Water Glory

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Big Tits

Summer, with the right things mixed together, can be a lot of fun. I have spent a couple of summers cutting wood in the nearby forest, enjoying a thin joint before starting working in the morning. After a few hours of cutting with a bow saw, going to the local quarry to swim naked for a half hour or so in the blue skyed 95┬░ heat made the work that much more enjoyable. And burning wood cut that way has a certain sensual and moral satisfaction during the dark cold days later.

Gin and tonics are a perfect summer drink – as a recipe, take the best tonic water possible, lime, and almost any gin good enough to use natural ingredients, ice. I also enjoy swimming at another local lake which has a nude shore, with shade and grass. A friend of mine has been swimming there since she was a teenager, and we have been swimming together for three summers now. We share many of the same tastes in recreational substances, so we tend to get naked, get on a raft, and light a joint in the center of the lake, and then enjoy the sunshine before going back for suntan lotion.

Her skin is nauturally darker than mine, and she sometimes sunbathes nude on her balcony. Behind a wall on the top floor, where no one can see her – she is not an exhibitionist, though unconcerned about not wearing clothes. She is less concerned about sunburn than I am. I have sunburnt myself too often too stupidly, and am definitely more than twice burnt.

Sitting naked in the sun with a sexy naked woman is a fine way to pass the day. It is possible, generally, to do it without major embarassment, which gets easier the more often you do it. Especially if you already know the woman. Of course, there a few details which are pleasant to notice, even though admittedly the fact you are noticing can be a bit awkward. In partial compensation, we have talked about a variety of subjects over the years, and pretty much have no problems talking about intimate things, like the bumps on her large dark toned nipples – she was the first woman I have seen personally with such, or the way her labia hang out a good 1/2? 3/4? of an inch. The first time she came out of the water and I noticed when she walked to the towels, I wasn’t quite sure, and staring is a real problem in terms of good manners. Of course, that summer she didn’t simply spread her legs and ask me to look, though I paid much closer attention when she rolled onto her back, and it was a delight to notice her dark, wrinkled lips, and watching her get up later to swim, the combination of her rounded ass and flared labia was obvious, and led to various pleasant fantasies.

The next time we went swimming, I did ask her about them – pussy lips seemed a touch too obvious to talk about, but I was honestly curious. She replied they had always been that way, though she wouldn’t rule out all her fucking could have something to do with it. I said that in my somewhat limited experience, the two don’t seem to have a large connection, though it could be an influence, certainly. A woman’s labia are something I find connected to sex, no question, and her hanging lips were something I had never seen personally, except very temporarily several times with a couple of earlier lovers, when after we had been fucking for a longer while, the pussy lips were all puffy and dark from the pounding in and out. Puffiness that was also normally connected to soreness, a true look but please don’t touch situation.

One time, we both had the day free, and after swimming, went back to her apartment, smoked another joint, drank a couple of gin tonics, and after eating and stretching out, I started rubbing her back, and as time went on, removed the couple of things she was wearing. I hate giving backrubs where someone is wearing clothes, bahis firmalar─▒ a separate issue entirely from the idea of a backrub being a great way to remove clothes. Bras are truly the worst thing for a woman to wear (though also a necessity for bigger breasted women, which I intellectually understand), while loose clothing is ok. She enjoyed herself, and it was a real joy to remind myself that pleasuring a woman remains one of my skills. The moaning during the backrub was sincere and unmuffled, which tended to spur my efforts. Her thighs relaxed and then began to slowly open, while my hands kept stroking higher and higher, then brushing her pussy lips, followed by my hands going along her ass.

Her lips were smoothly slippery to touch delicately, an almost frictionless place for my fingers to slide along, going gently between them as time went on, sliding down towards her growing bud, or reversing direction and heading towards her crack. The smell of her increasingly turned on pussy was irresistible. In a reverse from the normal, her moaning decreased the more I played with her cunt, her rounded ass, and her heavy breasts. She is a woman who enjoys being finger fucked more than having her clit stroked – and like my first girlfriend, she can get very, very wet when turned on. As compared to getting really wet when coming, like another woman I know. This only took a couple of pleasant minutes of learning to figure out. My index finger was in her cunt, my thumb sliding along her clit and the hood above, where her lips met, but she seemed to enjoy the finger more, and sliding my middle finger in was delightful for both of us.

I truly enjoy (and obviously, since it always makes me hard) the feel of a woman’s bush under my palm or her wet pussy around my finger, and she obviously enjoyed my now three fingers starting to move deeply within her turned on pussy. Her being so wet made it easy to really fuck her with my fingers. The deeper and harder my fingers pounded and stroked inside her soft welcoming pussy, the tighter her pussy would clench at different points over the quarter hour or so, which I would notice but simply ignore while enjoying my handiwork- I didn’t ask, but I think she came at least a couple of times.

Next summer, she brought a new 20 SPF lotion which is just about the best massage oil I have used, though as suntan oil it has a couple of flaws in direct proportion to how good it is as massage oil. We had selected a partially shaded and quite secluded spot, and indulged ourselves as usual in the middle of the lake. When stoned, my friend has a definite weakness for back rubs, and the lake is semi-private, with tall grass shielding different areas from one another. Though not an exhibitionist, after 15 minutes, her pussy was wet and her legs were spreading as my tempted fingers rubbed along the inside of her thighs, and then started parting her wet pussy lips, large and dark, hanging out from her pussy – touching them made her so weak, that her legs just had to start spreading, while her mouth went down to her arm, to keep from making any sounds.

After another 10? 15? minutes of being fingered in the open, she lifted herself up on her elbows, an unsubtle hint to make sure her large and hot breasts and nipples were also rubbed, even if the lotion on my hands was pretty much gone. She was pretty gone too, with a couple of fingers in her at this point, slowly sliding within her wet velvet, and my thumb sometimes playing with her tight asshole, with one or the other of her breasts and nipples being stroked and squeezed. She was completely turned on, and being so thoroughly finger fucked in public made her so horny she didn’t care where she was as long as her pussy was played with.

I wasn’t ka├žak iddaa too obviously enjoying myself while making sure the lotion was well spread, except at the end, when her low moaning was starting to get a bit unsubtle. My wife had treated me to a good fuck that morning – very pragmatic, as the idea of swimming with a hot naked woman was something she had thought would be too tempting (true female intuition). After a half hour or so in public, with the high grass hiding all, even as turned on as she was, she wanted me to stop, which started a game I really enjoy playing with women. A woman who has been enjoying herself for the last 20 or 40 minutes is rarely sincere enough to not keep enjoying what is going on, especially when she can’t talk coherently, or then starts saying things like ‘don’t stop,’ ‘oh god,’ even ‘yes, yes’ – or the even more basic sounds of a woman coming again immediately after saying it is time to stop. Orgasms tend to changes minds, at least in the short term, and women (like men) also enjoy being forced ‘against’ their words to enjoy themselves. I’m assuming, from talking to enough people, we have all said no, and then enjoyed our partner ignoring it when they kept going.

That a woman can come repeatedly fills me with a certain awe, especially when I am the one causing it through my talent – the mixture of pride and lust and animal satisfaction is powerful. My first lover always compared her multiple orgasms to a stone skipping over a lake, different from the deep diving intensity of a single orgasm. Neither type better, simply different and mutually exclusive.

A few minutes after finishing her getting oiled, she did my back fairly quickly, but it was still too late – the time without suntan lotion in the water getting stoned and then rubbing her back had sunburned my shoulders and arms, though it wouldn’t be a problem until evening. We snacked and mixed gin and tonics, then we went out into the water again with the raft – the glasses fit perfectly in the holes in the raft, something I hadn’t considered at all – she thought the reason I bought that raft was its ‘cupholders.’ The differences in the way others see ourselves is something I didn’t quite expect to be reminded of. I am not very American in some ways – my Japanese car doesn’t have cupholders – and the only reason I bought the inflatable raft was it was inexpensive but well made enough to last a summer or two at least.

As we swam, each at one end of the 6 foot long raft, the cool water felt exquisite. Being naked and floating in cool water on a hot day, drinking cold gin and tonics in the sun, stoned and simply enjoying the day flow by with a hot woman next to me is one of the most civilized dreams I can imagine. This was the third woman I have enjoyed in a lake, but it has been at least 15 years since the last time I fucked someone in water, and it wasn’t planned – I would have brought condoms if it were, though she was having her period, another lucky coincidence. We certainly enjoyed it, another rare but welcome glimpse of a paradise offered to those lucky enough to share it. Swimming naked in a lake offer a chance to feel like a conduit, experiencing another part of the universe – swimming with another person, feeling their warmth in the wet coolness makes the conduit into a circuit which magically comes alive.

In the water she kept getting more obvious in her interests, her leg often rubbing mine while we lazily stroked our way to the middle of the lake, drinking. Of course, my interest was also growing, and my leg would rub hers in turn, in the same decreasing rhythm. After a while, things just drifted together, mainly through her talented teasing. I was openly admiring her sexy ass as we paddled out, my cock ka├žak bahis getting harder and my balls tighter each time she rubbed her warm thigh against my cool skin. Even though I half heartedly resisted, her touch was something that I kept wanting to feel. And when her leg slid under, and started rubbing my cock, we were pretty clear on what we wanted. Such an obvious invitation, and she knew not only that I was ready to fuck her, but that realistically, there was no way I couldn’t. As we continued to move out, we became more entangled, with my cock ever closer to her hot pussy, which was open and hot, as my fingers could feel. I also started playing with her asshole with my thumb, with a couple of my fingers inside her hot cunt.

In return, she started teasing my cock with her hand, and once, her hand went down to feel my balls, then one of her fingers also moved down to my asshole. We were both turning the other on beyond any possibility of stopping, and I started teasing her pussy with my cock, though considering how convenient everything was, maybe she was teasing my cock with her pussy. I then slid in, only the tip at first, but we both knew that the length of my cock would be in her. At first, we still would move slightly apart, still pretending that nothing intentional was happening, though my hard cock inside her pussy was something both of us enjoyed and had wanted to try for a long time. It took a while to finally find the best position in the middle of the lake, her holding on to the raft with her legs spread and hot tits and dark nipples floating, her arms behind her, while I could see my cock fuck her hot pussy under the greenish clear lake water, her cunt lips spread as I moved in and out. also holding on to the raft. We could only kiss occasionally, but when we did, it was deeply as were fucking. Her bush was thick and black, the skin above it lighter, and then around her hips the skin was darkened with her tan.

Her floating breasts were whiter than her belly, moving in the waves our rocking was causing, her dark nipples tightened. The play of light was a delightful reminder of a different place, along with the 3 dimensional weightlessness – water is nothing like a bed or sitting or standing. We kept fucking like this, my stroking cock in the cool lake water going deeper into her wetness, so much better than the lake, until she finally lost her grip, and splashed in the water with my cock deep inside her. Fucking in water is delightful for the weightless warmth and contrasting coolness where you aren’t touching each other, but the weightlessness makes hard pounding very difficult, which is why she had slipped. At this point, we noticed a woman, maybe ten yards away floating on her raft. Somehow, a woman was a lot less embarassing, and she seemed to be naked like us. We both found the entire situation funny, if not quite satisfactory.

The lake is a quarry, and we then sat on a steep sandy ledge, with my hand between her legs – she kept slipping down after a short while, especially if she wiggled to let my fingers go deeper, or when she started to relax because her pussy felt so good. I had the same problem with her hand on my cock and balls. Obviously, there was no way to do more than sit and slip, and then three people, two women and a man, maybe mid-20s or younger and also naked, got out of the water maybe 5 meters aways, after having swum across the lake, and our games took their final break.

After this point, our afternoon was about over – we swam back, dried in the sun, and then went our ways. And yes, real life is like that. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, but there was no way to come for either of us, which is how any beach generally is – delightful, but not really a place to have sex. The next summer, nothing presented itself – but the summer was cool and wet, unlike the other years, which meant that any nice day the lake was filled with people enjoying a rare opportunity to swim. As were we.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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