Ara 05

Home for the Holidays Ch. 05

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The entire house slept late into Saturday morning. If Tom didn’t have an outing scheduled with some of his friends he never would have climbed out of bed. The idea of he and his buddies getting together to play some basketball and work off some of the holiday treats had seemed like a great idea on Wednesday but this morning it seemed like a really bad one. If he hadn’t been the guy that had organized the whole thing he surely would have skipped it.

The only thing that made getting out of bed tolerable was that Amy got up with him and they shared a long shower. As they slowly lathered and rinsed each other in the way they had done so many times before Tom told Amy about his two previous encounters with Leslie before they had all fucked the previous night.

Amy listened closely to his vivid descriptions and often asked for more information about how Leslie reacted or how her body felt as Tom fucked her. She was particularly excited to learn all the details as she and Tom showered in the same place where he and Leslie had first fucked.

After the shower Tom got dressed and left. Amy threw on her most comfortable clothes before she changed the sheets on their bed. Once the new sheets were on she couldn’t resist their lure and climbed back in bed. She lay there picturing Tom fucking Leslie in the shower and then began to wish that it had been her in the shower with Leslie rather than Tom.

Until a few nights earlier she never would have thought she actually would have gone through with her sex talk about being with another woman. However, now that she had crossed that line she realized that she was actually very attracted to other women, at least to both Leslie and Diana. She fell back asleep thinking about the previous night.

It was well into the early afternoon before the four college girls began to awake. When the two couples emerged from their rooms to shower and get dressed they exchanged sleepy, but knowing, good mornings. Megan showered first and Katie was more than a little surprised to see Leslie and Diana sneak off to the shower in her parent’s bedroom together. Katie couldn’t believe how bold they were being and she panicked that her parents would catch them and she would get in trouble. Partly to protect them and partly to protect herself Katie threw on a robe and went down to keep her parents occupied.

She was relieved to find her dad out so she only had to keep her mom busy for a while. Amy confessed that she had just gotten up a short while earlier and offered to fix Katie some breakfast. They sat together and talked for a while until Megan came down the stairs.

Katie was relieved to see that Diana and Leslie had finished their shower when she went upstairs. Leslie was in the middle of getting dressed when Katie stepped into the room to get some clothes. “Morning,” Katie said wickedly. She then added, “Looks like you had a fun night.”

Leslie smiled back at her knowingly and said, “I could say the same for you.”

She looked at Katie for a moment with a raised eyebrow before Katie quietly replied, “You know?”

Leslie told her about how she and Diana had crept down and watched her and Megan with the guy. She left out any descriptions of what they had been doing before they went downstairs. “That was Joel,” Katie said softly.

“Joel?” Leslie asked, “the same Joel you talked about the other night?” Katie smiled and nodded. “Damn, he is a cutie.”

Katie looked at her roommate and said, “You don’t think I’m some kind of sex fiend do you? I mean, I don’t know what came over me last night.”

Leslie replied, “Don’t worry about it.” She then added, “Everyone needs to get crazy sometimes,” as she thought about her adventures the previous night.

By the time Katie finished her long shower and joined the other women downstairs Tom had returned and gone up to shower. The basketball was fun but he now felt completely worn out. He took a long, hot shower and collapsed on the bed where he slept like a rock for the next few hours.

The women all moved to the basement and spent the afternoon reading, watching TV, and chatting comfortably. Amy felt like a horny schoolgirl and she had to admit it embarrassed her a little to feel this way. Still, after watching Leslie fuck Tom and then Diana the previous night and after having the opportunity to caress her wonderful tits Amy now found herself particularly occupied with Leslie. Amy found herself watching Leslie from across the room or sometimes even gazing at her tits wrapped as they were in her tight T-shirt.

To further her horny condition Amy noticed several times when Diana was casting glances in her direction. Simply knowing that Diana felt that way about her despite their age difference made Amy feel very sexy and turned her on. Once, when they were the only two upstairs in the kitchen, Diana quickly groped her ass and gave her a wickedly sexy smile that made her pussy tingle.

Tom finally made his way downstairs and joined the other five. escort Not too much later Amy decided it was time to cook up some dinner and asked if anyone wanted to help. Several of the women said they would help if needed but Amy said she probably only needed one person. She finally turned to Leslie and asked if she would mind.

“No problem,” Leslie said happily as she bounced to her feet and went upstairs with Amy. As they walked Amy smiled to herself because the situation had played out exactly as she had hoped. She would now have some time alone with Leslie, but now that she had the opportunity she quickly had to figure out how to use it to try and fulfill her own fantasies.

As they started cooking Amy and Leslie began chatting about various subjects. They continued preparing the meal and Amy knew that her window of opportunity was closing. She still didn’t know exactly what she wanted or needed to say, but she knew she had to say something.

She moved close to Leslie and spoke softly so they wouldn’t be overheard. “Leslie, I wanted to talk to you briefly about last night,” Amy started before pausing and searching for the right thing to say next.

“Please don’t be upset,” Leslie replied, “I didn’t really mean to do it with your husband. I just go so excited watching that I lost my head.”

Leslie looked at Amy with sincere eyes and Amy smiled warmly at her before saying, “I’m not upset at all. Last night was one of the best nights Tom and I have had together. In fact,” Amy paused again to gain her courage, “I got very excited watching Tom and you together. I was sort of hoping that tonight I might get the chance to be with you with just the two of us…” Amy’s voice trailed off. She knew there was no going back now as she had left herself completely exposed to Leslie. She tried to judge Leslie’s response by her body language but she couldn’t get a good read on her.

Leslie was still trying to comprehend what Amy had said. She was so relieved to hear that Amy wasn’t mad about her fucking Tom that what Amy had said next completely took her by surprise. Leslie had to think carefully to make sure she understood what Amy was saying but it finally sunk in that Amy had basically just asked if they could fuck later. The slight fluttering of excitement in her stomach and the tingle in her pussy told Leslie she already knew the answer.

Leslie licked her lips softly and whispered, “I’d love that. But how?”

Amy smiled widely at Leslie’s answer and said, “I have an idea.” They soon finished getting dinner ready and Amy called the others up to eat. As everyone was sitting down Amy discreetly pulled Tom into the other room and briefly told him what had happened between her and Leslie.

“I could take the others out to a movie or something,” Tom suggested. Amy agreed that might work so they returned to the dinner. It was nearing the end of dinner before Tom threw out the idea casually. “If nobody has plans Amy and I were thinking it would be fun to all go out to a movie. Everyone game?” He then added, “Assuming Katie here isn’t too ashamed to be seen out in public with her parents.”

One by one the others agreed that it sounded fun. Leslie was the only one to say she would rather just stay at the house and relax. She insisted that everyone else go out without her and that she wouldn’t mind at all. At first Amy had agreed to go to the movie as she didn’t want it to look obvious that she and Leslie were not going on purpose.

As the group gathered their coats and started to head out the door Amy finally spoke up. “If you don’t mind I think I’ll stay home also. I know she said she didn’t mind but I can’t bear to think of Leslie sitting here alone. You go out and have fun and we’ll hang out here.” They said their good-byes and Amy watched them pull out of the driveway. She then turned and went upstairs to find Leslie who had gone up about five minutes earlier.

Amy looked around in the guest bedrooms and didn’t find her so she went into the master bedroom. She inhaled sharply when she saw Leslie waiting for her on the bed completely naked. Amy moved over next to the bed and looked deeply into Leslie’s eyes. Leslie was sitting up and leaning against one of the pillows propped up against the headboard. Amy let her gaze shift down to Leslie’s magnificent tits as they hung temptingly off of her body.

Amy slowly began to remove her own clothes as Leslie watched her excitedly. Soon Amy stood completely naked before Leslie and let the younger woman’s gaze move all over her. Amy was already extremely excited and could feel her pussy growing wetter in anticipation.

Amy crawled onto the bed next to Leslie and the two women sat closely together letting their fingers roam over each other’s shoulders and arms. “Tell me,” Amy whispered, “have you done this before?”

“Yes,” Leslie whispered in reply. Amy moaned with the knowledge that Leslie was experienced with other women and could feel her pussy grow even wetter. “Have you?” Leslie asked back to Amy.

“No,” Amy answered softly before adding, “not until this weekend.” Leslie smiled a wickedly sexy smile and dropped her head to Amy’s tit. Amy let out a long moan as Leslie lay her on her back and began to move back and forth between her tits teasing them softly with her mouth and hands.

Leslie continued for a long while until she moved upward slightly and began to let her own heavy tits dangle over Amy’s mouth. Amy immediately opened her mouth and began to suck and lick Leslie’s tits. Amy couldn’t believe that the tits she and Tom had so often talked about where now hanging in her mouth.

The women soon rolled over so Amy could continue teasing and exploring Leslie’s tits. Amy felt Leslie’s nipples harden to stiff points under her tongue and savored the feeling of them as her pussy grew hotter and wetter than she could ever remember.

Without saying a word Amy began to move down Leslie’s stomach softly kissing and licking her as she moved. Leslie spread her legs widely when Amy neared her pussy and Amy immediately moved between them. She explored all the sensitive areas around Leslie’s pussy driving Leslie wild from the teasing.

Finally she brought her tongue to Leslie’s pussy and experienced her first taste of Leslie’s pussy. She savored the musky scent and heavy taste and began to let her tongue explore Leslie. She loved how different and yet how familiar Leslie’s pussy seemed when compared to Diana.

It was immediately obvious that Leslie loved what Amy was doing. She gasped and moaned repeatedly and soon it was clear that she was building to her orgasm. As she drew closer and closer to cumming she began talking to Amy. “Oh God. Yes! Faster. Ohhhh, yes right there!” Leslie gasped.

When she finally started cumming she held Amy’s face tightly and pressed the older woman’s face into her quivering pussy. Leslie wrapped her legs around Amy’s head and began to squeeze slightly as the waves of her orgasm passed. Amy continued to explore her pussy and grew even more excited feeling Leslie cum under her.

By the time Leslie finished cumming and Amy finally pulled her face away from her pussy, Amy could feel Leslie’s pussy juice coating her chin and cheeks. She moved up to kiss Leslie feeling sexier and nastier than she could ever remember. They exchanged a long, slow kiss and let their tongues dance together.

Leslie could hardly believe what she was doing. All she had intended was to have a holiday visit with her friend’s family and now she had fucked her roommate’s dad twice and just let her roommate’s mom suck her pussy. It all seemed so unreal, but Leslie knew that the burning desire to taste Amy’s pussy was very real.

Leslie guided Amy onto her back and began to move down toward her pussy. Amy let out a long moan before Leslie ever touched her simply from the thought of what was about to happen. When Leslie finally did begin exploring her pussy the feelings were beyond anything she could have ever imagined.

There was now no denying that Amy loved feeling the softness of another woman between her legs. She let her fingers rub over Leslie’s shoulders and head until her pleasure was so great that her arms fell onto the bed beside her. Her mind reeled with the thought that the woman of so many previous fantasies was now licking her pussy.

Leslie tried to make this last but Amy was so excited and Leslie so desperately wanted to feel Amy cum that she couldn’t help but push Amy to her orgasm. Amy cried out loudly and started pushing her hips up into Leslie’s face as she began a massive orgasm. Leslie seemed to know just how to tease her to prolong the orgasm and continued to lick her pussy long after she finished cumming.

When Leslie finally moved away from Amy’s pussy they stayed in bed fondling and kissing each other’s tits. Amy spent most of the time gently caressing Leslie’s large tits as Leslie either watched her hands move or looked up into Amy’s eyes. Amy knew she could have stayed like this all night and could easily have started fucking Leslie again. She began to think about moving to Leslie’s pussy when she heard Tom’s car pull up out front. “Oh shit,” she exclaimed, “they’re back. I completely lost track of the time.”

She and Leslie hurriedly threw on their clothes and went down to the kitchen to make it look like they were just getting something to drink when the others came inside. Tom exchanged a knowing glance with Amy as he stepped inside and he knew immediately that she had fucked Leslie. The very idea made his cock twitch.

Everyone stood around chatting for a while but none of them were really interested in talking or hearing what the others were saying. Each had thoughts of how they could get themselves some time alone with the person they wanted to be fucking.

Amy and Tom made the first move as they each said they were exhausted and were going to go up to bed early. Katie then said she wasn’t tired yet and wanted to maybe catch a movie on cable. She asked if anyone was interested in joining her and Katie immediately said yes.

As Katie and Megan moved toward the stairs to go down and Tom and Amy began to go up Leslie and Diana looked at each other and smiled. “How about you?” Diana asked.

Leslie faked a big yawn and smiled wickedly as she said, “I think I’ll head up to bed.” Diana smiled knowingly and said that she might be up for some TV. They exchanged winks before turning and heading in opposite directions out of the kitchen.

Leslie went upstairs and immediately joined Tom and Amy in their bedroom. Tom knew this was dangerous and that it would be very easy for Katie to come upstairs and notice that Leslie wasn’t in her room. These thoughts, however, almost immediately disappeared from his mind and were replaced by lustful thoughts of the two women in the room as he watched his wife and Leslie fall into a wild embrace.

Tom removed his clothes as Amy and Leslie began stripping each other as their kiss continued. By the time Amy pulled off Leslie’s bra and let her big tits spill out Tom couldn’t stand to just watch and he moved over to his wife’s side. They guided Leslie until she was sitting on the edge of the bed and they sat on either side of her. Leslie groaned as they each lowered their mouths to her tits and began to kiss and lick her.

Tom couldn’t believe they were living out this fantasy with Leslie. He could feel Amy’s head and face right next to his as he sucked Leslie’s nipple until it was hard. He let the nipple slide out of his mouth and moved over to join Amy in teasing her other tit.

Soon he and Amy were both kissing and licking Leslie’s tits in unison. The feeling of Amy’s tongue against his at the same time his tongue explored Leslie’s soft tits was beyond anything Tom could have imagined.

They continued sucking her tits for a long while until Amy finally pushed Leslie back until she was flat on her back. Amy crawled onto the bed and quickly straddled Leslie’s face before lowering her pussy onto Leslie’s mouth.

Tom moved to Leslie’s spread pussy and immediately shoved his entire cock inside her. Amy and Tom paused and looked deeply into each other’s eyes and exchanged a lustful smile as the woman they had fantasized about and fucked separately lay under them with her tongue busily exploring Amy’s pussy while Tom’s cock filled her.

Tom began fucking her and soon the room was filled with groans of pleasure and gasps of delight. Tom and Amy occasionally leaned forward and kissed each other wildly. Between kisses Tom alternated between fondling Amy’s tits and Leslie’s tits.

Leslie had been silent so far other than some soft moans as she frantically tongued Amy’s pussy. Suddenly, she let out a muffled cry that would certainly have been much louder if not for Amy’s pussy on her mouth. As she cried out Tom felt her pussy clench and watched as she came under them.

Amy also stared intently at Leslie as she came and when she made eye contact with Tom again he immediately noticed the wild gleam of lust in her eye. She began to grind her pussy around over Leslie’s mouth and Tom knew she was about to cum. He reached out and pinched Amy’s hard nipples before pulling on them lightly in the way he knew drove her wild.

Amy pushed down on Leslie’s mouth and threw her head back as she started to cum. Her face contorted into a mixture of pleasure and lust as she came wildly. Tom continued teasing her nipples right until she finished cumming and sat up some from Leslie’s mouth.

Tom looked down and saw that Leslie had her arms wrapped around Amy’s thighs and appeared to be guiding Amy as she continued to lick her pussy. Amy leaned forward and Tom leaned back some as he watched Amy’s hand move to Leslie’s stomach. Her hand moved quickly down her stomach and to Leslie’s pussy hair before sliding lower.

Tom felt Amy’s fingers touching his hard shaft as he withdrew from Leslie and groaned. “Let yourself go,” Amy whispered as she continued fondling her pussy and his cock. The new sensation of her touch was all Tom could take and he pumped quickly into Leslie a few more times before he grunted and began to fill her pussy.

Almost as soon as he finished cumming Amy pushed him back until his cock slipped out of Leslie. Amy immediately lowered her mouth to Leslie’s pussy and began fucking her with her tongue. Amy could taste Tom’s cum mixed with Leslie’s juices and eagerly sucked up the mixture aware that this was the raunchiest thing she had ever done.

Tom watched in fascination as his wife sucked his cum from the pussy of his daughter’s roommate. He sat next to them and watched as they continued in their 69 position for a long while more. He was finally drawn to move closer to Amy’s pussy after she lifted her head from Leslie and gasped, “Oh my God.”

What he quickly saw was that Leslie’s tongue was now reaching beyond Amy’s pussy and that Leslie was licking her asshole. Amy continued moaning and gasping as Leslie continued teasing her asshole aware of how much she was exciting Amy.

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Ara 05

Hellie’s Breeding Pt. 02

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(This story of course comes after Hellie’s Breeding)

Hellie lay on the store counter, the shop-owner’s cock slowly pumping her ass. She whimpered softly in pleasure as he moved inside her, and in anticipation as his friend, Rav, undid his belt and zipper.

Hellie tilted her chin up and Rav slid his cock, less long but quite wide, into her mouth, and she sighed in satisfaction as she began to suck him. Feeling Rav fill her mouth and the shop-owner, Chip, fill her ass, Hellie began to disappear into euphoria.

“Fuck, she sucks it good,” Rav muttered, beginning to thrust lightly in and out of Hellie’s mouth as she sucked.

Chip rubbed and squeezed Hellie’s thigh. “She’s our good breeding whore, this one. Soon as I saw her I knew she was a breeding bitch.”

Hellie moaned, her pussy and ass squeezing tightly in pleasure each time they called her names and objectified her.

Rav squeezed one of Hellie’s big, bouncy tits as he pushed toward her throat. “I ought to thank you for sharing her with me.” He grunted. “Fuck, that’s good. You must have some real goddamn willpower to stay up her ass without cumming.”

Chip chuckled. “Had to cum twice first.”

“Oh fuck,” said Rav. Hellie slurped and sucked his dick, humming and moaning as she licked up his shaft, around the head, and then sucked the whole thing down into her throat until she had to hold her breath. “She really does suck better than a whore,” said Rav. He swallowed. “Think it would be fair if we both cum in that pussy the same amount of times, though, wouldn’t you think?”

Chip shrugged. “Fine by me, friend. Like I said, not too worried about it one way or the other.”

The two men had decided to fuck Hellie together and see which one of them could get her pregnant, because for some reason Chip thought it was guaranteed to happen. Hellie didn’t mind…Hellie just wanted to get fucked. She moaned now as the two men fell into a rhythm, both pushing into her at once and then sliding slowly out at the same time. Her mouth watered on Rav’s cock at the thought of the men filling her over and over with cum.

“You let me know when you’re ready for her pussy,” said Chip. “I’ll pick her up and—”

“Ah!” Unexpectedly, Rav burst in Hellie’s mouth, grunting as he squirted jizz onto her tongue. “Ah, fuck.”

“You better swallow that cum,” Chip chided Hellie, and she did. “Well Rav…can’t blame you.”

“Couldn’t help it,” said Rav. “Gifted little whore.” Hellie giggled as Rav smacked one of her titties.

Chip nodded. “What say we bring her into the back and I’ll show you what I use for..a situation like this.” Chip picked Hellie up off the counter, holding behind her lower back with one hand to keep her close to him and keep his long cock in her asshole.

“Oh!” Hellie yelped as Chip began to walk, his dick stuffed into her ass, moving as he moved.

Rav chuckled.

Chip carried Hellie to the back of the store, through a locked door and down a hallway. Past a stockroom, there was a locker room and a break room. Chip carried Hellie into the locker room. Very carefully, he slid her ass off of his cock, and put her down.

“Now,” he said. “We can clean up in here, I don’t want to go from her ass to her cunt. It’s bad form for breeding.”

Rav eyed the two open showers and sprayers that were in the room. “Say, Chip,” he said. “If we’re all cleaning off in here, well…”

“State yer piece, Rav.”

“Why don’t we wash that cum out and start fresh. Be more fair. That way, we would both cum in her around the same time, each time. No unfair advantages.”

Hellie looked at Chip, intrigued.

Chip looked mildly annoyed at first. Then he smirked. “All right, Rav, if that’s how you see it. But first.” He fumbled in his pocket, pulled out something tiny, and handed it to Rav, who seemed to swallow it. Hellie realized it must be a pill.

She audibly gulped.

“That’s right, bitch,” said Chip, tugging her hair. “We’ll be breeding you all night.” He stroked her hair now. “You want to get filled with cum?”

Hellie whimpered. “Yes.” She couldn’t help herself.

Chip and Rav took their clothes off, and Chip began to wash his cock and balls which were coated in a juice of cum and blood. Rav washed up and then pulled Hellie under the shower with him.

“Put your hands on the wall, baby,” he said. Hellie did. “Move those legs apart…that’s good, now stick that ass out.” Rav began to finger Hellie’s hot, wet pussy. She moaned, feeling his long fingers inside her. He scooped globs of juice out of her, scooped out blood and cum alike.

“Hey, Chip,” he said. “Looks like she’s on her ladies days.”

“Yeah Rav, I know.”

“Is this still gonna work?” He waved his bloody fingers at Chip.

“Sure will,” said Chip. “Once there’s enough cum in her, it’ll stop. The bitch is just in heat.”

Hellie waited for Rav to protest and say that this was completely wrong, but he didn’t. She wondered if all old men thought periods worked this way, and was briefly very worried for the world. But she could no longer think when Rav slid three fingers into her and rubbed against her g-spot.

“Ohhh,” she moaned.

Rav escort brought her down onto the shower floor on her hands and knees. “That’s it, baby. Show me those fuckholes.” He soaped up Hellie’s thighs and her outer pussy lips, taking his time and and staring at her ass covered in bubbles. He then rinsed her with the sprayer, then aimed it at her pussy. He rubbed her clit and told her to pee before they started fucking her again.

“Here?” said Hellie.

“Yes baby,” he said. “Do it right here and I’ll spray you off.”

“Go ahead bitch,” said Chip. “If you’re going to be a breeding animal, you might as well act like one.”

Blushing, Hellie pissed on the shower floor while Rav pointed the sprayer at her pussy, washing it away down the drain immediately.

“All your holes are ours now, aren’t they bitch?” Chip said with a small chuckle.

“Yes,” said Hellie, and Rav reached to rub her clit again. “Bend those knees,” he said. “Get down and stick that ass out.” Hellie did, and Rav slid his three fingers back into her pussy. He slid them all the way in, then all the way out, then back in and out again, under the sprayer.

“Gotta get all that cum out,” he said. He this several times before quietly satisfying himself that Chip’s cum was gone, then he kept his fingers inside her, pushing deep until Hellie thought she could feel them against her cervix. She shrieked.

“Oh fuck!” she cried.

Carefully, Rav let his fingers rub and press her cervix as he moved them inside her. While he did this, Chip came around and began fucking Hellie’s mouth. Hellie moaned.

“That’s a good bitch,” Chip murmured, gently rubbing his dick on her tongue as he moved slowly in and out of her mouth.

“So what’s her name?” Rav asked, watching Hellie’s ass cheeks shake as he deeply fingered her cunt.

“Don’t know,” said Chip. “She came in and tried to steal from me, so we decided she’d be my breeding bitch for tonight.”

“Ooh, a really naughty one huh?” Rav said, and he fingered Hellie harder. “What a bad little slut you are! Are you going to cum on these fingers, bitch?”

Hellie whimpered, her mouth full of cock.

“That’s it bitch, I can feel that greedy fucking pussy shaking.” His fingers brushed her cervix, pressed against her g-spot as they slid inside her, and hit her cervix again. Hellie cried out, yelping against Chip’s cock in her mouth. She felt the orgasm come from deep inside her, and losing all control of her body she screamed though it was muffled my cock, her legs and arms shaking and the men holding her to keep from totally collapsing onto the floor.

Rav slowed his fingers as Hellie found stability again.

“Think she’s clean now?” Chip said with a hint of sarcasm.

Rav nodded.

“Let’s get out of here and take her to the couch in my break room.”

They dried Hellie off, being sure to grope her as they toweled her body, and then took her across the hall where Rav declared he wanted to see Hellie ride cock.

“I want to see those big titties bounce,” he said.

Chip sat down and pulled Hellie down toward his lap, and pushed his cock right into her pussy as she sat down.

“Ooh!” Hellie cried. She’d forgotten how big his dick felt in her pussy. “Fuck!”

Chip pulled Hellie’s arms back, pushing her tits forward, and pounded his long cock up into her, bouncing her on his cock.

“Oh oh oh oh ooh oh!” she cried.

“Breeding that pussy good,” Chip panted. “Nice tight pussy.”

“Those titties look so fucking nice.” Rav bent forward and let Hellie’s tits bounce against his face. “Damn that makes my dick hard,” he said.

“Be my guest,” said Chip, who grunted and came in Hellie’s pussy.

Rav sat next to Chip and the two men moved Hellie from Chip’s cock onto Rav’s.

“Oh holy fuck,” Hellie groaned as Rav’s wide dick pushed into her.

“Do you like that, baby?” Rav grabbed her tits as he bounced her on his lap. “You take that cock so good.”

Hellie moaned as he pounded her pussy. “Fuuuuuck!”

Chip watched tiredly. “That does look real good,” he said. He reached over between Hellie’s thighs and rubbed her clit clumsily as she moved. “Still nice and wet,” he said. “Telling you, she’s made for breeding.”

Rav squeezed her tits. “Someday I’ll milk you, cunt. Ugh fuck yes.” He made a high pitched noise and his cum burst into her pussy. “That’s right, bitch,” he muttered. “That’s right.”

They all took a break to have some water. Chip handed a bottle to Rav, still holding Hellie on his lap. Rav poured water onto her face and tits before they got up off the couch.

“So we don’t know your name,” said Rav. “But we’re getting you pregnant tonight, aren’t we bitch?”

Hellie giggled as he jiggled one of her breasts.

“Could call her Beebee,” said Chip.


“B.B. For breeding bitch.” The men chuckled.

“I’d like to get in her ass,” said Rav.

“Ooh,” said Hellie.

“Sounds like she agrees,” said Chip. He took Hellie by her chin. “You want cocks in your ass and pussy?”

Hellie whined. “Yesss, please.”

Rav lay on the couch and pulled Hellie to lie on top of him. Very carefully the maneuvered his cock into her asshole, and Hellie gasped. “Ooooh fuuuucccck!”

“Damn that ass is fucking tight!” Rav gasped too.

“”Nice round ass,” said Chip. “Cushion for the pushin.” Chip came to kneel between Rav and Hellie’s legs, and pushed into her pussy.

Both Hellie’s holes squeezed on the cocks inside her, and she screamed in pleasure.

“Oh my fucking god,” she cried. “Oh my fucking god!” She felt herself become limp and almost braindead as the two men held her and fucked her, using her holes, moving steadily inside her. She dissolved into continued “Oh god oh god”s and lay there in a trance of pleasure as the two men grunted and groaned, sometimes fucking her slowly, other times fast and hard. Her legs were lifted up to rest on Chip’s stomach and chest, while her back rested on Rav who held onto her hips and ass.

“You like that dick in your ass, baby? You like when I stretch this asshole?” Rav muttered, groaning as he savored the feel of her ass gripping his cock.

“Yee-ee-eesssss,” she moaned.

Finally, Chip came inside her, and Rav pulled out of her ass to clean off his cock.

“You’re coming with me, you wet little breeding cunt,” Rav said, taking Hellie by the hand. He washed off his cock and then made Hellie jerk him off with her tits.

“If this weren’t breeding time, I’d fucking cum all over those big whore tits, bitch,” he said. He rubbed his precum on her face and she moaned. Then he turned her around and fucked her pussy from behind while Hellie put her hands on the wall. He moved fast, fucked her hard, and came for what seemed like several minutes.

He brought her back into the break room, her legs shaking.

“Well now,” he said. “I’ve cum in her twice, and you’ve cum in her twice.”

“Let’s say one more, I need to blow this load.” Chip was stroking his cock. “Come here, slut.” He brought her onto the couch with him and got her on her hands and knees, then began to finger her pussy with his free hand.

“You mean you go next, and I go last?” Rav said. “That seems unfair.”

“The fuck are you talking about, Ravi?”

“That means all your loads are ahead of mine!”

“Shouldn’t matter, should it, if the body picks the strongest sperm.” Chip gave him a look.

“Suppose not, but I still think—”

“Look, Rav,” said Chip, jerking his cock. “I didn’t have to share this fine set of breeding holes with you.” He fingered Hellie faster, making her flail and cry out. “I shared my breeding bitch out of friendly good will.”

“You’re right, Chip,” said Rav. “I’m just saying, if it’s a friendly competition, we ought to finish in her together.”

Chip squinted. “Together? You talking about jerking off into that pussy? Because I’m not wasting that hole.”

Hellie moaned as Chip thrummed his fingers on her g-spot.

“I’m talking about both dicks in her pussy. Both dicks inside that tight little hole,” said Rav, patting Hellie’s ass and then groping and pinching it. Hellie, wet and horny from being repeatedly fucked, came then, convulsing on Chip’s fingers as her ass was squeezed.

“Mmhmm, that’s a good fucking bitch, keep that nice cunt wet for us baby,” said Rav. “You know her pussy will feel even tighter with both.”

Hellie cried out, another wave of her orgasm hitting her at his words.

“Mmm look at those big titties shake,” said Chip, admiring Hellie’s breasts. “Well Rav, it ain’t something I’ve ever done before, but you got me intrigued at seeing that pussy stretch like that.”

“Jesus,” Hellie moaned, still shuddering through her long orgasm.

“Seems like she wants it, too,” said Rav. He popped a finger up Hellie’s ass and she screamed as another orgasm hit her, her ass squeezing his finger. “That’s it, bitch, soak that pussy. Soak that fucking pussy for us.”

“Fuck,” Hellie cried, overwhelmed. “I can’t, I can’t!”

“C’mon baby,” said Rav. “You can do it you sexy fucking bitch, c’mon!” He kissed her neck. “Can’t wait to see you pregnant after we fill you all up with cum and jizz.”

Hellie’s brain reappeared briefly to wonder if he thought cum and jizz were two different things, but as he shoved a second finger up her ass, she lurched and tightened in pleasure and her mind left her again.

“Please!” Hellie screamed as the two men fingered her. Her orgasm seemed not to end, and just as she thought it had subsided, Chip let go of his cock and began to rub her clit with his other hand, making Hellie cum again. “Oohhhhhoohhhooohhhhhooohhhahhhhh-hhhh!”

“That’s it bitch,” said Chip, “that’s it, be my good cunt now.”

Hellie sobbed in pleasure, feeling as though she would burst. Chip pressed harder on her g-spot as he wiggled his fingers inside her.

“Oh god, please, please,” Hellie whimpered, unable to stop shaking as the orgasm rippled through her. “Please.”

“That’s right, bitch,” said Rav. “You fucking beg.” And he slid several fingers from his free hand into Hellie’s mouth, and she finally erupted as she came yet again, juice from her pussy squirting out all over the couch and floor.

“Yessss!” said Rav. “That was so good baby!”

“Best cunt I ever had,” Chip muttered.

“Ooooh,” Hellie moaned softer on all of the fingers filling her holes, as her body drifted into smaller and smaller convulsions of pleasure, shaking and shuddering, and finally the release had finished. Hellie closed her eyes.

Rav and Chip very slowly pulled their hands gently from Hellie’s body. Chip shook his hand out. “Cramping up,” he said. Rav chuckled.

“Well bitch,” said Chip. “You need a breather before we open up that cunt again?”

Hellie moaned.

Chip slid his wet fingers into her mouth and she hummed in satisfaction as she sucked. “That’s a good girl, you taste your pussy. We’re going to fill you up on last time and then you’re gonna suck these cocks clean because that’s what you’re for, you wet little bitch.”

“Mmm,” Hellie moaned. “Mmmhmmm.”

“She knows what she’s for,” said Rav. “Can’t wait to sit her on my lap and hold onto that big belly while I fuck her up the ass.”

“Ahmmm,” Hellie moaned.

“Can’t wait to suck the milk from her big titties while I fuck her pussy,” Chip agreed.

“Make these holes leak cum while her titties leak milk,” said Rav, slapping one of Hellie’s tits to watch it jiggle.

“I don’t know bout you, but I’m ready,” said Chip, stroking his cock again. “You ready bitch?”

Hellie nodded, her eyes still closed as she sucked his fingers.

“Same here,” said Rav.

Chip lay down on the couch. He pulled Hellie on top of him and held her ass in both hands as he kissed her deeply. He took her chin in his hand and looked her in the eyes. “My little breeding hole loved getting filled with cum, didn’t you, bitch? Are you ready to take both of these dicks and be our good breeding bitch?”

Hellie nodded, moaning softly.

“You were in heat, weren’t you bitch?”

Hellie nodded.

“We’re gonna fuck that nice pussy one last time,” he said. He pulled her cheeks and thighs apart as he slid his cock into her pussy. Hellie squeaked in pleasure.

“Now you come own here, real close, and you show Rav that tight little asshole we’ve been fucking, that’s it, push your ass up.”

Hellie brought her upper body down and pressed her ass up and back for Rav. Rav knelt behind her between Chip’s legs.

“Ooh yeah.” Rav rubbed the head of his cock down Hellie’s crack, over her asshole to her pussy. With lots of careful shifting, pushing, spreading, pulling, and other adjustments, Rav and Chip pushed both of their cocks into Hellie’s pussy.

“Ooooh my god!” Hellie cried. “Oh fuck!” She felt her pussy stretch deliciously around their cocks. “Oh god, oh god it’s so gooood,” she whimpered.

“Fuck,” Rav groaned. “Fuck!”

“I’ll be damned,” Chip murmured.

“Fucking…good…pussy!” Rav said between thrusts. The sensation of Hellie’s pussy and, though the men would never admit it, the friction of each other’s cocks, it was almost too much to bear. “I’m not gonna lie to you,” said Rav. “I might cum in this cunt two more times.”

“Fine by me,” said Chip, determined.

Hellie closed her eyes again, her head resting on Chip’s chest. They all were damp, wet, hot. She savored the feeling of the two cocks moving inside her pussy, sometimes gasping when both of them pushed all the way in, the pleasure-pain overtaking her.

“Hahhhhhhh,” she sighed as the two cocks crammed inside of her.

“You like that, breeding whore?” Rav tugged Hellie’s hair back, opening her throat to Chip who kissed and bit her neck.

“Oh god yes,” Hellie squealed.

“Little fucking cunt slut,” Rav muttered. “Fucking cream puff!”

Chip laughed, panting. “We did fill ‘er up with cream, that’s for sure. Filled that ass right up.”

Hellie giggled but still moaned.

“You like that, don’t you?” said Chip. “You feel better when you’re filled with cum.”

“Yesss,” Hellie whimpered.

They would both cum in her twice more. They pushed in deep, keeping their cocks as deep as they could even as they thrusted, so as not to pop out. Hellie felt herself opened wider than she’d ever been

“That’s good, baby, spread that ass for me,” said Rav as Hellie moved her knees apart. “You ready to get your ass fucked again?”

“Oooh god,” Hellie moaned.

Rav pushed two fingers up Hellie’s ass again and Hellie exploded, begging and crying as she came.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god please, please, oh my god, ooohhh please,” she whined as her holes were filled and stretched.

Rav curled his fingers down, rubbing the wall between her pussy and ass, and Hellie shuddered. “Jesus, fuck,” she moaned.

“That’s right baby, you get these cocks nice and wet. I feel that pussy squeezing.”

“Fuck yes,” Chip grunted.

After cumming once, the men switched places, and Rav sucked Hellie’s tits while Chip slid his fingers in and out of her asshole, teasing her, keeping them out a moment to rub the outside of her hole, and then thrusting them back in deep just as he and Rav were thrusting into her pussy, making her scream. He’d slide them almost all the way out, and then move in short, shallow throats at her entrance. Hellie shook and squealed, shrieking when Rav bit her nipples and sucked them hard. He left hickeys on her breasts, her nipples reddening from being sucked on.

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Ara 05

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 07

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***All characters are over 18***

Trisha threw her backpack and her gym bag into the trunk of her mother’s car. Her mom worked from home on Fridays, so she let Trisha drive herself to school. Cheerleading practice had run longer than usual, and the sun was already dipping down below the horizon as Trisha pulled out of the school parking lot. She turned on the radio as she drove and began to softly hum along with the song, but almost immediately, her mind started to drift, just as it always did these days.

It had been three days since Britney had invited Trisha into the air duct to watch her torture Principal Johnson. But it had been Britney’s words afterwards that had stuck so deeply in Trisha’s mind. Being completely willing to be yourself was one thing for Britney, but…Trisha had friends to consider. What would they think of me if I started acting like Britney? If I started dressing up in tube tops and miniskirts? They would never talk to me again! As much as she hated their cattiness, and the way they always judged other girls for the way they acted, she couldn’t abandon her friends. She couldn’t face the shame of their disapproval.

This was the same conclusion that she came to every other day, but just like every other day, it never seemed to satisfy her. No matter how sure she was that she was right, she couldn’t get Britney’s words out of her head. Trisha turned on her headlights; it had gotten dark pretty quickly. Something about Britney’s outlook on life was so intriguing to her. The head cheerleader seemed to live through life completely free, open about whatever she thought. A trait like that was something Trisha could only admire in her other people… I don’t want to be a slut, she thought to herself, but I do wish I could be a little more true to myself like Britney. Sometimes I just can’t stand all these expectations about what’s right or wrong for a girl to do. I wish none of them existed! Trisha shook her head as she drove on in the dark. No…that’s not it. It’s not that they don’t exist for Britney…it’s just that she doesn’t care about them. I wish I had the power to not care like she does. I wish I could just listen to myself, and my desires, and whatever I want –


The car lurched forward and Trisha did as well, in her seat, her brown hair spilling over as she jolted into the steering wheel. There was a loud, metallic crunch as the cheerleader’s foot eased on the pedal. Pulling her hair out of her face, Trisha looked up, and gasped in terror. She had just slammed right into the back of a car. Where did it come from??? The back bumper of the car was completely ruined. Her mouth still open in shock, Trisha quickly shifted to reverse and backed up, wincing at the sound of broken glass as her car rolled backwards. Two seconds later though, she slammed to a halt, her hand at her mouth, her eyes round and wide with fear. The blue and white stripes on the car were unmistakable; the lights and siren on the top couldn’t have been more obvious. I just…I just ran into a police car!

“Oh no…oh no…” Near-panicked, Trisha frantically continued to back up. Were there people in the car? It was dark, so she couldn’t really see…then, a shadow moved. Then another. The two front doors opened, and a pair of policemen stepped out into the night. Trisha’s heart plummeted.

One of them, the one who was in the driver’s seat, looked incredibly angry. He glared straight at Trisha, then gestured at her to get out of the car. Nervous and close to tears, Trisha unsteadily opened her door and stepped out. Immediately, she shivered in the cold night air. It had been an uncommonly warm day, so she had worn a sundress, one of her favorites, thin and comfy, that stopped above her knees and had a halter top, held up by a single bow-knotted string tied around her neck. In a particularly brave move, she had bought the same pair of heels that she had seen Britney wear, and felt proud as she teetered her way through the halls to each class. Now, though, the night breeze cut straight through the dress’s thin fabric. She didn’t have a jacket, either, so all she could do was stand by her car in her heels, and shiver.

As she risked a tentative glance at the officers, she saw that both of their expressions had changed. The one in the driver’s seat, the smaller one, still looked angry, but his face was mixed partially with surprise now. The one on the right, the bigger one, didn’t even look remotely unhappy. Instead, he seemed to be admiring Trisha’s body. The petite cheerleader’s figure was unmistakable, even in the darkness, cleanly framed by her silky thin dress. She was barely over five feet, but he could see every one of her curves; her perky, ample chest, her tiny, taut waist, her slightly flared hips, her slender legs.

“Little lady, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” That was the smaller one.

“I…I’m sorry, officer,” Trisha stammered. “I must have just spaced out or…”

“Spaced out?? While driving??”

“Please…I’m so sorry!”

“Look here…this is a construction zone. You’re supposed escort to be driving at 10 miles an hour!”

Trisha glanced around. It was nighttime…there wasn’t a construction worker in sight. “But…”

“Not only did you damage my cruiser, but I think it’s pretty obvious from the damage you’ve done that you were going over the limit.”

With those words, the officer yanked out a notepad and a pencil from his back pocket, and began to write.

“But, officer…”

“What’s your name?”


“Well then, Trisha, I would advise you to stay quiet.”

The cheerleader clamped her mouth shut, frightened and frustrated, averting her gaze away from him. The bigger officer was eyeing her up and down, and he wasn’t even trying to hide it. Trisha blushed. The wind was strong tonight, blowing the skirt of her dress against her slender, bare legs, the thin fabric fluttering in the wind. As she shivered in the glare from her headlights, Trisha tucked her hair behind her ear, out of the wind, and desperately wished she had worn something more practical today. She hadn’t ever thought until now how flimsy the dress was, how the subtle pull of her breasts were secured only by a single bow-tie in a single strap. The bigger officer was still staring – now right at her chest. In the chilly evening air, the shape of Trisha’s hard, round nipples were plainly visible through the thin fabric.

“She’s a pretty little thing, ain’t she, Mike.”

The smaller officer looked up in shock. “Jesus Christ, Todd. She’s just a girl. She’s probably not even in college.”

The bigger officer shrugged, looking unconcerned. “Nah, I bet she’s not that young. How old are you, Trisha?”

Trisha shifted her weight, wobbling a bit on her heels before answering. “Um, I’m eighteen.”

“There you go, Mike. She’s legal.”

Mike shook his head. “Stop talking like that, Jim. This isn’t appropriate for being on duty.”

“Hey, I’m not saying anything inappropriate. I’m just sayin’ she’s pretty. I’m not making her uncomfortable. Am I?” He directed the last question to Trisha, and took a step forward, grinning at her.

“Cut it out, Todd.”

“Hey, Mike, maybe we can cut her some slack. Let her off with a warning.” This time, both Mike and Trisha looked up in surprise. The cheerleader’s heart leapt. Yes! Please! I’ll let him hit on me as much as he wants if they just let me go!

“Are you kidding me? She trashed my cruiser! Look at my bumper!”

“Well, yeah. I know. But look at her, Mike. She’s shivering, she’s so scared. She must be cold.”

Mike turned to look at Trisha, whose teeth were starting to chatter. Even as cold as she was, though, she couldn’t help noticing Mike eyeing her body, just as Todd had, passing ever-so-quickly over her bare legs, the arc of her slender hips clearly visible in her dress, the curve of her perky breasts pulling against the dress’s flimsy top. But he quickly averted his eyes in shame, looking back down at his notepad.

“Well, give her your jacket, then. She broke the law, Todd. No warning tonight.”

Todd shrugged, then took off his jacket and moved forward to drape it around Trisha’s slender shoulders. He towered over her, and the petite cheerleader felt even smaller than usual next to his bulky frame. She didn’t resist, but instead watched him closely; as he moved forward, she saw his eyes flicker down once more, and this time she knew that he was glancing down at her chest, at the slightest hint of her boobs that were peeking out of the top of her dress. Usually whenever a guy checked her out, Trisha felt indignant and annoyed, and tried to ignore it. But Britney’s words, always at the front of her mind these days, suddenly raced into her thoughts. “Sex is power” she had said. “Use it, enjoy it, don’t be afraid of it.”

Sex is power… Trisha mused over the words in her mind. And in a way, it was true. She had a power over this policeman; he was under her influence. Even though she knew it was shameless, Trisha couldn’t help trying something out. She said nothing, accepting his jacket, pulling it around herself and crossing her arms. As she did it, she ever-so-slightly pressed her forearms into the sides of her chest, and she knew that the subtle motion was pushing her boobs together, making them plump up and bulge against the thin fabric of her dress. The effect was immediate: Todd, who had just managed to tear his eyes away from her petite body, had zoomed back to her chest so quickly that his head actually swung down slightly to stare. He lingered for a moment, still in front of her, looking down at her.

“Feel better?” he asked absently, still staring.

Trisha nodded slightly, watching him. “Yes. Thank you.” At last, the policeman seemed to gain control of himself, and he stepped backwards again, to a more acceptable distance from Trisha. The cheerleader blinked in the glare of the headlights, watching as Todd tried to compose himself. I’ve never thought about this before, but…I really do have a power. I seduced Mr. Braun. I could definitely seduce this Todd guy. She glanced at the other policeman, who was still busy writing. I could probably seduce him too. Couldn’t I?

“Trisha, I’ll need to see your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance.”

“Yes, sir.” Trisha nodded and began to rummage through her purse for her license, but her mind was still elsewhere. Yes…I could probably seduce them both…but what would it be like? Would it really be like Britney said? It’s so hard to believe, but…

“Hurry up, Trisha.”

The cheerleader nodded, and pulled out her wallet. What would it be like? She asked herself the question again. The two policemen were watching as she stepped forward to hand Mike her license, then turned back around to retrieve her other documents. As she did it, a voice rang out in her head: It would be…it would be…fun….

And with that, she turned back around, and walked straight towards Mike, stopping only when she was one pace away from him. She looked up at him with her brown eyes big and sweet, her mouth slightly pouty but confident, and she spoke in a soft, low tone.

“Please…won’t you give me a warning?”

“Excuse me?” Mike turned to look at her, his eyebrows raised. It was one thing for his partner to suggest giving a warning, but for the person who just crashed into his car to request it was out of line.

“No, I mean…I just meant…” Trisha stammered, but even as she spoke, she took a step forward, her heels clacking against the pavement.

“Listen here, Ms. Trisha, if you think-“

Trisha took another step forward, and now she was right in front of Mike. She spoke very quietly, her soft eyes looking into his angry ones, but even so he let her interrupt him.

“I just meant I would really appreciate it.”

And then, all of a sudden, without even thinking, her hand was on his crotch. Mike let out an audible gasp, and Todd’s jaw dropped open. For a moment, even Trisha was shocked, barely believing what she had just done, but she recovered quickly. Slowly, she began to massage him through his pants.

“Jesus, what the hell do you – “

“Please,” Trisha said, interrupting him again. “Please, I would really like a warning.”

“Now look, you’ve got to-“

“Please,” Trisha repeated, and then she sank to her knees on the pavement, still massaging his crotch, keeping her sweet brown eyes on his bulging ones. For some reason, he couldn’t seem to tear his gaze away from hers.

“Trisha…Jesus, Trisha, I’m married…”

“Oh please, please, officer!” Trisha was laying it on thick now, in full pouting mode, on her knees in front of him. Slowly, gently, she felt for the zipper of his fly. “I would do anything.” She pulled down the zipper and slid two fingers into the open crotch of his pants.


“Anything,” she repeated, now smiling at him. “Anything at all.” Her prowling fingers found what they were looking for inside his pants; his dick, half-hard. She snaked it through the slit in his boxers and out of his fly, into the open, where she gently caressed it with her fingers, still smiling sweetly up at him.

“Hey, hey, let me in on this too.” Todd had stepped forward, and was hastily, almost clumsily, unzipping his fly as he stood to Trisha’s side.

“Wait, wait a minute!” Mike held his hand up, and both Todd and Trisha froze. Oh no…the cheerleader thought. I was wrong…He’s going to back out! Still, she kept up the act.

“Yes?” She pouted up at him, smiling sweetly. “Is something wrong?”

“Ah…” He hesitated for a moment. “Let’s…let’s get in my car…”

Yes! Try as he might, even the nobler policeman couldn’t resist this chance, a gorgeous little sweet eighteen-year-old, offering to do whatever they wanted. I knew it would work! Trisha grinned up at him as she got to her feet, and followed Mike to his cruiser, Todd behind her. Now, the cheerleader was in the middle seat, flanked by the two policemen, both leering at her. They were both frantically unzipping their pants, while at the same time hands roamed across Trisha’s petite body, gently squeezing her smooth, creamy thighs and her ample, 32C chest, caressing her slender waist and smoothly curved hips. They were both staring at her figure, their eyes filled with lust, and the cheerleader knew what they expected.

She scooted off of the middle seat, and turned around, kneeling in the cramped foot space of the back seat, facing them both. Their cocks were both out, hard and upright. She leaned forward, grasping each in one hand, gently stroking them. Who should I start with? Mike was the one who was more reluctant, so maybe she should blow him first. She leaned to her left and softly slipped the head of Mike’s meat into her lips.

“Ohhh, Jesus…”

Trisha sucked him in a little further, letting the tip push into her mouth, rubbing against it with her tongue. She felt Todd’s hand on her arm, and realized that she had forgotten to keep jacking him off. Two guys at once isn’t easy! Now, though, she made sure to slide her hand up and down on his hard shaft, while continuing to suck gently at Mike’s meat.

“How’s it feel, Mike? How’s her mouth feel?”

“So good…oh man…she’s so good.”

Trisha kept sucking, bobbing her head up and down, soaking his shaft, letting it slide in and out of her warm, wet mouth. Her soft slurps were the only sound in the empty night, and Trisha knew that both of the policemen’s eyes were on her, intently watching her give Mike head. For some reason, that knowledge sent a tiny thrill of excitement through her. She pushed a bit deeper, and listened to him groan as more of his shaft sank into her saliva-soaked lips.

“Oh man…wow…”

“Come on, man, let me feel her.”

Trisha smirked at Todd’s words as she sucked; he was like a little boy, demanding his turn. But she listened to him, slipping Mike’s dick out of her mouth with a slobbery pop, leaning over towards Todd, and gulping his dick into her wet lips.

“Oh shit…fuck yeah…”

As soon as her mouth touched his throbbing meat, his hips jutted upwards, pushing half of his shaft into her mouth. It was unexpected, but Trisha accepted it, letting him slide into her mouth. Her own chest was rising with excitement and energy, and she kept one hand on each dick, making sure to gently stroke them. Mike’s shaft was slick with her slobber, making it easier to slide her hand up and down him, and both men were groaning now. She continued to suck on Todd’s meat, slurping softly, letting him gently jam his hips into her face. Her tongue snuck out of her mouth, licking eagerly at the thick, muscular ridge of his shaft, and she gently puckered her cheeks as she sucked his dick deeper into her wet mouth. Still jacking off Mike, Trisha let her hand slip off of Todd’s cock, resting it on his thigh instead for support as she dipped up and down on his thick rod, inhaling deeply as she tasted his meat.

She continued like this for a while, bobbing, slurping, her saliva slithering out of her lips and coating Todd’s shaft. Then, she felt Mike’s hand on her slender shoulder, tugging at her, and she knew that he wanted another turn. So she switched back, letting Todd’s meat slowly glide out of her lips, and leaning back to her left to gulp down Mike’s little soldier. She could feel his lust throbbing through his cock as she gently thrust her lips down his shaft, swallowing him, slurping and licking with enthusiasm. She guided his meat in and out of her mouth several times before sliding it out completely, raising his cock up to let her lick at his balls and run her tongue up and down his shaft. She kept her gaze on Mike’s face, and delighted in the expression of complete ecstasy spread across it. He was breathing hard, and his eyes were fixated on Trisha, unable to look away even if he had wanted to. The cheerleader’s other hand was firm on Todd’s meat, stroking it, feeling the blood pulsating in its hardness.

A hand snaked across Trisha’s back; it was Todd’s, feeling the smooth skin of her body, the skin that had looked so gorgeous as she had stood in her dress and her heels in the night. The cheerleader silently let him fondle her as she continued to lick at Mike’s cock. Todd’s hand slowly made its way up to her neck, and then she felt him fumbling with the knot of her dress. As the cheerleader plunged her lips down Mike’s dick, she felt the string of the dress’s halter top loosen, and the fabric silently fell. Now, Trisha’s breasts were revealed; soft, round and ample, her nipples hard in the cold, darkened backseat of the police car. A moment later, she felt Todd’s hand groping her tit, gently squeezing the tender, round globe in the darkness. She let him feel both her boobs as she continued to lick and suck at Mike’s meat. Several more times, she slurped her way up and down Mike’s shaft before switching again, jacking off Mike and guzzling down Todd’s meat.

“Jesus Christ. Fuck, her tits are amazing.”

“Yeah? Man, she can really suck some cock.”

Topless, her breasts being fondled and groped by both men now, squeezed into the foot space of the back seat, listening to them talk about her, Trisha continued to blow the two officers. The only sounds were the groans of the two men and the slick, slobbery smacks and pops of Trisha slurping on both of their cocks. She was careful to jack off whoever she wasn’t giving head to, and made sure to switch back and forth to keep them both occupied.

She couldn’t deny it either: the entire experience was incredibly thrilling to her. To keep both of them in her sway, to watch them beg for a turn to plunge into her wet lips, to see their looks of delight as she licked up and down their meat and of disappointment as she switched back to the other one; all of this filled her with excitement. She began to relish the feeling of their meat in her mouth, the stiff yet soft flesh rubbing against her tongue, the hard throbbing warmth that moved against the insides of her cheeks. She even began to let out soft moans of her own, enjoying the feeling of them straining against her mouth, enthusiastically thrusting her face against their hips as she sucked and impatiently pulling her hair back from her face to get better access.

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Ara 05

Her Test

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The blindfold slipped easily over my eyes, plunging me into darkness. I felt vulnerable and raw all at once, unsure about what was going to happen next. I had put myself completely in his hands and, even though I fully trusted him, I knew he liked to push me.

He pulled my hands behind my back and laced a silky rope over my wrists, pulling them tight together, securing them. I took in a deep breath at the realization that he took away another level of my control, leaving me completely at his mercy.

“On your knees,” he whispered in my ear.

I fell to my knees without hesitation, curling my legs underneath me as I had been trained to do. I kept my back straight, my chin up, my breasts out.

I felt his hand graze my nipple before he gave it a pinch and pull. I sucked in my breath at the exquisite pain that shot straight through to my cunt, warming me up. I wanted to squirm and beg for more when he abruptly released me but I knew better than that.

“Good girl,” he said, his voice somewhere over me.

I heard him walk away as I took in deep breaths, trying to steady my rapid heartbeat. I had no idea what he had in mind. He been building my anticipation all week, whispering hints as he plowed into me, telling me how he was going to make me completely his and the only way to do this would to have me 100% trust him. This was my test and I didn’t want to fail.

I heard a door open and close and soft footsteps on the plush carpet moving towards me. I kept my straight stance, wanting him to be proud of me, wanting him to know how much I listened to all he taught me over escort the last few months. I wanted to prove myself to him, to let him know that I trusted him, that I was in this for good.

“My sweet pet,” he said, his voice rich and deep, washing over me like a sweet caress, “I’ve brought a friend along to meet you. He prefers to remain unknown to you so your blindfold will stay on and he won’t talk. You may or may not know him. I’m not giving that away. Open your mouth.”

My heart hammered as I opened my mouth wide, tongue out, like I knew he liked, my head swimming with the possibilities of who he brought to see me. He had never shared me before but I had the feeling he planned to share me a lot moving forward. If I wanted to give myself over to this, over to him, I knew I had to go along with this, to fully accept my place, to be whatever he wanted me to be.

The tip of a cock brushed my lips. My tongue reached out and tasted its saltiness as it ran along its velvety head, sucking it into my waiting mouth. The cock pushed forward as hands gripped the back of my head, guiding me. It wasn’t his cock but the guest’s cock, a bit thicker, slightly longer. I took it all in as it was guided, opening my throat as my tongue bathed its underside.

Whoever this was, it no longer mattered. I focused completely on the cock in my mouth, allowing my mind to go blank, only wanting to please it as it slid in deeper. It reached the back of my throat before my gag reflexes kicked in. I willed my throat to open and relax, to allow the cock to fill my throat.

“Good girl, my pet,” I heard him say from behind me as the cock in my mouth worked its way in and out in a slow but steady rhythm. I kept my mouth open, my jaw slack, as I took it in, sucking it in as I could, opening as I must.

The cock increased its pace as hands found my tits, squeezing them before pinching and pulling on my aching nipples. My whole body felt on fire as my nipples were pulled, the cock pumping in my mouth, its pace increasing as drool started to spill down my chin.

My mind went blank as I was nothing but hot sensations rolling through me, open for their use. The cock pulled out before it completed, leaving me vacant. A hand pushed at my back, pushing me over, positioning me with my head on the carpet and my ass in the air. Fingers found my wet cunt and pushed in as if testing my depths. It was quickly replaced by a cock, thick and long—the guest’s—pushing me deeper into the carpet.

My cheek scraped against the carpet as the cock plowed into me, holding onto my wrists behind my back for leverage, fucking me with everything he had as if he had been waiting forever. Maybe he had. I would never know.

He increased the pace as the pressure started to build low in my abdomen. I felt like nothing more than a vacant hole that had been waiting to be filled, finally fulfilling my purpose with every thrust. My heart soared as he fucked me rougher, harder, his groans matching my own shallow breathing, my cunt wide open, taking it willingly.

He pushed in deeper, gripping my wrists where they were bound, riding me, taking every ounce of pleasure from me. I opened myself to it.

“Push yourself up,” I heard him say through the blissful daze.

I slowly pushed myself up while the cock continued to fuck me until I was on all fours.

“Open,” he said.

I obediently opened my mouth and he slid his cock in. I wrapped my mouth around it, welcoming it, as he grabbed my head and pushed in deep. They skewered me on both ends, filling me, fucking me in unparalleled rhythms, making me dizzy from it all. I was open and available and that’s all that mattered.

The pressure continued to build, threatening to overwhelm me. I wanted to let out a scream as I came, pushing back on the cock in my cunt, squirting all around it, but the cock in my mouth muffled me. I heard a groan behind me as he drove in deeper and emptied himself into my sopping cunt.

He didn’t pull out right away but kept himself lodged deep inside me. I love being filled and wished I could have kept him inside me forever. The cock in my mouth picked up the pace, pushing into me, hitting the back of my throat, but this cock I was used to and took it all in willingly. I opened myself to it as it pumped in and out, harder, fiercer, before it spilled itself down my throat.

His cock pulled out quickly after completion, dripping itself down my chin. The cock in my cunt pulled out, too, exiting as if it were time, leaving me empty and wanting.

He slapped my face, not hard but enough to sting, and said, “Good girl. Stay that way while I show our guest out.”

I heard them leave, soft steps on the carpet, the door opening and closing, while I stayed positioned on my hands and knees, cum dripping out of me on both ends, happy that I had somehow passed his test.

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Ara 05

His Ranch, His Girl, His Mistake

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He was a nice enough guy but he sure liked to rub it in when he was right or when he did it better or had the best. And she was. Tall, gorgeous, and smart, she was the kind of woman that turned heads no matter what she wore. Whenever she came by the ranch she was always prim and proper, not stuck up but a real lady. And he got to fuck her all the time. She had no idea that they all knew about her most intimate secrets. According to him she had a real wild streak and when unleashed would do almost anything sexually.

They were sick of his stories, how she did this and let him do that and none of them had really believed it until he showed them that tape. She was blindfolded and must not have known he was taping her. The way she begged him to let her suck his cock made most of the guys so hard when they thought about it that they hurt. She did things in that one video that most guys had only heard about and knew they’d never actually get to do.

During the summer time the ranch hands liked to hang around on Friday nights and have a few beers. Some would even just camp out in their trucks or throw a sleeping bag down on the ground out by the pond behind the big barn. One night almost all the hands were still there, sitting around the fire and shooting the shit when they heard a car pull up to the barn. Nobody thought much of it until they saw her coming out from the big bay doors. She was backlit by the barn lights but just her silhouette made them stop talking and they all watched as she walked the 50 yards to the fire.

She asked if anyone had seen Him, they told her that he had taken off that morning for the stockyards and that he hadn’t made it back yet. Judging escort by the time he left and even if it were a quick sale he probably wouldn’t be back before midnight. That was only a couple of hours she thought so she took the offer of a beer and decided to wait a while.

The beers kept coming and soon she had to pee. She wondered back to the barn and as she went into the office area she heard someone moaning. She peered into the office and saw three of the guys staring at the small TV on the desk. They were all watching intently and smiling, it was obviously a porn. She chuckled to herself and then thought that she’d try and rattle them a little by going into the office and “catching” them.

She pulled the door open quickly and expected them to jump and turn it off but they just glanced at her and smiled. “Well, what do you boys have to say …” her voice trailed off. She could plainly see the movie they were watching and she felt a little sick to her stomach. It was her, on her hands and knees, the camera right in her blindfolded face. You could see Him pounding away at her in the background and the things she was saying made it quite clear that he was not fucking her pussy nor did she disapprove.

Then she was furious, she demanded that they turn it off and give her the tape. She could not, would not believe it when they laughed and said no. They said that it was their copy and told her maybe she should ask Him for the original when he got back. They just went back to watching. She stood there for a long time fuming at them and at the thought that He might have given them the tape.

Finally through the beer and the anger she decided that if He wanted them to see what a slut she could be then she would show all of them. She turned to go to the bathroom and one of the guys asked where she was going. She told him she had to piss and he laughed and told her she should just go outside like they did. She shot back that she would if they wanted to watch. All of them moved toward her like one body. They followed her outside around the corner of the barn. She decided to play it up a little and asked one of them to hold her up as she squatted. One of them got behind her and let her slouch down after she lifted her dress.

As she was pissing one of the others walked up and unzipped his pants right in front of her. He asked her how pissed she was that they all knew what a slut she was. She said she was very pissed but that they didn’t really know how much of a slut she was. By now he had his half hard cock out of his pants and he laughed and said that if she wanted to suck his dick they would. She replied that if he pissed on her she might think about it. She was done pissing and rolled onto her knees as the guy behind let her go. She sank back on her heels, leaned back on her arms and with her head thrown back she told any of them to piss on her.

A few minutes later she was a mess, kneeling in a puddle of the three guys and her own piss, her blouse torn open, her tits swaying as one after another of them fucked her mouth like it was the last hole they were ever going to get to stick. She swallowed them all and by the time they were done she was ready for a good cunt stretching.

She got up and started back for the barn taking her dress off over her head and throwing it down as she went. She threw her bra back at them and told them that she would be in His office if anyone out by the fire wanted to use her. She was just bending over His desk wearing only her thong and her sandals when the first of them came in the door.

Use her they did. In the next hour she fucked twenty-two guys. She had cum dripping out of every hole. She had red marks from being slapped, scratched, and bitten. She had “I’m a Fuck Pig” written across her back in permanent marker. His desk was a slimy disaster of cum, spit, and piss. When they were done with her she got up and put on a jacket He had hanging by the door. She thanked them and told them to tell Him that she stopped by.

A week later he still had said nothing. They had talked the next day as if nothing had happened. She wondered at first if he wanted her to do what she had done but then he said something that made her understand. The boys had cleaned up after she had left. They did tell him she stopped by but that was it. For a bunch of ranch hands they sure knew a good thing when they saw it. A few days later He had to go take some steers to sale, a two-day trip with one of the other hands. She was still pissed at him for telling them about her, more for making the video and showing it to them. She was even more pissed at herself when she found herself unable to quit thinking of how she felt as she was taken again, and again on that desk. She pulled up in front of the shop feeling a little tingle in the pit of her stomach. If anyone was in the shop she could just say she was looking for him. But as she entered there was no one around and she made up her mind. She walked over to the bench, pulled her dress over her head and leaned over. She would stay right there and wait for whoever found her and then of course for the word to spread.

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Ara 03

Haitian Bisexuality in Montreal

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“Okay, I’ve got him now, so fuck him good, Hank!” My girlfriend Sheila Sebastien all but shouted as she held my ass cheeks wide open while my buddy Henry “Hank” Mathieu got behind me and rubbed his hard dick against my well-lubricated asshole. Truth be told, I was quite nervous but I must admit, part of me was also craving this. That’s what happens when you’re a bisexual brother. Got all kinds of desires which can take hold of you at any given minute, yup.

Guess you’re probably wondering who this is. The name is Christophe Robillard, my friends call me Chris, and I’m a young black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Montreal, Quebec. I attend the University of Montreal, and as you may have already guessed, I’m totally bisexual. If my bedroom is a tad bit crowded tonight it’s because I let my girlfriend Sheila talk me into a threesome with my good friend Hank, who got kicked out by his obnoxious and closeminded parents, hence why he’s crashing at my pad.

“Oh yeah, Chris definitely has a cute ass, thanks for prepping it with Aloe cream for me, Sheila, ” Hank said, laughing as he gently caressed my ass. I turned around briefly and locked eyes with Hank, who grinned at me. Hank is six-foot-one, dark-skinned and muscular, with a smooth shaved head and a slick goatee. The brother has been my best friend since our halcyon days at Saint Justinian Academy in the north end of Montreal, Quebec.

We are both from a Haitian immigrant background. I was born in the City of Montreal to immigrant parents, while Hank was born in Cap-Haitien, northern Haiti, and moved to Quebec in his younger days. We grew up in the same neighborhood of Montreal-Nord, attended the same predominantly Haitian church, which, if you know anything about Haitians, is saying a lot. Our parents knew each other and everything. Yeah, Hank and I have always been tight.

After high school, Hank went to Concordia University to study civil engineering and I went to the University of Montreal to study computer science. Truth be told, I always had a bit of a crush on Hank but I never acted on it because I thought he was straight. I never would have guessed, since the dude always had a girlfriend, and not just any girlfriend. Hank always gets the dime pieces. Me? Not so much. I lucked out when I met Sheila Sebastien, seriously.

As you may have guessed, my girlfriend Sheila Sebastien is something else. Born in Les Cayes, southwestern Haiti, and raised in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Sheila is a newcomer to the University of Montreal campus. She transferred from Carleton University and is studying for her MBA. With a unique combination of altitude, beauty, brains and booty, Sheila is what I call a Haitian Amazon. Don’t come at a female like that unless you’re correct, brothers.

The first time I saw this six-foot-tall, thick, fine-as-hell sister with the Jill Scott type of Afro, the dark brown skin and thick round and heart-shaped booty, I knew I wanted to make her mine. When you meet the one, you simply know. Sheila is six-feet-tall, bodacious and fearless, while I’m five-foot-nine, somewhat chubby and nerdy with thick glasses, but we clicked anyway. I should mention she’s a sexual dynamo. More fun for me, I guess.

“Oh yeah, Hank, I’ve fucked his ass with my strap-on many times, it shouldn’t be too tight for your big ole dick, hope gaziantep bayan escort you like the feel of Magnum condoms, that’s all Chris and I use, ” Sheila said, laughing and playfully slapping my ass. Damn, I know we’re among friends, but does Sheila have to go there? Yes, I let my woman fuck my ass with a strap-on dildo. Don’t judge me.

Why is that, you may ask? Oh, there are a myriad reasons. It’s primarily because I’m kinky, and I’m usually a bottom with men, but I swore to my beloved Sheila that I’d be faithful to her, so she’s the only one I’ve let anywhere near my ass throughout our passionate, at times tumultuous relationship. Yes, bisexual men can be faithful to the women in their lives. Now it’s a different story, since Sheila revealed to me that she’s okay with threesomes.

“No worries, Sheila, I won’t wreck Chris’s ass too much,” Hank said, laughing and I shook my head. Why am I always surrounded by clowns? I felt Hank’s fingers up my ass, and heard Sheila tell him to add more lubricant. Damn, how did I let myself get talked into this again? Oh yeah, my best friend Hank came out as bisexual on Facebook, much to my shock ( and delight, since I kind of fancied Hank for years ) and my kinky girlfriend Sheila talked the two of us into this tryst that we’re doing now. Women, eh?

“Um, be careful you two, this is my ass we’re talking about,” I whispered and Sheila’s lovely face was suddenly in front of mine, her dark eyes glistening with mischief…and lust. Grinning wickedly, Sheila kissed me on the lips, and I kissed her back. Too late I realized that she was merely silencing me the best way she knew how. My buddy Hank’s dick popped into my ass, and a mixture of exquisite pleasure and wicked pain washed over me.

“Oh fuck,” I cried out, the moment Sheila stopped kissing me. Laughing, Sheila rubbed her big tits together, and then rubbed them against my face. I sucked on Sheila’s tits and she giggled and winked at me. Meanwhile, Hank was working his dick up my ass like a pro. Damn, his dick wasn’t as long as Sheila’s seemingly endless supply of strap-on dildos, but it was decidedly thicker. Which made it hard on my ass, pun intended.

“Chris, you alright?” Hank paused to ask, and I turned around once again, and was surprised to see a look of concern on Hank’s handsome face. I nodded, and Hank smiled, then resumed fucking my ass. I groaned as Hank’s dick sank deeply inside of me, going in places where no one had been before. Dildos are fun, and strap-on dildos even more so, but live dick is priceless. I say this as something of a connoisseur, folks.

“Yo, Chris, don’t leave your woman hanging, bro, eat her pussy,” Hank said, tapping my ass for emphasis. I turned around and shot him a look and my buddy grinned, and I turned and looked at Sheila’s grinning face. Looks like it’s two against one, not that I mind going down on my lady. Leaning back on the bed, Sheila spread her thick, sexy golden brown thighs invitingly.

“Hmm, yummy,” I said, looking up at a grinning Sheila, who nodded eagerly. Without further ado, I buried my face between my lady love’s thighs, and began to lick and tease the hell out of her wet, hairy cunt. A lot of guys don’t like hairy women but they’re totally my thing. I asked Sheila to stop shaving and she was totally fine with that. More fun for me. I like to go muff diving in an actual muff, you know.

“Oh yeah, Chris, go for it,” Sheila said, giggling as I stuck two fingers into her cunt, teasing her clit with my tongue while fingering her. Meanwhile, Hank buried his dick even deeper in my ass. The brother went so deep that I felt his balls against the groove of my ass. Damn, I hadn’t gotten fucked like this in a long time and loved every minute of it. Got to intense that I had to focus in order to lick my lady, seriously.

“Damn, that ass is too tight for me,” Hank said, and I heard him sigh and moan as he pulled out of me. I winced as Hank pulled his dick out of my ass, and suddenly felt empty, but whatever. Sheila laid her hand firmly on the back of my neck, and I looked up at her. The stern expression on my lady’s beautiful face surprised me.

“Eat it right,” Sheila said, and I smiled and nodded. I lapped away at her cunt like a thirsty nomad finding an oasis after many days in the desert. Sheila closed her eyes, and I saw her voluptuous, Amazonian body shudder as I pleasured her with my mouth and fingers. I chanced a glance at Hank, and saw him sitting on the other side of the bed, stroking his dick while watching Sheila and I.

“The two of you are beautiful together,” Hank said, and Sheila’s eyes snapped open, and she grinned, then looked at me. Sheila winked at me, and then smiled at Hank. Just like that, we switched things up. This might be my apartment but everyone knows the lady of a house always takes control of everything going on in said house. It’s just the way of the world. Besides, I was too horny to argue, and Sheila always gets her way anyway.

“Let’s get this show on the road,” Sheila said, and next thing I knew, my lady shoved me against the pillows and then kissed me. Hank joined us, and I watched as my buddy grabbed my dick and stroked it. Winking at me, Hank kissed me on the lips, and then kissed Sheila, who caressed his muscular, tattooed chest and then looked at me.

“Chris, Hank and I are going to suck your brains out, think you can handle it?” Sheila said, a daring look in her lovely, fearless eyes. I grinned and nodded, and just like that, my best friend and my girlfriend went down on me. Sheila sucked my dick while Hank massaged my balls and then sucked on them like they were sugar cubes. Oh shit, this is driving me nuts in a most wonderful way.

“Yo, Chris, which one of us is better?” Hank said, grinning at Sheila, before he flicked his tongue on my dick head. Sheila licked my ball sac, then looked at me expectantly. I looked at them both, and then bit my lip. Alright, that’s the bisexual man’s eternal dilemma. Whom does one prefer, the woman or the man? Fuck it, I’m greedy and I want it all.

“You both rock, can’t choose between my lady and my best guy,” I said, grinning, while mentally keeping my fingers crossed. Somehow, that answer seemed to satisfy Sheila and Hank, and they resumed sucking my dick like it was a contest. Hell, maybe for them it was. Whatever, I loved every moment of it. When I came, Sheila and Hank drank my seed, and I smiled, for I was a happy camper.

“That was fun, now I need you both to cooperate so you can satisfy me,” Sheila said, eyeing Hank and I lustfully, while licking those succulent lips of hers. What do you think Hank and I said to that? I kissed Sheila, and then sucked on her left breast while Hank sucked on the right one. I slid my hand between her thighs and fingered her pussy, and Sheila moaned softly, and urged me to continue.

“Hank, my dear, I want to taste you, if that’s okay with Chris here,” Sheila said, a challenge in her voice. I looked at her, then at Hank. Shoot, I’m not the jealous type. Grinning, Hank stroked his big ole dick, which served the hell out of my ass earlier, and fed it to Sheila’s full lips. Winking at me, Sheila grabbed Hank’s dick and began sucking on it with gusto.

Alright, I’m not going to sit here and tell you I didn’t feel a certain way when I watched my best friend Hank get his dick sucked by my girlfriend Sheila. Bisexual or not, a man is a man. Don’t forget that. About the scenario unfolding before me, I felt mixed emotions. Lust, envy, and more lust. A thought occurred to me. This is my three-bedroom apartment in Montreal-Nord which I pay for, and my damn bed, and fuck it, I can do whatever I want.

“Sheila, got room for one more?” I said, stroking my dick while looking at Hank. Sheila reached for my dick and stroked it, and then, amazingly, she managed to take both Hank and I into her mouth. Dammit, this woman is simply amazing! Sheila sucked us both, and in no time, I was harder than a rock. Which is good because I was horny as hell, and wanted to park my dick in someone’s hole. Didn’t matter to me whose hole it is.

“Alright, guys, let’s fucking do this,” Sheila said, laughing, and I kissed her, as did Hank. Reaching for the same bottle of Aloe cream that Sheila used on my ass earlier, I took some. So did Hank, who grinned at me. Just like that, we took Sheila. Now, in porno flicks, threesomes happen smoothly without any awkwardness. In real life, not so much.

“Sheila, ride Hank, and let me get a shot at that ass,” I said, slapping Sheila’s big brown butt for emphasis. Sheila rolled her eyes and I grinned then kissed her, while Hank gave me the thumbs up sign. We rolled condoms on our dicks. Hank lay on the bed, his hard black dick standing straight up, his muscular body glistening with sweat. For a brief moment I wished I were the one about to ride him like this, but only for a moment.

“Let’s see if you can handle all this,” Sheila said challengingly to Hank, then she turned around and blew me a kiss. I winked at her, then stroked my dick before adding more lube. I spread Sheila’s ass cheeks wide open and lubricated her hole thoroughly. You can never have too much lubricant when it comes to anal sex, I swear. I pressed my dick against Sheila’s backdoor and laid my hands on her wide hips, then I waited.

“Go for it,” Sheila said, and just like that, she impaled her cunt on Hank’s dick. That’s my gal, she’s such a trooper. A heartbeat later I eased my dick into Sheila’s asshole. Sheila shrieked, and I stopped, as did Hank. Sheila took a deep breath, and then nodded at me after I inquired if she was alright. I resumed fucking her, as did Hank. We buried our dicks into Sheila’s holes, and the tall Haitian Amazon howled in pleasure as we fucked her silly.

Much later, Sheila, Hank and I lay on the bed, happy as can be. I lay sandwiched between my best friend and my girlfriend. Had a big smile on my face that had little to do with sex. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I felt this happy. I smiled at Hank, and Sheila, and they smiled in turn. Without another word, I hit the light, and then we went to sleep.

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Ara 03

Gnip Gnop Anyone?

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Anita’s birthday party was in full swing and the guests were having a wonderful time. The fire was crackling in the large fire pit, and the smell of cooking meat wafted through the air. Pork, fish and beef mixed and filled the nostrils of those already digging into the salads and appetizers laid out on the table.

They were a lively bunch, some family, some friends and some lovers. Such was the case between Gem and Dean. They had only recently started seeing each other, but they had known each other for more than two years now. They were both involved with other people when they met, and they instantly grew close. Now both single, they rekindled the friendship.

They met a couple of weeks earlier, and immediately fell into each other’s arms, beginning their own adventures together, yet Dean anxiously waited for the perfect moment to tell her that he had fallen in love with her.

Carol and Mitch were also another couple at the party. Carol was Gem’s sister, and her and Gem roomed with Anita at the large house that housed the birthday party. Both Carol and Mitch had been through many problems together and apart, but now enjoyed a happy life.

Anita, the woman of the hour, was still alone in her life. She did invite a fellow coworker to her own party though. This is where Ike arrived, carrying a large bouquet of flowers that he grew in his own garden. He was a taller man, well defined with brown eyes and dark hair.

He arrived a little later than the rest of the group which now stood oohing and aahing as he presented the flowers to Anita, kissing her lightly on the right cheek. Anita’s mother, Sara and Gem & Carol’s mother, Danielle along with the rest of the guests embarrassed the newcomer with their witty comments.

Anita’s children happily ran around the adults, bouncing from one person to the next, trying in vain to persuade someone to play a game of badminton with them. Finally Dean and Mitch joined them and se up a makeshift net using the front driveway’s gate. The two adults suddenly felt their age and conceded to the two youngsters.

The day passed into evening, and evening brought out the laughter and giddiness in all. Some of the group were slowly leaving, but still a handful remained, engaging in a stimulating conversation about ways of the world. Conflict erupted, so Anita quickly changed the subject to one of complete and utter silliness.

She leaned close to one of her friends.

“If you were stranded on a desert island, which three items would you like to have with you?”

The debate about articles that each person would bring was both hilarious and captivating, ranging anywhere from a dictionary to a satin robe.

More and more people left, leaving only the three couples together. Dean and Gem were huddled close together in front of the crackling fire as Carol and Mitch were inside the house upstairs preparing drinks for everyone. Anita and Ike grew a little closer, their friendship seemingly reaching newer heights.

Carol and Mitch returned gaziantep bayan escort from the house, holding the drinks for the two other couples.

“I think we’re gonna head over to Mitch’s tonight. Happy birthday Anita” said Carol, tenderly kissing Anita on the cheek.

They waited until their cab arrived and whisked the two of them away from the backyard, which was quite full earlier in the day.

Anita and Ike, Gem and Dean moved their chairs in closer to the fire and talked about their jobs. Gem was telling them how the lounge was slowly picking up and how Dean was stirring the crowd up every Saturday night. He had even managed to keep the secret relationship hidden, drawing in more of the eligible single women to the lounge.

Anita excused herself and strolled into the house. Ike and Dean walked toward the house, admiring the large wooden table next to the front porch.

“Hey! A ping pong table! Cool!” said Ike.

Gem’s eyes glistened and hugged Dean. He glanced at her and immediately knew what was to come next. Anita herself had heard Ike’s exclamation and a smile crossed her face.

“Anita? Are you up for a game of Gnip Gnop?” Gem bellowed to her roommate.

“You’d better believe it!” Anita replied, sticking her head out of her bedroom window.

The two men picked up the table and moved it over to the patio, a few feet from the fire. Anita followed behind them, her attire changed, carrying four small ping-pong paddles and six little white balls.

“The rules are simple. Place your drink on your side of the table, in the middle. You play the game trying to hit your opponents glass. Hit the glass, they take a drink. Hit the rim, they take two. But, if you sink the ball in the glass, they have to drink the entire glassful. Easy isn’t it?” Anita explained.

The two men nodded their heads and allowed the women to begin the game. The drinks flowed easily as Dean was having a streak of beginner’s luck, making the other three finish two drinks each before finishing his first. Anita was getting pretty tipsy by now and very open toward Ike. He caught on rather quickly and his moves got bolder and bolder.

As Anita was about to serve to Dean, Ike moved behind him and knelt to get himself another beer. Unfortunately, Ike missed as Anita lifted her half-shirt, exposing her small breasts, causing Dean to completely miss her serve.

The click on Dean’s glass caused an uproar between the two women, signaling that it was now Gem’s turn to step up.

“Go ahead and try that one again!” she teased Anita.

Anita took her dare and lifted her shirt once again, this time removing it entirely. She tossed the now discarded shirt on the chair behind her, and turned to face her roommate. She now stood topless to the bewildered eyes of her guests. Ike’s face broke out into a devilish grin and he moved in behind Anita, holding her by the waist.

Gem not wanting to be outdone, pulled her own shirt up and over her head, her breasts feeling the coolness of the night air on them. Dean looked at her and instantly felt the bulge in his pants grow. He looked at her, catching her eyes and slowly licked his lips. She motioned for him to come closer, and within seconds his lips were on her swollen nipples.

“Hey you two! Enough of that, we have a game to play!” yelled Anita.

Gem pulled Dean’s head back, looking down at him.

“Bossy little wench isn’t she?” she said giggling.

The game continued for awhile longer, that is until Gem decided to up the ante. She stood facing Anita, as she was about to serve and dropped her shorts. Gem’s white panties distracted Anita long enough for her to blow the little ball past her roommate.

“Game!” screamed Anita, walking around the table toward Gem.

Anita’s hands were all over Gem’s half-naked body, and Gem’s head tilted back. Dean moved over to his lover and kissed her lips as Anita worked Gem’s panties to the ground. Ike moved closer, already pulling off his shirt.

Anita’s tongue searched the folds of Gem’s moist pussy as Ike leaned over Anita and fondled her ass. Dean whispered that maybe they should move the party inside as the bars were closing down and traffic was about to get a little busy.

The four of them walked up the stairs just as the first car whizzed by, and they knew that the driver must have gotten quite the view as Gem’s naked body was in full view due to the balcony light.

Once inside, the two girls stripped the men of the last remaining clothes they wore and pushed them down on the sofa. Anita slowly removed her skirt, baring her already bare pussy. She let one finger slide between her lips, then brought it up to her lips.

“Umm, tasty.” She said.

Anita knelt between the two men, holding a cock in each hand. She gently stroked them each in turn, purring softly as Gem laid down on her back, nestling her face between Anita’s legs. Gem softly pulled on Anita’s bum, coaxing her to let herself be eaten as she played with the two men.

Anita’s hands moved quicker and quicker as Gem’s tongue slipped between the wet lips of Anita’s labia, pushing back the folds and searching for her clit. Gem’s own hands were busy, her right twisting her left nipple as her left hand felt the juices from her own pussy.

Ike was the first. Anita’s lips parted, allowing his cock to slip inside her warm mouth as she licked her way to the base. As she did so, her right hand moved up and down Dean’s shaft, matching the rhythm of her mouth on Ike’s cock. A couple of minutes passed, and her mouth was now on Dean’s.

A soft moan erupted from Anita’s lips; steadily growing louder as Gem’s tongue continued its marvelous work on Anita’s pussy. Her body rocked on Gem’s face as the first orgasm that had been building up finally took over. Gem happily licked her cum from her pussy, sending Anita over the top again.

Anita’s pace slowed down and Gem smiled at her as she moved between her roommate and the two men. She kissed Anita deeply, Anita tasting her juices on Gem’s lips.

Gem lifted herself off the floor and straddled Dean’s stiff cock, facing away from him. She lowered herself slowly, her head tilting back onto his shoulder, allowing him to kiss the exposed skin of her neck. Anita moved in front of the couple, spreading Gem’s labia with her fingers. She watched as more and more of Dean’s dick entered her roommate until it was completely inside her.

Ike got up off the sofa and took up position behind the kneeling Anita, and gently nudged her forward until her mouth was inches from Gem and Dean’s entwined sex. Her lips salivated and her tongue darted out to taste the two of them at once. She licked at Gem’s clitty, then felt Ike’s fingers behind her, spreading her own pussy.

Ike entered Anita from behind as she licked and nibbled on Dean’s swaying balls. Her pussy accepted Ike’s cock with glee, showering it with her juices. Gem bounced on her lover’s lap as Anita pushed back onto hers.

Dean felt Anita’s warm tongue sneak another lick on his balls, and the rapid movement of Gem’s pussy on his cock was more than he could withstand. He came with force, rocketing his come deep inside Gem’s wet pussy. Gem felt the explosion inside her, which sent her into her own orgasm. She bucked on her lover, her juices squirting out and Anita was there to happily taste all of it.

Ike rocked back and forth inside Anita, and when he saw Gem’s contorted face, he knew she had climaxed. He could feel as Anita’s pussy pulsed around his shaft and her tight little box was about to be filled also. Ike pushed deep into her, letting out a whimper as he unleashed his own orgasm. He filled Anita completely and even some of it slipped out, landing on the floor beneath them.

Gem lifted herself off Dean and turned to face him. She smiled and lowered her mouth to his limp cock. She licked and sucked the last drops out of him, tasting the mixture of his cum and her juices together. Ike also pulled out of Anita and collapsed on the floor behind her. She also smiled at him.

Gem and Anita looked at each other.

“No use in letting this go to waste. Wanna taste?” she pointed to Ike’s cum oozing from her pussy.

Gem pushed her roommate to the floor and straddled her face.

“Only if you want some of mine.” She replied.

The two women greedily lapped at each other’s pussy, licking and sucking the cum out of one another. Gem’s whimpers grew steadily louder and more frequent, and Dean had heard them all too often. Her back arched and her head tilted toward him. He leaned in closer to her and kissed her moist lips.

“Cum sweets. Cum for me.” He whispered.

She let herself go, letting the feeling envelop her. Anita continued to ravage her roommates pussy as the climax rocked Gem’s body and soul. Gem returned the favor, and licked Anita’s pussy until Anita’s body stiffened beneath her. The two women lay together Gem still on top of Anita, still with each other’s head by the other’s vagina, both of them smiling.

The two men looked at each other, smiled and gave each other a high five.

This would surely be a night to remember!

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Ara 03

Gina and Brandon

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I dated quite a bit in college but only had 2 serious long-term girlfriends. The first of these was Gina. Gina was a good girl with a bad girl living just below the surface. She was 5 foot 6, with medium length dark brown hair and lovely brown eyes. She was beautiful, with a wide perfect smile that would light up the night. She was truly stunning. She was just a little bit on the heavy side but in a luxurious and voluptuous way, not fat or flabby. She had lovely breasts, heavy enough to be full and round and wrapped in tight young flesh to keep them high and soft. Time and gravity would do terrible things to her someday but in those days she was perfect.

When Gina and I first started dating she was a virgin and very inexperienced in sexual matters. Or so I thought. It turned out that she just had different experience. Gina was the kind of girl who would make the first guy work hard for something new – a hand up her blouse, a finger in her panties, whatever – but the next guy got it on the first date with no effort. She never did tell me how many dicks she had jacked off.

Our first sexual date was a race up to a very hard an unfortunate end – full nudity with in 20 minutes, but only an incomplete hand-job to send me home with. I was not thrilled but she was a quick study and after some serious discussions and lots of fooling around she eventually became quite the little sex kitten.

After several months our relationship had progressed to a point where her desire for sex was surpassing my ability to give it. She was talking more and more about a three-way with another girl but I knew her well by then. She was proposing a trade. She was trying to tell me that she would do a female-female-male three-way for me if I would do a male-male-female with her, but she didn’t quite have the courage to come right out and say it. Her passive-aggressive ways were one of the primary causes of our downfall but it did make her motives fairly transparent.

It was summer vacation and we both had jobs so we didn’t see each other very much. She lived about 45 minutes away so I couldn’t just pop over to her place every night. Besides, her parents were the suspicious types. I had a job at a warehouse with overnight 12-hour shifts during the week. Hard work, but I needed to save up for college. I think Gina was working in a library or a day-care or something. She had nights off and I did not so we were rather restricted to weekends. They were fun weekends, though. We fucked in every room in her house, even the garage one night when her parents were still awake. She liked to live on the wild side.

One week Gina’s parents were going out of town for a long weekend to visit their other daughter a few hours away. Gina and I had plans for Saturday – all day – but I couldn’t be there Friday night because of work. She asked if it was OK for her to hang out with an old friend of hers from high school, a guy by the name of Brandon. I had heard about Brandon and I knew I had nothing to worry about from a relationship point of view but I also knew how voracious Gina’s libido could be and I was curious if she would fool around with him.

I didn’t mind, really. I always had a nasty little fantasy of seeing Gina having sex with another guy, and the thought of it gave me an instant boner. I suppose that may have meant that I didn’t respect her, or saw her as a sex object, or didn’t really love her – I don’t know. I just know that I really wanted to see it.

I gave her my permission, telling her she didn’t need it and that I trusted her. She decided to push it a little further and asked if I would buy a bottle of alcohol. She was 19 at the time and I was 22 but she already knew she liked to get a little tipsy. And she got horny as she got tipsy.

I wasn’t sure she planned to cheat on me but I knew her well enough to know she was telegraphing her moves. She wanted me to know what was going on and she wanted me to make a decision. She was always trying to put the big decisions in my hands so she could claim innocence later. It got annoying after a while.

I bought her the bottle of peach schnapps and sent her on her way, telling her I couldn’t miss work. It was the busy season and jobs were a little hard to come by and this warehouse was giving good base pay plus a ton of overtime. I needed the job and the income but as we parted and I went to work my mind was on Gina and what she might be doing that night.

I was sloppy at the job and managed to puncture a box with the forklift forks and destroy a few hundred dollars in merchandise. The supervisor was not happy with me, but nearly everybody had a similar experience at one time or another so he let it slide with some grumbling and an admonishment to pay more attention. I couldn’t. It’s hard to fill a pick list with a raging hard-on and your mind filled with images of your lovely girlfriend sucking another guy’s dick. I screwed up again.

I lifted the palette on the third tier too fast and it toppled a few boxes of books, gaziantep bayan escort ruining many of them. The supervisor actually saw it happen and was quick to explode at me. I deserved it – it was an easy task that I had done a hundred times before. I tried to make up an excuse about having a migraine and it was affecting my concentration, but I don’t think he bought it. He did, however, send me home. It was unclear as to whether or not I was welcome to return the following evening.

I raced to Gina’s place, nearly an hour from the warehouse. It was getting a little late by now and I was thinking I might have missed my chance, but when I got to her house I saw a strange car in the driveway. I knew Brandon was still there.

I wasn’t sure what I was after. I didn’t know how to broach this subject and make it happen, even if it was possible. I didn’t know this guy and had no idea how he would react. I knew they had messed around a little and that Gina thought he was well endowed, but details were sketchy.

I decided to be sneaky. I grabbed the hidden key from the garden and snuck in the back door. The house was well built and new with a solid foundation so there would be no creaking of floorboards. The family room was empty and I saw no lights from the living room, so I continued back to the bedrooms. Sure enough, Gina’s bedroom light was on and I could see the flickering of a TV. I heard the TV now that I was close, but no voices from Gina or Brandon.

I peeked through the narrow opening in the almost-closed door and saw them lying on her bed, close but fully clothed. Brandon’s arm was around Gina’s shoulders and was lying almost negligently on her breast, his fingers moving slowly around her nipple. Gina squirmed ever so slightly at his touch, but made no move to stop him.

My first impression of Brandon was to be impressed. I knew he was a black man but I had no idea how tall he was. Even lying down I could tell he was over 6 feet, though not especially athletic in build. I am a bit touchy about my height, barely reaching 5 feet 10 inches with shoes on. He was also good looking, or so I guess he would be labeled. I started to worry that I might have real competition here.

I stepped back and thought it through. What should I do? The thought of watching her with this guy was really hot, and the thought of both of us on her at the same time was even better. I’ve never really been the sharing kind, but something about Gina made me want to try it. But would they go for it? There was only one way to find out.

I knew her father had a separate phone line in his office, so I went in and made a call to the main house line. Gina picked up quickly.


“Hi Gina, it’s me.”

“Oh, Hi. Are you at work?”

“Nope, they let me go. I ruined some stock and they sent me home. Can I come over?”

“Um, sure. Brandon left a little while ago.” Her lie was blatant, even if I hadn’t seen the evidence myself. One thing Gina could not do was lie to me. I decided to call her on it.

“Bullshit. I can tell he is still there. That’s OK – I’d like to meet him.”

“No really, he’s gone,” a pause, probably her motioning him to be quiet, “what makes you think he is here?”

“I can tell. Hey it’s OK. Listen, do me a favor. Go to your dad’s office and see if his computer has the number for the warehouse. It’s a long shot but maybe he can pull some strings and make sure I don’t get fired. I’ll wait.”

“Um, OK, give me a second,” and she put the phone down. I hung up and listened for her footsteps into the darkened room. She was fast.

She hit the light and then nearly hit the ceiling in surprise. She swore at me for a minute but I still got my hug and kiss hello. I’m not sure if it was the scare or the guilt but the hug was very stiff and unsure. Brandon heard her squeal and came to inspect.

“Brandon, right?” I said as I held out my hand. He took it and gave a good shake, introducing himself before Gina could collect her thoughts. Brandon was a good 4 inches taller than me but I outweighed him by a bunch with my massive physique. I worked hard to maintain a powerful body and it came in handy, especially when I was feeling self-conscious about my height. Like I was right then.

“So what’s going on? Any of that bottle left?”

“Yeah, a little,” replied Gina. “Lets go to the kitchen.” We did and she retrieved the bottle from her room. It was three quarters gone and I knew Gina’s tolerance was not up to that amount. She was definitely tipsy but I couldn’t read Brandon. If he had consumed half the bottle then he was likely a little buzzed as well.

We sat around and chatted for a little while, just small talk about college and whatnot, getting to know Brandon. He was a nice guy, doing well in college and was obviously a sharp guy. If I hadn’t been studying physics I might have been intimidated by his intellect, but when one actually studies rocket science that subject is usually not a problem. It was obvious that he and Gina knew each other as they shared a certain conversational shorthand and often made reference to people and places I didn’t know. They also referred a few times and in veiled terms to their previous physical encounters. Gina laughed a lot and did the best flirting I had seen in months. I decided to make the move.

“Gina, I haven’t seen you in that little dress I got you last month. Why don’t you go put it on and model it for us?” It had a short skirt and a plunging neckline, a sexy outfit she might wear out to a party. Gina was a flirt and loved to show off so it wasn’t a hard sell. With a smile and a wink she went right off to change. As soon as she was gone I turned to Brandon.

“Look, I saw you two on her bed. I know what was going on and I know where it was going. Understand that it’s OK – I’m not mad.” He was a little dumbstruck by this and didn’t know how to respond. “I know Gina and I know she planned it. She wanted to get you drunk and mess around. It’s her way. Hell, you know – you dated her, right?”

“Yeah, I did. She is a hell of a flirt.”

“She is more than that. She is a hot little thing and she wants you. You know how she gets when she is drunk? Horny. Very horny. If I were 10 minutes later she’d have been naked.”

“Um, look, I don’t know what you think was going on in there but I was not trying to move in on your girl.” He sounded a little panicked, so I adjusted my body language and tried to look calm.

“I saw your fingers on her left nipple and I saw her enjoying it. It’s OK. I am not upset. She put some alcohol into you and then made herself available to you. I imagine she was as hot and sexy and forward as she knows how to be all evening. Am I right?”

The look in his eye told me I was.

“Just watch. I think she will make it obvious” I shut down the conversation as Gina returned.

Sure enough, she looked great in the dress. She had fabulous legs and nice heavy breasts, wide inviting hips and a slender waist to put it all together. The little black dress was very nice on her and she modeled for us. She came to me and wiggled her ass at me, then turned and gave me a playful cleavage shot. I was appreciative but admonished her not to keep her guest out of the loop. She was drunk enough to not argue and went to give Brandon a similar show. She danced around a little and beamed her lovely smile at us both.

“Very nice. Hey, I know another outfit I haven’t seen on you yet. Remember the long slinky thing I got you at the end of the school year? I never got to see that in the light. You want to go put that on?”

This was something she had to think about as the sheer floor-length red nightgown was significantly more revealing than this dress.

“You mean the red one? Isn’t that kind of, you know…”

“Yes, the red one. Go put it on for us.”

She hesitated, but went nervously back to her room. I started in on Brandon again.

“Listen, we both know what a slut she can be. And I know how bad you want to fuck her.”

“No way, man. She’s yours.”

“I saw you playing with her tits so you can’t say you weren’t thinking about it. Besides, I know you’ve explored her a little in the past. She told me so. Said you were huge. This is going to sound crazy but I am dead serious. Go ahead and take her. She wants it, you want it, and I want to see that little bitch get her brains fucked out. I am officially offering to share her tonight, and tonight only.”

“I don’t know,” he replied, very uncertain.

“Yes you do. When she comes in she’ll be wearing a sexy see thru gown. She’ll have to choose what kind of underwear to put on, if any. The pair that comes with it is a thong but she doesn’t have to wear it. I am betting she will anyway. She wants you and I’m OK with it. Look, she probably just wanted to paw around a little and get you all hot and bothered and then leave you hanging. She’d let you have her tits and maybe get a hand in her panties but she wouldn’t give you satisfaction. You would have left here with blue balls. I know she has done that to you before, right? I’m offering her to you, to have whatever you want. Trust me. With me here to tell her it’s OK she will give you absolutely anything. Look, I’m not gay or bi or anything deviant and I don’t want to suck your dick or anything, OK? But she was planning to cheat on me tonight and I want to get a little revenge. I just want to see this little cock tease get what she deserves, and pushing her boundaries that far will definitely be a nice revenge. Besides, with this girl watching is almost as good as doing.”

“You sure she’ll go for it? She was always real clear about not going all the way until she got married.”

“She changed her mind. She hasn’t been a virgin in over a year. She looks at other men all the time and I can see the hunger in her eyes. We watch porno all the time and she loves it. If I broke up with her she would fuck every guy on the first date. Judge for yourself when she comes out. I’ll bet you she will be hotter than hell and showing off more than you expect. Why would she do that if she didn’t want it? Seriously, that is how she operates. She lays all the groundwork and makes it painfully obvious what she wants but leaves the final decision to others. If she resists then of course we stop, but I’m telling you that she will make it hard for you to ignore her.”

He wasn’t quite sold. He looked at me through suspicious eyes. “So what do you get out of this?”

“Like I said, I love to watch her. And I’ll be honest; I have always had a fantasy of watching her get screwed by some other guy. I don’t want her cheating on me but I want to watch her do it. With my permission, it isn’t cheating.” It was about time for her to return and I was really excited about this possibility, so I tried once more to really punch it home. “I won’t offer you this chance again. The next time I try this will be at college and I can assure you that I’ll get somebody to do it.” His face was still uncertain as the sounds of her approach reached us.

Sure enough, she wore the matching red thong under the sheer red gown. Her ass looked best in the high-bottomed ‘V” shaped panties that left the lower cheeks bare, but the thong was always nice too. Her ass was slightly generous but her young tight skin kept it smooth and lovely. The top of the gown was form fitted to her breasts and the sheer material left little to the imagination, but she was covering her chest with crossed arms, still too nervous to expose herself completely. She was as hot as I had ever seen her, standing there exposed and in mock embarrassment, her lovely face innocent and afraid. I knew her too well. I knew her little pussy was quivering in the hopes that I would do what I was trying to do.

Brandon and I shared a knowing look, but a brief one. We both wanted our eyes on Gina.

“Very nice. Now give us a little dance, like you did last time.”

Still she looked nervous and was reluctant to expose herself by dancing as she had before. I stood up and walked to her, holding my hands out for hers. She took my hands and I spread her arms wide, allowing her dark nipples to be seen through the mesh, then turned her around so Brandon could see her well. She let me lead her but was still nervous.

“Looks good, doesn’t she?”

“Hell yes she does. Damn, girl.” His eyes roamed hungrily over her barely covered flesh and I knew I had convinced him.

“Gina, why don’t you go over and show off for Brandon. I’m sure he’d like a closer look.”

This was almost too much for her and she balked at first. I insisted and gently pushed her towards him. She half-heartedly wiggled a little and stuck her ass at him, then moved as if to come back to me. I moved in and stopped her. I stood in front of her, and she stood in front of Brandon who was still on the barstool. Our hands met and clasped and I gently pushed her back into him. Her eyes were wild and worried, but mine were calm and sure. I smiled ad nodded as her ass touched Brandon’s hips. She jumped a little, but made no sound.

I let go of her hands and motioned for Brandon to touch her. I could tell he was nervous as well, though I think his racing heart was more due to anticipation and lust than fear. He moved his hands around to her front and placed them on her breasts. I had pushed this about as far as I could and would just have to sit back and see if the fire took hold.

I was not disappointed. Brandon took up her ample bosom in his large hands and pressed her back against him. He nuzzled away her dark hair and started to nibble and suck at the base of her neck, one of her many sexual hot buttons. Gina’s hands went to his and her face showed shock. I looked her straight in the eye and maintained my little smile as I backed up and took a seat at the dining room table a few feet away.

Her shock visibly diminished, overcome slowly by her lust. Brandon knew how to get her going and he dug in with a mission. His hands kneaded her breasts firmly, giving her the slightly rough treatment she liked but denied liking. The moans of passion don’t lie. She put her hands down on his thighs, his legs spreading to let her ass in close, and started to push herself into his crotch. She writhed against him hard, using his strength to push into him. Her eyes were closed in concentration, focusing in the feel of his mouth and hands on her. Brandon switched to the other side of her neck and she flicked her hair out of the way to give him access. This pointed her head closer to my direction and she knew it. Her eyes opened and locked with mine as they continued to grind and paw at each other.

Brandon had had enough of her backside and wanted a change of scenery, so he let go of her tits and turned her around to face him. They kissed passionately and his hands went to her ass, pulling up the sheer nightie to press his flesh on hers. I could see their tongues dueling and could hear their breathing quicken as the excitement rose. Gina fell fully into the swing of things as her hands went to Brandon’s belt and started to undo it.

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Ara 03

Cate’s Gift Ch. 02

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Our lives and marriage had changed forever. Mark and I had never felt more in love, or more adventurous since the Christmas gift I gave him. Of course, it had everything to do with my friend’s Stacy’s bold sexual prowess. The moment I agreed to let her create the gift I would give Mark, there was no turning back. And we haven’t. My gift is to fulfill any sexual request or fantasy, no matter what. To both of our surprise, it has not only unleashed Mark’s deepest desires, it also set me free. I no longer live in the prison of my inhibitions. Together, Mark and I are fully free to fulfill any fantasy. We enjoy the gift of unhindered honesty and complete trust. I know he loves me, and in the most amazing ways, I get to demonstrate how much I love him. We wake up next to each other every morning with the thrill of wondering what might happen with the unrestricted possibilities of my body as a blank check to him. It takes our breath away to live the adventure that any fantasy can come to life. Nothing escalates passion like imagination.

Chapter One

The fun of Christmas and bringing in the New Year in such a momentous way, set the tone for our first months of sexual adventure. It’s amazing how creative a person can become when told there are no limits to the possibilities. Mark’s imagination was unbridled. The world was filled with possibilities, and so was I. Truthfully, I lived in excited anticipation for what he might want next. Something devilishly wonderful was unleashed in me. I even enjoyed feeding him ideas to kindle his imagination. He was often shocked by my offers. By March, our sex life was on fire. We couldn’t keep our minds or hands off of each other. Constant anticipation kept him hard and me wet; fulfilling his fantasies made us both gloriously ravenous for more.

In the middle of March we received an email from Carlos and Maria, friends from our college days. Maria met Carlos our sophomore year. It was a match made in heaven. They both loved to party and lived for the moment. After graduation, they got married and moved to Costa Rica where Carlos was from. They bought a struggling little private beach resort for the two of them to run together. They made just enough to enjoy a modest living in paradise, and couldn’t be happier. It was the perfect place for those looking for a small remote exotic vacation spot.

They emailed us to ask if we might be interested in exchanging homes for a week in June. Ironically it would give them a vacation from paradise to visit Maria’s family in the States. They would have free lodging in our house while we would enjoy the luxury of resort living for free on their private beach in Costa Rica. All of our food, lodging and recreation would be included. The only catch is we would need to be available to be the resort hosts, which they assured us would require very little from us. “The place basically runs itself,” Carlos said. “Our waiters and cooks take care of the food, housekeeping takes care of the bungalows. You’d just be available to smile and make it look like you are in charge.”

It was an easy decision to take them up on their all expense paid Latin America vacation. We arrived a day early so they could orient us to the resort. It was picturesque and off the beaten path. Unlike the large commercial resorts on easily accessed beaches, this was hidden away in a remote rain forest surrounded by ageless palm trees and large tropical brush. Five quaint bungalows were spaced out and tucked into a grove of tall palm trees. The main building had an intimate dining room as well as outside tables that overlooked the pool and adjacent private beach. The pool area was dotted with plush chaise lounges that spilled out to the pristine beach. A small shack housed snorkel gear, and other beach equipment that guests could help themselves to, in addition to colorful kayaks and small sailboats sitting readied nearby. They showed us breathtaking hidden cave pools unlike anything I had ever seen. Entrance to the caves could be only accessed from below the water off their private beach. The enchantment of the resort was a tropical home away from home for people to enjoy as if it all belonged to them. For the time they were there, it did. They could help themselves to anything they wanted.

After staying up all night drinking, laughing and catching up together, Carlos and Maria left early in the morning for the airport. They gave us their private elegant quarters to enjoy for ourselves. Mark and I looked at each other with giddy smiles. We had just been handed the keys to paradise for the week. The warm wet air this early in the morning meant it would be a typical sultry summer day in Costa Rica. It was perfect. My skin soaked in the humidity. I stripped my clothes off and then Mark’s, before fucking him on the plush bed. It was a wonderful way to christen the beginning of our memorable week together.

We emerged from our romp wearing only our bathing suits, the official uniform of resort hosts. I had never worn a skimpier bikini, gaziantep bayan escort nor had I ever felt sexier in public. It was a tiny swimsuit Mark picked out for me. He playfully asked me to choose between wearing it or nothing at all. The difference in the choice was most subtle, but I chose the side of modesty. The unique bikini top barely covered the naturally swollen nipples of my modest breasts. The miniscule triangles of the bikini top were more like strings woven into tiny nets than a solid fabric. The crisscrossing pattern offered small windows to the dark supple skin beneath. The miniature triangles were loosely held on my body by what looked like packing string over my petite shoulders. The bikini bottom was similarly made as a tiny thong, barely covering my shaved feminine access, as long as the slightest movement didn’t compromise its placement. The limitations and color of the suit showed off my fit body and bared tight ass. I pushed my sunglasses through my shoulder length brunette hair and over my wide brown eyes. Mark’s dick was rock hard again as he watched me walk across the room toward the outside pool deck.

Whether we were sitting next to each other, or were across the pool or beach, we couldn’t help staring at each other. We were hopelessly in love while enjoying the tropical paradise. Carlos and Maria were right. The place ran itself. Our only job was to basically say hi to people, ask how they were enjoying their stay and if there was anything we can do to make their stay more pleasurable. Of course, the place was more pleasurable than any of our current guests had ever experienced.

Ten eighteen-year-old young men, making the transition from their boyhoods in high school to manhood in college, filled the five bungalows. Most of them had grown up together; all of them had played basketball together. After this trip, they would each go their own way to different colleges across the country. Boys will be boys, and they had come to make the most of it. They couldn’t help stealing glances all day as I walked around the resort in my skimpy bikini, the only woman on the premises. Their ogles were anything but subtle, nor were the obvious signs of testosterone-surging arousal in their swimsuits. It made me hot watching them watch me. I couldn’t wait for the first opportunity to unleash my pent-up arousal on Mark after being lusted after by the ten new college men all day long.

“I’m going for a swim,” I announced to Mark as the late afternoon sun hovered just over the horizon in the western Latin sky. The air was still warm and moist. My body glistened from sweat. Most of the young male guests had gone in to their bungalows to shower to get ready for dinner and a night out at one of the local dance clubs. Only one had remained kayaking out on the open waves, squeezing every moment out of the day he could. He was bringing his boat in to the shore as I walked toward the lapping waves.

“Damn,” he said has we walked past me. His muscular body was wet from sitting in the kayak and from the spray of the waves. He showed little bashfulness that his dick turned his swimsuit into an impressive tent, jutting out in front of his body. The testosterone surging through his system made it impossible for him to not turn his head over his shoulder to grab a lustful glance at my ass as I continued past him. He wished it were his hands rather than his eyes that grabbed hold of my ass. I smiled at the feel of his eyes caressing my body.

“Damn right,” I answered with a sultry smile. It felt good to have the lusty attention of these college boys. It told me that I still had it.

He stopped in the sand and took advantage of the opportunity to watch me walk toward the waters he had just emerged from. Light sand coated the bottom of my almost bare ass. My petite feet sunk into the soft sand, leaving inviting footprints. “Damn,” he said again, to himself. If he knew he could get away with it, he wanted desperately to drop his swimsuit right there on the beach, follow me in to the water and lose his virginity. Yes, he was the only one of his teammates who had not buried his manhood in the soft welcome of a woman’s pussy. They teased him endlessly about it. He had waited for a dream moment like this. He glanced back toward the resort and saw Mark sitting by the pool watching his wife. “Damn,” he said again, this time out of dashed hopes. He sat down unashamedly on the beach to watch the vision of me swimming in the ocean. The tent of his swimsuit remained at full mast.

The warm Pacific water felt wonderful, although my pussy was already soaked before reaching the water’s edge. I playfully splashed and floated around, basking in pleasure of having the private waters all to myself. After several minutes of relaxing play, I began my walk out of the ocean, throwing my soaked brunette hair over my head. It moved through the air almost in slow motion; droplets of water sprayed from my locks. The salty ocean water poured down my scantily covered body. My eyes caught the unabashed stare of the college boy lying in the sand, engrossed with my every move. His dick stood tall, staining the capacity of his swimsuit. He had almost cum just watching me frolic in the water.

Mark watched with pride from the comfort of his chaise lounge by the pool 30 yards away. He loved watching his gorgeous wife walking out of the ocean as if in a scene from an epic movie. The sun glowed like a large golden ball behind me. The height of the boy’s arousal was evident even from that far away. Mark smiled at what his wife’s beauty was doing to the helpless victim.

I thought I’d have some fun with the boy and walk past him with a sultry saunter, while glancing up and down his virgin muscular body with a wry smile. It was time for him to get a taste of what he and his friends had been doing to me all day long. My soaked tiny bikini was useless. Most of it had shifted during my swim. I saw no need to adjust any of it back into place. What part of it was still in place was transparent from being drenched. I prided myself on the obvious agony I was causing; the volcano in his swimsuit was about to erupt.

I glanced up at Mark to see him enjoying my show from the luxury of his poolside vantage. His smile was like nectar to me. I couldn’t wait to get back up there, take him inside and fuck him crazy. He suddenly raised his hand into the air and gave our sign. Our agreed upon hand sign is simple, but has a profound meaning. My Christmas gift had promised to fulfill every fantasy. Sometimes a fantasy moment doesn’t allow for conversation, only a sign, a call to immediate action. The simple sign is a shake of two fingers in my direction.

I was stunned. Mark basked in my surprise. He knew what his simple sign was asking of me in that moment alone on the beach with the unsuspecting young man aching from the raging hard-on in his swimsuit. I looked down at the young virgin stallion and then back up at Mark for confirmation. He smiled and repeated the hand sign.

I instantly obeyed. I reached my hand behind my back and pulled the small string holding my bikini top on. My other hand pulled the top off and dropped it to my feet. My nipples were hardened from the swim and my own arousal, projecting them out an inch as the warm breeze kissed them. Without fanfare, I seductively reached down to the small bows on my hips holding my bikini bottoms on. With a simultaneous smooth pull and release of the string on each side, the tiny piece of netting covering my womanhood fell to the sand between my feet.

“What’s your name,” I asked in a sultry voice as my naked silhouette stood before him with the descending fireball of the sun behind me.

“Uh, uh, Chris,” he stammered, completely stunned at what was happening.

“Well Chris, it looks like that impressive dick of yours needs to be fucked,” I said, as I leaned down wearing only a smile. I stretched the top of the strained swimsuit over his enlarged cock and summarily pulled them down his long muscular legs, stripping him without permission. My seductive actions made his dick throb, promising an imminent involuntary climax. I stepped over his body with one foot on either side of his hips, and dropped to my knees.

“I’ve never…” he started to say, without resistance. He lay stunned as one of his wet fantasies was coming true before his eyes.

“Then your first is going to be very memorable,” I interrupted. I positioned my soaked pussy lips over his impressive manhood and impaled myself onto him.

“Aaauuuggghhhh!” he cried out, immediately gasping for breath at the sensation. His head spun in ecstasy. I slowly raised my pussy to ascend his dick before slowly seductively lowering myself onto him again. “Oh shit, you’re going to take me!” It rarely takes long for a man to give, but Chris set an all-time record for me. My pussy began to fill with his young warm jizz with my third pump of his dick. I kept my slow seductive pace, draining him of his first orgasm, while using his member to massage me toward my own.

“Ah yes,” I cried out. I reached both hands up to my tits, squeezing my thick nipples between my thumbs and fingers while my body continued its use of him. I increased my pace as the climax got closer, enticing it toward completion. My body began to quake over him at the pleasure of my orgasm. “Oh yes! Oh Yes! Oh YES!” I screamed without concern. The two of us had the beach to ourselves. Mark was the only one who could see and hear me, and I was fucking this kid at his request. I looked up to see Mark’s satisfied smile from this far away. I looked back down to see the young man I had just taken beginning to respond again to the continued action of my lubricated pussy stroking his cock.

Cold chills covered his body lying on the warm sand. “Oh gawd, oh gawd,” he moaned.

I leaned over him and placed my thick lips next to his ear. “I have worked up such a thirst,” I whispered. “I mean, really thirsty.”

I pulled my pussy off of him and slid my sweaty body down his until my mouth stopped over his throbbing cock. He instinctively closed his eyes in raptured pleasure as his entire length disappeared between my lips. I began to suck him for all he was worth.

“Oh gawd, oh gawd!” he repeated. His ass began to buck against the sand beneath him, forcing his dick deeper into my mouth. He glanced down at me and caught my eyes. I winked at him and with it, pushed him over the edge. In a matter of just a few minutes from the first fuck of his life he was giving again, this time pouring a pint of his thick cum down my parched throat. I sealed my lips on him to ensure I swallowed every drop.

I smiled and licked my lips as I stood up. He was completely spent and in a daze. It was a moment I made sure he would never forget. It was a moment most of his friends would never believe when he described it. I grabbed my bikini and his swimsuit from the sand. “This is mine for now,” I said playfully, swinging it around in the air.

“Wait! I need that,” he said helplessly as I began to make my way back up to the pool area, and to my waiting husband.

“You’ll get it later,” I promised. “For now, you’ll have some explaining to do with your buddies.”

Chapter Two

Mark and I had the resort to ourselves when the ten young men left for a night on the town. Both of us were burning with desire after my surprise rendezvous with Chris on the beach. Mark and I strolled naked in the moonlit shallow surf before ravenously fucking each other for hours on the soft sand. It was magical.

The next two days were uneventful, other than the rabid sex Mark and I continued to enjoy with one another, and the incessant stares in my direction by the hormone-driven men. What should I expect as the only woman on the grounds. We discovered there is nothing like a remote tropical beach resort to supercharge libidos.

Every time Chris and I walked past each other, his face lit up with a broad smile, and his dick hardened like Pavlov’s dog. His friends gave playful congratulatory punches to his arm. They were jealous every time they saw me, continuing to admire my almost naked body sauntering around in the skimpiest of bikinis.

Late in the morning on their fourth day, Mark and I basked in the warm sun, enjoying fresh pineapple and cold Mai Tais. Life doesn’t get better than this. Being surrounded by these ten college guys made us reminiscent of our college days. We laughed about what we did at parties, risks we took to fuck each other, including stealing one in the university library. Everything in those days seemed to be driven by hormones. Somehow Carlos and Maria found a way to extend the playful debauchery of college by making a living running this remote Costa Rican resort.

“Hey Mark and Cate,” one of the tall muscular basketball players shyly interrupted, flanked by two of his similarly sized friends. “We were wondering how we sign up for the special “MILF Hidden Cave Tour.”

Mark and I looked at each other surprised. “MILF Hidden Cave Tour?” Mark asked, trying to keep from laughing.

“Yes,” the spokesman of the three said. “When we made our reservations, they told us about an excursion available today called ‘Maria’s Incredible Latin Fuckin’ Hidden Cave Tour,’ or MILF Hidden Cave Tour for short.”

“Are you serious?” I asked stunned. Even for Carlos and Maria that sounded out there.

“Yep,” he said. “It was the reason we decided to come to this resort. For $200 apiece, Maria promised a satisfaction guaranteed intimate tour of the hidden caves for up to three guests.” He winked with a smile. The other two smiled to confirm his description.

“There is an emphasis on ‘Incredible Latin Fuckin’,” one of the others added boldly.

“Maria isn’t here,” Mark answered.

“But she is,” the spokesman said looking over at me. “And Chris told us…”

I felt my cheeks tighten with a blush. I couldn’t believe what they were asking. Carlos and Maria didn’t say anything about this.

“We’d like to schedule a MILF Hidden Cave Tour,” he asserted, holding two one-hundred dollar bills.

“We’re so sorry Maria’s not here this week,” I said in the most genuine voice I could muster, still shocked at the revelation of Maria’s side business.

“Yeah,” Mark added firmly. “Without Maria here, a ‘Maria’s Intimate Latin Fuckin’ Hidden Cave Tour’ isn’t possible.” The faces of the three young men fell in disappointment. Mark felt for them. He saw the heartbreak on their faces, and couldn’t shake the conversation we were just having, remembering the crazy things we did when we were in college. The three men turned and started to walk away.

“However,” Mark called out. The three men stopped in their sand tracks. “We do have a CILF Hidden Cave Tour available,” he added with a smile.

“What?” I asked in unison with the three young studs. “What’s that?”

“Maria’s not here so a MILF Hidden Cave Tour is impossible; however Cate IS here, making you the lucky ones to be able to sign up for the never-before-offered CILF cave tour!” Mark answered with a broad smile. “You thought the MILF tour might be good; this will be much better.”

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Ara 03

GB Club Ch. 03

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Gang Bang Club Part III; The Dinner Party

The group had not convened since Arlene decided to participate in the Gang Bang Club’s initiation. A lot had happened since then, as we were to find out. Nancy suggested we meet for brunch this Sunday to reconnect. Irene and I went for a run that morning and arrived around 10:30. As was usual, Cory and Joan were on time and already seated.

Joan wore nice jeans and a white T-shirt, her magnificent breasts pushing against the fabric. Cory was in a casual sweat suit that hid the curve of her body. Irene took a seat and crossed her long, sexy runner’s legs. Her running shorts rode high up her thigh, exposing most of her leg and part of her hip. We waited patiently before Nancy arrived.

“Sorry I’m late. I spent the night with Jason and we had a good morning session.” She giggles, “Who am I to pass up a good morning pussy licking. I hope you understand.”

“Nancy, we understand!” Said Joan, “But you aren’t the only one that got some last night. Cory didn’t come home last night so I am not sure where she was!” Joan concludes winking at Cory. She blushes in response.

Arlene has arrived and shakes her head at the conversation. “Do I understand what I am hearing? We’re giggling about Nancy having a morning wake up session and Cory having sex! And this in front of full card carrying members of a gangbang club! We need to get you two into the club so you have something to blush and giggle about!”

With that the conversation quickly moves to the main subject.

Arlene gave them an update on her last performance. She describes the set up. A large sound stage outfitted as an auditorium with a stage in the middle. On the stage to contraptions had been built. You started at the upper station, which was fashioned as a chair. The woman would sit in it and spread her legs. Above her, the man would offer his penis, which was sucked for several minutes or until he released. After finishing five men the woman moved to the lower station.

In the lower station the woman was positioned doggy-style with her head in the lap of the woman in the chair. As she orally pleased the other woman men would have intercourse with her from behind. In this position the shift lasted until five men had cum or had been in her for five minutes each.

The women are stunned as they realize Arlene’s activity involved giving and receiving oral sex from another woman. Cory breaks the ice.

“How did it feel? Any different than when a man licks you?”

“It’s different. More focused but I wouldn’t say better.” Arlene answers back.

“Why not better?” Cory asks.

“Well, with a guy you know you can get fucked afterwards.”

“What about a chick with a strap-on?” Cory continues to question.

“That would work, but it wouldn’t feel the same and it has no cum to give you!” Arlene finishes. The women contemplate her last statement for a while before concurring with Arlene’s statement.

“Whom did you go with?” Nancy asks. Arlene and Joan pass a glance between them. Not sure how much Joan wants to disclose. I fill the awkward silence and let everyone know I went down to Los Angeles with Arlene.

I get quizzed on what I thought. I tell them that it was fun. Going on stage was exciting. The effect of leaving the darkened hallway where you could see the whole venue and then entering the stage area where the lights really blinded you so you could only see the action really made you unaware of the crowd and kept your focus on your sexual performance.

“Did the girl on girl action turn you on?” Cory asks very directly.

“Yes. I started on top having my blowjob. Looking down at a naked torso and a woman’s head gyrating around in it got me very excited. In the second position, fucking from behind, it was good. Not as good because you frankly could not see the oral sex.”

“Would you do it?” Joan asks Cory.

“You mean the club. Yes!” Cory says quickly before her face pains. Remembering trying to qualify in Irene’s first session but not being allowed to play.

“No, I mean having sex with another woman.” Joan clarifies.

“I don’t know. If I was horny enough, probably.” Cory says. “How about you?” She asks Joan.

Joan hesitates before confessing to the group that she had also gone with us. She clarifies that originally she was only going to be allowed to take the top position. Giving the men oral pleasure while Arlene licked her. The rule they used was I could be her partner.

“So, did Arlene give could head?” Nancy asks.

“Actually, yes! Arlene got me so horny that I asked, and they let me, continue on to get fucked. Arlene is really good! I was so worked up by then I hardly noticed I was eating out another woman until we were way into it. And, it wasn’t bad.”

“Did you get into the club?” Irene asks

“Funny you should ask. I have another confession.” Joan says as she scans the group’s faces for response. “I got an invitation from that event…. but I’ve already done another. So, yes, I am gaziantep bayan escort in the club!”

Joan goes on to explain how she just felt it appropriate to follow through. She explains her session. Joan “volunteered” for a research study being sponsored by a doctor in the club. They ran an experiment to measure sperm content in male ejaculate from different kind of orgasms. They were testing for oral sex, intercourse, and intercourse after a blowjob, intercourse with a stranger and anal sex. During the conversation we determine it was not that exciting.

“It was really clinical. They even had me in a white hospital gown. The only twist was it opened on the front. Guys would come in, I would lay back and they would fuck me until they came. I only did the intercourse. I fucked the five guys and left. But, it got me into the club! And I got my $10,000!!” Joan says as she waves a cashiers check around. “With the pressure off I think my next one will be for bodily pleasure.” She concludes with a smirk.

“OK, so Irene is a member and made $25K, Joan’s a member and made $10K and Arlene is in and made…what?” Nancy asks.

“Actually, I’ve made $67K so far.” Arlene states. Mouths fall open around the table. “I want to be clear though, I’m not doing it for money. Is anyone else?’ Arlene queries.

Joan and Irene agree it is only for pleasure. Nancy agrees her interest is erotic. Cory has the most succinct answer, “I just want to fuck a lot!” Everyone breaks into laughter at that one.

“How did you make so much more?” Joan asks Arlene.

“Well, I got $52K for the session in Los Angeles. They paid a lot for the same sex partner activity and a lot of bonus money for swallowing cum and letting people shoot inside of you. And, I have a confession as well. I did another session which paid $15K.” Arlene states.

“I got an invite to help at a sperm bank the members are connected to. I guess they are high enough stature that their sperm is really valued. Anyhow, it was not that great. Once a year they offer access to women to help men ejaculate who don’t want to masturbate. Only four guys should up over four hours. It was really boring and not very erotic. In fact, one was weird. One man was there with the couple that was going to receive the donation. They wanted to watch the process. That bothered me a bit!” Arlene said. “Strange, I don’t mind strangers watching me get ravaged but somebody watching clinically really upset me.”

The women discuss their fantasies and view of what is erotic for a short time. They agree the club is the best thing that has happened to them and can enable a lot of sexual joys. The conversation is back to what fantasies are available and how to get Cory and Nancy in. Joan, Arlene and Irene had printed out the posted fantasies they could see. Unfortunately none of the session was a good match for a female guest to audition for the club. The women recommit to the club and to scanning for the appropriate audition vehicles for Cory and Nancy.

The meeting adjourns and we head out. Irene catches me at my car. “I have two favors to ask you. First, I did see one of the fantasies that I think I want to do. Would you be my guest?” Of course I agree. Unfortunately she would not tell me which one it was.

“What is the second favor?” I ask

“Will you fuck me now?” She asks, “This conversation got me so horny.”

“Of course, do you want to go to my place?” I respond.

“No, you don’t understand. I want you to fuck me now. Let go around to the back of the building or get in the car and fuck!” She says, pulling silky fabric of her running shorts aside to show me her pussy. We had a nice “quickie” in the back alley before parting ways.

Several days passed before Irene reappeared at my office cube. She handed me a piece of paper, gave me a coy smile and left. I turned it over to read.


Thank you for your continued interest in our club. We are happy to accept your application for our dinner party event. You and your guest are cordially invited to a dinner party this Saturday from 6 pm until 9 pm in Austin, Texas. We will fly you out on a private jet; give you accommodation on your own private ranch and transportation if you wish to site see. Please be prepared to leave Friday night.

Upon your arrival you will be asked whether you want dinner before 6 pm or after 9 pm when our guests are eating. During dinner you will be busy serving the food…or, we should say becoming part of the dinner.

In this fantasy you will be the appetizer, main course and desert for our guests. Enjoy a cocktail or two from the trays as you circulate and serve our patrons. Do not be surprised if they ask to garnish their glass with your pussy juice or ask to dip your nipples into the drink so they can lick it off you. Not only are you the server but you are also a part of the drink.

As the main course is served you will be a major part of the presentation. You lay spread on the table as our cooks strategically place dipping sauces on your naked flesh. Relax and enjoy as our patrons dip and eat the sauces from your body. As an added treat, the patrons may decide to use your pussy as its own special sauce. After the meal is complete you will be cleaned before desert is served.

Desert is the coup-de-tat as our patrons line up for our classic offering of fresh pussy and cum. Our waiters, cooks and volunteer patrons will be our chefs. Each dish will be unique. Our diners will request where they want the ejaculate deposited on your body so they can eat it off as their desert.

Bon appetite!

The Gang Bang Club

Friday does not arrive soon enough. Irene has already been picked up and is in the car when it swings by my house. I slide in the back and kiss Irene hello. The flight out was non-eventful but we were both relieved to be flying on a private jet and not having to deal with the major airports. We enjoyed a morning horseback riding and lounging at the pool prior to the event.

The phone rang around 5 p.m. to inform us our ride was ready. Having been told uniforms are provided Irene does not bother to dress. She wears comfortable sweat pants and a t-shirt. However, she is still sexy as ever. Her skin golden from the sun is luscious. She wears no bra. Her nice long nipples are firm little points in the white fabric.

The main house is three miles from the guesthouse we are in. The manor is stately with grand Georgian columns, immaculate gardens and an elegant two-story white washed front – A classic southern plantation estate. We pull towards the back and enter the kitchen.

“Hi, you must be Irene!” A young Southern redhead says as she leads us through the kitchen into a small antechamber. “My name is Sarah and I am both the host and a participant tonight. The event is smaller than the one you last attended. It is only the two of us and one other lady. There will be approximately 40 guests so we will have quite a handful.”

“I think we will have more than just our hands filled!” Giggles another voice. A voluptuous black woman strides into the room completely naked. She is large but not truly overweight. Instead she seems amazingly well proportioned with huge breasts and a rather large backside.

“Well, I’ll give it my best shot!” Says Irene, “Forty people, that’s at least twelve to fourteen fucks each. Wow!”

“Oh, it will be a large amount but I think you will enjoy this. We’ve held this event for six straight years. Well, we need to get ready. Our guests will be here soon. Your costumes are on the chairs in the powder rooms.” Sarah states.

I follow Irene into the room. Each person’s outfit is clearly labeled. Irene and the black woman are given “limited” French Maid outfits. Quickly Irene is out of her clothes and assembling her outfit. I admire her naked ass and back as she makes sense of her limited clothing.

“What do you think?” She asks, now dressed for the night.

“Very nice!” I say. Her outfit is sexy. She has the delicate white hat on her head, sexy black gloves that extend past her elbows, a black corset, garters and high heels adorning her body. Her shoulders, breasts, upper thighs and pussy are bared to the world. “Spin around!” I suggest. From the rear the only clothing visible are the bands holding the corset on and her stockings. “Yum, yum!” I say.

“Does it want to make you fuck her!”? Sarah asks.

“Of course!” I stammer back. Sarah is pleased with the look and response.

The black woman returns in a similar outfit. Sarah excuses herself to get dressed. She is back very quickly since she had little to put on.

“Would you like to fuck me?” She grins at me. As the hostess she has dressed formally – A small bow tie around her neck, mid arm length gloves and a nice pearl necklace that dangles down to her upper breast. “I’ll take your hard on for an answer!” She says pleased with her effect on me.

“OK, first up we serve the drinks to our patrons. They will be mingling and talking for about an hour as we start our night. Simply take their drink orders and ask our bartender to make them. For the social hour no penetration is allowed. You will not be allowed to fuck, give a blowjob or be fingered in this session. The guests know the rules as well.” Sharon explains. The strict part over she smiles as she continues, “But, for the fun part. Don’t be surprised if a quick sip of your pussy juices or serving of your nipple isn’t the most popular drink!”

“Is there a limit on how far we can go?” The black woman asks.

“You are not allowed to instigate anything at any point.” Sarah states to the disappointment of the lady. “Oh, don’t worry. You are going to get plenty of attention. I’ve done this one before. It is very nice.”

“What about me?” I chime in.

“Oh, I hadn’t thought about that.” Sarah says. “This event is closed. You can watch but I am not sure how we can work you in. I’ll think about that as we progress. For this session though you can watch from the bar area.” She points me towards the door to the storage room. From there I can watch the scene and be only a few feet away from where the women will come to pick up there drinks.

“OK, all set?” Sarah asks. “Let’s go!” She turns and leads Irene and the other woman towards a large wooden door.

“How do you feel?” I whisper to Irene as she walks buy.

“Really nervous but turned on at the same time.” She says.

“You look great. I’m going to be jealous watching you get pleasured.”

“Thanks so much for coming. It’s nice to have your support. I’ll try and encourage Sarah to be easy on the rules and let you play.” Irene says sweetly.

The women are massed behind the door. Sarah indicates they should stay put until she signals them to come out.

“That outfit is really hot?” I whisper to Irene to break the silence.

“Hot? There’s hardly anything.” She giggles. “I’m really turned on standing here knowing I’m basically naked. The air feels really cool on my skin. I guess I have a little exhibitionism in me as well.”

I step aside as Sarah opens the doors. From my little nook I see the room as it opens for the women. The place is a formal and elegant sitting room. The room has a nice vaulted ceiling, crown molding and well-illuminated displays of artwork. The room has been cleared of most furniture to allow the guests to mingle. The floor is marble covered with large Persian area rugs. In the far corner is a well stocked bar with two bartenders.

“Ladies and gentleman, let me present your hostess and staff for the night.” Sarah announces as she steps into the room. The other women follow behind her. “Please do not hesitate to enjoy our pleasures tonight. We sincerely hope you enjoy our program for the evening. We will be starting cocktail service shortly.”

With that said Sarah leads the way, grabbing a serving tray from the bar and wandering out into the crowd. I watch her naked ass cheeks wiggle back and forth before they disappear behind a crowd of people.

The crowd is different than I expected. There are roughly twenty-five people present. Men are dressed in formal tuxedoes. Only the small black masks covering their eyes indicate this is anything than a society function. As my eyes scan the room I am surprised to see several women in attendance. They are in elegant evening attire. Not trashy or necessarily sexy but very elegant and also have the black masks over there eyes.

“Here I go.” Whispers Irene as she passes by grabbing a tray. As instructed they cover different sections of the room. Irene approaches a group of three men. I watch them converse wondering what they are saying. The conversation is pleasant but efficient and Irene wanders back to the bar.

“One Bombay blue sapphire Martini, one gin and tonic and a port.” Irene states as she relays their order to the barkeeper. “I thought they’d be all over us?” Irene whispers to me. “They are really pleasant. Just small talk but they made me feel very comfortable. I almost forgot I was standing there naked!” The drinks are finished and she takes them back to the group.

The men take their drinks and engage Irene in conversation. One man asks Irene a direct question. I notice all three are waiting for her answer. Her nods in agreement to whatever they have asked. Gently the man reaches behind her and strokes her naked ass cheeks. He sweetly feels her ass before placing a quick peck in the center of each cheek. Irene smiles back at him, as he appears to thank her. She moves on to another group.

They to engage her in conversation before the same question and response interchange takes place. Again, Irene nods in agreement. The gentleman’s fingers rise and softly flip Irene’s nipple up and down. She smiles at him. He gives her left nipple soft kisses as the other man moves in to do the same to her right. Irene relaxes, her knees weakening as both men suckle her nipples for several minutes. They stop and appear to place orders. She heads back to the bar.

She places her order and slumps against the bar rail.

“How is it?” I ask.

“Can you see?” She asks me. I let her know I can see the whole room. “I’m starting to get into this. I expected them to just jump on us but this is really sensuous. They are great conversationalist.”

“Are you getting turned on?”

“Very much so. This setting is so elegant. They look so good in their tuxes. When they started sucking my tits I felt this electricity running through me.” Her drinks are up. “So far so good.” She says as she starts another cycle.

She delivers her current set and is quickly summoned by two men and a woman. They talk briefly before directing a request to Irene. I notice her hesitate and it appears that the group reiterates their order. Irene hesitates a moment before nodding in agreement. She hurries back to the bar.

“What is going on?” I ask.

“The guy asked me for a margarita, the woman for a bourbon on the rocks and the other guy for a Bloody Mary.” Irene responds.

“It looked like you were a little flustered. You looked like you were excited?” I ask as my eyes exam her. “Hey, your pussy looks wet. Are you getting aroused?”

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