A Husbands Lament

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A Husbands LamentHow manytimes had I witnessed this, her gaze directed at her Black lover?s face, a look that tells him of her submission to him etched almost painfully on her face. Her look shows many things, a determination to take each inch of his hardness that he is forcing deep inside her body, a craving need to feel the fullness he presents in the form of his fat cock, but mostly her look tells him she is his, his to do with as he pleases even though I stand just feet from them. He could tell that at this moment in time she is his as surely as if he is the man married to her. We all know without it being spoken that right at this instant even if I begged her to stop that she couldn?t, that the forces building inside her as his manhood slides to her depths prevents her thinking about marriage, love, or the consequences of her actions. No, at this moment his swelling cock is her world, her everything, her reason for living, and all that she loves and cherishes at any other time means nothing and she is as powerless to prevent her total submission as I am as I witness her utter subjugation to his ebony staff. Again as always my cock strains at my pants, precum wetting my underwear as it oozes from my tip at my excitement as I watch her hips hunch up to his stallion of a cock, trying vainly to entice his balls to fill her with his seed as she herself nears orgasmic bliss. It is always like this, me mesmerized by her cries and moans of pained pleasure, her pleading for his cock, unable to stop orgasming as he stretches her in places and ways that I?d never be able to. And the humiliation as I take my cock out and begin slowly jerking off while he enjoys my wife?s warm body, yes always the humiliation as her horse cocked lover tells her to look at me and my little cock and tell me her pussy is only for his big black dick and inevitably after her faltering, torn by her loyalty to me, he rams his long cock to his balls and repeats his demand as he fucks her hard and she screams pleadinglyl. ?No!, Please, NO! Don?t make me? and then as her gaze falls on me standing there jacking off, her fingers clenching at his asscheeks as she feels his thick cock stretching her and she too realizes that yes, it is true, he is only demanding her to tell the truth at this instant and with her voice quavering with relief and finality she softly exclaims , ?Yes, yes, oh god baby my pussy is his baby, only his? and her thighs tighten around him, pulling her pussy up into his hardest thrusts as she begins cumming hard, cumming as he rewards her by fucking her fast, hard and most importantly deep, deep where I have never been and will never go as her eyes mock me. And her mocking eyes make me throb and my cock feels it will burst as she kisses him, sucking his tongue deep in her mouth as her hips roll quickly, hunching with him as if they had been fucking for years, their movements in harmony with their increasing needs. Her kiss is her silent way of total submission to his will. This woman, my wife and mother of our c***dren, the same person that once told me of her utter disdain and disgust at the thought of a black man?s touch is sucking hard on his tongue while her hips grind frantically into his forward thrusting movements, her hands pleading for more by the way they clasp and pull at his hunching asscheeks, thighs opening to allow him to claim his rightful treasure, then jerking closed, gripping his body as he penetrates her depths painfully. Her face is strained with her orgasms, her body locked in place as he continues to hammer her deeply, her arms encircling him, holding her body to him tightly as her screams and pleasure filled moans resound in my ears. My cock is pounding as her excruciating pleasure seems to radiate through my own being until that moment when our gazes lock once again and her eyes seem to plead with me to make him stop before she goes insane from the intense pleasure his thick, hard cock is imbuing inside her. But instead of finding relief in my actions her moans turn to screams and her body tenses even tighter as my sperm rockets from my tip to jet towards her face, my hands pumping quickly, sporadically, as I explode from the pleasure his fucking of her and more importantly her reactions to it induces into my mind and body. ?Fuck her, Fuck the white slut bitch? my mind roars, ?Make her beg, make her beg for your huge black cocks cum?, Punish her pussy, pound it deep, hurt it, make her scream? I silently scream within me as I jerk with each new hot expulsion of my seed. I need this, I need to see him punish her for making me watch as she craves his cock, making me hear her sighs and moaning pleas for him to never stop fucking her pussy, my wife?s pussy. Yes a part of me craves to watch her debasement, her utter humiliation and her total acceptance of it as long as he continues to fuck her whore pussy. Yes I need for him to pound her pussy, ass, mouth as I watch to prove to me that she is not my loving wife but a black cock craving slut, someone that craves to feel a black cock cumming deep within her pussy, addicted to the feeling that her husband can never provide. And he does that superbly as he fucks her for hours, subjugating her every word, action, thought with his steel hard manhood. And she obediently performs his every order, says everything he commands as she craves his cock and the feelings it provides her. He is her world for the time she is with him, his cock is her fountain of life and she drinks of it greedily, never once even extending a hand to me to join them. He fulfills her every desire, sates her growing need for ebony balls to empty themselves in her body. Often I remember when she was faithful to me and me alone. My wife, a woman that couldn?t even think of allowing another man to touch her before our curious lust consumed us both. Yes I remember when my wife never seemed all that crazy about sex, even though she cum repeatedly and enjoyed it immensely when we made love. She seldom initiated it. Maybe that was because I was fucking her every chance I got and she says I kept her wore out, but anyway she always seemed embarrassed by liking sex. I relate this so you?ll know how different she is today. At that time she would never admit to wanting to fuck anyone else or even me for that matter. She always said size didn?t matter and that I was too big for her and hurt her at times. But sometimes when we were fucking and she was really into it I felt that she needed more but she always denied it when I asked her if she would like a bigger cock in her. I remember the first time I really realized that my petite wife would enjoy a longer thicker cock than my own. She is only 5′ tall and weighed around 105 lbs. at the time and I always thought my cock at 8 1/2 inches was plenty big especially by the way she screamed and yelled as I fucked her hard and deep. But then, one night we were playing around with a new dildo I had purchased online while watching a large cocked black guy pound a small white woman’s pussy in a porn we had rented. The dildo was quite a bit larger than I had thought it to be when I ordered it, but I decided to use it on her anyway as I licked her clit. ,. It took some doing to get it in her, but once the large head was wholly inside her tight pussy and I began licking and sucking her hard swollen clit her hips began moving, fucking the cock. For some reason she seemed to just gush with wetness as I sucked and fucked her with it. I could tell by her movements how much she loved the feelings that coursed through her body and soon she was begging me to fuck her with the dildo harder, deeper. As I forced the whole 10 inches into her I thought she would rip but her anguished moans continued to beg me to hurt her pussy, to fuck her harder, harder. She begged me not to stop as my tongue flew around her clit and I held the cock into her with my palm, pressing it into her and relaxing, fucking her with it, pounding her deep, stretching her walls as she gripped my head and hunched frienziedly up into the huge cock. I could tell that her inhibitions were completely swept away by what she was feeling and I’d never seen her so avidly hunching and fucking as she was right then. She seemed to have just lost all her inhibitions for some reason. Then her thighs began to tense and her ass lifted from the sheets and she cum harder than I’ve ever seen her cum up to that time, a long, intense orgasm that seemed to never stop as she pushed her pussy into the dildo as I held it into her forcefully, allowing her to press her pussy all the way down on it as I sucked hard on her clit. The look that was etched on her contorted face told me she was in total ecstasy, aware only of the sensations flooding her body. At the time I didn?t notice that her eyes were locked on the TV screen the whole time. Her strained words begged me never to stop as each time her hips lowered they quickly tensed and raised again, over and over she cum until spent she collapsed on the bed with a faint embarrassed smile on her face. I said, “Like that did you?” “Oh yes, loved it”, was her reply as she sheepishly grinned at me. I thought she was embarrassed by the intensity that she felt from the hugeness of that dildo. She had always said that size doesn’t matter but I could see how much she plainly loved the additional girth and length when it was forced into her deeply. In reality she was being sheepish because she thought I knew she was thinking about fucking a black cock and that she had just lost it because of those thoughts and the movie. It was a few minutes later as we lay there watching these black guys fuck a white girls pussy and ass at the same time that I realized what had contributed to her arousement. I had left the dildo inside her and as we watched I noticed her hand creep down to hold it and she seemed absorbed by the action on the screen. She began slowly moving the dildo inside her, her hips moving in small circles as she felt it’s girth caressing her walls. I watched as she seemed entranced by the movie, her chest now rising and falling quickly as her other hand began rolling her clit under her fingers. It was easy to tell that in her mind she was putting herself into the position of the girl in the movie and she was feeling a huge black cock fucking her pussy. Soon her hips were hunching hard, her knees raised, feet flat on the bed as she lifted into the probing of her pussy deeply. Her eyes closed and she began fucking her pussy hard, deep, and soon her thighs straightened and she cum again intensely while mouthing the words, “Fuck Me!, Yes, fuck me, aarrggghhhhhhh” I began sucking her nipples and squeezing her breasts and then I said, ?Fuck that black cock honey? and she seemed to just explode, her whole body began quivering and shaking uncontrollably from her feet to her head but she continued to force the dildo into her pussy tightly and continued to orgasm fiercely as her head raised and her entire body tensed. Her eyes opened and met mine for an instant and her expression was pained as if she didn?t stop cumming she would die, like she wanted me to understand that she couldn?t help herself, couldn?t stop cumming, almost apologetic. I pushed the dildo into her and told her to shut her eyes and think of fucking a big black cock while I told her how hot it was making me watching him fuck his huge dick into her pussy. Her hips began instantly hunching and rolling, fucking up to the cock, pressing herself into it hard and deeply as she fucked it. I could hear her juices squishing and knew that she was flowing with wetness as she again tensed, this time her entire body lifted, tensing, her muscles straining and her back arching almost C shaped as she cum repeatedly, spasms coursing through her for many minutes before she lay sporadically shaking as her ardor subsided. She izmir escort quivered for long minutes afterwards as I talked to her about her possibly wanting to fuck a black man, to feel herself cumming on a long thick black cock and to feel it shooting hot cum into her pussy. At first she denied it, until I assured her it didn’t bother me and in fact it kind of turned me on thinking of her cumming like she just had while a black guy was fucking her. She finally admitted that she did get turned on thinking about it but knew that she couldn’t ever really do it. That admission made my cock throb with excitement for some reason. The thought of my wife hunching her tight pussy into a huge black cock, wanting it In her pussy, trying to make it cum, just made me so aroused I was ashamed by it. I worried that she would think I didn?t love her because that thought excited me so much. Needless to say we rented many more movies showing big cocked black men fucking white women until it became the only kind we enjoyed. Months later we had both become accustomed to the others desires concerning black cock fucking her and we openly discussed it. Almost every time we made love I would instruct her to close her eyes and imagine a black man fucking her as I watched, and I talked to her as if I was watching her hunch her pussy into a black dick. I could feel her increased wetness and her avid hunching each time we did that and the more intense way she?d cum while enjoying her fantasy. Soon, all our lovemaking included fantasies of her fucking a black man to some extent. It was evident to her by the way I would harden and by my increased excitement that I did enjoy thinking of her fucking a black man. She would fuck herself with the large dildo while telling me what her black lover was doing to her and how much she loved his cock and I would cum as I watched her and I would tell her how excited I was watching as he fucked her, how it made my cock hard watching her suck his cock and balls and then fuck him so eagerly and she?d cum very intensely. After months of fantasizing like that we began to talk about her actually fucking a black man, how we could find one to fuck her just so she could fulfill her fantasy. We talked about her reluctance to being touched by a black man and how it revolted her to think of it. In her mind she was excited about feeling a huge black cock in her pussy pounding her deep but it was as if she wanted it to be detached from the person. She didn?t want to admit that the thought of being used by a Black man, made to do his will really excited her and made her pussy drip with wetness. At that time she said that the thought of kissing a black man revolted her also but in reality she longed to be forced to do it even though she couldn?t admit it even to herself. A part of her still didn?t believe that I really wanted her to fulfill that fantasy of fucking a black guy. She was still afraid I wouldn?t respect her or love her anymore if she opened her thighs to another lover. The openness of our conversations and the admission of our desires soon had us exploring other fantasies of hers such as being with a woman, tasting her, making love to her. She revealed to me that she wanted to watch me with another woman, see the woman suck me to completion and watch as I performed oral on her etc. In my mind I figured she was saying that because she felt guilty at my knowing how badly she wanted to feel a black man fucking her. I could tell that a part of her was crying out to feel a black man buried to his balls in her pussy but another part of her feared losing what we had together. It was impossible for her to hide the fact that she craved to feel a black cock in her because of the way she literally flowed with wetness at the thought and and how intensely she cum while fucking her large dildo thinking of a black man filling her so fully as I watched. On a night early in January of 2003 while watching a porn of a white woman having a black cock in her ass and pussy simultaneously she became quite excited. Aroused even more than usual she began fucking herself with her dildo hard and deep, her chest visibly rising and falling with each hurried breath and her eyes locked to the screen intently. It was then that I asked her if she wanted to do that and her reply was, ?Oh god yes, I need that so badly, I?m sorry honey but I do want that! I need a black dick to fuck me just once! Damn I?m so hot?.ohhhhh I?m cumminggggggg?. And she began cumming so hard I thought she?d die before she stopped. The look in her eyes was like she knew her words were going to end our marriage but she couldn?t help herself. Her eyes pleaded with me to understand how she felt, to understand the intensity of the craving need she felt and how she couldn?t control herself when under the spell of her thoughts. At that time I couldn?t realize just how a black cock would free her of her inhibitions and turn my loving wife into a slut for black cock. All I knew was that for some reason my cock was throbbing so hard I felt it would burst at the knowledge that my wife not only wanted to fuck black dicks but even called it a need and the mere thought of it sent spasms of intense orgasms coursing through her. And when I threw back the covers and showed her my hard cock, pumping it quickly, she orgasmed even harder. I couldn?t stop myself if I had wanted to and began spewing my seed all over her upper body as she tensed. It was at that moment I decided that I was going to see that her fantasy became real. The admission of her need seemed to ignite something in us both, something that had to be sated and could no longer be ignored. As we kissed after our orgasms I believe we both knew that we were closer after her admission than we had been before it. And I think it was then that she fully realized that it did turn me on to think of her with a black man between her thighs and that our relationship would never be threatened by it. Her birthday was coming up and I had decided that I really wanted to watch her with a black guy, not just fantasy about it but really watch as he pounded his cum deep inside her. I knew she would love it and I wanted to see her cumming her ass off for her birthday. It was about then that I discovered Swappernet and paid for a lifetime membership after seeing all the black cock profiles on the site. Inside me I knew that once she fucked a black cock she would want more and the site seemed to offer an unlimited supply. Soon I was talking to a guy from California online that was staying in our city for awhile. He had seen our profile with her pics on it that I had posted and he wanted to fuck her. He said he had ten thick inches of dick and could fuck all night. I explained about her birthday coming up and that he was to be her present and I wanted someone that could fill her up and pound her for a few hours. I wanted her to be fucked really good by a big black cock while I taped and took pics of the occasion. I couldn?t even talk about it without my dick throbbing and hardening. I knew she didn’t believe that I really wanted her to do it down deep but I knew that it made me really hard thinking of her moaning and screaming while some big cocked black man was pressing his dick deep into her and making her love it. So finally after talking for a few days I called the guy, Darnell, and we talked it over and I arranged for him to be in a motel room the night of her birthday that adjoined our room. I had told her we were going dancing and then to a motel for some fun without the k**s being there so she could just let loose. The night came off without a hitch and we were entering the room when just inside the door she stopped, looked around, looked in the bathroom and kind of disappointedly said, “I thought for some reason that you were going to have somebody else here tonight”. I said, “No, this is for us to enjoy all alone, are you disappointed that I didn’t”? She replied, ?No, I was really nervous cause I didn’t know if I could go through with anything, but as many drinks as I’ve had it WAS sounding better to me though. ?Oh well?, I said as I took her in my arms and kissed her. She just melted against me and her tongue was soon entangled with mine and her hands were undoing my pants.eagerly and I could tell how much she wanted to be fucked. I helped her undress and took my clothes off as she lay down on the bed. After removing my clothes I smiled at her and said, ?I want this to be something different? and began pulling a suitcase from beneath the bed that I had placed there earlier that day. I removed some restraints and a blindfold and said, ?Remember you saying you’d like to be blindfolded and tied up and teased, well honey, guess what”. Her only reply was to lay spreadeagle on the bed and say, “Oboy”, with a big smile on her face. I tied her wrists to the headboard and then I tied each leg at her knees to the headboard also, leaving her with her knees bent and pulled somewhat to her chest, her thighs spread and open and then placed the blindfold on her and made sure she couldn’t see down under it at all. I began kissing along her soft inner thighs, licking and tasting her, biting her softly all around her mound until her hips started writhing and then I said, “I think you need a little vibration dear” and I got up and went to the adjoining door and quietly opened it before getting the vibrator from the bag and returning to her. I played around with her until she was moaning, rubbing her clit softly with the vibrator, licking her gently until she was begging and then I said, “No, I think I’ll let you lay there while I beat off and watch you until you beg me to make you cum. I then arose and both of us stood there with our cocks in our hands while she moaned and begged me to fuck her. My heart was pounding. Here I stood with a nude black man looking at my bound, nude wife of 18 yrs as she begged to be fucked. I felt very anxious, nervous and my cock was aching it was so taut as I ran my hand along it. My glance dropped to his cock and I was awed, I couldn’t take my eyes from it, he was huge and thick and it wasn’t even all the way hard yet. I knew right then she was going to love him and thoughts entered my mind about if she would still love me after being fucked by his cock. I wanted to say no I can’t go through with this, I loved my wife and I really feared losing her to him if she ever felt his cock inside her. Something inside me told me she was going to love this fucking and never forget this night. But the sight of his cock, the sheer size of it had me mesmerized and I knew deep inside me I had to allow him to fuck her, I couldn’t spend the rest of my life wondering how it might have been and I motioned for him to proceed. My heart was heavy as I watched him lay between her opened thighs. I watched as he lowered his face to her pussy, the first man to touch her since we married, his blackness contrasting so much against her white skin and my cock hardened even more. He began licking her clit, tonguing her pussy, taking her to the brink of orgasm and then stopping, kissing her breasts, licking her nipples as she pulled at her restraints, wanting to grasp his head and pull him to her need but unable to, all she could do was moan and beg to be fucked. Her chest was rising and falling quickly with her hurried breathing, her hips rolling in circles, hunching, thighs gripping his body against her tightly, moaning, pleading for him to make her cum while thinking it was me. My cock was oozing precum as I smeared it over my glans, already wanting to cum but holding back because of the pleasure I felt. He returned to lick her clit a minute and then he rose to his knees and with a glance at me for a final approval and my wife?s juices gleaming on his ebony face around his toothy grin he began running his cockhead escort izmir along her slit, smearing her profuse wetness over his glans before positioning it at her entrance and starting to press into her. OH GOD!, she screamed, It feels so big like this, oh damn, oh damn, it hurts, IT HURTS, DON’T, DON’T STOP, OH DAMN I LOVE IT! as he pushed deeper into her. Soon he was fucking In and out of her pussy shallowly, smoothly as she screamed her pleasure, body hunching up to his thrusts, pressing into his cockhead. I had never seen her craving a cock so much as she begged for him to ?Give it to me, ALL OF IT, HARD! HARDER!!? It was then, as she was begging for more cock that I rose and removed the blindfold and she saw him between her thighs, ?No, No?, she yelled, ?oh god no?, and she had a look in her eyes as she looked up at me like she couldn’t believe I was allowing this. I could see a look of betrayal in her eyes and hear her pleading for me to stop him, but my voice was stuck in my throat and even though I felt she was really serious and may divorce me I couldn?t say a word as I watched him begin pressing deeper into her. My cock jerked as he obviously filled and spread her, opening her deeper and wider than any man ever had as her moans filled my ears and I knew she was loving the sensations she felt.. I knew it was a moan of awed pleasure at his stretching her open but her quick exhaling of breath scared him and he started to back away. Even now she was under the influence of his cock as she stared down at his black hugeness between her thighs and immediately begged him not to stop, saying, ?Oh damn don?t stop, I love it?, ?Fuck me!?. Her words brought an even quicker reaction as she realized she was begging a black man to fuck her with me standing right there. She started to mouth an apology to me but his quick thrust into her pussy snapped her head forward and riveted her attention on her mound. Soon, as her hips hunched up into his big cock her look was as if she was begging my forgiveness for the way she couldn’t help but enjoy his fucking her.. I could tell she was totally absorbed in the feelings he was causing inside her, her hips hunched feverishly as she pulled at her restraints, her eyes on his body, his black body as she lifted her head to look down at his cock, of which he still had almost half left to fuck into her. Seeing his huge dick while feeling him fucking her seemed to just ignite her fires and she closed her eyes and began saying, “Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Fuck me with that big black dick…aarrrghhhhgoddddd?. She screamed as he began to fill her with his thick meat, her eyes were open wide in amazement as he continued to fuck his pole deeper and deeper into her until she began cumming, her whole body shook and trembled, her head tossed around wildly and she kept begging him not to stop, not ever to stop, to fuck her harder, faster, ?don’t stop, PLEASE don’t stop she pleaded?. At one point she screamed she’d never felt a dick so big and good as his was before and then as if remembering I was there her eyes found mine and silently screamed for forgiveness but the next second he thrust hard into her and while looking straight into my eyes said “Oh damn fuck me, I love your dick, oh god I want to feel it all, fuck me, please, don’t ever stop, fuck meforeveriiieeeeeooouuuuuaaarrrggghhhhhOOOHHHHHHGGODDDD? I walked over and untied one hand and placed my cock in it and she looked up at me and I smiled to let her know I understood and she began cumming, cumming intensely as he fucked her hard, pounding his cock into her, the sound of his body meeting hers making a slapping sound as he stretched her pussy and she begged him to hurt her to fuck her her pussy harder, even harder, her cumming intensifying till she screamed, “OH GOD I CAN”T STOP!….. OH GOD I LOVE IT!….. DON”T STOP!……. PLEASE DON”T STOP? and let go of me to grasp him. I untied all her restraints and she seemed to melt into him her hips hunching hard into his most fierce thrusts, her thighs over his, pulling herself up to his cock as he fucked her. At first you could tell she had inhibitions about touching him but after a few more trembling orgasms she had her hands on his ass pulling him into her, begging him to fuck her, to cum in her pussy, crying out how she wanted to feel him cum in her pussy. Lifting up he rolled her over and placed her on her hands and knees and placed his cock at her entrance as she pushed back into him begging, ?put it back, fuck me, don’t stop, give it to me?, begging for his dick like she’d never begged me before and for some reason it made me so hot knowing how into his cock she was, my own cock throbbed and I stroked it as I realized that she craved his dick, she didn’t ever want him to take it from her. Right then he rammed his cock into her pussy like a spear, thrust it in to his nuts in one hard thrust and she screamed, her head shot up, her mouth was open but no sound came forth, her eyes were wide as if she were in intense pain, but, when her breath returned she reached back and began pulling him into her crying “YES, OH DAMN YES, DO IT….FUCK….IT…..HURT…HURT….OH BABY FUCK IT HARD, HURT ME, I’M CUMMMIIINNNNGGGGGG Oh damn, it just don’t stop, better and better……oohhhhaaarrgghhIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE? and she began pushing and pulling her pussy along his cock, fucking him hard, ramming back onto his gargantuan length of meat as he just held it there. I swear it was as if she was possessed, under the spell of the intense pleasure in her body and unable to comprehend any thought because of the pleasure flooding her mind. A look of intense pain on her face but she couldn’t stop pushing him to her depths, making her pussy hurt and moaning her delight at the pain she felt. She put her shoulders on the bed and pushed hard into him and I could tell she loved the feeling as her walls clutched him and slid along his thick shaft. The sight of his cock fucking her, her pussy stretched so tightly around him and the obvious pleasure she felt as he stroked her walls, each inch of them caressed and rubbed so hard because of his girth, and her reaction to those feelings, had me near cumming so I grabbed her hair and pulled her to her hands and knees and positioned myself so I could fuck her mouth while he rammed to his balls in her pussy. My actions excited her even more and she began sucking my cock frienziedly, like she wanted to eat my cum. She sucked me like she’d never in 18 years sucked me, her mouth flying up and down my knob and pushing me into her throat and moaning like she loved it. My cock was in her throat when she started cumming, screaming, her words bubbling around my dick, choking her as he began fucking her hard and fast and I knew she was feeling him swell in preparation to cumming. I fucked her a few more strokes and shot my load onto her tongue as she greedily sucked me, my legs seemed to give out as she sucked me bending me at the waist the thrills she gave me were so intense and she was still cumming and just then he rammed into her so hard he lifted her ass up and her knees left the bed and she jerked from me and screamed, “DOIT OH GOD CUMBABY IFEEL IT YES! YES!? and she pressed back into him for a second and then her eyes got wide and she looked like she was being tortured and she screamed out stutteringly ?TOO MUCH!….. OH NO, OH….GOD…. IT… HURTS, YES, YES DON’T STOP, FILL IT…FILL IT BABY….I FEEL IT….SOOO HOT OOOHHHHHH? and then her body began shaking, an uncontrollable trembling that coursed through her whole being and ever time he hunched hard into her she’d shake more. I thought he’d take a break but instead he began fucking her fast and hard while his dick was swollen from cumming and she went crazy. He grabbed her by the hair and held her as he fucked her, bottomed his cock in her pussy and just hunched hard into her, pounding her clit with his ballsac as he hunched and she couldn’t stop cumming, her head was floundering in his grasp her eyes on me as her body shook with delight as she came over and over. He grasped her by her shoulders and really began fucking her in long hard strokes then and she moaned aloud, “oh damn Jack, thank you baby thank you for letting me fuck him, oh god baby I love his dick I love black cock baby, god he’s so big, I’m so full baby, oh no, oh god, I can’t stop cumming on his dick baby.? I then went over beside her and said, “It makes me want to cum everytime you push your pussy back on his dick honey” and she just looked me in the eyes and I could see her cum boiling inside her as her hips began ramming back into his thrusts, hunching and fucking him even harder than before, my cum still dripping from her chin but she didn’t care, all she seemed to care about was feeling his cock fucking her. He’d fuck her smoothly for awhile and she would moan and hunch with him but then you could just see the fires beginning to burn in her and she’d begin moaning loudly and begin pushing back into him fast and hard, her hands clenching the covers as she pressed against them to apply more pressure to his cock and she’d start cumming with a look on her face like she was dying it was so intense but her words that erupted from her mouth continued to beg him not to stop, to fuck her harder and when he did she’d scream at the top of her lungs and just go crazy fucking back into him as he smacked her ass and commanded her to “fuck dat dick! Don’t you stop slut, fuck dat dick good!” and his words seemed to drive her like she had to obey him and fuck his big cock and she’d drive back onto him until she’d cum so intensely she couldn’t move, just press back into him as he hunched hard into her spasming pussy, her hand flailing wildly until he’d ram deep into her and then she’d reach back and grab his thigh and pull at him, her body shaking violently and her voice like a shriek, high in frequency, unable to voice a word just a jumbled mouthing of sounds, moans and YES!, oh god YES! and then more shrieking moans until he pushed her down on the bed and straddled her thighs and really pounded her pussy deep and hard while her hands flailed and her knees bent, ankles pushing against his ass. Her fingers would grip the edge of the bed, knuckles white she was gripping so hard as he punished her pussy but she loved it, begged him not to ever stop, pleaded with him to give her all of it, to ram it in her hard, begged him to hurt her pussy, to fuck her forever. He’d fuck her till she was cummin and then ask her who’s pussy it was and when she didn’t answer and turned her head to look at me almost in tears, her eyes begging me to understand, he began fucking her as hard as he could and asked again, “who’s pussy is it” she could only look me in the eyes and say “YOURS, OH GOD MY PUSSY’S YOURS FUCK IT, FUCK ME, PLEASE DON’T STOP, FUCK YOUR PUSSY BABY!! And she’d push her ass up so hard she’d lift him off the bed while he pummeled her deep and hard, her fists clenching the sheets and a look on her face like she would die if it didn’t stop and then her eyes would grow wide and she’d push with her hands, holding herself while he pressed into her and she’d be moaning, “yes, do it, cum in your pussy baby, I want your dick to cum, oh god yes, YES, oh damn and her hand slapped back against his thigh and she shrieked as he drove his cum deep inside her, groaning, telling her to, ” fuck my dick slut, milk it, that’s it, your hubby don’t cum like that does he?” and she screamed, “NO, NO!, he’s never fucked me this good, I love you fucking my pussy, cum baby that’s it don’t stop, give me all of it baby, ohhhhhhhhh damnnnnnn I lovEEEEEEITTT? and her hands were being held up in front of her and her thighs were squeezing tight on his cock, her mouth open, eyes wide open and trembling all over as he lifted her hips with his hands and drove into her deeply, fucking izmir escort bayan her like a rag doll, pulling her pussy to and fro on his dick as he fucked her harder than I’ve ever seen anyone fucked, his cock huge as he withdrew to the tip and then rammed it back in her to his nuts and ground it in deep, hunching hard as he held her to it, fucking her pussy deeply and she loved it so much she just hung there, her ass off the bed, not kneeling but being held up by his cock and his hands, as he pummeled her roughly and the look on her face could only be described as pure unadulterated bliss. Both her hands were held back on his hands, holding them as he held her hips, her face turned sideways on the bed and she just submitted to his desires, just lay there cumming over and over as he continued to fuck her until he flipped her on her back and began eating her pussy until her ass was lifted off the bed, cumming so hard she just shook and shook, moaning, ?oh god, oh god, no more, no more? and he put a finger in her ass and she began cumming again as he sucked her clit hard, both hands holding his head as she cum for what seemed five minutes until she flung her upper body to the sheets and he again placed his still hard cock in her pussy again. His cockhead was as big as an orange, a big orange, and his shaft was almost as thick and just watching it disappear into her pussy, hearing the love and satisfaction in her moans as he pushed ever deeper, seeing her body moving of it’s own volition, her unable to restrain herself, her inhibitions totally gone as she fucked up into his thrusts, her heels pulling her up to his thrusts, both their bodies moving in unison, fucking as if they had been lovers for years, her arms reaching up to him, pulling him down onto her and then her submission complete her lips finding his and she kissed him deeply, her hips moving quicker as her actions dawned in her mind and she realized she was doing something she had always said she couldn’t and he fucked her, fucked her deeply as they kissed, moans welling in her throat, muffled as he pressed deeply into her, her hands squeezing his body nails digging into his skin as the intensity of her orgasm continuously increased until her hands were on her ankles pulling his ass into her as her heels were placed on each of his asscheeks, straining to feel each wonderful inch of his rock hard cock forced into her while spasms raced through her, causing her body to tremble as he increased the speed and force of his thrusting until she was screaming for him to fuck her, her voice filled with incredulous awe at how he continued to fuck her, begging him to fuck her everyday, forever, telling him her pussy was his whenever he wanted it, to just call, that she’d do anything he wanted her to. And when he said he might make her fuck all his friends, that he’d let them gang-bang her she just seemed to ignite, begging him to fuck her hard, getting hotter and hotter with each of his words, hunching her pussy into his dick while saying, “yes, yes, I’ll fuck them all baby, anything, just fuck me, fuck me, make me cum, please make me cum on your big dick…….oh god yes make me fuck them all baby…make me suck the cum out of their cocks while Jack watches…….fuck me baby….fuck me while Jack watches me cum on your big dick….oh damn yeah….I like cumming on your dick while Jack sees me….I love it…oh god I’m cumming…fuck me, do it…DO IT!…Oh Jack….watch me baby watch me cum on his big dick …..aaaaaeeeeiiiiiiioouuuu…….oh damn I’m glad you got him to fuck me…aarrrrggghhhhhhhhaaaargggghhhgodddddd.he’s so damned good….god I’m sorry Jack but I’ve never cum this good before….I love his dick baby….watch me baby..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhshitttttttttttttttt…you were right Jack…..I love Black cock….YES I LOVE HIS COCK LOVE IT do it! do it! oh damn baby it just keeps gettin better and bigger and bigger YES, YES, CUM OH GOD BABY I LOVE HIM TO CUM IN MY PUSSY, oh damn, oh damn, yessssssiiiieieeeeeeee and she grabbed the headboard as his ass pushed forward and I knew by the look on her face that he was swollen huge inside her as he forced it all as deep as possible to unload his scalding jism right where she begged him to. I could see the various stages of pain, awe, and wonderful pleasure etched on her face as she cum, and the force he exerted when he hunched sporadically into her with each spurt of his cum as it jetted from his tip amazed me that she could withstand such an assault on her small pussy and really love it so much it made her cum so intensely. And when suddenly he withdrew from her pussy and rose to straddle her waist, his swollen huge glans at her mouth and ordered her to suck it and she greedily forced him into her wide-open mouth I was shocked as she always made me wipe it off first. Her head twisted and worked on his cock-head as if she wanted to devour it, as if she adored it, it was her god. Her eyes kept glancing up at his face as if to ascertain she was pleasing him. Then he pushed her head against the headboard and began fucking her mouth as she choked and gasped, his hand holding her hair as he fucked in and out, using her, fucking her as he would a common slut with no concern for her needs or desires, just forcefully fucking her mouth and to my amazement she loved it, sucked at his cock, choked, tried to move her head up and down but he controlled her movements as he fucked her and my cock was as hard as a rock and the sight of him using my wife my soulmate and her eagerly trying to please him was for some reason so damn hot. His long cock so hugely thick and black fucking into her white face, her tears in her eyes but still mouthing his cock, her moans very evident as she mumbled them around his swollen dick and her arousement evidenced by her hand swiftly rolling her clit, fingers probing her now splayed pussy, coated with her juices when she would grab his cock and he’d tell her to suck that pussy juice off his dick and she’d lick and suck all over his shaft and balls very energetically until he’d begin fucking her mouth again. And when he cum he ordered her to open her mouth and he shot a tremendous load onto her tongue and then forced his cockhead into her and ordered her to suck it and I blew a nut right then cause she has never been able to swallow cum, it made her sick and this was the second time she did it. Seeing his cum leaking out of her mouth as he fucked it and knowing he was shooting more cum into her and she was greedily sucking and swallowing as much as possible had my cock erupting over and over and when her eyes fell on me and saw me cumming she jerked her head away and screamed,?FUCK ME! FUCK ME NOW!? And he smiled and looked at me and dropped down and rammed his dick in her and began fucking her hard and fast, her eyes never left me and my dick was still feeling good and I just continued to stroke it, moved closer to her so she could watch and then placed her hand on my cum coated rod and she began cumming, going really crazy on his dick, demanding him to fuck her as hard as he could and he did, every stroke of his dick moved her whole body, lifted her, and she cum intensely for what seemed forever until she raised up and began sucking me, I mean sucking hard on my dick while her moans bubbled up from her lungs and he continued to fuck her hard. She squeezed me hard so as not to lose her grasp on me as he fucked her and used her tongue and soon I was so hot I felt more cum shooting up my shaft as she actually sucked it from me. My hands found her head and I began fucking her mouth as he had and she screamed around my cock and both her hands grasped his body and she began hunching into his dick as I fucked her mouth and I believe she had the best cum of her life right then as we fucked both ends of her forcibly. Drained I let loose of her head and she licked the cum from her lips and it seemed to cause her pussy to thrill or something because she pulled him down and kissed him with our cum smeared on her face, he shyed at first but when she forcefully pulled herself up to his face and kissed him he seemed to relent and kissed her and soon he was hammering his cum into her again as she gazed at me and I could tell that she was blackened for life by the way she pulled him to her as he cum and tensed herself as the first of his eruptions was felt deep in her sloppy pussy. But something in the way she looked at me, her eyes conveyed so much love for me, and even though she was cumming better than I could ever make her on a dick bigger than I would ever have I knew for positive that we were still soul mates. They took a short break and he continued to fuck her for another two and a half hours and she enjoyed every second as much as the first moment he entered her. I’ve never seen her crave a man’s cock like she did his. That’s the only way to say it, she craved it, wanted it in her pussy every second, wanted to feel her pussy cumming on it forever and would do anything it took to accomplish that end. He would crawl off her and talk to me for a few seconds and she’d be sucking his cock until he had to fuck her again or he’d roll off and lay on his back while taking a drink of water and she’d climb on top of him and begin fucking him and make herself cum on his cock maybe two or three times before he’d put a hand on her and really fuck her again. She begged him to stay and fuck her all night but he had to be at work at six so around 12:00 midnight we finally split up. She kissed him good-by lingeringly and deeply in the parking lot and didn’t care who saw her do it. As we got in the car to go home to the k**s I said “Happy Birthday Honey” and she snuggled up against me and said “Thats the best B’day present you ever gave me, I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day, and Christmas and maybe even Father’s Day and your B’day too!!” ” I think I’ve created a black cock slut” I said while smiling. Her only reply was “YEP, I really loved it, now I’m mad you waited 18 years to let me have it” Women!!! Her girl friends at work the next day told her she was walking like something was wrong and she had a freshly fucked smile on her face and wanted to know what she’d been doing. Laughing, all she’d say was that, “Jack took me to a motel last night”. It was a week before I could have sex with her because she was so sore but I bet she’d have fucked him at anytime if he called and asked, sore or not. I told her that and she’d only smile and say, “Yeah I really love his dick.” Sadly a week later he moved to CA. But now I stand here again for the umpteenth time as another black stud uses my wife for his cum dump, filling her with his hot seed as she claws and screams her pleasure at feeling his thick mass stretching and caressing her tightly stretched walls as he unloads before allowing her mouth to enclose him, suck him hard again so that she can ride his dick to many more intense orgasms while I watch. And my dick still hardens with each of her loud moans and the hard upwards ramming of her hips into their hardest thrusts as she seeks to elicit their hot cum to flow into her willing receptacle for black man?s seed. Now she quite frankly tells me of her craving NEED to have black men fuck her as often as possible and I never see that apologetic look in her eyes anymore as she screams how much she loves their cocks and how much better they fuck her than I do. And over the years she has learned to ride those stallion size cocks in a manner that elicits maximum pleasure from them and she cums almost continuously. And she is perfectly willing now to express her need for hard black cock to them also, begging them to fuck her deeply and to hurt her pussy, daring them to try and make her say ?uncle? while battering her pussy mercilessly until she is reduced to a spasming mass of orgiastic flesh, tensed and clinging to them as she pleads for more, begging them not to stop until she exhausts them and they leave till another day. And her only reply is ?NEXT?. My wife the Black Cock Slut!!! And I love her still?lol.

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Measuring My Cum – pt2

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Measuring My Cum – pt2PART TWOAfter having been wanking in private for so many years and being careful not to have mom catch me whilst doing it, it had felt quite liberating to have done in front of her, and, even better, with her doing the ‘wanking off’ part for me. It was an amazing, exhilarating feeling. It felt like some chains on my sexual freedom had been removed, although why I had these aches in my balls was still a bit of a downer in the whole situation. Hopefully, it was just a phase that would pass, as Dr Taylor had said. After a few moments of pondering my thoughts, I decided I’d better clean up and dress, just in case mom came back in to talk to me. After washing myself down below, and putting on some clothes, I sat on the bed. The ache in my balls had gone as normal, after cumming a few times during the evening.After a few moments, Mom knocked on my door and came in. She was fully dressed again and looking all prim and proper. Seeing in her normal clothes again, it excited me even more that I had seen her in her underwear and felt up her ass with her permission. My dick stirred as she walked in. She smiled at me and said, “We’ll have a session in the morning as that went quite well. As I have to go to work tomorrow, I’ll knock on your door before leaving and we’ll see if we can get a sample, to start keeping a record of your specimens.””OK, mom,” I said, smiling back, and trying to sound cool and calm. In reality my dick was getting hard again in my pants, although I didn’t think I could cum again so soon now. “I’ll leave you to get on with your normal stuff now,” she added, and disappeared off to get on with her nightly routine.I looked over at the clock on the wall of my bedroom. It was 10pm. I thought about what mom had said about the morning. I normally went to college much later than when she left for work. I’d have a bit of a lie in after our session. I wondered what kar┼č─▒yaka escort she would wear for me, and my dick stirred again. This all was rather amazing that it was actually happening. I decided to try and take my mind off it and save my energy for tomorrow by playing a few video games on my PC and then go to sleep. I walked over to the PC in the corner of my room and got lost in playing ‘Tomb Raider’ in no time.”Jacob!” I heard a voice say and something nudge my arm. “Jacob, wake up.” It was morning, and mom was waking me up. I opened my eyes sleepily. Mom had opened the curtains and daylight was flooding into the bedroom. I had a semi-hard on under the sheets. I noticed mom was fully dressed in a black knee length skirt and cream coloured blouse.”I’m running late,” she said and sounding annoyed. She must have been in one of her moods. She was often like that in the mornings.I noticed she was holding the semen-measuring beaker in one hand.”Come on, we must be quick about this,” she said, pulling the sheets off me in one movement, and still sounding a bit pissed off.She saw my semi hard on poking through the gap in the front of my pyjamas. I normally slept with just those and nothing on my top half. “Well, at least that’s a start,” she said, sounding a bit calmer, but business like.This all still felt a bit weird.She folded the sheets right back and said, “Take off your pyjamas and lie back on the bed naked, like you did last night.”I did as I was told, and lay back on the bed with my semi hard-on wavering below me. Hearing her talk like that was getting me going.”As I’m running late, we’ll have to manage like this,” said mom, pointing at her clothes. “I don’t have time to mess about, dressing and undressing. You can touch my butt again through the material of my skirt, if you like. That should be enough stimulation for you, together with my hand.”I kar┼č─▒yaka escort bayan felt a bit disappointed that she would not be taking her clothes off, but as mom positioned herself again, like she had done last night, with her butt angled slightly towards my face and bending over me slightly as she started pumping my dick up and down, I got quite turned on.I had, many a time, imagined myself feeling up her ass through her normal day clothes in my fantasies, so this was now the real thing.Again, like last night, not wanting to appear too keen, I gently felt mom’s right buttock through the material of her skirt, and then moved over to the left buttock, squeezing the flesh there gently. Her ass felt good.”Don’t crease up my skirt now,” she said sternly, still stroking my dick, which was now fully hard.I widened the circular movement of my hand over mom’s ass and wondered if she would let me put my hand up under her skirt and feel her ass through her panties. I thought quickly and said hesitatingly, “Mom… err… I might cum a bit quicker if I… err… could maybe feel your butt cheeks under your skirt… w-would you be ok with that?”She looked back at me for a moment and said in a slightly stern tone, “Yes, if it helps get this over with quicker, but don’t crease up my skirt.”The hem of mom’s skirt was just above her knee and about level with me as I lay on the bed. I moved my left hand off her ass and ever so slowly slid it under the hem of her skirt, next to her right leg, which was nearest to me, and slid my hand up along her smooth thigh, until I felt the material of her panties. God it felt great, feeling the flesh of her thighs and buttocks! I squeezed her ass cheeks through the material of her panties as I moved my left hand in circular motions over it, and for a split second slid the tips of my fingers under the panty line so as to feel escort kar┼č─▒yaka the flesh there. The feeling was exquisite and my prick raged in response. Mom did not seem to object, although it was only for a split second. I felt like I was going to cum. I wasn’t able to last long as all this was so new, and incredibly arousing for me.”I think that’s done the trick mom, I’m gonna cum soon.” I said warning her, and with that she placed the semen beaker in position with her free hand and with her other hand which was pumping my dick, pointed my piss-hole towards it.She did that just in time. As I felt mom’s ass cheeks again, I ran my middle two fingers along the material of her panties, down the line of her bum crack and a little way towards her pussy. As I did so, I started to cum, gushing my spunk out, thick and fast. “Uhhh… uhhh… uhhh… ohhhhhhh…” I blurted out.Mom, skillfully managed to catch all my spunk in the beaker, as I felt like I flooded it with my cum.”Yes, Jacob… good boy.” She said, now sounding a lot happier than when we had started. As I relaxed back on the bed, again, similar to last night, mom, wiped her fingers which had caught a bit of my cum, into the beaker, so as to collect as much of it as she could.Then, without much further fuss, she said. “Goodness me, that is a lot,” holding the beaker up towards the light, and looking how far up the measuring lines my cum was. It was about a quarter full, which did look like a lot as the beaker was quite wide. “Right, I’m going to note down this amount on that form Dr Taylor gave us, and run off to work now. Have a good day.” She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and walked out of my room quickly.”Bye, mom,” I said, as she went.I pushed my head back into the pillows and closed my eyes. Mom’s ass had felt great. Wow, it felt so fucking good lying back like this on the bed, with my mom just having wanked me off, letting me feel up her ass cheeks again. I found her butt incredibly sexy. I was a real ass man. I just couldn’t wait till the evening. I wondered if I could find a way to add some a variety to our sessions. As that thought struck me, I wondered how I’d pass my day at college just thinking about it! Fuck!To be continued…

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Wife Has To Please Or Ex-Wife Will

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Big Tits

Wife Has To Please Or Ex-Wife WillLike many guys, I’d been trying to talk my wife into a threesome for a long time without success. The first thing that I had to convince her of was that I didn’t want another woman in our bed that just wasn’t my thing. No, what I wanted was to see her with another guy. Not just any guy would do either. I wanted to see her with my friends.Well, that sounds a little kinky, you say. Yeah, I guess it is but let me tell you how I got into it. Many years ago my first wife left me for someone she worked with. After several months of living with him, she found out that the grass is not really greener on the other side of the fence and wanted to come home. We dated for a while to see if the spark was still there and did well until we went to bed together. In bed, I just couldn’t perform. I kept thinking about her sleeping with the guy from work and I couldn’t get up for the task. When she’d ask what was wrong, we’d start talking about it and we discovered that I could perform while she talked about her sex life with him. Eventually, talk just wasn’t enough and I told her that I wanted to actually see her with another guy. She said no of course but I told her that if she really wanted to come home she’d have to let me assume control of our sex life and agree to do anything that I wanted in bed. At first it was really difficult because she’d alternate between arguing and crying. Then I stopped dating her and all of the sudden it got easy. I got the call from her agreeing to do what ever I wanted and my friend Russ got the call from me telling him that it was on!It was everything that I’d hoped for! She was herself most of the time, but became totally submissive in bed. We got back together and stayed together for years. Whenever I got the urge, I would set her up for a threesomes with one of my friends. We did get divorced eventually, for other reasons, but the sex life was still great. Often, even well after the divorce we’d have a threesome with one of my friends.I had told this story to my present wife hoping that it would encourage her to try it but she always screamed that she wasn’t “Jane” and she wouldn’t do it! It was during one of these arguments that she hollered at me “If you want a threesome so bad, get Jane to do it and leave me alone.”As luck would have it, I was talking to Jane on the phone just a couple of nights later about my daughter from that marriage and mentioned Judy’s outburst. Very casually, Jane said, “We haven’t done that in a long time. If Judy really doesn’t mind, than I’d be up for it.” I just couldn’t turn down an offer like that! I thought about it for a day then called her back to see if she was serious. When she said absolutely I called my friend Tom to see if he was up for it. He jumped at the offer and I called Jane and set it up.Jane had plans for the following weekend, so we set it up for the Friday after. We had occasional card games that lasted into the wee hours so that gave Tom a good excuse to get out from his wife. I had already given Judy the card game excuse and we were all set up when I just decided the Hell with it. I shouldn’t have to make up excuses and sneak around. I had tried very hard to be faithful to Judy and it was her refusal to do a threesome that put me in this situation. Besides, she was the one that suggested that I ask Jane to do it. I told her the truth! There is no card game. We’re going to do a threesome with Jane “**just like you suggested**”Whoa! Did she ever go off! She cussed me out, she called Jane a slut, she even threatened to leave me. I just stayed calm and told her that I didn’t know why she was upset, I only did what she suggested. She was the one that said I should call Jane if I wanted a threesome so badly.She just walked out! She didn’t pack anything or tell me where she was going or anything. She just walked out. She was gone for two days. When she did come back she didn’t say a word. We went around the house for almost a week without talking!Wednesday night, two days before our get together, she asked me if I was still planning on going to Jane’s on Friday. I said, “Yes, I’m going!” She said, “If you love me you won’t go.” I told her that I did love her but that Jane was willing to satisfy me in a way that she wasn’t and that I was going!”I don’t want you to go!” This time I didn’t answer. She knew that I wasn’t going to change my mind. With tears in her eyes, she said “Call Tom and tell him to come here instead of Jane’s.”I couldn’t believe she’d said it. I asked her if Tom could expect to get the same thing here that he is expecting to get at Jane’s. A little bitterly, she said, “I guess that’s up to you. You want control. Okay, Friday night you can have control. I’ll do whatever you say.” She wanted me to call Jane in front of her to tell her that we were not coming Friday. I called and thanked Jane for the offer but told her that Judy had promised to fill all of my needs. Instead of getting mad Jane just laughed! “Good luck” she said. I’ll be home, so if Judy chickens out you and Tom can just come on over. I told Judy what she’d said and you could see her resolve tighten. The next call was to Tom. When I told him that the **card party** was at my house instead of Jane’s you could tell he was excited but he couldn’t say much because his wife was in the room. Thinking on his feet, Tom said “too bad George can’t make it. Are we going to have enough players to play the usual games?” Yes, Tom, were going to play the same games as before but with Judy, not Jane. Sounds good, he said, see you on Friday!Judy asked if she could stay upstairs on Friday while Tom and I visited downstairs. When we were ready, we could come up and she would already be in bed with the lights down low and wearing sexy negligee. “No, maybe the next time we can do something like that, but for the first time I want it to go very slow and bornova escort with the lights up so that I can get a good look!” I told her we’d make the plans on Thursday night and do it for real on Friday.Thursday night, I had stopped off at the mall and picked up a rented X-rated movie and several boxes of Polaroid film. I told her to dress casually, but the same way that she would dress tomorrow and then come into the media room to watch the movie. Naturally, I had picked out a movie that had several scenes where there are two guys on one girl. After the first really good threesome scene, I put the movie on hold and had her stand up. “This is how it’s going to go,” I told her. “You’re going to do a nice slow strip right now and I’m going to take a lot of pictures. Tomorrow night, I’m going to give the pictures to Tom. I’ll pick up a different movie that we’ll all be watching and every once in a while I’ll stop it and Tom will give you the pictures one at a time. You will pose each and every picture for us! If you stop or chicken out at any time, we’ll take the pictures over to Jane’s. I’m sure that she’ll pose them us!”***Friday night finally came. I met Tom at the door and we sat around and had a couple of beers waiting on Judy. When she finally did join us, I was pleased to notice that she was dressed just like she was last night. A short sleeve button up blouse and black slacks. We sat around in the living room for a few minutes and socialized. Several times Judy asked Tom about his wife, mentioning what a wonderful girl she was. I’m sure she was hoping Tom would have an attack of conscience and go home to his wife but that wasn’t going to happen! At last I suggested that we go into the media room to watch the movie.In the media room, the first thing I did was turn on the camcorder. It was all set up and aimed at the spot she was to pose from. I turned on the movie and I sat on the couch with Judy while Tom sat in the chair where he could get the best view of her! After a couple of minutes, I pulled out the first set of Polaroid’s and gave them to Tom. There were several pictures of her removing her blouse, several removing her slacks and then a couple of her posing in her under ware. Tom started looking hungrily at the pictures and I could see Judy watching him out of the corner of her eye to see his reaction. After he’d seen them all, I waited a couple of minutes and then put the movie on hold. Time for the moment of truth. “Judy, stand right in front of Tom. Tom, hand me the first picture.”In the Polaroid’s, she undressed herself because I had to take the pictures. Now though, I wanted to undress her. Tom handed me the pictures one at time and, very slowly, I removed her blouse and slacks just like in the pictures. I made her pose each picture for several minutes before going on to the next one. Then I sat down too and made her pose for us in her under ware just like she had posed in the pictures. She was very, very nervous but went through with it! At times she tried to pretend it was a joke and laughed nervously but most of the time she just looked mad while I undressed her. She tried not to look at Tom. After we both had a good look at her in her under ware, I let her sit back down on the couch and took the movie off of hold. I know that she was enjoying the break and was even starting to get into the movie a little when she saw me pull out the next set of pictures and hand them to Tom. She knew that in this set of pictures that she loses her bra and panties. She also knew that there were at least a half dozen pictures of her completely naked and that she’d have to pose each and every one of them. If I thought she was nervous before, I hadn’t seen anything yet! She didn’t want to watch Tom looking at her naked pictures but she couldn’t help herself. She’d keep stealing glances at him to get his reaction and then look back quickly to the movie. For the first time she wavered. When Tom went to the bathroom, she asked me not to make her go any further. She said she’d “proved her love” just like Jane had, but wanted to stop! I told her there was no way! Tom and I were both horny as hell by now and we were not about to just stop and go home. Someone was going to act out the rest of the Polaroid’s and if she didn’t do it Jane would! She didn’t say anything in response but I could see that she was really pissed off at me. I didn’t want to give her too much time to think about being pissed off, so as soon as Tom came back I told her to stand in front of him again. We were going to pose the second set of pictures. She just sat there giving me a hard, pissed off look and I thought she’d quit. I was just about to tell Tom that I’d meet him over at Jane’s, when she very slowly, very reluctantly, stood up and moved into position. The show was to go on!The first couple of pictures in this set were just like the end of the last set, with her posing in her under ware. This was fairly easy, as she’d been down to her panties and bra for over a half hour now. After she posed them, I went over to Tom and we looked at the next series together. She was wearing a bra that snaps in the front. The next several pictures showed her unsnapping it, opening it up so that you could see most of her breasts but still concealing her nipples and finally opening it all the way exposing her breasts to the camera. I took all of the “bra” pictures over to her. I couldn’t do these one at a time because I was going to be undoing her bra and I didn’t want to reach for a picture and have it open before I was ready. I wanted to do this very slowly!I stood behind her and reached under her arms and took hold of the snap. She held my hands and stopped me. “I want you to kiss me first and tell me that you love me,” she said. She turned into my arms and I kissed her passionately and told her that I loved her. Then I turned bornova escort bayan her to face Tom and this time she let me undo the snap on her bra.Up to this point, Tom and I had been talking to her and trying to calm her down and to help her relax, but there was no one talking now. Tom was staring at my hands and at the undone snap as I slowly pulled it apart. For the first time she looked at Tom instead of looking away. Tom and I were both too turned on to talk and just stared as her breasts slowly came into view. Finally it was done! Her bra was hanging open and Tom could see her bare breasts. I almost lost it in my pants. I think I would have except I was already thinking about getting her panties off!Judy is fairly well built and I think that Tom’s compliments helped to relax her a little. Taking her bra the rest of the way off was sort of an anticlimax. We posed each picture in turn but much faster now. After the bra was all the way off, there were several pictures of her posing topless. Tom and I slowed down at this point and enjoyed these poses tremendously and even Judy seemed to relax and to show off just a little. She was almost starting to enjoy herself until I handed her the last topless photo. That’s when she realized that the next picture was the start of her panties coming off and the nervousness returned.Taking off her panties was a series of a half dozen pictures. I was having a hard time controlling myself now. I wanted to do this very slowly and teasingly just like in the pictures but at the same time I wanted to just rip her panties off and expose her to Tom. I managed to get control and had Tom give me the first picture. Very slowly, over the next couple of pictures I pulled her panties down until they were just a small triangle barely concealing her vagina. I turned her around and showed her the next picture. This picture was taken from the back. In the photo her panties were pulled all the way down in the back and her naked ass was in full view. “Kiss me first,” was all she said. I did and then slid to my knees and very slowly pulled her panties the rest of the way down in the back and Tom could see my wife’s naked ass!God was I turned on at this point. I don’t remember weather I asked Tom for the next picture or not. I knew what I had to do! I turned her around until she was facing Tom again and then, right in front of him, pulled her panties down past her vagina! She looked beautiful. I know she felt awkward with her panties around her knees and she started to kick them off, but I stopped her. “That’s the next picture, Hon,” I told her. “We’re going to enjoy this pose first.”I went over the couch and sat down. Tom was sitting in the chair right beside me. For the first time I noticed that her face was bright red. She was actually blushing! For several minutes Tom and I just sat there and enjoyed the view as she stood there with her panties around her knees. For me, it was the highlight of the evening. It was the first time a friend of mine saw my wife’s pussy and I took my time and enjoyed it! Now, I had to get her panties the rest of the way off of her. Two or three pictures later, I had her panties in my hand and she was completely naked. I couldn’t believe it. My wife was completely naked right in front of Tom and I was getting ready to have her pose the rest of the pictures in this set. For the next ten to fifteen minutes I sat on the couch next to Tom and we looked at naked pictures of her. When we were ready, I handed them to her and she posed each one! When she finished the last one she even took a little bow. By this time it was getting pretty late and I know that she was hoping that the evening was over, but there was one more series of pictures to do yet and I wasn’t quitting until she had posed every one of them. I didn’t care if we were there till dawn. I can guarantee you that Tom felt the same way. He’d have to come up with some reason to give his wife as to why the **card game** ran later than usual. It was obvious though that Judy needed a rest before we could start posing the next series. I started the movie again and told her to sit with me and watch it. She excused herself first and left the room. I thought she had gone to the lady’s room but she came back a minute later with a robe on. “No way, Hon!” I stood up and took the robe off of her. “It’s taken us hours to get you naked and you’re going to stay naked.”She could see that I was very serious about it and didn’t argue. She sat down to watch the movie completely naked and Tom adjusted his position in his chair to get the best look at her. I could see that she was trying hard to concentrate on the movie, but I know she was very self conscious about being naked in front of two guys.After a while I reached into the end table drawer and got the next series of pictures. She immediately tried to stop me from giving them to Tom. She said, “Please, Honey, when I let you take those pictures they were just for you. They are too personal to show to anyone else.”You could see that Tom was curious as hell about what was going on. After all, he’d already seen the last series of pictures and seen her pose them naked. What could be so special in this series that she didn’t want him to see? “You’ve done very well so far,” I told her. “Don’t ruin it all by quitting now!” She started to argue further but I told her “I’m serious, Hon. You’ve gone too far to quit. Tom and I are both horny as hell and were not going to stop now!” She let go of the pictures and let me hand them to Tom. She looked at me very seriously and said, “If I pose that next set of pictures for you, you better love me forever!” “I will, Hon, I will.”As soon as Tom looked at the pictures, he knew why she didn’t want him to see them. Each one that he looked at prompted a response of some kind. Sometime a low whistle, sometimes escort bornova a muttered “Wow!” or my personal favorite, the under his breath “Damn!””Well Tom,” I said. “What do you think? Should we ask Judy to pose the final set?””Absolutely!” He responded enthusiastically. By this time I was already naked since Judy pulled my clothes off as I undressed her so that she wouldn’t be the only one naked. “Okay, Tom, but I think you should be as naked as we are during this set.”He quickly complied and stripped naked. Now we were all naked and I think Judy knew that she’d gone too far now to quit. She tried not to look at Tom’s nakedness but I could see her steal an occasional peek to see what was in store for her!I stood up, leaving Judy sitting alone on the couch. Hand me the first picture, Tom. Judy was already posing the first picture. It was taken from the chair that Tom was sitting in so he had the exact same view as the photo. It showed Judy sitting on the couch just like she was. Hand me the next photo. I gave it to Judy. After a little hesitation, she turned a little towards Tom. She looked at me to see if I really wanted her to do this. When I said, “Go ahead Hon,” she slowly raised her right leg and put it on the couch. The way she was turned towards him and with one leg on the couch and the other on the floor he had a perfect view of her pussy! Christ was she blushing! I took the next picture from Tom. It showed her in pretty much the same position except that she was lying back on the couch. Her legs were still spread apart though and Tom never took his eyes off of her snatch as she lay back like in the photo. I handed her the next photo. In this one she was lying down completely and her legs were spread wide open. Believe me they were spread **wide**. She tried to pose the picture, she really did. She lay the rest of the way down, and with her pussy pointed right at Tom, she spread her legs. I told her that her legs weren’t spread as far apart as they were in the picture. She spread them a little farther but you could see that she was still holding back. I knelt down beside her on the couch and spread her legs for her. Her legs were spread as far apart as they would go and Tom was in the perfect position for the best possible view. I looked over at Tom to see if he was enjoying the view and noticed that while he was looking at her he was stroking his hard on. She knew how exposed she was in this position and didn’t want to look at him. She just lay there blushing, knowing he was looking right up her snatch!I let her sit up and relax for a minute. I’d have liked to have given her more time to regain her composure before starting the next set of pictures but it was getting late and I was determined to finish all of the pictures.We only have a few more to go, Hon. I took the next picture from Tom. Tom hadn’t said very much in a while, but when he handed me the picture he said, “I can’t wait to see these!”Judy blushed worse than ever as she remembered this set. “Okay, Hon, stand up now.””Please, Honey…” she said. “Let’s not do this. I don’t think they are even sexy.””I think they’re sexy baby,” I said. “What do you think Tom?” I asked.”I think they’re sexy as hell!” Tom confirmed.Judy finally stood up. As I turned her around to face the couch, she said, “I can’t believe that I’m doing this.”I showed Judy the picture that Tom had given me. “No, please,” she said. But you could tell that she knew that I wasn’t listening and that I wasn’t going to stop. Tom leaned way over in his seat to get a better view. I turned Judy the rest of the way toward the couch and gently bent her over. Judy put her arms out to catch herself and she was posed just like the picture. She was bent over at the waist, leaning on the couch.I took the next picture from Tom. I laid it in front of Judy. She hesitated for a minute and then leaned over farther, dropping from her hands on the couch to her elbows. Her ass was almost straight up in the air! Tom couldn’t stay in his seat any longer. He jumped up and got about three feet behind her and bent over to look right at her. She saw what he was doing and tried to get up but I gently held her in place. “You’re almost done, Hon.”I took the next picture from Tom. “This is the one,” he said. Judy knew it too. I reached down and gently spread her legs apart. Judy started to squirm around on me and I had a hard time posing her just like the picture. Finally she gave in and held still. With Tom just a couple of feet behind her, I put a hand on each ass cheek and spread her wide! This was the view that she was trying to avoid. With my hands holding her open, she was exposed like you wouldn’t believe. You could see everything. Even the cute little pucker to her anus. I don’t think either Tom or I had ever seen a girl spread any more than this, not even in an X-rated flick. “Please, Honey, that’s enough!” she said. “Just a minute more, Hon.” After we had seen our fill, I finally let her up.As soon as I let her up, she went right into my arms and held on tightly. “Tell me that you love me”, she said. I pushed her back a little so that I could see her face and told her that I loved her and that I always would. She looked at Tom and immediately blushed knowing the view that he had had of her. Then her gaze dropped to his hard-on and she blushed even deeper knowing that she had caused his erection. “Sit down and relax a little baby, there are only a couple of pictures left.””That’s what you said the last time,” she groused. She did sit down to relax, laying back on the couch and closing her eyes. She didn’t try to stop me as I reached over and gently pulled her legs farther apart. After all, Tom had already seen it all!We gave her a couple of minutes to get herself together. That last set had been really tough for her! While she was resting, I got up and moved the camcorder to the doorway of the bedroom. I thought that she might try to stop me but she didn’t. She got up and watched me set it up and watched while I focused it on the bed. She knew that this was where the last set of pictures was taken and she knew that she would have to pose them! There was no quitting now…To be continued?

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Angie goes too far and could pay the price

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Angie goes too far and could pay the priceAngie’s 34 and has three lovely k**s with Gary, her husband of 10 years, but something happened recently which she will never ever forget and it’s going to haunt her for a very long time indeed. She’ll probably never trust another man again after this nightmare. Why did she give in to temptation?Angie’s very attractive, just over 5ft tall and has worked hard to keep her slim shapely figure despite her three pregnancies. She has long dark hair in a frizzy perm.She’s well used to all the men giving her the once-over every time she walks by and she secretly enjoys the attention. She’s been tempted many times when the fellow looked nice and she enjoyed playing around when she was single but, since they were married, she’s always stayed faithful to Gary; — until now. She’s a very outgoing young lady; normally well in control of things, but this series of events got past her guard and now she’s suffering the consequences of allowing things get out of her control and turning her life on its head.It all began one Monday morning just after 9am when she arrived at work in the account’s office. She’d had her usual chat with the others and had settled down to catch up with the weekend returns. Before long she started to feel hungry so she decided to pop down slightly early for her regular morning visit to the canteen. This meant she arrived while the shop floor staff were still there. Almost as soon as she went through the door she spotted him. He was of Afro-Caribbean extraction dark skinned and he looked very fit and very good-looking. Angie tried not to stare but this guy just seemed to draw her attention. Something stirred inside her, which she hadn’t felt for a long time and she was a little distracted. She just fancied the pants off him, which is not really the thing for a happily married mother to do but she couldn’t help her feelings. Even in these enlightened times there was still somewhat of a stigma about white girls and black men but that doesn’t matter when nature takes its course.The man’s name was Mike and he was also 34. He’d only joined the company as a temporary employee that day. but he had good computer skills so they set him to work using a PC in the stores. One lunchtime she ended up at the same table and Mike started up a conversation. Angie’s used to having fellers chatting her up but Mike just seemed to get past her guard. He had a natural aptitude for putting her at ease and getting her to tell him far more about herself than she should. He asked her out for a date or just a drink virtually every time but she always politely refused.After a couple of weeks things settled down into a routine. Mike had become one of the gang quite quickly and joined the rest of the lads in fitness training. He’d openly admitted to the lads that he’d love to give Angie a good shagging, which of course, was the same for all of them as they all fancied her like mad, but none of them had ever been able to tempt her. Lynne is Angie’s filing clerk and married to one of the gym gang, Dave, and she relayed details of their lads’ discussions back to Angie. Lynne liked to do this as she and Angie had built up a good working relationship and discussing all things like this was normal and it added a bit of spice to dull days at the office. This time things were different. Mike had really got to Angie and her head was all over the place when she realised that Mike wanted sex with her, but she managed to keep up her usual aloofness until one dinnertime when Mike invited her out again. Although she explained again that she was married to Gary and had three k**s, Mike noticed that she wasn’t as quick in rejecting him as he previously and followed up by actually asking her to be unfaithful to Gary. “Come and try out what a big black man can do for the little white girl,” he kept pressing as Angie laughed and politely rejected his suggestion but she was tempted, and he knew she was tempted, so he kept up the pressure. He knew he was winning. The thought of sex with Angie drove him on.For the next couple of weeks things carried on in the same vein with Mike making the suggestion to Angie about giving in and coming out with him and her rejecting him. He started sending Emails asking her to come to his flat and make love, and Angie rebuffed him each time, but there was no doubt that Mike was slowly wearing her down as she had started dreaming about him at night and fantasising about him during quiet moments. Then something significant happened that tipped her right over the edge and into his bed.It was the summer holidays when the factory was virtually closed. Angie and the rest were busy doing an audit. At lunchtime the lads still working, were going to the local gym for fitness training and coming back quite late. On the Thursday, Lynne came across to Angie to bring her some paperwork and she mentioned that Dave had been with Mike for the training and they’d had a shower together afterwards.”It seems as that your black friend might be worth it Angie,” Lynne remarked. “Dave reckons he’s hung like a horse. You ought to take him up on his offer Gal. If you don’t I will; if Dave will let me,” she laughed at her suggestion but it had had an effect like an electric shock on Angie though she tried to be nonchalant.Angie, like most girls, dreamed of having a man with a big dick and now she had the chance. Lynne’s comments had twanged something inside her and suddenly she knew her mind had just been made up for her. If she was unsure before but tempted, now she was certain, and temptation gave way to a****l lust. She was shaking as she typed the words in her Email to Mike. “I give in Mike. You win. Would it be OK if I came to your flat tomorrow dinner?” The reply came back almost at once “Yes please. You can come as often as you like. I’ll eat you for Lunch.” Angie’s heart skipped a beat, and for the rest of the afternoon, Angie was all over the place and she couldn’t concentrate so she went home early.She could hardly sleep that night and Gary wasn’t up for sex, which was a relief for her. Her mind kept going over and over what she had agreed to do.She arrived earlier than normal on the Friday and when Mike came in she swapped Emails agreeing that Mike go back to his flat which was very close to the factory and that Angie make her own way without anyone noticing. Not a lot of work got done that morning, as Angie couldn’t keep her mind on her work. She kept going to the loo and checking she was OK but she could not think of anything other than their assignation later on.She waited for Mike to leave then Angie walked out of the factory and made to go towards the local shops. Once out of sight of the factory, she made a beeline back to the flats.On arriving at his door, she knocked, and almost immediately the door opened buca escort and Mike stood there just wearing his shorts. He was over 6ft tall with broad shoulders and a narrow waste. Slim but not thin and a beautiful bum (as Angie described it) He had strong slim legs and very little body hair.Angie was shaking as she stepped past Mike into the flat. Mike closed the door and quickly grabbed Angie and pulled her towards him and they kissed passionately. As their tongues entwined Mike put his hand between Angie’s legs and stroked her groin through her trousers. Angie jerked at the surprise sensation but did not pull away; in fact she slid her own hand down inside Mike’s shorts and felt for his dick. Dave had been right; he was a big man. She could not get her fingers all the way around it even though he was not erect.Mike quickly showed Angie through to his bedroom and they stood at the side of his bed.”Just stand there and let me do everything OK?” he whispered.Mike took hold of Angie’s tee shirt and lifted it up and over her head and quickly removed her bra. He quickly undid her hipster trousers and dropped them down her shapely legs as she stepped out of them. Before she could even think about it he pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them.”Oh wow Angie, you’re shaved. You look even more fantastic naked than I dreamed you would,” he was breathing very heavily as he stood back and took in the full beauty of this naked young mother and the pronounced crease of her pussy devoid of any pubic hair. Angie had given in to pressure from Gary a couple of months ago to have a full Brazilian pussy waxing and she’d kept it bald ever since. She actually loved it, as sex felt better, more sensitive.Angie couldn’t believe that she’d been stripped naked so quickly and she was physically shaking with sexual anticipation. No man had stripped her before and no man except Gary had ever seen her naked and now she was going to cheat on him big time and she didn’t care.Mike dropped his shorts and his erection was already growing. Angie could not believe how big he was. It was twice as thick as Gary’s dick as it twitched to full erection and must have been 9 inches long.Mike sat on the bed and pulled the naked Angie to him and started caressing her shoulders and down her back, then gently rolling his palms over her nipples until they stood out stiff and the circle around them raised like a second mini breast. Angie was moaning in her ecstasy as one of his hands moved down her tummy and the other over her bottom. “Spread your legs a bit darling,” he whispered and Angie opened her legs a little. Mike caressed each thigh in turn until he brought his hand together and stroked her slightly raised pussy lips. Angie shivered with delight as his fingers gently stroked across her lips and up to her clitoris. She jerked hard as he touched her sensitive clit, which was enough for Mike who picked her up in his arms and laid her on her back across his bed. Angie’s head was hanging down off the bed as he opened her legs wide apart, slid his fingers up to her soaking wet pussy and opened her up, exposing her sex to him.He then started licking her clitoris furiously. Angie’s reaction was almost instantaneous. She came as soon as his tongue touched her clit.”Oh God, I’m coming I’m coming Jesus Aaah!” she screamed. Mike had to really hang on to her hips as she jerked and twitched in her orgasm. Angie had only been in the flat five minutes and she’d been stripped naked and brought to orgasm. She was totally gone in her sexual paradise.Mike had learnt over the years that the best time to push his monster weapon inside a girl is just as she comes, as their pussy is so sensitive and almost too tender. He quickly moved up her body and pushed the head into her wet lips and her pussy stretched wide as his massive girth then the whole 9 inches pushed deep inside her twitching pussy.Angie’s orgasm almost masked the feeling of his dick deep inside her sex until his balls hit her bottom. She was shaking and jerking, totally impaled by this monster cock as her orgasm still wracked her slight form.Mike started quickly pulling almost all the way out then back in hard until his balls banged on her bottom over and over again. As he looked down at her pussy he could see her pussy lips moving in and out with each thrust. He’d filled her to the limit and she was really stretched.With Angie’s head hanging over the side of the bed, Mike pulled her ankles onto his shoulders and starting ramming in and out so fast but making sure that every inch went in and out with each stroke. Angie’s tummy below her navel moved as the monster pushed inside her.Angie could now really feel the enormity of Mike’s dick as her first orgasm seemed to go on, then suddenly she experienced something she’d never had before. She came again. Angie had always enjoyed her orgasm but this was definitely a second full orgasm, which was even stronger that the first and she screamed as the amazing sensation totally overwhelmed her. Her whole body lifted off the bed and jerked almost uncontrollably as the orgasm exploded like before. On and on it went as she screamed in her ecstasy. Her convulsions of pure sexual pleasure were out of control.Mike quickly pulled out and lifted Angie back onto the bed and rolled her onto her tummy. He then lifted her hips high until her bottom was up in the air, spread her legs as far apart as they would go, then pulled her arms out until her head was on the bed. He then entered her again in classic doggie fashion and the penetration was very different for Angie as he pushed as far into her stretched pussy as he could. Off he went again until Angie suddenly felt that now familiar feeling again. Her third full orgasm erupted with almost as much force as the previous two. Mike hung onto her hips as her banged into her dripping wet pussy until her orgasm started to subside.Mike then lay on his back on the bed and asked Angie to ride him which she so dutifully did. Angie had seen porn films but this was the first time she’d tried the positions and her fourth orgasm burst inside her in no time. She was then ordered to ride him facing away from him and orgasm number five ripped through her after a few strokes. Mike then lifted her off and stood up with his erection pointing skywards as stiff as ever and picked her up under her shoulders and lowered her onto his erection.Once she was completely impaled her slowly walked round the room just holding her lightly in the middle of her back. Angie had never felt anything like this before with the depth of penetration and a little sixth orgasm made her shudder again as the walking movement touched areas no man had reached before.Mike then started to lift her up and down on his weapon as Angie’s orgasm continued, buca escort bayan and she could now feel the tension in Mike as she realised he was about to come himself. He got even harder as his orgasm built and Angie hung onto him for dear life as he shuddered and jerked them screamed “God I’m coming.”Angie had never felt Gary’s semen when he came but she definitely felt the hot stream as Mike’s eruption burst from him deep into her womb. It was only at that moment of pure delight for them both, as Mike shuddered almost uncontrollably with his sperm flooding her pussy, that Angie realised that she was not on the pill nowadays. Gary had had a vasectomy and they did not need protection. It was too late to worry about that now as her orgasm drained away and Mike’s jerking slowly subsided. Still impaled on his weapon Angie reached up and kissed Mike. Mike stood there kissing Angie, holding her tightly as his erection died and slowly slipped out of her pussy, allowing a stream of fluid to run out of the gaping vagina.As he lowered Angie onto her feet, Angie staggered as all her strength was gone and she went onto the bed and lay down. Her pussy lips were still gaping from the enormous stretching that it had received and Mike’s sperm was still dribbling out onto the bed. Desperately trying to keep awake she noticed that the whole wonderful session had only taken 20 minutes so she closed her eyes.Mike woke her after a few minutes and suggested a shower together. As the warm water flowed over them Mike gently washed every inch of Angie’s naked body concentrating on her red and dripping vagina. Angie loved the feel of his fingers even though she was totally spent sexually. She washed his flaccid dick for him and it was still bigger than Gary’s even in that state. They finished off and dried each other off, before working out how best to get back to work without being spotted.Once dressed Angie left first after making sure there was no one around that might see her. Her journey back to work was most strange as her body was still recovering from the best sex she’d ever experienced. She could still feel his monster inside her like a phantom nearly half an hour after making love. She kept looking across at Lynne but she hadn’t noticed anything or she would have said something. The afternoon passed very quickly and she was dreading going home in case Gary was in the mood. She hardly noticed that Mike had not come back to work. When she got home her mother was there with the k**s and Gary was recovering from a drinking session with his mates. Angie’s relief was almost noticeable. It was an awkward weekend with Angie feeling guilty but really pleased she’d been with Mike. She’d never known she could have multiple orgasms and Mike brought something out of her, which she wanted more of. She knew Gary wasn’t going to give her that. It took a lot to concentrate on her usual chores and family life, as she couldn’t get her newfound sexual prowess out of her mind.She went shopping with the k**s on the Saturday morning and popped into the local pharmacy to get the morning after pill just in case.On the Monday morning she arrived at work at the usual time and Mike was not in. It was a bit awkward knowing what she knew but trying to make everything seem normal. Mike rang her from his flat and his suggestion nearly made her hair stand on end. “How do you fancy another session this dinner? I’ve got something special for you if you fancy a bit of bondage sex?”Angie had seen bondage on the Internet and wondered about it but Mike was so special and she wasn’t going to miss out on another session, after all she’d thought of little else since Friday. She happily replied. “Yes please.”As she arrived at his flat he answered with just a towel covering his dick. She followed his beautiful naked bum through to his living room where he had a small padded table with straps at each corner. “Let’s get you naked and we can get to work on you.” She didn’t pick up on the “we” bit until it was too late. She also didn’t spot the three cameras carefully placed to film the proceedings. They’d been there on Friday as well but she’d not seen them.Mike slowly stripped her naked again and caressing her naked flesh before he laid her on her back on the table, strapping her wrists and ankles into the restraints. He then adjusted the table to stretch her tightly so she could not move. Her legs were really wide apart and she could feel a slight breeze on her open pussy. The portion of the table under her bottom was removed and she was just resting on her back and shoulders. It felt very sexy indeed and she was getting very aroused even to the point of her pussy twitching on it’s own. Mike then placed a red ball gag into her mouth to stop her screaming and tied its ribbon round the back of her head. He then started to gently caress Angie’s stretched tummy and breasts as her tight muscles twitched involuntarily at his feather light touch. This felt amazing. Totally naked, tied tight with her legs stretched wide open and her pussy open for him; She was in heaven until, suddenly, everything changed.”OK guys she’s ready.” Angie relaxed state was destroyed in that instant as three more black men walked into the room already naked and stood looking at Angie, naked in front of them. “You were right Mike, she’s perfect,” they were leering with lust as they gave her naked body the once over. As Angie lay on the table trapped, naked, exposed, and unable to stop what was going to happen to her? Two of the men’s dicks were comparable to Mike’s in size but one of them had a real monster. He seemed older than the others.Mike leaned over Angie and said, “You would never have agreed if I’d asked. This is what it’s all about sweetheart. Enjoy your first ever interracial gang-bang.”Angie wanted to scream but the gag stopped her and she couldn’t move at all. They had thought of everything. She was helpless lying naked. She was pulling and struggling with her bonds but they held her fast.Mike and two of the men went around the table and started caressing her breasts bringing up her nipples, and very gently caressing all over her naked body. The big man had gone between Angie’s stretched thighs and Angie jumped when she felt his hands caressing up and down each thigh in turn before moving gently down between her inner thighs next to her exposed pussy. His fingers explored the shaved pussy lips as Angie tried to scream but the gag was muffling it to an almost inaudible moan. His fingertips tickled Angie’s lips so softly Angie squirmed and struggled but he just continued slowly caressing Angie’s most sensitive areas. Angie was being going to be ****d by four black men and she knew she couldn’t do anything at all. Despite her predicament, the intimate attention she was now escort buca getting was so amazing she was unable to control herself. She was on the verge of an orgasm whether she wanted it or not. Four pairs of hands were caressing her naked body and she knew she was going to come very soon whether she was willing or not.This very experienced black man opened up Angie’s pussy to expose her clitoris and with the same feather light touch; he stroked Angie’s most sensitive button. Angie was jerking with the thrill of it as he leaned over and started licking Angie’s clitoris up and down using his big lips to almost eat her and also started inserting his long fingers deep inside Angie’s pussy to explore her “G” spot with a hooking action. The result of this exquisite treatment was soon obvious as Angie’s tummy jerked while her head rocked from side to side and a fine squirt of Angie’s inner fluids hit him in the face. Angie had the most explosive amazing orgasm she’d ever known and she’d had an ejaculation for the first time. This was even better than with Mike as her first orgasm by this man was so gut-wrenchingly powerful, Angie nearly passed out; and he wasn’t finished with her yet. Angie’s body was jerking and shaking in her restraints as the orgasm overwhelmed her but he just kept going until the jerking slowed a little, then he stood up.His monster erection stuck up like a pole and he slowly pushed it up to her gaping sex. Angie just lay there breathing heavily from her exertions when she felt him push into her pussy as he eased his monster deep inside Angie’s still twitching pussy, causing Angie to jerk with the surprise insertion. She could feel her pussy stretching with the huge girth of this monster black dick as Angie jerked and squirmed as he starting fucking her. It was not long before the second orgasm burst out from Angie and her fluids burst from her again. Angie’s eyes were screwed up tight and it was obvious she was in seventh heaven. On and on went he went faster and faster, as Angie’s body convulsed with the wonderful feelings this superman was giving her. All three of the men were fully erect, turned on to an almost unbearable level as they watched Angie being fucked as they continued caressing her. There was nothing to chose between their erections in size as the big man finally came his load deep inside Angie’s stretched and violated pussy. As he withdrew they commenced to take it in turns to fuck her until each of them had unloaded their sperm into her pussy. The depth of penetration and the stretching of her pussy by these monster cocks gave Angie feelings like she’d never experienced before and she was in a state of sexual shock as her body reacted in ways she never believed possible. She’d never believed that this natural act of sex could be this wonderful and she’d had to be ****d before she could experience it. The bondage, the sexual tension, the initial terror of being naked with four men, all brought this amazing reaction from her.Angie was totally exhausted as they released her from her restraints. She was so weak the men had to hold her up. “You fucking bastards. Oh my God. How could you do that to me?” she burst out in her shock at what had happened to her. They just smiled in that knowing way as Mike replied; “I bet you’ve never had anything better than that before, yeh?”Angie just looked at them through her bleary tired eyes and nodded. “I’ve never experienced anything so wonderful in my life,” she gasped. Four black men had ****d her and she’d really loved every second of it despite their underhand way of doing it to her.She kissed Mike then each of the gang in turn before Mike helped her to the bathroom and gave Angie a quick shower and rub down.How Angie managed to walk over to the factory after what had happened to her was truly mind over matter. She’d been gang-****d but had enjoyed the greatest sexual experience of her life. Somehow she managed to carry on at work until her normal time but her work definitely suffered and it didn’t go un-noticed. She kept going to the loo and her pants were wet with the men’s sperm still dribbling out of her.After she arrived home Gary was there feeling randy and how she got through that night she’ll never know but there was worse to come. Gary never noticed anything when they had sex but for the first time Angie had to fake her enjoyment and orgasm as she could hardly feel Gary’s dick inside her.The events of the next day will haunt her for a long time to come.Tuesday morning she arrived at her normal time and Lynne said, “What have you done to Mike?” Angie almost panicked as she thought she’d been found out. “Er Why, what’s up with Mike?” she asked unsteadily.”He’s finished here and said he was going home to Jamaica,” Lynne pronounced. Angie was gutted and when the morning break came she went down to the reception to see if they knew anything. Nothing.”There is a parcel just arrived for you,” she added.It was a small package and when she opened it, there was a letter and a DVD with it. The letter was from Mike. “Sorry to leave so quickly but my work is complete now. Take a look at the DVD at home when no-one’s around and you’ll see why my work was really worthwhile as you are going to make us a lot of money from internet sales. Thanks for coming. You’re the best M.I.L.F. yet, and I mean the best — Mike.” There was a website address on the bottom of the letter with “gang bang squad” in the name.Angie was dumbstruck. She remembered what a M.I.L.F. was from the Internet porn sites. “Mothers I’d Like to Fuck” and “gang bang squad”She’d been set-up and used and wanted to scream but she still had enough about her to remember where she was. She popped into the annexe near the reception and rang through to Ted and told him she was not feeling well and went home.When she arrived home, the house was empty so she put the disc in the DVD player and watched in horror as her worst fears were realised. Everything she’d done over the last few days had been filmed without her knowing and it was all here on the DVD. The first session with Mike as well as the Bondage session appeared. Everything down to the most intimate details of her stretched pussy and her clitoris being licked was on show. Anyone seeing this who knew her would recognise her as there was close ups of her face when she was being stripped and during the gang-bang session. Angie was an unwitting porn star. She watched the entire DVD and everything was there in sharp detail; nothing was missed out.She switched on the PC and accessed the Internet, disabled the parental controls and looked at the site mentioned in the letter. To see her own face appear on the computer and her naked body being fucked nearly blew her mind. Her orgasms were so obviously real, no one could be in any doubt she was up for it. Gary regularly looked at porn on the Internet and so did all his mates. Surely it was only a matter of time before they found this site and she was recognised by one of them.”What have I done? Oh my God No!!” she screamed and burst into tears.”God almighty, what am I going to do?”

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Kay─▒npederimin Sayesinde Yedi─čim Yarraklar! (4. B&

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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Kay─▒npederimin Sayesinde Yedi─čim Yarraklar! (4. B&

Pazartesi sabah─▒ erkenden kalk─▒p i┼če gitme haz─▒rl─▒─č─▒ yaparken evdekiler uyuyordu daha. Kap─▒dan g├Âr├╝mceme bakt─▒m. Y├╝z├╝ duvara d├Ân├╝k halde, yan yatm─▒┼čt─▒. Yast─▒─č─▒, bir sevgili gibi bacaklar─▒n─▒n aras─▒na s─▒k─▒┼čt─▒rm─▒┼čt─▒, am─▒n─▒n oldu─ču b├Âlgeye. Bu k─▒z ├žok azg─▒nd─▒, ama yere bakan y├╝rek yakan cinsten. Belki de r├╝yas─▒nda benimle sevi┼čiyordu, yada yak─▒┼č─▒kl─▒ bir gen├žle siki┼čiyordu, kimbilir. Uyand─▒rmamaya ├Âzen g├Âstererek kap─▒s─▒n─▒ tekrar kapat─▒p, evden ├ž─▒kt─▒m. B├╝roya gidene kadar g├Âr├╝mcemi d├╝┼č├╝nd├╝m, d├╝n gece ya┼čad─▒klar─▒m─▒z─▒.

├ľ─čleye do─čru Ali bey b├╝roya sevin├žle geldi, “Aferin k─▒z sana, sayende Cevat ihaleyi bize verdi, k├Â┼čeyi d├Ând├╝k!” diyerek beni kucaklad─▒, ├Âpt├╝. Sonra ceketinin cebinden olduk├ža kabar─▒k bir zarf ├ž─▒kard─▒ ve “Al, bu senin ikramiyen! Cavit bey ├žok memnun kalm─▒┼č senden, ├Ân├╝m├╝zdeki haftasonu tekrar istiyor seni! Adam─▒ ├ž─▒ld─▒rtm─▒┼čs─▒n, hele g├Âtten sikmesine de izin vermi┼čsin ya, anlata anlata bitiremedi! Ho┼č benim sayemde oldu, ilk ben bozdum bu g├Ât├╝, ┼čansl─▒y─▒m!” dedi, popomu avu├žlad─▒. Zarf─▒ a├ž─▒p i├žine bakt─▒m, g├Âzlerim yuvalar─▒ndan f─▒rlayacakt─▒, hayat─▒mda hi├ž bu kadar ├žok paray─▒ bir arada g├Ârmemi┼čtim. “Sana tavsiyem, bu paray─▒ git bankaya kendi ad─▒na hesap a├ž, yat─▒r. Kimseye de s├Âyleme! Haa, verdin mi ge├žen g├╝nk├╝ paran─▒n bir k─▒sm─▒n─▒ kay─▒npederine?” dedi.

“Evet verdim!” dedim. “─░yi yapm─▒┼čs─▒n, godo┼č memnun olmu┼čtur. Valla bir haberi olsa, hi├ž affetmez o da siker seni!” deyince, a─čz─▒m a├ž─▒k kald─▒, “Nas─▒l yani?” dedim. “Nas─▒l olacak, bildi─čin siker i┼čte! Kay─▒npederin de az godo┼č de─čil, ama paras─▒ yok ┼čimdi! Paras─▒ olsa arada bir gelir sorar bana, var m─▒ sikilecek birileri diye! Para olmay─▒nca olmuyor bu i┼čler!” dedi. Ben tela┼čla, “Ama haberi yok, de─čil mi?” dedim. “Dalga m─▒ ge├žiyorsun! Aman haaa, a─čz─▒ndan ka├ž─▒rma sak─▒n! Bu konu kapand─▒ gitti, tamam m─▒! Hadi ┼čimdi benim kahvemi yap gel yan─▒ma, memi┼člerini ├Âzledim!” dedi.

Zarf─▒ ├žantama koydum, kahvesini yapt─▒m g├Ât├╝rd├╝m. Beni masan─▒n ├╝st├╝ne oturttu, bacaklar─▒m─▒ aralad─▒, hemen buluzumu yukar─▒ s─▒y─▒rd─▒, s├╝tyenimi ├ž├Âz├╝p, g├Âmd├╝ kafas─▒n─▒ memelerime. Koklad─▒, ├Âpt├╝, yalad─▒, emdi memelerimi. Arada bir bacaklar─▒m─▒ ok┼čad─▒, k├╝lodumun ├╝zerinden am─▒m─▒ koklad─▒, sonra yine memelerimi emdi. “Seni getirdi─či i├žin o godo┼č kay─▒npederine bir te┼čekk├╝r hediyesi g├Ândermek laz─▒m, unutma da ona bir iki tane g├Âmlek alal─▒m!” dedi. “Tamam!” dedim. Dudaklar─▒m─▒ ├Âp├╝p, “Hadi ┼čimdi git i┼člerinin ba┼č─▒na!” dedi.

O g├╝n birara bankaya u─črad─▒m, hesap a├žt─▒m, paralar─▒ yat─▒rd─▒m. Kalan zamanda da b├╝rodaki i┼člerle ilgilendim. Ak┼čama do─čru Ali bey i├žeriden seslendi. Odas─▒na gitti─čimde, “H├╝meyra ┼ču paray─▒ al, giderken g├Âmlek i┼čini unutma!” dedi. “Tamam, ├ž─▒k─▒yorum o zaman!” dedim. “Yooo hemen gitme, biraz sevi┼čelim, ondan sonra gidersin! Bu g├╝nk├╝ istihkak─▒m─▒ alay─▒m, ┼ču siyah ├žama┼č─▒rlar─▒n─▒ giy de gel hadi!” dedi. Gittim d─▒┼čkap─▒y─▒ kilitledim, siyah i├ž ├žama┼č─▒rlar─▒m─▒ giyip vard─▒m yan─▒na. Beni tekli koltu─ča oturttu, bacaklar─▒m─▒ da kald─▒r─▒p koltu─čun kol├žaklar─▒na koydu. ├ľn├╝me diz ├ž├Âkt├╝. Am─▒m ve g├Ât├╝m oldu─ču gibi kar┼č─▒s─▒ndayd─▒ ┼čimdi. Dantelli tangam─▒n ├╝st├╝nden am─▒m─▒ kokluyordu.

Tangam─▒n kenar─▒ndan parma─č─▒n─▒ soktu am─▒ma. Biraz kar─▒┼čt─▒rd─▒ktan sonra parma─č─▒n─▒ a─čz─▒na g├Ât├╝rd├╝, parma─č─▒n─▒ yalad─▒ ve “Bak─▒yorum yine sulanm─▒┼čs─▒n sen! ┼×erbet gibi de tatl─▒!” dedi. Tangam─▒ yana ├žekip ba┼člad─▒ am─▒m─▒ yalamaya. Yalad─▒k├ža ben az─▒yordum, “Yeter ama Ali bey, hadi biraz da ben yarak yalay─▒m!” dedim. “Ozaman 69 yapal─▒m, ikimiz de mahrum kalmayal─▒m bundan!” dedi. Yere hal─▒n─▒n ├╝st├╝ne yatt─▒. Beni ├╝st├╝ne ters ald─▒, 69 olduk. Ben onun sikini emip yalarken, o da benim amc─▒─č─▒m─▒ yal─▒yor, emiyor, parmaklar─▒ ile am─▒m─▒ ve g├Ât├╝m├╝ sikiyordu…

“Daha fazla dayanam─▒yaca─č─▒m ben yavrum!” diyerek hemen beni kald─▒r─▒p koltu─ča domaltt─▒. Arkama ge├žip g├Ât├╝me k├Âkledi. Ve sikmeye ba┼člad─▒. ├ľyle h─▒zl─▒ pompal─▒yordu ki g├Ât├╝me, g├Â─č├╝slerim sallan─▒yordu. Arada bir kal├žama tokat at─▒yor, ├╝st├╝me e─čilip alttan g├Â─č├╝slerimi m─▒nc─▒kl─▒yordu. Ve bu beni dahada ┼čehvetli k─▒l─▒yordu nedense. S─▒rayla biraz g├Ât├╝m├╝ sikiyor, sonra da am─▒ma ge├žiriyordu. 10-15 dakika beni o pozisyonda siktikten sonra bo┼čald─▒k ikimiz de. Banyoya gittik, bir g├╝zel y─▒kand─▒k. Sa├žlar─▒m─▒ kuruttum. ├ç─▒kt─▒k. Tabii ki g├Âmleklerin paras─▒n─▒ da ald─▒ktan sonra. Ben AVM’ye gidip, kay─▒npederim i├žin iki tane g├Âmlek, ona uygun da iki kravat ald─▒m. ├çok pahal─▒yd─▒ ald─▒klar─▒m, ama yine de artt─▒ verdi─či para. AVM’nin ├ž─▒k─▒┼č─▒nda ├╝nl├╝ bir baklavac─▒ vard─▒. Can─▒m ne zamand─▒r tatl─▒ istiyordu, ordan da b├╝y├╝k bir kutu baklava al─▒p eve gittim.

Eve girdi─čimde g├Âr├╝mcem mutfakta yemek haz─▒rl─▒yordu. Kay─▒npeder ise oturmu┼č haberleri seyrediyordu. “Baba, Ali bey para verdi, git babana hediye al dedi. Bakal─▒m be─čenecekmisin?” deyip paketleri verdim. Kay─▒npeder a├ž─▒nca ├žok sevindi, aya─ča kalkt─▒, te┼čekk├╝r etti, yanaklar─▒mdan ─▒slak ─▒slak ├Âpt├╝ birka├ž kez. “Aslan gelinim benim, sen birtanesin!” diyerek s─▒rt─▒m─▒ s─▒vazlad─▒. O anda akl─▒ma Ali beyin kay─▒npederim hakk─▒nda s├Âyledi─či ┼čeyler geldi. Acaba kay─▒npederim de beni sikermiydi ger├žekten? Yara─č─▒ nas─▒ld─▒ acaba? En son nezaman birisini sikmi┼čti acaba? Paras─▒zl─▒ktan ├žapk─▒nl─▒k ta yapam─▒yordu, ├╝stelik kay─▒nvalidem ├Âleli epey olmu┼čtu!

Ben bu d├╝┼č├╝ncelere dalm─▒┼čken, kay─▒npederim popoma bir hafif bir ┼čaplak att─▒ ve “Hadi g├╝zel gelinim, yeme─čimizi yiyelim, ac─▒kt─▒m ben!” dedi. “Tamam baba!” diyerek odama gidip ├╝zerimi de─či┼čtirdim. Elbiselerimi ├ž─▒kard─▒─č─▒mda, alt─▒mdaki k├╝lotun ─▒slanm─▒┼č oldu─čunu farkettim. Tuhaf bir durumdu bu, kay─▒npederim hakk─▒nda o ┼čeyleri d├╝┼č├╝n├╝rken, am─▒m sulanm─▒┼č ve ve k├╝lotumu ─▒slatm─▒┼čt─▒. Bunun nas─▒l olabilece─čine hayret ede ede k├╝lotumu de─či┼čtirdim. E┼čofmanlar─▒m─▒ giyip mutfa─ča ge├žtim. Yorgun oldu─čum halde g├Âr├╝mceme sofray─▒ haz─▒rlamas─▒na yard─▒m ettim. G├Âr├╝mcem, d├╝n gece ya┼čad─▒klar─▒m─▒zdan dolay─▒ heyecanl─▒yd─▒, benimle konu┼čurken y├╝z├╝ k─▒zar─▒yor, sesi titriyordu. Ama d├╝n gece hakk─▒nda konu┼čmad─▒k, havadan sudan sohbetlerle sofray─▒ haz─▒rlad─▒k.

Yemek yerken, kay─▒npederimin beni sikme d├╝┼č├╝ncesi bir saniye bile ├ž─▒kmad─▒ kafamdan. Daha bu g├╝ne kadar kay─▒npederimi hep bir baba gibi, kendi babam gibi g├Âr├╝yordum. Ama ┼čimdi onun da seks ihtiya├žlar─▒ olan bir erkek oldu─ču d├╝┼č├╝ncesi beynimden ├ž─▒km─▒yordu bir t├╝rl├╝. Kay─▒npederim de olsa, sonu├žta o da bir erkekti. Acaba normal erkekler gibi, o da beni arzuluyormuydu? Beni d├╝┼č├╝nerek 31 ├žekiyormuydu? ─░├žinden hi├ž ge├žiriyormuydu, (Ahh ┼ču gelinimi birkez siksem!) diye? Ben banyo yaparken falan beni hi├ž g├Âzetlemi┼čmiydi anahtar deli─činden? Kirli sepetine att─▒─č─▒m i├ž ├žama┼č─▒rlar─▒m─▒ koklam─▒┼čm─▒yd─▒? Ben evde yokken yatakodama girmi┼čmiydi, ├žekmecelerimi kar─▒┼čt─▒rm─▒┼čm─▒yd─▒? Ben neler d├╝┼č├╝n├╝yordum! Fakat elimde de─čildi, d├╝┼č├╝nmeden edemiyordum. Beynimle am─▒m yer de─či┼čtirmi┼č gibiydi. Ve beynim sulanm─▒┼čt─▒!

G├Âr├╝mcemin, “Yenge, yeme─čini yesene, so─čudu iyice!” diye d├╝rtmesiyle kendime geldim, taba─č─▒mdaki yeme─či ka┼č─▒klad─▒m. Baklavay─▒ da yemekten sonra afiyetle yedik. ├ťzerine ├žaylar─▒m─▒z─▒ da i├žtikten sonra, kay─▒npederim, yeme─či ├žok yedi─čini s├Âyleyip, “Biraz y├╝r├╝y├╝┼če ├ž─▒kaca─č─▒m, ordan da kahvehaneye gidece─čim!” dedi gitti. Biliyordum ki, kahvehane kapanmadan ├Ânce de gelmezdi. Sofray─▒ kald─▒rmaya ve bula┼č─▒klar─▒ y─▒kamaya g├Âr├╝mceme yard─▒m ettim. Yine d├╝n gece kakk─▒nda tek kelime ├ž─▒kmad─▒ g├Âr├╝mcemin a─čz─▒ndan. Acaba konuyu a├žmam─▒ benden mi bekliyordu?

G├Âr├╝mcemle kendimize birer ├žay daha doldurup, ge├žtik TV’nin kar┼č─▒s─▒na, ├╝├žl├╝ koltu─ča oturduk. Birden uzun bir sessizlik oldu. G├Âr├╝mcem g├Âzlerini TV’ye dikmi┼č, bo┼č bo┼č bak─▒yordu. Sanki bir┼čey d├╝┼č├╝n├╝yordu. Sessizli─či ben bozdum, “D├╝n gece hakk─▒nda ne d├╝┼č├╝n├╝yorsun can─▒m?” diye sordum. Kafas─▒n─▒ ├ževirdi, g├Âzlerime ├╝rkek ├╝rkek bakarak, titrek bir sesle, “Utan─▒yorum…” dedi. “Niye utan─▒yorsun ki?” dedim. “Ne bileyim i┼čte… d├╝n gece yapt─▒klar─▒m i├žin bana k─▒zm─▒┼čs─▒nd─▒r diye…” dedi. “Sa├žmalama! Niye k─▒zacakm─▒┼č─▒m ki? Aksine ├žok ho┼čuma gitti! Can─▒m benim!” deyip, uzand─▒m dudaklar─▒na bir ├Âp├╝c├╝k kondurdum. Ve ├Âp├╝┼čmeye ba┼člad─▒k. ├ç─▒lg─▒nca, dudaklar─▒m─▒ kemirircesine ├Âp├╝yordu dudaklar─▒m─▒. D├╝n geceden daha ate┼čliydi ├Âp├╝┼čmemiz. Kay─▒npederimin beni sikme d├╝┼č├╝ncesiyle zaten iyice azm─▒┼čt─▒m. Can─▒m m├╝thi┼č sevi┼čmek istiyordu. Ama salonda olmazd─▒.

G├Âr├╝mcemin elinden tutup, “Kalk odama gidelim!” dedim ve kalkt─▒k. Odama gittik. Tam kap─▒y─▒ kapatacakt─▒m, akl─▒ma bir┼čey geldi, “Sen soyun, ben geliyorum hemen!” diyerek, mutfa─ča gittim. Dolaptan, farkl─▒ boy ve kal─▒nl─▒klarda iki salatal─▒k se├žip, d├Ând├╝m odaya. G├Âr├╝mcem soyunup yorgan─▒n alt─▒na girmi┼č, yorgan─▒ bo─čaz─▒na kadar ├žekmi┼č, merakla g├Âzlerini kap─▒ya dikmi┼čti. Yerde e┼čofmanlar─▒ ve k├╝lodu duruyordu. Elimdeki salatal─▒klar─▒ g├Âr├╝nce, “Ne olacak onlar yenge?” diye sordu. Ben de g├╝lerek, “Ciddi ciddi soruyormusun?” deyince, “Haa, anlad─▒m!” dedi. Asl─▒nda ilk g├Ârd├╝─č├╝nde anlam─▒┼čt─▒, ama saf aya─č─▒na yat─▒yordu k├╝├ž├╝k orospu. Salatal─▒klar─▒ komodinin ├╝zerine b─▒rakt─▒m ve ben de soyundum. Yata─ča girmek i├žin yorgan─▒ a├žmak istedi─čimde, “Yenge, ─▒┼č─▒─č─▒ kapat─▒rm─▒s─▒n?” dedi g├Âr├╝mcem. “Tamam can─▒m!” deyip, gidip kapatt─▒m geldim. Gecelambas─▒n─▒ a├žt─▒m, girdim yorgan─▒n alt─▒na.

Hemen birbirimize sar─▒ld─▒k ve ├Âp├╝┼čt├╝k. Ok┼čad─▒k birbirimizin g├Â─č├╝slerini, bacaklar─▒n─▒, g├Âtlerini. Elimi am─▒na att─▒─č─▒mda bir s├╝rprizle kar┼č─▒la┼čt─▒m. G├Âr├╝mcem am─▒n─▒n k─▒llar─▒n─▒ alm─▒┼čt─▒. Yorgan─▒ a├žmak istedi─čimde, g├Âr├╝mcem ├Ânce yorgan─▒ tutup a├žt─▒rmad─▒. Belli ki am─▒n─▒n k─▒llar─▒n─▒ ald─▒─č─▒ i├žin utan─▒yordu. “Utan─▒lacak bir┼čey yok bunda can─▒m!” deyip ├žektim yorgan─▒ ├╝st├╝nden. Bacaklar─▒n─▒ s─▒k─▒ s─▒k─▒ birle┼čtirmi┼čti. Am─▒ kaymak gibi olmu┼čtu. Klitorisi ve birbirine yap─▒┼č─▒k, k├╝├ž├╝c├╝k am dudaklar─▒ kabak gibi ortaya ├ž─▒km─▒┼čt─▒. E─čildim, ├Âp├╝c├╝kler kondurdum klitorisine. Dudaklar─▒m klitorisine de─čdik├že irkiliyordu. Dilimi am─▒n─▒n dudaklar─▒nda gezindirmeye ba┼člad─▒─č─▒mda bacaklar─▒n─▒ iyice a├žt─▒. Ama halen am dudaklar─▒ birbirine yap─▒┼č─▒kt─▒, dilimi aralar─▒na sokup birka├ž kez yukar─▒ a┼ča─č─▒ yalad─▒─č─▒mda, onlar da ayr─▒ld─▒lar. ├çok g├╝zel amc─▒─č─▒ vard─▒ bu k─▒z─▒n. K├╝├ž├╝c├╝k, k├Ârpecik ve bakire am─▒ sulu bir ‘Kay─▒s─▒’ gibiydi. Ve ben doya doya yemek istiyordum!

Yorgan─▒ aya─č─▒mla ittirip yataktan tamamen d├╝┼č├╝rd├╝m yere ve “69 yapal─▒m!” dedim. “Tamam!” dedi hemen, do─čruldu. 69 nedir biliyordu, saf aya─č─▒na yatmad─▒ bu kez. Ama birka├ž saniyeli─čine trafik kar─▒┼čt─▒, kim kimin ├╝zerine ├ž─▒kaca─č─▒ konusunda. Benim s─▒rt├╝st├╝ yatmamla, g├Âr├╝mcem de ters olarak ├╝zerime ├ž─▒kt─▒. Bacaklar─▒ndan tutup biraz daha kendime ├žektim. ┼×imdi olmu┼čtu. Am─▒ y├╝z├╝me yak─▒nla┼čm─▒┼čt─▒. Kafam─▒n alt─▒na yast─▒─č─▒ koydu─čumda, dilimin am─▒na yeti┼čiyordu. Yine de am─▒n─▒ daha rahat yalayabilmem i├žin aras─▒ra kafam─▒ yast─▒ktan kald─▒rmam gerekecekti. Bu s─▒rada g├Âr├╝mcem ilgiyle am─▒m─▒ seyrediyordu. Ama ben onun am─▒n─▒ yalamaya ba┼člay─▒nca, o da g├Âmd├╝ y├╝z├╝n├╝ am─▒ma, ba┼člad─▒ yalamaya.

Onun k├╝├ž├╝c├╝k am─▒n─▒n badem gibi dudaklar─▒n─▒ i├žime ├žekiyordum. ┼×apurdata ┼čapurdata yal─▒yor, emiyordum am─▒n─▒. Klitorisini ├Âp├╝p, yal─▒yor, emiyordum. Rahat bir 15-20 dakika yalad─▒m, en az iki kere orgazm ettim g├Âr├╝mcemi. Yine de doymuyordum yalamaya. Dilimi bazen am─▒n─▒n deli─čine sokup ├ž─▒kar─▒yordum. Ozaman o da benim am─▒m─▒ deli gibi yal─▒yordu. Ben g├Ât├╝ne i┼čaret parma─č─▒m─▒ ilk bo─čumuna kadar soktu─čumda irkildi, kafas─▒n─▒ kald─▒rd─▒. Tamam─▒n─▒ sokmam─▒ bekliyor gibiydi. ├ľyle de yapt─▒m, yava┼č yava┼č parma─č─▒m─▒n tamam─▒n─▒ soktum g├Ât├╝ne. Sonra sokup ├ž─▒karmaya ba┼člad─▒m parma─č─▒m─▒. G├Âr├╝mcem am─▒m─▒ yalamay─▒ b─▒rakm─▒┼čt─▒, bacaklar─▒mdan tutunarak duruyordu. G├Ât├╝n├╝n parmaklanmas─▒ndan ald─▒─č─▒ zevke konsantre olmu┼č gibiydi.

Parma─č─▒m─▒ g├Ât├╝nden ├ž─▒kar─▒p, salatal─▒klara uzand─▒m. ─░kisini de ald─▒m. B├╝y├╝k olan─▒ g├Âr├╝mceme verdim, “Am─▒ma soksana bunu!” diyerek. G├Âr├╝mcem salatal─▒─č─▒ am─▒ma sokarken, ben de k├╝├ž├╝k salatal─▒─č─▒n ucunu g├Âr├╝mcemin am─▒n─▒n dudaklar─▒ aras─▒na biraz s├╝rt├╝p ─▒slatt─▒m. G├Âr├╝mcem salatal─▒─č─▒ am─▒na sokaca─č─▒m─▒ san─▒yordu herhalde, yine hareketsiz duruyordu. Ama ben salatal─▒─č─▒ g├Âr├╝mcemin g├Ât├╝ne dayad─▒m ve sokmaya ba┼člad─▒m. Ucu biraz girince, k─▒sa bir, “Ahh!” sesi ├ž─▒kt─▒ g├Âr├╝mcemden. Salatal─▒─č─▒ k─▒v─▒ra k─▒v─▒ra, t├╝k├╝r├╝p, azar azar sokup ├ž─▒kara ├ž─▒kara, g├Ât deli─čini geni┼člete geni┼člete sokuyordum.

Bir s├╝re sonra al─▒┼čm─▒┼čt─▒ g├Ât deli─či. Art─▒k ben de, onun benim am─▒ma sokup ├ž─▒kard─▒─č─▒ gibi, h─▒zl─▒ h─▒zl─▒ sokup ├ž─▒kar─▒yordum salatal─▒─č─▒ g├Ât├╝ne. Di─čer elimin parmaklar─▒yla da am─▒n─▒ ok┼čuyordum, klitorisini oval─▒yordum. Arada bir t├╝k├╝rmeyi de ihmal etmiyordum. O da benim am─▒ma t├╝k├╝r├╝yor, salatal─▒─č─▒ am─▒ma sokup ├ž─▒kar─▒rken, klitorisimi emiyordu. ─░kimizin de inlemeleri ve ├ž─▒─čl─▒klar─▒ y├╝kselerek artm─▒┼čt─▒. ├ľzg├╝rce. Kimse duyamazd─▒ nas─▒l olsa, evde yaln─▒zd─▒k. ─░kimiz de orgazm olmaya yakla┼čm─▒┼čt─▒k. ├ľnce ben orgazm oldum. Kendimi frenlemeden, ├ž─▒─čl─▒klar ata ata bo┼čald─▒m. Hemen sonra da g├Âr├╝mcemin am─▒n─▒n sular─▒ y├╝z├╝me damlamaya ba┼člad─▒. O da ├Âzg├╝r ├ž─▒─čl─▒klar ata ata orgazm oldu, bo┼čald─▒.

─░kimiz de zevkten bay─▒lm─▒┼č gibiydik. Kendimize gelmemiz dakikalar ald─▒. Salatal─▒klar─▒ komodinin ├╝st├╝ne koyduk, sar─▒ld─▒k birbirimize. ├ľp├╝┼čt├╝k. Uzunca bir s├╝re birbirimize sar─▒l─▒ yatt─▒k. Hi├ž konu┼čmadan. Evdeki huzur veren sessizli─či bozmadan. Saatlerce bu ┼čekilde yatabilirdik. Saat! Akl─▒ma saate bakmak geldi. Eyvah, kay─▒npederimin eve gelme saati yakla┼čm─▒┼čt─▒. Tela┼čla kalkt─▒m, g├Âr├╝mceme gitmesi gerekti─čini s├Âyledim, k├╝lodumu ald─▒m yerden, giydim. Geceli─čimi ├ž─▒kard─▒m dolaptan, ge├žirdim ├╝st├╝me. G├Âr├╝mcem de giyindi. Ama yine m─▒zm─▒zlan─▒yordu gitmemek i├žin. “Yaa yenge…” deyip duruyor, benimle uyumak istiyordu yine.

Dudaklar─▒ndan ├Âpt├╝m, poposuna ┼čaplak att─▒m. “Hadi can─▒m, hadi a┼čk─▒m, hadi g├╝zelim, hadi yengesinin g├╝l├╝!” diye, pohpohlaya pohpohlaya g├Ânderdim odas─▒na. Salatal─▒klar! Salatal─▒klar─▒ ald─▒m, mutfakta bir po┼čete koyup, ├ž├Âp kovas─▒na att─▒m. Ellerimi y─▒kay─▒p odama d├Ând├╝m. Yatt─▒m uyumak i├žin. Ama yatakta d├Ân├╝p durdum bir s├╝re. Saate bakt─▒m, kay─▒npederimin rutin kahvehaneden gelme saati epey bir ge├žmi┼čti. Ve kay─▒npederim daha eve gelmemi┼čti. Sonra dalm─▒┼č─▒m uykuya.

Bir araban─▒n sesiyle uyand─▒m. Saate bakt─▒m, 04:00’e geliyordu. Kalkt─▒m perdeyi aralay─▒p d─▒┼čar─▒ya bakt─▒m, gelen arabadan kay─▒npederim indi. Muhtemelen arkada┼člar─▒yla i├žmekten geliyordu bu saatte. Ara s─▒ra demlenirdi. Araba uzakla┼č─▒nca, perdeyi kapat─▒p yata─ča girdim tekrar. Az sonra d─▒┼čkap─▒n─▒n a├ž─▒lma ve kapanma sesi geldi. Bir s├╝re sonra da benim odam─▒n kap─▒s─▒ a├ž─▒ld─▒, odam─▒n ─▒┼č─▒─č─▒ yand─▒. Ve kay─▒npederimle g├Âz g├Âze geldik…


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Liseli ├Â─črencimi takdir verece─čim diyerek sik

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Liseli ├Â─črencimi takdir verece─čim diyerek sik

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Eve g?rerken k─▒z?a─č─▒z korkudan v? heyec?nd?n yavru bir ku┼č gibi titriy?rdu. ─░├žeri girip te kap─▒?─▒ kapat─▒r kapatmaz hemen koridorda Zeyne?in arkas─▒na ge├žip ?ar─▒ld─▒m ve poposuna kerk?nmeye ba┼člad─▒m. ├ťzerimizde elbiselerimiz oldu─ču halde Zeynep zevk al─▒?ordu. Benim yarak kaz─▒k gibi olmu┼čtu. Sonra Zeyneb?n en?e?ini, boynunu ve kul?─č─▒n─▒ ├Âp├╝p ?alama?a ba┼člad─▒m. Daha sonra benim odama ge├žtik. Z?yn?bin dudaklar─▒na yumuldum ve deli gibi ├Âp├╝┼čmeye b?┼čl?d─▒k. Bu arada g├Âmle─činin d├╝─čmelerini tek tek a├ž─▒yordum. G├Âml?─čini ├ž─▒k?r─▒p s├╝tyeninden de kurt?rd─▒kt?n s?nra o lim?n b├╝y├╝kl├╝─č├╝nd? memelerini ├Âp├╝p yalamaya ve emmeye ba┼člad─▒─č─▒mda k─▒z resmen kendinden ge├žmi┼č bir ┼čekilde inliyordu. Elimi ete─činin alt─▒na sokup am─▒na ?tt─▒m. Alt─▒nda k├╝lotlu├žorab─▒ ve k├╝lodu oldu─ču h?lde am─▒n─▒n s─▒cakl─▒─č─▒n─▒ ve yumu┼čakl─▒─č─▒n─▒ hiss?d?biliyordum.
Am─▒n─▒ biraz ?k┼čay─▒nca k├╝lotlu├žorab─▒n─▒n a─č k─▒sm─▒ ─▒slanmaya ba┼člad─▒ÔÇŽ

Akl─▒mda hep ? s─▒n─▒ft? s─▒raya domalm─▒┼č hali vard─▒, Zeynebi ├žal─▒┼čma masama s─▒n─▒ftaki gibi domaltt─▒m. Arkas─▒ndan ?t?─čini kald─▒rd─▒m v? k├╝lotlu├žorab─▒n─▒ ve tanga k├╝lodunu indirdim. Y├╝z├╝m├╝ yakla┼čt─▒rd─▒─č─▒mda pamuk gibi g├Ât├╝ ve k├╝├ž├╝c├╝k am─▒ mis gibi kokuyordu. Bir s├╝re am─▒n─▒ ve g├Ât├╝n├╝ koklad─▒m sonra d? ├Âp├╝p yalad─▒m. Dilimi a┼ča─č─▒dan yukar─▒ya, yuk?r─▒d?n a┼ča─č─▒?a ka?d─▒rarak, ?m─▒n─▒ da g├Ât├╝n├╝ d? yal─▒y?rdum. G├Ât├╝n├╝n deli─čine dilimi soktu─čumd? g├Ât├╝n├╝ iyi?e arkaya veriyordu. Bu ?r?d? benim yarak pantolonumun i├žinde zonkluyor ve bir?n ├Ânc? o darac─▒k g├Âte girmek i├žin sab─▒rs─▒zlan─▒yordu. Hemen pantolonumu Boxerimle birlikte ├ž─▒k?rd─▒m. Yara─č─▒m─▒n ba┼č─▒n─▒ t├╝k├╝r├╝─č├╝mle ─▒slatt─▒ktan sonra g├Ât├╝n├╝n deli─čine de b?lca t├╝k├╝rd├╝m ve yara─č─▒m─▒n b?┼č─▒n─▒ g├Ât deli─čine y?n?┼čt─▒rd─▒m. Yava┼č yava┼č sokmaya ├žal─▒┼č─▒?ordum, fakat girmiyordu ve Zeynep, ÔÇťA┼čk─▒m a?─▒yor! Ne olur dur!ÔÇŁ diy?rdu s├╝rekliÔÇŽ

B?n biraz duruyor, ?onra tekrar sokmaya ├žal─▒┼č─▒yordum. Yine girmeyin?e Zeynep, ÔÇťA┼čk─▒m, Halimenin d?di─čin? g├Âre krem s├╝r├╝nce daha rahat oluyormu┼č!ÔÇŁ dedi. ÔÇťBak s???n, demek o oro?pu Halime de g├Âtten siktiriyor h??!ÔÇŁ demeden edemed?m. (Halime b?z?m paralel s─▒n─▒fta okuyan kapal─▒ bir k─▒z). ÔÇťTamam a┼čk─▒m, krem g?tir?yim!ÔÇŁ deyi?, bir ko┼ču b?nyod?n krem kapt─▒m geld?m. ─░yice kremledikten sonra yeniden denedim. Bu sefer ba┼č─▒ girmi┼čti fakat Zeynep te ayn─▒ anda ├ž─▒─čl─▒─č─▒ ba?m─▒┼čt─▒. Hemen ?liml? a─čz─▒n─▒ ka?ad─▒m, konuyu kom┼čuyu ba┼č─▒m─▒za toplamas─▒n diye. Y?v?┼č yava┼č g├Ât├╝ne gir?rk?n Zeynep elimi ─▒sr─▒y?rdu. Yar─▒dan f?zl?s─▒ girmi┼čti k? ├Ât?ki kolumla karn─▒ndan iyice kavrad─▒m ve birden ?├╝klenerek kalan─▒n─▒ da s?kunca Z?yn?bin ayaklar─▒ yerden ke?ildi.
Ben ?rt─▒k elimi a─čz─▒ndan ├žekmeden g├Ât├╝n? k├Âkl├╝yordumÔÇŽ

Zeynep elimi ─▒s─▒rarak inliyordu. B?r s├╝r? g├Ât├╝nde gidip geldikten sonra art─▒k el?m? ─▒s─▒rmay─▒ b─▒rakm─▒┼č ve daha hafif inl?m?y? ba┼člam─▒┼čt─▒. Elimi a─čz─▒ndan ├žekip belini iki elimle kavrad─▒m ve kend?me ├žeke ├žeke 15-20 dakika pompalad─▒m g├Ât├╝ne. Sonra birden ├Âyle bir bo┼čalmaya ba┼člad─▒m ki, u├žtum resmen. Bo┼čalmam bitince yara─č─▒m─▒ ├ž─▒karmak istedim fakat Zeynep, ÔÇť├ç─▒kartma!ÔÇŁ dedi. Yara─č─▒m g├Ât├╝nd? inene kadar bir s├╝re bekledim. Fakat y?ne ├ž─▒kartt─▒rmad─▒, B├╝z├╝─č├╝n├╝ s─▒karak inik yara─č─▒m─▒ i├žinde tutu?ordu. Bir ?├╝re sonr? b├╝z├╝─č├╝n├╝ s─▒k─▒p s─▒k─▒p gev┼četme?e ba┼člay─▒nca, benim yarakta i├žinde yen?den kalkmaya ba┼člad─▒ ve yine gel git yapmaya ba┼člad─▒m. Bu sefer Ze?nebin g├Ât├╝n├╝ baya bir uzun ?iktikten ?onra ancak bo┼čald─▒m. Tam Z?yn?pl? i┼čimiz bitti, giyindik toparland─▒k, babamlar eve geldi. Biz de hemen ders ├žal─▒┼čma moduna g?├žtik ve y?r─▒m saat s?nra Zeyne? ?vin? gitti.

Zeynebin g├Ât├╝n├╝ bilmem ama, (g├Ât├╝ne iki kez bo┼čald─▒─č─▒m i├žin) benim k?s─▒kl?r─▒m a─čr─▒d─▒ bir s├╝re! Ama ne ?lursa ol?un darac─▒k Liseli g├Ât├╝ sikmek g?b?s? yok!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Favori kafeme gitmi┼čtim 8

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Favori kafeme gitmi┼čtim 8
├žal─▒┼č─▒yordum. D├Âllerin kadifemsi kokusunu i├žime ├žeke ├žeke yalarken o─čuz’un g├Âzlerine bakmay─▒ ihmal etmiyordum. O─čuz durumdan gayet memnun beni ├Âylece izliyordu. Ki bak─▒┼člar─▒ndan son anlar─▒n─▒n oldu─čunu anlay─▒nca yeterince yalad─▒─č─▒m─▒ d├╝┼č├╝nerek sikini a─čz─▒m─▒n i├žine alarak g─▒rtla─č─▒ma kadar vakumlamaya ba┼člad─▒m. Siki art─▒k zonklamaya ba┼člam─▒┼čt─▒. Ben de h─▒z─▒m─▒ artt─▒rarak iyi bir orgazm ya┼čamas─▒n─▒ istedim. Kas─▒lmalarla birlikte iyice ┼či┼čen siki bademciklerime geldi─činde ┼čiddetle bo┼čalmaya ba┼člad─▒─č─▒nda o─čuz refleksle bo─čaz─▒ma k├Âkleyiverdi. Geri ├žekildi tekrar k├Âkledi. A─čz─▒m─▒n i├ži olabildi─čine d├Âl dolmu┼č dudaklar─▒mdan tekrar s├╝z├╝l├╝p ta┼čaklar─▒na ak─▒yordu. Sikini a─čz─▒mdan ├ž─▒kar─▒p g├Âzlerine bakarak a─čz─▒mdaki t├╝m d├Âllerini yuttum. O─čuz g├╝lerek “ho┼čuna gitti dimi orospu” deyip bana hafif bir tokat att─▒. G├╝l├╝mseyerek kalanlar─▒yalamaya devam ettim. ─░yice temizledi─čimde siki inmeye ba┼člam─▒┼č o─čuz kafas─▒n─▒ koltu─ča yaslay─▒p g├Âzlerini kapatm─▒┼č dinlenmeye ├žal─▒┼č─▒yordu. Ellerim y├╝z├╝m hep d├Âl bula┼čm─▒┼č sikini y├╝z├╝nime s├╝r├╝p tekrar yal─▒yordum. Siki iyice indi─činde benimde i┼čim bitmi┼čti. Sehpan─▒n ├╝zerinde ki pe├žeteye uzan─▒p elimi ve y├╝z├╝m├╝ sildim. Uzan─▒p birde sigara al─▒p yakt─▒m. Oldu─čum pozisyonda o─čuzun bacaklar─▒na yaslanarak sigaram─▒ i├žmeye ba┼člad─▒m. O─čuza ve i┼či biten sikini memnuniyetle ve hayranl─▒kla izliyordum. O─čuz kafas─▒n─▒ kald─▒rd─▒
– olum sen tam porno filmliksin. Normal kimse bu kadar g├╝zel bo┼čaltamaz insan─▒ mk bitirdin beni
+ yaaa yoksa bu kadar m─▒yd─▒? t├╝kendin mi
– ne o doymad─▒n m─▒
+ doydum da bi daha olsa yok demem
– vay fahi┼če seni. Bizimkiler gelir ┼čimdi ben du┼ča gireyim ├Ânce sende etraf─▒ bi toparla f─▒rsat bulunca istedi─čini yapar─▒m, diyip banyoya gitti. Etraf─▒ toparlad─▒m. ├ľtekiler gelmeden birer kahve i├žeyim diye bir kahve daha yapt─▒m kendime hem de o─čuzu bekliyordum. O─čuz du┼čtan ├ž─▒k─▒nca rahatlam─▒┼č bi ┼čekilde odaya gitti siki iyice k├╝├ž├╝lm├╝┼čt├╝. Eliyle g├Âstererek
– napt─▒n la buna i├žine ka├žm─▒┼č iyice deyip kahkahay─▒ bast─▒.
+ korkmu┼č herhalde ne bilim ya
Banyoya ge├žtim s─▒cak bi du┼čla her taraf─▒ma bula┼čan d├Âlleri ve deli─čimi zar zor temizledim ard─▒ndan havluyla kurulanmaya ba┼člad─▒m. ─░├žerden sesler geliyordu. Suyun sesinden geldiklerini duymam─▒┼č─▒m herhalde. K─▒yafetlerimi odada b─▒rakm─▒┼čt─▒m ve odaya gitmem i├žin beni g├Ârmeleri gerekecekti. O─čuza seslendim bir iki kere ama ba─č─▒ra ba─č─▒ra konu┼čuyorlard─▒ ve ben utan├žtan sesimi y├╝kseltemiyordum. Beni duymayacakt─▒. Havluyu belime dolay─▒p h─▒zl─▒ h─▒zl─▒ ge├žsem bakmadan diye d├╝┼č├╝n├╝p kap─▒dan ├ž─▒kt─▒m, o esnada “oooo aha da ├ž─▒kt─▒ seninki” sesleriyle irkildim. Yandan ufak bi bak─▒┼č ile onlara bakt─▒m, d├Ârt erkek beni izliyordu. Ad─▒mlar─▒m─▒ b├╝y├╝terek ka├žarcas─▒na odaya att─▒m kendimi. Pe┼čimden i├žeri o─čuz geldi
– ya niye ├Âyle ka├žt─▒n
+ bu halde mi ├ž─▒kay─▒m kar┼č─▒lar─▒na
– ne olcak sanki
+ sa├žmalama o─čuz
– sende ne utanga├žs─▒n ya
+ bu durumda nas─▒l utanmayay─▒m sen s├Âylesene
– ulan ibne g├Âz├╝m├╝n i├žine baka baka d├Âl├╝m├╝ yutuyosun da iki erke─čin ├Ân├╝ne havluyla m─▒ ├ž─▒kam─▒yosun
+ ne yani ┼čimdi bunu mu istiyosun? Ya yoksa onlara da m─▒ siktircen beni
– ne alakas─▒ var do─čal ol ya
+ amac─▒n ne o─čuz o zaman
– hayat─▒m benle dalga ge├žtiler ya hani, i┼čte seni iyice g├Ârs├╝nler de se├žimimin g├╝zel oldu─čunu g├Âr├╝p k─▒skans─▒nlar istiyorum
+ bug├╝n b├Âyle olsun sonra s├Âz. ─░stersen yanlar─▒nda bile sikersin ama ┼čimdi isteme utan─▒yorum i┼čte
– peki ┼čimdi de─čil sonra bak s├Âz verdin he
+ tamam s├Âz
O─čuz ├ž─▒kt─▒. ├ťzerimi giyinip derin bir nefes alarak kap─▒y─▒ a├žt─▒m ve yanlar─▒na gittim. D├Ârd├╝n├╝n de bak─▒┼člar─▒yla ├Ânce bir ho┼čgeldiniz dedim. Ho┼čbulduk dedikten sonra teker teker ellerini s─▒kmak i├žin yana┼čt─▒m ilk volkan─▒n elini s─▒kt─▒m, pe┼činden selim ve murat ile tokala┼čt─▒ktan sonra tekli koltukta oturan o─čuzun yan─▒na gidip koltu─čun kenar─▒na oturdum. Hala bak─▒┼člar ├╝zerimdeyken ben o─čuza bak─▒yordum.
V- ee nas─▒ls─▒n ak─▒nc─▒─č─▒m
B- iyiyim te┼čekk├╝r ederim sizler nas─▒ls─▒n─▒z
S-┬á iyiyiz ama seni g├Ârd├╝k daha iyi olduk
V- ge├žen kar┼č─▒la┼čt─▒─č─▒m─▒zdan daha iyi g├Ârd├╝m seni
M- he volkinin anlatt─▒─č─▒ndan daha iyiymi┼čsin gibi sanki. Ger├ži bi de ├ž─▒plakken g├Ârmek laz─▒m
O- ├ž─▒plakken g├Ârmeyi bo┼čver i┼č ├╝st├╝nde g├Ârceniz a┼č─▒k olursunuz olum
S- hadi g├Ârelim o zaman
O- siktirin lan o benim. R├╝yan─▒zda g├Âr├╝rs├╝n├╝z ahahahha
S- sanki yedik tamam mk.
Benim ├╝zerimden epey bi geyik yapmaya ba┼člad─▒lar. Onlar konu┼čtuk├ža ben yerin dibine giriyordum utan├žtan
O- yavrum kalk mutfaktan birer bira getirde ba┼člayal─▒m i├žmeye
Kalk─▒p mutfa─ča giderken ├Âyle beni s├╝z├╝yorlard─▒. Masan─▒n ├╝zerinde po┼četlerde biralar vard─▒. Birer ┼či┼če ay─▒t─▒p kalan─▒ dolaba koydum. Yan─▒nda ├žerezliklerde alm─▒┼člard─▒ onlar─▒ da tabaklara koyup salondaki sehpaya ta┼č─▒maya ba┼člad─▒m. ─░┼čim bitti─činde ge├žip tekrar o─čuzun yan─▒na oturdum.
V- yenge hamaratm─▒┼č. Yan─▒ndan da ayr─▒lm─▒yo.
M- sen daha kar─▒ k─▒za da bakmazs─▒n art─▒k
O- aynen kanka i┼čim olmaz daha kimseyle. O benim bi tanem art─▒k
Onlar b├Âyle konu┼čurken o─čuzun baca─č─▒na vurdum hafif├že. O─čuz anlad─▒ benim iyice zor durumda oldu─čumu.
O- neyse beyler manitam─▒n ├╝st├╝ne ├žok gitmeyin
S- ak─▒nc─▒─č─▒m k─▒zm─▒yosun di mi? Sonu├žta art─▒k sende bu ekibin bi ├╝yesisin ├žekingen durma
B- tamam ama yani ilk kez b├Âyle oldu ne bileyim
M- tamam tamam. Neyse beyler hadi okeyin g├Âz├╝ne vural─▒m.
V- bi┼čeyine oynarsak oynayal─▒m yoksa bo┼č oynanmam.
O- tamam hallederiz ge├žin mutfaktaki masaya ben ta┼člar─▒ getireyim. Ak─▒n gelsene yard─▒m et bana
Odaya ge├žip ├žekmeceli dolaptan ─▒stakalar ile ta┼člar─▒ ├ž─▒kard─▒.
O- yavrum k─▒zm─▒yon dimi bana bizimkiler baya a├ž─▒k s├Âzl├╝d├╝r
B- k─▒z─▒yorum o─čuz. ├çok utand─▒m.
O- ortama al─▒┼čsan biraz sallamazs─▒n o kadar
B- iyi de b├Âyle konu┼čmalarla nas─▒l al─▒┼čcam
O- hakl─▒s─▒n neyse ben konuyu de─či┼čtiririm seni al─▒┼čt─▒rmas─▒n─▒ da bilirim merak etme. Gel bi ├Âpim
Sar─▒l─▒p bi ka├ž kez ├Âpt├╝. Sonra popoma vurrark “hadi al ┼čunlardan gel” diyerek odadan ├ž─▒kt─▒. Pe┼činden gittim.
Oyuna ba┼člay─▒p muhabbete ba┼člad─▒lar. Ben de murat ile o─čuzun aras─▒nda yanc─▒l─▒k yap─▒yordum. Biras─▒ bitene yenisini veriyordum sohbetlerini dinliyordum. Bu esnada murat bana tan─▒mak ad─▒na normal sorular soruyordu. Nerdensin ne i┼č yap─▒yosun ka├ž ya┼č─▒ndas─▒n filan… Bu sohbetle murata biraz ─▒s─▒nm─▒┼čt─▒m. O─čuz bize pek bakm─▒yor di─čerleri ile bi┼čeyler konu┼čup oyunla ilgileniyordu. ─░kinci ┼či┼čeleri bitti─činde o─čuz kalk─▒p
O- bira da hi├ž durmuyo mk bi i┼čeyip geliyom, dedi─činde selim ile volkan da biz de manitalar─▒ bi kontrol edelim diyerek telefonlar─▒yla salona gittiler. Yan─▒mda murat kalm─▒┼čt─▒ o da bi sigara yak─▒p biras─▒ndan bi yudum ald─▒.
M- ak─▒nc─▒─č─▒m sorun etmezsen ne kadar zamand─▒r gay oldu─čunu s├Âyler misin
B- ergenlik d├Ânemlerimde hissediyordum ama 5 6 y─▒ld─▒r d─▒┼ča vurdum
M- peki o─čuz ka├ž─▒nc─▒ oldu
B- d├Ârd├╝nc├╝ oldu, dedi─čimde ┼ča┼č─▒rm─▒┼č gibi g├Âzlerini a├žarak bana bakt─▒.
M- hmm taze say─▒l─▒rs─▒n yani
B- ahaha ├Âyke say─▒l─▒r
Murat biras─▒ndan bir yudum daha al─▒p elini baca─č─▒ma att─▒. Ben sessizce bakakalm─▒┼čt─▒m. Baca─č─▒m─▒ ok┼čayarak elini popoma do─čru g├Ât├╝r├╝yordu. Yapmasan ke┼čke dememe ra─čmen devam ediyordu. Elini tutup yapma dedim. Elini ├žekti ve sigaras─▒ndan bir nefes al─▒p
M- afedersin ama o─čuzdan isterim seni bi g├╝n verir misin bana da o zaman
B- vermez beni o─čuz
M- g├Âr├╝r├╝z oras─▒n─▒
O esnada o─čuz geldi.
O- nap─▒yon lan benim manitay─▒ m─▒ s─▒k─▒┼čt─▒r─▒yon
M- he lan ama vermiyo nas─▒l ba─člad─▒ysan kendine
O- vermez tabi ama ben ne istersem onu yapar. Sen benle konu┼č
Bu konu┼čmayla ┼čok olmu┼čtum. ─░lerde ba┼č─▒ma bi┼čeyler gelecekti kesin
O- kanka bende ki sik sende olsa sende ba─člars─▒n ama sizde i┼č yok
M- ondan k─▒zlar─▒ hep ka├ž─▒rd─▒n mk
O- onlar─▒ sayma la. Bi amc─▒─č─▒m─▒z var diye prenses old─▒iular ba┼č─▒ma. Ama ak─▒n her dedi─čime geliyo. Halden anl─▒yor
M- eee erke─čin halinden erkek anlar
O- ahahaha
─░├žeri ├Ânce selim pe┼činden volkan geldi. Yeniden oyuna ba┼člad─▒lar. ─░lk partileri bitince murat “hadi iddias─▒na oynayal─▒m.” deyince herkes kabul etti. Bir kasa biras─▒na oynayacaklard─▒. Ben onlar─▒ izliyordum e─člencelilerdi ama bi┼čey yapmad─▒─č─▒m i├žin art─▒k s─▒k─▒lmaya ba┼člam─▒┼čt─▒m. Bunu farkeden o─čuz bana do─čru e─čilip
O- ┼ču el bitsin seninle ilgilencem yavrum benim o─član seni sorup duruyor alttan
V- ne el bitmesi la seni mi beklicez yar─▒m saat
O- napal─▒m olum tan─▒┼čmak istediniz diye geldiniz yoksa ben mi ├ža─č─▒rd─▒m sizi
S- olim okey gelene─čimizi sen siki┼čcen diye iptal mi edecektik.
M- beyler hepinizde hakl─▒s─▒n─▒z bak─▒n ne dicem aram─▒zda yabanc─▒ yok. O─čuz ├ž─▒kar sikini aga ak─▒n oynas─▒n masan─▒n alt─▒ndan
B- yok ya ben iyiyim siz s─▒kmay─▒n can─▒n─▒z─▒ devam edin
Volkanla selim de murat─▒n dedi─čini “vay do─čru dedin” diye destekleyince o─čuz ┼č├Âyle bana do─čru bir bakt─▒.
O- do─čru diyolar ak─▒n. Gel istersen
B- hay─▒r ger├žekten s─▒k─▒lmad─▒m iyiyim b├Âyle beklerim ben
O- yok yok gel i┼čte hadi. Hem ne kadar orospu oldu─čunu g├Âster bana insanlar─▒n i├žinde de bunu yalayacak kadar seviyo musun yara─č─▒m─▒ g├Ârelim
B- hay─▒r o─čuz dememe ra─čmen ─▒srar etti. En sonunda kendisi kalkarak e┼čofman─▒n─▒ indirdi ve yar─▒ kalk─▒k siki sallanarak dudaklar─▒m─▒n ├Ân├╝nde duruyordu. Bu sefer yerin 10 kat dibine girmi┼čtim. Di─čerleri hadi ak─▒n utanma diyerek bana gaz vermeye ba┼člam─▒┼člar o─čuz dahada yakla┼čt─▒rarak ka├ž─▒┼č─▒m─▒ engelliyordu. ─░├žimden bi ses “hadi ne olacaksa olsun art─▒k” diye seslenmeye ba┼člam─▒┼čt─▒. Sa─č elimle sikini tutup do─čru a─čz─▒ma g├Ât├╝rd├╝m. “wwwwooookwww” nidalar─▒yla herkes beni ┼ča┼čk─▒nl─▒kla izlemeye ba┼člad─▒.
O- i┼čte b├Âyle s├Âz dinle orospu. Oturay─▒m sende ge├ž masan─▒n alt─▒na devam et.
Dedi─čini yap─▒p masan─▒n alt─▒nda yalamaya emmeye devam ettim. Kimse g├Ârm├╝yordu ama kalbim heyecanla patlarcas─▒na at─▒yordu. ├ťstelik bu durumda o─čuzun siki daha tatl─▒ gelmi┼čti ve fark─▒nda olmadan daha da i┼čtahl─▒ yal─▒yordum.
S- o─čuz senin yarak da hayvan gibi mk. Nas─▒l k─▒y─▒yon ak─▒n’a
O- kanka o bu yara─ča a┼č─▒k oldu sen ne diyon mk
M- ak─▒n bu yara─č─▒ yiyosa┬á bizimkileri k├╝rdan gibi kullan─▒r
V- yok daha ne benimki de iyidir o─člum ahahaha
Ben masan─▒n alt─▒nda sakso ├žekiyorum, di─čerleri bi taraftan okeye devam edip bi taraftan ┼čamataya devam ediyorlard─▒. Parti bitti─činde oyunu o─čuz kaybetmi┼čti.
O- m─▒nakoyim malafat─▒ yalatt─▒r─▒yom diye kaybettim.
M- hadi pamuk eller cebe
O- ne paras─▒ mk. Yok para mara
S- ya siktir edin de ak─▒n yorulmad─▒ m─▒ orda
O- yorulma da─čil de ben dayanam─▒yorum ya bi h─▒nc─▒m─▒ al─▒p geleyim. Ak─▒n gel yavrum odaya ge├želim biz.
Masan─▒n alt─▒ndan kalk─▒p o─čuz la birlikte odaya ge├žtik.
O- nas─▒ls─▒n yavrum her┼čey yolunda m─▒? Diye sordu─čunda ben asl─▒nda olaylardan ├žok azm─▒┼čt─▒m ve de daha iki saat ├Ânceki hallerimi ├Âzledi─čimden bi h─▒┼č─▒mla o─čuzun dudaklar─▒na yap─▒┼čm─▒┼čt─▒m. Ayakta s├Âm├╝r├╝rcesine ├Âp├╝yordum onu. G├Â─č├╝s├╝nden yata─ča iterek yat─▒rd─▒m. Bir ├ž─▒rp─▒da soyunurken o─čuz ┼ča┼čk─▒nl─▒k i├žinde beni izliyordu. ├ťzerine oturup ├Âp├╝┼čmeye bir elimlede aletini kavray─▒p s─▒vazlamaya ├žal─▒┼č─▒yordum. Elimde aleti sertle┼čtik├že deli─čim girmesini istiyor gibi zonkluyordu.
O- ooo sen fena azm─▒┼čs─▒n tad─▒ndan yenmezsin ┼čimdi
B- b─▒rak─▒n okeyi filan sen sik beni a┼čk─▒m azd─▒rd─▒n mahvettin beni…
Uzan─▒p sikini bi ka├ž defa yalayarak t├╝k├╝r├╝kledim tekrar ├╝zerine oturarak deli─čime dayad─▒m ve yava┼č├ža sokuverdim. Tamam─▒ girdi─činde hemen h─▒zl─▒ca oturup kalkmaya ba┼člad─▒m her an─▒m─▒n dolu ge├žmesini dorukta ya┼čamay─▒ istiyordum. O─čuzun elleri g├Â─č├╝s├╝mde meme u├žlar─▒m─▒ s─▒k─▒yordu. Bir iki dakika sonra. Kap─▒ a├ž─▒ld─▒. bir an durduk, di─čer ├╝├ž├╝ bize bakmaya gelmi┼člerdi. Fakat ben art─▒k utanmayacakt─▒m bu saatten sonra umurumda de─čildi. ─░ki saattir yan─▒mda duran koca yara─ča dokunamaman─▒n verdi─či his, t├╝m o konu┼čmalar, tahrikler beni iyice k─▒┼čk─▒rtm─▒┼č bir f─▒rsat bulup ├ž─▒kmay─▒ bekliyorm─▒u┼č ki o f─▒rsat bu and─▒. Bizi izlemelerine akd─▒r─▒┼č etmeden ben devam ediyordum.
O- ├ž─▒ksan─▒za lan d─▒┼čar─▒
V- bakal─▒m az ya, o kadar anlatt─▒n merak ediyoruz i┼čte.
S- aynen mk bari g├Âz banyosu yapal─▒m
M- o─člum ne banyosu ben de kat─▒lcam
O- ahahaha manya─ča bak ne kat─▒lcan olum siktir git.
O─čuzun git demesine ra─čmen murat pantolonunu ├ž─▒kar─▒p yan─▒m─▒za kadar geldi. Uzan─▒p popomu avu├žlay─▒p s─▒kmaya ba┼člad─▒. Bense hala devam ediyor onlara bak─▒yordum.
O- yaw gitsene lan ├žocuk benim
M- kanka kom┼čuda pi┼čer bize de d├╝┼čer. Hem baksana istemese devam etmezdi bak nas─▒lda z─▒pl─▒yor.
O─čuz bana bak─▒p ┼ča┼č─▒rm─▒┼č g├Âzlerle kafas─▒n─▒ sallayarak
O- vay orospuya bak do─čru diyon kanki atla bakal─▒m.
Murat yata─ča ├ž─▒k─▒p elimden tutarak aletine g├Ât├╝rd├╝. Sikilirken bir ba┼čkas─▒n─▒n aletini tutmak ├žok daha g├╝zel his vermi┼čti. Ama daha iyiside olmal─▒yd─▒ nitekim yalamaya ba┼člad─▒m. O─čuzun siki kadar b├╝y├╝k olmad─▒─č─▒ndan her defas─▒nda g─▒rtla─č─▒ma kadar k├Âkleyebiliyordum. Az sonras─▒nda murat yataktan inip belimden tutarak o─čuzun ├╝st├╝nden ald─▒ ve kendi ├Ân├╝nde domaltt─▒. O─čuzun b├╝y├╝k sikininA├žt─▒─č─▒ deli─čime rahat├ža sokmas─▒na ra─čmen m├╝thi┼č zevk alm─▒┼čt─▒. Bo┼čta durmayarak ├Ân├╝mde yatan o─čuza sakso ├žekiyordum. ─░┼čtahla yalarken bizi izleyen iki ├žift g├Âz├╝ unutmu┼čtum ve onlara bakarak devam ediyordum. Ellerinde biralar ile kap─▒ya yaslanm─▒┼člar ├Âyle bizi izliyorlard─▒.
O- selim kanka bi sigrayla k├╝ll├╝k getirsene ya keyif yap─▒y─▒m ┼čurda
S- vay amk adamlar siki┼čiyolar ger├žekten bi de sigara i├žecek vay keyfinizi sikim, diyerek o─čuzun dedi─čini yapt─▒. O geldi─činde
O- kanka sizde sikmiceniz dimi lan
V- niye lan biz erkek de─čil miyiz
S- ahahaha kanka ak─▒n da erkek ama sikerim demiyo.
O- vay amk elimden alcan─▒z yavruyu.
Selimde pantolonunu ├ž─▒kararak geldi volkan bekliyordu hala. Selimin sikinie yalamaya ba┼člad─▒m bir onu bir onu yal─▒yor iyice kendimden ge├žiyordum. Az sonras─▒nda murat h─▒r─▒lt─▒yla bo┼čalarak i├žimden ├ž─▒kt─▒. Volkan nihayet diyerek arkama ge├žti kalkm─▒┼č sikini bir anda i├žime sokarak murat─▒n kald─▒─č─▒ yerden devam ediyordu. Selim daha i├žime girme ┼čans─▒ bulmadan ald─▒─č─▒ zevkle a─čz─▒ma bo┼čalmaya ba┼člad─▒. Ho┼čuma gitmeyece─čini d├╝┼č├╝nerek ├Âz├╝r diledi
O- merak etme kanka ak─▒n seviyor yalar bitirir ┼čimdi
Dedi─či gibi damla ziyan etmeden yal─▒yordum ama o─čuzun d├Âl├╝ kadar lezzetli de─čildi. T├╝m bu zevkler aras─▒nda bende bo┼čalm─▒┼čt─▒m hatta… Bir ka├ž dakika sonra ba─č─▒ra ba─č─▒ra volkan da bo┼čal─▒nca art─▒k erke─čimin siki beni bekliyordu. Kalk─▒p o─čuz’un kuca─č─▒na yeniden oturup as─▒l o─član─▒ i├žime ald─▒m. O─čuz dudaklar─▒ma uzan─▒p bi ka├ž kez ├Âpt├╝. Selim a─čz─▒ma bo┼čald─▒─č─▒ i├žin ├Âpmez sanm─▒┼čt─▒m. G├Âzlerime bakarak
O- yabanc─▒ de─čil ya onun d├Âl├╝ bula┼čt─▒ diye ├Âpmeyecek miyim bu tatl─▒ dudaklar─▒, dedi. Bu s─▒rada kimin eli nap─▒yor hi├ž bilmiyordum kal├žalar─▒mda belimde eller ok┼čay─▒p s─▒k─▒yorlard─▒. Popoma ka├ž kez ┼čaplak yedi─čim belli de─čildi. Sonunda o─čuz da i├žime dolu dolu akarak bo┼čalm─▒┼čt─▒. O─čuz kalk─▒p salona ge├žti. Murat, Selim ve volkan da pe┼činden gittiler. Yata─č─▒n ├╝zerinde ├Âylece kalakalm─▒┼čt─▒m ve “vay can─▒na” diyerek hayat─▒mda ilk defa ya┼čad─▒─č─▒m d├Ârt erke─čin beni sikmesinin muazzam zevkini sindirmeye ├žal─▒┼čt─▒m bir ka├ž dakika. Sonra kalk─▒p salona ge├žtim. Herkes eline birer bira alm─▒┼č sigaralar─▒n─▒ yakm─▒┼č ├ž─▒r─▒l├ž─▒plak bir yerlerde oturuyordu. Gelmemle birlikte “i┼čte geldi zevk topu” ┼čeklinde sevin├ž naralar─▒ att─▒lar. G├╝lerek o─čuzun yan─▒na oturdum.
O- nas─▒ld─▒ can─▒m
+ s├╝perdiniz hayat─▒m
S- ak─▒nc─▒─č─▒m al biran─▒ i├ž biraz soluklan daha devam ederiz
+ ya par├žalayacak m─▒s─▒n─▒z beni bu gece
M- sen o─čuza dayanm─▒┼čsan bundan sonras─▒ bi┼čey olmaz merak etme diyerek hep beraber g├╝ld├╝k.
Biraz sohbetin ard─▒ndan ilk haz─▒r─▒m diyen murat oldu elimden tuttu─ču gibi beni odaya ├žekti. Daha yata─ča ge├žmeden di─čerleri de gelmeye ba┼člam─▒┼člard─▒ pe┼čimizden.
O gece gurup halinde iki┼čer kez daha siktiler beni. Zar zor kalk─▒p du┼ča aksayarak gitti─čimi unutamam. O─čuz beni arabayla eve b─▒rakm─▒┼čt─▒
O- umar─▒m yanl─▒┼č bi ┼čey yapmam─▒┼č─▒zd─▒r. Akl─▒mda hi├ž b├Âyle olaca─č─▒ yoktu. Bana sadece tan─▒┼čmak istediklerini s├Âylemi┼člerdi. Sen de ses etmeyince m├╝dahale etmedim.
+ yok a┼čk─▒m ilk ba┼čta ├žok utand─▒m ama ├žok iyi oldu deyip te┼čekk├╝r ettim gece i├žin
O- ben demi┼čtim seni tam orospu yapcam diye ama sen ├žok daha orospuymu┼čsun. Dedikten sonra ├Âp├╝┼č├╝p arabadan indim
Daha sonraki zamanlarda s─▒k s─▒k o─čuz ile beraber olmaya devam ettik. Di─čerleri o─čuzun iznini almadan benimle yatmad─▒lar, ├žo─ču zaman gurup yapmaya devam etsekte ├žok nadir tam kadro birlikte olmu┼čtuk…

Hikayemi umar─▒m be─čenmi┼čtirsiniz. Tekrar s├Âyleyeyim hikayem kurgudur. Hatta hayallerimden biri… Zevk dolu sevi┼čmeler

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Kay─▒nvalidemi Sarho┼č Ettim

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Kay─▒nvalidemi Sarho┼č Ettim
Kay─▒nvalidemle alakal─▒ ├žok ┼čey anlatabilirim size. ┼×ehvetle ba─čl─▒y─▒m ona, takt─▒m galiba kafay─▒.. Yok mu acaba benim gibi birisi daha? Tek ben mi var─▒m bu memlekette?

Biraz anlatay─▒m, belki benim gibi birileri ├ž─▒kar.. Anlatmak istememin sebebi kimsenin payla┼čm─▒yor olmas─▒ veya benim gibi d├╝┼č├╝nenlerin az olmas─▒ san─▒r─▒m. Defalarca arad─▒m internette, sadece klasik ┼č├Âyle domaltt─▒m, b├Âyle siktim fantezileri d─▒┼č─▒nda d├╝┼č├╝ncelerini anlatan kimse yok.

Yabanc─▒ siteleri de arad─▒m. Yabanc─▒larda farkl─▒ biraz daha; onlar payla┼č─▒yorlar, taktik veriyorlar, d├╝┼č├╝nceleri de─čerlendiriyorlar, en az─▒ndan birbirlerine yard─▒mc─▒ oluyorlar.. Bizde ise s├Âzde siken sikene ama fanteziden ├Âte anlatan yok..

├ľncelikle 6 y─▒ll─▒k evli, g├Ârece yak─▒┼č─▒kl─▒, g├Âbekli ama atletik yap─▒l─▒, ├╝niversite mezunu, e┼čini ├žok seven, kendi i┼činin sahibi biriyim.. E┼čimi k─▒rmamaya ├žal─▒┼č─▒r, d├╝zenimizi k─▒z─▒m─▒za g├Âre ayarlar ve mutlu mesut ya┼čar gideriz.. Kaynana olay─▒na gelirsek, ├ž─▒karken ba┼člad─▒ her ┼čey.. ─░lkellerin haram ├žiftle┼čme korkusu gibi sak─▒nmaya ba┼člad─▒ kay─▒nvalidem kendini.. Yak─▒nda oturdu─čumuz i├žin kar┼č─▒la┼č─▒yorduk ve kar┼č─▒la┼čmaktan rahats─▒z oluyor gibiydi..

Ni┼čanland─▒k ve yak─▒ndan g├Ârme f─▒rsat─▒n─▒ ilk o zamanlar yakalad─▒m.. 45 ya┼člar─▒nda, k├╝├ž├╝k g├Â─č├╝sl├╝, ince belli, b├╝y├╝k ve dolgun kal├žal─▒yd─▒. Selamla┼č─▒r ve ├Âp├╝┼č├╝rken elimi beline at─▒yor, hissetmeye ├žabal─▒yordum, ├žok diriydi.. Y├╝z├╝ne bakt─▒─č─▒nda al─▒ml─▒ de─čildi ama duru┼ču ├žok farkl─▒yd─▒.. ─░┼čvesi cilvesi insan─▒ kendinden ge├žiriyordu.. ├ľrnek vereyim hemen.. Mutfak tezgah─▒na hatlar─▒n─▒ belli eden elbisesiyle dayan─▒yor, topuklar─▒n─▒ ├žok az kald─▒rarak belini biraz ├Âne itiyordu; b├Âyle duru┼č olur mu? Tabak al─▒rken, ├žay koyarken insan─▒ ├ž─▒ld─▒rt─▒yordu.. Bak─▒┼člar─▒ ile beni eritiyordu, o─člu gibi yakla┼č─▒yor ama farkl─▒ bir durum oldu─čunu bana hissettiriyordu.. Elbise giyiyor, bol bol frikik veriyor ama frikiklerini de devaml─▒ ├Ârtmeye ├žabal─▒yordu.. Hatta bir keresinde kay─▒npederim uyard─▒ ve san─▒r─▒m sonras─▒nda elbise giymesini yasaklad─▒.. G├Ârmedim ├ž├╝nk├╝ kay─▒npederim varken giydi─čini.. ├çok ge├žmeden seks tanr─▒├žas─▒ gibi gelmeye ba┼člad─▒ tabii.. Bak─▒┼člar─▒ndan anlam ├ž─▒karmaya ├žal─▒┼č─▒yor, ni┼čanl─▒mla beraberken onu d├╝┼čl├╝yordum.. Acaba olsa nas─▒l olurdu?

E┼čini seven insan ├╝zmek istemez, bu aldatma i├žin de ge├žerlidir.. Aldat─▒rs─▒n ama erkeklerin mizac─▒n─▒n farkl─▒ oldu─čunu e┼čine anlatamayaca─č─▒n─▒ bilirsin.. Bu y├╝zden bu tarz bir i┼čin bitiminde i├žin c─▒z eder. Bu y├╝zden maceras─▒z, tehlikesiz, vurup ge├žebilece─čin ki┼či arars─▒n.. Fuckbuddy gibisi yoktur dersin, hep dertsiz siki┼čeyim istersin.. Hijyen ├Ânemlidir, hadi bir turda anal yapal─▒m demezsin, gerekli ekipman yan─▒nda bulunsun istersin.. Ya da ben b├Âyleyim.. ─░htiyatl─▒y─▒m.. ─░htiyat─▒m evlili─čimi korumak istememdendir. Evlili─čin bozulmas─▒n─▒ ├Âncelikle istemeyenler yak─▒nlar─▒nd─▒r.. Bu y├╝zden kay─▒nvalidemle gizli bir ili┼čkim olabilme ihtimali bile beni ├ž─▒ld─▒rtmaya ba┼člam─▒┼čt─▒. Evlili─čimizin zarar g├Ârmesini isteyecek belki de son ki┼čiydi. Beklentisi belli, senin s─▒n─▒rlar─▒n zaten onun s─▒n─▒rlar─▒yd─▒.. ├çok cazip gelmi┼čti..
├çok ├žalkant─▒l─▒ bir evlilik ba┼člang─▒c─▒m─▒z oldu, ┼čehir de─či┼čtirdik, herkesten ayr─▒ kald─▒k.. Kay─▒nvalidemi unuttum bir s├╝reli─čine, ─░stanbulÔÇÖda ├žal─▒┼čt─▒m. E┼čim hamile kal─▒nca, 3. Y─▒l─▒m─▒zda tekrar d├Ând├╝k memlekete.. Sadece bir farkla, il├že yerine il merkezine ta┼č─▒nd─▒k.. Bir ├žocu─čumuz oldu, normalden daha fazla ilgi isteyen bir bebek.. Herkes yard─▒ma geldi, tabii kaynanamda.. Hislerimi depre┼čtirdi, ge├žen iki bu├žuk y─▒l biraz daha onu ya┼čland─▒rm─▒┼č ama ayr─▒ bir hava katm─▒┼čt─▒. Zaman daral─▒yordu ya da bana ├Âyle geldi.. Hani insan birden ya┼član─▒verir, kendini salar.. O ya┼člar─▒ yak─▒nla┼čm─▒┼čt─▒, f─▒rsat kollamal─▒yd─▒m..

Kucaktan bebek al─▒rken, kuca─ča bebek verirken olabildi─čince temas etmeye, tepkisini ├Âl├žmeye ├žal─▒┼č─▒yordum.. S─▒n─▒rlar─▒m─▒ belirliyor, ertesi g├╝n geni┼čletmeye ├žabal─▒yordum.. Bebek onun kuca─č─▒nda iken arkadan yakla┼č─▒yor, day─▒yor tepkisini ├Âl├ž├╝yordum.. Sak─▒n─▒yor, ka├ž─▒yordu.. K─▒z─▒m b├╝y├╝d├╝, kaynanamla payla┼č─▒mlar─▒m─▒z artt─▒ ama ├žok a┼čama kaydedemedim.. Bu arada arzu ve fantezilerim de─či┼čiyordu.. Bir alevleniyor, bir s├Ân├╝yordu.. Ta ki 2015 sonlar─▒ gelene kadar b├Âyle devam etti..

2015 y─▒l─▒nda belirli kararlar ald─▒k, 2. ├çocu─ča niyetlenmi┼čtik ve ona g├Âre haz─▒rl─▒k yapmak istiyorduk.. Ev i┼člerine yard─▒mc─▒ bak─▒c─▒ tutal─▒m fikrini ben ortaya att─▒m.. Zengin de─čildik ama durumumuz k├Ât├╝ de say─▒lmaz.. E┼čim, ├Âncelikle annesinin yard─▒m etmesinden yana oldu─čunu belirtti.. Kar┼č─▒ ├ž─▒kt─▒m ama akl─▒mda ├žok deli d├╝┼č├╝nceler vard─▒.. Yat─▒l─▒ kalmas─▒na kar┼č─▒ ├ž─▒kt─▒m makul sebeplerle ama konu┼čarak ikna olmu┼č gibi yapt─▒m.. D├╝┼č├╝nmesi bile sikimi dimdik yap─▒yordu..

Ek bir bilgi vereyim; e┼čim ├žok yap─▒c─▒ ve ho┼čg├Âr├╝l├╝d├╝r, bu y├╝zden konu seks olunca s─▒n─▒rlar─▒m─▒ g├╝nbe g├╝n geli┼čtirmem zor olmad─▒.. Beraber kad─▒nlara bakar─▒z, de─čerlendiririz, yorum yapar─▒z ve en ├Ânemlisi her ┼čeyi konu┼čuruz.. Her k─▒zd─▒─č─▒mda rutin k├╝f├╝r├╝m, ikimiz beraber ve yaln─▒zken annesine etti─čim k├╝f├╝rler olmu┼čtur ama b├╝y├╝k tepkiler vermemi┼čtir. Bu da beni epey cesaretlendirdi.. Evimiz merkezi sistem ve ├žok s─▒cakt─▒.. K─▒┼č ay─▒n─▒n ba┼člar─▒nda kaynanam bize gelmeye ve ard─▒ ard─▒na 2-3 g├╝n kal─▒p sonra evine gidip gelmeye ba┼člam─▒┼čt─▒..

72 kilo iken 16,5 cmÔÇÖyi ge├žen ve 90 kilo geldi─čim i├žin 1-1,5 cmÔÇÖsi kaybolmu┼č olan orta kal─▒nl─▒kta bir sikim var.. Performans─▒m, d├╝zenli alkol ald─▒─č─▒m halde m├╝kemmeldir, vakit ve ortam olsun 4-5 posta g├╝nl├╝k yapar─▒m.. Erken bo┼čalmas─▒z, rutin ili┼čkilerim b├Âyledir.. S├╝reler ├žok uzun olmaz, anal d─▒┼č─▒nda her t├╝r ili┼čkiyi s─▒kl─▒kla ya┼čar─▒m.. Anal ili┼čkiyi sevmedi─čimden de─čil, evliler bilir, e┼čin d─▒┼č─▒nda biriyle beraberken prezervatif y─▒rt─▒lmas─▒ bile evlilikte problem olabilecek sonu├žlar do─čurur.. 5 bira i├žeyim, evirir ├ževirir sikerim i┼čin hikayesidir.. E┼čine devaml─▒ hastal─▒k bula┼čt─▒ran biri hep kontrol alt─▒nda tutulmaya ├žal─▒┼č─▒l─▒r.. Rahat olmay─▒ sevdi─čimden garanticiyimdir. Kaynanam geldi─či i├žin f─▒rsat aya─č─▒ma kadar gelmi┼čti. Ak┼čamlar─▒ bira i├žiyor, kaynanama laf at─▒p tak─▒l─▒yordum.. ─░ster istemez bir iki hafta i├žinde samimiyetimiz artt─▒..

Evde giydi─čim penye pijama ve ti┼č├Ârtten ibaretti, bazen i├ž ├žama┼č─▒r─▒ giymezdim.. E┼čim buna al─▒┼č─▒kt─▒ ama kaynanam─▒n ├Ân├╝nde giymeme m├╝saade etmesi beni ┼ča┼č─▒rtt─▒.. O senin orana burana m─▒ bakacak, nas─▒l rahat ediyorsan ├Âyle tak─▒l demi┼čti.. Yarra─č─▒m─▒ kald─▒r─▒yor, ge├žiyordum kar┼č─▒s─▒na.. K─▒z─▒mla oynuyor ama gram bak─▒┼č atm─▒yordu.. Kesintisiz ona bak─▒┼č att─▒─č─▒m i├žin bakm─▒yor olabilir diye d├╝┼č├╝n├╝p telefonla bir taktik geli┼čtirdim.. Telefonu kurcal─▒yormu┼č gibi kameray─▒ a├ž─▒yor, sikimin d─▒┼čar─▒dan belli olmas─▒ i├žin olduk├ža geriliyordum.. E┼čim gelince toparlan─▒yor, mutfa─ča gitti─činde ayn─▒ pozisyona ge├žiyordum.. Delirmek ├╝zereydim.. 10 dk kadar bakmad─▒, sonra bir an kafas─▒n─▒ kald─▒rd─▒, bakt─▒ ve sikim dikkatini ├žekti.. Hemen kafas─▒n─▒ ├Ân├╝ne e─čdi.. Tekrar bakmas─▒ i├žin dua edecektim nerdeyse.. 1 dk i├žinde tekrar bakt─▒ ve arada bir ka├žamak bak─▒┼člar atmaya ba┼člad─▒.. Akl─▒na girmi┼čtim, acaba sorusunu sormu┼čtu, ├ž─▒ld─▒r─▒yordum..

Yatma vakti geldi─činde k─▒z─▒m annesiyle yatmak i├žin ├žok ─▒srar etti, kaynanama k─▒z─▒m─▒n odas─▒ kalm─▒┼čt─▒.. Ben salonda yatacakt─▒m. K─▒z─▒m─▒n odas─▒ndan tuvalete ge├ži┼č benim g├Ârebilece─čim ┼čekilde m├╝mk├╝nd├╝.. Neredeyse sabaha kadar i├žtim ve iki kez tuvalete kalkt─▒.. Ev k─▒yafeti d─▒┼č─▒nda yatt─▒─č─▒ k─▒yafetler de─či┼čikti, t├╝m hatlar─▒n─▒ g├Âsteren bir pijama ve s├╝tyensiz giydi─či bir ti┼č├Ârtle yat─▒yordu.. T├╝m hatlar─▒n─▒ en ince detay─▒na kadar anl─▒k da olsa inceliyordum. ─░├žine giydi─či i├ž ├žama┼č─▒r─▒ biraz b├╝y├╝k ve ├Âzensizdi, buradan seks hayat─▒n─▒n ├žok aktif olmad─▒─č─▒ sonucuna vard─▒m, g├Â─č├╝sleri biraz sarkm─▒┼čt─▒ ama di─čer t├╝m yerleri diriydi. Fiziksel temas─▒ s─▒kla┼čt─▒rm─▒┼čt─▒m, s─▒k─▒ oldu─čunu biliyordum.. O gece anlad─▒m ki bana bak─▒┼č─▒ de─či┼čmi┼čti, bu f─▒rsat─▒ ka├ž─▒rmamal─▒yd─▒m.. Bilirsiniz bu i┼čler k─▒v─▒lc─▒m─▒yla olur, araya zaman girerse toplumsal bask─▒ ve stat├╝ m├╝saade etmez.. Verece─či olsa bile ayn─▒ ortama girmekten ka├ž─▒n─▒r, yan─▒nda sarho┼č olmaz, f─▒rsat vermez.. Bunu bildi─čim i├žin acele etmeye karar verdim ama nas─▒l yapacakt─▒m?

Ertesi g├╝n ├Â─čleden sonra program─▒m─▒ bo┼čaltt─▒m, evdekileri ald─▒m ve g├╝zel bir yeme─če gittik.. K─▒r bah├žesi gibi bir yere.. Gezdik, dola┼čt─▒k, e─člendik ve eve d├Ând├╝k.. Bu arada kaynanamdan ÔÇťak┼čam ben de i├žece─čimÔÇŁ s├Âz├╝n├╝ zorla da olsa ald─▒m.. Bir ay sonunda ilk kez kabul etti.. Ak┼čam oldu, ba┼člad─▒k i├žmeye..K─▒z─▒m rahat b─▒rakmad─▒ oyun oynayal─▒m diye ama yine de muhabbet g├╝zel oldu.. E┼čim erken yatmak istedi ve k─▒z─▒m─▒ da erken yat─▒rd─▒k.. Kaynanam─▒n g├Âzlerindeki alkol rahatl─▒─č─▒n─▒ iyiden g├Ârmeye ba┼člam─▒┼čt─▒m, daha ba┼čka bak─▒yordu.. E┼čim, ben yatmadan yata─ča gitmeye ├žok zor ikna oldu, e┼čref saatimin geldi─činde i├žmeyi b─▒rakmad─▒─č─▒m─▒ biliyordu.. ├çok u─čra┼čt─▒ ama sonunda yatma plan─▒n─▒ ve yataklar─▒ haz─▒rlayarak yatak odas─▒na gitti, ben salonda yatacakt─▒m..

ÔÇťBir bira daha i├žÔÇŁ dedim, i├žmek istemedi ama ─▒srarlar─▒ma dayanacak boyutu ge├žmi┼čti ald─▒─č─▒ alkol.. ÔÇťBen alay─▒mÔÇŁ dedi, tekli koltuktan kalkt─▒.. Televizyonu kurcalama bahanesiyle tekli koltu─ča yar─▒m oturdum hemen, amac─▒m 3ÔÇÖl├╝ kanepeye beraberce ge├žip yan─▒na oturabilmekti.. K─▒zlar─▒, kad─▒nlar─▒ tekli koltu─ča oturtunca boyun e─čmiyorlar, g├╝venleri fazla oluyor.. En fazla trip yata─ča k─▒├ž─▒n─▒ koyuncaya kadar de─čil mi?

Televizyonu ayarlad─▒m ve hemen yan─▒na ge├žtim, aram─▒zda 50-60 cm bo┼čluk b─▒rakt─▒m.. Aray─▒ uzak tutmam─▒n sebebi ├╝rk├╝tmek istemememdi. Gecenin ba┼č─▒ndan beri ├Â─čretmi┼čtim, giri┼či onun yapmas─▒ ├žok iyi oldu:

Kaynana: ÔÇŁ Nazd─▒rovyaÔÇŁ
Ben: ÔÇťNazd─▒rovya sevgili kay─▒nvalideci─čim.. ─░├žince g├╝zelle┼čtin.. Ger├ži hep g├╝zeldin, benimki de laf..ÔÇŁ
K: ÔÇťYa┼čland─▒k o─člum art─▒k biz, g├╝zellik mi kald─▒ÔÇŁ
B: ÔÇťSana bakarak k─▒z─▒n─▒ ald─▒m, ya┼čl─▒l─▒─č─▒nda b├Âyle olursa can kurbanÔÇŁ
K: ÔÇťK─▒z─▒m ├žok g├╝zeldir zatenÔÇŁ
B: ÔÇťA┼čk olsun k─▒z─▒n g├╝zel de, ben ├žirkin miyim?ÔÇŁ
K: ÔÇťYok o─člum sen de ├žok yak─▒┼č─▒kl─▒s─▒n, ne g├╝zel buldunuz birbirinizi..ÔÇŁ

Konu┼čma ak─▒p giderken f─▒rsat─▒ bulmu┼čtum, sen nas─▒l buldun kay─▒npederimi k─▒sm─▒ndan giri┼č yapt─▒m.. Kay─▒npederim zaman─▒nda ├žok i├žer, eziyet edermi┼č kaynanama.. F─▒rsat─▒ ka├ž─▒rmad─▒m, de┼čtik├že de┼čtim.. H├╝z├╝nlendi, anlatt─▒, zor zamanlardan bahsetti.. Bir biray─▒ i├žene kadar aradaki bo┼člu─ču 20 cmÔÇÖye kadar indirmi┼čtim.. A─člamaya ba┼člad─▒─č─▒nda dizlerimiz birbirine de─čiyordu, ate┼č gibiydi..

Ba─čda┼č kurar gibi bacaklar─▒m─▒ a├žt─▒m ve sar─▒ld─▒m.. En ba┼č─▒nda kendi halindeydi, kar┼č─▒l─▒k vermedi.. Bir insana sar─▒l─▒nca kendini salar ya, sald─▒k├ža daha s─▒k─▒ sard─▒m onu.. Hafiften kar┼č─▒l─▒k vermek i├žin v├╝cudunu bana do─čru ├ževirince bir hamlede bald─▒r─▒m─▒n ├╝st├╝ne do─čru ├žektim ve baca─č─▒ma oturttum.. Sikim kaz─▒k gibi onun penye k─▒yafetini zorluyordu, arada k─▒yafet falan dinlemeyecek delecekti.. G├Âz├╝n├╝ silerek ÔÇŁBen bira alay─▒m bir tane dahaÔÇŁ dedi ama kalkmas─▒na izin vermedim.. Kula─č─▒na ÔÇťbenimkinden i├žersinÔÇŁ dedim ve kula─č─▒n─▒n alt k─▒sm─▒ndan boynunu ├Âpt├╝m..

Garip durumdayd─▒k, birden irkildi.. Nas─▒l bu hale d├╝┼čt├╝─č├╝m├╝z├╝ anlamam─▒┼ča benzeyen bir ifade tak─▒nd─▒ ama ok yaydan ├ž─▒km─▒┼čt─▒.. Boynundan ├Âpmeye ba┼člad─▒m, bacaklar─▒n─▒ a├ž─▒p kuca─č─▒ma tam olarak oturmas─▒ i├žin zorluyordum bir yandan da.. Direniyordu ama alkol├╝n etkisiyle ├žok da etkili de─čildi.. Dudaklar─▒m─▒z─▒n birle┼čmesi ile kuca─č─▒ma oturmas─▒ ayn─▒ anda olmu┼čtu.. ├ľp├╝┼čmeyi bilmiyordu ama isterikti.. G├Âzlerini kapatm─▒┼č, kendini bana teslim etmi┼č gibiydi.. Elimi arkaya do─čru att─▒m, kal├žalar─▒ m├╝kemmeldi.. Hayallerimin s─▒n─▒r─▒ndayd─▒m, dokunabildi─čim noktaya kadar uzanmaya ├žal─▒┼č─▒yordum.. Kas─▒klar─▒n─▒ kas─▒klar─▒ma bast─▒rd─▒─č─▒ i├žin ├Ân k─▒sma ula┼čma ┼čans─▒m yoktu.. ─░lk ├Ânce arka deli─čine ula┼čt─▒m, sadece delik etraf─▒ k─▒ll─▒yd─▒ ama ├žok de─čildi.. ─░nlemeye ba┼člad─▒ kula─č─▒ma, d─▒┼čar─▒dan duyulmas─▒ imkans─▒z gibiydi.. Kendisi kas─▒ld─▒k├ža deli─či de hafif├že kas─▒l─▒yor, i┼čaret parma─č─▒m orada oldu─ču i├žin ben de hissediyordum. Parma─č─▒m─▒ yar─▒m santim kadar i├žeriye sokuyordum ama beni d─▒┼čar─▒ itiyordu kas─▒larak.. Daha ├Ânce anal ili┼čki ya┼čamam─▒┼čt─▒ anla┼č─▒lan.. Zaten ├Ânceli─čim de de─čildi.. ├çok ─▒slanm─▒┼čt─▒ kas─▒klar─▒.. Benimki de farkl─▒ de─čildi, patlayacak gibiydim.. Kuca─č─▒mdan yana do─čru itmemle sikimi d─▒┼čar─▒ ├ž─▒karmam bir oldu.. A─čz─▒na almakta teredd├╝t etti, acemice tuttu ├Ânce.. Kendimi biraz geriye atarak ba┼č─▒n─▒ sikime do─čru bast─▒rd─▒m, yar─▒s─▒n─▒ ald─▒ a─čz─▒na.. Ama eli, dili ve a─čz─▒ koordineli de─čildi.. Bir an duraksad─▒m ama dayanacak g├╝c├╝m kalmam─▒┼čt─▒, i├žimden gelen t├╝m birikmi┼čleri a─čz─▒na bo┼čaltt─▒m.. Yutmaktan ba┼čka ├žaresi yoktu, hepsini yuttu..

Nefes nefeseydik, ├žok erken bo┼čalm─▒┼čt─▒m ama daha ba┼člang─▒├žt─▒.. Aya─ča kalkt─▒, ayr─▒lmas─▒n diye elinden tuttum, konu┼čmuyor, i┼čaretle┼čiyorduk.. Bir dakika i┼čareti yapt─▒, elini b─▒rakt─▒m.. ├çantas─▒n─▒n yan─▒na gitti ve bir tane prezervatif ├ž─▒kard─▒.. Soluk al─▒┼čveri┼čim d├╝zelmemi┼čti, alt─▒m─▒ ├ž─▒kard─▒m.. O da ├ž─▒kard─▒, asl─▒nda deli gibi sevi┼česimiz vard─▒ ama tehlike alt─▒nda gibiydik.. ├ťrkek bir ┼čekilde yan─▒ma geldi, gelen sesleri dinler gibi yapt─▒.. Ben de o zaman hat─▒rlad─▒m biraz ├Âtemizde kar─▒m─▒n uyudu─čunu.. Heyecan─▒ bile ├žok farkl─▒yd─▒, daha ├Ânce b├Âyle bir duygu tatmam─▒┼čt─▒m..

├ťst├╝n├╝ de ├ž─▒kar dedim f─▒s─▒ldayarak.. Kafa sallad─▒, ├ž─▒karmak istemedi.. Islak mendille sikimi silmeye ba┼člad─▒ ve g├╝zelce temizledi. Garip bir ┼čekilde beni ve sikimi inceliyordu, prezervatifi ├Âzenle takt─▒.. Kal├žalar─▒n─▒n g├Âr├╝nt├╝s├╝ muhte┼čemdi.. Islak mendil al─▒rken, etraf─▒nda d├Ânerken, prezervatifi takarken ├žok zarif geldi g├Âz├╝me. V├╝cudunun her santimetrekaresini ├Âzenle inceledim, ├žok seksi gelmi┼čti.. Ya┼čland─▒k├ža da g├╝zelle┼čiyor insanlar, kendine has oluyor.. Aynen kaynanam da ├Âyleydi.. Evlendikten sonra onu bu ┼čekilde kocas─▒ndan ba┼čkas─▒n─▒ g├Ârmedi─čine emindim, ben bile evleneli 6 y─▒l, ni┼čanlanal─▒ 7 y─▒l olmu┼čtu.. 50ÔÇÖli ya┼člar─▒n─▒n ba┼č─▒nda bir kad─▒n─▒n tecr├╝beli olmas─▒n─▒ beklersiniz ama de─čildi.. Sadece kocas─▒yla al─▒┼čt─▒─č─▒ ┼čekilde yapmaya al─▒┼čm─▒┼č gibiydi..

Prezervatifi takt─▒ktan sonra hemen ├╝zerine oturmak istedi, izin vermedim.. ─░zin vermememe ┼ča┼č─▒rd─▒, sanki hep ayn─▒ ┼čekilde yap─▒yormu┼č farkl─▒ ┼čekilde yap─▒lmamas─▒ gerekiyormu┼č gibi.. Kanepeye yat─▒rd─▒m kaynanam─▒, ├╝zerindeki ti┼č├Ârt├╝ boynunun alt─▒na kadar s─▒y─▒rd─▒m.. G├Â─č├╝sleri g├╝zel de─čildi ama v├╝cuduna uyumu tamd─▒.. K├╝├ž├╝k ve hafif sarkm─▒┼č.. Onlara dokundum, u├žlar─▒n─▒ ├Âpt├╝m ve hafif├že ─▒s─▒rd─▒m; ├ž─▒ld─▒racak gibi oldu.. Biraz emdim ve burnumu nerdeyse de─čdirerek a┼ča─č─▒lara inmeye ba┼člad─▒m.. Niyetim oral yapmak de─čildi, tepkisini ├Âl├žmek ve kay─▒npederimle neler yap─▒p yapmad─▒─č─▒n─▒ tahmin edebilmekti.. Ben gezindik├že inlemelerinin tonu ve s─▒kl─▒─č─▒ de─či┼čiyor, ba─č─▒ramad─▒k├ža sa├žlar─▒m─▒ tutmaya ├žal─▒┼č─▒yordu.. Sikim eski haline geri d├Ânm├╝┼čt├╝, yava┼č├ža am─▒na do─čru yakla┼čt─▒rd─▒m.. Islakt─▒, zor olmad─▒; yava┼č├ža i├žeri girdim.. Her zaman ki gibi s─▒cac─▒kt─▒, bir ki┼čiyle b├╝t├╝nle┼čti─čini hissetti─čin an.. ├ç─▒ld─▒rd─▒, y─▒lan gibi k─▒vr─▒l─▒yor, kula─č─▒m─▒ ─▒s─▒r─▒r gibi yap─▒yor, inlemelerin ┼čiddetini artt─▒r─▒yordu.. Umursamaz olmu┼čtu ama ben endi┼čelenmi┼čtim.. A─čz─▒n─▒ kapatarak k├Âkledim; gidip geliyordum; g├Âzlerinin i├žine bak─▒yordum, o da bana teslimiyetle bak─▒yordu.. O an bu giri┼čin son olmad─▒─č─▒n─▒ anlad─▒m.. Derdi, tasas─▒ olmayacak ikinci kar─▒m─▒ bulmu┼čtum.. Dizlerini karn─▒na do─čru ├žektirdim ve y├╝klenmeye devam ettim, dayanam─▒yordu.. ─░nlemeleri art─▒nca a─čz─▒n─▒ kapat─▒yordum.. D├╝zensiz aral─▒klarla pozisyon de─či┼čtiriyordum, keraneye gitmi┼č 18 ya┼č─▒nda ├žocuk gibi ne yapaca─č─▒m─▒ bilemiyordum. ─░lk defa am g├Ârm├╝┼č gibi sab─▒rs─▒zd─▒m, eviriyor, ├ževiriyor; zevkin doruklar─▒na ├ž─▒k─▒yorduk.. Arkas─▒n─▒ ├ževirdim, yan ├ževirdim, terden s─▒r─▒ls─▒klam olana kadar siki┼čtik.. Bo┼čalma gibi bir niyeti yoktu, ÔÇť├╝ste gelmek ister misin dedim?ÔÇŁ.. Bo┼čal─▒p bo┼čalmad─▒─č─▒n─▒ sordum k─▒s─▒k sesle, siki┼čmek bu kadar de─čil mi dercesine bakt─▒ bana.. Belki de hazine bulmu┼čtum, daha ├Ânce bo┼čalmam─▒┼č olan bir kad─▒n.. E─čer ├Âyleyse bana tapar, kulum olur diye d├╝┼č├╝nd├╝m bir an i├žin..

├ťste gelmesini s├Âyledim, k├Âkledi ve bast─▒rmaya ba┼člad─▒.. ├ľne do─čru y├╝klenince kendi noktas─▒n─▒ buldu─čunu y├╝z├╝nden anlad─▒m.. 30 sn ge├žmeden titremeye, kas─▒lmaya ba┼člam─▒┼čt─▒.. ├ťst├╝ndeki ter nokta nokta olmu┼čtu, g├Ârebiliyordum.. Ellerim kocaman kal├žalar─▒n─▒ yo─čuruyor, ├╝st├╝me aband─▒─č─▒ i├žin a─čz─▒mla da memelerini emiyordum.. Kas─▒lmalar ve inlemelerden anlam─▒┼čt─▒m bo┼čald─▒─č─▒n─▒, d├Ân├╝p bana bakt─▒─č─▒nda da ilk kez oldu─čunu anlad─▒m y├╝z ifadesinden.. Art─▒k benim dediklerimden ├ž─▒kmazd─▒..

Ben de farkl─▒ durumda de─čildim, o ├╝st├╝mde duruyor ben gidip geliyordum.. ─░kinci bo┼čalmam s├╝re olarak normaline d├Ânm├╝┼čt├╝.. T├╝m v├╝cudunu kavrayarak ve titreyerek ben de bo┼čald─▒m.. Art─▒k ├žok farkl─▒ ve gizli bir maceraya ba┼člayaca─č─▒m─▒ tahmin ediyordum..
─░ki ki┼či aras─▒nda bile konu┼čulmayan, sadece yap─▒lan ve ├Âlene kadar bizimle olacak olan bir s─▒rr─▒n par├žas─▒yd─▒k.. Giyindik ve bira i├žmek isteyip istemedi─čini sordum.. ÔÇťBen alay─▒mÔÇŁ dedi ve mutfa─ča ge├žti, o s─▒rada e┼čimin ÔÇťsiz daha yatmad─▒n─▒z m─▒ÔÇŁ diye kaynanama seslendi─čini duydum.. Bir dakika ile kurtulmu┼čtuk.. Bundan sonra f─▒rsatlar─▒m─▒z─▒n bu kadar ├žok olaca─č─▒n─▒ tahmin bile edemezdim..

Size elimden geldi─čince hepsini oldu─ču gibi anlatmaya ├žabalayaca─č─▒m, benim gibi olan d├╝┼č├╝nen varsa yorumlar─▒n─▒ bekliyorum.. ─░lgilenen kad─▒nlara da gizlilik i├žinde hay─▒r demem, mesaj ve yorumlar─▒n─▒z─▒ bekliyorum..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

zehra ve Ece

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

zehra ve Ece
Merhaba daha ├Ânce anlatt─▒─č─▒m hikayemdeki Zehra ile ba┼člayay─▒m dedim. Zehra 68 kilo bir k─▒z biraz fazla bal─▒k etlidir ama bug├╝ne kadar ne istediysem eksiksiz yerine getirmi┼č bir k─▒zd─▒rd─▒r. Zehra ile ilk anal ili┼čkinizi ├╝zerinden 7-8 ay zaman ge├žmi┼čti nerdeyse kar─▒ koca gibi olmu┼čtuk is d─▒┼č─▒nda. Defalarca a─čz─▒na bo┼čald─▒─č─▒m dollerimi b├╝y├╝k bir i┼čtahla yutuyordu. Dili ile sikimi ├Âyle bir yaliyordu ki bazen yikamaya bile gerek kalmiyordu. Ofiste yanl─▒z kald─▒─č─▒m─▒z da yan─▒na oturuyor 31
cektiriyordum.Kac kere ├žoraplar─▒n─▒ ve ayakkab─▒s─▒ bosaldim hat─▒rlam─▒yorum. En ├žok ho┼čuma giden s─▒cak spermlerimle t├╝l corabinin ├╝zerinden kalcalarina masaj yapmas─▒ idi. sulanmis amindan ald─▒─č─▒ zevk suyu ile s─▒n─▒rs─▒z zevkler ya┼č─▒yorduk. G├╝nlerden bir g├╝n bir daha ki do─čum g├╝n├╝mde bana s├╝rpriz yapaca─č─▒n─▒ s├Âyledi meraklanmistim. aksama do─čru engin bey benim le i┼či olmad─▒─č─▒n─▒ e┼činin kendisini alaca─č─▒n─▒ s├Âyleyerek ├ž─▒kt─▒. Asistan─▒ ece han─▒m─▒n y├╝z├╝ asikti. Yarim saat
sonra oda ├╝st├╝n├╝ giyip ├ž─▒kt─▒.Bende tontisimle ofisinde ├╝st kat─▒nda ba┼čba┼ča kald─▒m. Oturdu─ču sandalyenin arkas─▒na ge├žerek ti┼č├Ârtunu yukar─▒ kald─▒rd─▒m sikimi s├╝tyen arkas─▒na takt─▒m tenine de─čer yere de t├╝k├╝r├╝p s─▒rt─▒na s├╝rtmeye ba┼člad─▒m.┬á dur gelen g├Âren olur demesine ra─čmen kemerimi ├ž├Âz├╝p pantolonumu cikarttim. Yar─▒ ├ž─▒plak tontisimin s─▒rt─▒n─▒ sikiyordum. Ellerine de Tombak memeleri avucluyor meme u├žlar─▒n─▒ ├žimcikliyordum. K─▒vama gelen Zehra g├Ârd├╝m bak deyip
ete─čini siyirip donunu indirdiginde am─▒ndan gelen zevk suyu ile s─▒r─▒ls─▒klam. Olan kulodu kar┼č─▒mda duruyordu.dikkatimi ├žeken ise 6 cm lik yar─▒─ča sahip Zehra Billur gibi amc─▒─č─▒n─▒ traslamis. Bir ├žizik gibi duran amc─▒ktan d─▒┼čar─▒ ├ž─▒km─▒┼č ve k├╝├ž├╝k bir ├žocu─čun dil ├ž─▒kartmas─▒ gibi duran amc─▒─č─▒n ihti┼čam─▒ nefes keser bir durumda g├Âr├╝n├╝yordu. 6 -7 ayd─▒r┬á sadece g├Ât├╝nden sikti─čim Zehra ya hen├╝z vanilyasina bandiramamistim benim ├žatal dilliyi. Dayanamayacagimi s├Âyleyip
aya─ča kald─▒rd─▒m ve masan─▒n ├╝st├╝ne yatirdim. Ete─čini yukar─▒ ├žekip K├╝lotlu ├çorab─▒ ve donunu tam a┼ča─č─▒ indirdim. Ve bizirina bizirina s├╝rmeye ba┼člad─▒m sikimi a─čz─▒ndan sadece l├╝tfen am dan olmaz ├ž─▒k─▒yordu.┬á ne zaman sikimin ba┼č─▒n─▒ zorlasam am deli─čine.Tam G├Âte yasladigimda fl├Âps diye birses sonra f├╝├╝├╝├╝lps diye tislama sesi┬á ve sonra tassaklarimin am─▒n─▒ d├Âvmesinden meydana gelen ┼čak ┼čak seslerle oday─▒ inletiyorduk ki.kapi a├ž─▒ld─▒ zehranin Tombak memeleri masan─▒n ├╝st├╝nde arkas─▒nda ben
sikimi g├Ât├╝ne sokmu┼č vaziyette siki┼čirken. Ece hanim i├žeri girdi -t…te…telefonumu unutmu┼čum diyebildi kekeleyerek. D├Ân├╝p kalm─▒┼čt─▒k Zehra ile ben her yerde ├žal─▒┼čabilirdim ama Zehra ailesine ne diyecekti nas─▒l bir a├ž─▒klama yapacakt─▒ ki bu vaziyette.1-2 dakika bakismadan sonra kendime gelip Ece hnm d├╝┼č├╝nd├╝─č├╝n├╝z gibi de─čil diyebilmistim. Sadece ve aptalca bakakalmistim. Ece hnm ne d├╝┼č├╝nd├╝─č├╝m dedi resmen ofiste sikisiyorsunuz dedi.ben bak─▒n inanin demeye ├žal─▒┼č─▒rken zehranin
ki├žindan ├ž─▒kard─▒─č─▒m 17 cm lik sikimi elimle saklamaya ├žal─▒┼č─▒yordum. Hata benim┬á zehranin kabahati yok dedim.ece hnm o g├╝n k─▒rm─▒z─▒ montunun alt─▒na siyah bir Tayt giymi┼č am─▒ kabak tatl─▒s─▒ gibi belli olan bir vaziyette duruyordu. Belli ki bir ┼čeyleri analiz edip ona g├Âre karar vermeyi planliyordu. Zehranin g├Ât├╝nde kalan pisliklerini bulanmis sikimi kavradi ece han─▒m ve hayret vari bir bi├žimde arkadan yap─▒nca acimiyormu k─▒z ┼či┼čko diyordu. Benim tombigime. Dominant bir tav─▒r takinan Ece h.
korkudan inen Sikimi kavray─▒p sallama ba┼člay─▒nca ellerinin ne kadar yumu┼čak oldu─čunu farkettim.ileri geri oynamas─▒ ile tekrar sertle┼čen sikimi zehramin g├Ât├╝ne sokturdu yine.bense korku ile kar─▒┼č─▒k pompalamaya devam ediyordum. Bosalacagimi anlayan Ece. H. Sikimi sertce tutup ├žekti ve d─▒┼čar─▒ f─▒rlatma ba┼člad─▒m. Ece hanim waaaay uv dedi─činde b├╝y├╝k fiskiranlardan biri ece han─▒m─▒n hep merak etti─čim memelerini ├╝st├╝ne gelmi┼čti. Eli ile kazaginin ├╝st├╝n├╝ sildi way be bu ne b├Âyle
dedi─činde. Bunlar─▒n bir s─▒r olarak kalmas─▒n─▒ temenni ediyoruz diyebilmistim. Tak─▒ Ece hanim Zehra ya ─▒slak mendil verip sil ┼ču pisligini s─▒k─▒nt─▒ ├╝zerinden boklu kar─▒ dedi─činde inanin ├žok uzulmustum. Zehra ├Ân├╝mde egilmis ─▒slak mendille sikimi temizlerken ellerini s─▒k─▒p sakin olsun diye g├Âz kirpabiliyodum ancak..sonras─▒nda ece han─▒m─▒n odas─▒na ge├žtik benim elimde dizime kadar ├çekili pantolon dingil ta┼č┼čak bir ┼čekilde. Odaya girdi─čimizde olan bitene anlam vermeye ├žal─▒┼č─▒yordum.
Rezilligimizi ortaya cakaracakti yoksa ba┼čka planlarimi var diye.korkulan olmad─▒. Bir ak┼čam─▒na da ailesi ile gecirmek isteyen engin bey bug├╝n ece hnm a hi├ž dokunmamis.┬á O ise sabaha kada am─▒n─▒ g├Ât├╝n├╝ ba┼č─▒n─▒ engin bey i├žin haz─▒r etmi┼č mi┼č. .taytini indirdi─činde aminin dudaklari d─▒┼čar─▒ sarkm─▒┼č vaziyette bana bak─▒yordu. 8 ayd─▒r hayalini kurup 31 ├žekti─čim am kar┼č─▒mda duruyordu. Yalan diye ba─č─▒rarak seslendiginde komut dinleyen find k├Âpe─či gibi denilen yapmak i├žin egildigim de sen de─čil demesi
ile hayallerim y─▒k─▒lm─▒┼čt─▒.Bu ├╝z├╝nt├╝n├╝n bo┼ča oldu─ču sen benimsin demesi ile zevk Deryal─▒ dalmak gibi bir his uyandirdi i├žimde.Zehra olay─▒n ┼čoku ile ece han─▒m─▒n am─▒n─▒ yalarken bende 2 li kanepeye uzanm─▒┼č ayakta yar─▒ domain bir ┼čekilde am─▒n─▒ yalatan ece han─▒m─▒n memelerini hayal ederek sikimi s─▒vatl─▒yordum.sertlesmeye ba┼člayan yarra─č─▒m─▒ g├Âren Ece ├Ânce Zehra yi yere yatirip zehranin y├╝z├╝ne oturup am─▒n─▒ dilletmeye ba┼člad─▒.sonra bana yakla┼čarak o pamuksu eli ile
bana 31 ├žekiyordu. ├ľnlemler aras─▒nda bu bir denizse bo─čulmak istiyordum. Ece sikimi a─čz─▒na ald─▒─č─▒nda bipetten kola ├žeker gibi sikime asiliyordu. Inlemelerimden ┼č├╝phelenen ece sak─▒n diye ba┼č parma─č─▒ ile i┼čaret yap─▒yordu. 10-15 dakikal─▒k saks─▒ faslindan sonra ece aya─ča kalkm─▒┼č sikimden gelen zevk sular─▒n─▒n sardigi dudaklari ile beni ├Âpmeye boynumu Yalama ba┼člam─▒┼čt─▒. O zevkle s─▒rt─▒ma t─▒rnaklar─▒n─▒ meme u├žlar─▒mi isirirken aylard─▒r hayali ile bosaldigimi kula─č─▒na fisildiyordum. Bir anda
dayanamad─▒m belinde kavrayarak ters ├ževirdim. Ama dudaklarim ve bunun aras─▒ndayd─▒. G├Ât deli─či tertemiz ve hi├ž ellenmemis gibi duruyordu…dilimi k├╝lah dondurma yemi┼č gibi aminin en ├╝st├╝nden g├Ât deli─čine kadar yalayarak geliyor g├Ât├╝ne ise s─▒k gibi sokuyordum. Zorlasam sikimi yerle┼čtirme zaman─▒ geldi─činde kucagimdan kanepeye att─▒m ece yi ve boya badana f─▒r├žas─▒ gibi kullan─▒yordum sikimi.aminadan g├Ât├╝ne kadat s├╝r├╝yor got deli─čine gelince bir t─▒k zorluyordum. ─▒─▒─▒h diye inlemesi
beni delirtiyordu. ┼×imdi tam s─▒ras─▒ diye elimde kavram─▒n─▒n yarra─č─▒m─▒n ba┼č─▒n─▒ am─▒n─▒n iki dudagi aras─▒na getirdim ve birden hayalini kurdu─čum amc─▒─ča sokuverdim. Oooo─č─č┼č┼čhh diye inleyen ece han─▒m─▒ kan─▒rta kan─▒rta sikiyordum. Zevk iniltileri aras─▒ndan Harikas─▒n sakin durma diye sizlanan ece hanima s├╝rpriz yapmal─▒yd─▒m.┬á Zehra yi yan─▒ma aldim tombik memelerini s─▒k─▒yor bir elimde de g├Ât├╝n├╝ parmakliyordum.posizyonu de─či┼čmek isteyen ece hanim dizilerinin ├╝st├╝ne geldi ve
├Ân├╝mde ├Âyle bir domaldi ki .k├╝├ž├╝k burun deli─či kadar olan g├Ât├╝ kabak gibi ├Ân├╝me serilmisti. Zehra ya bak i┼čareti┬á yapt─▒m. Ve am suyu ile bulanmis sikimi birden ecenin darac─▒k g├Ât deligine ge├žirdim. Birden alt─▒mdan f─▒rlayan ece ne yapt─▒─č─▒n─▒ san─▒yorsun diye sizlanirken g├Ât├╝n├╝ kontrol etti─či eli kan i├žindeydi. Bozuntuya vermeden yanl─▒┼čl─▒kla oldu ├ľz├╝r dilemek ├žal─▒┼čmam ac─▒dan kivranan ece i├žin bir ┼čey ifade etmiyordu. Ama ben onu yine dinlemedim tekrar amina sokmaya ├žal─▒┼čt─▒m kar┼č─▒ koymaya
calissada maalesef ba┼čar─▒l─▒ olamad─▒. B├Â─č├╝rerek 40 dakikal─▒k siki┼či ece han─▒m─▒n i├žine bosalarak sonlandiriyordum. Ne yapt─▒n sen geri zekal─▒ dedi─čininde ben dollerimle am─▒n─▒ ├žoktan s─▒vam─▒┼čt─▒m bile.spermlerim amindan bosalmaya ba┼člam─▒┼čt─▒ am─▒n─▒n dudaklarindan damliyordu. Hayallerim hi├ž beklenmedik bir anda ger├žek olmu┼čtu. Ayn─▒ anda hem am hem g├Ât sikmi┼čtim.inanilmaz dakikalar

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Sefer Abi, Bir sefer ( Al─▒nt─▒)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Sefer Abi, Bir sefer ( Al─▒nt─▒)

Merhaba, ben T├╝rkan, 38 ya┼č─▒nday─▒m ve ger├žekten son derece g├╝zel bir kad─▒n─▒m. Evliyim ve Lise son s─▒n─▒fa giden, 16 ya┼č─▒nda bir k─▒z─▒m var. Kocam esk**en terziydi, sonra terzilikte i┼č kalmay─▒nca ├že┼čitli i┼člerde ├žal─▒┼čmaya ba┼člad─▒. Kocam─▒n day─▒s─▒n─▒n damad─▒ Sefer abi, kocama AdanaÔÇÖda bir i┼č buldu ve g├Ât├╝rd├╝ i┼če yerle┼čtirdi. K─▒z─▒m SelmaÔÇÖn─▒n okulu oldu─ču i├žin biz MersinÔÇÖde kalm─▒┼čt─▒k. Kocam bizi Sefer abiÔÇÖye emanet etmi┼čti. Sefer abi olduk├ža da zengin biri. B├╝t├╝n ihtiya├žlar─▒m─▒zla o ilgileniyordu.

Bir g├╝n, k─▒z─▒m SelmaÔÇÖn─▒n okulda oldu─ču bir vakit, Sefer abi eve geldi ve bir ihtiyac─▒m─▒z olup olmad─▒─č─▒n─▒ sordu. Ben de kendisini i├žeriye davet ettim, biraz paraya ihtiyac─▒m─▒z oldu─čunu s├Âyleyip, kendisinden 20 TL istedim. O ise ├ž─▒kard─▒ 100 TL verdi ve ÔÇťHepsi kals─▒n. ─░stedi─čin gibi harca.ÔÇŁ dedi. Paray─▒ ald─▒m, te┼čekk├╝r ettim. Birer fincan kahve i├žmek i├žin kendisini salona buyur ettim. Sefer abi bir sigara yakt─▒, ben de kahve yapmak i├žin mutfa─ča gittim. Kahveleri yap─▒p getirdim ve ikram edip kar┼č─▒s─▒ndaki divana oturdum. Kar┼č─▒l─▒kl─▒ kahveleri i├žerken, Sefer abi s├╝rekli bacaklar─▒ma bak─▒yordu. Bu da beni heyecanland─▒r─▒yordu ve ben de onun yara─č─▒ndan g├Âzlerimi alam─▒yordum. Kahvelerimizi i├žtikten sonra, beni yan─▒na, oturdu─ču ├╝├žl├╝ koltu─ča ├ža─č─▒rd─▒. Gittim yan─▒na oturdum. Sa─č elini boynuma koydu ve beni ok┼čamaya ba┼člad─▒. Bir yandan da ├žok g├╝zel oldu─čumu s├Âyl├╝yordu. Bu s─▒rada pantolonunun ├Ân├╝ne bakt─▒─č─▒mda yara─č─▒n─▒n dikildi─čini g├Ârd├╝m. Beni kendine do─čru iyice ├žekti ve boynumdan ├Âpmeye ba┼člad─▒, sol elimi de tutup yara─č─▒n─▒n ├╝st├╝ne koydu ve s─▒kmam─▒ istedi. Ben de ├Âyle yapt─▒m. Sefer abi de sol elini ete─čimin alt─▒na sokarak, k├╝lotumun kenar─▒ndan amc─▒─č─▒m─▒ ok┼čuyordu.

Boynumu ├Âp├╝p yalarken, kula─č─▒ma f─▒s─▒ldayarak, ÔÇťT├╝rkan, seni uzun zamandan beridir arzuluyorum. Seni hemen ┼čimdi sikmek istiyorum!ÔÇŁ deyince, ÔÇťBen de seni istiyorum Sefer abi.ÔÇŁ dedim ve fermuar─▒n─▒ indirip kemerinini ├ž├Âzd├╝m ve pantolonunu a┼ča─č─▒ indirdim. Ard─▒ndan k├╝lotunu da s─▒y─▒rd─▒m. Yara─č─▒ ortaya ├ž─▒km─▒┼čt─▒. Fakat hem olduk├ža uzun hem de bile─čim kadar kal─▒nd─▒. Sanki insan yara─č─▒ de─čil, bir at yara─č─▒yd─▒ m├╝barek. Resmen korktum ve ÔÇťSefer abi, ben bunu alamam!ÔÇŁ dedim. Bunun ├╝zerine Sefer abi, ÔÇťBak bunu benim kar─▒ da al─▒yor, Meyrem de al─▒yor. Sen de al─▒rs─▒n. Sen yeter dedi─činde ben daha ileri gitmem.ÔÇŁ dedi. (Meyrem kim diye soracak olursan─▒z, Meyrem, Sefer abiÔÇÖnin kay─▒n biraderinin kar─▒s─▒. Zaten bana Meyrem anlatm─▒┼čt─▒, Sefer abiÔÇÖnin kendisini sikti─čini).

Bu arada tamamen soyunduk ve birbirimizi ├Âp├╝p yalamaya ba┼člad─▒k. Sonra Sefer abi amc─▒─č─▒m─▒ iyice yalad─▒, suland─▒rd─▒. Ben de Sefer abiÔÇÖnin yara─č─▒n─▒ a─čz─▒ma almak istedim ama s─▒─čm─▒yordu. Sadece dilimle yal─▒yordum. Sefer abi, iyice sulanm─▒┼č olan amc─▒─č─▒m─▒ bir de t├╝k├╝r├╝kle ─▒slatt─▒ktan sonra yara─č─▒n─▒ sokmaya ├žal─▒┼čt─▒, fakat girmiyordu. Tekrar amc─▒─č─▒m─▒n iki duda─č─▒n─▒ eliyle yanlara a├žarak, yara─č─▒n─▒n kafas─▒n─▒ yava┼č yava┼č sokmaya ba┼člad─▒. ─░leri geri yaparak ve her defas─▒nda biraz daha ilerleyerek, al─▒┼čt─▒ra al─▒┼čt─▒ra sonunda hepsini k├Âklemeye ba┼člad─▒. Sanki i├žime bir soba odunu girmi┼čti. Amc─▒─č─▒ma girip ├ž─▒kmas─▒ s├╝rd├╝k├že ben de iyice al─▒┼čt─▒m ve zevkten deliye d├Ând├╝m. Her k├Âkleyi┼činde sanki midem a─čz─▒ma geliyordu. Fakat i├žimden ├ž─▒kmas─▒n─▒ da istemiyordum. Amc─▒─č─▒m, kocam─▒nkinin iki kat─▒ b├╝y├╝kl├╝─č├╝ndeki Sefer abiÔÇÖnin yara─č─▒n─▒ iyice sarm─▒┼čt─▒. Ben bo┼čal─▒yordum ama Sefer abi bo┼čalm─▒yordu. Art─▒k ka├ž kez orgazm oldu─čumu bilmiyorum. Fakat o ayn─▒ sertlikte sikmeye devam ediyordu. Resmen zevkten ├ž─▒ld─▒r─▒yordum. Me─čer Sefer abi ├žok ge├ž bo┼čal─▒rm─▒┼č. Oysa kocam, daha o k├╝├ž├╝c├╝k sikini i├žime sokar sokmaz bir iki ileri geri yaparken, ben daha zevk almaya bile ba┼člamadan bo┼čal─▒rd─▒. Sefer abinin de ├Âyle bo┼čalaca─č─▒n─▒ sanm─▒┼čt─▒m.

Sefer abiÔÇÖye, ÔÇťBirazdan k─▒z─▒m okuldan gelir. L├╝tfen art─▒k bo┼čal, bug├╝nl├╝k yeter. Bunun yar─▒n─▒ da var.ÔÇŁ dedim. Sefer abi ÔÇťTamam g├╝zelim!ÔÇŁ deyip, iyice h─▒zlanmaya ba┼člad─▒. Ben tekrar bo┼čal─▒rken, (bir saatten fazla s├╝rm├╝┼č olan siki┼čten sonra) nihayet Sefer abi de bo┼čald─▒ ve i├žimi doldurdu. Yara─č─▒n─▒ i├žimden ├ž─▒kard─▒─č─▒ halde ayn─▒ irilikteydi. Yara─č─▒n─▒ i├žime ilk sokarken ├žok zorlanmama ra─čmen sonradan ger├žekten ├žok zevk ald─▒m. Asl─▒nda Sefer abiÔÇÖnin gitmesini hi├ž istemiyordum. O geceyi Sefer abi ile ge├žirmek istiyordum. Ona, ÔÇťAk┼čam yemekten sonra tekrar gel. K─▒z─▒m uyuduktan sonra sabaha kadar birlikte olabiliriz.ÔÇŁ dedim. Sefer abi de, ÔÇťBenim kar─▒y─▒ atlatabilirsem gelirim!ÔÇŁ dedi ve giyinip gitti. Evde kar─▒s─▒na (Bir arkada┼č hastalanm─▒┼č ben hastaneye gidiyorum, yan─▒nda refakat├ž─▒ olarak kalaca─č─▒m bu gece!) demi┼č. Ak┼čam saat 19:45 gibi tekrar geldi.

Sefer abi biraz k─▒z─▒m SelmaÔÇÖn─▒n dersleriyle ilgilendi. Kendisi ├Â─čretmen oldu─ču i├žin, onun ├Âdevlerini yapmas─▒na yard─▒m etti. Ben de Sefer abinin tam yan─▒na oturdum, k─▒z─▒m masan─▒n kar┼č─▒ taraf─▒nda oldu─ču i├žin g├Âremeyece─činden emin oldu─čum i├žin, masan─▒n alt─▒ndan sol elimle fermuar─▒n─▒ a├žt─▒m, elimi pantolonunun i├žine soktum ve o kocaman yara─č─▒ dakikalarca avu├žlad─▒m ve sevdim. Sefer abi bozuntuya vermiyordu ama korkun├ž zevk al─▒yordu. Nihayet SelmaÔÇÖn─▒n ├Âdevleri bitti ve kendi odas─▒na yatmaya gitti. Biz 25-30 dakika kadar SelmaÔÇÖn─▒n uyumas─▒n─▒ bekledikten ve uyudu─čundan iyice emin olduktan sonra, sessizce ├Âp├╝┼čmeye ve sevi┼čmeye ba┼člad─▒k. Sefer abi bana, ÔÇťT├╝rkan, ger├žekten ├žok g├╝zelsin. Sana doyam─▒yorum!ÔÇŁ dedi. Ben de, ÔÇťSen de ├žok iyisin ve sa─člams─▒n. Kar─▒n da, Meyrem de ├žok ┼čansl─▒larm─▒┼č!ÔÇŁ dedim. Soyunduktan sonra Sefer abi yeniden amc─▒─č─▒m─▒ ok┼čamaya ve parmaklamaya ba┼člad─▒. Sonra Sefer abi yere yatt─▒, ben de ├╝st├╝ne ├ž─▒kt─▒m benim ba┼č─▒m onun yara─č─▒ndan tarafta, amc─▒─č─▒m da onun ba┼č─▒ndan taraftayd─▒. O amc─▒─č─▒m─▒ yalarken ben de yara─č─▒n─▒ a─čz─▒ma almaya ├žal─▒┼č─▒yordum. Yarak biraz yumu┼časa a─čz─▒ma alabilece─čim ama ne gezer. Ayn─▒ kal─▒nl─▒kta, ayn─▒ uzunlukta ve sertlikteydi. Yalad─▒m yalad─▒m ve anca ├╝├žte birini a─čz─▒ma alabildimÔÇŽ

Amc─▒─č─▒m da iyice sulanm─▒┼čt─▒. Beni yere yat─▒rd─▒, yeniden t├╝k├╝r├╝kledi ve o kocaman yara─č─▒ amc─▒─č─▒ma sokmaya ba┼člad─▒. Fakat bu sefer g├╝nd├╝zki kadar zorlanmadan i├žime ald─▒m. Yeniden siki┼čmeye ba┼člad─▒k. Bir s├╝re sonra ben orgazm oldum ve Sefer abiÔÇÖye, ÔÇťSenin bo┼čalman neden o kadar ge├ž oluyor?ÔÇŁ diye sordu─čumda, ÔÇťBen 1-2 saatten ├Ânce bo┼čalmam. Bu benim elimde de─čil. Ben de bo┼čalmak istiyorum ama olmuyor. Bu durum, Kar─▒m─▒n da MeyremÔÇÖin de ├žok ho┼čuna gidiyor. Senin ho┼čuna gitmiyor mu?ÔÇŁ dedi. Ben de ÔÇťAsl─▒nda ho┼čuma gidiyor, ama beni ├žok yoruyor!ÔÇŁ dedim. Bunun ├╝zerine dinlene dinlene siki┼čmemize devam ettik. Ben ├╝├ž d├Ârt kez bo┼čald─▒ktan sonra Sefer abi de nihayet bo┼čalmaya ba┼člad─▒ ve i├žimi doldurdu. Amc─▒─č─▒mdan akan s─▒v─▒lar g├Ât deli─čimi ─▒slatm─▒┼čt─▒. Sefer abi sa─č elinin parma─č─▒ ile bir yandan da ─▒slanm─▒┼č olan g├Ât deli─čimi parmaklamaya ba┼člam─▒┼čt─▒. Sefer abiÔÇÖye, ÔÇťSenin niyetini anlad─▒m, ama katiyen olmaz. G├Ât├╝me sokturmam. Y─▒rt─▒l─▒r, sakatl─▒k olur, hastanelik olurum, millete de rezil oluruz. Amc─▒─č─▒ma bile zor giriyor!ÔÇŁ dedim. Bana, ÔÇťCan─▒m, g├╝zelim, bir kez deneyelim. Kremle, t├╝k├╝r├╝kle, yumu┼čat─▒r─▒m, parmaklayarak al─▒┼čt─▒r─▒r─▒m, sonra deneriz. Girmezse sokmam.ÔÇŁ dediÔÇŽ

Do─črusunu isterseniz kendim istemedi─čim halde Sefer abiyi de k─▒rmak istemiyordum. ├çok ─▒srar edince raz─▒ oldum, ÔÇťTamam, ama l├╝tfen, beni seviyorsan sakatl─▒k yapma. Dene, girmezse tekrar amc─▒─č─▒m─▒ sik!ÔÇŁ dedim. O da, ÔÇťTamam g├╝zelim, seni ├╝zmek istemem. Girmezse illa da sokay─▒m demem. Bir kere deneyelim.ÔÇŁ dedi. Gittim krem getirdim, ├Ânce g├Ât deli─čimi kremledi ve sonra parma─č─▒n─▒ sokmaya ba┼člad─▒. Biraz tek parmakla oynad─▒ktan sonra iki parma─č─▒n─▒, daha sonra da ├╝├ž parma─č─▒n─▒ sokup ├ž─▒kararak g├Ât deli─čimi baya─č─▒ al─▒┼čt─▒rd─▒. Bu arada ben de i├žimden ÔÇśyara─č─▒n─▒n sertli─či biraz ge├žsinÔÇÖ diye yal─▒yordum. Fakat hayret edilecek bir ┼čey, yara─č─▒ sertli─činden hi├ž bir ┼čey kaybetmiyordu. Sonunda beni dizlerimin ├╝st├╝nde domaltt─▒. Arkama ge├žti ve iyice al─▒┼čm─▒┼č olan g├Ât deli─čime yara─č─▒n─▒ dayay─▒p hafif├že bast─▒rmaya ba┼člad─▒. Kafas─▒n─▒n girdi─čini hissetttim, ├Âylece biraz beklemesini s├Âyledim. Sefer abi ger├žekten ├žok anlay─▒┼čl─▒ ve merhametli bir insan oldu─ču i├žin bir s├╝re ├Âylece bekledi. Sefer abiÔÇÖye ÔÇť┼×imdi yava┼č yava┼č, ben dur diyene kadar sok.ÔÇŁ dedim. O da ufak ufak git gellerle, yara─č─▒n─▒ yava┼č yava┼č g├Ât├╝me sokmaya ba┼člad─▒ÔÇŽ

Daha ├Ânceleri, kocam da bir├žok kere beni g├Âtten sikmek istemi┼čti. Kocam─▒n siki Sefer abiÔÇÖnin yara─č─▒n─▒n yar─▒s─▒ndan bile k─▒sa ve ince olmas─▒na ra─čmen, kocama g├Ât├╝m├╝ siktirmemi┼čtim. ┼×imdi neredeyse at yara─č─▒ kadar bir yara─č─▒, g├Ât├╝me yar─▒ya kadar sokturuyordum. ├ç├╝nk├╝ Sefer abiyi k─▒ramazd─▒m. ├ç├╝nk├╝ ona ihtiyac─▒m─▒z vard─▒, onun korumas─▒na ihtiyac─▒m─▒z vard─▒. Kocama i┼č bulmu┼čtu, bizim her ihtiyac─▒m─▒z─▒ o kar┼č─▒l─▒yordu. K─▒z─▒m─▒n okul masraflar─▒n─▒ da o kar┼č─▒l─▒yordu. Bu nedenle kendimi Sefer abinin her istedi─čini yapmak zorunda hissediyordum. Ger├ži o, bu durumu f─▒rsat sayan biri de─čildi. Ve ona siktirmeyi ben de ├žok istiyordum, kocamdan daha iyi sikiyordu beni. Sefer abi g├Ât├╝m├╝ sikmeye devam ediyordu (bir yandan da eliyle amc─▒─č─▒mla oynay─▒nca, ben yeniden bo┼čald─▒m). Art─▒k o kocaman yara─č─▒n yar─▒dan fazlas─▒n─▒n g├Ât├╝m├╝n i├žinde oldu─čunu hissediyordum. Ama zorlanmaya ba┼člad─▒m ve Sefer abiÔÇÖye, ÔÇťSak─▒n daha fazla sokma, bu kadar iyi!ÔÇŁ dedim. O da, ÔÇťTamam g├╝zelim. Sen ne kadar─▒n─▒ istersen o kadar─▒n─▒ sokar─▒m. Hi├ž korkma!ÔÇŁ dedi ve iyice al─▒┼čm─▒┼č olan g├Ât├╝m├╝ bir saatten fazla bir s├╝re sikti. Ve nihayet bo┼čal─▒p, g├Ât deli─čimi d├Âlleriyle doldurduktan sonra yara─č─▒n─▒ ├ž─▒kard─▒. Beraber banyo yapt─▒k. Ard─▒ndan ├žay demledim, i├žtik. Bir s├╝re dinlendik, birbirimize sar─▒l─▒p oturduk, elle┼čtik ve sonra yeniden siki┼čmeye ba┼člad─▒k. O gece sabaha kadar, hem amc─▒─č─▒m hem de g├Ât deli─čim Sefer abiÔÇÖnin yara─č─▒ndan nasibini ald─▒.

Sefer abiÔÇÖye ve m├╝thi┼č yara─č─▒na doyam─▒yorum. Sefer abi her hafta, mutlaka en az bir kez geliyor ve her seferinde deliler gibi siki┼čiyoruz. Daha sonraki haftalarda neler oldu neler!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32