What My Brother Doesn’t Know

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I want to tell you about something that I stumbled upon many years ago as a young girl. Dad was always the ‘lets be prepared’ kind of guy and he would always be installing safety devices in the house, fire ladders in the upstairs windows, smoke and fire alarms where necessary. But it was the nights of the family fire drills that gave me an idea that I finally acted on in my first year in college.

My name is Betsy and I am 5’7″ tall, slender with a small B cup breasts and light red hair. I am the older of two children. My brother Matt is a year younger. He stood 6″2′ tall with a football players build, very muscular. He was a good looking guy but was not very aggressive when it came to meeting girls and with football practice he was usually left with very little if any time to see a girl even if he found one,

I had come home for a three-day break from college during my freshman year and being back in the house brought back so many memories of my childhood. For some reason I recalled the late night fire drills that Dad would surprise us with and how difficult it was to get Matt awake and out of the house. To say he slept like a log would almost be appropriate, to say he slept like a rock would be better. Dad always kidded that he really needed a stick of dynamite to wake Matt up once he’d fallen asleep.

So here I am home from college, I’d just broken up with my latest loser boyfriend and crawled home for some comfort and support. Mom and Dad were great and so was Matt but everyone was so wrapped up in their own lives that I started to feel a bit lonely. Late that first night, long after everyone had gone to bed I was still up. I just could not sleep. As I wandered the upstairs hall I glanced down to see one of the fire ladders Dad had installed for our safety. It was that thought that reminded me of how deeply my brother Matt slept.

I decided to see just how deeply he slept now that he was older and I crept into his room. He looked to be out cold and was lying uncovered on his bed in just his boxers. He was on his back. I made some small noises to see if he was asleep then I started jiggling the bed but nothing seemed to stir him. My jiggling of the bed however had opened the front of Matt’s boxers and I gasped at what I saw. My brother possessed a fairly large member and I just stared at it in amazement. I don’t know how long I starred but at some point I became afraid he would waken so I quietly left the room.

I still could not sleep but now it was because I could not get the picture of my brother’s cock out of my mind. If it had been anyone other then my brother I would be plotting on how to get that man to stuff me with it. I just could not see myself begging Matt to fuck me, his sister.

I was fairly tired all the next day and though we all went to Matt’s senior day football bahis firmalar─▒ game, I was not energetic enough to go out with some old classmates I had seen at the game. I had a quiet night at home with my parents and went to bed early, about ten thirty. Sometime about two in the morning I woke up. As I lay there, thinking about going back to sleep, my adventures from the night before came to mind. Once again I saw the huge cock between my brothers legs and could feel a moistening between my legs. I decided to see how much Matt could take and still not wake up.

Matt was in the same position as he was the night before and after making some noises right in his ear and again bouncing the mattress Matt was still out. I was happy to see that so was his cock. Gingerly I reached out to lightly touch it and was amazed at the warmth I felt as my fingers traced the veins running the length of his shaft. I was pleasantly surprised to feel it hardening to my touch and I wondered again if Matt was playing possum. I removed my hand and crept back and stayed silent to see if he moved or looked to see where I had gone, but the only muscle that moved was his cock and even at this distance I could see that it was now very hard and had increased it size tremendously.

I crept up to the bed and this time I put my hand around the base of his shaft and lifted his cock upright. I could not believe how hard he was and how warm his cock was in my hands. Slowly I began to slide my hand up and down his shaft and became so excited watching this that I had to slide my other hand between my legs to satisfy the growing itch in my pussy.

As I began to move my hand faster on his hard cock, I was trying to solve the problem of his cum, I did not want it to dry on him and make him wonder what had happened. Neither did I want his sheets stained and have Mom see the results of what she would think was Matt’s masturbation. The only solution I could think of was to position my mouth over the head of his cock and try to shoot his cum in my mouth. So as I continued to increase my pace I bent over the bed with my mouth open just above his cock. After holding this position for a few seconds I realized that I was being foolish and I bent my head down further and allowed as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. This was the only time that night that I felt as if I were being incestuous. Stroking him did not seem so intimate but having his hot cock in my mouth, sliding my mouth up and down, felt forbidden. That taboo feeling was erupting in my pussy and driving me to the edge of an orgasm. I increased my motions on Matt’s cock hoping I could get him off then run to my room and bury my fist in my pussy but it was not to be.

My pussy reacted first and sent me rocking with an orgasm. I was so taken by the force that I let Matt’s ka├žak iddaa cock slip from my mouth just as he ejaculated. The good news was none of it landed on Matt or his bed; the bad news was my face and hair was coated with my brother’s cum. I silently tip toed back to my room and found a towel to wipe my self until I could shower in the morning. As I lay in my bed my hand resumed its work on my pussy and the smell of my brother’s cum in my hair pushed me over the edge again. When I woke the following morning I chided myself on my actions and promised I would never again do something like that.

I managed to keep that promise at least until the next time I came home. I was home for the Christmas break and would be home for two plus weeks. I spent the first two days trying to convince my self once again that playing with my brother’s cock was the worst of deviant behaviors. The fact that I was still without even a loser boyfriend and had not seen any other cocks since Matt’s kept the kinky side of my brain from allowing better judgment to rule.

On my third night home I snuck into Matt’s room in the middle of the night. I realized that my brother pretty much slept in the same position and there he was, on top of the covers clad only in boxers. No matter how often I would do this I always needed to make sure he was in his deep sleep. While I enjoyed the realization that I was doing something society would never accept, I also realized I could not have Matt know what I did. So I always tried to wake him before I did anything. But each night was the same, he never moved, I freed his cock, felt it harden in my hands and then I took him in my mouth and sucked him off. I even tried to stuff him into my throat but I could not stop from gagging and I was afraid to make too much noise.

I did this every night for the first week I was home. I fucked my brother’s cock with my mouth and greedily swallowed his seed. By the beginning of my second week at home that concept of using Matt’s cock had almost become routine and in that routine I started to become bored. I could not at that time understand my need to always want more, to always push the envelope but I knew I was bored sucking his cock every night and I needed more.

So the very next night I went to Matt’s room, I stripped completely naked and gently knelt on the bed. I took his cock out and started, as always, by gently stroking it, bringing it up and getting it semi hard for me. I bent over and put him in my mouth and sucked his cock till it was rock hard, and as always at the same time I played with my pussy trying to bring us both to orgasm while he slept. Once his cock was hard I settled my pussy over his cock and faced away from him. If this failed and he did wake, I did not want to see his eyes nor for him to see me.

I took it slow. ka├žak bahis I brought my pussy down to meet the tip of his hard cock. I had held him in position so as I dropped further down his shaft of thick meat forced it’s way into me. I had been fucked before but never with a cock this size and as I lowered myself down I really enjoyed how it forced my cunt open and was amazed at the places it reached. I just sat there at first, both enjoying the monster invading me and somewhat afraid to move now that I was impaled. But it was too good, soon my own overheated body controlled the action and I felt my self rise up and allow that cock to slide back almost out before my hips reversed direction and pushed that big boy deep inside my now boiling pussy.

I had no choice now but to fuck this cock, I was too turned on to be gentle, to be nice and I fucked my brother’s cock with gusto. It didn’t take me long to cum, but I did not stop riding that monster in my cunt, as my first orgasm started to recede another started up and I was quickly losing all control of my body. I was shaking and biting my lips to keep from screaming my delight. Finally, I felt that monster jerk inside me and enjoyed it as hot spray after hot spray filled me with his cum.

I stayed on him for a few minutes, more to allow me to regain control over my weakened legs and regain my breath. As soon as I settled I lifted my body of his now softening cock and got back to the floor. As I was about to leave I realized that the scent of my pussy would be all over his cock. So I leaned back over the bed and took him in my mouth again to clean him. It shocked me how quickly he got hard again and as that cock grew in my mouth so did my desire and I started to fuck his cock with my mouth. This time I did manage to get him in my throat with minimal gagging. I was so happy to have accomplished this that each time I took him in I pushed him deeper and deeper into my throat until I felt him cum while at the depth of my throat. It set me off again and I hobbled back to my room to milk my latest orgasm in the comfort of my bed as my left fist pushed into my well-fucked pussy and fucked me again.

I fucked my sleeping brother for the next eight nights, sometimes staying in his room and fucking him twice in the same night. I was so well fucked by the time I went back t school in January that my parents wondered why I was so happy. I told them it was nice to be home but I was anxious to get back to school. Matt, throughout all this time never gave an inkling that he knew what was happening and his farewell to me that year was the same as always.

“See ya sis!”

I spent the first few night back on campus masturbating to the memories of my illicit use of my own brother. Some nights the pure fucking was enough to get me off and on other nights just the thought that I had fucked my brother brought on massive orgasms, shaking my whole body and soaking the hand buried in my cunt. I knew that spring break was coming and I wondered to what level I might dare to go then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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