Wife Gets a New Job…

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First chapter concerning Jean, happily married in her late 30’s who is an exhibitionist and a bit of a slut, especially for old men.

Her husband Andy is fully aware of her activities…

I was quite pleased with myself, both my sons had gone to University and I had just landed a job as a PA to an old guy who ran a successful business in town, as Andy my husband works away a lot, this would occupy my time.

The guy I was working for was called Roger, he was in his 70’s but still ran his own company, a kind of high end printer producing company brochures for lawyers and financial companies. The company was on the outskirts of town and so was easy to get to, there were about 10 employees, all of whom were old like Roger.

I’d been employed as a PA as he wanted to reduce the amount of time he spent in the company, specifically meeting customers as he liked to play golf etc., so my job was to learn the business and do some of the sales work supporting Roger.

On my first day Roger had given me a quick tour of the small factory and introduced me to all the other employees, all men and by looking at it all over 60! I was dressed very conservatively with a patterned dress and low heels, not sexy at all, however, that didn’t stop the old guys, I could see all of them undressing me with their eyes, and one even said” she’s a bit of alright Rog”, Roger laughed and we moved back to the office. The fact that I’d just been leered at by 8 dirty old blokes had given me an itch, this was normal when I was around men, my fanny frequently got me into trouble.

The office was very big, Roger had a very large desk in one corner with window views in two different directions, the was a very large table in the middle of the office, this was a proofing table Roger said, it was where he would check customers designs etc., and in the opposite corner, no window views, was a much smaller desk, which was to be mine. I’d never shared an office before, but Roger said that it would be the easiest way to learn the business.

Andy was working away for the next two weeks, so I had nothing to do but bury myself into the work, which in all honesty wasn’t very difficult.

I continued to dress conservatively, no short skirts, heels, I did wear stockings though, but nothing tight or figure revealing so not attracting any attention in the company.

The business was very successful with about 50 customers, judging by Roger’s clothes and car he did well out of it, I wasn’t complaining, the salary was far bigger than beylikdüzü escort anything that I’d previously earned. Each time we started a new job for a customer I was to go into the factory and collect the first proofs which Roger would check and train me how to do it, in the first week or so I’d done this a few times, we were quite busy. When on the Thursday afternoon when in the factory. I dropped one of the customer’s proofs, luckily it landed on a small bench by the print machine so wasn’t damaged, I bent over to retrieve it and someone wolf whistled me! I couldn’t believe that this had happened, I mean no one ever whistles at a lady these days, not pc, but the again these guys were all ancient and had probably never heard of pc. I straightened up and blushing left the factory floor.

I realised that when I bent over, even though my skirt was loose, it would have pulled tight over my arse and if anyone looked they’d have seen my knicker outline and maybe my suspender straps image, someone did look. By the time I got back to the office I had the itch again, not only that, I had that warm wet feeling between my legs, I wished that I’d worn something a bit more revealing, and started to imagine that the guys in the factory would rub their cocks looking at me.

The following day and future days I started to dress for more sexy and provocative, tight skirts just above my knee, stockings and suspenders of course, heels about 3 or 4inch high, tight blouses which showed off my big tits. I noticed Roger started to pay far more attention to me when he was in the office and on a couple of occasions I’d caught him having sly looks at my legs, my desk didn’t have any skirt, so from where he sat, he had a good view of my legs when I was sat on my chair.

Not only that, when I went into the factory I would walk and swing my hips, all the guys would stop work and watch as I sashayed to pick up the proofs, I was loving this, having 8 old men lusting after me was making my fanny wet most days, by the time I got home in the evenings I would rip my dress off and Skype Andy, we’d have a mutual masturbation session whilst I told him how I’d teased these guys!

Roger spent a lot of time out of the office and from what I understood, used to spend a couple of nights a week with a company or group called Lions, Lions I knew where a customer, but were handled only by Roger and I never saw anything from them.

Roger was about 6 foot, slim with grey hair, even though he was in his 70’s he beylikdüzü eve gelen escort looked ok, obviously he’d looked after himself. I made sure that when we were in the office together I’d let me skirt ride up a bit, giving him a good piece of leg to look at, it turned me on doing this and with Andy’s working away being extended, we’d have a major wank session on skype each night. Andy loved the fact of me teasing these guys and was happy as long as I told him everything and in advance if I was ever going to go further.

About a week later, Roger was out when the phone rang, I picked up the phone and a woman was on line, she asked for Roger, I said that he was out the office, she said that she was from the Lions and could I give a message to Roger to bring this weeks Lions file with him tonight, I said yes and hung up the phone.

Roger came back to the office about an hour later and I gave him the message, I noticed that he took a flash drive from his pocket, plugged it into his computer and started to download something, the phone then rang again, Roger answered it and said that he was on his way, he took the flash drive from the computer and said to me that he needed to leave and would see me tomorrow.

I thought nothing of it and carried on with my work, just before I was about to leave at 5pm my phone rand and it was Roger, he said that he’d forgotten to shut down his computer and would I close it down for him. I ‘d got my coat on and was ready to leave when I walked across to Roger’s desk to shut down his computer, I was just about to close it when I noticed an icon on the screen called Lions.

As this was the first thing that I’d seen in respect to this customer, my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the icon, it opened and there were 10 files, each one had a date and the last one was dated 2 days ago. I clicked on this file and it opened with a list, there looked to be around 100 items listed, I noticed that they were picture files and so I clicked on view and changed list to thumbnails.

The fist picture that came up was of Roger and four other guys, all about the same age smiling with drinks in what looked like a private bar, in the next picture they’d been joined by a woman, she looked to be in her 30’s, was attractive and smartly dressed, they were all standing together and laughing. In the next photo Roger had his hand in her blouse. Fucking hell, the next picture she had her blouse totally open, she had on a red support beylikdüzü masöz escort bra, her tits were sticking out and her nipples ere on stalks, she was kissing Roger who was squeezing one tit whilst another guy was sucking on the other, the next had a guy on his knees with her skirt up round her waste, she was still kissing Roger and another guy was still sucking on her nipples, the guy on his knees had her red knickers to one side and was fingering her twat, she’d got Roger’s knob in her hand.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, all four 70 year odd blokes were now fully undressed, jesus, all had fucking hard-ons, the next pictures had the woman bent over sucking on Roger’ s knob whilst a guy was behind her with his tongue up her cunt. Without realising, my hand was in my knickers and I had 3 fingers up my gash as I looked at pic after pic of this women being fucked senseless. At times she had two cocks in her mouth and one up her cunt, one in every hole, every position you could think of, she had cum dripping off her face and tits, she was fucking loving it! When I saw the pic where she was sitting on one guys cock and Roger who was kneeling in front of her has his prick in her cunt as well, she’s got spunk on her belly plus a cock in her mouth and another in her hand, I just came. Wow, cum was spraying from my cunt as I now had 4 fingers in up to the knuckle.

I quickly came to my senses and went back to my desk, I got a flash drive and downloaded every file before closing Roger’s computer.

When I got home, I didn’t skype Andy, I went to the kitchen and luckily was the cucumber there that I’d bought at the weekend, I picked up a bottle of wine and glass and went to the bedroom.

I spent all night looking at every file, fuck, there were 4 different women, on two occasions, two women together, but were all similar, a blonde, two brunettes and a redhead, all with the same style of dress, and looking at the pics, all loving being fucked by a gang of old men. Roger was in all the sets, but some of the others where different, there was one were an old black guy who worked in the factory was there, the old fucker had a fucking snake for a cock, it was that big.

Needless to say, I fucked myself silly with the cucumber, I wanted to be those women, god I wanted those old fuckers to fuck me, treat me as their slut, I didn’t care, I was desperate to be display myself to them and let them use me.

By the end of the night, I’d even got the wine bottle, thick end up me and my bed was fucking soaking, I’d lost time of the number of times that I’d cum.

Next morning when I awoke, I dressed in a very tight grey skirt, a white blouse, no bra, open crotch knickers, dark stockings, red suspender belt and red very high heels. Today, I was going to be Roger’s slut, in order to get an invite to the next Lions meeting, my snatch was on fire!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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