Weapons Check

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My mind swims as I take my pleasure with this woman! Her arching back lets me thrust deeper into her mouth and down her throat. Her moans bubble out from around my turgid member, the vibrations of her sounds tingle against the head of my cock…her fingernails rake my nuts…

That’s when I noticed the cacophony of honking horns… the light had turned green…

I sped away from the intersection and the frustrated glares that irritated, over-caffeinated drivers reserve for anyone who slows down their left-home-to-late scramble to get to work drive…Absent the intruding noise, my mind slips easily back to the night before; the sparkle in her eyes and her full lips sucking teasingly at the small plastic penis charm that dangled from the zipper tab on my leather riding chaps. I was riveted as her teeth slowly pulled the zipper down, one side fell away and my rigid manhood stood at full attention. Her tongue followed the bulging underside vein from its base to the tip. My head resting in the cradle of her inner thigh as my tongue probed around the edges of her lacy panties. Her thighs closed around my ears as a muffled moan came from her lips and my tongue had its first taste of her nectar…

Screaming horns and sirens came from all around me shattering my reverie as I realized this was not part of the memory but a cop car on my tail and it was high time I pulled to the curb. My eyes widened in surprise as I watched a very shapely woman in a police officers uniform step from the car. I couldn’t take my eyes from the sway of her hips as she approached me.

The effects of my daydream hadn’t worn off and there I stood beside my bike with a raging hard on for all the world to see. She was all business as I stood there waiting for a ticket for not making a complete stop at a stop sign, she glanced at my still bulging crotch and ordered me to “spread-um” for a weapons check. I turned and spread my legs, the officer’s hands slid over my shoulders, down my back and around and up my chest. I could feel a bullet proof vest pressed against my back and wondered what lay beneath the protective clothing. As erotic thoughts pass a hundred miles per hour though my mind, I felt a firm hand rub across my hard member, wondering if it was my imagination or if she really lingered there longer than was necessary for a routine pat down.

As the officer stepped back she commanded “turn around and empty your pockets.” I turned around and saw she was staring at my crotch. She seemed fascinated by the bulge there. Continuing to stare at my crotch, she watched as I emptied my pockets. I just couldn’t güvenilir bahis seem to get that erection to go away, in fact I could feel it getting harder as visions of me ripping off her bulletproof vest zipped across the inside of my eyelids.

“Looks like you still have a little something left in your pants.” She said as she took a step closer. She boldly reached out, ran her hands across the front of my jeans and gently squeezed. Then turned and headed back to her squad car. “If you’ll follow me, please” she commanded.

And being a good law-abiding citizen, I did as I was told. We walked to the passenger side of the squad car. She opened the front door and motioned for me to step in front of it. Then she opened the back door, which created the little secluded area, screened from traffic on both sides. She stepped in front of me and sat down on the passenger seat, looked up at me and said “We have a special procedure to take care of guys like you. You’re a traffic hazard.”

Her full red lips were slightly parted, I watched as she ran her tongue across them. My imagination was going wild and I hoped some of it would become a reality.

“Unbuckle your pants and step closer.” She demanded. Once again being a good law-abiding citizen, I did as I was told. “Put your hands on the top of the doorframe, you’re gonna need the support.” She said as she reached for the top of my pants.

I felt her fingernails rake across my stomach as she pulled aside my jeans and reached inside for my stiff cock. “Oh my, that’s quite a weapon” she said stroking it firmly. “Have to make sure that there’s no ammo inside. Make sure you’re no longer a traffic hazard.” She leaned forward and licked the drop pre-cum from the end of my cock and slowly, ever so slowly, slid her warm wet mouth over the head and part way down the shaft. She pulled my jeans and jockeys down just a little farther and slid a hand under my balls, squeezing them gently. She spit into her other hand, and rubbed it over my throbbing cock, lubricating it. As her tongue played with the slit in the head she sucked it into her mouth. I reached down to fondle her breast. My cock popped out of her mouth as she ordered “Hands on the door frame. I didn’t tell you to move.”

“Yes, mam … officer.” I responded and resumed my position, spreading my legs just a little to give her easier access to my nuts. Her finger nails bit into the cheek of my ass as she pulled me forward and back into her hungry mouth. Her stroking and sucking rhythm was perfectly timed to the flash of the blue light on the light bar of the car. The combined rhythms türkçe bahis seemed to hypnotize me, creating a surreal world as sound disappeared and the reality of the traffic speeding by on the other side of car faded into the sensation of her sucking mouth. Her tongue played with the ridge at the bottom side of my cock head as her teeth nipped a trail to my balls. Her hand continuing to stroke me, she sucked on first one nut then the other. My fingers gripping the edge of the door frame were white, I had the vague idea that when I let go their impression would be left in the metal.

I leaned back and looked down at her; the sight of my hard dick sliding into her mouth just above the glisten of the badge on her shoulder caused my balls to tighten. I could hear my blood racing through my veins as it left the rest of my body and pumped into my cock. My thundering heart beat was visible in the bulging vein that disappeared into her mouth and slid back out again, her tongue massaging the under side with each stroke.

The radio crackled “Officer 647 everything ok? Respond.”

When she suddenly let go of my ass to reach for the mic on her shoulder I nearly fell on the ground. I pulled myself up and straightened my knees. I could still feel the places her fingernails had been on my ass. My rigid pole stuck straight out and quivered with each beat of my pounding heart. I felt the skin on my balls pucker as the cool air rushed over my prick and dried the moistness left by her saliva.

“Officer 647, everything is fine, just doing a weapons check on motorcycle operator of plate number…” Continuing with one hand the rhythmical stroking of my cock she reached for her clipboard and read the plate number. “Run that plate and check for insurance.”

“Roger that, how long is the weapons check going to take?”

She licked the drip of fluid from the tip of my manhood and ran her tongue up the underside as she stared me in the eye. The heat of her tongue against the coolness of my shaft sent a shiver up my spine and a smug little smile spread across her lovely face and sparkled in her eyes. “About another five minutes.” She clicked off the mic.

“Roger, I’ll check back in five.” And before the dispatcher clicked off her mic I heard part of a giggle.

The officer stopped stroking my cock with her hand and slowly sucked my entire length into her mouth and down her throat tonguing the underside. I watched the muscles in her jaw and throat work as she milked my imbedded member. I wasn’t seeing anything by now, I closed my eyes and tilted my head back. I could hear my moaning from güvenilir bahis siteleri a distance as I pumped my cock in and out of her wet hungry mouth. I felt her nails bite into my ass again as she guided my rhythm to match her bobbing head, her deft fingers rolling my balls in her other hand.

As the pressure built in my nuts she slid a finger along the bottom of my cock, the base between the nut sack and the sphincter. I could feel my legs begin to tremble, my breathing was hard and jagged. The tight quiver of my building climax stiffened every muscle in my body and I thrust forward burying my entire length in her skilled mouth and throat. Just as I came she pressed a finger on the nerve that connects directly to the prostate sending jolts of lightening through my balls and out the end of my cock along with my cum. She sucked harder swallowing it all, running her tongue along the tip, rapidly sucking the head in and out of her mouth prolonging my climax. With each spurt I jerked forward sending raging sensations through out my body triggering yet another spasm. I screamed my thanks to God to the traffic rushing by and rammed forward one last time emptying the last drops of cum from my balls. Still she continued the rapid sucking in and out, sending residual tremors through my prick and nuts. It felt like she would suck them inside out, it was incredible. As they began to relax and my cock to soften she took my entire tool inside her hot mouth and gently rubbed and cleaned it with her tongue, messaging it, allowing it to grow flaccid in wet warmth.

When she finally released me from her mouth my knees buckled, and I would have went to the ground hard had it not been for my death grip on the door frame. She ducked out from under my arm, patted me on the bare ass and said “told you you would need to hang on.”

Getting in on the drivers side she sat behind the wheel, clicked on her shoulder mic and reported, “Weapons check complete. All clear.”

“Roger that” said dispatch.

“Be sure to notify the other officers that this one needs to have an eye kept on it.”

“On record.”

“Officer 647 out.” She turned, leaned over and looked up at me still leaning on the car trying to steady my breathing. “You gonna stand there all day? Or pull your pants up and be a little more traffic conscious?”

“Yes officer, I’ll be more careful from now on.” I zipped up, stepped back from the car and closed both doors. “Thank you officer.” She sped away as I returned to my bike.

I sat on my bike for several minutes letting my heart rate slow and the strength return to my knees. Funny how your outlook on things can change in just a few short minutes. I knew that from that moment on flashing blue lights wouldn’t evoke anger any more, but a sense of anticipation. She had, after all, said I needed to be “watched”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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