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One of the things I missed about Dhaka was the warm weather. In England the default weather is always the gloomy weather with no sunshine. So, standing outside the airport in the sun light was kind of a relief for me, even if the sun was slowly becoming unbearable. I looked at my phone screen for my office car’s location. Then I looked around. There it is. I walked toward the silver Premio with my bulky suitcase. The driver has already noticed me walking towards him and got out of the car to help me. I gave him the suitcase to put it in the trunk and entered the car. The driver took his seat and looked back at me,” To office, right sir?”

“Not yet,” I answered, “Take me to Ring Road first.”


I arrived to my home country after a long 3 months stint in London. Working for a big corp. and earning 6-digit salary meant sometimes I’d have to go out of my comfort zone and tackle the unknown. Fortunately, I wasn’t unfamiliar with this situation. For the last 6 years I had to go abroad for 2-3 months at a time every year. At first it was exciting and nerve racking, now it’s ‘meh’.

I guided the driver through the last few turns towards my destination. The car stopped in front of apartment complex building. I paid the driver some money for a light snack and told him to wait for a while and entered the building. I still had some things to do in my office but that could wait. It was noon now. Though I arrived at the airport at the morning, it took a while to get through customs.

I went up to the 3rd floor and pressed the calling beside the door. After a while a timid question came from somewhere inside the house, “Just a minute, who’s there?”

“It’s me,” I replied.

The door was pulled open with so much force I thought the handle would come off.

And there she was, Ahona, in all her preciousness. She was wearing a plain thin saree she usually wore at home. Her long hair was tied in a messy bun and the smell of spices told me she was busy cooking. I could see her curvy figure through her sweat-clad attire. Her heaving bra-free breasts were tight against her flimsy blouse. 3 months of pent up lust boiled up inside me, I had to have her now.

“You… you’re back!” she exclaimed, like she couldn’t believe herself. “Yes, I am. And I can’t wait any longer,” I said and stepped into the house.

“But but, you weren’t supposed to be back for another week!”

“Change of plan.”

I put my suitcase beside the front gate and grabbed Ahona by her shoulders.

“It’s been too long, strip!”

“What? I can’t! Not know! they’re gonna be back any minute now. Raju will be back home from picking the children from school.”

“At this moment I don’t give a fuck about Raju or the kids right now!” I grabbed and pulled on the front of her blouse and buttons went flying everywhere. She jerked away from me and ran into the house. I shut the front door and ran after her, discarding my dress shirt on the way.

Despite pushing 40 I managed to keep a healthy. I wasn’t muscular by any means, but I also wasn’t packing in extra fat anywhere in my body. I followed Ahona through the house into the bedroom. She was standing on a corner clutching her exposed breasts with her saree. “Sayem, please stop this. It’s the middle of the day, think rationally, Raju will be back with the children any time now. We’ll surely get caught!”

But I wasn’t listening. I could only see her eyes. They were blazing with lust. The 3 months of waiting were also effecting her. I approached her slowly, like a tiger stalking a doe. Her diminutive 5’2″ figure was overshadowed by my 5’10” height. Her eyes were big and round, filled with lust and fright and nervousness. I pounced on her and grabbed her by her soft waist. I twisted around and threw her into the queen-sized bed. She let out a yelp fell on her front, and I was gifted to the sight of her plump jiggling ass inside her saree. I jumped into the bed after her and pinned her down under my body. Her jiggling ass rubbed deliciously against my raging hardness, even through the multiply layers of clothes the friction was almost enough for me to lose my control, almost.

I kept her pinned with my lower body and raised myself with my hands and knelt down on her. Both of now were breathing heavily. I gabbed onto the end of her saree with my left hand and put the other hand on the back of her neck to keep her pinned down. Then I pulled. Half her saree came undone with one pull. That was enough for now. I dropped her saree and slowly lied on top of her. My left hand went past her waist grabbing the strings of her petticoat and pulled it open, freeing the valley between her legs to my wandering hand. My right hand went below her arm and grabbed hold of her big breasts, too big even for my larger hands. Popping out two kids did wonders for her bosom.

My left hand soon reached its destination. Her vaginal lips were puffy and leaking profusely. Her casino siteleri inner thighs were soaked with her juice. I caressed the outsides of her vagina till she was squirming under me. My mouth was kissing her back, neck, her ears and any sensitive spot I could find. My right hand was busy fondling her two jugs. Suddenly I felt her hands going backwards and trying to grab onto my pants. I smiled. She finally has relented and given up to her lust.

I crawled away from her body and stood up at the foot of the bed. My left-hand fingers were coated with her juices. Ahona slowly got up to her hands and flipped herself to her back. At this point she and me both were sweating heavily. I slowly undid my pants, pulling it off along with my underwear. My raging hard-on came free and swinging, ready for battle. Ahona saw my shaft and her eyes became dilated, lust filling every inches. She folded her knees her opened her legs giving me free passage into her depths, a passage I fully intended to use. I crawled up the bed and over her body. I grabbed the lower side of her saree and petticoat and pulled it over. Revealing her milky legs, soft wet thighs, and finally, the forbidden treasure. How beautifully it was glistening in the sunlight.

“Please Sayem, hurry up. Before they come back.”

I was never one to keep a lady waiting. It was bad manners and my parents taught me better.

I slowly settled myself over her soft body. Her big breasts pressed into my chests, my shaft rubbed into her vagina, sending a shock of pleasure through her body. Ahona’s hips jerked up, seeking more, more.

But no yet.

I claimed Ahona’s lips with my own. It tasted like… home. That’s the best I could describe how kissing Ahona felt like. Her arms came around my neck and pulled on me roughly. Her legs came around and gripped at my waist. We joined from head to toe, and Oh Al-Mighty, it felt like heaven. While Ahona and my tongues were battling it out, my hands were busy roaming her breasts, her waist and finally her plump ass. I grabbed as much ass I could and pulled her to me, in result grinding her vagina to my shaft more and more. My shaft was leaking precum now. At this rate, I wouldn’t last long.

Ahona finally let go of my tongue and breathed out, “Please Sayem, I can’t take it anymore. Put it in me. Please do it, do me!”

I smiled devilishly. “Do what beautiful? I can’t understand what you’re saying.”

“You bastard!” Ahona growled. “Don’t start your game now. We don’t have time. Just do it!”

“Do what?”


“Do what?” I asked again.

“Put it in me, put your big fat cock inside my pussy and rip me apart!” Ahona said through clenched teeth.

“That’s more like it,” I murmured into her right ear, then gave it a little nibble. I raised up my hips and grabbed unto my shaft with my right hand. I rubbed the head along her lips and enjoyed the jerks it produced. She tried to use her legs on my waist to pull me in but I was too strong.

“Please please please please….” Ahona started murmuring, her eyes were shut.

“Ahona, look at me. Look at me darling, or I won’t put it in.”

That opened up her eyes. Big round brown eyes, filled with lust and love and devotion, all for me, only me. Everyone else were absent in her mind at this moment. At this moment she was mine.

I plunged my shaft deep into her vagina. And kept going deep, the vagina hasn’t been used for many months.


Raju slowly weaved the car through the busy traffic of Dhaka. He both hated and loved this time of the day. Loved it because he got a small break from his office work and come home for a quick lunch, hated it because he had to weave through the rush hour traffic to pick up the two kids from school. It didn’t help that both of them attended different schools, so it was twice the pain.

Samir and Sammy and were in the backseat and started to argue about something. Something about Shin-Chan. Sammy the girl was the older one, she turned 10 this year. Samir followed next being 9 years of age.

“Shut up you two, or there won’t be any ice-creams for you tomorrow.”

“No fair, Didi (big sister) is the one shouting, why should I miss ice-cream?” Samir screamed.

“I’m not screaming you’re screaming!” screamed Sammy.

Raju himself wanted to scream, but kept his cool. Just a little more. Then we will be home, he thought. Then they’re mother will handle these hell spawns. Raju kept chanting to himself. In a little while, we’ll be home.


The whole house was filled with our frantic love-making. I was on my knees, thrusting into Ahona. Her legs were around my hips, her hands around my neck, her necks scratching the skin of my back. I had grabbed on to her ass, to help with my pounding. My shaft was flying in and out of her vagina, making schlk schlk canl─▒ casino wet noises with every thrust. Her vagina was loosening and tightening around my shaft from time to time, adding to my thrill.

Ahona had lost her sanity during our coupling. Her eyes were closed. The only words that are coming from her mouth were moans, grunts and the occasional ‘more’, ‘harder’.

I felt myself coming towards my end. So, I tightened my hold on her body and started drilling her with all my strength. Ahona’s eyes flew open, “Ooo… oohh!” Apparently, she has lost her strength to even scream. MY shaft was feeling heavenly inside her tight vagina. The walls were clinging tight to my shaft and trying to milk my seed out. My shaft head was pushing up to her cervix with every thrust.

Suddenly Ahona’s vagina had me in a vice grip, her hips started jerking up and down. Her eyes rolled up and she let out a long groan. And her whole body tightened up against mine. In the meantime, it took all my power to keep myself in check, I buried my face in her long hair and let her ride out her orgasm. She deserved it and more. And oh boy was I gonna give her more.

Finally, her vice grip on my shaft relented after a while. Until that moment it felt like my shaft just might lose its blood circulation. Good thing that didn’t happen.

I resumed my pounding into her depths. I was close to orgasm myself. But there was no way I was gonna orgasm alone. The sheets of the bed had become wet and smelly with our sweat and Ahona’s juices. I grabbed onto Ahona’s back and hauled her up into my lap. I stood up with her joined to my hip and sat on the edge of the bed. “Ride me. Take my seed from my shaft. You want it don’t you?” I whispered into her ear.

“Yes yes, I want your seed, I need your seed. Cum inside me. Cum, cum!” Ahona’s vagina tightened around me once again and she started to ride me with all her strength. Her ass made splat splat sound against my thighs.

This was it. I could feel my loins tightening. I grabbed onto her ass and pull her up and down my shaft.

“Yes yes yes give it to me, give it to me you bastard. GIVE ME ALL!!!!”

I groaned and let everything go. My shaft started dancing inside her vagina, letting out jets of seed with every jerk. My head was pressed against her cervix, painting it with my virile seed. Ahona’s vagina again held my shaft in a vice grip. She was having her second orgasm of the day. It took a whole minute to end our mutual orgasms and get off the high. All the while we stayed in each other’s embrace, my shaft still hard and still deep inside her.

Ahona finally moved from my embrace. She got my lap onto her shaking legs. Her petticoat was still bunched around her waist. Her saree was discarded on the floor. I bent backwards onto bed and rested on my hands watching Ahona. My shaft was still hard, the lust was still present but tamed.

And then Ahona bent over the front to pick up her saree. Giving me an excellent view of her plump ass, her rosebud and her puffy red vagina lips. Also, the strand of seed that was running down her thigh. MY SEED running down her thigh.

I stood up from the bed and was behind her in a flash. I grabbed unto her hips and pulled her into me. Ahona yelped and tried to move away. “No no stop not now not now!”

But her pleading went to deaf ears as I lined myself up for a second time. 3 months of pent up lust wasn’t gonna go that easily.

I roughly thrust into Ahona’s abused sensitive vagina, earning a moan from her lips. Then started to fuck her from behind. Soon Ahona’s legs gave out and she bucked down to her knees, I followed her to my own knees. Then I continued fucking her doggystyle. My hips were slamming against her ass making *clap clap* noise. My balls were hitting her vagina lips with every thrust. Ahona in the mean while continued moaning and groaning, occasionally pleading me to hurry up.


Raju finally entered the garage of the building. The children opened the doors and jumped out even before the car came to a full stop and ran to the stairs, leaving Raju to carry their bags like he was their servant. Raju parked the car and then noticed the silver Premio, sitting there just outside the garage.

Huh, why is Sayem’s office car here? he mused. Wasn’t he supposed to be in London now?


I was finally nearing my second orgasm, third for Ahona if her vagina clenching was any indication. I pounded away into the vagina, my own shaft getting raw with every friction. I had my right hand grabbed unto her waist, keeping her steady, the left hand entangled in her long hair. I pulled her to me by her hair, getting her off the hands and back into my laps, her back flush to my front, I stopped my thrusts and held onto her tight, occasionally jerking my hips causing friction in her vagina filled ka├žak casino balls deep with my shaft. Ahona turned her head around and we looked into each other’s eyes.

“I love you,” She confessed.

“I love you too,” Then I claimed her mouth with mine.

I started moving inside her again. Small rapid thrusts, Ahona’s favorite way of love making. Soon I had her quacking and shaking in my arms, her hips moving against mine. I let her go and she fell to the floor on her hands and knees. I climbed up her body and settled atop her. I kept my weight on my own hands and knees, my larger body eclipsing her smaller one. Then I started drilling, small rapid thrusts, just how she likes it.

After a minute or two Ahona started shaking and her vagina gripped my tightly. My own balls were heavy and ready, looking for a releasing. So, when Ahona started releasing her juices, I released my own. I thrust into her deep, as deep as I could and released my seed there.

Ting tong.

What? Through mid-orgasm I heard a noise that sounded familiar.


There, there was it again.

“Oh no no no,” moaned Ahona, “They’re back.”

Oooh damn. Raju and the children. They’re finally home. And here I thought maybe I could go a third time, preferably under the shower. Oh whatever. There’s always next time.

“Get up, get up you brute! I have to clean this mess, oh shit!” I slowly stood up, dislodging my shaft from her abused vagina. It had gone from red to purple. There were bruises on her ass, hips, waist. Her breasts and neck and bite marks on them. In return I could feel the bite marks on my own shoulder and necks, also the stinging on my back from the scratches of her long nails. The floor and bed-sheet were slick with our bodily fluids. Musky smell of sex still lingered in the air. I smirked, how’s Ahona gonna explain all this. Maybe she’ll fool the kids, but Raju? Not a chance.

Ahona picked up her blouse and saree but seeing their state abandoned the idea of wearing them. She hastily opened the closet beside the bed pulled out a maxi-dress. I sat on the soaked bed and pulled on my pants, that would do for now.

Ahona went to the front gate to open it and let Raju and the children in. “What took you so long Ma?” asked Sammy accusingly. I had stayed in the bedroom instead of going to the front gate, observing with amusement how Ahona would handle the situation.

“Ah, dear, I… I was in the bathroom you see. That’s why it took me so long.”

“Ma I’m home,” screamed Samir. He barreled past his sister and mother in to the house. Immediately he noticed something was off. “Whose bag is that?” asked Samir suspiciously.

Shit. I forgot about my suitcase beside the front gate. My old one got too roughed up so I had to buy a new one in London.

Well the jig was up. Time to reveal myself. I came out of the bed-room into the living room, in front of the front gate. Sammy was the one who first noticed me. Her eyes became round and her mouth opened to an O.

“Baba (father)! Baba you’re home!”

Samir whipped around and looked at me. He immediately ran towards me and jumped into my lap. “Baba baba baba baba!”, he started screaming in my ear.

Sammy also ran into the house and hugged my waist, “Baba you’re home. We missed you so much Baba!”

“Missed you missed you!” chanted both my children. I hugged them with all the love I had. These 3 months had been hell being apart from the loves of my life. But I endured it, and I was finally back.

“Huh, that explains the car.” I looked up and saw Raju standing there, two large school bags in his two hands.

Ahona was still standing beside the door, happy tears in her eyes. After 3 long months her family was whole again.

“Mamu mamu (maternal-uncle) look Baba’s home baba’s home!” exclaimed my daughter.

“Yes, I can see that.” Raju dry humored. Then he gave a small sniff on the air, smelling the sex, “And apparently he didn’t waste any time reclaiming his property it seems.”

From nowhere a smack sent Raju’s head sideways. “Raju!” Ahona shrieked, red with embarrassment, “Sammy and Samir are listening.”

“Oh, come one, they’re still young. They don’t get what I’m saying?”

“What is mamu talking about baba?” my son asked. Like a model father-figure, I stayed silent.

“Okay whatever, Dula vai (elder brother-in-law) is here. That means I’m free from your children. At least till next year,” said Raju, rubbing his head. “I’m hungry now. Is the food ready yet?”

Ahona flew from the door into the kitchen. We rest followed suit and were greeted to the sight of black smoke. “Oh no oh no it’s burnt everything’s burnt, I totally forgot about the food I left on the stove.”

The black smoke rised up the air and went through the exhaust fan. That’s why we weren’t aware of the burning food during our, ahm, reunion earlier.

Ahona whipped around and glared at me, throwing daggers with her eyes. I turned around and saw Raju doing the same. These siblings were so alike. They were glaring at me like it was all my fault. Well, it probably was. But do I deserver this passive third degree? I mean I WAS horny out of mind, and seeing my loving wife in those flimsy home-clothes certainly didn’t help.

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