both retired to the conservatory and shared a bottle of crisp, bottle of Chardonnay.

“Thanks for helping me today, I really do appreciate it.”

Jack took a sip of his wine. “Absolutely my pleasure, what more could a man ask for? A lovely meal, the best prawn linguine I’ve had in a while by the way and the company of a beautiful woman to wile away the evening with.”

Cindy felt herself go warm at Jack’s compliment. Pushing her legs beneath her, she brushed down her skirt.

“Flattery will get you every where Jack.”

Jack topped up his glass with wine and grinned at her. “I hope so.”

“As Cindy pulled her knees beneath her as she made herself comfortable, her skirt had risen and I’d caught just a glimpse of her white lace knickers or was she wearing a thong? Either way, just that tiny glimpse had made my cock stir to a semi hard on that I hoped wasn’t going to extend into a full blown affair or that would have been quite embarrassing. You see, for me sometimes a tiny glimpse of something gets my rocks off better than when a woman has her assets on show. I liked an air of mystery and Cindy had provided me with that.

Ever since the first time I’d met her I had been wondering about her small, pert breasts. Were her nipples a soft pink or a dark brown? Did she shave her pussy completely or leave a nice little strip? How did she make herself come and what exactly made her come? That was the question that had been regularly assisting my wanks. I imagined Cindy bringing herself off. Watching women masturbate was just one of the many things that I found horny. If they were aware of me watching them even better, but sometimes I liked to think I’d gone unnoticed.”

“That’s my bedroom.” Jack pointed at the house that was directly back to back with Cindy’s. Cindy followed the direction of Jack’s finger and realised that his bedroom blinds had been the ones she had seen flicker the day that she had moved in.

“Oh right.” Cindy couldn’t think of anything else to say, mainly because her mind had suddenly started to race, had Jack seen her naked that day? She didn’t know whether to feel embarrassed or excited.

“Yeah, so you better watch what you are doing, you never know when I might be watching you.’ Jacks eyes twinkled and as Cindy’s eyes widened to saucer size proportions Jack threw back his head and laughed. “I’m teasing you, don’t worry, I’m not a pervert.”

Cindy leaned forward and moved a stray hair out of Jack’s eyes. “What a shame.” She murmured before sitting back on the settee.

“When she had said what a shame,” I felt the familiar stirring in my loins. I didn’t know if it was the wine talking although admittedly Bahçeşehir travesti Cindy had only had two glasses. Either way, all I knew was my gentlemanly nature had drifted away like tumbleweed in a storm. Her comment had put a wax seal on the does she fancy me, doesn’t she contract and I did what any other man would do in that situation, I went back home for some more wine.”

Cindy couldn’t remember the last time she had played Truth or Dare. Then again, after the wine she’d consumed that evening she was lucky she could still remember her own name. She opted for Truth because a Dare might involve actually having to stand up and she didn’t know if she was even capable of doing that.

“Have you ever let anyone watch you as you fuck? Either you have invited them to watch or you have sensed someone uninvited watching you?”

Cindy shook her head. “No, I can’t say I have, not a bad thought though is it?”

The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them and normally she would have been mortified but the wine had stripped away any of her inhibitions. “I actually think I might like that.”

“So not only did she fancy me she liked the idea of being watched which is like all my birthdays, Christmases and orgies arriving all at once. There was just one slight and obvious hiccup; Cindy was pissed out of her head. I hold my hands up, I’d been the one to provide the nectar from the drunken Gods but I hadn’t banked on Cindy being fully compos mentis one minute discussing the benefits of pureed garlic as opposed to chopping her own to admitting that she too had voyeuristic tendencies. I wanted to get her a bit squiffy and relaxed enough that I might be able to make a move but I’m not the kind of guy to take advantage of a woman who isn’t fully in control. I like a woman to know exactly know what they are doing and like what they are doing, after all, isn’t that the biggest turn on of all?”

Jack handed Cindy a cup of black coffee. “Here, drink this it might sober you up a little.”

Cindy’s head lolled to one side slightly as she laughed. “I’m not drunk,” She slurred, knocking the TV remote control off the chair arm onto the floor.

“Yes you are now sit up properly.” Jack put the coffee cup on the table and gently pulled Cindy’s arm so she could sit up straighter. She did as she was bid and looked at Jack, her eyes trying to focus.

“I’m ok, really yam.” Her lips dropped to one side in an attempt to appear petulant.

“Right, you’re not drunk, but you’re still drinking this coffee okay?”

“I waited while she drank her coffee and by the time I was leaving, Cindy was curled up on the chair asleep and snoring.

That evening I couldn’t sleep. I lay awake thinking of Cindy’s revelation that she wouldn’t mind someone watching her as she was getting fucked. As I stroked my cock, I enjoyed the feel of it getting hard as I knew exactly what I was going to do. I was going to embark on a mission. The operation would start gentle at first before building to the penultimate, sexual crescendo. I was going to engage on the task of corrupting Cindy. My cock glistened with pre cum at the very thought as I continued to wank, I brought myself to a climax before stopping again. I liked to tease myself and by the time I fucked Cindy, I wanted my balls to be full of come.

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Eyl 30

The Slab

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Oh…fuck…oh fuck… oh fuck…” she panted, her torn skirt hiked up over her ass. The trash can was shaking beneath her cold fore arms as she tossed a glance over her shoulder at the man pounding into her pussy. She inhaled sharply and looked away. Ashamed that she’d done it again. Sorry that she’d picked up the phone. Worried that this was becoming a habit.

The big prick was sawing back and forth inside of her, reaching way back inside of her as if tightening a cord inside her that was about to let loose. Her words had crawled into a guttural moan, stretching outward with the length of his strokes.

“Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me, you bastard!” She gasped, arching her back as her juices released all over his cock. He stopped fucking all at once. She hated that. “No!” She shouted, insisting he continue. Wanting nothing more than for him to fuck her through the orgasm.

He slipped it out of her. Inch by wretched inch. She felt her pussy closing up as the fat head finally dropped from inside of her. She turned, half-worn out, half-pissed and whipped her bangs out of her eyes.

“Fuck are you doing?” She hissed at him.

He was zipping his pants up.

“I can’t.” He said. “Not like this.”

“Not like this what?” She demanded, sitting back on the trash can. She stared at his beady eyes. He was flushed with embarrassment. She then burst out laughing. “You don’t think you’re still a virgin, do you?”

He was quiet while she laughed. And then he said meekly, “I didn’t come.”

“You’re missing the best part.” She said coyly.

With abrupt anger, the man pushed her shoulders and her head slammed against the brick wall. She smiled at the sensation, the rough play.

“Shut up, slut!” He shouted.

She only laughed again and he turned away and ran.

Away from her sneering. Away from her used pussy.

“Hello?” Ann said into the phone.

There was a pause. She knew what was coming. “Is this…” The male voice said. “Is this… Jasmine?”

“Yes,” Ann said, sitting on her couch.

“Oh,” came the voice, shaking a little. The nervousness of a kid. “I…uhm…I wanna…uhm…”

“Fuck?” Ann smiled into the phone.


There was no reason to ask where he’d heard of her. Her advertisement existed in one place and one place only. It was scribed into the men’s stall at The Slab. The freak-show dance club downtown. Inspired by loneliness and a number of drugs, she’d stumbled in and drawn it on a dare: Wanna Fuck? Call Jasmine 555-7189.

And her phone had been ringing ever since.

“Are you…pretty?” Erenköy travesti The voice asked.

“Picture this…” Ann said. “College girl. You been to college?”


“Know that girl who seemed to know everything? Thought she was funny?” She lit a cigarette. “The girl who would not shut up?”


“Ever want to put it in her ass?”

A pause. And then: “Yes.”

“Then meet me.” She said quietly, above a breath. “I’ll let you teach me a lesson…”

“God,” he said, clearly aroused. “Where?”

The skirt was tight against her rounded ass as she slid into the pool hall. She squeezed between a long-haired man and a shorter one. Her full breasts squeezed against long hair’s back as she said quietly, “excuse me.” Once she smelled the smoke and gazed around the dive, her heart began beating quickly.

And she felt the dripping between her legs that made her panties all sticky. She lit her cigarette and took a seat at the bar. The bartender brought her a napkin and looked her over. She wondered if he could tell her nipples were as hard as they could be.

Before they could speak, a voice squeaked from behind her.

“Are you… Jasmine?” The voice from the phone.

The voice of inexperience.

She turned and looked at him. Not so bad, all things considered. Broad shoulders. She liked that. The poor guy had dressed in a suit… Sunday best for a Friday Fuck.

“Yeah…” She said, pursing her lips to the cigarette.

“Okay. Good,” The guy said. He then went to introduce himself. “I’m…”

“Alan,” she said quickly. “Get the idea?”

He realized that there was to be no names and that she was not really Jasmine.

“Okay, where do we go? I can get us a hotel room…” He said. She blew smoke over his head and got off of her bar stool. She put her arms around him and forced her breasts into his chest. She then touched her full lips to his thin smile.

Her tongue pushed into his mouth. She could tell he’d never kissed a girl before, his technique was clumsy. She pulled away and stared at him. “Follow me. I have to go to the bathroom.”

She thrust her purse into his arms and led him toward the back. They entered a hallway. She then looked over her shoulder at the population behind them.

“I’ll just wait out…”

She jerked his arm and led him into the ladies room. Before he could protest, she had him pressed up against the door. Her teeth were up next to his ear. “Who needs a room?” She hissed. “That costs money.”

“Doesn’t this cost money?” He asked, hesitating.

She Beşiktaş travesti took her hand and rubbed his groin, “What’s that?” She felt him filling up in her hand… getting harder -the sort of hardness that only a long neglected cock can respond with. “No… you’re only cost is…” She closed her teeth on his earlobe and heard him inhale sharply. “Your virginity.”

“Here?” He asked.

“Touch me…” She panted, her breathing picking up along with his.

“I don’t think…”

His fly was unzipped and she dropped to her knees. He had an impressive bit of weight for a cock. She estimated eight inches or so, and wide. She closed her eyes and moved forward. His eyes closed instinctively as everything he’d been anticipating was about to happen.

And there was no stopping it.

Her lips wrapped around the head and she slid her tongue beneath it. It tasted of soap and she almost smiled imagining this man cleaning himself for the big date. As his big head filled her mouth, she began making slurping sounds. His first blow job had to be the sexiest, this was important. He had to be impressed. He had to be grateful. And all other sex for him was to be ruined.

That was the goal after all.

“Oh god…” He moaned, leaning up against the door.

She groaned a response, her wet mouth enticing the head even deeper. The back of her throat. And now she leaned upward, bringing it even deeper. This proved too much for the poor boy and he exploded inside of her.

She swallowed like a pro.

Coming up, she kept her hand on his dick and slipped her coated tongue into his mouth. He tried to pull away, but it was too late. His flavor. His drip. His seed was now in his own mouth. She smiled wickedly into the kiss, her eyes opened as she watched.

His eyes were closed.

She felt him tense up and she gripped his spent dick. “Okay, baby… just a little further to go…” Her other hand took his hand and led it to a tit. “Squeeze.” He did. “Squeeze it, come on.” More pressure. And then she began hiking up her skirt. His erection was already beginning to fill her grip. Sticky. Hard. And wanting more.

“We should go somewhere…” He managed to say.

“You’re going somewhere alright,” she responded with a light chuckle. And then he felt it. She watched his face, her lips filling with the most determined, most satisfied smile as she brought the head up to penetrate her. It felt good. Nothing pleased her more than taking a virgin’s cock into her cunt. Especially if he wasn’t comfortable. He liked associating sex with Avcılar travesti shock for the new kids.

“Ohhhhhhh…” She moaned gratefully, his moan crowding hers. She then kissed him lazily, eyes opened. He sighed and she felt his hands go to her ass.

“That’s right…” She cooed. “You know how to fuck, don’t you?”

He groaned a little and she leaned her lips up to his ear as he fucked her clumsily. “Isn’t it what you’ve always wanted?” She panted, with amazing control.

“Uh…huh…” He gasped, losing control.

“Harder…” She whispered. “Come on…” He increased his pace, his huge hard on seeming to grow more within her pussy. He was trying to control his vocal cries of ecstasy.

There was a knock at the door and her chap abruptly froze.

“Anyone in there?”

She smiled at him amused, his hard length still parting her drenched cunt. He was completely red. His embarrassment was a sight to behold.

“Yeah…” Ann said, resuming the humping action with deliberate need.

“You been in there a long time.” It was a female voice.

She reached back with her hands, still fucking the poor man. She messed up her hair and said with incredible control, “I’m fixing my hair…”

The kid wasn’t moving at all. He was just holding the door shut as she continued her motions. She clenched him with her cunt like an inside joke. She then lifted her shirt and exposed him a breast to suck on.

And he responded.

“Hurry up, will ya?” The lady insisted.

Now the voice was just pissing Ann off. She put her hands on either side of the kid and began fucking harder and faster. Dragging that big rod out of her only to slip it all the way up again, the heft starting to pull an orgasm from her. “I’ll be… out… when…” She grunted between her perfectly said words. “I…fucking…please!”

And then the kid, Alan, blew a prodigious amount of semen into her womb. She felt him stick inside of her and the abrupt shrinking of a former virgin. He had slobbered all over her erect tits. And now both were panting in unison.

“Did you?” He finally managed to ask.

“Did I…come?” She asked, slipping off of him and lowering her shirt and skirt.


She took her purse from him and looked inside for her car keys. “No.” She kissed his cheek. “But I will.” She then opened the door as he fixed his pants.

“Jasmine,” he asked. “When will I see you again?”

“Never. You cannot approach me if you see me in public. And you most certainly will never call me again.”

She then waved at him and left.

The woman with the voice ran in, relieved.

She heard the woman shout and Alan… apologize.

And then she was in the street and in her car. She had to hurry up and get home. The thought of what she’d just done was going to give her one of the biggest orgasms of her life.

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Eyl 30

The Story of Debra Ch. 03

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The sound of the rain woke her up, and for a minute she was disorientated. There was someone else in the bed with her. She lay there and ran back over the night before. She would have to apologize to this guy, who ever he was, and make clear that this was not a regular thing, despite the sex having been really, really good. Trying not to rouse him she slipped out of the bed and tiptoed to the shower. At least if he woke up she wouldn’t smell like work and sex, she could retain some of her dignity.

The water streamed out of the shower and she checked herself in the mirror for last nights errors. She washed off her make-up and brushed her teeth. The toothpaste tasted sterile and metallic in her mouth. She slid into the shower, letting the hot rivulets of water run over body. She felt the cold air of the shower door opening before she registered it. Strong hands slipped around her shoulders and began to massage them. The feeling was too good to pass up and she let him continue to rub her wet skin, sliding his hands up and down her back. The steam from the hot water made her want to just fall back to sleep as her aching muscles Kadıköy travesti were given over to her company.

She felt his cock pressing into her back from behind, and she was about to make objections when she felt his lips upon her neck. It was just too much to resist, and she turned to face him as they fell again into a passionate kiss. Their bodies were slippery against each other from the water, as they pressed each other against the shower wall. His hands squeezed at her breasts and buttocks, reminding her or the night before. He slipped his hands under her butt, kneading it and moving to pick her up. But she stopped him, she pushed him back against the shower wall. Letting the water run down his toned body she moved down herself, ‘til she was kneeling in the shower at his feet.

The water was running down her shoulders as she knelt forwards and took him into her mouth. He moaned as her lips closed on his engorged cock. She sucked at his head, licked at it and moved her lips over it, making him buck at her and grasp her head ever firmly as she took him into herself. Her lips glided over its length, swallowing Kurtköy travesti all of him in, sucking at him and gently kneading his balls with her hand. He was moaning loudly as she continued, and was obviously enjoying it almost as much as she was. The feeling of her power over him gave Debra a wicked smile. He pushed his hands under her arms and brought her up to thrust his tongue inside her, kissing her deeply and pressing into her with his body.

He wrapped her legs around him and drove into her, pinning her against the shower wall. Spearing her body on his large erect cock. Tightly she gripped him as her muscles contracted and she came. His plunging into her became more urgent and harder as he pinned her to the wall. Over and over he made her moan with ecstasy, until finally letting go in a burst of hard strong final thrust.

He lowered her feet to the floor and as she stood against the shower wall letting the water run over her smooth and wet skin he washed the wetness between her legs, cleaning her with care as she soaped his body in return. “Good morning.” She said softly, and with a cheeky little eyebrow Pendik travesti motion he answered her with the same greeting. She wanted to explain about last night but didn’t feel right doing it at that point. She stepped out of the shower and threw on her robe, letting the wetness soak through.

She was sitting at the breakfast table in the kitchen when he came out. Dressed in last nights clothes he still looked attractive even in the tousled morning after look. “I really enjoyed last night and I know mornings after are weird so I’m just going to go, but here’s my number in case you ever feel like that again.” he put down a piece of ripped notepaper with the wordsand his number.

Debra was almost stunned by this gesture, sure she was a stripper but she wasn’t sure if he was trying to treat her as a whore as well now. She said nothing but once the door closed, ripped the paper in two and threw it into the accumulating pile of other paperwork on the kitchen worktop. She wouldn’t call, and he probably wouldn’t come back, she didn’t expect anything else anymore. But she was expected to go back to work that evening, and to be on time. She gazed out of the window with a certain bitterness at how empty her life suddenly seemed. She wasn’t looking forwards to dancing for a bunch of strangers again, but somewhere inside she hoped he would be there waiting for her, and she would not disappoint him either.

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