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The DJ blared over radio, “The snow is at least five feet high. Businesses and roads are closed. So I hope you have plenty of cup o noodles and water. Well at least we have electricity and plumbin-.”


Pa55i017ateKi55er: So, what type of men do you like?

Sarah bit her cherry lips as her emerald eyes moved from the computer screen to the poster of a movie star. A young shirtless man, wearing a dog tag, starred back at her with his deep blue eyes. The jean sat low on his hip to show off the six-pack abs. His long dark locks fell effortlessly around his jawline as his head slightly slanted due to the way he was sitting.

Girl4sho: Clean shave. Muscular. Short hair. Mysterious eyes.

Pa55i017ateKi55er: Haha. I think you’re describing me.

Girl4sho: Lol. Oh rly? Pic or stfu.

Pa55i017ateKi55er: Haha. Okay. Here.

Pa55i017ateKi55er sending a file. Accept. Decline.

Her finger slid across the touch pad.


Click here to open downloaded file(s).


“Shit! Yum!” Her fingers started to furiously type on the keyboard.

Girl4sho: No way that’s you! What a hunk like you doing in an online single chatroom?

Pa55i017ateKi55er: Haha. I broke my ankle two weeks ago. So casino ┼čirketleri I’m stuck in my room; all alone and bored as hell. Now it’s your turn to show me, babe.

Girl4sho: I still can’t believe it’s you. I need more proof.

Pa55i017ateKi55er: Then let’s share webcams.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Sarah took a deep breath for encouragement.

Ring. Ring. Ring.


A new window popped on the screen. It flickered couple times before a baby face, spiky dark hair, bright sullen eyes and twenty-something head shot appeared. He had a big grin on his face. “Told you that was all me. Including this,” he lifted his leg into camera view to show the big white cast from knee down. He then bowed and added playfully, “James is at your service.”

She couldn’t help but giggled at his silliness and blushed slightly at his childish yet smooth English accent. “Well, this is all Sarah too.” She stood up and took a spin in front of the webcam.

“God, Sarah. You look so sexy in short and tube-top. You sound so cute too! Why a cutie like you is staying in? Shouldn’t you out partying with the other Eve-ers?”

“Stupid snowstorm,” Sarah sighed and pouted.

“Aw, turn that frown upside down. Let’s have a party of our own.” casino firmalar─▒ He winked, and then his fingers tapped on the laptop until “Let’s Get It On” blared.

She burst out laughing but stopped when he took off his t-shirt to reveal a hairless chest and well-tone abdomen. She cleared her throat nervously and sat still in her chair. Sarah knew what he wanted. It wasn’t like this was her first time. However, she had never done something like this over webcam. She previously had phone sex with her then-boyfriend and even cybered with men online via chat-rooms. But she never exchanged erotic photos or did it in front of a camera, so this was new to her. She was slightly aroused with anticipation, wondering how this would turn out.

“Now it’s your turn,” James demanded with an irresistible grin and watched intensively. “Oh, leave it right there.” He suggested when Sarah pulled the tube down to her stomach. Her milky B-cup bounced slightly when they were unbound. “Now lean back and touch yourself.” As if her hands were his, they slid down to her panties, one pulled the cover to the side while the other gently rubbed the hot folds until they were moist. “Yum. Bald eagle. Wish I can taste them.”

“Show me yours,” she said between her low moans.

James g├╝venilir casino took off his box and readjusted the webcam to show her the fully erected member. “Do you want this Sarah?” She nodded. “Tell me what you’re gonna do with my cock.”

Sarah moaned. “I want your cock inside me.” She gasped quietly as she inserted two fingers into her wet womanhood. She slid them in and out while her thumb massaged the pink swollen lips.

“Oh, I want to pound that wet pussy,” he whined as his hand stroke his solid shaft. “My cock is so hard for you. I bet your pussy feels tight and hot.” He smothered a gel substance on his manhood, then squeezed it firmly and stroke it slowly. “Oh, Sarah! I want to fuck you so badly!”

The way he screamed her name made her shivered. Her fingers were no longer enough. She pulled out a cucumber-shape vibrator from the desk. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. The vibration sounds didn’t last too long because it was muzzled as soon soon as she inserted the whole six inch into her aching mounds. She groaned. “Jam. James. You feel so good.” The vibrator slid in and out easily with her own juicy lubrication, humming and tingling her nerves

“Yes. Baby. Faster. Faster,” he begged, bumping his own hand quicker up and down his shaft while gently massaging his shaved balls with his other hand.

“UM. Ooh! James! Fuck me,” She groaned louder as her toes curled and waited for wave of warm and exhilarating sensation to explode. “Oooooh, Goddddd! Yeessssssss!!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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