Why I Married Your Father

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Chapter 1

Growing up, I guess I always judged myself on how I was regarded by the guys around me. I learned what they desired and did it to be popular. As the years passed, what started out with makeup and a smile turned into sneaking behind the bleachers for a quickie with my first boyfriend.

When my boyfriend abruptly abandoned, I seduced another. The sex was wonderful, but then he dumped me too. I learned guys leave me, so I never stopped seeking my next boyfriend.

I made out with many guys, whoever I could seduce, and wherever we might get away to do it. Yeah, I was called “slut” and “whore” from other girls. I realized those words represented terms of jealousy. Those virgins didn’t like that I won all the guys.

I must admit that I committed some mistakes, but I learned from them. Senior year of high school, I got pregnant and needed an abortion. Freshman year of college, it happened again. I stated taking the pill to prevent such matters. I wanted sex to be free-flowing, and guys loved me for it.

I started getting frustrated in college. I was supposed to have connected with Mr. Right by now! My friends teased me that I wanted to graduate with “an MRS degree”. Even when I had one boyfriend, I didn’t stop looking for the next one. They frequently overlapped. I got caught cheating a few times, but the guys would have left me anyway!

After graduation, I had to move out of the dorms. I needed a place to live, so I asked around. A friend tipped me off about a sweet deal. Someone needed to move out and violate their lease; I could take over at a discount. I seized the deal. One of my housemates was Hunter. He works downtown at a dinner theatre as a dancer and actor. We quickly came to be good friends. I was entranced by his cat-like grace, and he has a body to die for.

After a few weeks, I gathered up my courage and asked “Would you like to go out to dinner?”

He looked at me. “Like out on a date?”

I smiled playfully back. “Yeah, like on a date!”

He looked at me dubiously. “If we date, you’ll cheat on me like you did with your previous boyfriends. Ultimately, I’ll find out and angrily dump you. And we will be stuck awkwardly living together for the next six months. No offense, but I’ll have to pass on a date. It’s better to remain friends. Friends can have other friends without any issues.”

His answer made sense. He had listened to me when I talked, a rare trait in a guy. He understood who I was, but it increased my desire for him all the more. “What would it take for you to trust me?”

He scoffed. “Given your history, you’d need to be locked in a chastity belt.”

We laughed. I had to admit he had a point and let it pass. However, the seed was planted in my head. As we chatted, my mind couldn’t get past the idea of experiencing my sex locked away and controlled by a boyfriend. How would that transform my psyche?

Later that night, I did a Google search for Chastity belts. I found a plethora of pictures and manufacturers. I came across Metalchastity.com, a pay site for chastity fetish. I perused the site and saw he was only a two-hour drive away. I was intrigued. I could do this. The same guy also ran a sister site Bondagebabes.com. How would it be to model for him? Is it safe? I saw some models posed once and were done. Others came back again or crossed over to the other site. If some models come back, he must be reasonable. I sent the owner a quick email about amateur modeling.

I received a prompt response from Mark, who manages the sites. He was definitely interested and asked about my availability and a picture of my face. I responded, and we started going to texts to speed up communication. I sensed he was a tormented soul. His hormones were truly turned on by regarding women as objects to be locked up. However, his business sense wanted to be very respectful of the models so they would come back. His mind was caught in the middle, tugged back and forth.

Mark was involved with multiple women at the same time; he wasn’t a dating prospect. Mark was just a tool to manipulate for money and a possible route to Hunter. We set up a date about two weeks out. Mark asked for measurements, so he could have the belt properly adjusted ahead of time.

On the day of the shoot, I got up ungodly early to board the train. I dozed until a brilliant sunrise came over the hills, shining into my eyes. I looked around the other passengers. I noticed a family and a few business folks, all totally unaware that I was headed to a fetish photo shoot. Thinking about that provided a secret thrill as I watched the countryside go by.

It was only a brief walk from the train station to his house. It was a nondescript place, just in the middle of some row houses. I rang the bell.

Mark answered, and beamed when he saw I showed up. With a wave of his hand, he called out, “C’mon in!”

I walked in as he slyly tried looking me up and down. Like most guys, Mark probably thought I didn’t notice, but his hormones made him so eager.

Mark visibly forced himself canlı bahis to say “Would you like anything to drink? Water? Tea?” He was trying hard to be polite when what he truly wanted to do was lock my pussy up and take pictures and video of his control. The mental battle in his head was amusing to watch.

Over some decent Earl Gray tea and store-bought biscuits, we set up a safeword, such that I would be unlocked. If I said “safeword”, I would be promptly released. However, I would forfeit all pay for the shoot. Once we were finished with tea, he enthusiastically steered me to the door down into his basement.

I turned the corner with trepidation. Visions of some dank place filled with cobwebs, or a hidden temple to the Dark Lord ran through my head. I was pleasantly surprised. The basement was tidy and brightly lit. The wood paneling made it look homey. One wall had wooden cubbies set up. Each alcove stored a wearable restraint I saw on his website. I noticed various chastity belts, chastity bras, cuffs, and collars.

A nice bed stood against the opposing wall. I recognized its sturdy wooden frame as the one pictured often on his website. On the bed sat one chastity belt, opened and waiting. It was attractive to look at, the gleaming stainless-steel contrasting with the happily pink rubber trim. I noticed that formidable lock, front and center. They keys were not visible. I was nervous, but enthralled.

I nervously shuffled to the bed and picked it up. The belt was heavier than I imagined it would be. I had thought about this belt for weeks. The front shield was broad, but the belt’s curves were clearly deliberately shaped. It would cover my sex. There is no way anything was getting around it. While there was a slot to pee through, that was defended by a formidable second shield. I would be hard pressed to wriggle a Q-tip between my skin and the belt, much less anything that could pleasure me. Despite being keenly aware he retained the keys, I still wanted to try this thing on. But Mark was standing right there, and we only just met.

Mark gestured, “There’s a washroom around the corner.” He seemed to know what I was thinking. Previous models must have felt the same way.

I walked as if in a dream. I took off my skirt and panties and tried to figure out how to put this thing on. Eventually, I wrapped the waist band around myself. The lock was on one end, a metal tab on the other. It was snug, perhaps too tight to close. I sucked in and slid the tab into the lock. I was a bit startled as I hear the “click.” I tugged, but the waistband held firmly. I couldn’t get out. I reached between my legs and pulled the crotch portion up and into place. A large ring pressed into my ass as I tugged. It didn’t seem to fit right, and the tab wouldn’t reach the lock. Did I do something wrong or give the incorrect measurements?

I manually spread my ass cheeks around the ring to have the strap go tighter. Maybe that could gather enough slack to secure the belt. I pulled on the crotch strap more. The ring held the cheeks apart. I felt oddly exposed given I was putting on a chastity belt! I tugged again and realized this would be quite snug. With a final heave, the tab jolted into the lock with a definitive “click”!

I paused a moment, looking down at the belt. I tugged on it, trying to rip it off. The coated metal bands were so snug it was hard to get a proper grip. Needless to say, the belt stayed firmly locked around me; my struggles were futile. It was way too tight to squirm out of. I actually would have been disappointed I could have squirmed out of the locked belt so readily. Well, I was finally helplessly secured into a belt! It’s showtime!

I stepped out of the washroom. Mark grinned ear to ear like a kid in a candy store. He cooed, “Oh lovely!” I strutted this way and that, feigning being a runway model.

I must have done a good job, as Mark’s eyes sparkled. “Oh yes! Keep it up!” The camera came up, and he started the photo shoot.

I had developed an intimate understanding of what poses played to male hormones. I started shifting from one to another. As I moved around, I saw an open doorway to another room. From my vantage point, I saw large shiny steel things, but couldn’t perceive what they were.

After a bit, he started giving directions. “Sit on the bed.” He snapped more pictures. “Sprawl across it.” I played to the camera, varying my expressions from pouting to seductive to needy and everywhere in between. I loved being the center of attention. Mark made me feel special, showering me with “Oh yeah! You look great!” and other compliments.

After a solid hour of modeling, Mark said “Well, I think I have enough pictures and videos for the site. We’re all set! I saw you looking at the other studio, would you like a tour?”

I popped up with a peppy “Sure!” and Mark turned on the lights. I wandered into the room, gazing at the various items he had accumulated.

Most of the diverse contraptions seemed straightforward. A group of shiny chains dangled from the wall bahis siteleri behind varying frames designed to restrain the female body. A yoke leaned against a wall, showing off its neck hole, and two holes for wrists.

One was challenging to figure one; it was just a four-foot square metal plate on the floor with a waist-high pipe going up from the middle. I commented, “It looks like an overgrown stand for a porch umbrella.”

Mark laughed. “It’s the one-bar prison.”

I had visions of a prisoner befuddled if they should go left or right to walk around an isolated post. I laughed back. “One-bar prison?”

Mark smiled “Oh yes. I install a dildo like this one.” He held up a stainless steel item that looked like stacked balls before continuing. A woman wearing high heels straddles the dildo, and when I raise the bar way up, she is truly stuck.” From Mark’s grin, I could tell he deeply enjoyed locking women on it.

I tapped the chastity belt with my fingernails, making the distinctive “ting” of metal. “Well, seems you made sure I can’t be locked in that one.” I added on, “And I’m wearing flats today.”

Mark paused for a moment as he considered. “Well, you do have one hole quite open. I never attempted it that way before. And I have a pair of heels.” Mark took a step to a cubby and pointed out a pair of high-heeled shoes made out of stainless steel. Each ankle strap closed with a luggage lock. “I’ll pay you four hundred dollars if you can get off of it.”

I smiled. That was more than I was earning for the chastity belt photo shoot, and it might be done in minutes! “But what if I can’t escape?”

“You do a larger chastity photo shoot for the rest of the day, and then I’ll pay you the four hundred.”

I needed the money. “You got a deal!”

He handed me the high heels. I sat on a bondage frame, and slid my foot into the rigid stilettos. Instead of tiny buckles, these straps closed with luggage locks. Click by click, each lock made sure they stayed on. I stood and tried walking. I wore heels many times, but walking in these was decidedly different; my ankle couldn’t bend. I wound up awkwardly mincing my way to the one-bar prison. These shoes weren’t made for walking.

I straddled the probe, appreciating how the lube glistened in the light. Mark calmly said “Move as you need to. Completely relax and simply allow it in.”

I felt the cool steel touch my ass and tried to keep myself centered on the stack of balls. I was oddly grateful for the ring keeping my butt cheeks spread. Bit by bit, the erotic invader pressed in. I’ve had boyfriends try anal before; Mark was right, it was easiest for both parties if I just let the ass invader in. Resisting it would only make things worse. I look deep breaths and the first ball popped in. The second ball was larger, but my sphincter accepted that one in too. The third was the largest. I was panting and grateful when it was finally inserted all the way in. I felt pretty stuffed.

Mark stepped in front of me, smiling from behind his camera as he snapped one photo after another. I tried feigning a smile throughout the shoot, despite the discomfort in my ass and feet. After about 15 minutes, Mark called out, “OK. You’re all done! You can head home whenever you want.” He pointedly dropped the keys to my chastity belt on the floor just a few feet in front of me. He artfully displayed an attractive pile of cash on the floor next to it.

I tried stepping forward, but the plug was buried deep up my butt. I tried bending over; could I reach the keys for the belt? With my ass unable to move, bending far enough was impossible. The plug jabbed and poked inside my ass with my attempts. I tried lifting a leg to get off of it like a bicycle, but I just couldn’t raise my butt! The rudely invading pole prevented flexing my knees to jump, and leaping like this seemed like a painfully epic fail in the making.

After a few minutes of squirming, I realized I was truly stuck on the one-bar prison. Mark didn’t interfere, he just walked around, videotaping my frustrated attempts at escape. My movements showcased my helplessness, but I was still just as impaled on this damned butt plug.

A few minutes later, my feet started aching all the more as the straps dug in. Stainless-steel heels are made for security, not comfort. I had to give up. “OK. You win. What’s involved in the larger chastity shoot?”

Mike flashed a smug smile; he knew he would win all along. In the back of my mind, I recognized it too. Mark said, “I’ll be right back.” He went behind me into the chastity room. I discerned the sound of various items being chosen, but couldn’t tell what. Time passed, and Mike hadn’t come back. What was taking him so long? I teetered to spin around the bar, grunting as the plug twisted in my ass. Mike was casually leaning in the door, bearing what seemed to be a cornucopia of cuffs and chains. He’d just been waiting there, enjoying my torment and predicament! He captured my tormented groan on video.

Once he knew he was spotted, Mark called out “Oh! bahis şirketleri You’re still here!” I pouted, both of us knowing I was stuck until he decided to release me. He took his time sauntering over, showcasing his ability to walk freely. Mike set down the pile of cuffs with a cacophony of clanking. He smiled. “You’re not getting out of the one-bar prison until all of these are locked on. We need to keep you very secure.”

Mark picked out two large cuffs. Each of them dangled from a separate chain. They were overly large for wrists or ankles. I had no idea what they were, but figured I would soon find out! Each chain ended in a metal button. He pressed one button into the hip of my belt, and I heard a “click” as it locked in place. He reached around the other side and clicked the other one into place. As the cuffs dangled down, their purpose became clear, they were for my thighs. Mark smiled as he invited me, “Lock yourself in!”

I grunted as I bent over to lock the thigh cuffs. The anal invader strongly guided me to remain very upright! I wrapped the cuffs around my thighs, fastening them as Mark videoed the self-bondage spectacle. I think he even enjoyed the tormented grunt!

Like the rest of the set, the thigh bands fit snugly, but not too tight. I noticed they had D-rings sticking out the front, sides and back, like belt loops. I looked at Mark to inquire about them, but he was already holding out a metal cable. It finished with a loop at each end. An open lock without a key dangled from one loop. Mark said “This is like a belt for your thighs. It should prevent you from spreading your legs you pretty little slut!”

Those words hit home more than he knew. I was truly undertaking this to be forcibly monogamous with Hunter! I threaded the cable through the belt loops locked to my thighs. His measurements allowed absolutely no slack! I had to clench my thighs together to close the cable and lock the padlock. Click by click, I was getting more and more locked. I was prevented from spreading my legs wide open like I had done for so many guys.

The metal high heels were increasingly uncomfortable. The soles had no padding; they were slick steel. My feet were sliding down, pressing the band over into my arch so much! And I knew they would be on until everything else was locked on!

Mark displayed metal cuffs with a matching pink trim. They had the same secure locking mechanism as the thigh bands. “These are for your wrists.” He handed them to me and filmed me fastening them around my own wrists. I was on film as a willing participant in this.

The next cuff was larger. “This is a collar for your neck.” I never knew a collar was needed for chastity, but I was in no place to argue. He enthusiastically presented it to me.

I held up the sturdy metal collar with its matching pink rubber trim. A prodigious ring dangled from the front of it. I held it up and joked, “For a leash?” Mark’s eyes lit up and a smile erupted from his face. Did I just furnish him an idea? If so, was it an enjoyable one? I fastened the collar around my neck with a definitive “click.” I tugged lightly, but once locked, it seemed quite secure. I smiled at the lusty look in Mike’s face.

Mike laid out the final item. The two gleaming metal cups with a bunch of attached chains betrayed that this metal device was to be locked over my boobs. Mike handed it to me. It was heftier than I expected. I figure my entire outfit was nearing ten pounds! I turned it over in my hands; it took a few moments until I discerned how the contraption was designed. This thing was a front closure bra. The band around the back was semi-flexible steel. Two rigid steel shoulders straps rose from the back, became flat chains in the middle, then would meet between the girls at a lock. Each cup had a tab that would fit into the lock. It seemed like the cup size was a size or two too small; the bra would be a snug fit.

There was no sense in delaying the inevitable, and the release of the plug and shoes. I took off my shirt and unfastened my bra. Mike’s eyes seemed laser focused on my boobs as they became visible. I slipped my arms through the shoulder straps and shrugged it on like a short vest. the band around my body. It was quite a struggle to stuff the girls into the cups; they were even more compressed than my exercise bra! I started tugging and tucking things in. It was frustrating how a tug in one spot would shift my boobs in ways I never had to deal with before. Mike seemed to thoroughly enjoy the show, taking a multitude of pictures and video. At long last, I snapped the lock shut to hold it all together! I looked up at him with a sense of triumph.

Mark said “Oh yes. You look magnificent!” He started suggesting some playful poses, which I promptly complied. I lovingly bathed in the compliments Mark lavished on me. I loved that he adored me! When Mark was behind me, he said “Let your arms hang down.” I promptly complied and felt him yank my wrist cuffs toward my waist. I heard a pair of ominous clicks. I lightly tugged with my hands, but they were secured to the waist of my chastity belt. Some reward for following directions! Mark snapped more pictures and video clips of my futile struggles and playful pouts before he called out “All done! Great work!”

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