Yes, Christmas is Here

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The following occurred, albeit with perhaps a little embellishment, five years ago, but it nevertheless conveys the spirit of the holidays.

It was already December of his senior year in college. Final exams were finished and Eric had gone home for the holidays. It was great to see his family again, but with the holidays comes some obligatory activity, most importantly getting his mom something for Christmas. Typical of most guys Eric had put off shopping for as long as he thought he could. Not knowing what he was really looking for, he went to the mall and wandered from store to store. He was browsing through one of the larger department stores when he looked up and saw Julie, the girl he had dated over the summer, but hadn’t had any contact with since the semester had begun.

“Hi, how’ve you been?” he asked.

“Oh Eric. I’m fine,” Julie responded with some surprise at seeing who had approached her. “How did your semester go?”

“It was really busy, but I also did really well. How about you?” he asked as his mind flashed back to the last time he saw Julie. It was at the town lake and she wore the cutest pink string bikiniÔÇöoh, what her body did for that!

“Well,” she began, “I made the dean’s list again?”

“No surprises,” Eric replied. “So, what else are you up to?”

“Mom and dad are working overtime this weekend and so they want me to decorate the house for the holidays. I had to buy some more ornaments for the tree. How about you?”

“I’m looking for something for my mom. I don’t have a clue of what to get her though.”

“Can you believe that I have to go get a tree yet? Say, you wouldn’t want to help me now would you?” Julie said flashing Eric a to-die for smile.

“Sure. When do you want to go?”

“How about this afternoon? There is a tree farm not far from here and being that there’s some snow on the ground it would put us in a festive holiday mood. Stop by and pick me up at 2:00?”

Later that day

When Eric stopped by to pickup Julie, she came out wearing a ski jacket and a warm long wool plaid skirt that she had paired with fur trimmed Sorel boots. Clearly Julie was a knockout no matter what she decided to wear.

When they got to the tree farm the weather had turned pleasant with a sunny sky, no wind, and temperatures in the low 30’s. Although the snow had started to turn to sloppy slush it eryaman escort was still a lot of fun as they would joke about the shapes of some of the trees. They spent better than an hour trudging around looking at trees being watchful for the right height, full shape, and straight trunk. Finally, after finding just the right one, Eric cut it, and they brought it home.

After wrestling the tree into a stand and bringing it into the house, Eric and Julie turned to the task of decorating. The lights went on first and then the ornaments. Julie worked on one side; Eric, the other.

“Do you have enough balls over there?” Julie asked and then giggled knowing full-well what she had said.

“I think so. Is two enough?” Eric replied playing along with the double entendre.

“I mean the ornamental ones.”

“Not all of them are ornamental though,” he responded quickly. “Some can be quite functional.”

“I think that we might have finished our tree decorating. How about trying some of daddy’s eggnog?” said Julie changing the subject and leading Eric to the kitchen. Then after taking a bottle out of the refrigerator she poured two glasses.

“To Christmas!” Eric toasted.

“To Christmas!” chorused Julie. “May everyone get what they want.”

“Hey, this is good stuff. What’s in it?” asked Eric.

“I can’t tell you. It’s daddy’s secret, but it does have some booze in it. I think it’s just yummy,” she replied taking Eric back into the living room so that they could admire their handiwork with the Christmas tree.

“You know what we need?” he asked.

“No, what?”

“That we start a fire in the fireplace. It would make things really festive,” said Eric getting up and setting a match to the logs and watching the flame take hold.

“That was sweet of you to think of a fire. And romantic, too,” she said as she leaned over and planted a passionate kiss on him.

“I really missed you.”

“I missed you, too,” she said plunging her tongue into his mouth and feeling for his crotch.

That kiss lingered on for the longest time during which Eric’s hands did their own roaming and soon were up under Julie’s sweater. Gosh, but her boobs were amazingly soft, each one being exactly one handful. Kissing them would have to wait because he had other places that he wanted to explore. His hand went under esat escort the hem of her skirt and up Julie’s leg. It wasn’t long before he found his target and discovered that she was not wearing any panties.

“Surprise!” she said. “I thought that panties would just get in the way.”

“You were right,” Eric said as he felt her pussy and found what he was looking for. “And how is that little clitty?”

“Waiting for you,” she purred.

“For me?”

“Yes, waiting for your tongue,” she said with the naughtiest of giggles.

At that Eric moved from the couch and knelt on the floor, his face now in Julie’s crotch. He began by kissing her pussy, but then moved up to the clit which he began to suck on. His reward was the flow of moisture that Julie’s pussy was depositing on his chin. He moved his mouth down and licked her feminine juices. “Delicious!” he exclaimed to himself as he now sucked her pussy.

“Oh, but that feels just sooooo good! I just love it.”

“Have you ever had sex under a Christmas tree?” he asked.

“No, but it sounds like it might be fun. After all, it is the season,” Julie said moving to the floor. “I just hope that you have a rubber because it wouldn’t be cool to leave cum stains on mom’s carpet now would it?”

Luckily this was the era when Eric would regularly carry a condom in his wallet for those ‘just in case’ moments for which this would definitely qualify. After removing the little round foil pack from his wallet, he held it up to show Julie saying, “Look what I have!”

Julie’s face now broke out into the widest smile any girl had ever given him. She then said, “You better put that on and not keep me waiting,” as she hiked her skirt up to her waist and spread her legs.

Eric then tore open the pack, removed the rubber, and put it on. His now rubber encased manhood was now standing perfectly erect, the little seminal receptacle flaccid at its tip. “I hope that you’re ready for this,” he said as he knelt on the floor between her legs.

“I am ready, but it’s funny how doing it under the Christmas tree feels just so naughty. Maybe because I’m also thinking of what would happen if mom or dad happened to come home from work a little early and found us doing it.”

As Eric slipped his penis into Julie he told her, “Yeah, I guess it is naughty, but then again aren’t ankara escort you supposed to put gifts under the tree?”

“Yes, you are. Now if you would just put that gift of yours in a little deeper. It feels so wonderful!” said Julie.

“You feel wonderful, too, because there is nothing like a nice warm wet and slippery pussy,” said Eric allowing his manhood to probe the depths of her vagina before withdrawing half-way and then repeating the motion.

“Oh, I think I’m ready to cum!” Julie exclaimed after several minutes of in and out motion. “It feels soooo good, too. Go ahead, I’m ready!” she said begging Eric to cum.

A short moment later his penis literally exploded with a load of cum that filled the little reservoir tip of the rubber. It was followed by several smaller spasms that each delivered even more. “Ugh!” he exclaimed as the last one depleted him. “I think that’s all.”

“Are you sure? I’ll take more if you have any left.”

“You’re something else. Before you wouldn’t let me in your pants, but now you are insatiable. What happened?” asked Eric as he withdrew his manhood from Julie’s vagina and saw how really full the rubber now was.

“Oh my gosh, I guess you were full. That’s impressive,” she said.

“But you really loved having sex with me just now. It was really great, but what happened since summer?”

“Simple. Christmas only cums once a year. That’s all you get for 2014!” she said laughing at her own joke.

“I still think how special it has been going out on a beautiful late December day, picking out a Christmas tree, bringing it home, and then decorating it. It just sets the right mood for the holidays.”

“You’re only partially right. It was also making a fire in the fireplace, having some of daddy’s eggnog, making out, and then having sex that set the mood.”

“Speaking of daddy’s eggnog, I think after that great sex we have each earned another glass of it. What do you say?”

Julie and Eric got dressed and went into the kitchen where another round of eggnog was poured. They had no sooner toasted to ‘Christmas coitus’ when Julie’s mom arrived home. After saying their ‘hellos’ her mom looked into the living room, saw the decorated tree, and said “Well, you two have certainly been busy!”

Julie and Eric both nearly choked on her comment, exchanged glances and held back their giggles. Julie said, “We have been very busy and we’re glad that you approve.” In the meantime, Eric surreptitiously wrapped the used rubber in a couple of tissues and stuck it in his jacket pocket.

They poured Julie’s mom a glass of eggnog and toasted “Merry Christmas!” It was, too.

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