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Bermuda Triangle

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My story starts a number of years ago. We have a friend, Simon, that my husband, Gary, has known since he was about 17.

We regularly visited Simon and his then wife, and they used to come and visit us. All four of us became good friends, but nothing sexual happened between us until Simon’s wife ran off and he got divorced.

One Saturday night, when Simon was staying, I was getting into bed when I thought I heard him outside our bedroom in the passageway. I got up, wearing my flimsy, see-through nightie, and went to investigate by pretending to go to the loo.

I saw Simon quickly dash back into his room, so I was sure he had been watching me undress for bed through the partly open door. To be honest, the thought of him seeing me like that turned me on, and I could feel my pussy getting moist. Feeling very flirty I went into his room to check he was okay.

I bent down over him and whispered that I didn’t mind him seeing me naked, and that if he came back and peeped round our door in a few minutes, he would see a lot more.

Gary was looking at a copy of Fiesta when I returned to our room, so I knew he was in the mood for a randy time. I pulled back the sheets, positioned myself on my hands and knees with my pussy towards the door, and started fondling and sucking his cock. I parted my legs as I sucked and slid my hand down to my pussy, dipping my fingers into my juicy hole.

I soon brought myself off and my head was swimming, imagining that Simon was watching me.

I wanted him almanbahis to see me being fucked by Gary. So I turned round, checked he was at the door (he was), and suggested to Gary that we fuck in the spoons position. Gary happily agreed, allowing our hidden audience a perfect view as he slid his hard cock into my swollen hole.

All the excitement of being fucked under these circumstances gave me a multiple orgasm. Gary was highly aroused by my performance and managed to fuck me for about an hour. I lost count of the number of times I came.

After that, we were so shattered that we simply turned the light off and fell asleep.

In bed on the Sunday night, after Simon had gone home, my husband commented that he had really enjoyed the previous evening, and asked me what had turned me on so much. After a bit of probing, and a bit of guessing that it was something to do with Simon, he assured me that he wouldn’t mind knowing, whatever it was.

When I finally told him that Simon had been watching from the door, his penis, which was already quite stiff inside me, swelled up and he came almost instantly. Afterwards, Gary said that he didn’t mind Simon watching, particularly if it turned me on that much. He then went further and told me he thought it would be very erotic to let Simon join in next time he stayed.

Our next get together, at Simon’s this time, was about two months later.

On the way there we agreed that we would try to create the opportunity for some sexy fun with almanbahis giriş Simon.

As usual, we had a nice meal and a few bottles of wine, which helped to remove any inhibitions I still had. We started playing some games, quite innocently, but to get things going I suggested that the loser should remove an item of clothing. Simon, who had just lost, jumped at the idea and removed his trousers, allowing me to see the outline of his cock starting to throb in his pants.

We played a few more games, removed a few more things, and got down to just our underwear. A few more games, and the time came for me to remove my bra, and I really enjoyed showing off my naked boobs to Simon’s admiring glances. My pubic hair was also showing quite visibly through the thin and now very wet lacy material of my knickers.

Then Simon lost again and had to remove his pants. I suggested that I should do it for him and he happily let me.

I enjoyed sliding my fingers into the top of his pants and slowly pulling them down, brushing his pubic hair and his penis with my hand as I revealed his swollen prick. I then bent down and gave his stiff member a quick, teasing kiss.

I lost again and Simon got up and walked over to where I was sitting, his erect penis sticking out in front of him. I stood up and almost swooned as I felt him gently touching my skin, slowly moving up my thighs until he reached the thin material of my panties, which he pulled to the side before he slid his fingers inside and slowly almanbahis yeni giriş pulled them down, revealing my pussy. He then caressed my pubic hair and slid a finger down to the entrance of my soaking hole. Then, teasingly, he went and sat back down, holding my damp panties as a trophy.

After a few more games we were all naked, so we decided it was time for bed. As we went upstairs Simon said we could use his double bed and I said we’d love to. It was a lovely feeling as I laid my naked body down between them and they both started caressing me all over. I returned the favour by gently stroking their pricks, one in each hand. Then I turned on my side and let my husband enter my pussy from behind. That left me free to enjoy Simon’s passionate kisses, his tongue probing my mouth while I fondled his prick and balls.

My husband’s prick exploded inside me, but remained stiff with excitement.

We then changed round so that I could feel Simon’s prick inside me. I lay on my back, with my bum on a couple of pillows so that my pussy was raised up for Simon to slide in. Simon eased into me and I came almost instantly it felt even better than when I had fantasised about it.

My pussy clamped tight around Simon’s cock and I felt the incredible sensation of a man other than my husband coming inside me. Then, as he withdrew, I felt my husband’s fingers probing me as my pussy tingled with pleasure.

We continued for what seemed like hours in various positions before we all finally fell asleep together.

We have only done it the once with Simon, so far. However, we might get the chance to try it again soon, and maybe take it even further! Simon is coming to stay for a week next month, with his new girlfriend, who he says is as sexy and adventurous as me!

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Şub 05

Being Jim Ch. 06: Lessons of Life Pt. 05

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Author’s note:

I would like to apologize in advance to my readers. In the retelling of this story it sort of took on a life of its own. Normally my tales are fairly brief and concise, this one however seemed only to grow as I put pen to paper. (Figuratively speaking). Since it did turn out to be rather long I have decided to break it down into several smaller portions both for ease in posting and for reader consumption. That said… I hope you enjoy this long winded tale. It is a true story, all of this really did happen.

Life is a tapestry, a cloth woven of many different threads that create the whole. This story is a thread, one of many, contributing to the waft and weave that is the Whole cloth, being Jim.

Being Jim Ch.6 Lessons of Life

By Frodov

This story is based entirely on true experiences from my past. Names and a few details have been changed to provide anonymity for those involved. Discretion is a precious commodity and is becoming rarer and rarer every day.

Sometimes to better understand the “whole”, the big picture in its present state you must pick a thread and follow it back through the weave to earlier times or events, to see the interactions that colored that thread or created it. Often one thread is formed from multiple smaller connected threads, much like the cloth is woven from many threads. But isn’t that life? This story reaches back to my time in college. I was working full time mostly in a part time job delivering pizzas to pay for my gas and insurance to allow me to commute to and from school and home. Remember this all happened before cell phones and the internet, cable TV was still in its infancy. The 80’s big hair bands, big hair, a different time.

– Part Five –

The next morning was a blur as far as I can remember. I know I got up earlier than usual so that I could get the animals fed and tended before I headed off to town to Join Jules and the rest, especially Michelle, to get the teachers’ house painted. Well, the apartment anyway, according to Jules there were going to be seven or eight total not counting Maggie and Penny. Of course the teachers wouldn’t be doing any painting but I would be sure to get enough doughnuts for them as well. I got lucky with the doughnuts, it had been a slow morning at the doughnut shop and the girl at the counter cut me a deal giving me the second dozen of mixed at half price. Yes I made certain that at least a third of the doughnuts were custard filled. When I asked about a bag of mixed doughnut holes she winked and threw them in for free. Wow! What? Wait… she winked at me? I wasn’t sure what to think about that, anyway I smiled and paid my ticket and headed on to the teachers’ house.

It looked like there was a block party or something going on when I pulled up to the house that morning with all the cars and trucks parked in front of Maggie and Penny’s house. Michelle saw me pull up as she stood in the open garage talking to Jules and another girl that could only be Sam I thought, Michelle waved and skipped down to the curb to meet me. She seemed to positively glow. Oh how I wanted to just sweep her up into my arms and hold her tight. How I wanted to taste those lips again, I know it had only been a week since I had last seen her but it seemed like a lifetime. I would have too, or more likely I would have had to catch Michelle as she would have leapt onto me but we were both self conscious of all the eyes on us. Jules and Sam and two others standing in the open garage watching our every move I know for a fact and I’m sure there were others watching as well but my eyes were locked on Michelle so everything else was background. Stopping beside my driver side door, Michelle stood smiling.

“Hi.” She said as I opened the door and got out.

“Good morning beautiful.” I returned with a goofy grin of my own.

“Need a hand?” Michelle asked as I reached back into my truck cab to collect the boxes of doughnuts and a bag of doughnut holes.

“Sure, great… thanks.” I responded as Michelle relieved me of one of the boxes of doughnuts. I made sure she got the one with the majority of the custard filled. We walked up the driveway to the garage where Jules and company were assembling paint rollers on long sticks and checking brushes and pans.

“Great, bout time you showed up farm boy.” Jules chided me with a grin. The girl standing next to her could have been Jules’ sister they were dressed and had such similar appearances. But whereas Jules was flat as a board in the chest department the other girl was very well endowed indeed. Her faded and worn tee shirt could barely restrain he sweater puppies and it was obvious to even a blind man that she had hardware pierced and mounted in her nipples… barbells of some sort if I were to speculate without actually seeing them. It was really hard NOT to stare and the elbow in my side made it very clear that it was obvious and did not go unnoticed by everyone else. Jules just grinned that knowing leering signature grin of hers and Michelle almanbahis introduced us.

“Sam… this is Jim. Jim… Sam… Samantha, my roommate.” Michelle said giving me the stink eye for my wayward eyes. Sam crossed her arms in front her, under her breasts, making it that much more of an eye catching danger zone… for me… and grinned an all too familiar grin. I’ll be damned… she even grinned like Jules. The dirty worn baseball cap over a head of straight brown hair cut in an almost boyish fashion, her entire right ear pierced from top to bottom with multiple studs and rings in it. She had a pierced nostril on the left side of her nose with a little sparkly stud in it. I will say this though, she had a dazzling smile that distracted from her deep chocolate brown eyes. Eyes that lit up when she saw the bag of doughnut holes I was carrying.

“So this is ‘him’?” Sam said looking me up and down but returning to that bag of doughnut holes. “I finally get to meet this guy that someone just keeps on and on about. Jeez! Just looks like a normal guy to me Chelle… But he must be pretty cool… he brought doughnut holes!” She said with a grin. I smiled and handed the bag to her winning me a wink and an even bigger smile. About that time Penny appeared at the kitchen door, uncharacteristically dressed, in an old faded button down cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, faded Capri jeans with a bandana taming her hair tied up like a bonnet. After greeting me she told Jules that Sandy, Beth and Karen, the other three girls working for Jules’ had said that the plastic had been spread on the floor and we could bring the paint in to get started when she was ready. I passed my box of doughnuts to Penny and grabbed a couple cans of paint to carry inside.

We brought everything through the kitchen and then down the plastic covered stairs to the front door landing and then on down to the basement. Maggie and Penny had cleared the projection table in the ‘classroom’ and had set out some cups and a coffee maker. The doughnuts were put on the table and Penny went over to the corner where the chairs and bookshelf was to turn on the stereo. She put in an old eight track tape with even older music on it. Apparently she and Maggie liked music from the sixties. The first song to come blasting out of the speakers was Sugar Sugar by the Archie’s… Penny started shimmying and twisting, snapping her fingers dancing in place, bobbing her head from side to side with the beat. Michelle sidled over to her and joined in, both smiling at one another as they danced. When the singers began singing, of course they joined right in as well… belting out the lyrics…

“Sugar, ah honey honey…

You are my candy girl…

And you got me wanting you…

Honey, ah sugar sugar…

You are my candy girl…

And you’ve got me wanting you!”

Jules, Sam and I just looked at one another and Jules shook her head and rolled her eyes as if she had seen Penny act like this before. Sam chuckled and took the first can of paint to the apartment. Jules’ plan was to start with painting the bedroom and work our way through the apartment back to the front room. Jules, Sam and I started rolling paint onto the ceiling while Michelle, Beth and Karen cut in the trim around the door jams, the window frames and the closet doors. Sandy, a very quiet girl who seemed very shy around everyone but Jules, tried to keep everyone’s pain pans full or at least with some paint in them. She also painted the walls in the galley kitchen as there wasn’t a whole lot of paint needed in that small space.

As we finished up rolling the first coat of paint on the ceiling and had most of the walls rolled, the stereo started booming again. Everyone stopped and looked at one another. The song sounded familiar, if old, knowing that this had to be another Penny selection we all set our rollers and brushes down and went to the hallway from the apartment to the classroom. There we saw a sight that will forever be etched in my mind. Not only was our constantly vivacious Penny singing and dancing up a storm but dancing and singing right along side of her was Maggie. Talk about out of character! She was a sight rarely seen, if ever, certainly not like this by me before. Maggie had her raven black hair, that is normally twisted up into a bun and pinned motionless… pulled into a rather teenager looking pony tail. Instead of the normal house dress of stockings and a robe, Maggie was decked out with an old red and black checkered flannel shirt unbuttoned to about mid chest showing ample cleavage and the tails were tied in front making it look more like a halter top, the sleeves, like Penny’s rolled up to her elbows. Maggie’s dark indigo blue jeans were rolled up to just below her knees and she had on some old boat shoes with gum soles. The two of them were all smiles, their faces shining with glee and happiness as they belted out the old classic…

“Poetry in motion…

Walkin’ by my side…

Her almanbahis yeni giriş lovely locomotion…

Keeps my eyes open wide…

Poetry in motion…

See her gentle sway…

A wave out on the ocean…

could never move that way…

I love every movement…

There’s nothing I would change…

She doesn’t need improvement…

She’s much too nice to rearrange…”

…and they linked arms and twirled before beginning the next chorus.

“Poetry in motion…

Dancing close to me…

A flower of devotion…

A-swaying gracefully…”

At that Penny and Maggie hugged and fell down to the floor giggling like schoolgirls. Jules, Sam and the other girls all joined in clapping and cheering for the two as they looked up red faced with embarrassment but grinning all the same. I felt an arm slip around my side and a head come to rest on my shoulder as Michelle smiled and watched the antics of our teachers and their former students. I think all but Sandy were anyway. When the song wound down to an end Penny reluctantly turned the volume back down a bit and while some of the other girls were making suggestions for a new selection of music Jules Sam and Michelle and I went back to the apartment’s bedroom to finish up painting the walls. It was almost lunch time and we had got a lot done but still had a lot more to do. Jules remarked that Sandy was doing a great job in the little galley kitchen so she was all smiles, if shy. I wondered if perhaps this introduction today was perhaps a way for her to be met by Maggie and Penny… a future student maybe, as that thought was running through my mind I found Jules studying me and she noted my studying Sandy and it was like she read my mind. I looked at Jules and tilted my head towards Sandy and raised one eyebrow. Jules looked back at me with a soft but serious smile and nodded and blinked once, then shrugged her shoulders. I took that to mean that yes Sandy was a candidate but it was up to Penny and Maggie to make it happen if they chose to do so. This of course set me to thinking about my own journey with those two ladies. This summer had been… what had it been really? Educational for sure, entertaining at times, enlightening? I had learned so much about girls and women… and probably more importantly, about myself. I had grown… and most importantly, there was Michelle.

With the first coat on in the bedroom and the kitchen efforts were moved into the front room of the apartment. Jules asked everyone who wanted to keep working and who wanted to go get lunch. I suggested that I would hang out and keep painting, of course Michelle said she’d stay too. Jules just looked at me and grinned as she shook her head. I asked her where everyone was going for lunch she said she didn’t know. I had a thought, although pizza was not my first choice of food as I saw it or ate it almost every day of the week, but Michelle, Penny and Maggie didn’t. I asked Michelle if she would like some pizza, her eyes lit up and that was all the answer I needed.

“Ham and green peppers!” Michelle said. I went out to the classroom where Maggie and Penny were sitting in the reading chairs fanning themselves with Chinese folded fans and sipping iced tea. Both looked radiant and happy. I asked them first if I could treat them to pizza and if so what did they like. Penny started clapping her hands like a giggly schoolgirl and Maggie just looked at her and smiled at her antics. I got their preferences and then used the house phone to call the closest Dom’s location to order two large pizzas. I did ask if I could get my employee discount. Unfortunately the trainee in charge of the dayshift at that store didn’t know me and was not going to discount any deliveries for an employee. He’d be happy to give me the discount if I came and got them though. Well, I ended up paying full price. Oh well. A half an hour later the doorbell rang and Michelle bolted up the stairs to the landing to answer the door. I followed along at a more sedate pace and greeted the delivery driver, who I actually knew from working with her at one of the campus Dom’s locations. She thought it sucked that I couldn’t get a discount for my pizzas but I told her it was alright, it wasn’t her fault. I gave her good tip on top of the price of the food as well. She thanked me and was on her way. Michelle stood there on the landing watching the whole exchange and eyed me and the driver with interest.

“That was kind of chummy…” She said giving me a mock severe look.

“Was it?” I asked feigning innocence of what she could be talking about.

“You knew her name!” She insinuated.

“She had a name tag…” I laughed pointing out the obvious. Michelle looked at me petulantly and pouted. “And yes, I knew her from working with her before…” I added laughing more. Michelle gave up the act and grinned and punched me in the arm teasingly.

“Let’s eat!” She said excitedly. I carried the pizzas down to the classroom and almanbahis giriş set them on the projector table next to the mostly empty doughnut boxes. Maggie and Penny joined us for a couple of slices as we all took seats and fed ourselves. I remarked that I was pleasantly surprised to see Maggie with her hair down. I really enjoyed them dancing and singing earlier. Michelle raved about it too. She said she wanted to dance and sing some more as she finished up her third piece of pizza and wandered over to the stereo to see what kind of tapes Penny had to play. Maggie said that she would yield the floor to Michelle if she wanted to join Penny this time around. I caught Maggie giving me a sidelong glance as she watched Penny and Michelle picking out music. I knew that Maggie was just as interested in watching the two as I was, and probably for the same reasons. On a whim I stood up and walked over to Maggie’s chair and leaned down and kissed her on the neck below her ear then gripped her shoulder and we smiled at one another sharing a quiet moment of mutual understanding and admiration. I sat in Penny’s vacated chair and we watched the girls get wound up to sing… the music once more blaring out of the speakers… a surprising choice I thought, but perhaps appropriate all the same.

“Ohhh it’s been gettin’ so hard…

livin’ with the things you do to meeee…”

“My dreams are gettin’ so strange…

I’d like to tell you everything I seeee…”

“Oh, I see a man at the back and as a matter of fact his eyes are as red as the sun…”

“And the girl in the corner net no one ignore her cause she thinks she’s the passionate one!”

They both twirled and ended up facing one another and belted out the next chorus…

“Oh Yeah!! It was like lightning!!

Everybody was fighting!!”

“And the music was soothing…

And they all started grooving!!”

“And the man at the back yelled everyone attack!! And it turned into a ballroom blitz!”

“And the girl in the corner said boy I wanna warn ya… it’ll turn into a ballroom blitz!”

Penny and Michelle devolved into chanting…



A Ballroom Blitz!”

…and then wrapped each other in one another’s arms and began giggling as they bounced and flounced about to the music. I watched Maggie out of the corner of my eye as she took it all in as well. There was nothing but love in those bright amber eyes. Love for Penny for sure, and I dare say more than just a little for my Michelle. Wait… “my Michelle”? Did I really just think that? Wow… now I’m being possessive? No, of course not. My fascination, by fixation, my dreams and hopes maybe, but I don’t possess her or can even claim to. I am happy just to have her in my life at all really, it’s all so new and amazing and wonderful. Still though, I could appreciate others admiring and even having affection and feelings for her. ‘Who wouldn’t?’ I thought to myself. As the song wound down and Penny and Michelle both collapsed into empty chairs to catch their breath, Jules and company stepped through the beaded curtain.

“Did we miss the show?” Jules asked Penny smiled and lazily waved one hand still panting from her exertion. Michelle just grinned and shrugged then looked over at me and smiled. All business, Jules checked her watch and then went to check the progress of the paint already applied. The walls in the front room of the apartment were still tacky of course as they were the last to be painted, but the kitchen and the bedroom were dry already and indeed ready for the second coat of paint. Jules organized everyone into their assigned tasks again and we began on the second round of painting. By the time the last roller of paint was applied to the wall in the galley kitchen it was starting to get late for me and Jules as we were both scheduled to work at Dom’s that evening. The others with the exception of Beth were able to hang around and apply the second coat of paint to the front room however and so it was turned into a plan of action.

“Jimbo, you need to go take a shower dude, you got paint spatter all over the back of your neck and arms.” Jules told me as I was wiping my hands on a rag to get some paint off my fingers. “It’s water soluble so it’ll come off with soap and water.” She added. Penny pointed up the stairs when I looked to ask about using the shower. I thanked her and went upstairs.

As I was peeling off my clothes in the bathroom I could hear the stereo downstairs being turned back up and some more 60’s and early 70’s music being played. I guess Penny and Maggie like that music. I stepped into the shower and began soaping up and scrubbing my hair with soap to get the paint spatter out. I once more felt the draft and heard the glass door of the shower slide open and I knew that someone had joined me in the shower. Maggie? Penny? Ducking my head under the water to wash the soap out of my eyes, when I opened them there stood Michelle, her arms demurely crossed over her small breasts but with open desire in those gorgeous eyes.

“It seems to me that you could use a little help scrubbing the paint off of your skin… I know I would like a little help getting cleaned up too. Do you mind?” She asked in that uncertain little girl voice that she knew drives me crazy.

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Şub 05

Beer Thursday Pt. 02

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“Remember, I told you we can’t fuck,” Mary moaned.

Tom ignored her and continued to roughly stimulate her nipples with his mouth. She was writhing under him wanting more while feeling more than she ever had before. His tongue was flicking rapidly all over her left breast and his fingers were pinching and pulling on her right nipple. Her hips were thrusting up into his waist hoping to feel his cock against her pussy…just a touch. She couldn’t remember how they got naked, but she knew she wanted to. She couldn’t see his cock, but the feeling against her leg suggesting something massive.

She let out a groan when Tom stopped sucking and licking and started to move down her breasts…her stomach…her navel…kissing her all the way down. He stopped and started exploring her navel with his tongue. No one had ever kissed her there and let out a moan to let him know that he was hitting a good spot. Her clit found his hard ribs digging into her and she spread her legs more to increase the contact. She knew she was nearing orgasm, but want to hold off until he put his mouth on her vagina. As good as the ministrations of her navel felt, she put her hand on top of his head and gently applied pressure.

Tom got the message and continued kissing and licking down her stomach until he got to her downy blond patch of pubic hair. She heard Tom take a deep breath through his nose. “You smell so ready for this, I can’t wait to taste you.” With that his mouth covered her pussy and she felt his tongue separate her labia. He hands reached up and covered her breasts, squeezing and stroking them roughly. His rigid tongue stroked up and down penetrating deeper and deeper while he apparently avoiding her most sensitive part. Mary started driving her pelvis harder and harder against his face trying to get his tongue on her clit, but Tom kept teasing her. “Lick me, please…I need you to lick me…I am so close.”

Tom looked up almanbahis at her and said “Whatever my lady wants.” With that drove his tongue against her now unsheathed, throbbing button. He rapidly flicked the tip of his tongue against the nub while his fingers pinched and pulled on her nipples. Mary felt her impending orgasm approaching knowing it would be the strongest she’d ever had…the bed shook, Mary tried to ignore it and focus on Tom’s mouth, but Tom was no longer there.

“Are you alright?” Bob asked? “You were tossing and turning and sounded like to were having a nightmare. It sounded like you someone was torturing you.”

Mary looked around and realized that she was at home, in bed, at 2 AM but with her husband Bob. No Tom, no cheating, no orgasm… “Sorry if I woke you, I guess it was just a bad dream…you know how those are. Perhaps if we, you know, fooled around a bit I could forget about the dream and get back to sleep.” Her hand reached into Bob’s pajama bottoms and stroked his fat penis. She felt it grow harder and harder as she stroked. Bob reached over and pulled off Mary’s long tee shirt she always wore to bed, then pulled off his bottoms. Mary realized she was soaking wet and when Bob went for her panties, she shifted around and pulled them off herself.

Mary lay back with her legs spread hoping Bob would kiss her breasts…stomach…vagina, but he climbed on top with his rock hard cock lined up with her aroused, open lips.

Bob was only 5 ” long, but his cock was extremely thick. When he was in college he got a lot of hand jobs when his girlfriends couldn’t fit him in. They were also quite unwilling to suck him since their jaws got tired trying to fit him in their mouths. When Bob met Mary and she was able to take him into her pussy after 2-3 minutes of just the tip…then a little more…then half way in…and when she put her heels on his ass and pulled him all the way in, he knew almanbahis giriş he had found the perfect girl. Mary could not get enough of his girth and wanted him in her 3 or 4 times a day. After they got married sex slowed down to where it was strictly on weekends. The other disappointing part (for Mary, at least) was Bob was not big on foreplay nor on experimenting with multiple positions. Bob liked to rub her pussy while licking her nipples, finger her a bit – perhaps to see how wet she was, and then climb of top of her and pound her until he came. This was not always satisfying for Mary who would have to take care of herself while Bob went and showered.

As Bob lined up his cock, Mary put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him down. Bob looked at her with a questioning look. “I need you to lick my pussy. I know you’ve never liked doing that, but tonight, I really need you to.” Mary asked. Bob hesitated, then crawled down, opened his mouth and tentatively stuck out his tongue tasted her soaking lips. “Wow, you are really wet tonight.”

His tongue felt so good as he licked up and down her engorged lips and clit. Mary reached down pulling Bob’s hand up and put it on her breast. Bob got the message and put both of his hands on her tits and rubbed her nipples with his thumbs while squeezing her breasts. He found that she responded more when he flicked his tongue over her clit, so he focused on that. Soon Mary was grinding her pussy hard into his face as her orgasm approached. Her legs wrapped around Bob and pulled him in tightly as she exploded in a writhing frenzy. Bob felt like his ribs were going to crack under the pressure of her thighs and she came.

“Holy crap!” Bob gasped. “I’ve never seen you come that hard. Now it is my turn.” as Bob crawled up to get relief in Mary’s tight pussy.

“How about a blow job?” Mary asked. “I am quite sensitive down there right now.”

Bob Looked at her as if she almanbahis yeni giriş were a stranger. “You never wanted to blow me before. You said I was too big for your mouth.”

“I want to try and if I can’t, then you know where else you can put that.” Mary pushed him onto his back and started licking up and down the shaft of his cock. Soon she had the head in her mouth. She used her tongue to get it thoroughly wet before pushing her mouth farther down. She remembered the soreness in her jaw when she tried this once back in college, but she was determined to get past this. It wasn’t long before she was able to feel his pubic hair tickling her nose and lips. Mary started bobbing her head more and more rapidly enjoying the feeling of the head of a cock hitting the back for her throat. She was amazed that she could get the whole thing in with just minor discomfort. Bob’s breathing was getting more rapid and she could feel the muscles in his legs get tense. “Stop…I’m going to cum.” Bob groaned and tried to pull her mouth off his dick. Mary pushed her face onto his cock as far as she could and clenched her throat as if she were swallowing while still bobbing up and down.

“Oh God!” Bob yelled and thrust his pelvis hard into Mary’s face over and over. It was hard for Mary to keep up with all the sperm being shot down her throat, and her face kept bouncing off Bob’s pubic bone, but she swallowed as much as she could. Bob let out one last moan and went limp on the bed. His dick popped out of Mary’s mouth when she sat up. As Mary coughed and wiped the excess cum off her mouth, Bob was amazed to see that her lips were bruised. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Bob said, “I shouldn’t have pounded your mouth so hard.”

Mary was moving her jaw around getting like she was working out cramps. “I actually enjoyed the passion of the whole thing.” Mary said. “I guess it is nice to get out of the same-ole, same-ole…” Though she did wonder what people would think seeing her puffy lips at work later today.

“I have no idea what got into you, but perhaps your Beer Thursdays are not entirely a bad thing.” Bob said, “perhaps you should have Beer Mondays…Tuesdays…”

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Becca Takes A Large Deposit Ch.14

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As both women groaned in their sexual fondling, Connor, his cock deflating, knelt on the floor and untied Victoria’s legs. He then moved behind her and released her hands too. To her own surprise, Victoria’s freed hand cautiously ventured to the pert breast before her, she looked at the still hard nipples with a new eye. She found she wanted to make this young girl squirm as she had been made to squirm.

For the first time in her life, she gingerly touched the sweat covered orbs of another woman. Feeling the soft skin beneath her fingers pucker into goose bumps made her smile. Becca V’s nipples responded too by swelling to their limit, as she groaned into Victoria’s neck. “Ummmm, you have lovely hands Victoria. Do you like the feel of my breasts?”

“Ohh I’m so confused,” she admitted. “I should not be enjoying this yet I am? I should not be letting another woman touch me as intimately as you have, but your fingers are deep inside me and it feels soooo good. I have never had as many orgasms as I have today at the hands of you two,and… ummmmm, oh I think you and your fingers are going to give me another one! I… have,oone thing to… huh,ohhh God… , one thing to ask, no… one thing I must have!”

“And what my pretty is that?” cooed Becca into Victoria’s ear before sticking her tongue into it.

Connor’s cock had been at rest for only a few minutes, but that appeared to be all it needed. The sexual antics of the two women before him, their conversation and the wet slapping sound of Becca V’s fingers in Victoria’s succulent pussy, were all this red-blooded male needed to re-light his fire. He moved in closer so that he could see Becca’s fingers sliding expertly in and out of Victoria. He pondered that on those fingers was a mixture of his semen, Becca’s juices and now Victoria’s. What a cocktail!

He lifted his hardening cock and mounted Victoria’s leg again, only this time her hand was free, and it flew to grasp hold of his weapon. She ran her hand along its long length, back and forth, dragging back his foreskin to fully expose the angry pink head; she then held him between her delicate fingers and moved his cock from side to side across her thigh, rasping its head across the silken stocking. It was evident that she now had the measure of his fetish, and he knew it.

“What is it that you want Victoria?” Becca V asked again. almanbahis Her voice was breaking as Victoria’s hand increased its manipulation of her breast and her own manipulation of Victoria’s cunt was beginning to take its toll on her. The slurping sex sound driving both women on to a heightened state of arousal. “This! This is what I want,” she held Connor’s cock in her hand like some victorious fisherman, showing off his catch. “I want this inside me, fucking me, I want it in my arse, fucking me and I want it in my mouth, fucking me and coming in me.”

Becca V turned to Connor, then back to Vicky and said, “but that is not mine to give.”

Connor said nothing, but a slight smile grew upon his lips as with strong hands and arms he pulled Victoria across the desk and span her around. He then gently pushed her down so that her breasts were forced onto the cold desk-top causing a gasp to wring from her. He manoeuvred Becca V in the same way so that he was now faced with two perfectly formed, well-rounded tight arses. He then grabbed Victoria’s right hand and placed it between Becca’s open thighs, making sure her fingers were in contact with Becca’s dripping wet pussy. “Finger her!” He commanded the older woman. Then he took Becca V’s left hand and placed that between Vicky’s legs, “you know what to do!” He said to the younger woman.

Without further talk, he moved forwards, his granite hard phallus bouncing in its eagerness to be buried once again. As he nudged the massive head up to Victoria’s mons veneris, the bulbous head looked too large to be taken within her vagina, but it slipped in with ease, all the way to the hilt. Immediately Victoria started to pant, “Ohhhhummmm Connor,ohhh… FUCK! You, huh, huh, have made me… oh God… one happy,fucking hell Connor he feels enormous! Oh thank you, this is heaven; it is what I’ve needed for a long, long time… “

Connor pumped into her tight pussy as Becca V’s expert fingers teased on her clit and as his shaft withdrew, she would lightly play along its length before he rammed in again; pushing hard onto Victoria’s pussy and adding extra tightness for the wet, lubricated shaft. Each withdrawal and thrust forwards was an assault on Victoria’s senses and she openly sobbed as her body uncontrollably quivered with each powerful thrust forwards pinning her against the desk, her almanbahis giriş breasts skipping over the cold smooth surface. As her fingers tentatively encircled Becca’s erect clitoris she realised she was enjoying that experience too; pleasuring another woman, like only a woman could. As quickly as her pussy lips had been parted by Connor’s cock, it had been taken from her; she looked behind her. On the verge of orgasm, he had stopped, why?

Connor now approached Becca he slipped his phallus between her engorged labia lips and pushed firmly and deeply into her. “OOOOhhhhhbaby, baby… ohhhh, ohyesss, oh… not again, not yet, ohh I can’t believe it! She pushed herself up whilst still managing to finger Victoria. “This cock is mine now Connor, do you hear that?” She panted loudly, “fucking hell, he is so hard. Pump him into me, fill me.” Connor smiled and pulled out his juice covered cock and ran it up the valley of Becca V’s bum, pushing under the feinforced gusset hole in the tights, again enjoying the feel of the material on his exposed cock head.

Then aiming at her now lubricated anal sphincter, he slowly pushed his cock into her arse. It was so tight and hot that he almost ejaculated there and then. He had to hold deathly still and manage his composure to will the approaching climax back under control. His cock was pulsing furiously in his efforts, so close to orgasm. Becca cried out, “oh GOD… oh GOD… OHHHHH GODDDddd. HE’s… ohh he feels fucking huge, I feel like I’m being torn apart, he’s too big Connor! OOOhhhhh fuck that is goooooddd! Ohhh Vicky, stick your fingers into me and feel his cock inside me, feel the pulsing, yes, yes, that’s right, just there… oh,OH..OH, OHHHH! YES! YES!”

As soon as Victoria’s fingers slipped into Becca V’s recently vacated and well lubricated vagina, Becca orgasmed noisily. “OOOHHHhhhhh GODDDDDdddd, ummmmm… mmmm. I can feel every throb of your fucking great COCK, ohhhh Connor, don’t come yet, I know its selfish but… huh, huhmmmmm… I want more, we need more. We need to see you coming after you’ve fucked us some more!” She turned to Victoria and gently kissed her as the older woman inserted a third finger and then a fourth into the orgasming cunt beside her.

Connor knew that his time was very near, and having satisfied one woman for the moment, pulled out of Becca’s tight, almanbahis yeni giriş tight arse and slipped easily back into Victoria’s hot wet and very eager pussy. After two or three long strokes into her, he pulled out his cock again, slick with her lubrication. Victoria was in a terrible state. Her orgasm halted at the point of crashing upon her senses picked up immediately from where it had stopped, and after only three deep thrusts into her, the object of her torment was removed from her pussy again. She was on the point of protest, thinking that this was some sort of torture the two had agreed upon, particularly as Becca V’s fingers had now halted their play too, even though they were still firmly nestled between Vicky’s labia. So in her desperation to come, she pushed down on the fingers using them as a masturbational aid, she had to come, and come now!

But Connor had not finished and was in torment himself desperately holding on as his cock leaked dribbles of pre-come which dripped from the end as he quickly lined it up with Vicky’s rectum and gently pushed the huge swollen head passed her tight rectal muscle and into to her anus. She whimpered into Becca’s open mouth as her orgasm immediately hit her. Connor slapped her bum as if riding a cantering horse, slapping both of her cheeks and making them rosy-red in the process. “Is this what you needed then my whore? You will both be at my beck-and-call from now on. Anything I desire, you will do, anything, at anytime, do you understand?” Victoria could only nod; her screams of orgasm as he rode her arse were being forced from her lungs with every deep thrust. She had never had sex like this before, and it was intoxicating. She felt completely powerless. Something in her life she was not used to. This man and this woman could basically do anything to her and she knew, no matter what that was, she would be more than grateful. “HUH, HUhhhh, ummmmm, oh, oh, oh… I,” she panted at him, then just nodded again. Connor turned to Becca and slapping her across the arse got her compliance quickly too.

Connor continued to fuck Vicky’s arse, every now and then slipping out his cock to lubricate it in her vagina, after a few thrusts there, returning it whence it came. He was very close to coming now so giving her pussy a few more deep thrusts he withdrew. Grabbing both women by the hair he dragged them off of the table and onto the floor. He walked round to face them his proud glistening phallus bobbing up and down as he walked. “OK my whores,” he said bringing his slippery cock into close proximity to their faces, “get licking, I want a double-headed blow job!”

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Şub 05

Beanie and Spiro’s Great Adventure

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First off, this here story is expressed in the vernacular, that is it corresponds with the way people talk. Our two protagonists, as you will surely recognize, are not rocket scientists. These are just two dumb highly sexed Texas kids who join the Navy because they are patriotic and get ramrodded right up the ass by the local enlistment officer. The various miss-spellings are dialectic. These great guys are not the sharpest pencils in the pack.

All usual we are dealing only with people who are 18 years old or better. There is no violence or animals injured, just two “Buttheads” butting their heads against the world. Oh yeah, there is a lot of anal fetish stuff and also heterosexual stuffings as well. Good luck and may you read this story to the ass end. Best wishes to all my followers. If you enjoy this saga please favor it and give it a good vote.







Do you know or do you not know? That is the fucking question mark, Bozo. You may think you know all about your best friends, but do you? Do you truly know what is in the deepest recess of their hearts, their minds, the darkest channels of the cerebellum where synapses fire like the 80 mm cannons on a battleship.

I grew up in a little town on the outskirts of in Palo Duro Canyon in Texas. Of course you never heard of it. Why would ya. So I’ll tell ya, this is one of a series of canyons cut out of the Texas Panhandle. We were not far from Amarillo and our little town shared a high school with several other small towns within a 10 mile circle.

My Mom just thought the world of Spiro Agnew. You may remember he was Trick Dickey Nixon’s VP who got drummed out of office and replaced by Bob Ford. Not the dirty little coward who shot Jesse James, that was another Ford. This was the one who came from the Ford Motor Car Company, his wheels were round. Anyway, long story shouted, I got stuck with the moniker Spiro J. Thompson.

When did I first meet Beanie? I knew Beanie from the time Miss Rose, our teacher, brought this little red haired freckled faced kid into our second grade classroom and introduced the twenty-seven of us to Bernard Callahan Thelonious, who immediately contradicted the teacher saying, “Just call me Beanie.”

He wore his hair in a crew cut back then, and he still does. Aside from his diminutive stature, Beanie was a regular kid, I never noticed anything strange about him. The teacher sat him in the back of the class room next to me where there was an empty desk. All I can say is that he was always fiddling with something; rocks pencils, toys and I think the teacher’s bottom desk draw was filled with these contraband artifacts that were seized from him just about every day.

We always played basketball in the morning before the school opened, unless it was raining. Beanie always carried a ball with him when he came to school. He was an amazing accurate. The two of us would play “Four Horses.” I have no idea why it was called that, but if your opponent made a shot into the basket, you had to duplicate the shot or earn a “horse.” If you got 4 horses you were out, that is you lost. Of course Beanie had a specialty of left handed underhand shots that were amazing and neither I nor the other kid could master them.

As short as he was, I rarely won the competition. In fact he changed the name of the game to “Four Donkeys,” just to make fun of me. I didn’t mind, we were buddies, and when Remus, the school bully grabbed the ball away from me, it was Beanie who flew through the air like “Mighty Mouse” and tackled him by the neck. “Small but deadly” was what Arthur Delmar called him. Arty was the class president and chronicler of a one page mimeographed sheet called “Canyon Dust” that kept track of our progress or lack thereof.

It seemed Beanie and I were always buds. We had the same teachers throughout grade school and we shared the same interests. We loved football, in the winter we played tag football in the dusty lot at the side of the brick schoolhouse. In the fall it was baseball, I couldn’t believe how Beanie could field the ball, it was as if his legs were made of rubber. Just when you’d think the ball was moving too fast he’d fall to the ground and scoop it up in his old yeller glove.

We stayed good friends through high school. Neither of our families were well off. I lived in an old white wooden clapboard house, built in the 1920s. Beanie lived in a similar house, originally painted red. I guessed the peeling paint was the only thing holding the houses together, that and the termites that polka dotted the clapboards.

Beanie had a sister. I was an only child. My Dad was a roofer. Beanies’ Mom was a house cleaner, a maid for one of the well to do families over on the North side. If Beanie had a dad, I never met him, nor did he talk about him. I do remember one time when I went over to get Beanie I saw his mom had one of almanbahis giriş those tall memorial candles lit. The candle’s glass container was on a plate.

“Don’t ya know,” said his mom, “if ya don’t put something under them there candles it’ll burn a hole right through the table.”

“What’s it for?” I asked.

“Oh that’s for Beanies dad, he died in Iraq when Beanie was just a baby.”

When I asked Beanie about it some years later, he said matter of factly,

“That’s about as true as the Tooth fairy or Santa Fuck’in Claus. If I had a Dad who was a vet, we’d be getting money every month. We ain’t seen the first nickel. Mom just got fucked by a married guy who got killed and we got shit.”

“But even so, you are the son of a vet?”

“I ain’t got no proof who my father was. Even if you could prove it, illegitimate children don’t get even a cunt hair to chew on from Uncle Samshit.”

But those of us raised in Texas know a thing about hard luck and a hard life. My Dad fell off a 3rd story roof when I was in my first year of junior high school. He never got up off the ground. As a paraplegic, he was wheelchair bound ever since. Why’d he fall of that roof? Shit, roofers are supposed to know how not to fall off?

Well, I’ll tell ya why. He was what we’d call a pocket alcoholic. He always had a small half pint of Dumont’s Blackberry Brandy or some alcoholic sweet fruit substitute. Even after his accident he still managed to wheel himself over to O’Malley’s liquor store to get refueled before the day started.

My mother had left us a few year earlier, saying

“I can’t take it anymore, that drunken pervert ain’t gonna put his hands on me again.”

I don’t rightly know what she was referring to and quite frankly I don’t wanna know.

After Mom left us, she hooked up with her high school boyfriend who had just his divorced his wife Irma. Seems Irma was the night manager at Caskal’s Log Cabin Motel over on Ottley Street. Besides managing the place, Irma was renting her pussy by the hour. One of the cops, to whom she gave freebee blowjobs as a payoff, let it slip to her husband Dan, one night over at the Crossroad Bar that Irma was a working girl with more than a big heart. Dan knew that description fit her to a tee.

So Dan kicked Irma out of his Mom’s home that they’d rented from Mossy Black’s family for God knows how many years. Dan’s Mom had passed a few years earlier. Irma didn’t give no shit, she just moved into one of them little cabins over at the motel. She did so well in the pussy business that eventually she bought the damn motel from Old Man Menzer who was in the first stage of dementia. I remember her saying to some old lady at his funeral,

“Now Old Man Menzer was a man, even when his mind was gone he could still sport a full hard on.”

To which, the old lady replied,

“Maybe his heart wouldn’t a given out if you hadn’t been a fucking him to death.”

So Dan Figler, Mom’s high school sweetheart, got free of any legal entanglements and went on to divorcing Irma. That was when Mom moved in with Dan. The two of them seemed to get along quite well and Dad would say,

“When I couldn’t fuck her anymore, she left me for a bigger dick.”

“How do you now he’s got a bigger dick?”

“Cause that whore of your mother told me so.”

But that dick business wasn’t fair. They’d been estranged for years as far as I could tell. Of course Dad had his own take on the failure of their marriage.

“That bitch used to suck Dan Figler off under the football bleachers. I started fucking her when she was a bookkeeper at the roofer place I worked for. If I hadn’t a got her pregnant with you I’da never married the little whore. She was the easiest piece of ass I ever got. Three drinks and ya could fuck her upsides down. Why one time she fucked me, her boss and…”

“That’s enough Dad,” I said, “I really don’t want to hear any more.”

Anyway, my parents separated but never divorced. Dad and I seemed to manage pretty well. I did the cooking and he got a disability payment so we were ok. Shit, a few cans of beans and franks can keep most anyone alive.

As I’ve explained, Dad was pretty bitter about the split. Still, both Mom and Dad showed up

for my graduation although they sat one seat apart. The day after we all graduated, a Park Ranger found Dad’s wheelchair at the bottom of Caprock Escarpment, a 60 foot drop into the base of the canyon. The sign there says a river channel cut through the sedimentary rock in prehistoric times. That was where the wooden safety rail was broken. Of course Dad was dead stiff.

We had a small funeral for Dad, a closed casket as his head was pretty much fucked up by the fall. Was it suicide? Christ if I know, I prefer to think he was just too drunk to slow down on the down slope to the observation deck. He just blasted through the old wooden fence, which was filled with termite rot.

Once Dad was dead, I figured I’d get the house. But since my parents were still married, Mom inherited almanbahis the house and next thing I knew she and Dan Figler moved in. I put up with it for a while but the sounds of their lovemaking through the thin walls made me want to vomit. Why? because it was my Mom and I didn’t wanta think of her as a sexual being, especially with Dan who was always feeling her up, grabbing her big tits from behind while she was cooking dinner. OK, I admit it, my bad.

I was thinking about taking off, shit, I was too old to be living with my mom and her old flame who wasn’t in the least pleased with me smoking his weed.

Beanie and I were just two regular guys. The Bean was kind short, he never got past 5’4″but he was real cute and you might say his face was kinda pretty and he had that tight ass that the olympic swimmers have or is it the figure skaters? I forget. I’d filled out ok, was close to 6 foot and had a nice barrel chest full a hair, a full head of hear and two big feet. You know what that means, don’t ya?

We’d gone through high school together and we were still best of friends. Why we’d even lost our virginity together with Lola, the waitress at the Pizza Palace. After graduation we still hung around the restaurant flirting with Lola and making trashy remarks that seemed to get her hot and horny enough to give us a second helping in the back of the place after her boss had gone home. Most of the time we just drank beer till we could hardly walk home. Lola was good about that, once the Boss was gone the drinks were on the house.

Then Beanie got this great idea, “Let’s join the Navy!”

It was the beginning of the New Year and we were both as patriotic as hell. We went down to the recruiting office on Main Street where we met Petty Officer Branzini, the head man in charge. He was around 5’10, with buzz cut dyed black hair. Beanie said he had a small rug on top.

“What the fuck is a rug?”

“A wig, a toupee, but don’t say nothing.”

Branzini wore a snappy white starched outfit with some cool ribbons and medals, he looked like he was headed for the Disneyland Parade in his dress uniform. On closer inspection his pants looked like they had some stains and crumbs from the jelly donuts he had in a greasy paper bag on his desk.

“Wanta jelly donut, guys?” he piped up as we entered the tiny store front.

“They are a fresh as that shop gal’s tit over at the donut store. Ha ha, you guys from around here?”

“Born and raised,” said Beanie, I nodded.

“Yeah, I usually give a speech at the high school but this year I was to busy to get over there.”

“Yeah,” said the Bean, “we saw ya last year.”

“Ok boys, so what can I do you for?”

“Well Sir…”

“Don’t call me Sir, son, call me Chief Petty Officer Branzini.”

“Yes Sir, I mean Petty Officer Sir.”

I gave Beanie a dirty look.

“Oh sorry Sir, I mean Chief.”

About that point some snazzy high school chicks walked in.

“Hello girls,” said the Chief.

“Dear beautiful ladies,” said the Chief, “we are her in the middle of official US Navy business. Why don’t you girls come back in an hour?”

The girls smiled and one of the stuck her finger in her tight blouse popping a button so we got a good look, she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Sure Captain, we will be back,” giving us all a wink and out they went.

When they left, Branzini wiped the perspiration that had formed on his forehead and said under his breath,

“Great tits a fire.”

But we heard him. Then he started in with his sales pitch,

“You guys like pussy. You know, us Navy guys get all the pussy we want, this uniform is a puss magnet. We even have to keep these,”

and he stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out some different colored condoms he threw on the desk,

“Cause we don’t take no chances in the Navy.”

We looked up surprised, but didn’t say anything. I was still thinking of that gal’s bare tit and my cock was moving into second gear.

“Boys, I asked you a question, do you like pussy-or do you like cock?”

“No,” we responded.

“No, you don’t like pussy or no, you don’t like cock?”

We didn’t answer…

“Because, Branzini continued, even if you ain’t into cock yet, the Navy is the biggest flotilla of gay fuck-offs you ever saw. On board you get cock for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even for a late night snack and when you get shore leave, that’s when the bitches won’t leave you alone – so guys, either way you got it made in the us N-A-V-Y, ”

He spelled it out.

“Well, sir,” I answered, “I’m a fan of cock, my own cock and as for pussy, that’s all I dream of. In fact after seeing that gal’s tit I’ve got a hard on.”

With that, Branzini grabbed me by the crotch.

“Yeah you do,” he remarked, holding on a little too long.

“And you bud,” he said, “looking at Beanie. You kid, look like you’d rather have a cock in your mouth than a lollipop.”

Now that comment surprised me. I’d never figured Beanie for a homo. Was he almanbahis giriş a homo?

“Well, sir, with all due respect,” said the Bean, “I do believer a stiff cock is a thing of godly beauty and I’ve been known to snag a few pubes on my front teeth at the Pussycat movie house at the 2am flick on a late Saturday night. As for puss, it tastes ok if the Chinese restaurant is closed.”

At that comment, we all laughed, I figured Beanie was shining him on with the pubic hairs.

“You guys ever been to the massage parlor across the street?”

We looked at each other without answering.

“If you like slanted twat that tastes like soy sauce you should give it a try. They got a girl there who will sit on your face and jerk you off at the same time. Just tell her Branzini sent ya. That way they don’t think you are a cop, ha, ha.”

I shut up and Beanie, never one to keep quiet, said,

“Thank you sir. Sound like a good place to play pick up sticks.”

“Oh yeah,” said Branzini, “and then some”

Branzini turned to me, “Do you do the massage girls, Ensign?”

“Ahh, I don’t got a job, so where do I get the money for that shit?”

“Well, Ensign, that’s the point, that just why I asked ya. In the US Navy you get a cool thou and a half just for starters and in a year or two you can top two mil a month. That’s pussy riding change for you and your friend here, you can be king of the cock walk.”

I didn’t know what they were talking about so I just grinned and laughed along with the two of them.

“Now,” Branzini all of a sudden got seri-assed,

“To enlist, you must be a US citizen or a resident alien.”

“You mean like a Martian?”

“Not that kind of alien. I’m talking about a claim jumper, a foriegner, a fucken commie.”

“No problem there Chief, I’m as American as Apple pie. My folks came over on the Mayflower.”

“What flower,” said the Chief, “they were gay?”

I could see this guy was a little lacking in historical knowledge.

“It’s ok I’m a citizen since way back.”

“And what about you little guy?”

“Well, Chief, long story short, my Dad ate a bullet in Desert Storm and I was born right here in Texas.”

“Ok, so both you gophers qualify so far.”

“By the way,” the chief continued, “you get all the health care you could ever want and if you marry you get the same for your wife, even if she is dripping with syph from the cunt.”

Beanie made a face.

“Just kidding” said Branzini.

“And if your wife has a cock?” said Beany.

“Listen mister, we don’t need more fagots in the Navy, we got already plenty of them.

Bean recovered quickly, “I said, if your wife likes to cook.”

“Lots of wives like cock, that’s why other men are always available to service them.”

“Cook, not cock.”

At this point we realized the Chief was more than a little deaf.

“Oh if your wife cooks your cock you are in big trouble, but don’t eat it, they can still sew it back on.”

“Ok, good to know,” said the Bean, lifting up his eyes to me as if to say this guy is not just deaf but is an idiot.

“You guys graduated?”

“Oh yeah, six months ago.”

“Actually 5 months and 15 days,” said the Bean.

“Well, you still gotta take the app test, that is the aptitude test.”

I looked quizzical.

“Don’t worry you take the test here and if you have any problems we’ll give you a hand, shit if you fail it I’ll give you all the answers.”

“Thanks Chief.”

“What about getting on a sub,” said Beanie.

“Women can’t serve as Navy Seals or on submarines, but you are gay, what do you care about a substitute.”

“A sub, a submarine, Boss, can we get on one.”

“Oh yeah, is that what you are saying? No problemo. I’m a little bit hard of hearing.”

“Are their more homos on subs,” joked Beanie

“Yes,” said Branzini, “but mostly bottoms, so it’s easy to get laid underwater. A guy with a hard on a submarine is as sought after as the Holy Grail. Shit, I heard of a cook who mixed viagra into the blue jello just to help keep the party going.”

“Do your shipmates use condoms?” said Beanie.

“Not if you want to get pregnant, Dolly,” said Branzini,

“Listen guys, let me be honest with you. The Navy is the greatest floating fuck game in the world. You can give or take. Take my advice gentlemen, it’s best to forget about pussy while you are on the high sea. When you are on shore leave you are free to catch whatever STDs are out there and Uncle Sami will cure you. But on the high seas, it’s catch as catch can and what you can catch is cock. On board you will get fucked any which way you like. I guarantee you Bob.”

“Who the fuck is Bob,” said the Bean.

“It’s just an expression Beanie.”

“Ok I got it.”

We looked at each other.

“Sounds good, sign us up.”

So we signed the enlistment papers and the Chief had us sign our name on top of the test form. He said he’d take care of the rest.

We finished just as the two girls came back. Branzini welcomed them and ushered us out, closing the door and pulling down the shade.

That same week we got letters from the Navy office based in San Diego telling us to report in 18 days. For some reason we thought we were supposed to report to San Diego.

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Şub 05

Unexpected Winter Encounter

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Cumming Cock

Janice was bored stiff. After a late night flight she had spent the last two days in long boring meetings, accomplishing nothing. And then, just when she thought she was going to fly home, Air Canada cancelled her flight and she could not get rescheduled until noon tomorrow. So here she was, stuck for another lonely night in cold and snowy Calgary.

“Well.” she thought, ‘I can’t stand another night in this fucking hotel room, so I have to get out and find someplace to unwind and maybe listen to some music.”

She grabbed her phone and got online, searching for live music venues. Most places only offered music on the weekends, but she finally found a place that had a Wednesday night amateur showcase. She showered and then realized that she had not brought any clothes other than the clothes she had worn to the meetings. She didn’t think that the shorts and tank top she wore in her room were appropriate for a night out. Finally she decided on a plaid skirt and sweater with her leather boots. Taking a look at herself in the mirror she smiled and thought she looked pretty good for a 48 year old woman.

After a nice dinner in the hotel restaurant, Janice called for an Uber and headed to the club. It was a short drive on a freezing cold evening. When the car pulled up in front, she was a bit apprehensive as it was located in a building at the end of an old strip mall. Her need to not spend another boring night in her hotel room trumped her apprehension and she exited the car and headed inside.

The ambiance of the room surprised her. The focal point was a small stage in the far corner with an open dance area in front and an array of small tables in semi circles to view the stage. The lighting was low and a spotlight highlighted the stage area where a woman sat with her guitar singing a ballad. The sound reminded her of Norah Jones.

Janice looked around and saw that the room was about three quarters full, most of the patrons being middle aged. She took a seat at an empty table in the back row to the right of the stage. Several of the patrons glanced her way, but then their attention went back to the singer. A server came by and Janice ordered a glass of Pinot Gris and then settled in to just kick back and listen to the music.

After another ballad, the singer acknowledged the applause and left the stage, taking a seat at a table across the room. A few minutes later, three men got up and took their place on the stage. One sat at a keyboard, one at the drum set and the third plugged in a bass guitar and sat at a stool in front of the microphone. A tall handsome man appeared and introduced the group and told the audience to enjoy the trio’s light jazz sound. Janice was taken by his looks, the wavy hair, greying at the temples, his rugged features and his dark eyes which drew hers to them. He was older than her, but had that timeless look that she found so attractive. Then as quickly as he had appeared, he was gone, and the trio began playing a sexy upbeat song. A few couples got up and took advantage of the small dance floor.

‘I like this place,” she mused as she took another sip of the wine.

Janice was enjoying herself, unwinding after the shitty week and was getting lost in the music. As the trio began their third song, Janice sensed a presence beside her and looked up into those dark eyes of the man who had introduced the group.

“I hope you are enjoying the music,” he said, “I’m Peter and I own this little club and it is always nice to see new customers, especially on a weekday evening.”

“I’m Janice and you have a great little place here. I am enjoying the music and the ambiance.”

“Well then, allow me to buy you another glass of wine.”

With that he motioned the server and a second glass of Pinot Gris appeared in no time. “Have a lovely evening, I must go and make sure that the last of tonight’s performers is ready to go.”

Janice watched him walk away and felt something tingle inside, there was something about him that had her mind wandering. She saw him go to a far table and speak to a striking redhead who smiled and laughed at whatever he was saying. Janice turned her attention almanbahis back to the stage and again lost herself in the mellow tones of the music.

As the trio announced it would be their last number, Peter suddenly appeared at her side again and asked, “Would you like to have a dance, the next singer is a bit more upbeat and we should take advantage of this opportunity.”

Without waiting for a reply, Peter took her hand and before she knew it she was in his arms on the dance floor. And it was magical. The trios rendition of ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ was amazing and Peter, who was obviously a good dancer, guided her slowly around the small dance floor. The feel of his hand in the small of her back and the way his dark eyes fixed on hers had Janice’s heart fluttering. As the song went on, Peter pulled her closer, her full breasts now brushing his broad chest and his hand slipping to the top of her hip. There was an electricity between them that Janice had not felt in a long long time. As the song ended, Peter leaned in close, brushing his lips against her cheek and then said thank you before leading her back to her table.

“I have to introduce the next act, but may I share a drink with you later?”

“Of course, that would be nice.”

The tall redhead was now on stage with a male accompanist sitting at the keyboard. Peter introduced her and she immediately started into an upbeat funky rendition

of ‘Fever’.

Peter returned to the table and sat down. As he did the server appeared and placed a glass of whiskey in front of him.

“To Wednesday!” Peter said, raising his glass in a toast. “So tell me Janice, what brings you to my humble establishment on a rainy evening?”

Janice told him about her boring meetings and the cancelled flight and how she just needed to get out and unwind.

He laughed and joked, “Well I must send a letter of thanks to Air Canada for arranging for you to be here tonight.”

As the redhead sang, Peter and Janice chatted and she found she really enjoyed his company. He was funny, well travelled and had a way of making flattering comments without being too overt. At some point Janice told him that it was getting late and she should call an Uber to drive her to her hotel. Peter suggested she wait just a bit longer as the club would close soon and he would give her a lift to her hotel. She was enjoying his company and quickly agreed.

The redhead finished her set to a nice round of applause and Peter got up and went to the stage to thank her and all the acts that had performed. He thanked the audience for coming and talked a bit about a group that would be featured on the weekend. He returned to the table and as he did, many of the patrons began to leave.

“It’s always like this on Wednesdays, as soon as the music ends they all head home. They must be worried they will turn into a pumpkin if they stay past 11.”

Janice laughed at the comment and then Peter excused himself and said he would only be a short time closing up. He offered Janice another drink, but she declined, telling him that two was her limit. She watched him as he stopped and spoke to the last of the patrons and then the server and the bartender as they put things away. A soft jazz track was playing as the club emptied and in no time Peter was back at the table. They chatted a bit more, then the bartender, came by and said he was heading home. Peter told him he would lock up and the man left, leaving the two of them alone in the club.

“Perhaps you would like one last dance before I drive you to your hotel?”

Again, not waiting for a response, he took her hand and led her to the empty dance floor. He moved gracefully with her in his arms, swaying to the music and pulling her close to him. His hand moved seductively up and down her back, and she could feel his arousal as she pressed against him. His hand moved to her bottom, giving it a soft squeeze. And then his lips were on hers, and they shared a long delicious kiss. Her fingertips caressed the back of his neck, her mouth yielded to his, and their tongues caressed each other as the kiss deepened. Peter’s hand had magically slid almanbahis giriş her skirt up and she felt his fingertips brushing the flesh of her bare buttock. She gave a soft moan against his lips and felt his hand move slowly around her hip until one fingertip caressed the front of her panties. He was an amazing kisser and his touch had her quivering. Janice’s body was reacting in ways it had not for a long, long time. Her own hand found his and held him there, letting him know it was what she wanted. And then, his finger was under her panties, moving slowly up and down through the folds of her hot and very wet pussy. She gasped as his finger entered her and moved slowly in and out. She moaned against his kiss and her hand gripped his wrist as his fingers worked their magic. Janice’s head was spinning, she was lost in the moment and wanted more. As his finger glided in the slickness, she felt his thumb against her clit, and shockwaves coursed through her body. Her every fibre was tingling as the pleasure rose to a crescendo and she cried out against his lips. He did not stop, but kept going, and her body reacted with aftershock after aftershock.

“Oh fuck Peter, yes, yes!”

Slowly he moved his hand away, letting her catch her breath. Her body was saturated with pleasure. He kept kissing her, and as he did she felt his fingertip caressing her cheek. She felt her wetness still on it. It was so erotic and she broke the kiss and found his finger with her lips, drawing it into her mouth and sucking on it. The taste of her pussy still strong. Her own hand instinctively found the bulge in the front of his trousers and locating the zipper she slid it downward, then slipped her hand inside and caressed his manhood through the cotton of his briefs.

She smiled as she heard him say, “I need your mouth Janice, please!”

It was what she craved too and slowly went to her knees, unbuckling his trousers, sliding them down with the briefs and smiling as his beautiful cock sprung free in front of her. Her pussy still throbbed as her fingers circled the hard shaft and she found the tip in a soft kiss. A soft moan of pleasure escaped his lips as her fingers moved up and down and her mouth opened to take him in. The first taste of his pre cum was like an aphrodisiac and she began swirling her tongue around and around the fat head of Peter’s cock. She felt his fingertips lightly brush her hair, and she took his cock deeper into her mouth. She wanted to give this man a blowjob he would never forget and her head bobbed and her tongue swirled as she greedily sucked him The deep sounds of pleasure he was making were music to her ears. She looked up and their eyes met and she tightened her lips around him as she could sense he was nearing the point of no return.

“I”m going to cum!” he moaned,

She did not pull away, but her lips tightened even more around his engorged flesh. And then she felt it, that first spurt as he growled in pleasure and the salty sweet taste of his cum filled her mouth. She sucked and swallowed as she felt his fingertips tighten in her hair. A bit of cum spilled from the corners of her lips and slid down her chin. She kept going, loving every minute of the intimate act, loving the taste of him, the sounds he was making, the feel of his still hard flesh in her mouth.

As he slowly began to soften he withdrew and she gave his cock one last kiss before he pulled her to her feet and their lips met in another long deep kiss. They stood there for she did not know how long, holding one another, sharing kisses and just savouring the moment they had shared.

Then Peter said, “I think we should pull ourselves together so I can give you that ride to your hotel. She nodded in agreement and gave him one more kiss before heading to the ladies room to freshen up. She peed and then washed her face and ran a comb through her hair. She was still feeling that intense sexual energy that had culminated on the dance floor a few minutes earlier. She returned to the main room and Peter was waiting, fully dressed and ready to go. As she approached, he took her again into his arms and gave her a soft kiss.

“That almanbahis yeni giriş was beautiful, and so unexpected, you are an amazing woman Janice.”

“You are kind of special yourself Peter,”

He took her hand and they left the club by a back door. His white BMW SUV was parked just outside the door. He opened the passenger door for her, and she slipped inside. ‘Such a gentleman’ she thought as he got behind the wheel and they pulled away.

It was a short ride to her hotel and little was said on the way. As he pulled up in front of the entrance, impulsively she asked, “Would you like to come up Peter?”

“I was hoping you would invite me.”

He drove around the corner and into the underground parkade of the hotel. Janice used her keycard to access the hotel elevator and once the doors closed they were kissing again. Arriving at her floor, she took the lead, moving quickly to her room and opening the door. The door had hardly closed when they were in each other’s arms again. Their clothes flew off and in no time they were standing naked, lost in a long deep kiss, hands roaming one another.

Peter guided them to the bed and again found her lips with his. totally enjoying the feel of his lips on hers.

“God Peter, your kisses are divine!”

And then his lips left hers, moving down, caressing her neck, the top of her breasts, her nipples. Janice was squirming on the big bed as she felt his tongue trace down and swirl around her belly button and then slowly move lower. He took his time, showering her belly with kisses, moving between her legs, kissing her inner thighs before moving to her hot centre. The first touch of his tongue was electric, it found the slick slit and moved up and down, side to side, exploring her sex completely. As the tip of his tongue found her extended clit, she felt him slide a finger into her. Her hips raised and she let out a loud cry of pleasure. His tongue was magical, flicking a staccato of pleasure against her pulsing nub of flesh. He paused just briefly to look up, their eyes meeting and she mouthed the word “Yes” needing him to keep going. Her fingertips were in his hair, guiding him back to her clit, letting him know what she wanted. HIs tongue flicked and swirled as his finger pressed inward and upward. And once again the beautiful wave of pleasure crested and then broke over her causing her to cry out his name. One hand gripped his hair tightly and the other the bedspread as he kept going, taking her to places she had not been in a long, long time.

“Fuck me Peter, I need your cock!”

Hearing this he lifted his head, gave her dripping wet pussy one last slow lick before mounting her. His cock slipped into the slickness of her and his lips found hers as he began to move his hips in a slow steady rhythm Janice’s own hips raised to meet each wonderful thrust. Peter’s hard cock feeling so fucking good in her. She raised her legs and felt him go deeper, her hands clenched his shoulders, nails digging into his flesh as they moved together in unison towards the pinnacle of pleasure.

“Yes, oh fuck yes Peter!” she cried out.

He raised up, watching her, seeing her big breasts sway with each deep thrust. His hands found them, giving them a hard squeeze as his cock worked like a piston in her hot wetness. And then, he felt himself pass the point of no return, and deep growls escaped his throat as he quickened the pace. Janice clenched around him, urging him on, and was quickly rewarded as he called out her name and his cock erupted deep inside her. He kept going, as she milked him of his seed, both of them lost in the moment of passion.

Slowly Peter came down from his high. His lips found hers in a deep kiss as he held her tight. He softened and slowly slipped from her. And as he did he felt her clench once more, trying to hold him inside. They kissed and held one another savouring the sweet afterglow of their lovemaking. After a time he moved off of her, lying beside her holding her hand. Only their breathing broke the quiet of the room.

“Thank you Peter, I needed that tonight.”

He leaned over and kissed her, then replied, “It was beautiful, you are a beautiful and passionate woman and I am glad we could share this wonderful time together.”

Janice rolled on her side and Peter cuddled into her from behind, his strong arms around her, and together they drifted off to a peaceful and contented sleep.

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Şub 05

Once Upon a Time in Florida Pt. 01

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All characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities are 18 years old or older.


Part 1

Chapter 1: Elise Meets Her Crush

As she wrapped up her work at the end of the day, Elise Coogler noticed a sudden movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned to look out her plate glass window and saw a young man standing shirtless at the set of pull-up bars on a concrete pad on the other side of her window.

He shook his arms and hands and hopped up and down as if hyping himself up. He was deeply tanned, lean, every muscle sharply defined. His shoulders were inhumanly broad.

His short tousled hair was coal black. He was tall, maybe six three, and breathtakingly handsome. His chiseled features were something she’d expect to see in a fashion magazine, not on someone standing shirtless right outside her window, unaware she was watching his every move in fascinated admiration.

She saw him hop up, grip the bar with hands wide, palms outward and pull himself up effortlessly until his chin broke the plane of the bar, lean muscles rippling. Over and over again, he glided up and down. She found herself counting and was amazed when he was still going strong after 20.

She walked backwards, refusing to take her eyes away from the beautiful youth and edged to the common office area. Glancing aside, she saw her six employees crowded against the window, admiring the man’s rippling muscles.

Out of her employees, women ranging from 28 to 42, all married or dating, she was the only unattached one. She’d gotten divorced ten years before.

Her husband left her for a younger woman, who in turn left him for a younger man. They later reconnected and became friends. They had four children, 12 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Her oldest daughter was 50, her oldest grandson was 32 and her oldest great-grandson was 14.

The young man outside her window couldn’t possibly be older than 25.

The seven women stared fascinated out the window, the world around them forgotten. It was near the end of the day and the phones still rang. They ignored them, or maybe they didn’t hear them.

Elise snapped out of it, realizing her nose was nearly pressed against the glass.

Shaking her head, she turned to her employees, noted they were as mesmerized by the young man as she’s been and clapped her hands loudly.

“Alright, girls, time to snap out of it,” she said loudly. “Let’s get back to work so we can close up shop.”

They jumped, looked around at each other, laughed nervously and then fanned themselves dramatically. Chattering excitedly, they went back to work, answering phone calls and closing out work they’d pick up again the next day. Occasionally, one would glance longingly out the window at the young man now doing pushups, his muscled body shining with a thin sheen of sweat.


His name was Corporal Javier Hierro and he was 19. His friends back home called him Javi. He joined the Marine Corps the day he turned 17 and shipped off to boot camp a week later. He enlisted open contract, meaning the job he was assigned was up to the “needs of the Corps,” and would be anything from cook to motor transport operator to infantryman.

In its infinite wisdom, the Corps chose him for the infantry.

He didn’t care. He just wanted to be a Marine. It’s all he’d ever wanted ever since he could remember, ever since he met a Marine at the mall in his dress blues. The man looked tough and larger than life. He was so set on this goal that his mother took to calling him her “soldadito,” her little soldier.

After graduating boot camp in southern California, he went to the School of Infantry (SOI) about 50 miles north in Camp Pendleton, where he was designated as an Infantry Machine Gunner. After finishing THAT school, he was assigned to 1/5 (1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment).

The Corps usually picked bigger and stronger Marines to haul around the 27-pound M240B machinegun. He was slender and tall, but immensely strong, probably stronger than everyone in his battalion. It was a no brainer he was a machine gunner. His buddies gave him the nickname “Ironman” because of his last name, “iron” in Spanish, and because he always played the hero.

A few months after checking into the unit, at the tail end of the workups every unit went through before deploying, he deployed to Iraq for six months where he went from being a scared, wide-eyed boot to a salty combat veteran.

One year and another combat deployment later, he decided being a machine gunner wasn’t for him and went through the process to change his job specialty. He spent several sessions with the career planner and finally decided on a career with potential for advancement, a job that allowed him to experience more of the Marine Corps than just the infantry.

A few months later he was at his new school, where he graduated at the top of the class, earning a meritorious promotion to corporal in the process. He’d been an honor almanbahis graduate after recruit training and SOI and been meritoriously promoted after each class as well.

He’d hoped for orders to the Fleet Marine Force and was disappointed when he got orders to support South Florida recruiting instead. It was a “hot fill” and he had no choice, “needs of the Corps” and all that.

As long as he was there, he’d make the best of it.

He really couldn’t complain, the weather was great year around and the place was full of hot women. Not that he’d had much luck with them. He could be on a tiny island alone with hundreds of them and he’d still be alone.

He shared an apartment with another Marine and developed a routine. He’d PT (physical training) at the end of the workday, Monday through Friday, and meet up with a friend he’d made at his apartment complex to play volleyball in the complex’ sand court. On the weekends, he and his friend Winston, he liked to go by Win, spent the day at the beach playing beach volleyball with the other sand crabs.

He and Win became quite good and pretty soon were giving professional players a run for their money.

Javi was born in Mexico. His dad had gotten work in San Antonio on a work visa and was eventually granted a permanent resident card. He later got green cards for his wife and three sons and moved them to Texas.

Javi didn’t want to go. He liked his friends and his school and didn’t want to leave, but he had no choice.

He was taciturn and angry and wouldn’t talk to his classmates or teachers. Eventually, being a lone wolf became habitual. He did the bare minimum and just went through the motions. Somehow believing, in a childish way, that his parents would eventually notice his rebellion and go back to Mexico, for years he was defiant and stubborn, even refusing to learn English.

His attitude made him a loner at school. He was only outgoing at home with his younger brothers, they were his only friends. Eventually, he became friends with their friends and so his horizons expanded somewhat. However, his previous loner attitude left him shy around other people, especially girls. He had no idea how to talk to them and was too proud to ask anyone for help or advice. It also didn’t help that he was small and skinny.

In his first year of high school, he decided it was time to turn things around. He applied himself in class and pretty soon excelled in English and most other subjects.

He was an awkward teenager and for some reason went through puberty late. It was a difficult time for an already shy and awkward teenager. His late development only led him be even shyer than he’d been before.

In his sophomore year, he shot up like a weed, growing so much and so fast that the skin on his hips and sides had faint stretch marks. He made the soccer and wrestling teams that year and made friends with other boys, but he still couldn’t talk to girls.

His mother’s side of the family had quite a bit of Spanish blood which was why he was so tall and his skin was so pale. He didn’t look Mexican and liked seeing people’s reactions when he told them where he’d been born.

He graduated a year early so he could join the Marines. Maybe that would change his stripes.

And now he was in sunny South Florida.

He’d checked into the unit the day before, on Monday, and now stood shirtless at the pull-up bars on a concrete pad between his building and the next. The offices were white single story buildings with mirrored plate glass windows from the ground to around seven feet and then white building above. Concrete walkways lined with thick grass, palm trees and small bushes threaded between the dozen or so office buildings on the lot.

The RS (Recruiting Station) was on the lot’s northeast corner, facing the main road.

He shook his arms and hands, limbering them up for the hard work-out he was about to put them through.

He hopped up, grasped the bar in a wide grip and pulled himself up until his chin crossed the bar then glided down, never letting up the pressure, keeping his body rod straight and his legs crossed at the ankles.

He wondered at the windows reflecting his image all around and had a strange feeling deep down in his gut he was being watched.

Whatever… let them get an eyeball-full, the sergeant major said he could PT whenever he chose as long as he got his work done. He preferred to work out at the end of the day, but it was so hot and humid that the first thing he did was strip off his t-shirt.

He spent another 45 minutes on different types of calisthenics and then went for a 30 minute run, pushing himself to surpass a six-minute mile. He finished at the pull-up bars, covered in dead gnats and so drenched in sweat he looked as if he’d just stepped out of a swimming pool.


Elise and her girls made a habit of finishing up early each day so they could crowd around the window and watch the young Adonis work out. Their significant others almanbahis giriş should probably thank the young man. Every single one of them, except for Elise, pounced on their man when they got home and sexually mauled him, picturing the muscular youth the entire time.

Elise, however, had no man waiting for her. She went home to a big empty house.

On an evening when she felt particularly depressed, Elise decided to go to the nearby Publix grocery store and pick up a few things, specifically, ice cream and cookies… which of course would immediately go straight to her hips and belly.

It was late spring, cool but not cold, and she absentmindedly didn’t pay attention to what she wore.

Elise looked much like the stereotypical grandmother… except for her enormous breasts. She was plump, short, with a large butt and wide round hips, shapely but matronly. Her hair was snowy white, shot through with strands of gold and fell to her shoulders. She wore it in an old fashioned ’50s style, pinned-up curled.

Regardless of her age or grandmotherly appearance, she had no problem attracting men’s attention. Her mammoth breasts drew the eye unerringly. They were massive, full, saggy and absolutely striking.

She normally wore baggy clothes to downplay their size, the attention they drew made her self-conscious and wasn’t welcome. At work, she wore business suits under an oversized jacket that covered her mammoth breasts. She didn’t realize it but those jackets made it look as if she had a large belly rather than large breasts. Even if she’d known, she would’ve preferred it, embarrassing as it was.

Her chest drew the wrong eyes the night she went to the grocery store. She didn’t realize she wore only the thin t-shirt she normally wore to bed. She wore a bra which raised and shaped her breasts, but did nothing to downplay their size and fullness, if anything, it enhanced those attributes.

She stood in the only open check-out line behind three men in their early twenties who leered at her and whispered at each other loudly.

“Goddamn! Look at those things,” said the tallest one. “Just one of them’s gotta be the size of my head.”

The others nodded, their mouths gaping open.

“Ya. Maybe we should help her take her stuff to her car,” loudly whispered another.

Elise stood mortified, crossing her arms over her chest and looking around for an escape route.

The cashier looked at her sympathetically.

“You guys need to leave the lady alone or I’m going to call the cops,” the girl said.

The taller one spun around and pointed a threatening finger at her.

“You fuckin’ keep your mouth shut or we’ll wait for you out in the parking lot when your shift is done,” he hissed.

There was a ruckus in the line behind her and then Elise felt somebody brush past her. She caught a whiff of a man’s musky scent mixed with honey and antiperspirant.

A young man stepped between her and the three thugs. He wore a tan collared shirt with razor sharp creases, tucked in and fitted, with two dark green chevrons with crossed rifles beneath them on each short sleeve, blue trousers with a red stripes on the outside of the legs, gleaming black patent leather shoes on his feet, four rows of colorful ribbons over his left breast pocket, and a black name tag centered over his right. His shoulders were inhumanly broad.

She’d recognize those shoulders and that stance anywhere.

“Let’s see you threaten me that way, little girl,” the Marine said. His deep voice rumbled menacingly.

He set his basket and his stiff white hat on the conveyor belt and stood calmly, his feet shoulder-width apart, one slightly ahead of the other, and his hands open and relaxed at his sides. He appeared completely at ease.

“Back off, soldier boy, or you’ll get your fuckin’ ass kicked,” said the tallest thug, not quite as confidently as he’d been when threatening the cashier. “Feel me?”

Elise couldn’t see the Marine’s expression but she heard him clear as day.

“Who’s going to do that? You think you and your two little girlfriends there can take me?” he asked, gesturing disdainfully at his two slack-jawed companions.

He had an accent she couldn’t quite place. She’d heard Cuban, Puerto Rican and Columbian accents many times and, though his accent was similar, it wasn’t any of them.

Elise couldn’t see it but he was smiling, a wild feral smile full of white teeth, eagerness and malice.

“If you threaten anyone again, I’ll fuckin’ break you in half. Feel me?” he said the last two words contemptuously, sarcastically.

He stood staring menacingly at them and the seconds dragged on.

There was something in his eyes and in his posture, a confidence and menace that scared the three thugs and eventually sent them scampering from the store with their tails between their legs, purchases forgotten.

Not a single person there knew the top left ribbon on his chest was a bronze star, awarded for killing four insurgents in hand to almanbahis yeni giriş hand combat with only a K-Bar and his enormous strength help him.

His squad was ambushed in Fallujah and with two of his friends bleeding and groaning in agony at his feet, he’d stepped forward, aimed his machinegun and squeezed the trigger… it jammed. Four men stood at the bottom of a set of stairs holding AK-47s, popping out magazines and slamming in fresh ones when he threw his heavy weapon at them, snatched his K-Bar from its sheath on his flak jacket and leaped in among them like a rampaging leopard.

Time seemed to slow down and he wondered offhandedly why the robed men moved so slowly.

As he dove into their midst, he’d expected the hammering sound of their AKs to go off and the agonizing red-hot pain of bullets ripping through him, but they hadn’t been fast enough. Instead he’d ripped his fighting knife through their bodies, stabbing and slashing, kicking and punching while the butts of their rifles bounced off his Kevlar helmet and the SAPI plate inserts in his body armor painlessly.

He’d stabbed and slashed, punched and kicked them until they lay in bloody ruin at his feet and he stood over them shaking, his desert MARPAT uniform drenched in gore and his boots slipping in their entrails.

For the rest of his days, he’d remember the terror on those men’s faces, the acrid smell of their sweat, their fear and their spilled entrails, their yells of panic and terror, their pleading cries for mercy in a harsh language he didn’t understand.

He’d brought his trembling blood-smeared fighting knife to his eyes and looked at it closely, noting bits of skin, hair and viscera on its sides and edge. His head ached, his heart beat like a hammer in his chest and his mouth felt dry and sandy.

His platoon leader suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs, paused for several heartbeats to study the scene below, and led the rest of the platoon, carrying their two moaning wounded companions down the stairs to an empty room where the corpsman tended to them.

Everyone in the platoon tapped his helmet as he passed, muttering “Fuckin’ Ironman,” in admiration and gratitude. One of his buddies handed him his M240 machinegun. Javi cleared the jam, wiped blood off the weapon and joined the platoon. One of his wounded friends eventually died and the other had to be medevac’d to the nearest aid station.

After getting the story from him, his lieutenant recommended him for a Silver Star medal for his actions, but as was the Marine Corps’ wont, it was knocked down to a Bronze Star with a combat V.

The same adrenaline he’d experienced the day he’d killed the four insurgents coursed through his veins at that moment and though he didn’t show it, his body was coiled for action. Had any of the three thugs made even the slightest move against him or anyone, he would have exploded in a whirlwind of violence.

When they ran out the store, Elise saw the wide shoulders drop down the barest bit. There had been a little tension in his body after all. He stood looking after them, smiled at the cashier, who looked back at him wide-eyed, picked up his basket and, winking at Elise and glancing down briefly at her breasts, walked back to his place in line. MEN.

Elise paid for her items and walked out, upset and embarrassed. It had all happened because she forgot to camouflage her big saggy tits with the baggy cardigan sweater she kept by her front door for just such a thing.

The store was quiet. Nobody spoke as they checked out, but every customer who’d seen the exchange stayed behind, their eyes on the young man in uniform who nervously endured their stares.

When the automatic doors closed behind him, the place exploded into conversation.

Javi took a step then stopped and looked around. The grocery store had two commonly-used parking areas one in front and one on the side. When he didn’t see the grandmotherly lady with the enormous artillery shell-sized boobs putting her items in her trunk, he knew she was parked on the side lot.

He walked quickly and rounding the corner of the building, saw her immediately. Her car was parked third from the end on the second lane. She stood behind the open trunk and was surrounded by the three men.

He cautiously set his 12-pack of Dr. Pepper and two bags of Doritos on the ground, taking off his stiff white garrison cover and putting it carefully on top of them. Silent as a shadow, he crouched low and sneaked towards them until only a car stood between him and his targets.

He heard them clearly.

“C’mon grandma, show us your tits,” said the tallest and the obvious leader of the bunch. “One look and we’ll leave you alone, we promise.”

A thug pulled one of the old woman’s arms away from her chest and made to grab her shirt to pull it up, while another did the same on her other side and then the three men were bowled over by a human cyclone.

They never saw him coming.

When Javi saw them put their hands on the old lady, a red mist clouded his eyes and he launched himself at them.

Just as on that hot sweaty day in far off Fallujah, he dove into them, pulling their hands off the white-haired old lady, and sending them sprawling on the pavement while he landed catlike on his feet.

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Şub 05

A Visit to Tinseltown Pt. 04

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This is the story of a week-long visit by my very sexy friend and lover, Carmella. They are numbered for convenience, but can be enjoyed in almost any order. -Emmerson

I had made reservations at the last remaining, old-school, Hollywood steakhouse near a major studio. As Carm and I walked to the door, elbows linked, I leaned close. “Keep your eyes open. I hear that movie star who used to be a doctor on TV comes here a lot.”

I gave the hostess my name. She was polite, but stern, obviously used to dealing with people far above her, much less my, pay grade. “I have you here, but we can’t seat you until your entire party is present. Would you like a drink in the bar while you wait?”

I took Carm’s elbow and guided her into the bar as she looked up at me. “The entire party? Who else is coming? More rent-a-cops?”

I smiled, not answering. “What would you like to drink?”

We ordered and sat quietly, enjoying the soft music and 1940’s ambience. I had purposely put Carm with her back to the door. It wasn’t long before I noticed my friend Katie walking in. At about five-foot, five-inches and slim, she wore a white blouse with small black flowers tucked into black and gold gaucho pants. Her long, wavey blonde hair framed a narrow face with striking blue eyes.

I stood up and waved before taking Carm’s hand to help her off the bar stool. “Remember when you asked if I knew any actors?” Katie’s face was lit by a smile as she waved, and walked our way. She gave me a big hug, then reached to shake Carm’s hand. I barely finished the introductions before recognition dawned on Carm.

“Oh. My. God. You’re in that movie with the space ship and the (fingers dangling from her mouth) and that handsome guy with that incredibly sexy…”

“Carm. Carm, honey.” I stopped her, looking quickly around the room.

Katie laughed. “Yeah, we try to keep the ‘incredibly sexy’ talk to a minimum in places like this.”

“Oh. Of course. So sorry.”

“But thank you. It’s kinda fun to get recognized these days.”

Katie turned to me, her eyes solemn. “Greg told me about your wife. I am so sorry. We only met that one time during the party at his house. She was enchanting. I think we talked for a solid three hours!” She gave me a soft kiss on the cheek.

The hostess stepped up and we were escorted to our table. Katie took Carm’s arm, smiling again. “You know that’s where we met? The space movie. It was my first big role after a bunch of soap operas and he…”

I held the chair for Carm. The hostess held Katie’s chair. “I was just a lowly set assistant. The director was a friend who knew I need a job.”

“But we didn’t see much of you on set, did we?”

I shrugged. We all took a moment to give our orders to the server before I started explaining to Carm, “I got to talking to the writer. He was always complaining about this script change or that rewrite or notes from the studio or budget cuts. Nothing but whining about how terrible it was in the film business. I was hooked.” I took a drink of wine “Enough ancient history. What are you doing these days, Katie?”

“Well, my kids keep me busy, of course. And I’m producing a play, off-off-off Broadway. Mainly because I miss dancing for an audience. You’re lucky you emailed when you did. I’m only in town for a few almanbahis days.” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “Trying to talk that ‘incredibly sexy’ guy into playing the lead.”

The salads arrived. Katie laid her hand on top of Carm’s. “What do you do, Carmella?”

“Please, call me Carm. And at the moment, I’m doing him.” I coughed on a lettuce leaf. Katie raised her eyebrows.

“I’m impressed. Is that a full-time gig?”

Carm ran her other hand up my thigh under the table. “Not yet, but we’ve talked about it.”

Katie looked at me, now genuinely surprised. “Really? Well, look at you, stud.”

“Lay off the ‘stud’ stuff, please, Katie?”

“Yeah.” Carm laughed. “It’s bad enough we got dirty looks from his daughter.”

“Oh, no.” Katie smiled behind her fingers. “That can’t be fun.”

I tried to down-play it. “She’ll come around.”

“I’m sure she will,” Katie beamed at Carm. “As soon as she gets to know this charming young woman.”

Carm actually blushed. “Thank you.”

The rest of the dinner went smoothly, with comfortable small talk about Carm’s work as a chef/caterer. The conversation slowed when a famous body-builder-now-actor walked in. With an easy smile, he nodded to a few people as he and his wife were escorted to a corner table.

Carm looked at me, mouth hanging open. I shrugged. “Hollywood is a company town, like any other.”

Katie gave me a light slap. “Don’t sound so patronizing. We’re all impressed at one time or another. Let the lady have her moment.”

“I’m sorry, Carm. Katie is right. Sometimes I forget what world I live in.”

“You’re forgiven.” She leaned close to Katie, almost whispering, “For a minute there, I thought I’d have to deny his nightly blow job.”

Katie played it completely straight. “Oh, you wouldn’t want to do that.” Then turning to me. “Glad I could help.”

They both started to laugh as our desserts arrived. Katie stood, folding her napkin next to her plate. “Excuse me, for a moment.” She stepped out of sight toward the ladies’ room.

I turned to Carm as she took a forkful of pie. “Nightly blow job?”

“You don’t like the idea?” She winked.

We both ate slowly, waiting for Katie to return. At one point, Carm said my name quietly, then nudged her head toward the server’s stand. Katie was talking to the gray-haired head waiter who had probably been with the restaurant since the day it opened. She pointed to our table. The head waiter shook his head, then shrugged and nodded. Katie gave him a hug and returned to our table.

“Please tell me you did not just arrange to pick up our tab.”

“Oh, no. I’ll leave that to you. I’ve got a play to finance.”

We enjoyed our dessert and I paid the bill. As we walked out, Katie stopped in the foyer to give Carm a big hug. “It was such a pleasure meeting you. I hope to see you again. And you…” she pulled me close, her lips to my ear. “Be careful. Don’t break her heart.”

“Excuse me,” a deep voice caught all our attention. The body builder/actor was towering over Carm, both hands extended. He had eyes only for her. “Carmella, is it? I hear you’re visiting our busy town. I wanted to wish you welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay.”

Carm’s eyes flashed to Katie, who smiled and nodded. She put her tiny almanbahis giriş hand between his huge ones. “Thank you,” she managed to say.

I glanced back into the restaurant to see all the shakers and movers watching this superstar give a special moment to a young woman. Most seemed to be smiling. I guess Katie is right. We are all impressed now and then.

The actor gave Katie a wink and me a polite nod before returning to his table. His beautiful wife tossed us a finger wave.

Carm turned to me, wide-eyed and mouthed the words. Oh. My. God.

As we walked out, I whispered to Katie, “Does the waiter get a blow job later?”

“Here? He’d be fired on the spot for such indiscretion.” She paused and grinned. “I promised him an autographed Blu-Ray of the space movie. He claimed it was for his grandkids.”

The valet brought Katie’s car before mine. Carm gave her a huge hug that I thought would result in an orgasm for one or both of them. “Thankyouthankyouthankyou.”

Katie laughed as she pried herself loose. “Easy, Carm. Save some of that energy for the nightly blow job, remember?” Katie tipped the valet, then pointed a finger at me. “Remember what I said.” She climbed in her car and pulled onto Hollywood Boulevard.

Carm turned to me, anxious. “What? What did she say?”

“She said I should fuck you at every opportunity, doing whatever you ask to make you cum as often as possible.”

“No, she did not.”

At that moment our car arrived, I tipped the valet who ran around to open the door for Carm. “She did not say that.”

I shrugged and climbed in. Carm got in, but before the valet could close the door, she hollered, “She did not say you should make me cum whenever I wanted!”

The valet closed the door and I pulled into the nighttime traffic. As we started up the small hill toward the freeway entrance, Carm fidgeted in her seat. “That was so nice of Katie. Do you think she’d let me suck her clit? You know, to thank her?”

Before I could answer, Carm said, “Oh,” and grabbed the front of my fly. “I owe you a blowjob.”

“You do?”

“You made me stop, before. Will you stop me this time?”

Making a quick decision, I changed lanes and avoided the freeway on-ramp. We cruised easily along the nearly deserted two-lane road that bisected Chauenga Pass between Hollywood and the Valley.

“I will not stop you, this time.”

She giggled as she opened the button and zipper on the front of my slacks. Lowering my briefs, she found my penis, thick and heavy, laying along one leg.

“There he is. So pretty by the dashboard lights.”

She started licking my dick. “Mmm. Carm, cum. I’d almost forgotten it was there.”

“That feels wonderful, Carm.”

“Oh, good. We’re not in a hurry, are we?” she replied as she lifted my dick by the base and kissed the tip. I felt her lips press against the head, opening slowly as she inched her way down.

“That is entirely… ohh… up to you.”

Her tongue began sliding up and down my shaft as she sank lower, pulling it deeper. I caressed the soft curls on the back of her head.

Headlights crept into my rear-view mirror. My foot was barely on the gas pedal, going only 20 in a 30 zone. The lights got slowly closer as I felt the head of my cock meet the back almanbahis yeni giriş of Carm’s throat. With a soft hum, she nuzzled her nose into my pubic hair. I spotted a side intersection that I knew took the long way up the hill, through the residential area but joined back up in a mile or two. Giving the car behind me plenty of warning, I hit my turn signal and slowed even more.

Carm lifted her head, looking around, “What’s up?”

“Nothing, hon. Just buying more time.”

She leaned up to kiss my cheek. “Oh good.” Then lowered her mouth back over my dick, which bobbed in eagerness. Using her hand on my shaft, she raised and lowered her head in a steady rhythm, taking me deep while jacking the tight skin on my rod.

“That feels incredible.”

“Tastes good, too.” That low giggle again as she resumed sucking my entire length.

My hips began rocking forward on their own, tilting upward to push deeper into her hot mouth. She responded by speeding up. She paused with her mouth just over my swollen head, licking all around the sensitive ridge as her hand jerked faster on the shaft.

I felt the fingers of her other hand creep into my pants and encircle my balls. The sack loosened up at the increased heat. She tightened her grip.

I had to focus on a slow S-curve as we started back down the hill. Carm took this as an opportunity to go even faster. Her fingers worked my shaft and balls as she slammed her mouth again and again over my growing cock.

She pulled herself away with a gasp. “You’re going to cum. I can feel your balls tightening and your cock getting bigger.” She slurped down, grabbing the head of my cock in the back of her throat. I flinched and took my foot off the gas. Carm gagged for a second before coming up for air. “Cum in my throat, my sweet lover.” Again, she dove and forced her throat muscles to grab the head. She pushed herself down harder. My balls were screaming for release from both inside and out. My cock throbbed in her mouth. She pulled her head up once more. “FUCK ME. Fuck my face with your beautiful cock.”

My balls started to boil, reminding me in time to hit the brakes before firing a huge load in her throat. My hips repeatedly jerked, fucking her face. I let go a long, drawn-out shout as I came again and again.

Carm took her mouth off my shaft, but kept squeezing my rod, forcing every drop out of the angry, purple head. I kept shouting, incoherently. She practically cackled with pride as she licked and sucked the cum from my twitching cock.

It wasn’t until she finally slowed, letting me relax, that I realized my eyes were closed. I opened them to discover my foot was still on the brake and the car was stopped at an over-look. The lights of the San Fernando Valley spread before us.

Carm raised her head and looked out the window. “Oh my god.”

I could only nod.

It wasn’t until I put the car in reverse to get back on the road that we realized how close we had come to the edge. A few more feet would have meant a sixty-foot drop to the busy freeway.

“Fuck me.”

We drove the rest of the way home in silence. As we pulled into my garage, Carm took my hand. “What are you thinking about?”

I took a deep breath and shut off the car. “Let’s call it… quiet contemplation of our sexual joy and our limited mortality.”

She pulled me into a kiss, sharing the remnants of my cum. She rubbed my dick, once again laying limp along my bare leg. “The bed will be safer,” she suggested encouragingly.

I smiled as I hit the remote to close the garage door.

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Şub 05

The #1 MILF and the Grocery Boy

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MILF – Second Summer

Fun Flock Big Cock Contest – Brayden

With the ice having been broken by Nicci jerking off the first contestant in the big cock contest, the four bawdy leaders of the Fun Flock busied themselves with eating, drinking and their typically raucous chatter.

They talked about kids and husbands and/or lesbian partners that drove them nuts. They talked about annoying work or the lack thereof. They talked about bitches that bugged them online, items they liked at HomeGoods and flowers they bought at Costco. They laughed and gossiped and vented about every little thing that popped into their nutty brains. All four of them had gotten buzzed, happy, and relaxed at a rapid pace.

Sooner than any of them expected, Deena received a one-word text from Matt.

It said, “Ready?”

They all looked at each other and burst out laughing. Deena replied with a thumbs-up emoji, and they all turned toward the top of the steps to look.

As before, Matt came through the gate first. Trailing behind him was a very young-looking dude in some kind of work uniform with a name tag.

“Ladies of the Fun Flock,” Matt announced when the two guys reached their designated position about twenty feet from the four women, “May I please introduce contestant number two.”

“Oh my God,” Nicci whispered sideways to Kaelan, with her hand cupped to her mouth, “I think I know that kid.”

“Brayden is a local boy. He’s still a high school senior at Central, but don’t worry! He’s legal! He had to repeat a grade and assured me he turned eighteen last month. He works at ShopRite and left his shift early to join us! He loves video games, girls, and comic books, not necessarily in that order.” Matt finished reading from his index card.

Brayden’s eyes were wide with fear as he looked at the four women judging the contest. Three of them scared him to death. The other one did too, but her spectacular figure in that wild bathing suit looked familiar. He thought he recognized her. “Mrs. Burton? Is that you?” he asked uncertainly.

Nicci’s face reflected her discomfort. For a moment, she wished she could just disappear. Then she looked over at the young man, saw the fat lump in the kid’s pants and recovered her composure. “Uh, yup…it’s me…in the flesh,” the number one MILF responded gamely.

“I can’t believe you’re here for this,” he exclaimed.

“You guys know each other?” Matt and Deena asked simultaneously and incredulously.

Nicci leaned-in to Deena and whispered, “Are you sure this is really safe?”

Deena responded without hesitation. “No worries. We had every contestant sign a contract with NDAs, waivers of liability, prohibitions against cameras or cell phones, the whole nine. We had Marcy look it over. We’re good.”

“Who’s Marcy?” Nicci whispered back.

“A Flocker,” Deena replied. “She’s a lawyer. She loves you. All good.”

“You girls really thought of everything,” Nicci whispered. She was impressed.

“Nobody needs any shit!” Deena grinned back.

“All the guys at work know Mrs. Burton!” Brayden gushed excitedly over their sidebar. “She’s the hottest mom in town!”

Nicci blushed and cocked her head at her friends with a silly, self-deprecating smile. “What can I say?” She still felt terribly awkward the kid knew her. She also didn’t want his comments to make her friends feel bad.

He continued, “She’s the

MILF. Everyone I know voted for her.”

Nicci rolled her eyes. Could he please not go there? She pointed at him as she mentally placed the kid. “Have you helped me to my car, Brayden?”

“Oh, yes, ma’am. Once, I did!”

The MILF nodded her head slowly with recognition. This was unbelievable.

“Well, Nicci, have you seen his dick before, too?” Deena guffawed.

“No, I have not, you bitch!” Nicci responded playfully to her friends disarming teasing.

“I guess you’re about to now! Get it out for inspection, kid!” the blustery lesbian commanded.

Dutifully, Brayden reached into his work pants and with some effort hauled out a cock already swelling in size because of his proximity to the MILF goddess he’d seen so often at the grocery store – and on one, lucky occasion with her ass in his face as she put groceries deep in the back of her Suburban.

Already feeling less-concerned after the kid’s adulation and Deena’s ball-busting, Nicci felt an involuntary rush as the big cock was unveiled. It made her feel hungry. She asked herself why these stupid meat poles affected her so much, but she knew she didn’t have an answer.


“Whoa! Shit! That’s what I’m talking about!” Brandi blustered loudly at the sight of the sturdy schlong on the slight teen. The ladies were all pleasantly surprised at the enormity of the kid’s penis, particularly Nicci, and they were also pretty trashed by now.

Kaely inhaled audibly. She said, “God, it’s just SO weird when you think about it, isn’t it? Like, how does this even happen? Most men aren’t like this at all, and then there’s almanbahis some kid like this at Shop-Rite out of nowhere!”

Brandi agreed. “Like, what did his mom fucking feed him, right?”

Deena joined her friends, “I agree. You see women with all different size breasts all the time, but we looked at thousands of pics and dicks like this are like unique mutations or something. Almost all the others look the same. They look normal.”

Nicci snickered lecherously with her girlfriends as they opined on the subject but had little to add herself. She looked at Deena. “You’re sure they signed something? An NDA, you said?” she asked Deena who nodded affirmatively in response.

Nicci’s wheels were turning. She lowered her sunglasses and leaned toward her friends, “He doesn’t look like he needs much help, but I think I’ll go help this one anyway. He’s cute.” She winked at them playfully. They hooted and hollered for the Fun Flock leader as she sashayed over to the teenager in her trampy monokini and glittering tiara.

She stood next to the kid and was almost as tall as he was. For a brief moment, she felt a twinge of conscience at what she was about to do, but she couldn’t help herself. She was tipsy and horny and having too much fun with her friends. Nicci reached both hands down and wrapped them around his huge cock. From behind her sunglasses, she looked him in his submissive eyes and twisted the fleshy python in her pretty hands as he groaned in pleasure.

“Brayden,” she giggled conspiratorially, while she squeezed and corkscrewed his huge wang, “why didn’t you TELL me you had this thing in your pants when you were helping me with my groceries?”

The kid just swallowed hard. He felt speechless.

“Do you want a special treat?” she flirted, thoroughly enjoying his dumbstruck adulation.

“Blink once for yes and twice for no.”

Brayden blinked once. Nicci grinned at him and got on her knees, with his dick just inches from her face. Now it was her turn to swallow hard. Again, she wondered why these big ones made her tingle and lose her brain like this, but thinking had suddenly become very difficult for her. The glittery tiara probably didn’t help.

“Oh, and it’s so clean, too! And so pretty,” she giggled. “No offense,” she looked up briefly at the stupefied boy as she chattered, “Pretty’s a good thing!”

“All fresh and meaty!” she continued her breathy observations. “No yucky, smelly shmegga, or whatever it’s called,” she opined as she licked her plump lips and rubbed her little nose along the boy’s shaft smelling it. “Good old, farm-raised, American dick! Mmm…” she moaned, “so thick and fat and…juicy…and so fucking HARD…Get ready, Kaely,” the famous MILF giggled wantonly, “I don’t expect this to last very long.” She eyed the boy’s big wang like she was a lioness with a freshly killed antelope.

Tugging firmly on his dick two more times, her eyes glazed over, and she grinned for an instant before opening her pretty mouth very wide. Nicci stuck out her tongue and said a sustained, “Ahh!” With her hands on the trembling kid’s ass, she pulled him slowly toward her, guiding his big cock straight into her waiting mouth with the “Ahh” finally ended by a loud, wet, happy, “Thlopsh!”

“Oh my God!” Brayden whimpered. He had nearly cum the instant Mrs. Burton had looked at him with her mouth open and said “Ahh.” Then the sexy bitch swallowed his whole cock, and it was like nothing he’d ever felt before.

She had always been seemed so snotty and intimidating at the grocery store. Now, the hottest woman he had ever seen was kneeling at his feet in a tiny bathing suit sucking and slurping on his dick with her juicy lips wrapped entirely around his thick shaft. The unapproachable hot mom was acting like such an empty-headed slut. And she was wearing a tiara that made her look like Blowjob Barbie. It was pure heaven.

Deena elbowed Kaelan saying, “I think he’s ready now.” Kaely had been mesmerized watching her friend blowing the kid. Reminded of her job, she quickly hustled over with the tape measure. Nic saw her from the corner of her eye and briefly backed her hungry mouth off the teenager’s meat to allow the measurement. Two quick movements of the tape and she called it out, “Nine and a half inches in length and six inches in girth!”

Matt looked on enviously. This kid was a year younger than him and no bigger. Well, Matt mused, his dick was twice as big as his, but other than that. What he wouldn’t give to have Mrs. Burton on her knees in front of him acting this cock hungry. Suddenly, he remembered to get his phone out. At least he could start making some lasting memories.

“That’s very big, Brayden!” Nicci looked up at him like a proud mom for an instant to pass the compliment, “Almost ten inches!” Without waiting for a response, though, she plunged as much of his dick into her mouth as she could fit and went back to sucking.

“Thanks, Mrs. Burton. I know it is,” Brayden groaned, as he put his hands on the back of her head to feel her almanbahis yeni giriş bobbing it up and down the length of his big shaft. Looking over at Matt, he said, “I thought they were just going to judge my size for the contest. You didn’t tell me I’d get a blowjob, too.”

“Oh, thutuph, Bwathen,” Nicci lisped through her full, slurping mouth.

Matt was taking pictures of Mrs. Burton in her glittering tiara slopping all over the kid’s boner looking like a horny Miss America contestant blowing a celebrity judge. “I don’t see you complaining,” he shot back.

The ladies had a great view of Nicci’s, thick, world-class ass in her trampy, yellow, thong monokini, while her crystal tiara-adorned head bobbed up and down rapidly on Brayden’s distended wang.

She slopped loudly with her lips, gobbled with her tongue, and sucked hard. Then she began scratching his aching balls lightly with her long nails, and the guy who’d fantasized about fucking her every time he saw her at the store or helped her with her groceries found himself very quickly about to cum.

“Oh, God, Mrs. Burton. Yes. Yes. Oh, you’re so good at sucking! Shit, I’ll never look at the pictures of you in the guys’ break room the same way again.”

The number one MILF had her little nose at the base of the boy’s long shaft when he spoke, so it took her a second to pull her head all the way back off of his enormous dick so she could speak without a lisp.

Her lips were plump and red and extra juicy. “What did you say about pictures?”

The kid looked down at the sexy woman in a breathless panic. He was so close to cumming.

“Oh, please don’t stop, Mrs. Burton. Please!”

She looked up at him like a disapproving, slutty schoolteacher acting like an X-rated chaperone on spring break.

She rephrased her question while holding the base of his huge penis in her left hand, “There are pictures of me in the break room?”

He didn’t know what to say.

Nicci squeezed his dick firmly and licked its extra swollen head bobbing next to her mouth. It was taking everything she had not to just take his glorious, fat wang back into her hungry mouth. She swallowed hard and looked up again at the nervous, excited kid.

“No talky…no sucky,” she said in her singsong voice.

“Ok, ok.” It was his turn to swallow hard. Then started to talk in a plaintive moan while she squeezed the base of his dick. “It’s no big deal.”

“I’ll decide that,” the MILF responded.

“Just some security footage the guys printed out in still pictures.”

“Footage of what?”

“Just you in the store. Different outfits. You know. You dress so hot and your body is so bangin’…I mean we all love it.”

The big-titted MILF that looked like she was twenty-five looked up at the boy suspiciously, “That’s it?”

“Everybody’s favorite is you in a sports bra and some workout gear complaining about something at the customer service desk.

“Oh, of course,” she said snidely. He groaned loudly. His thick cock ached in her grip.

“The best ones are the ones some of the guys have taken when we walk you to your car. You know, like when you bend over. Most of them are you ass sticking out of your shorts, sometimes a lot of it.”

“Jesus Christ,” Nicci bitched, “the fucking men in this town and their fucking technology.”

She stole a glance at his turgid dick head and licked her lips involuntarily. She asked her next question still staring hungrily at his cock. “How many pictures?”

“Like only a couple,” he groveled.

Nicci released his huge boner, and slapped it firmly with her open hand, amused at the way it bounced around before stopping at an erect seventy-degree angle to his young body.

“Ow! Fine, it’s more like a dozen!”

She wrapped her beautiful fingers back around his throbbing shaft and gazed back up at him.

“I’ll tell you what you’re going to do for me,” slowly sliding her hand up and down his saliva-soaked shaft while she spoke.

The desperately horny boy nodded, “Anything.”

“Good boy,” she said and swallowed his cock whole, deep throating him all the way to the base with a wet, muffled “Mmph,” before popping it out a second later to continue her instructions.

“You’re going to go back into that break room on your next shift and you’re going to take all those pictures down, ok?”

“Yes, ma’am,” the boy replied while the MILF stroked his aching prick.

“From now on,” she said, taking a break to lick his dick head like an ice pop, “I’ll be doing all my shopping at Stop n’ Shop. You are going to quit your job,”…lick…, “and you’re going to meet me at Stop n’ Shop,”…slurp…, “next weekend,”…smooch…,”and you’re going to give me all those photos like a good boy, aren’t you?”

“Oh, yes, ma’am! Please…,” he begged.

Satisfied with the plan she’d created even while her brain was fogged with big dick desire, the number one MILF returned to sucking his grateful penis like a starving animal.

“Oh God, thank you, thank almanbahis giriş you.” His knees were buckling, and he was moaning while the impossible dream continued between his legs. The sexiest woman he’d ever seen was sucking his cock like one of those stepmoms on Pornhub and he was beside himself with ecstasy.

Nicci was exceptionally good at her work, and exceptionally happy to have her mouth filled with his huge, perfect, delicious cock. She felt a happy buzz in the back of her brain like an addict satisfied after an abstinence. She deep throated him and slopped up and down the full length of his shaft like one of those old drinking bird toys, only faster.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you my favorite!” He was groaning, and speaking was not easy. “You’re at the self-checkout…and you can’t figure out how to do it. You’re in like a bikini top…and you look…like…such an airhead…all confused with your big tits and everything…it’s in color…and so clear too…oh, fuck, please don’t make me cum so fast, Mrs. Burton,” he whined, as he felt his orgasm building so soon after she’d returned to sucking. “I don’t want this to end.”

Nicci giggled wetly with her mouth full and kept sucking loudly. She was lightly annoyed by the airhead comment, but she couldn’t focus on anything but dick. She loved sucking on his fat schlong but relished the power and control over his pleasure even more. She had no intention of doing anything to help the poor kid last longer.

“Oh, God, oh no, I’m cumming, Mrs. Burton,” he whimpered rapturously. Without a thought to the bossy slut’s reaction, he surprised everyone and held her head firmly down on his giant cock as it exploded like a water balloon into her mouth.

“Mmmph!” she squealed in protest and flailed her arms a little as the teenager spewed a huge load down her throat. “Glmphh!” She could feel the gooey, hot semen splashing into the back of her mouth, oozing in a viscous flow down her throat as she gulped it into her gullet. “Gulpp…gullp…”

She hated swallowing. She always said it was a texture thing. But she didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of everyone, and the kid had caught her right as she had the full length of his schlong down her throat. He was holding her mouth firmly down on the base of his entire spewing cock, with her lips on his thick pubes, so she had no choice but to swallow it all anyway.

He released her pretty head when he had finally finished all his spasms. She popped her hot mouth off his wang and sat back on her haunches to catch her breath and lick her lips. She wiped her wrist across her wet, open lips to clean the strings of drool and semen off of them while she gazed at the kid’s giant hard-on as it pulsed and slowly deflated.

In the background, Deena erupted in a playful chuckle and called out, “Touché!”

Unphased, Nicci looked up at Brayden, straightened her monokini top around her fabulous boobs and said, “Don’t breathe a word of this to anyone at ShopRite, or anywhere else for that matter, capice?” Her thick nipples were rock hard under the thin, yellow lycra of her suit.

“No ma’am,” he panted, on wobbly legs. “Don’t worry. I read those papers I had to sign.”

“And don’t hold my head down like that again,” Nicci scolded him prissily.

“Again?” he asked hopefully. Nicci stood up slowly but didn’t respond. She felt a bit unsteady herself. As the big dick fog cleared and she regained mental clarity, she felt a teensy bit regretful at what she had just done. Had she really just given a full blowjob to a teenager right out in front of everyone? She felt the last globules of semen that had been stuck between her teeth and gums leak out and dribble down her throat.

He repeated himself, “Can there please be an again?”

She cleared her throat with an “Ahem-hem…hem” before responding. “Oh, absolutely not, Brayden. No, there can’t be an again. Just get all those pictures and meet me at Stop n’ Shop next Sunday at like ten in the morning. And don’t act like you know me. You can help me to my car and give them to me in the parking lot.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said sadly.

Nicci turned and walked carefully back to her friends while Matt and Brayden looked longingly at her in that slutty monkini with her exposed ass cheeks bouncing and crashing into each other with each step atop her long, toned legs. All the boys could think about was fucking her. Matt groaned audibly at the sight. Brandi heard him and laughed out loud. “Jesus, the poor kid. What a horn dog,” she chortled.

The tired, number one MILF plopped down next to Kaelan who wordlessly handed Nic her Logic e-cigarette. She took a deep puff on it, picked up her margarita for a long sip, gargled it gently to get rid of the icky sperm taste in her mouth before taking another sip, then smiled when she noticed all the amused looks her friends were giving her.

“What?” she asked facetiously. “Listen, he’s always been so polite and respectful at the grocery store, I just thought he deserved a nice tip.”

They all cackled and rolled their eyes at their friend.

“You know,” she continued more loudly, looking over at Matt for the first time that day, “the kind of kid that does what he’s told and doesn’t try to fuck you in the ass the second you aren’t paying attention?”

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Şub 05

My English Lilly Ch. 06

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Big Tits

Not sure how long we slept, I woke to the wonderful sensation of a hand stroking me, looking down I saw Tina a smile on her face put her finger to her lips pointing at a sound asleep Lilly.

She then moved over taking me in her mouth, licking the tip then down to the base, licking my balls, taking first one then the other in her mouth her eyes never leaving mine except a glance at Lilly. Teasing me then again licking up and around my cock base up the inside of it to the tip.

I was soon quivering and fighting the urge to squirm. She took me deep in her mouth teasing then sucking in around it.

Soon she had me at the back of her throat, taking me into it, throat fucking me our eyes glazed over my breathing getting taken grabbing the sheets clenching them to fight the sensational sensations flooding through me. Then reaching down to hold her hair out of her eyes to make sure we kept eye contact.

Gritting my teeth to try and stay quiet her mouth throat doing such pleasure as she fucked me with them.

Soon I felt myself so close, so, so close Tina could sense it too. She pulled off my thickness,

“Cum daddy cum for me. ” she said quickly then her mouth was back on me sucking bobbing fast down and up on it gagging as it entered her throat, hands squeezing my backs trying to milk it all out of me.

I was now jerking up as the sensations took over no longer able to control myself. Lilly felt the movement of the bed and started stirring.

Looking first up at me then down to see what Tina was doing, she smiled and began rubbing my chest woth one hand putting her other hand on the back of Tina’s head pushing her on my cock harder smiling laughing even

“Yes take all that cock deep, you little slut, suck it deep.” Lilly practically screamed.

” Yes Daddy fill that sluts throat with your cum, fill her good.” Lilly had a look in her eyes of pleasure and deviousness.

With that I began spurting stream after stream of hot thick sticky cum down her throat, Lilly holding Tina’s head down on it maniacally. Watching her gag, throat and mouth filling till cum and slobber was running out of her mouth. Finally releasing her grip letting Tina back off it. She immediately had her mouth on it sucking licking all the rest of the cum she could. Then they were kissing sharing my cum between each other.

” I see how it is, you little slut, couldn’t resist getting his first cum of the day while I slept huh? ” Lilly was laughing smiling at us both.

” Let’s all get showers and prepare for the day.” Lilly stated.

“Showers?” Was Tina’s reply ” I was hoping we could all shower together get all of our spots clean.”

“Well one thing’s for sure thar shower is definitely big enough for all of us, but ummm can we behave enough to CLEAN each other properly, it has been a very eventful several days already, maybe some contact and some anticipation built for later is called for now.” I state.

“Promise Daddy we will behave.” came from them simultaneously.

With that up and out of the bed we went to the Loo and the large Shower Lilly had in her Flat.

We entered the glassed in shower somehow just right, me sandwiched between the 2 beauties. Both their hands on me lathering me up as we set the shower to pulse and got the temperature just right. 2 hands on my chest and front, 2 on my backside and by backside I do mean backside making me jump.

Being tickled as they meant to wash every little inch of me. My balls, my cock, my chest, my ass, my back, my rosebud. Every nook and cranny.

That was ok by me as I felt the stirrings, because I meant to find each and every one of their nooks and cranny. Make them jump, shutter, quiver, and moan in pleasures.

“OK now we said we’d behave in here and if ya’ll keep it up there won’t be much more behaving.” I said with a grin.

Really, I was wanting to bend each of them over and fuck them hard till they came squirted whatever I could make them do.

They had me so turned on and hot. But restraint I would have, as I really wanted to have an enjoyable day and then really wear them out, each and every part of them. I knew my pass was about to be over, and I’d be back on base, and time limited for spending and enjoying like this.

“Oh, ok Daddy, we’ll behave.” Lilly giggled.

” Yes sir, daddy we’ll behave.” Came from Tina

And just like that they started washing each other and I went right to helping each of them wash all their nooks, first with Tina then to Lilly giving her the extra attention I felt she deserved.

We washed each other well, knowing they both were wetter between the kegs now than what the water from the shower did. And me raging thick hard swollen, we exited the shower drying each other off then letting each finish drying themselves. Knowing ti much attention would draw us right back to naughtiness.

Back in the main room. Lilly and Tina, I could tell were up to something, giggling, whispering.

“Ok a relaxing day remember.” I said “But here it is, both of you can only almanbahis wear Stockings garters, and Well if you need some Breast support. Nothing else.”

” Oh and of course each of you can place those remote-controlled butt plugs in, and hand me the remotes.” I added

“Oh, daddy you’re going to torture us today,, aren’t you?” Tina half asked half stated.

I simply smiled putting on a pair of Silk Boxers Lilly had given me a day or 2 before.

“Daddy ummm, ummm, how about I take Tina’s remote. I know just when to trigger her. ” Lilly asked me.

“Oh no daddy don’t, don’t let her she’ll she’ll be cruel and drive me to edge all day.” Tina pleaded.

With her saying that I laughed and handed Lilly the remote for Tina after clicking them both on and hitting them to high.

They both jumped sky high and moaned.

“Rule number 1, no cumming unless I give permission, clear on this?” I said with a grin.

“Rule 2 ask permission before any playing, with me or each other.”

“Rule 3 no clothes and remember Pineapple is the safe word.” I added

So, we spent the day like this, me and Lilly tapping the remotes to their plugs when they seemed to least expect it, driving them to edge. Then releasing.

At some point in the day Lilly put a Green collar on Tina, and a Red one on herself.

She had said “This will be a reminder of who is in charge today.”

The scene so arousing, so tempting as they walked around lounged around close to me and each other, us laying together touching slightly, careful not to start playing.

We drank a few bottles of Pineapple Mango Gatorade throughout the day making sure we were thoroughly hydrated. We watched some T.V. rested.

Then as Lilly was laughing as she had Tina hopping around shuddering, quivering.

“Please Daddy Please, she has me so close to cumming, please may I cum, I can’t hold it back much longer.” Tina moaned.

I quickly went to tapping the remote to Lilly’s plug seeing her jump and quiver as I did.

I laughed and said ” Well turnabout is fair play, Maybe I take her to edge too, you have permission to help, touch Lilly and make her know she is being touched properly Little Tina.”

No further prompting was needed Tina was kissing Lilly, her hands roaming along her body finding the spots that made each of them shiver in anticipation.

Soon the were both begging to cum, I told them to lay down, side by side. Handing Tina, Lilly’s remote winking, I spread their legs and using both hands I put my fingers along their wet tight slits and stroked teased while they both went to tapping each other’s butt plug remotes.

My fingers slid inside them both getting a moan and grunt out of both of them at once. Sliding in and out and then again finger fucking them both feeling the vibrations of their plugs through their pussy walls.

Both were pleading to cum, and pleading some more.

“Cum girl’s cum, cum all over Daddy’s fingers, CUM. I stated.

With that they both were screaming, clenching and quivering all around my fingers almost breaking them.

As they started to come down from their orgasms, I pulled my fingers out tasting them both then offering them the fingers that had been in the other one, to taste and clean off.

With a nods at each other they seemingly jumped up and rolled me over kissing me and each other heartily. Hands roaming all over me grasping my balls and cock, rubbing my chest teasing me.

Lilly caught my eyes, put her fingers to her mouth in a shushing motion, got up and went to a dresser reaching in grabbing some things out of it and padded back to us.

By Now Tina had my cock between her lips mouth slurping on it. Lilly came up behind Tina a mischievously evil grin on her face, a strap-on fastened around her waist.

Lilly from behind Tina straddled her doggy style, Tina suddenly moaned around my cock as I could tell Lilly had entered Tina’s sweet pussy with a hard deep thrust.

What I hadn’t noticed was the 2 leashes she had clipped to the collar on Tina’s neck, 1 ran back to clip on the collar around Lilly’s neck, the other had a hand grip and connecting to both of their collars she just let it dangle beside us.

Lilly, I noticed with each thrust seemed to pull on the one connecting her and Tina together.

Tina was now moaning loudly as Lilly was stroking fast deep and hard inside her, my cock now deep in Tina’s throat feeling the vibrations and the pull as she got spit roasted. Her eyes rolling back in her head as she felt the deepest passion and erotic sensations, moaning so loudly even with my cock in her throat.

Lilly was now grunting moaning as she thrust pounding Tina’s pussy so hard. Her eyes locked on mine staring deeply into my passion filled eyes, as I watched them both and felt such wonderful sensations.

Lilly suddenly exclaimed, “Remember ask Daddy before you cum, don’t cum without permission.”

I had to laugh at that because the way Lilly had a hold on Tina’s leash and head, Tina would almanbahis giriş have to really make an effort to get a breath to ask permission. I really think that was why Lilly said it, she was enjoying the control over Tina.

Tina being spit-roasted throat fucked and pussy filled, was moaning so loud causing an intense vibration around my cock

Tina was now gagging a lot slobber running all over. I had reached and found the leash and pulled on it so it drew Lilly closer and relaxed the tension on Tina a bit so if she needed more air or to beg to cum she could.

She took the hint, amd quickly she begged.

“Daddy oh Daddy Please Daddy can I cum please, I don’t know how long I can hold back. It feels so good.”

And she was back bobbing on my duck throat deep on it.

I simply replied, ” Cum baby cum for Daddy, cum all over Lilly.”

And cum she did, moaning so loudly practically a scream. The vibrations sending me I’ve rather edge.

I began shooting stream after stream of Hot thick sticky cum down her throat as she convulsed all over the strap on Lilly had so deep inside her.

Lilly moaning as I could tell the quivering clenching that Tina was doing on it was sending deep vibrations up and in Lilly’s pussy.

I shuddered as I came and came, feeling Tina convulse in pure orgasmic bliss. Eyes locked on both of them as 2 of the 3 of us came so loudly.

As we came down from orgasms, Lilly pulled the strap-on off quickly and grabbed Tina’s head burying her face in her pussy, Tina somehow working around so her pussy was over my mouth and how, we did it a tangle of knots, but Lilly was licking and rubbing my Cock and Balls tasting all of the juices left there.

My tongue driving deep twisting and vibrating along Tina’s tight inner walls feeling her spasm at each motion of it, Lilly’s mmmm vibrations on my cock ans balls as she licked them so ferociously, knowing Tina was doing to Lilly what I was doing to her.

Excitement grew spasms intensified, and then Lilly screamed out very loudly deafening even as she came.

The sound of her cumming sending Tina over the edge, not to mention that I had hit the 2 remotes onto pulsate mode just as we got in our knotted positions.

Tina now was moaning screaming in her orgasmic ecstasy.

We all basically collapsed after that not sure how long we slept, I woke to find Tina and Lilly scurrying around the room.

“Oh my God I’m going to be late to the job.” Tina stated flushed.

“Just get a quick shower and dress, leave the plug in and you’ll have a reminder of whats waiting for you in a few hours when you get off at the pub.” Lilly laughed.

So off they went getting Tina ready for work as I dosed and drank more Gatorade.

When they came out Tina dressed a bit hotter than I Imagined for waitressing at the Pub she came over kissed me hard on the lips passionately.

“See you soon Daddy, it is ok to call you Daddy, isn’t it?” she then asked.

Before i could reply Lilly replied. “I think Papa would be a better fit, dont you?” Looking at me.

“Papa would be fine if that’s what you’d like.” I replied simply.

Then added, “Take the remote with you to the plug, push it every time someone tips you, that should make the time fly by.” Laughingly

So, Tina gone to work, Lilly in garters stockings and nothing else climbed in beside me and cuddled close and we slept some more.

2 Hours later I woke to Lilly coming out of the Loo, dressed even hotter than Tina had been.

“What’s going on?” I asked confused.

“Shower and I’ll have clothes ready for you when you’re out, so we can go to the pub and play with Tina some and relax with some Beer or Wine or whatever, till she gets off.” She said with a naughty wink.

Showered and dressed off to the Pub we went, as we walked in a remote slipped into my hand with a shy grin.

We walked in Tina saw us right away and gave Lilly a big hug and grin, then gave one and peck on the cheek sheepishly.

“So glad you came it’s been so busy, and so many tips.” she laughed

“The remote, give Papa the remote.” Lilly whispered.

As we sat down in a comfortable booth along slightly dimmer corner Tina slid me her remote.

Of course I immediately tapped both the remotes just to see them jump a little.

We sat drank, laughed I hit the remotes at the most interesting times like when a man was ordering drinks or giving a tip flirting with Tina, and so much more.

At some point my hand under the table and up Lilly’s skirt my fingers found first her mound then her pussy lips and clit, I teased it over and over, fingers sliding in time to time her knowing she couldn’t cum without permission.

A look of lust desire and pure ecstasy on Lilly’s face, I knew she was close.

Just then Tina popped up. “Papa, I came I came twice. Don’t be mad don’t punish me to badly.” She half laughed half cried out in a whisper.

“I have to count out my till, then I am done with work. Maybe 10 more minutes.” almanbahis giriş she said breathlessly Laughing and Eyeing Lilly, I went to hitting the remotes with the setting turned up to high repeatedly. Just to see Tina try to walk back to do her till, pausing wiggling jumping the whole way back. She kept looking over her shoulder a glazed over, look on her face.

Tina off work she slid into our booth essentially sandwiching me between the 2 beauties. She had carried a tray of drinks with her, six shots of something or other and 3 pints if what I hoped was their version if a cold ale.

A smile on their faces, I could tell they were up to something just not sure what, we drank 1 shot each followed by some ale, they both giggled as I took the shot then the drink from the tall pint.

We were sitting there when I felt hands under the table on my bulging crotch, 1 from each side, girls giggling as they rubbed then unzipped me.

So, these were the games they wanted to play huh, I thought to myself, well I could play that game too. Taking a large drink from my pint, I slipped a hand underneath the table after hitting pulse on both their remotes. Hands on inner thighs sliding up teasing caressing, finding their wet folds teasing their clits. Fingers slipping inside and stroking their walls watching them squirm as their hands now on my throbbing cock stroking, then one hand seemed to find my balls and gently squeeze.

What were we doing in the semi crowded Pub like this? A moan came from both of them almost simultaneously,

“Papa, Papa I’m going to cum Papa, please Papa.” I heard unsure which one pleaded.

Looking at one then the other it appeared it was them both speaking in unison.

immediately i stopped stroking, rubbing their thighs as I bring my hands up and out taking a sip of ale, then offering my fingers to each of them.

“No, no, no, not yet dears, finish your drinks and let’s head home.” I replied

No more was needed to be said, quickly the second set of shots was down, and then the ales chugged down like we hadn’t had a drink of anything in days. Quickly I adjusted myself zipping up careful of the thickness here, and out we went hand in hand in hand, after they both had licked the juices off my fingers.

It seemed like moments, and we were back at Lilly’s flat.

Up and inside, it seemed my clothes were off as soon as we were in the door, and I was on one of the benches in the room, scantily clad women all over me.

I was feeling a bit fuzzy, a fun but different feeling I hadn’t felt before, Hands all over me, Lilly and Tina in revealing bra, thong, garter and matching stockings.

Head swimming about, so aroused as they ran their hands and fingers nails along my body kissing me then each other, then us kissing as 3.

Tongues intertwined feeling so aroused at every touch, all of us moaning in delight.

How it happened I have no idea, but I found myself wrists and ankles restrained, allowing little movement,

They were laughing and Lilly stated, “Our turn to tease and please, you’ve had so much fun with our plugs remotes, time we drove you crazy with sensations.”

Soon I felt ticklishness of feathers, fingers and felt a vibration along my balls. Hands stroking my cock nails teasing the tip, lips kissing along my cock and body, then mouths on mine kissing passionately all the while the different touches making me squirm and wiggle around in pleasure.

A blur of movement and sensations, and Tina was poised over my face her pussy lips mere inches from my mouth. I felt first their 2 mouths kissing licking teasing my cock and balls, as Tina sat right on down and my tongue went to work on her folds, her clit and twisting up inside her tasting every bit of her honey.

Then I felt a pussy slide down on my cock clamping clenching around it, sopping wet, I could only assume it was Lilly as Tina was smothering me her juices running all over my mustache and face. My tongue delving in teasing her clit, then plungng deep inside fucking her with it, as she spasmed and quivered all over it.

Unable to do anything but let Tina ride my face and Lilly my cock, I could do nothing but my best to rock up into Lilly and work every crevice of Tina’s pussy with my tongue occasionally nibbling her lips.

I could tell by how Tina was leaning forward the 2 beauties were kissing and caressing each other, groping was probably more like it from the sounds we all were making through my fog.

I felt close to cumming Balls feeling full cock thickened and feeling like it couldn’t stretch anymore or stretch her anymore. Somehow, she just kept riding milking clenching quivering around me and I was throbbing but not finding that release.

Suddenly like it was in the distance, I heard screams of ecstasy, as Lilly stopped moving shuddering quivering clamping tight around me. Tina juices began flowing as she clamped on my tongue legs squeezing my head, as they both orgasmed almost at the same time.

My mustache covered soaked in Tina’s cum, cock covered in and Lilly’s cum running out and all over my legs, with rapid movement Lilly was up Kissing me tasting cleaning Tina from my moustache and lips. Tina between my legs licking my thighs then my cock after every bit of Lilly’s cum off of me.

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